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tv   Local 5 News at Six  ABC  October 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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injured after being shot near their homes last november. today, the third took the stand and so did the officers who arrested polson that day. all recounting how he acted throughout the entire incident. this morning, the last and final shooting victim, matthew stephenson, took the stand first. recalling the november day to the jury- as he quickly dropped off a backpack to his son, turned to get into his white truck, when two shots came from the vehicle parked behind him, the bullets missing him by inches. "i knew ive been hunting for years, glass is breaking didnt know what was going on, instinctviely went for cover" stephenson w aited as four or five more shots were fired through the house and his truck windows. then he told the jury he watched the green ford explorer and a man who looked like polson drive away as he called 911 . "at that time i couldnt believe someone tried to kill me, they werent playing, they tried to kill me, had no idea what was going on" among the 13 witnesses, two iowa state patrol troopers,
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releasing never before seen dash cam footage, as they followed polson through another urban nieghborhood "hes very calm, calm through the whole thing, had no emotion on his face cross paths both times" once they stopped polson and pulled him over him, get down on your up"> compliant. "we have teh suspect detained at this point, sweatshirt." their standards. "was there anything that made you want to further investigate if he was intoxicated no" "the best i can describe is indifferent, just like any other day" wrapping up the day were testimonies from dci and public health special agents who searched polsons house after the arrest. discovering various amounts of marijuana and paraphanilia suggesting other drugs polson may also use. " you dont use a spoon to injest marijuana- no. what do you use a
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claire: i was told today, prosecution will have witnesses through tomorrow, and then defense witnesses will take over trhough friday. expecting jury deliberation and closing arguments early next week. stephanie: thanks claire. and make sure to stay local 5 every step of the way through polsons trial. we'll also have recaps of each day up on our website that's we are iowa dot com. stephanie: and a newton police officer was found not guilty of domestic abuse yesterday. police arrested him after a fight with his fiance back in august. 29-year-old dustin hamell was accused of slamming his fiance's arm in a door and pushing her while she was trying to get into their child's room. the victim had bruises on her arms. hamell was on paid administrative leave until the investigation was complete. jack: new surveillance video shows the moments after a metro teenager allegedly beat his grandmother to death. 17-year-old noah laprei faces a half million dollar bond and may be tried as an adult...
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in the brutal murder of his 79 year old grandmother rachel pray. it happened saturday night. neighbors say laprei went door to door covered in blood, asking to call police for help after beating pray. he then went to a nearby git-n-go gas station. jack: this new video shows the moments leading up to his arrest. "you can tell from the moment that 17 year old noah laprei charges into the git n go that something is very wrong. he immediately starts ranting at the two people inside, a clerk and a customer. then he starts charging around the store and destroying displays. he knocks down some beef jerky at the end of an aisle, but takes it up a notch by eventually barrelling into an entire display shelf and knocking it over. a few moments later, he's out front with the customer we saw before, who appears to be acting relaxed and trying to talk to him. . then laprei suddenly goes after him with a brief flurry of punches. the man fights that off. then laprei takes out his frustration on the glass at the front of the store,
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repeatedly running into it until it cracks, but doesn't break completely. the last scene is laprei running across the parking lot and being tackled by police. first one and then two squad cars respond to the git n go parking lot. " jack: on monday, family of noah laprei told local 5 they forgive him and hope he's tried on lesser charges. stay with local 5 for the latest in this investigation. stephanie: a des moines 8 year old is recovering from severe facial injuries after being bitten by a neighbors dog.... it happened monday on corr street in des moines... the dog owner says her pitbull terrier named "chaos" slipped out a broken fence we have to warn you the images you are about to see are graphic, but we have blurred out the worst of it... its not clear why the dog attacked the boy who was playing nearby... the owner says she had to tackle her dog to get him off the child... the victim was taken to the hospital... where he needed 50 to 100 stitches to treat the bite wounds on his
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face. "anytime a child is attacked it tugs at your heart strings, this case is significant and will remain in my mind as one of the most significant attacks because of the number of lacerations the child recieved to his face " stephanie: the dog owner asked animal control to put him down following the attack, telling them she couldn't deal with a dog that bit a child... chaos was licensed as a high-risk dog in des moines because of his breed. he was up to date with his vaccinations and his owner had the proper insurance and license for the dog. jack: lots of candidates are in the metro today following the democratic debate. jack: but they're all republicans. rick santorum, ted cruz, mike huckabee, and rand paul are all looking for more support around des moines. santorum expanded his iowa headquarters and met with supporters in urbandale. huckabee was there too. cruz hit the jordan creek town center. and rand paul met with drake
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students on campus. jack: are all preparing for the next republican debate. their third debate is november 10th in milwaukee. and then the democrats will debate again, here in des moines four days later, on november 14th. that'll be at drake university. stephanie: a big check is helping one central iowan center better serve iowans with autism. the homestead, a children's autism center in altoona, is holding an open house right now in celebration of their recent grant. thanks to the prairie meadows legacy grant and private donars, they have one hundred thousand dollars worth of new funds to expand their services. "started this clinic space 5 years ago with only four rooms, due to our community outreach and support we were able to expand our clinic three times the size and now we have 12 spaces to increase the ability to serve more children " stephanie: the homestead in altoona has been serving children with autism since 2010, but they quickly outgrew their space. they were originally
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designed to serve 12 children at a time. and that meant long wait lists fr other families. but now this grant is adding space for 24 more kids. "by pulling together community resources like the homestead, the school, his family who's so committed, he's been able to probably grow and learn in ways that will completely change his ability to be independent in life, his abilitiy to live alone, possibly hold a job. his family has dreams that he'll go to college and there's every reason in the world to believe that's possible " stephanie: tonight at ten, we'll introduce you to seven year old brandon lust and his family. living proof that the work at homestead is helping iowans. jack: still to come on local 5 news at six, big news for those in iowa who've been decimated by the avian flu. jack: and wondering what this construction project is for? west des moines is getting a new market, we've got the details.
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iowa's most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards, and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 6. we are iowa."
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stephanie: if you've driven stephanie: if you've driven on mills civic parkway here in west des moines lately, you may be wondering what all the construction is for. jack: in consumer matters tonight, west des moines is getting a new market. jack: this monstrous contruction project is a new fresh market grocery store, set to open october 28th. it'll be the company's second store in iowa. it's 25,000 square feet... including a bakery, full service meat counter. the store will bring 90 new jobs to the area. jack: the ames drug company working on a cure for the avian flu will now be able to send their vaccine across the u-s. the usda gave harris vaccines the go ahead today to provide 48 million doses. the production of the vaccine is not a signal, 48 million doses. the production of the vaccine is not a signal, however, that the usda actually plans to vaccinate the nations poultry flocks. all the doses will go to the usda, not to individual poultry producers.
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stephanie: and big merger in the beer world, has loyal fans has loyal fans hopping mad. after decades of has loyal fans hopping mad. after decades of rivalry among budweiser, coors, and miller -- all three beer brands are about to be united. anheuser-busch says it will buy its main rival, s- a-b miller. it's a deal that would create the world's largest beermaker - by far. but the news isn't sitting well with miller's hometown of milwaukee. (david brown/milwaukee resident) "miller has always been a milwaukee thing and i'm not sure about getting bought out by budweiser." (lucy cooper/milwaukee resident) "i think everybody in the state doesn't want miller to be bought by bud. it's like the baseball rivalry between st. louis and the brewers." stephanie: together, the makers of budweiser and miller include eighteen of the world's forty most popular beers. if they merged they would control close to a third of the world's beer market, but execs on both sides say it's a "possible deal", which still needs regulator approval. jack/wxcdl chief meteorologist brad edwards is
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brad:wxcdl ( local 5 weather is coming up next. brad:wxcdl ( local 5 weather is coming up next. "now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist brad
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weatherrate the independent weather experts" brad/wxc: welcome back. i'm local 5 chief meteorologist brad edwards. brad: let's take a look at we are iowa's most accurate forecast. brad/wxwall: weather adlib: this weather is about as good as it gets! sunny skies, mild temperatures and light winds make for a
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that "something" has to be around the corner! and that something is a cold front coming in tomorrow. before it really gets here we will have a nice evening tonight with mild conditions and partly cloudy skies. it looks like the front will pass through central iowa about midday thursday with only a few clouds around and no rain expected. we will warm up quickly to near 70 by early afternoon and then level off as the cooler air starts to come into nw iowa. our cooling will really kick in during the evening thursday into friday morning. lows friday will be in the 30s for many areas, but it
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frost likely in parts of central iowa. temps in the 20s will be common in ne iowa saturday morning, but the metro will be closer to 34. the weekend will be cool, but dry. then we are looking at our first rain of the month coming our way monday/tuesday of next week. brad/2wx: that's all for my forecast. check out for the latest in weather . stephanie/2wx: thanks brad. stephanie: snap a cool weather photo?
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iowa dot com. just click on the share it tab! jack/2bam: i'm here with sports director jon schaeffer, and jon the uni football team is under five and jon the uni football team is under five hundred but still very dangerous jon/2bam: yeah jack not an easy first half of their schedule coming up on local 5 sports we'll hear why mark farley is happy with where his team is at-- and the progress they're making. "now, local 5 sports
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are iowa sports" jon: last night the clubs clinched a spot in the nlcs over the st. louis cardinals-- so i can venture to guess the
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entire state of missouri is now rooting for the kansas city royals. k-c- had a huge comeback monday to force a decisive game 5 tonight where it's win or go home. this is the same team that came up just short last year from a world series title. they've shown they're motivated and the houston astros lost all of their mojo in the final two innings of game 4. look for an inspired group of royals players showing up tonight in front of their home crowd. for manager ned yost-- he has a team that doesn't give up-- case in point the 5 run top of the 8th in houston. eric hosmer went 2 for 5 in that game monday afternoon-- but drove in 3 runs-- including the insurance in the top of the ninth with a 2 run shot. "the thing about this clubs is that they don't quit you know they don't and after giving up three runs there in the bottom of the seventh they came in on fire again you know like they do. you know good at bats let's start it moving. that's the thing about this team is that we always feel that we're still in games. we still have a chance you look at the beginning of that inning there rios starts it off then we
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another hit you know we hit one out of the park or we get a double there we're right back in it so that's mentality for this whole entire team it's never quit" the first pitch is set for 7:07 tonight from kansas city catch the game on fs1. kansas city will have johnny cueto on the bump. his first outing this post season he had an e-r-a of 6. jon: to say northern iowa's schedule has been hard-- would be an understatement. it's a mine field of dangerous teams-- week 2 they played eastern washington-- a team now ranked 8th. week 4 they took on illinois state-- currently ranked 4th in the fcs-- and last week the panthers battled ndsu-- 4 time fcs champs and ranked number 2 this week. the panthers fell in heartbreaking fashion this past saturday with a late touchdown drive by the bison. but still they panthers have shown they can hang with the best in the fcs. it's just translating it into wins-- at 2 and 3 on the season they're still in the top 25 of the coaches poll-- but need some wins moving forward. one bright spot is they get to
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return to the uni dome this weekend for homecoming. the panthers will look for their first missouri valley football conference win against western illinois. " now if we could just get our advantage of playing at home and use that then i think we've got a chance to you know play at another level. we're going like that i'm not so sure all of these other teams are going like that right now so that's why we gotta get that momentum be a little more consistent we gotta keep that growth happening to continue to rise so yeah we're going in the right direction because of how we're doing it but yet we gotta have the outcome start falling in our direction so it pays off in the end." western illinois and northern iowa will kick off at 4 pm saturday in cedar falls-- the leathernecks are 2 and oh in conference games this season. and iowa state defensive lineman dale pierson has been added to the lombardi award watch list which recognizes the best collegiate lineman. he has 6 sacks and 8 tackles for a
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with iowa state. jon/sx3s stephanie/sx3s jack/sx3s we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at six.
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don't forget to visit local 5 on the web. we are iowa dot com is your home for the latest in news, weather, and sports. jack/wxhang: now one last check of your weather, with chief meteorologist brad edwards. brad: weather adlib: this weather is about as good as it gets! sunny skies, mild temperatures and light winds make for a great fall day in october, but we know that "something" has to be around the corner! and that something is a
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really gets here we will have a nice evening tonight with mild conditions and partly cloudy skies. it looks like the front will pass through central iowa about midday thursday with only a few clouds around and no rain
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