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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  October 14, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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yo brad/wx wall weather adlib:
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this weather is about as good as it gets! sunny skies, mild temperatures and light winds make for a great fall day in october, but we know that "something" has to be around the corner! and that something is a cold front coming in tomorrow. before it really gets here we will have a nice evening tonight with mild conditions and partly cloudy skies. it looks like the front will pass through coming up on local 5 news at 10, a center for autistic children gets the chance to expand its services. meet one boy who's living proof of the change they can inspire. stephanie: plus--new video in two crimes. one used in trial against a man accused of shooting up a pleasant hill neighborhood. the other shows the moments before a young man was arrested for murdering his grandmother. jack: but first, how to slow down all the consolidation in rural iowa school districts. one iowa
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congressman says he has an idea. " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" stephanie/2shot trying to help iowa's struggling rural schools, one iowa lawmaker is touring the state tonight. good evening. i'm stephanie angleson. jack/2shot and i'm jack miller. u-s representative dave loebsack is championing what's called the "restructuring underutilized resources for advancing learning act" or the "rural" act in congress. it's a long name for a simple goal strapped rural same amount resources as big stephanie: is taking him to six iowa schools this week. local 5 was with him in knoxville and oskaloosa today. here's why this is important. stephanie: it all has to do with consolidation. since 1965, more than 120 iowa schools have had to consolidate. this map shows the areas in iowa that have merged schools from 2000 to 2012.
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when schools consolidate, they tend to spend more money on just transporting students from several towns to one school -- and less money on teachers saleries and things that improve the kids' education. jack: local 5's jacob peklo met up with loebsack on his tour today for the answers. he joins us now to explain how this could help fix rural districts........ in our eye on education -- jacob? jacob: jack, congressman loebsack says the key to passing this act and helping rural school districts is getting support from across the aisle. but before the legislation goes anywhere, he wants to make sure that the people who need the plan most agree with his ideas first. natural sound of stacy bandy: "if you look out here..." stacy bandy is proud of the work being done at oskaloosa high school. stacy bandy, oskaloosa high school principal: "they're working their tails off." due to a cutback in federal dollars in recent years, the school hasn't been able to bring on any new teachers. recent test scores show they're not doing as well as some urban schools, but brandy says that despite the scores, they're still performing at a high level. it's a message he's trying to convey to congressman loebsak during his tour. stacy bandy, oskaloosa high school principal: "what was
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good was to be able to talk to him about what we believe, that it's a whole individual, not just a test score." natural sound of stacy bandy: "if you go through here, we have another hallway." bandy says the district is doing well compared to many others who've had to consolidate. those schools often deal with bigger class sizes and long distances to bus kids to save money. it's those schools that caught loebsack's attention. natural sound of school bus driving away. rep. dave loebsack, d-2: "we kind of reached a critical mass where i'd heard so many of the same things from so many of the same folks. so, it wasn't any particular school, but i've got a lot of them in that boat." loebsack wants to ensure that all districts get a chance at federal grants, to increase technology and after school programs. but lobesack says that doesn't necessarily mean spending more money. instead of raising taxes, they would just need to redistribute the funds. rep. dave loebsack, d-2: "i'm pretty sure that we can find that amount of money. it may be within the existing department of education's budget and if that's what we have to do, we can do that." brandy says that the plan could help his school and others get more board certified teachers. tax credits offered to teachers would provide incentives for teachers to move to less populated and
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poorer districts. and he believes that the hard work currently being put in by his teachers could really pay off in the long run. stacy bandy, oskaloosa high school principal: "i think that's awesome because they need to have a level playing field just like everyone else." jacob: one final point of loebsack's plan is to establish a rural department of education. that way districts could bounce ideas off of each other and have a better idea of what works and doesn't work. loebsack's tour continues tomorrow with stops in eldon, sigourney, and tiffin. live in the studio, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa. jack: new video tonight is showing us more about a metro murder investigation. saturday, 17- year-old noah laprei was arrested in the brutal murder of his grandmother..... 79-year-old rachel pray. neighbors say laprei went door to door covered in blood, asking to call police for help after beating pray. he then went to a nearby git-n-go gas station. jack: this surveillance
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video is from inside that git- and-go where police eventually arrested laprei. you see here laprei coming into the store, yelling at the clerk and another male customer. he knocks over displays and causes a scene, but eventually is taken outside by one of the customers. he starts to attack that man but then starts ramming his body into the window outside the store-- over and over. eventually police arrive, and it takes three officers to get him on the ground and handcuffed. laprei could be tried as an adult in the case. on monday, family of noah laprei told local 5 they forgive him and hope he's tried on lesser charges in the killing of his grandmother. stay with local 5 for the latest in this investigation. stephanie: witness testimony continued in the attempted murder trial of pete polson on day two of his trial. police say last november, polson terrorized a pleasant hill neighborhood, shooting at three people, seriously injuring two. those two victims spoke in court yesterday. today, more neighbors, pleasant hill officers and d-c-i
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agents took the stand to testify. stephanie: some told the jury they spotted the same green ford explorer driving out of their neighborhoods on november 17th. including the third shooting victim matthew stephenson- who told the jury he was nearly shot twice on a side street. he said he hid behind his truck, watching as polson shot several more times before driving away. at that time i couldnt believe someone tried to kill me, they werent playing, they tried to kill me, had no idea what was going on" two iowa state patrol troopers who followed and arrested polson after the shooting also took the stand. showing "never before seen" dashcam video of polson's arrest. both saying he didnt seem to be under the influence of any drug. " walk back toward the trooper, dont look at him. get down on your knees get your hands up!" stephanie: the last
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special agents who searched polsons home. they told the jury about finding different amounts of marijuana and other drug paraphanila associated with meth use. however, the prosecution is expected to have witnesses through tomorrow. then the defense will take over with closing arguments expected early next week. jack: here's a lawsuit that could really have an affect on gun control in the u-s. a wisconsin jury has found a gun store liable for the sale of a weapon used to shoot two milwaukee policemen. the lawsuit claimed "badger guns" approved a sale despite a number of irregularities, including the fact that the buyer was underage. one month later the then 18- year-old used the weapon to shoot two milwaukee cops in the face sot: mayor tom barrett (d), milwaukee i want gun dealers to make sure that individuals who cannot legally possess guns, do not get their hands on guns jack: the owners of the gun store argued they never intentionally sold to criminals, even though
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537 guns that were used in crimes were traced back to their store. the store has been ordered to pay nearly 6 million dollars to the officers. it's appealing the decision. the shooter is serving an 80 year sentence. jack: a couple from new york state is accused of a brutal crime. police say they beat their 19 year old son to death--- in church. their 17-year-old son is also in serious condition. bruce and deborah leonard are charged with manslaughter. four other members of the new york church were also arrested. church members called it a "counseling session." investigators say it was a brutal beating that lasted for hours. jack: it's been two years since target suffered that catastrophic data breach that exposed the personal information of millions of shoppers. now, target has started converting all of its red-card credit and debit cards to chip and pin cards. this means customers will have to enter a personal identification number - not just a signature
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to complete a transaction. target is mailing out new cards now. stephanie: a big check is helping a metro center make a huge difference in the lives of kids with autism. thanks to the prairie meadows legacy grant and private donors,the homestead children's autism center in altoona was able to expand ...and now serve three times as many clients. stephanie: 24 additional kids can get the help they need. local five's kattey ortiz joins us now to share the story joins us now to share the story of one family who says homestead changed their lives. kattey: for two and a half hours a day ... five days a week ... 7-year- old brandon lust is at homestead learning social skills that come easily to most ... but very difficult for him. kattey: it wasn't easy to get in - he had been on a waitlist like many other kids. but three years later -- he went from being non- verbal playing all sorts of games with his family. this is brandon's story. "brandon is a perfect example of a kid that came in with a lot of potential." "our three and a half
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have literally been life changing." "at first you're kind of in denial, you think well maybe he's a little bit slower to develop, but then eventually you have the realization that brandon is different." "they have helped change brandon's behavior and they've helped give us the tools to also manage his behavior." "it's fun because you get to interact with the other kids that come here." "i'm proud of how far he's come." "verbally he's been a lot better and behavior wise a lot better. he's able to play board games with me, (nats - i'm playing frog tennis) i'm able to read the directions to him and he'll listen." "by pulling together community resources including the homestead, his school, his family who's so committed, he's been able to probably grow and learn in ways that will completely change his ability to be independent in life "now as a family we can eat meals together, go
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out to eat, go on vacations, do the things that typical families do because brandon will always have autism but now we know better how to help him and he knows better how to help himself." "brandon's a hard worker. it sounds like we're service providers and family's committed and schools collaborate but he should fully get credit for the amount of work he's put in to get to where he is now." kattey: according to the center for disease control and prevention ... one out of every 68 children are affected by a form of autism. the homestead offers services to iowans all over the metro ... adults too. in the studio kattey ortiz local five news we are iowa. stephanie: if you're interested in learning more about the homestead center, visit our website--we are iowa dot com. coming up...the uni panthers continue their
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difficult schedule this week, will they be able to pull off a win for homecoming? the details in sports. jack: then, a bite so vicious that even the animal control officers can't erase it from their memories. what happened to the owner and the des moines dog that did it. brad: ((ad lib weather toss)) take sot tomorrow on good morning iowa... thursday is white cane safety day...we'll talk about a local event happening right here in the metro to help recognize the achievements of blind americans... plus in the forecast achievements of blind americans... plus in the forecast safety day...we'll talk about a local event happening right here in the metro to help recognize the achievements of blind americans... plus in the forecast we have one or two more days of warm air then a lot of cold comes back at us. that's tomorrow on the all-new good morning iowa! hope you can join us! "your watching local 5 news at 10 in hd with jack miller, stephanie angleson, we are iowa's most accurate
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meteedwards and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 10. we are iowa." brad: weather adlib: this weather is about as good as it gets! sunny skies, mild temperatures and light winds make for a great fall day in october, but we know that "something" has to be around the corner! and that something is a cold front coming in tomorrow. before it really gets here we will have a nice evening tonight with mild conditions and partly cloudy skies. it looks like the front will pass through central iowa about midday thursday with only a few clouds around and no rain expected. we will warm up quickly to
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level off as the cooler air starts to come into nw iowa. our cooling will really kick in during the evening thursday into friday morning. lows friday will be in the 30s for many areas, but it will be even colder saturday morning with frost likely in parts of central iowa. temps in the 20s will be common in ne iowa saturday morning, but the metro will be closer to 34. the weekend will be cool, but dry. then we are looking at our first rain of the month coming our way monday/tuesday of next week. brad stephanie: jack: stephanie:
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ten, local 5 news at ten, a bite that will leave scars on a young boy forever. why animal control says this dog bite case is one of the worst they've seen.
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news in hd. severe facial injuries after being bitten by a neighbors dog.... it happened monday on corr street in des moines... the dog owner says her pitbull terrier slipped out a broken fence we have to warn you the images you are about to see are graphic, but we have blurred out the worst of it... its not clear why the dog attacked the boy who was playing nearby... the owner says she had to tackle her dog to get him off the child... the boy needs 50 to 100 stitches
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"anytime a child is attacked it tugs at your heart strings, this case is significant and will remain in my mind as one of the most significant attacks because of the number of lacerations the child recieved to his face " stephanie: the dog owner asked animal control to put him down following the attack, telling them she couldn't deal with a dog that bit a child. stephanie: and a newton police officer was found not guilty of domestic abuse yesterday. police arrested him after a fight with his fiance back in august. 29-year-old dustin hamell was accused of slammingngis fiance's arm in a door and pushing her while she was trying to get into their child's room. the victim had bruises on her arms. hamell was on paid administrative leave until the investigation was complete. jack/2bam: local 5 sports director jon schaffer joining me now and jon game 5 down in kansas city jon: yeah jack the royals looking to use that home field advantage coming up on local 5 sports we'll show you who punched their ticket to
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" now, local 5 sports with jon schaeffer. we
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royals came up big with their backs against the wall monday coming back with 5 runs in the top of the 8th. that pushed this alds to a game
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five tonight-- royals looking for a second straight year in the alcs and trying to clinch in front of their home crowd. jonny cueto (r) heads to the mound in an important close out game 5 between the houston astros and kansas city royals top of the 2nd inning, no score luis valbuena (a) hits a 2 run homer off jonny cueto (r) to score evan gattis (a) score: 2-0 astros bottom of the 4th inning, 2-1 astros alex rios (r) hits a double into left field that scores salvador perez (r) and alex gordon (r) score: 3-2 royals bottom of the 5th inning, 3-2 royals ben zobrist (r) hits a sac fly to right and alex rios (r) scores score: 4-2 royals and kansas city goes on to win 7 to 2... jon: switching to basketball-- the steve prohm era of coaching is already rolling-- and we'll get our first glimpse at what he has done so far come november 6th. fans may ask what would this team have been like if fred hoiberg had stuck around-- or would it be different. that's something steve prohm knew he would be getting into
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when he took the job at iowa state. it's inevitable-- whoever took this head coaching job would be compared to the mayor. hoiberg is a local guy-- who had the perfect back story fitting to be coach of iowa state. now it's steve prohm's team and he's coaching them in the shadow of an i- s-u great. prohm is doing his best not to worry about the comparisons. "first off my relationship to fred is terrific. he's been such a great resource for me. not only was he a coach here. he's a former player here and i want great relationships with all of my former players. being in fred's shadow here that's partly what you signed up for he's from here lived here great high school great college player professional, coached here now he's the coach of the chicago bulls, that's part of it and i need to use him as a resource to help me not worry about being compared to him. " a look at the cbs sports preseason poll-- top five-- north carolina number one kentucky in at two... big 12 foe kansas
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three maryland and virginia round out your top 5. but number 6 there are the cyclones. duke in at 7 oklahoma the third big 12 team in the top 10 poll at number 8-- then wichita state expected to do some great things along with gonzaga... jon: to say northern iowa's schedule has been hard-- would be an understatement. it's a mine field of dangerous teams-- week 2 they played eastern washington-- a team now ranked 8th. week 4 they took on illinois state-- currently ranked 4th in the fcs-- and last week the panthers battled ndsu-- 4 time fcs champs and ranked number 2 this week. the panthers fell in heartbreaking fashion this past saturday with a late touchdown drive by the bison. but still they panthers have shown they can hang with the best in the fcs. it's just translating it into wins-- at 2 and 3 on the season they're still in the top 25 of the coaches poll-- but need some wins moving forward. one bright spot is they get to return to the uni dome this weekend for homecoming. the panthers will look for their first missouri valley football conference win against western illinois. " now if we could just get our advantage of playing at home and
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use that then i think we've got a chance to you know play at another level. we're going like that i'm not so sure all of these other teams are going like that right now so that's why we gotta get that momentum be a little more consistent we gotta keep that growth happening to continue to rise so yeah we're going in the right direction because of how we're doing it but yet we gotta have the outcome start falling in our direction so it pays off in the end." western illinois and northern iowa will kick off at 4 pm saturday in cedar falls-- the leathernecks are 2 and oh in conference games this season. jon/3shot (wrap sports) stephanie: jack: we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at 10. brad: weather adlib: this
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good alight winds make for a great fall day in october, but we know that "something" has to be around the corner! and that something is a cold front coming in tomorrow. before it really gets here we will have a nice evening tonight with mild conditions and partly cloudy skies. it looks like the front will pass through central iowa about midday thursday with only a few clouds around and no rain expected. we will warm up quickly to
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