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evening! nikki also coming up on local five news at 5:30 thousands filled the streets downtown this morning for the big marathon... including these two unique runners. we have their story ahead. nikki a military family got quite the surprise at last night's cyclone game... we've got their story coming up.... nikki and... a gunman shot and killed a person and injured five others at a popular zombie- themed festival. we have the latest on the search for the suspect. "local 5 news at 5:30 in hd starts now. we are iowa " nikki: good evening. welcome to local 5 news, i'm nikki davidson. glad you're with us tonight. nikki: it has been more than a year since the city of des moines chose to evict a homeless
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population living in outdoor camps... but even this weekend... more eviction signs are being posted reminding homeless, they aren't allowed to camp outside... right now-- there's a local effort to help people get back on their feet as the city continues to evict. local 5's jacob peklo is live at an event with more. jacob/tvu ((adlib) nikki: a git n go gas station was robbed by a man in a hoodie early
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this morning... according to the des moines register it happened at the store on east 39th street... police say the suspect is male about 5'5'' tall... and was wearing dark blue and light blue hoodies.... he came into the store just before 9 a.m....and acted like he had a weapon, but witnesses never saw one. he ran from the store on foot, with an undisclosed amount of money and items. nikki: in windsor heights, police were called to a home after shots were fired... they're now investigating whether the homeowner should be charged for illegally shooting his weapon... it happened this morning at a home at 14-36 63rd street. police say a neighbor's dog jumped the fence into their yard and scared the family. the homeowner then fired shots into the ground to scare the dog away. no one was injured and police say no property damage was done. officials have yet to decide if the man will be charged. nikki: a fort dodge man is facing several charges tonight... after police say he assaulted a woman in a apartment building... officers arrested 23 year old benjamin
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he's charged with sexual abuse, willful injury, domestic abuse with serious injury and two counts of child endangerment. police are releasing few details about the crime tonight...and it but say it happened at 1417 2nd avenue north in fort dodge. the victim is a 25 year old female... nikki/lam today's the big day. 84 hundred runners filled the streets of des moines for the marathon and half marathon this morning. runners of all ages and abilities came from all over the world to participate in the race. the winner this year was returning champ philip lagat of kenya with two hours, 21 minutes and two seconds. it's the slowest time since 2009. he says it's because the wind and chilly temps on the course. as for the women-- brook (da-gef-a) degefa from ethiopia took the prize with a time of two hours and 33 minutes. "my favorite part about this day is the finish line from the very first winners who come in to the last people who have walked the intire course i love watching people cross and seeing the triumph on their faces "
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this is the 13 year of the event. local 5 is a proud sponsor of the des moines marathon. nikki/lam out of the thousands of runners-- you're bound to bump into some standout athletes in the crowd. we found two guys who are running in marathons across the state for a good cause. local 5 photojournalist ryan davidson has their story. "nats ready go we get a lot of intresting stories every runner has a story these two guys are unique i've never seen anything quite like what they're doing i"m from team 99 counties we're running across every county in iowa to benefit the american heart association and to raise awarness for physical fitness their stipulation is in every county it has to be a marathon distance and if you look at a map of iowa there are some counties that aren't quite 26 miles if thats the case they do a loop nats cowbell it started at a christmas party in 2009 we decided we were tired of running the same routes so we started talking of running to one town to another it was like a train wreck of
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one good idea lead to a bad idea and here we are today we thought it'd be fun to run from one place to another then we ran across one county without thinking of the logistics of driving all across iowa to run across all of iowas 99 counties nats good job gatorade you can do this i don't think we ever run out of things to talk about its constant banter while we're running theres always something to talk about its been fun we stick together and it kind of awlays works where if one of us is down the other one is up you kind of pull each other along everythings a challenge no matter your level of fitness how fast or slow you think you are you can always push yourself to that next level and this is something thats really helped me do that " nikki/lam
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raised 8 thousand dollars out of their goal of 25 thousand. the pair raced in 82 out of iowa's 99 counties and hope to finish their tour by next september. nikki: coming up on local 5 news at 5:30... a military family got quite the surprise at the cyclones game this weekend. nikki: and....a zombie themed event turned into a real life scare after a gunman fired into the crowd. we have the latest on the search for the suspect.
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are iowa" nikki: the search is on today - for a gunman who opened fire during a big event in florida. shots rang out at the zombie-
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themed street festival in fort myers last night....killing one person and injuring 5 others. abc's phillip mena has the latest. " " (source: twitter/savannah holden - people running - air view) nats "?people yelling?" video capturing the chaos in florida? (wszombieconshooting 4fl -- nns/wftx - no access wzvn) sot - mos "heard four-five shots, go pa pa pa pa pa." gunfire in downtown fort myers at the annual "zombi-con" event late saturday night - sending hundreds of people, many dressed in costume, running down the streets. (wszombieconshooting 4fl -- nns/wftx - no access wzvn) sot mos2: "we started running, because we saw a horde of people running, and we heard two really big bangs." (source: tim harrison) nats "?sirens?" (source: naples daily news/ - ground - with victim) the shooter disappeared into the crowd. in all - six people were injured? one died. (wszombieconshooting 4fl -- nns/wftx - no access wzvn) sot police: "there were people taking cover. officers were running towards the shots. and that's when we located victims." (pic of victim - tyrell taylor) expavious tyrell taylor had just turned 20 years old. his family said he was a college football player in miami.
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event organizers and the city's mayor sent condolences in the aftermath of the shooting? as police keep searching for the person who pulled the trigger . phillip mena, abc news, new york. nikki: police in missouri are investigating a church arson that happened yesterday morning. fire ripped through the church in saint's a look at the aftermath, the fire at the new life missionary baptist church is the fifth place of worship burned in less than two weeks. fire officials say it is not a coincidence. " "(capt. garon mosby/st. louis fire dept.) "it is arson. these are being intentionally set. there are doors...this is not spontaneous combustion, so they are not occurring on their own." (pastor david briggs/new life missionary baptist church) "i have prayed for them,' said trigg of the arson suspects. 'i have forgiven them. i don't want the communities to be angry. i don't want the churches to be angry, because it is in these moments that our character is tested." nikki: church members plan to hold services on the lawn today. investigators are looking for any links between this and the other church fires. nikki: this weekend, a
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military family got quite the surprise while tailgating at the cyclones game. "it is such pleasure of mine to present to your family a check which is reflective of free groceries for a full year" nikki: master sergeant clayton jensen served in the u.s. army for 15 years and received two purple heart awards. he and his wife were invited to the game at jack tryce stadium and were awarded with free groceries for a year. the jensen family was also recognized during a special on-field presentation before the start of the game. "this frees up funds to do other things like activities.. less stress and worry for us" nikki: the award was part of a campaign to thank, honor, and support military families. along with operation homefront-- they've donated more than a million dollars since 20-12. nikki/2shot we are iowa's most accurate
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james petersonhere now... james i'll have your forecast coming up.
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meteorologist james peterson. certified by weatherrate the independent weather experts" james/wx wall strong winds from the south today, along with the added help of mostly sunny skies pushed our temps into the mid-to-upper 60s
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bus stop on monday morning will require a hat and jacket with lows in the 40s in most areas. after the chilly start, however, things warm up nicely into the low 80s!! but beware of very strong and gusty winds continuing through the day, with gusts expected to exceed 35 mph out the
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some wind, and with a few slight chances of rain through mid-week before we drop temperatures back into the 60s on thursday and friday. enjoy your sunday evening!
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hawkeye fans is at a fever pitch! jordan: it's been some time before the hawks have had fans this excited! and the team gets a week off to get healthy before the final stretch... coming up on local 5 sports, hear more from the now 7-0 iowa hawkeyes as they head into their bye week hungry for more. " now, local 5 sports
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are iowa sports" jordan: at the beginning of the season we knew iowa's schedule set up pretty favorably, i predicted a 9-3 or 10-2 season. now it appears 12-0 is not only a possibility, but fans are almost expecting it to happen!
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the hawkeyes took it to #20 northwestern 40-10 on saturday, this despite the team suffering another big time injury, losing jordan canzeri to an ankle injury. akrum wadley filled in for him and didn't miss a beat, , shing for 204 yards and 4 touchdowns! it's that next man up mentality that has the hawks 7-0 heading into the bye week. now it's time to get healthy and see just how far this team can go! "we have a good team. anybody that can come in, that's what we expect. we expect anybody to come in for anybody that's injured, to come out there and play at the exact tempo as the guy that was in there before them." "you know these guys are at 7 checks right now, it hasn't been perfect, it hasn't always been pretty and all that stuff, but they find a way to get the job done, that's all you can ask of any team and any player." "we have that chip on our shoulder, we're definitely gonna work hard and do whatever we have to do and we still have something to prove, we're really not satisfied right now, 7-0 is not our goal, we're just going to continue to work hard." "not many people probably saw us being here, being 7-0 going into the bye week and knocking off a couple of ranked teams along
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the way. so i do think we've made a statement. the hawks have this week off before a home game against maryland on halloween! jordan: meanwhile, the iowa state cyclones got the fast start they were looking for against tcu, scoring 21 first quarter points... but unfortunatley, the offense went m-i-a the rest of the game after a first quarter that saw the cyclones score 3 touchdowns, it seemed like tcu might be put on upset alert. but the horned frogs responded, led by heisman candidate trevone boykin. tcu rattled off 31 unanswered to beat isu 45-21. boykin accumulated 510 yards of total offense, 436 through the air and 4 touchdowns, while running for 74 and another score... simply put, isu ran out of gas... "coming in our game plan was pretty solid, we were going to take shots downfield like we needed to, they were pretty aggressive in the back end. i think we just executed well in the first half. they score a lot of points and we had to keep up with them and
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we couldn't score when we needed to and they kind of just ran with it." the road doesn't get any easier for isu. they hit the road to face baylor this saturday in waco at 11 am. the cyclones are early 37 point underdogs. latest ap rankings are out. ohio state and the bears are still 1-2. utah moves ahead of tcu into the 3 spot. while iowa is up 5 spots to #12 and could be a top 10 team after their bye week... nfl, chiefs visting the vikings. 2nd quarter, 3-0 minnesota, teddy bridgewater finds kyle rudolph in the endzone, purple and gold up 10-0. now 13-3 vikings in the 4th, alex smith looking to lead the comeback. he throws the bubble pass to albert wilson and he's gone. 42 yards for the score, chiefs within 3. vikes add a fg to go up 16-10. one last shot for k-c, smith's pass to wilson falls incomplete on 4th down. vikings move to 3-2 on the year
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with 16-10 win, cheifs fall to 1-5. bears versus lions. 14-13 detroit just before halftime. matthew stafford finds golden tate. it appears he fumbles it and the bears recover. but they review it and say he had possession as he crossed the goal line. 21-13 lions at half. 4th quarter, now 24-16 detroit. jay cutler finds alshon jeffery, welcome back #17! he scores to make it 24-23. bears strike again as matt forte scores, 2 pointer is good, chicago up 31-27. detroit would retake the lead 34-31. but robbie gould hits this 29 yarder to force overtime. but in the extra quarter, stafford finds calvin johnson which would set up this game winning 27 yarder from matt prater. bears drop a tough one as the lions pick up win #1, 37-34 finally, broncos looking to stay unbeaten versus the browns. 2nd quarter aqib talib reads
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josh mccown and he is going the other way. 63 yard pick 6, 10-0 denver. ahead to the 4th, broncos up 16-14. peyton manning throws a pick 6! karlos dansby takes it back 35 yards. cleveland up 20- 16 but peyton would redeem himself, hitting emmanuel sanders for the 75 yard strike! 23-20. browns' travis coons knocks in this 26 yarder to force overtime at 23 all. but in ot, the broncos' brandon mcmanus nails the game winner from 34. denver is 6-0 for the 7th time in history, 26-23 jordan/2shot nikki: we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at 5:30
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stmostly sunny skies pushed our temps into the mid-to-upper 60s across the state. the bus stop on monday morning will require a hat and jacket with lows in the 40s in most areas. after the chilly start, however, things warm up nicely into the low 80s!! but beware of very strong and gusty winds continuing through the day, with gusts expected to exceed 35 mph out the sw. we will keep those 70s around, along with some wind, and with a few slight chances of rain through mid-week before we drop temperatures back into the 60s on thursday and friday. enjoy your sunday evening! nikki/3shot thank you for spending your time with us tonight. log onto our website, we are iowa dot com for
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ribeiro: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. [ pop! ] [ laughter ] [ man roars ] [ screams ] [ woman laughs ]
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