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tv   Local 5 News at Six  ABC  October 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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on the bus happened to record what happened and posted it to twitter. here's the entire 30 second clip. " stop! stop! stop! stop! you're hurting me. shut up. sit down! you can't do that. sit down! you can't do that. you cannot do that. you cannot do that. " stephanie: the kids ran off the bus when they saw a deputy on the side of the road. jack: now the driver is charged with assault causing injury and child endangerment. local 5's kattey ortiz is live at local 5's kattey ortiz is live at johnston middle school with the latest. kattey? kattey/live jack and stephanie -- disturbing videos of the incident such as that one are what led to 61 year old robert scarbrough's arrest ... thanks
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to some brave students who flagged down a deputy for help. around 12:20 this afternoon at the 3600 block of southeast glenstone in grimes. kids from johnston middle school were on their way home. police say scarbrough got upset with that fifteen year old special needs student when he his assigned seat. the student allegedly said inflammatory comments back, was shoved floor. the bus caught it and they were able to flag down a deputy at the next stop. students are stunned to see how aggressive the assault was. " oh wow. that's terrifying. that's earthshattering." " kattey: tonight scarbrough is in polk county jail charged with assault causing injury and child endangerment. according to the school district
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... all bus drivers go through training to handle behavioral situations. in this incident they say he made a very poor choice. scarbrough had only been with the district since the beginning of the school year. he passed a background check. as for the victim ... he was treated and released at the scene. live in johnston kattey ortiz local five news we are iowa. jack: a perry couple is charged with child endangerment after police found four children living in unfit conditions. (map) police went to anthony arbuckle's house in perry to serve an arrest warrant for him failing to pay child support. when officers went into the home so arbuckle could get a few belongings, they found the house was in complete disarray. there were piles of trash, rotten food, and cockroaches throughout the house, and four children and their mother were living there. arbuckle and the mother of the children were each charged with
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four counts of child endangerment. jack: des moines police are looking for a person who stole a dirt bike out of a family's garage last night. it happened on the 2-thousandth block of east grand avenue last night. a woman says one of her children heard a noise in the middle of the night. and when they woke up, their dirtbike and four wheeler were missing from their unlocked garage. police don't have any suspects right now. stephanie: governor branstad has a plan for out-of- state companies to take over iowa's medicaid program. but it's not going smoothly. local five's chief political corresondent amanda krenz joins us now with more. amanda: the latest hiccup is this hearing.. that involves a former state lawmaker. amanda renee schultee is on the one on trial. in addition to being a state representative she also used to work for the department of human services. she's defending herself against accusations that she may have used inside, confidenditial information to help get one of those out-of- state companies selected to take over iowa's medicaid. the iowa hospital association has been opposed to the governor's plan from the
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start and says this trial is only one of many concerns. ""greg 24:39 i think there's a lot of concern about the process that's been pursued and timelines tha thave been pursued, and ultimately whether it's in the bst interest of iowans across the state. " amanda: here's a comment from governor branstad's office. he wouldn't talk about the trial that's underway, but said quote "we are going to continue taking the necessary steps to modernize and improve medicaid in iowa that will improve patient outcomes while eliminating duplicative services. " amanda: it's important to note that branstad's plan to privatize medicaid is not a done deal. the federal government still has to approve it, but this trial could totally sidetrack everything. we'll keep you posted... as this affects 560- thousand iowans. live int he studio, amanda krenz, local five news we are iowa. stephanie: people are still talking about what chris christie said during last night's republican debate...especial ly what he said about iowa. stephanie: christie was asked about his national energy plan if elected president. he bragged
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about his home state of new jersey's alternative energy policies and that he wants to work with the private sector to make solar energy more affordable. christie also touted iowa's energy programs. "we need to make sure that we do everything we can for all kinds of energy, natural gas, oil...absolutely...but also where it's affordable, solar, wind in iowa has become very affordable and it makes sense. that's the way we deal with global warming, climate change or any of those problems, not through government intervention, not through government taxes...and for god's sake, don't send washington another dime until they stop wasting the money they're already sending there." " stephanie: iowa bachelor chris soules is also weighing in on what he wants in a presidential candidate...speci fically in terms of energy, soules posted on youtube this week, and says he has a few iowa-based requirements for the next president. "there is one special quality i am looking for in this person. whoever i choose must support ethanol and the renewable fuel standard. of course i'm talking about choosing a presidential candidate, what did you think i
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was talking about? " stephanie: soules says in the video that it's important for iowans to know which candidates support r-f-s so they can choose the right candidate on caucus night. jack: speaking of ethanol... dupont is opening the world's largest cellulosic ethanol plant in nevada tomorrow. governor branstad and lieutenant governor reynolds will be at the opening of the new plant. it's expected to provide extra income to 500 local farmers who use the cellulosic ethanol. about 85 permanent jobs and 150 seasonal jobs will be created, along with hundreds of construction jobs needed to build the facility. jack midamerican energy is rolling out a new car that's part of its "green fleet." the new truck uses electric drive to cut down the amount of emissions and gas used while the car is idling. midamerican says the electric battery inside the new car will save the company 1 to 2 gallons of gas per car per hour. "in a normal day, it's estimated that na operator would idle their truck 4 hours a day for a boom operation. when we roll out this new
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technology, they won't have to idle the truck at all for boom operation." jack: there will be 8 green fleet cars on the streets by the end of the year. five will be in des moines while three will be by the end of the year. five will be in des moines while three will be stationed in the quad cities. stephanie: coming up on local 5 news at six... what did presidential candidate martin omalley say in iowa today that's raising eyebrows? jack: and.... what's new about a bus driving around iowa? "your watching local 5 news at 6 in hd with
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news at 6 in hd with jack miller, stephanie angleson, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards, and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 6. we are iowa." stephanie: o'malley met with the des moines register editorial board earlier today and said that he would consider legalizing marijuana across the entire country....somet hing he hasn't said on the campaign trail before now. the former governor of maryland said he is keeping an eye on how colorado and washington are handling the issue, but that he is open to the idea of federal
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stephanie: on the republican side, candidate rick santorum is adding staff in iowa. santorum told reporters after last night's debate that he's upping his ground game in iowa as some candidates, like jeb bush, are downsizing. santorum is back in the state today for a five day campaign trip. jack: you may see a new iowa-themed megabus driving around the state. governor branstad helped honor a special, megab-bus-dot- com bus today, called the "hawkeye state," to show how much iowans business grow. summer, megabus launched a campaign in each it serves, and iowans chose the name "the but the bus a nice new name to brag about. " we're giving people the option for clean, safe, affordable, environmentally friendly since we have 81 people on the bus as well." stephanie/wxcdl: jack/wxcdl chief meteorologist james pearson is here now... james:wxcdl (
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local 5 weather is coming up next. james:wxcdl ( local 5 weather is coming up next. "now, we are iowa's most accurate
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experts" james/wxc: welcome back. i'm local 5 chief meteorologist brad edwards. james: let's take a look at we are iowa's most accurate forecast. james/wxwall: weather adlib: put script here in green
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chilly temps overnight tonight, we'll get clear skies back across the skies with much less wind and lows falling in to the mid to low 30s. friday is going to be kind of awful as well with temps in the mid 50s and a gloomy second half of the day with clouds building back into iowa. we have a rain chance late friday night (probably after 10pm for the metro) through saturday morning, but i think tailgaters for the isu and iowa games will be in luck since the rain should be gone fairly early in the morning. sunday is the start of a brief warming trend that should get us into the 70s by monday and last into next wednesday, so there is some light at the end of the tunnel!
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that's all for my forecast. check out for the latest in weather . stephanie/2wx: thanks james. now you may notice that local 5's chief .
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notice that local 5's chief now you may notice that local 5's chief meterologist brad edwards is out tonight. he's receiving a special award from i-s- u...called the distinguished alumni award from the department of geological and atmospheric sciences. everyone here at local 5 is proud
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jack/2bam: i'm here with sports director jon schaeffer, and jon after one game akrum wadley has burst onto the scene for iowa jon/2bam: yeah jack and he's doing it by keeping the football high and tight like this. coming up on local 5 sports we'll hear from wadley on the adjustment he's made to make sure the football doesn't pop free. "now, local 5 sports
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last night's playoff action we saw some nailbiters-- like ballard topping algona 28-27. and we saw some blowouts as well-- dowling beating lincoln 64 nothing comes to mind. but second round action is set up to have some great battles...
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here's a list of just some of the games that intrigue us on the blitz crew. in 4a the matchups to watch are southeast polk and dowling-- first time they'll play eachother this season. valley and waukee in a rematch of week one. and centennial takes on johnston. norwalk gilbert is a fun matchup both are 9 and 1 on the season. and then madrid visits van meter-- two totally different styles of offense there... again these are just a few of the matchups to watch-- we'll have around a dozen games on blitz playoff edition monday night here on local 5. you can find a full list of matchups on the iahsaa website. jon: butterfingers-- slippery mitts-- just a couple of names you could have given akrum wadley last year. this season he's trying to change that narrative. alex giaimo has more from iowa city. (alex giaimo) all season long the hawkeye mentality has been stepping up to to fill in when somebody else goes down. on saturday sophomore running back akrum wadley will get his first chance at starting this season wadley will get his first chance at starting this season with jordan canzeri sidelined with an ankle injury. (akrum wadley) i've been waiting for this moment and it's come now i just got to step up the plate and deliver. (giaimo) in the first game this season wadley was tested but
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the chagrin of his head coach. (akrum wadley) when i fumbled the ball, i just layed down, i just went straight to the sideline because i knew i wasn't going to play for a couple of weeks. (alex giaimo) wadley redeemed himself against northwestern, running for over 200 yards and getting into the end zone 4 times, but most importantly hanging on to the football. (akrum wadley) oh it was a huge confidence lift for me. it was just a matter of holding onto the ball, i had over 200 yards, and the most important thing for me is that i held onto the ball. (giaimo) with that said he has one main goal for saturday's game against maryland. (akrum wadley) all i'm focused on is protecting the ball. i can hear coach telling me high and tight. (kirk ferentz) uh i talked about akrum protecting the ball but he also did a good job blocking the other day and we've had a lot of time to practice since then too. (giaimo) and he's doing everything possible to be ready. (akrum wadley) i went to the trainer, he gave me a football, and i took it and now i've been carrying it around practice. if i go to class i got the ball in my hand, if i go home i
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sometimes i take naps with it. (giaimo) with your hawkeye headquarters report, alex giaimo." iowa kicks off at 2:30 here on local 5 on saturday. saturday. the iowa mens basketball team hits the court tonight for an exhibition game against division two sioux falls. iowa returns mike gesell-- jarrod uthoff-- anthony clemmons and adam woodbury around those four will seniors will have to shoulder the load for an otherwise young squad. load for an otherwise young squad. " i think this time of year everybody is excited to play another team. we've been going at eachother since june we've got a lot of work to do with our young players to be able to get together and play another team look at different combinations see how far young guys have come see what our experienced guys are doing and put it together in front of our fans is something we're all excited about."
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jon/sx3s stephanie/sx3s jack/sx3s we'll be right back... you're
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than scary-- they could be dangerous. stephanie: most big attractions spend thousands of dollars to pass safety inspections and get approval from the city. but some still slip through the cracks, and safety officials say it could turn a night of fun into something serious. tonight at ten, local 5's nikki davidson shows you what to know before you go-- and how to avoid a potential danger. jack/wxhang: now one last check of your
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weather, with chief meteorologist brad edwards. james: weather adlib: chilly temps overnight tonight, we'll get clear skies back across the skies with much less wind oprah today on man the
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>> 35 seasons of leading the way in entertainment news. all month long "e.t." is celebrating the the stories, the moments that made
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