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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 27, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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all part of a system slamming the central plaiains. where it's all heading right now. black friday madness. late night shoppers looking for the deals, the store where 15,000 people showed up and a tussle over towels. on thehe loose, elusive tiger missing foa month now escaping from a zoo d finally popping up on camera. and the new trailer "star wars: the force awakens,fans buzzing because of what this one shows. and we do say good fridaday we're going to start with the extreme weatather that causing severe flooding and water rescues in texas. >> creeks overflowing their banks just south of dallas. these pictures just in showing a flooded road in johnson county. overnight emergency officials say there have been at least nine rescues. >> okay, so here's what's causing it right now, , showing the huge sto, downpours, snow and freezing rain. >> accuweather's cam tran
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tracking it all this morning. good morning to you, cam >> good morning, reena and kendis. we are looking at some very wet weather for the nation's midsection today. we've got this cold front moving through that's going to o bring in some widespread rainfall. the heaviest, though, will be parked along the lone star state as well oklahoma, arkansas and missouri. we could see t the potenal for some flooding out acro i-35 into i-44 in missouri. so, we' got some treacherous roadways there, but that rainll stretches as far north as detroit. again, the heaviest though will be parked right along the lone well as southeasast oklaho into northern arkansas. as we head into the ening front we are going to see some colder air building in so some of this rainfall could turn into >> thank you so much, cam. turning now to the holiday season officially under way since last night. >> black friday got off to an early start with many shoppers stores right after thanksgiving dinner. this was the scene at the
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hundreds of bargain hunters scrambling to get in on a sale on towels. more now from abc's stephanie ramos. >> here we go. >> reporter: as thanksgiving leftovers are tucked away in the fridge, holiday shoppers deep into black friday scoring some of the best deals. >> $8. this is the best deal right here. >> reporter: black friday used to kick off the holiday shopping season, but now thanksgiving day is the new tradition for some shoppers. in new york city, 15,000 shoppers made their way into the macy's flagship store in manhattan. in frosty colorado, a holiday storm not stopping these electronics. >> 49-inch toshiba for 150 >> reporter: other shoppers were interested in towels. no matter wh's on the holiday wish list, nearly 60% of americans will head out to find it, 136 million of us planning to shop until sunday with day one, thanksgiving day, now over. the number crunchers finding
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thanksgiving day and today, black friday, are two of the best days of the year for sales. >> so, how much did you save today, do you think? >> probabably at lst $300,400 maybe, maybe more. >> rorter: but even if you don't want to be out in the middle of the crowds, you can cash in on some deals online. >> there's so many sales online that it's almost like there's no point in being bombarded by other human beings in stores. >> reporter: stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. >> who knew towels were so valuable, huh? well, the white house was on lockdown on thanksgiving day after a man draped in the americanlag jumped the fence. president obama and the first lady, as well as their daughtersrs were at home at the time. the man identified as joseph caputo was quickly taken into custody by the secret service. a witness, victoria pena, said she heard caputo take a deep breath and whisper to himself, "all right, let's do this" just before he made the leap. >> i didn't expect something like this to happen.
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going on around the world, i was told to, you know, be suspicious of people beyond the tip of your toes, but i don't know, i just didn't think this kid would do it. >> a second layer of steel spikes was added to the top of the fence back in may after a california man went over the top and onto the lawn. we do have some breaking news to get to you right now from africa where two men have been arrested in connection with that terror attack on the hotel in mali. 19 people including 1 american died whe2 gunmen stormed the hotel. the gunmen were killed at the scene. it's not known what role those arrested are accused of playing in this attack. a solemn ceremony taking place in paris this morning. france is remeering the 130 peopople who dd in terror attacks two weeks ago. ctims' families and a number of those wounded are expected to attend. the leaders of france and russia have agreed to greater cooperation in the battle against isis, which claimed responsibility for the attacks, but the two countries still remain at odds on the future of syrian president assad.
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of plotting a terror attack were arrested yesterday in berlin. popolice theunched a raid onon the mosque where the alleged plot was planned. belgium's prime e ministeras announced thathe threat level in brussels has been lowered because the threat of an attack is no longer considered imminent, but he said that despite the lowering of the threat, an attack remained possible and likely. five suspects in the paris attacks are in custody in belgium and at least one belgium fugitive still on the run. pope francis is wrapping up his visito kenya this morning. his arrival at a y youth ral in nairobi looked more like that of a rock star. take a look at the scenes. he was greeted by thousands of screaming flag waving young people. earlier the e pope vised a slum where about 50,000 people are livingithout basicanitation. now, to president obama who took time out of his thanksgiving day to telephone u.s. troops expressing his gratitude for their service. there he is making that phone call thumbs up and all from the oval office, and he also tweeted a thank you to the brave men and
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women in uniform. and the first lady is preparing to deck the halls for the holidays. the offici 2015 white house christmas tree set to arrive today from pennsylvania. two brothers won a contest to provide the 18/2-foot-tall fraser fir. it'll be soon displayed in the middle of the blue room. >> ah, they do such a good job with the christmas trees. even in front of the white house, i have to say, if you can ever get out to washington, worth the visit. now we know what to do. still ahead, donald trump's newest controversy, accused of mocking a reporter's disability. and high-flying drama at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. a drone buzzing about the balloons. plus, on the loose, a tiger
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finally spotted on a camera. this blimp had to make an unplanned landing after the wind changed direction and blew it off course. it had been flying over the macy's thanksgiving day parade and needed more fuel. the pilot says he knew he couldn't make it to the airport, so he managed to touch down safely on a school baseball field. also at the macy's thanksgiving day parade, a man caught flying near the balloons. the drone was spotted near central park shortly after the parade got under w way. the man, who was with his teenage son, was given a summons to appear in court. police initially confiscated the drone but it was later returned to the owner. the veggie mix that is lied to an e. coli outbreak at costco has been pulled from the shelves. taylor farms issued a recall for the celery and diced onion blend after a sample tested costco used that blend in its rotisserie chicken salad. it is also used in salads and
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packaged foods sold at target, starbucks and other major retailers. the auto industry is hoping to cash in by attracting black friday bargain hunters. black friday dea on cars, trucks and suvs actually becoming increasgly popular in recent years. the boost in sales could lead to a november bonanza with the highest sales tally for the month in 14 years. well, more holiday shoppers are treating themsmselves ashey check off items for family and friends. according to t the natiol retail foundation, americans will spend about $130 on self-gifting. that's up a few dollars from last year. some of us don't self-gift just on one part t of the yr. >> o on one pa, it's every year. >> i'm not referring to myself. >> is the right time for self-gifting, yes, we all do it. when we come back, runway scare. a plane packed with passenge, the landing gear collapsing as it lands. and thanksgiving means three things, turkey, family and football.
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the big games from espn.mphoma, have happened;d; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tellll your door if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had , hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your dermatologist about humira. because with humira clearer skin is possible. the wet and icy cold snap that is hitting much of the nation's midsection is creating on the roadways. inin oklahomcity, a car sliding across a busy street smmed into an electric pole knocking out power for awhile. those same conditions will likely keep power crews busy through the weekend.
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shop or maybe to work, watch out for snow from the rockies east to nebraska. icy roads from texas to kansas and rain from the gulf coast to western new york. >> if you're flying airport delays are possible in chicago, kansas city, dallas, as well as denver. okay, so donald trump demanding an apology from "the new york times" after the newspaper accused him of mocking a disabled reporter. >> trump denies that he made one fun of the journalist but video of the incident appears to something different. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: it's being called a new low even for donald trump. the presidential front-runner in south carona this week appearing to mock a disabled journalist. to see this guy, "ah, i don't know what i said! i don't remember!" >> reporter: that reporter, "the new york times'" chronic condndition afcting his joints that limits flexibility in his arms. "the new york times" firing back saying, "we're outraged that he would ridicule the physical appearance of one of our reporters."
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claim that he saw people in new jersey cheering on 9/11. law enforcement and government officials now rejecting that as false. but this is hardly the first time trump has come under fire for offending someone. from mexicans -- >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> reporter: to veterans -- >> he's not a war hero. i like people that weren't captured, okay? >> reporter: to women. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs -- >> only rosie o'donnell. "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" >> reporter:rump not backing down this time either, saying he was merely mimicking a flustered reporter, tweetiting, "if . kovaleski is hanandicappedi would not know because i do not cecia vega, abc nenews, new york. well, new video this morning of athat tempted murder of a good samaritan on a you can n see medil student peter gold being shot in the ststomach rit there on the
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then the gunman points his weapon at gold's head and pulls the trigger twice but the gun apparently jammed. the gunman now being held on a long list of charges. gold still in the hospital but getting better. protesters in chicago vowing to disrupt black friday shopping on the city's famed magnificent mile after days of demonstrations over the fatal police shooting of a black teenager. a march set for today along michigan avenue and d police s they'll have extra officers on hand. officer jason van dyke's dash cam captured 17-year-old laquan mcdonald running moments before he shot him 16 times. a charter flight arriving at mexico city's airport had a very bumpy landing. the plane was coming in from cancun carrying more than 140 people on board when the plane's left side wheel buckled. passengers' nerves were pretty shot, but nobody was injured in this. it's still unclear what caused the malfunction. and further south authorities in mexico are on the hunt for this fugitive, a bengal tiger that escaped interest a restaurant zoo about a month
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ago. they've caught him on remotely controlled cameras but they still haven't been able to catch him in person despite a full-scale search with police, soldiers and big cat experts. a hiker out for an impromptu climb near phoenix ran into unexpected trouble. he found himself stuck on the side of a cliff on camelback mountain and his family decided they needed help from the fire department. they managed to get him down without any injuries except maybfor a bruised ego. >> i just thought i could get there through another different way or -- i don't know, i wasn't thinking. i just started rock climbing and i ended up getting stuck. >> crews said his predicament was pretty serious especially because he didn't have that much experience. >> but he was brave of some sort. time for some sports and thanksgiving always a big day for football fans. >> here with the turkey day
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happy thanksgiving. it couldn't pleasese us any more than to present sports for you in the middle of the night. >> we had a nap. we're fresh now just like the panthers and the cowboys. there's tony romo, uh-oh. intercepted by luke kuechly who takes it back to the house. he iercepted romo on consecutive plays. cam newton pretty excited on the sidelines. newton, this time king it himself dancing in the end z oh ne. got s dancncing shoeon. seconds left in the third. romo, here's the uh-oh, sacked by thomas davis and he would remain down. brok collarbone, out for the season. panthe win, 33-14, still and still undefeated. green bay, wisconsin, packers favored over the bears.. aaron rodgers set to go, 19292nd time they'd play each other, but never on a thanksgiving. late in the game, packers down four, aaron rodgers throws it to james jones. ah. didn't catch it. packers go for it on fourth down obviously down four.
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about a run, instead he fires awayincomplete and the packers have lost four out of five games. the e bears wion the road. >> well, that was some kind of game between arizona and santa clara. results. >> you don't want to miss it. > huh-uh,lose game. >> all right. up next in "the pulse," "the force awakens," a new "star wars" trailer is released. so, what does it reveal? >> and a lobster diving dog going viral. ibs-d. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. and xifaxan works differently. it's a prescription antibiotic
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time now to check "the pulse" starting with black friday. >> along with massive deals the day after thanksgiving chaotic scenes becoming all too familiar. >> every year we see wild scenes like this, hundreds of shoppers pushing and shoving their way in. >> now a website looked at the crime states and found black friday violence tends to happen more in the south. arkansas residents are most likely to duke it out with fellow shoppers. alabama, tennessee, south cacarolina and louisiana also on the list. >> okay. >> so maybe go to california if you want a deal. >> if you want a deal go up north. >> or out west, young man. >> exactly. >> the west always knows what to do. well, our parent company disney released a trailer from the new "star wars" movie.
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you can see han solo, chewbacca and even this, the bad guys like the antics of the film's newest arch villain kylo wren. >> all teams, give it everyone you got. >> in the trailer which you can find by the way on facebook an ominous voice warns the heroes they will have to face a very difficult test. >> this one looks a bit darker. to find out what that is you'll have to see the film which opens in three weeks coming up. >> a lot of people anticipating thinking it's goingng tbe the biggest opening ever for a movie. the folks at disney are kind of saying not so fast, slow down. >> well, labrador retrievers can be trained to bring back all kinds of things. >> this lila the black lab dives into the water and picks up a lobster lying on the seseabed. >> wow. la's owner says that he spent hours teaching her the
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pool and the video of his facebook page now has more than three million views. do you think he can alslso catch trout? >> i think he can catch quite a few things there, lila. >> stone crabs. >> some shrimp, any bottom feeder there. >> i'll take it. >> good job. >> so much for fetch with the bone when you can fetch with a lobster. >> not sure how you train a dog
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this. my love you shine so bright... the leo artisan diamond. an incredible level of brbrilliance from the creators of the leo diamond. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. my love you shine so bright.
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checking our top stories, the mad dash for bargains is on as the holiday shopping season ge under way. black friday got o off ton early stt across the country with 135 million people expected to shop through sunday. the white house was briefly on lockdown after a man wearing the american flag jumped the fence.
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he was quickly taken into custy by the secret service. president obama and his family were at home at the titime. new this morning, creeks overflowing their banks just south of dallas, floodg roads in johnson county, the national weather service says this is now the wettest year ever in that area. taking a look at today's weather, sunny and dry in the east. rainy from the great lakes to the gulf. snowyn the rockies, mild and dry on the west coast. and finally from us late night comics take on the news of the week? here now your "friday funnies." >> guy, there were three nfl games today. the eagles versus the lion, the panthers vers the cowboys and the bears versus the packers while tom brady and patriots came to the thanksgiving day parade just to deflate the balloons just a little bit. i want to take this time to mention something i'm thankful for, donald trump. because he gives all of us on tv something to talk about.
4:54 am
he was on "snl"nd if you turn on cbs right now there's some guy talking about donald trump. >> after critics said that one of donald trump's gf courses incorrectly claimed t to be t site of a great civil war battle, trump asked how would they know that, were they there? said one critic, i was. when i was a kid. what i remember. >> you take the name,he ideas, the philosophy and the ideology of bernie sanders there and you make sure when you leave, they are on fire because they have felt the bern. >> let me thank killer mike. that was quite an introduction. >> yes, thank you, killer mike. my staff tells me you're a very populapepper hopper. >> abc just announced "dancing with the stars" was picked up for a 22nd season next year. that's right. fans are calling it exciting while jeb bush is calling it
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>> a new poll found that most americans trust hillary clinton to handle the threat of terrorism more than any of the leading republican candidates mainly because she already has a very sophisticated terror alert system. >> all right. the guys were pretty funny this week. >> and white house christmas tree arrives today. >> oh, yes. >> we'll get to see the obama girls again. >> yes. that's what's making news in america this morning. iowa! i'm ???. it's x:00 a-m on friday november 27th thanks for joining us! weather is always first on iowa...
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