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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 18, 2016 11:37pm-12:07am CST

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acting like a doctor. how p police s he tricked h patients and his family. our reporter goes one on one with the teenager. >> are you in big trouble? >> what prompted him to storm out of the interview. they call him the king of snapchat. dj ka lid is the hip-hop producer behind some of the decadede's bgest anthems like "all i do is win." >> they don't want you to say no wrong -- >> rubs shoulders with kim kardashian and justin bieber. but it's his creative use of social media tha has sent his fame through the roof. we're in miami along for a wild ride. and the donald versus the pope. the leader of the catholic church speaking out against trump, questioning his christnity. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> is this finally the feud that damages trump's candidacy?
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seconds. good evening and tonight an alleged fraud of such audacity, such tetenacity,t boggles the mind. it involves an 18-year-old baby-faced kid acced of mask
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police say treating patients out of his own clipping.. and wait until you see what happened when he went one on one with abc's matt gutman. >> repter: he has aab coat and stethoscope. but police say this baby-faced physician doesn't have an m.d. >> are you a fraud? because it seems like everything you're saying to me is evasive. >> i don't appreciate your tone. >> reporter: to understand why this guy is storming out of our intervw, you have to go back about 24 hours. >> malachi, they say you've been license. >> reporter: malachi love johnson or dr.ove as he refers to himself was marched out of his west palm beach clinic in handcuffs. >> how do you feel now, allhe people that believed in you, that thought that you knew what you were talking about? >> reporter: one other thing, this self-proclaimed doctor is ly 18. >> i'm hurt because of the acsations and allegations. like i said, this is not the first time where i've been accused and i will pursue this.
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malachi, then just 17 years old, was detained at this local hospital in west palm beach. the police report says he was walking around the halls in a doctor's coat. >> i believe it said department of anesthesiology on it. >> reporter: witnesses reporting he'd been roaming the hospital hallfor a month. >> this story was broadcast everywhere. like i'm some insane maniac. >> reporter: last month you're affiliate wpb caught up with him. >> i didn't snatch up a baby, i didn't do any of that. >> reporter: police snapped this picture of the lab coat in his car. on one lapel, the title "anesthesiologist." on the other, his name. the hospital did not press charges, claiming in a statement the individual never had contact with any hospital patients and did not gain access to any patient care areas. nonone ofhat deterred love robinson. just this past october, a second indent. the florida department of health issuing a cease and desist order claiming love robinson was
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was a licensed medical doctor while serving as a therapist in another florida rehab facility, but for love robinson, is the third time t the charm? the 18ear-old indeed now facing serious accusations from police. seven of them. including grand theft and fraud for allegedly practicing medicine without a license. >> so are you a docr of anything? anything at all? >> i do currently hold a ph.d in what i don't feel comfortable disclosing because that is not the issue here. accusations. >> reporter: after being released from jail on a $21,000 news. school diploma? >> yes, i do possess a high school diploma. >> reporr: the website for his medical practice still activive online. his beaming bio referng to him as dr. love and calling himself, well, a well-rounded professional.
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serious felonies here with the possibility of up to five years in prison on each of them. >> reporter: it was in early january malachi held a grand opening for this medical clinic. that's when police decided to write in an undercover cop to the clinic posing as a patient. >> the undercover officer who was part of your arrest said that you treated her. and that's what's in the charge sheet. >> the undercover officer, when she came in, she merelelyad her weight taken, her blood pressure taken, and her loung are lungs listened to. other thanhat there was nothing out of the ordinary of something that your simple mother would do. >> reporter: police say it was when he started conducting her physical exam that they arrested him. in a press conference malachi claiming it was all a misunderstanding. >> i am deeply saedened and a little disrespected by some of the things that have come forth. >> reporter: this isn't the firsrst time a teenager has been busted for channeling his inner
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matthew shiedn orlando, florida. in 2011 the young man reporting for duty in an e.r. with a badge identifying him as a physiciaian assistant, stethoscope in hand. like leonardo dicaprio in "catch me if you can," he ootszed confidence. >> do you know if they're hiring at the hospital? >> what do you want to do? >> i'm a doctor. >> reporter: unlike leonardo dicaprio's character, who got queasy in the emergency room, shied is drawn to the action. he was also charged for impersonating a police officer. shied was convicted on four felony charges, serving a year in jail, and was released in 2013. but when it comes to malachi love robinson, police are now questioning whether he too was attempting to pass as a medical doctor. this time in his very o clinic. >> this is the new birthing life medical center -- >> reporter: last month he proudlyproud
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to a local reporter. >> up on the wall so they are visible to the public -- >> reporter: that was after he removed his lab coat and stethoscope. the sign on the door has his name and those two crucial letters. "m.d." >> the sign on the door was due to be changed. >> have you had training? >> i have. i have shadowed many doctors. >> you're saying your training comprises shadowing other real doctors? >> your training comprises a lot of things. >> but you weren't in med school. >> so i am not portraying as an m.d. i've never said that i've gone to school to be an m.d. >> reporter: how does an 18-year-old with no real medical training or much formal schooling at all ope a medical office? ask his business partner, percy wells. he claims to have invested $10,000 in the clclinic. >> i feel like i shouldn't judge until i know. when the gavel hit and the jury decides that he was lying and
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fact that he is a liar, that's when i'm going to say to myself, yep. he's a liar. >> if you've got questions, a degree on the wall shouldn't be enough. you should g go online, do your research, and make sure that the person is actually a registered physician. >> reporter: police allege he even treatedhe elderly. among them an 86-year-old woman. police say he treated her recently for severe stomach pain and charged her nearly $3,500. >> what services did you provide in exchange for that money? >> i can tell you this. accusations are merely accusations. and services you'd have to define that. whether she paid for me to just show up, that's up to her. >> you're not denying the fact that she paid you $3,500 or so? correct? >>no, i am denying that. >> are you a fraud? >> i don't appreciate your tone. i don't appreciate the way
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didn't expect. >> i don't know where you're receiving this information from but it is inaccurate. i'm m sorry, i'm going to have to cut this interview short. >> reporter: but he has said d is may not cut his medical career short. saying he hopes to open another clinic in the future that is, of course, once he's done dealing th his legal woes. for "nightline," i'm matt gutman in los angeles. next, the hip-hop producer with top 40 hits and high-rolling friends, what he's doing on social media that has people really taking notice. later on the show, the war of words between the donald and
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he's got hit records and famous friends. but tonight it's what dj ka led has done on social media thatt is getting him so much attention. abc's t.j. holmes went to miami to roll with the so-called king of snapchat for our series "social stars." >> they don't want us to smile. >> reporter: apparently there's a list of things they don't want justin bber doing. >> they don't want us to eat cheesecake cheesecake. they don't want us to be successful. >> reporter: exactly who's they in the biebs another one of the big-name celebrities emulating this m, dj khaled. >> they want you unhappy, they want to finishhyou, they want you to lose. what we diagnose to do is be the greatest ever. >> who's the 3? who are they?
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the enemy. i don't entertain they. >> dj khaled! >> reporter: he's the hip-hop producer behind some of this decade's biggest anthems like "all i do is win." all i do is win-win win no matter what got moneyey on my mind >> reporter: over the past few months his fame has skyrocketed. not because of his music. but because of 10-second videos like this -- >> you ever feel stressed out? get a haircut. >> reporter: on his snapchat account. every day ka led chronicles the minutiae o his life where pictures and videos are posted to a story and disappear after 24 hours. >> egg whites, turkeyy sausage -- >> reporter: from morning breakfast prepared by his personal chef, to elliptical talk. >> key is never be afraid of being yourself. >> they don't want you to -- >> reporter: chill sessions with
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at 40 years old, dj khaled has become the unlikely king of snapchat with over 6 million follers. "nightline" is along for the ride. many of khaled's snapchat stories revolve around life at his miami mansion where he lives with his fiance. >> it relaxes he when i water my plants, see the flowers grow, talk to the lion. lion order. lion. >> reporter: countless catch phrases. >> another one, j just know. >> reporter: keys to success. >> right now on abc "nightline," major key, this is big. >> bless up. >> t that's myveryday greating. bless up. >> special cloth alert? >> dj khaled, special cloth alert, cut from special fabric, rare breed. >> some people when they see it and don't know you, they think
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is he putting on? >> definitely not an act. i want the world to know i'm super serious. and this is just dj khaled. >> reporter: ka led's massive snapchat audience equates to marketing gold. >> where more success comes you'veot everybody coming. movie deals. tv shows. endorsements. >> reporter: he's already cashing in. recently debuting a line of merchandise lled, what else, we the best. and earli this month he signed an exclusive radio deal with apple music. a typical day includes a stop at finger licking, the miami restaurant he coowns. >> feels good to be a restaurant owner. it's part of my dreams of bei the biggest mogul. winning to me is easy. winning more is the challenge. i'm coming out, coming out. see the fan love? this fan love, it's all over. i just snap something real quickish and right when i snap
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one snap real quick. somebody introduce you to fan love. n love! >> reporter: no bodyguard. no entourage. just khaled. signing everything from sneakers to cell phones. >> thank you! >> reporter: his fans come from all walks of life. >> i'm like one of his biggest fans. >> it's my 21st and they don't want you to celebrate so you know what i'm going to do? celebrate with dj khaled. >> reporter: fan love getting out of control. >> i seen kids crying, man. crying, it change mid life. literally with tears in their eyes. it's like -- it almost made me cry. >> he estimates 50% of his current fan base are newcomers from snapchat. the other half long-time fans of his music. his first bigillboard hit was
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he's created hits with kanye west and jay-z to name few. >> singing the national anthem -- >> reporter: he brought us inside his we the best studio for a tour. >> a lot of the jay-z records. this went platinum. >> how do you describe yourself? some people can't fure it out. >> genius. a deejay, artist, producer, executive. i make hits, i find hits, i put hits out. i'm a music mogul. >> who are the theys coming at you these days? >> it confuses me and disappoints me when somebody says, what does he do? my records are some of the biggest anthems ever. what, they magically disappear? obama walked out to my record. >> how do you like my new entrance music? >> that day i officially said, i made it. >> reporter: a major moment in khaled's american story. born to palestinian parents in new orleans he cherishes his arab heritage.
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a way of life. i can't say that i follow completely perfect of the way i'm supposed to be doing it. but i know my heart is clean and i have a clean s soul and i know got got me. >> is it upsetting to see some of the talk about possibly cutting off muslims coming into this country, things like that? when people say that, that's just ignorant. i promote love and peace. that's all i'm about. i'm taking over as principal for the day. school is like life. you will be tested. pass it. >> reporter: he continues t spread that signature khaled wisdom far and wide. shococking hundreds of middle schoolers with a surprise visit. >> i want to let y'all know i lo y'all. for real. and i appreciate y'all having me here. >> reporter: before he left, you know he had to get that perfect snap. >> make some noise! >> reporter: f for "nightline" i'm
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finally tonight, donald trumump has picked fights with fox ws, john mccain, george w. bush, and the entire nation of mexico. and none of it seemingly has hurt his popularity. so what's going to happen now that he's in a public spat with the pope? donald trump has taken on plenty of opponents.
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the donald versus the holy father. the pope was heading home after a trip to latin america when he was asked if an american catholic could vote for somebody like trump given his stance on immigration. he responded, "a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not christian." trump rarely one to turn the other cheek hit back, suggesting the mexican gernment was manipulating the pope. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian. they're using the pope as a pawn and they should be ashamed of themselves. >> reporter: he even saidd the pope should want him in the oval office. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> reporter: and at the cnn town halton night, trump not backing down.
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had said something about you that you tught maybe i'm going to have too ask for forgiveness? >> no, no. look -- >> reporter: one of his advisers pointing out on twitter the vatican is surrounded by barriers. the cer oftomorrow's new york daily news taking it several steps further with the headline "antichrist." trump, it's too early to tell whether this latest feud is going to hurt or help him. south carolinans will have their say this saturday when they vote. curiouser and curiouser. thank you for watching "nightline." tune into gma first thing in the morning. as always we're online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page and at
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good night. "the insider," behind the biggest stories tracking today. >> number one, angelina jolie sayi didn't want kids. >> i thought about adoption, but i never thought about being a mom. >> what was the life altering moment that changed her mind. >> i wake up as a mom and i want to be a of the world in a positive way. and mob wives big ange dies of throat cancer. and tonight is t.g.i.t.
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>> you're going t clean my carpets. >> the academy awards are just days away and i'm testing hollywood's treatment for flawless red carpet skin. just how far will the stars go for that perfect look? now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo >> under pressure. >> it's the last day of new york fashion week and nicole miller is allowing us to tag along, pulling back the world of high stakes fashion. >> this behind the scenes stuff is always so fascinating. as is our number one story today. angel jolie is confessing she never wanted to be a mom. >> it's a very lucky profession to be a part and i really


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