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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:30pm-6:59pm CST

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i'm on location in london with their incredible co leather feathers and a whole lot of gold. >> mama'sspicy. now for february 19th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." 90210 star shannon daugherty's breast cancer. why she is removing a big tumor. and a video that ignited a firestorm controversy. >> tonight's top story, the blue versus babe. >> we're not going to voluntarily show up there and sign up to work for a woman who has portrayed a message that is anti-police. >> beyonce is in no way
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i find it absurd and offensive. >> from beyonc formation video, stop shooting us gra feet te and police in riot facing off against a boy. and this symbol some say is a salute to malcolm x. >> she has made an anti-police message. >> beyonce like any great artist i provocative, she was challenging us to think about society andq^l s problems like police brutality. >> beyonce will kick off her formation tour. will police be here to provide security? while he may speak for union members, he does not speak for the president. >> anybody going to that concert can rest assured that the police are going to be there. beyonce enjoyed a date night
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>> the world exploded with formation. >> kevin as beyonce about the video after her super bowl halftime show. >> get in here! >> "snl" did not hold back this past weekend poking fun at the beyonce backlash. >> beyonce is bla we have to we have to leave america. beyonce is black! >> and beyonce's stylist told us dave's message is not about hating on police. >> i know a lot of things going on right now. but i know for that's not what she was putting out. >> what we should be doing is trying to build better relationships amongst the community and law enforcement and what she's doing is just the direct opposite. >> obviously this is not the end
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beginning beyonce's tour. >> one of those other cities is and the police have all right tweeted out that they have lots lots of officers in #formation. tv'ssupernanny joe frost is making headlines. jo child protective services and that led to an investigation. >> i said go to your room. >> th takes place behind closeddoors, but you can hear 9-year-old marcus spivey sobbing. >> it's very upsetting to me to watch. and when i them what they do for discipline, they didn share the fact that they also use corporal punishment.
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chri maintains he never hit marcus while they in the bedroom. marcus was only crying because he was scared. >> my question to you is the do you use corporal punishment for marcus. >> the fattage aired laths night. joe was with the family at their home in georgia where corporal punishment is we reached out to the dfcs, they told us state law prohibits them from either confirming or denying any investigation at the time. joe felt strongly enough about it to air this message after show. >> it's is corporate punishment an effective way to being able to discipline your children? i don't believe it is. >> joe has an offer on the table to assist the family. all they have to do is call her
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joe frost nanny- kanye west is her hot topic. is he bad for the kardashian business. we talked ded ded to kris when the most controversy started follow his kiley tweet. >> i'm a not even getting into tweets. i'm not touchingthat. >> that was kris last week, but kanye has since gone nuclear. from new york's twitter tirade, to his "snl" meltdown on tape. so is kris worried he could be tanking the estimated $195 million kardashian br >> kris jenner adores kanye and is proud to have him part of family. >> i don't think any of us would dare say we didn't like it.
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one's fashion police. >> do you unders he's on a matriarch matriarchy. >> i for once watch the instead of like being in them. >> yesterday we saw kiley doing vogue and walking in a marc jacobs fall 2016 show, alongside a platinum blond gaga. precat walk, it was push-ups, then hair stripped and styles. a little rehearsal with kendall and the trench got rapping makeup and show time. what a beautiful model, huh? >> he mark jacob's poll to do this. a last minute run way transformation shockee star onlookers. >> was that her? >> yeah. >> the blond?
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>> i'm just trying to understand that look. all right, have you heard the rumor about keifer sutherland and demi moore that they're he has a new movie with his dad called"the foresaken" when we sat down with kiefer, we set the record straight. >> demi is a friend of mine. >> shooting down those demi romance rumors. but when she learned she would be working with both southutherlands in the film, she was in. >> i will be working with both kiefer an donald i was excited. >> the night before the shooting began, both donald a kiefer were anxious. >> the most n night i have ever had before i startedwork.
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remember walking in in the morning and he had not slept at all. >> i am nervous every night before shooting a new mo. kiefer is gun slinger trying to make up with his father. >> we have been talking about something like this for a long time. >> i have such a respect for my father. he represented the kind of actor i wanted to be. >> he's been te he's terrific. >> now that they can scratch that off their live, donald told me he would like to make a movie with cate blanchett. '80ssuperstar rick springfield is telling the dark stories behind hit. >> i'm known as this happy, shiny guy, but really dark. >> with charlie sheen's help, did he go off his h.i.v.meds?
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>> rick faeld's new album drops today. when you hear rick explain the meaning his hits, you might hear him a little differently next. something's change i'm kind of known in the as this happy shiny guy. but i was a dark guy. all of my it was all dark stuff. >> rick has alwa brutally candid about depression, even admitting to his attempt at suicide as a teen. >> is music a way of pushing through that? >> it gave me focus, gave me depression a water to the hell out of there. >> also a way to deal with his darkness, his wife barbara of 32 years. >> there's one called "let in" that i wrote for her. let me in >> she stillinspires me, we
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and been through a lot of ups and downs and one down moment i wrote "let me in". >> at 56, rick still has that rock star swagger with hi new album rocket science. he's constantly on tour. >> what would you say is the hardest part of being on the road? >> not getting enough sleep. i could sleep for 14 hours every night. love to sleep why can't i find a womanlike that >> you still find something new every time you perform >> trotting out your prettiest kid to the uncles and aunts to oohh and ahh over is all it is. >> he's known such upbeat songs. >> he's going to be rocking the i heart radio station. you can hear it streaming on i
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hosting the mtv music awards with kevin hart. we're on the lun set of the hunts breaking down the fashion. and shannon daugherty's tears over her threatening breast cancer. >> that was the har part. >> why is she waiting to have a large tumor removed. she has had lump in her
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are you ready, >> i think he's re all right. >> i think chris is pretty much ready for anything. and he's completely surrounded by girl power so he's got that in the huntsman winter's war. >> listen, being on that set was like being tra to some sort of magicalland. i made the trek to surrey, england to take it all in. >> is it like the ultimate dress up? >> oh, yeah, i have never done anything like this. have you? >>uh-huh. i mean like in my spare time. not for film. >> at home, of course. >> oh, yeah. >> black gun, black leather,
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emily's dress was 80 pounds, all the stars had numerous wardrobe changes except for this guy. >> how is it working with those three ladies. there's a lot of estrogen around you. >> i get bullied a lot. they'll sooiray i bully them, it's not true. >> chris would like to say we're always talking about him, but we do give him a hard time. >> they're always laughing me. >> the women are the ones with most of the powers here, charlize casts spells, and jessica who playychris's wife holds her own in fight scenes. >> it looks like you're a badass. >> i guess it's chris a little bit. i have almost like five inches snuck inside of my shoes becaus he's just obnoxiously tall. >> and hair and makeup, is that all you?
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so i do a spray tan every week. and a spray tan gives me kind of a look. >> no one seems to care that under all that leather chrissed looked like this and was named sexiest man in 2003. >> i thought that was george clooney. >> oh, my gosh, it's tight. >> it's just vapid b-i-t-what? >> one of the coolest parts of this set are the 3,000 resin icicles all around. they look like the real deal, but when you touch them, they feel like jelly. >> i'm telling everybody, are y with that?
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>> even emily gets cool points for kind of b elsa. charlize's 4-year-old son jackson thinks mom wins. >> he came to the set today and he was watching a rehearsal and he turned to mom and went, mama's spicy. >> charlize told me that jackie lee isn't freaked out by his makeup, but does call his spicy mama the witch and asks where's her apple? and the most controversial member of thecast. and she has been postponing surgery that could help save her liff. and every step of this journey has been emotional for shannon ever since she to break to her family that she was >> that was the hardest part. >> she has cancer on one side,
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to the limp nodes an that side. she has had that tumor in her breast for over a year and hasn't had it taken out yet. >> she went through drug therapy and now has to decide whether to have a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. >> they're just breasts after all. i mean i like them. but i would rather be alive and i would rather grow old witho them. p> shannnn decided she was ready to go through an operation she feared would be disfiguring. >> she thinks it's making her unhirable in hollywood. >> people think i'm sick and therefore i'm unable to perform and what will be like on the set and will i remember my lines and will i able to make it every single day. you gain weight and there's nothing that you can do about and you do get puffy and i think that that all affects a career.
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that people aren't going to hire you because they didn't want to hire realproblems. >> dr. odds also faces off against charlie sheen who went off against his hiv meds. >> there's a heal in mexico who convin charlie he was cured. >> charlie even takes a blood test on the air. >> and those numbers came back through the roof on hiv. thankfully he's back on his meds now and his levels have gone way back down again so he's not infectious. >> and charlie also talks about h bipolar antics. what do these teens have to
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at, actor kesha sobbing in court. details on the big set back continues her allegations of abuse ag dr. luke. plus, w britney spears is accused doing in a photo that's causing controversy. that's all on that is mandel performing her "frozen" hit.
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>> i'm going to be hosting the special and also being a part of th performances later on. it's going to be great. >> tonight on cbs, it's "the amazing race" and our host mesh shell talks to keegan. >> apparently the mud is 2,000 feet deep. >> colombia is known it's beautiful emeralds, so we decided that we would hide these big emeralds in the mud and they would start digginn around to find the emeralds. when you take people and put
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great vanessa. yeah? why is my '67 impala out in the driveway? oh, i'm sorry, was it not designed to ever be outside? it's a classic car. it needs to be pampered. you're lucky i don't park it on your side of the bed. it's fine, mike. eve and cammy just wanted to be in thearage.
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why did they need in my garage? they kind of... starteted a band oh, god, no. no. no, no, no, no. no, listen, don't -- don't -- don't judge too quickly. i think that was the perfecect speed. wait, wait, wait. no, mike. oh, hey, mr. baxter! oh, this is nigel. nigel, say hi to mr. baxter. -what's good, mr. baxter? -not this. dad, don't freak out. this isn't a big deal. well, that's true. it's a huge deal! we are awesome! and, uh, guess what our band's called. no. [ amplified ] the cammy harris experience. you -- you -- you really can't do that to jimi hendrix. we're gonna make t-shirts! it's like i'm not actually here. i know. i'm actually done listening to this. dad, come on. you haven't even heard us. mom, are we terrible? i love... all my children. let us play one song for you guys.


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