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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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stylists. >> our stylist expert breaks down the dos and the don'ts of oscar fashion. brother. now february 26, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, everybody, thanks so much tuning in and michelle turner is here with me >> and we'll be joining frazier with all the news from oscar central. >> but cameron mathison has jennifer garner story tonight. >> it had nothing to with our the situation, we had made the decisioo long before that man was hired. i think that they just couldn't do it anymore. >> unsavory, cliche and bad judgment. that's how jen refers to nanny gat but her biggest loss
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live on the same property. quote, i lost the dream of dancing with my husband at my daughter's wed wedding. but when you your kids love someone so waterily lypurely and wholly, you're going to love that >> she said when brad and jen broke up, i wanted desperately to say that they were back together. you're sucked init, you're just drawn in. but at the same time, her next sentence is tha can't let my life become a soap opera. >> described as wounded, jen looks somber but still stunningly beautiful in the "vanity fair" photo shoot. >> she had come to jesus, when she's sitting there and the headlines pop-up and she realized she can't go down this rabbit hole. ben's like how can you not care? actually it's the opposite, care too much, it's too painful.
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confessed she laughed at. >> the only midwestern that ben affleck hasn't been unfaithful to. matt damon. >> she said the love of my life and what am i going to do about that. >> jen won't be taking ben back, it's heart breaking as she calls him the most brilliant person in any room, the most charismatic, she says when his sun shines on you you feel, but when his sun shines elsewhere, it's colder, you can feel a shadow. >> she just kind of said, know, in my part of the world, we just say bless his heart. was it a phoenix rising outashes? she'slike i am out of the ashes. >> she also reveals her 10-year-old daughter violet has helped her through all of this,
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temporary roommates. did you see kelly clarkson break down in tears on "ame idol." she talks about the song about her painful childhood. >> i think all the contestants could feel the weight of what was happening. to restore my faith >> we all had tears in our eyes, it was so captivating, she barely got through it. and the father should be straight >> and very pregnant kelly clarkson sang "piece by piece" that's about her relationship with her father who she says abandoned her and her husband
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helped heal the wounds. can never walk away >> her humanity in that moment was just -- you never see that, especially on television. >> especially for judge keith urban whose father passed away three months ago. within mens it shot to number one on a tunes and for the idol hopefuls, there was a message, this is what a true star looks like. >> when i see her standing there on the stage, it seems like it wasn't all that long >> actually 14 years, this is the first inter with kelly when she was a finalist. kelly clarkson. >> less than a month later, "e.t" had her first post win interview. >> i could in the stop cryi >> kelly also served as a judge last night, creating a kind full circle moment for the show's first winner during its
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>> it's cool to be here now 14 yearses slater and be all knocked up and nostalgic. >> so emotional. no kelly wrote "piece by piece" when she was pregn with her daughter river, now she's having a boy, and s hasn't said when the due date is exactly the academy wards o abc and we're your complete guide to all things oscar. let's send us to kevin frazier right now in the middle of all the oscar chatter. >> reporter: by sunday, this will be a sea of people and s and a lot of people have already rolled into town and the partying has already be eddy red mays faces a wall of
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beverly hills raes witherspoon gets her preparty on with a bunch of stars including jennifer lawrence, at the dinner for equality, hosted by patricia arquette, we're told to support equal pay for women. a suited up host chris rock outside the sunset towe hotel. chris kept mum, but she's expected to take on the oscar so white controversy tweeting with see you sunday, #blackout, #oscars. >> would you d again? would you host again? >> if there's a lot of black people on it. >> back at l.a.x., 4:17 p >> how does it feel to be dating "superman"? >> no comment from 19-year-old tara king and no oscar champagne
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everyone's in town yet. 8:22 p.m., that's kate winslet skating. chrissie took heat for only selecting a female embryo during striking out this past changing tactic. >> we'll actually see chrissie tonight and we'll talk to her about herpregnancy. i was hanging out with the gma crew as they br live. and i also talked to robin roberts about her special oscar edition of "20/20." >> a studio apartment, with one room with a with bed that came
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couldn't even affo even a happy happy meal. we ate topramen. but i had my mom all to myselfn'tmyself and i remember it being the coolestcool est time. >> he's just trying mypatience, or he reminds me of a guy i used to know. >> that's true, 40 years ago. >> on sunday, robin and michael strahan host aabc's preshow along with amy robach and lara spencer. >> everyone asks me, does it kinn of get old? no, it doesn't get >> make sure you watch kevin and i when we bring wru all the excitement. >> we invite you to attend hollywood's biggest night,
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celebs, hostsed by nancy o'dell and kevin frazier and fashion correspondent jeanne mye and michelle turner. live on fox, sunday, 5:00 eastern, 2:00 pacific, exclusively on fox. coming up on "e.t," our flash back friday, taking us to the set of home improvement. >> this is my ship right here. >> why tim toolman" taylor is back with original tv wife. >> and we get a look at the versace mansion.
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>> my scar fashion ea wring on hollywood's big night. >> we'll be right back.
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big tv you always make me feel better about not having a man in my life. >> it's not exactly up to you, now isit? >> that is patricia richard season reuniting with her old "home improvement" hubby last night "last mstanding." since this is flash back friday, we took them back to "tool time". >> we're here taping our 100 episode of "home improvemen >> thank you, amica. >> i look like my younger brother.
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>> it's not that bad, tim. and we should know, "e.t" was there for the first ever taping of "home improvement" back in 1991. >> are you saying car's not running? >> we now own a 4,000 pound four-door boulder. >> we w just crack up and lose it and not able to get it together. >> one of the most tv series of the '90s made tim allen a ho name. and when we first met the boys, get this, jonathan taylor thomas was 10, zachary ty bryan was 8. >> this is myship. >> it was his ship. >> i see zack uite a bit because he kind of with my oldest daughters and they have
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production bus i see debby dunning quibit. >> now patricia and sam working together again, she's reprising her role as tim's neighbor on his show "last standing". >> it's like being around family. >> i think you miss it a lot. he's very mature. >> very mature. >> here's something you may not know about "home improvement" francis fisher was originally cast as jill taylor. and still ahead on "e.t," we go insid a famous versace mansion. >> he was murdered on thesteps. >> strange doors open and close. plus oscar fashion secrets from joe zee. >> everybody wants to know what lady gaga is wearing, i've got the inside scoop, in just two
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know. welcome back, everybody, right now we're going to take a deep dive into oscar fashion. and joining me now is editor-in-chief of yahoo! style joe zee. let's start with the dos and the don'ts of the oscar red carpet. >> oscar do, be bold. 2012 angelina showed up as the very last person on the red carpet in that black gown. but the best picture of the night with was her legs sticking
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they're calling her jolene. >> how about a don't? >> don't is having support, i'm talking about undergarments here. i actually want to give an award, the best supportive under garment. remember gwen net paltrow approximate in that dress all the way back in 2002, even gwen gwyneth herself said i loved that dress, but i wish i had worn a brachlt and in 1997, the first person the wear a dior on the red carpet. and people either liked it or hated it, but to day, it's one you remember. >> i also liked halle that stunning burgundy gown wore. one of my all-time favorites. >> how the last don't? >> you don't want to stand out
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charlize theron won for "monster" and she looked beautiful, but she was a little too orange and i don't mean her dress, i meenan her skin tone. don'ts. but what are people going to be wearing? >> let's start with jennifer lawrence, we know sh a dior girl, but i'm going to guess that she's not going to wear red. she wore red to the golden globes and red twice at the oscars. so aim going to cross that off my list. she wore that beautiful pink gown when she won. so it will be interesting to see. >> i think sothat. all right, lady gaga. >> remember last year at the oscars, she wore that white dress, but very controversial red gloves with it. so i think she's probably going to leave that behind again this year, but we do knowshe's very supportive of her the designer
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fashion week, she did model in the marc jacobs fashion show. so i'm going to go out on a limb here and i'm going to predict that she ay actually wear a dress like this, maybe in a bold color or maybe something a bit unexpected. >> katecate blanchett, we saw her on the red carpet. >> she's worn the queen, she's worn versace, i think she actually going to go with armani. i actually love this particular gown from the couture show. i can see it on cate right now. >> how about rachel mcadams. >> rachel has been working with the same stylist as jennifer lopez. i love this run way look from peaks and valleys, so we could see something like that rachel. >> i can can't wait to see what
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whatever you see is a go. >> if i know it, you know it. one name that certain is an it name when it comes to devining oscar elegance, versa the versace palace in miami, it' massive awesome estate and it's been turned in one of the ritziest hotels in the world and we got a private tour. in soubeach's village, 10 bedrooms, 11 baths, set up on 23,000 square feet of mediterranean decadence. >> this is the villa sweet and this actually was gianni very versace's suite. >> who's stayed here? >> this is where kim kardashian stayed. >> the kardashians actually
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>> they hung out and i think this is where they all hung out. you see them all thrown across the bed chitchatting and hanging out. >> the suites from $4,000 a night. gold on pictures, in the beds on the pool. kiley j swam in that pool and so did the biebs. >> justin stayed in the venn us in room at $3,000 per night. >> was the any crazy room service, hor d'oeuvres or anything lake that. >> he kept somebody busy afternoon the clk. >> liz taylor, elton john, sly and madonna. with but in 1997, versace was murdered on the doorstep of his palace. >> quite a lot people who beliive in the supernatural who feel that he literally still is hear.
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>> they claim they have seen spirits and they have gone to certain rooms and strange doors open and close things of that nature. >> justin bieber stayed up late and had spa treatments by the pool. in tonight's "e.t" birth dies, which grammy winner was once in a heavy metal band. is it rick springfield, michael
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the answer is next. at, kate mckinnon goes frrm impersonating ellen to hosting the mtv spirit awards. >> fired from scandal, multiple arrests, why he's using music to
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and this all on welcome back to the show, everybody, in tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which grammy winner was once in a heavy metal band? that was michael bolton who turns 63 today. >> i want him to sing happy birthday to me. >> we are out of time for now. >> that's a good one, nancy, don't forget to join us on monday for our oscar show. we will have all the big winners and those moments that you just
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