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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  February 28, 2016 8:00am-9:00am CST

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stunning surprises. and looking ahead to super tuesday. with chris christie and ted cruz herere live. plus, hillary's lanslide victory. >> tomorrow, this campaign goes national. [ cheers and applause ] >> is this the start of her big move? bernie sanders responds here live. from abc news, a special super tuesday edition of "this week." here now, chief anchor george stepnopoulos. >> as we come on the air this week, it's getting harder and harder to describe the presidential race sounding more and more like a grade school playground. hillary clinton and donald trump dominating the race. clinton trounced sanders in south carolina. and with donald tmp ahead right now in nearly all the super tuesday states, marco
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unleashed a barrage of new attacks. trying to slow the trump steam roller. jon karl is here to start us off. good morning, jon. >> reporter: g good morning, george. donald trump is facing his biggest test yet.t. a sustained assault of persona insults, attacks, and mockery that looks like it could have been designed by trump himself. a campaign trail saturday donald trump predicting a super tuesday rout >> hopefully, we'll win tennessee. we're going win everything. i think we're even -- i think we have great chance to win texas. >> reporter: after h his double-digit wins in south carolina and nevada, some establishment republicans finally agree, he could actualllly win this thing. >> trump, he's got the momentum. i think there's a more than 50% chancee's the nominee. >> reporter: nowhere was that hammered home more than friday's shocking endorsement. >> we need a first class president. we're going to have it in donald trump.
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once mocked trump as the entertainer in chief is now in his corn. with trump on the verge of an insuhr mout. able lead, marco rubio has decided desperate times call for desperate measures. >> i don't know anything about bankrupting four companies. >> and you know why? >> about starting a yufrt that's fake university. >> reporter: thrououghout t campaign, rubio insisted he wouldn't go after his fellow republicans. >> there's a craving in the media for people the attacackach other. i've never been a campaign that attacks people. >> reporter: now he's using trump's playbook. mocking the front-runner with personal insults. >> how can a person with the worst spray tan in america attack me on twitttter for wearing makeup. he wants to sue me. he should sue whoever did that to his face. >> repororter: besides the insult assault, rubio has a new label
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>> he's a con artist. i will never stop before we keep a con man from taking over the party of reagan. >> h lightweight rubio. total lightweight. little mouth on him. bing, bing bin. >> when the heat was on senator rubio, you saw what happened. he melted. he melted. >> reporter: the campaign turns into a food fight. the question is, is rubio's aggressive strategy too little too late. so much at stake, senator lindsey graham had a colorful diagnosis for the state of the republican party. >> my party is going bat [ bleep ] crazy. >> and jon karl yoins us with the rest of "the roundtable." i want to start with hugh hewitt. you were there. lindsey graham, bat bleep crazy? >> i can't colain about the ferocity or the velocity. this is the business we have chosen.
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we're on the verge of a tipping point. the republican party could split. i got word from a former christie finance co-chair that does not like that he joined up with trump. split in the republican party? >> i don't know about that. it's entertaining. but it's not particularly inspirational by any of the candidates. we all probably shoulden laugh and do laugh at the thing that are said. you hear the audience laugh. the republican party has to come to terms that they'rere not inspiring. they're entertaiaining. >> and trying to come to terms with donald trump, the real possibility he's the nominee. >> absolutely. i'm told two dozen house republicans have told t the colleagues they will not support donald trump as the nominee. if he solidifies this on tueuesday and goes on to win the nominati, he'll be the leader
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>> the voters are supporting him. all the candidates can say, all the politicians can say,y, we n't support him. so far, the voters have. >> meantime, democratic side, donna, the win for hillary clinton. a higher percentage of the african-american vote. now, there were threeanandidates eight years ago. higher than barack obama. >> emp was surprised by the margin, the depth, the excitement she had in south carolina. her southern fire wall is in tact. this is a race about delegates, not just winning states. the real question is, will she be able to replicate that in other southern states like georgia, mississippi? >> and katrina vanden heuvel. does bennie sanders have a viable path? >> i think so. not so fast. don't write his obituary. 17 states vote in the next two weeks.
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ihink he has a path. he's injected new ideas into this campaign. transformed the the democratic rty. open space for proessive movements. i think he goes to the convention. this goes through may. he'll have pledge delegates. he'll fight to shape the plat form. >> we'll talk to him ahead. right now, to senator ted cruz. he's in arkansas. good morning, senator. >> good morning, george. good to be with you. >> thank you, senator. looking good in texas. donald trump strong in so many other super tuesday states. if he wins everywhere else, how can you prent him from getting the nomination? chlgt i tnk super tuesday will be the most important day of the entire primary. it is now. we're in a strong positition in texas. we're running neck and neck with domd throughout statates on super tuesday. if conservatives come out and vote on super tuesday, we'll
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65% of republicans believe that donald trump not the best candidate to go heado head with hillary clinton. donald trump loses to hillary clinton. and the only candidate that has had beaten donald trump, that can beaeat him is me. more and more republicans are recognizing donald trump not the right person for us to nominate. if we come together and stand united on super tuesday, we'll have a good election. >>onald trump is winning among conservaves. among your strong base of e van jell -- e vanvangelical christians. >> you saw washington dealmakers -- it's washington dealmakers that have gotten us in this mess. donald promises more deals with democrats. he's contributed to jimmy carter, john kerry, hillary clinton, chuck schumer.
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democrats for 40 years. one of the stiking ingstriking things. donald talks about imimmigratio in the 2013 battle over amnesty. when i was leadinghe fight against the gang of eight amnesty bill, donald trump was funding the gang of eight. five of the eight members received over there are 50,000 from donald ump. you can't fund open border democrats and say you're going to secure the border and stop illegal immigration. >> you have made that point about him supporting democrats for weeks. it doesn't seem to be sticking. why nonot? >> listen, i think we're seeing real movement in the polls. we won in iowa. i think on super tuesday, we'll have a good night. it was striking at the debate this week, when donald trump does agreed with me. number on on israel.
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neutral between israel and the palestinians. i strongly disagree. if i'm president, america will stand unapologetically with israel. he said, ted, you have to be willing to cut deals. compromise. i'll tell you right now. i'll tell the people at home. i'm not going to compromise on the bill of rights. i'm n going to bargain away your second amendment rights and sit down with harry reid or chuck schumer and agree on supreme court nominees. we need a president who will invest the political capital to defend your constitutional liberties. donald trump told us at the debate, he doesn't intenend to that. there's a reason when harry reid was asked about the republican field said the republican he likes the best was donald trump, he said, because i can work with him. he'll cut deals. >> you have made a big issue of donald trump's taxes. now released summaries of your own returns. if he releases those same kind
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what about his statement gnat he believes he might be targeted by the irs because he's a christian? >> well, i -- i think his statement. nobody had any reaction o other than laughter. listen, aye released now nine years of taxes. donald trump has not released any of his tax information. he needs to release his tax information and the fact that he's refusing to do so really suggests a asitt romney pointed out, there may be a bomb shell in there. something he's hiding. >> what you to think it is? >> a lot of media outlets have reported he doesn't make nearly as much money as he says he does. maybe mitt romney is richer than donald trump? we don't know. but he's cleararly hiding something. on the other hand, it could be donations to liberal groups like planned parent hood. at every debate, it seems, he's praising them. maybe he's written them a bunch of checks. maybe other issues.
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reports about donald's business dealings with h the mob,he mafia. maybe those tax returns show his -- >> with the m wra? >> indeed, abc has reported that. you have reported he's done deals with s & a concrete, owned by two of the big crime families in new york. we don't know. but the important point is, george in the general election, hiary clinton is going to shine a light on all of this. republican primary voters deserve to know. and the media will amplify the democrat attacks. the primary voters deserve to know, if there's a scandal, if there is, as midtt romney put it, a bomb shell in donald trump's candidates, the voters deserve >> republicans are getting nervous and some are calling on
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arizona, urmgs you to join forces. they can yipt and win together or remain apart and eachhail separately. for the sake of our country, the conservative cause, and future generations, i adjure them to unite. >> i agree with the sentiment that to beat donald trump we have to come together. what donald wants is all of us who arere convince donald is not the right nominee to be splintered. divided. looking at this race, only one kantd has beaten donald trump. historally, in modern times, no one has won the nomination that hasn't won one of the first three states. only two of us have done that. me and domd. if you look at super tuesday. we'rehe only campaign in a position to beat donald on super tuesday. if you're at home and you don't think donald is the right conditioned. you think nominating him will
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even if apts you likeperhaps you like another candidate, i would encourage you to stand with us. the only way to b beat donald is to stanld together on super tuesday. >> sounds like you're not ready to unite with marco rubio. chris christie next in a "this week" exclusive. janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too.
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i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. he'll provide strong, unequivocal leadership.
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to ptect the american people, both in the homeland and in eating jobs for this country. and he'll make sure that people around the world know that america keeps its word again. donald trump, when he makes a promise, he keeps it. >> and chris chrtie is here with us this morning. thank you for joining us, governor. you heard hugh hewitt read from the meg whitman statement. your endorsement of donald trump is an astonishing display of political opportunism. i call on christie donors and supporters to reject the governor and donald trump outright. i believe they will. for some of us, principle and country still matter. >> well, i love megwhitman. great friend t me and mary pat. always has been. we obviously from that statement have a difference of political opinion. that's's okay. that's what makes this country great. people can have differences of political opinion. meg has been free to express her
8:19 am
iionorher. we adore our relationship with her. >> some supporters said you promised you wouldn't endorse donald trump. joe mcquaid said you promised him on a phone call. >> that's not true. me called me two days after the primary. i was just told you're abo to endorse donald trump. i said, that's absolutely untrue. i'm not about to endorse anybody. >> you didn't say you never would endorse him? >> said i would not endorse him then. i said, joe, it's two days after the primary. we're taking a deep breath. we haven't thought about what we're going to do next. >> during your campaign, you ran as straight-talking truth teller. you told voters to queststion mr. trump. >> i tell everybody who goes to a donald trump event, if you get to ask a question, just ask him how? first he says he'll build a wall
8:20 am
thenited states and mexico. how? how is he going to make the mexicans pay for the wall? how? they are a sovereign nation. >> you're backing him now. what's the answer? >> the answer is, he will do it. >> how? >> he'll have to answer that question. he will. george this is february of a campaign. and let's say this. you look att eveone else on the stage, um, and there have not been many more specifics from a lot of other folks on the campaign. therere i am, as somebody running g r president, making my argument. >> the wl shiz signature issue. hihis go-to line when e needs applause. you have had the mexican president, two former mexican presidents. the mexican minister calls t this a racist, ignorant, absurd proposal. you know mexico is not going to pay. >> what would you expect them to say?
8:21 am
>> i think this are g great ways to use diplomacycy a other tools to come to compromise with nations. we'll work on those things. strong leadership is able to excertificate those things and talk to folks abo what advantages and disadvantages are of certain policies. the fact of the matter is, there won't be question about mr. trump's strength and his rez resoluteness in tms of getting things done. >> what is the answer to the how? it's the standard you set? >> it is the standard i set. he'll answer the question. to me, i'm not answering it. it's the way he'll answer it. >> he hasn't answered it. >> he's talk about the trade relationship and working on the trade relationship. he talk about that yesterday and using that as a lever to get them to do things. it's part of a bibilateral
8:22 am
tariffs. >> an apppriate conversation between two countries, there are conversations to have between two countries. >> your signature issue was entitlement reform. reforming social security, medicare, medicaid are esntial. donald trump is the only kantd saying he won't touch social security. here's what you said about that. >> mr. trump, what would you d on social security? when i becomee president, the entire country is going the get so wealthy, so amazingly wealthy and rich, we're not going to have to worry about social security. how? >> again, the question is how? >> i think we nee to do something on social security. i've made thahat clear. donald trump and i are not going to agree on every issue. >> this is the signature issue of your campaign. >> it's not. the signature issue of my
8:23 am
keeping america safe and secure from terrorist attacks and making us a better ally and neighbor around the world. social security is an poernt issue. i've laid out my ews. i'll share them with the caidate. the fact of the matter is when you look up on that stage, no security. >> he said thursday night -- >> no up with else has plan on social security. >> i have asked all the candidates lots of questions on that issue. at the debate on thursday night, he says the answer of social securirity is eminating waste, fraud, abuse. in all of your speeches, you said, that's not an answer. we need hard truths. >> i'm not disagreeing what you're saying. >> so you're disagreeing with donald trump? >> i'm saying he'll ge more complete answers. let's hold every candidate to that same standard. the difference in the race is,
8:24 am
others want to hold mr. trump to a different standard than the other candidates. >> don't you think they've been more specific than donald trump? >> on social security? absolutely not. >> you do not believe you can solve the problem of social security by eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse. >> no. that was a bigger issue. his answer was on paying for a tax cut. that was not just on socia security. it was on paying for a tax cut. >> he said thatn social security many time. i want to get to national security. you made that a central issue of your campaign. one of the issues of donald trump is ban on muslims. >> the idea of banning all muslims from this country is ridiculous. the reason it's riculous is because you don't have to do that to make americasafe. when donald trump said that, he was dead wrong.
8:25 am
>> is he dead wrong now? >> he's backed off of that position. >> only for citizens. >> well, that's a big difference, george. >> he's still banning muslims from coming into the united states. >> it's a big difference from where the position was. let me answer. what we need to do is have a coherent national security policy that is clear. we need to go after folks that want to to harmo this country. and having good, competent law enforcement, mr. trump as thaukedthauk ed -- has talked about restoring nsa authority. he's stood up and said he wants to make our military stronger. stood up for law enforcement in ways other candidates have not done. there's been a lot of other conversations. i'llontinue to have conversations about this with him as the campaign goes forward. to make all ofhese things more
8:26 am
we're at the end of february >> he announced in june. >> he'll be the republican nominee for the president of the united states. he'll bring the race to hillary clinton. he's the best candidate to beat hillary clinton in november. and the best candidate to secure national security >> do y endorse the ban on hahaving noncitizen muslims -- >> that's not what i'm saying. that's one piece of the overall approach. >> you disagree with it. >> i said it plainly. elections are choices. and you look at the candidates up on the stage and you decide, all things considered, who is the best choice? i tell voters this all time. if you want to vote for the candidate you aagreeee wh 100% of the time, go home and look at the mirror. u're the only person you agree with 100% of the time. we can play the game that, everythingng -- i rageps the guy. of course there are things i disagree with him on. this is now a choice.
8:27 am
he's the best one to beat hillary clinton. that's job one for the republicans. he's the best person to beat her and help keep america safe >> i just pointed out three of the biggest issues in the campaign. you disagree on all those issues. what are you talking about when you say he'll do what needs to be ne? >> a wholele l of things. we haven't touched on the economy. he's got a solid record to make the tax code better. opportunity better. lower regulation. he's laid out those plans. the fact is he's going to do things for this economy that need to be done to make america safer. not only from national security perspective. for people to invest in america. >> what are you referring to? >> he's laid out plan on regular la or the reform. to lower regulations in this country. the idea of making sure small busineness fol are empowered once again. be able to create jobs for people. there's been a lot of things laid out in this campaign thahat
8:28 am
real support. and, we're not going to afree on every issue. i wouldn't agree if i were here this morning supporting any of the other kptds that remain on the stage. we would have major disagreements with each other. we ran against each other. their minor disagreements as opposed to have hillary clinton on that stage. they're both so far to the left. >> you talk about donald trump as the person who can be trusted. he still maintainse saw thousandnds of pple celebrating in new jersey after the 9/11 takes. you said that didn't happen. isn't that a slanderf your state citizens if he continues to hold that? >> i don't t think heeans it as a slander of my state's citizens. when i say he can be trusted, this is a guy, when he makes promises, he keeps them. i've seen than over the course of a 14-year relationship with him. i didn't just meet him in august
8:29 am
on the debate stage. i met him in 2002. i have been friends with him and gotten to know him. the american people see him, they see someone who is strong, resolute, tough, not part of the d.c. establishment, that has messed this country up and disappointed our people. both sides of the aisle. he'll go down there and take different approach. given the other options, he's the strongest, best guy to be the nominee to beat hillary clinn and thato be the next president of the united states. >> thank you, governor christie. >> thank you, george. bernie sanders and governor nikki haley join us live. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food?" is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we coolidate suppliers, what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? ...or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions...
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in politics, on a given night, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. tonight, we lost. >> that was bernie sanders last night. coming up, after hillary clinton's crushing win in south
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the stakes are giving control of the party of lincoln and reagan of the conservative movement of the united states over to a con artist. that will not happen. i make thihis promise to you today. i'll d do wtever it talk. i'll campaign as long as it takes. [ cheers and applause ] >> there's senator marco rubio yesterday. we're joined by governor nikki haley, of south carolina who has endorsed mar roeco rubio. right now, we're looking at the super tuesday states. he's beind in every single state. right now, has not won a single state yet. how can he go on if he's 0 for 15? >> oh this is whatt we do in elections. you keep fighting until the very end. that's why you're seeing him do rallies three and four times a day. you don't know until election y. we have seen that in every state. he continues to surprise in every state that he comes to. if you look at his rallies, they're getting bigger and bigger.
8:37 am
at who is in the rallies. young, old, all rices, all types of people. he's starting a conservative movement that is picking up a lot of people we haven't seen in a long time. >> you seem to call out donald trump in your response to the state of the union in january. it wasn't until this week, we saw marco rubio take on donald trump. did hi take too long? >>. >> don't know he waited too long. but donald trump is everything we teach our kids not to do in kindergarten. we have seen unacceptable behavior. if a bully hits you, you hit back. i think marco hit back. he's willing to lead. willing to fight. he'll have the passion to do it. >> some would say he's stooping to the same level. >> i don't know if you stoop to the same level. you don't walk away from it. when a bul comes after you, you go back. i think he punched. i think he punched hard. it was on policy. he made sure that everybody understood that there are a lot of questions donald trump hasn't answered.
8:38 am
you could be undergoing an audit. there's to reason he can't release last year's tax run returns. why is he not doing that? this is one more project that donald trump is doing.g. trump university. troump vodka. trump airlines. trump mortgage. all failed projects. this is one more project. think it's right for marco to bring these things out. >> what will a w for donald trump i the nominatio fight mean for your party? >> well, it's -- it's scary. this is whehere we think these next few states tter. it will start to ask him the questions and get the answers. he's -- there arewo presidential candidates right now undergoing legal issues. hillary clintoton and dald trump. two not december closing information. hillary clinton and donald trump. we need to make sure we get that. we have a candidate that's being accused of fraud. with trump university. students have a lawsuit against
8:39 am
we're seeing things with donald trump with no answers. i have seen him talk aut being for universal health care. wanting to do things. he's not giving us the answers for it. he'll make the republican party question who we are and what we're about. that's something we don't want to see happen. >> you heard governor chris tee say he thinks donald trump is the only candidate left in the race that can defeatillary clinton. >> it'sthat's just not true. chris is a dear friend. none of us understands why he did this. i will tell you, donald trump can't beat hillary clinton. his cap is at 35%. his negatives are so high. it's impossible for him to win a general. marco rubios the only one that can defeat donald trump and can beat hillary clintoton. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much, george. now to the democrats after her massive win in south carolina last night, hillary clinton set her sights on the general election.
8:40 am
don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. [ cheers and applause ] but, we do need to make amera whole again. tomorrow, this campaign goes national! [ cheers and applause ] >> a confident hillary clinton there. we're joined by bernie sanders. thank you for joining us, senator sanders. appreciate you being withs this morning. what do you make of what happened in south carolina? nearly a 50-point win for secretary clinton. >> we got decimated. we got dedecimated. we won the 9 years of age and younge vote. but we got killed. but, i'm in minnesota now. we think we're going to do very well in minnesota on super tuesday. colorado, we'll do well. oklahoma. i think we'll win in massachusetts. i believe we'll win in vermont. we'll do better than people think in other states. george, we began this campaign,
8:41 am
60 or 70 points behind secretary clinton. we have come a very long way. our message about a rigged economy, rich get richer, eryone else gets poer, is resonating. i'll tell you what else is resonating. a corrupt campaign finance system that say lowing billionaires to buy elections. >> from the art, you have been a straight talk. to come right out and say you were decimated, you're continuing that tradition as well. let's follow up on south carolina. the vote in the african-american community. something like 85% for hillary clinton. you have goingorward about 25% in the primaries are african-americans. aren't you going to have to do much better? >> yes. absolutely. absolutely. but i do think, no argument with you. you're correct. but i think you're going to see us doing, and i think the polls indicate it, much better with the african-american community
8:42 am
much better in new york. in california. in michigan. we're going to have to do a lot better. i think what we're doing is putting together a clition of working class people. of young people. of many other folks who understand that the economy today is not working for the middle class. it's working for the people on top people who have strong reservations about secretary clinton's foreign policy. her vote for the war i iraq. i think we have come a long way. we think we have lot of work in front oufs. but george, i think we can win this thing. >> super retary clinton with large leads. yo win big in your home state of vevermonont. where else can you win on super tuesday? if you don't win in other states, how can you go on? >> we're going to go on to california, where we think we
8:43 am
and where most, t state with the most delegates. bob reich, former clinton secretary of labor, just dorsed me the other day. weave a goodhance to win in massachusetts. a lot of people in miss hs are burdened with outrageous student death. the young people and their rents want click dloejss be tuition free. they want the wealthy corporations to startrt paying their fair share of taxes. in oklahoma, tulsa, we had great turnout. we were in texas yesterday. 10,000 people out in austin. 8,000 in dallas. it's a tough state for us. but ii thinke're going to do better than the polling indicated. i thinkk we have a shot to win a number of states on super tuesday. do better than people thought. think, in other states. and i think in some of thee larger states, like michigan,
8:44 am
have a shot to win. >> thank you for joining us this morning senator sanders. >> thank you. and we'll be right back with our powerhouse "roundtable." american politics has never been gentl or high-minded. thomas jefferson's opponent tried to stir things up by suggesting he was a muslim.
8:45 am
his vice president, aaron burr, literally killedlexander hamilton in a duel. lincoln himself was called weak, wishshy washy, a yahoo. an unshapely man. the obene ape of illinois. and my favorite, a facetious petty fogger. i don'tnow what that means. it sounds insulting. >> president obama sayg don't worrrry too much about the campaign rhetoric. that was before this week. we're back with our "roundtable." jon karl. greta vnan susteren doa brazile. hugh hewitt. katrina vanden heuvel. yoer seeing donald trump in command.
8:46 am
the question is, is it too late? >> the big question is what took so long? trump has been out there for seventh months, basically unchallenged. now you have a joint, mutual destruction pact with cruz and rubio going after him. he didn't earn it. he got $200 million from his daddy. he's a con man. beating up on the little guy. they're on the same message. i even hear that the cruz superpac will go after trump in florida. >> trying to deny him the victory. >> greta, seems like they're throwing everything up on the wall. what attack is trump most worried about? >> i don't think he's worried about everything. look at the vote. he's won everything but iowa. he likely won't win tes. he's ahead in all the other polls. including florida. the home state o marco rubio. no matter how much the party leaders talk about it.
8:47 am
apparently the voters feel differently, at least so far. >> does the establishment -- is there an establishment first? do they stop trump? >> there isn't. i think ted cruz opened the door to working with marco rubio. i heard chris christie. by the way toughghinterview. chris christie said, job number one is beating hillary clinton. at the final day, end of the day, eveone will come together after that. after all the chairs are thrown. >> behind donald trump? >> whoever is the nominee. the supreme court vasecancy upped the ante. and hobby lobby gets overturned in donna's friend, mrs. clinton, gets toake appointments to thehe kourmt. >> there's an article of faith inside the party that marco rubio would be the toughest candidate for hillary clinton in
8:48 am
you had a cover story in "t nation." saying, wait a second, donald trump couldd beougher for the democrats than you think. >> he's speaking to the pain. the economic pain in the country. i thinks he has the ability, with the politics of hate and division, to go into big states and speak to the economic pain. it's incumbent on the democrats to have a bold response about jobs. about trade. about a different economic way. but not through the politics of division. but through inclusion. if i could say one thing. media mall practice -- if trumpian authoritarianism wins. >> trumpian authoritarianism? > yes. jean le pen endorsed him the other day. the on seens obsession of cable tv primarily. the lust for cheap, high ratings has created a politics of spectacle that we're all seeing
8:49 am
i think when we look back at this election, the upending, rules-changing, shredding election. the media has played a critical role. >> do we not cover it? >> we do it as speck spectacle. we don't see much. bernie sanders is getting koej. but he's getting -- >> because he's debt geting more -- >> despite the media's marginalization of him. >> i think you're right donald trump has been masterful at exploiting the media. he's been asked all the questions. it appears so far, the republican primary voters that go to vote like what they're hearing, despite his inconsistencies are exposed. >> you did a a tou interview with chris christie. the claking of heels of the republican party. >> oh, katrina.
8:50 am
story on hillary clinton -- on 793. when you run that story, then i'll believe at media mall practice. >> gabbard of hawaii just endorsed bernie sanders. for the same reason "the nation" hauz called out hillary clinton's hawkishness. it's a disgrace in this election that we have global crisis -- that we have not had a serious discussion about foreign policy. >> i have asked bere sanders to come on my show million times. he won't do it. how do i cover him? >> democrats, donald trump, are they underestimating him? jt i don't think we're underestimating any of the the republicans. donald tmp would have a perhaps a better opportunity than marco rub to litigate his case in michigan. ohio, pennsylvania. possibly wisconsin. i think at the end of the day, democrats will be able to
8:51 am
i want to get back to my good friend here. with the supreme court. as you know. i think the president should nominate somebody. >> shall. constitution says shall. >> george, we had an interesting break. i think the president should nomite someone. think the republicans continue to be on vuxist, that's a problem. all of that is on the table. >> i want to go back to the question at the top of the show. how republicans will handle the rise of donald trump if it continues. ththere was reporting in "the new yoyork times" that the republican leader in the senate says, if he becomes a burden for you, don't be afraid to run ads against him. >> paul ryanill be the chairperson of that republican convention in cleland. he's right now the leader of the republican party.
8:52 am
trump on every major issue. from title reform, to foreign policy. he's standing the exact only stit opposite of trump. i think getting back to to original question. argue e pli, at the beginning of this, it was tougher per donald trump to get the republican nomination. where he's stood over the course of time in his life than it will be for him to win the general election. he can make an appeal. he's reaching out to what we used to call reagan democrats. if he wins the republican nomination, doann't underestimate -- >> it helps immunize him. he'll have his secret weapon back. ivanka. she was not in the audience of the day bait the other night. his kids are his secret weapon. i want all the attacks out now. i don't want them dumped on him. >> all the attacks right now, which are the once that have the
8:53 am
>> trump university. it resonates for so many people who have gotten so little from so much promis >> i think you're seeing first of all, chris christie and donald trump have one thing in common. bullies. bullies come together. we now havave ticket, by the way, the wall builder and the bridge closer. but i think when donald trump turns on or abuses ordinary people who support him, you cocould hav a moment a little bit like the kazan film, a face in e crowds. where a beloved huckster has an open, hot mike and starts degrading the people that believe in trump. he's a frankenstein. donald trump is the product of a republican party which has played dog whistle races and nativism for decades. >> back to my hometown, in wisconsin, they're fed u with all the successes of all t other politicians that have not been successes. they've been failures. they're thring a hail mary pass, whether for your candidate
8:54 am
they're saying they may not lik the language he uses. but at least he's speaking out on the issues. confronting them differently than the other politicians we have been talking abt. >> that's the terrain we're both dealing with on both sides. the most important thing both parties can do is chill out. >> i agree. >> stop trying to block, tackle, prevent one of the candidates from emerging. >> the perfect way to end. donna, all of you, thank you.
8:55 am
when we come back. we have four black nominees tonight. so cra. it's kind of like the def oscar jam tonight. at least they make movies for white people tone joy. real movies with plots. actors. real names.
8:56 am
you know, likeaving private ryan. plaque black movies don't have real names. you get names like barber shop. that's not a name. that's just a location. >> that was chris rock back in 2005. he'll be on the stage again tonight. the oscars just hours away right here on abc. chris connelly live in hollywood. thanks for joining us. how do you expect this diversity controversy play out snmplgt? >> a whole lot in the presenters. i think chris rock is going to place the first ten rows of the audience on blast. and by extension, not just the actors who happen to be there. but the eire hollywood power structure. this is a moment of speaking truth to power, i think, people like chris rock feel. >> it could be incredible. how about on the oscars themselves?
8:57 am
>> i think leonardo dicaprio. and brie larson. they've won every competition they've been in since the end of the year. former child aekters both of them. reaching the pinnacle as adults. >> what surprise are you ready for? >> let put it this way, in 1964, henry cabot lodge won the republican primary as a write-in. the oscars don't have those. because the they did, idris elba would leave here with the oscar. >> i love that y you g henry cabot lodge into the oskars. much. that's a all for us this sunday. stay with us for super tuesday. i'll be here with the whole team,er team, for a pme timspecial. i'll see you tomorrow on the
8:58 am
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