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tv   Roske On Politics  ABC  February 28, 2016 9:30am-10:00am CST

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[ indistinguishable ] [ laughter ] >> that's awesome. >> we will become a rich and
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thank you, great honor. >> we have the top 1/10th of 1% owning more wealth in the bottom 90%. >> keep negotiating, and that's what they did. >> the things that i've been concerned about in this nation changed. >> we're chatting with chief national correspondents, thank you for having me at your beautiful home. >> hop on the back. >> i got my own. this is not just a prop today. >> aloha. >> aloha. [ laughter ] >> state senator maria shapel. >> senator tom harken. >> sometimes you don't have to win the caucuses if you come in a good second or third and no one expected it. that gives you a boost. >> someone that's been on the show several times, congressmen david. >> any candidate who is seeking to earn the awesome and sacred trust of the president of the united states has to come and
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>> mr. newt gingrich. >> senator joe lieberman. >> senator chuck. >> fried snickers. it's like going to heaven. rnc. this is a dumb way to do it. at the end of the day brad pitt would be in our debate. >> i think it's important because it's the first contest. >> a potential clinton-castro picket.
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>> we're here in the line. what's your name? >> -- >> and who are you supporting today? >> hillary clinton. >> why is that? >> i always supported hillary. i supported obama when he ran, so knew that hillary was gong to run for 2016, and i'm here to support her and to give her an opportunity to be the president. >> how long have you lived in nevada? >> since '99, 1999. >> so you went obama over hillary last time, but this time not sanders over clinton. what is it that sanders didn't have that hillary does? >> well, sanders is offering a lot, and i just don't think that someone can deliver that. free tuition, where's the money
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really comfortable in going with bernie in some of his decisions and what he's running on. hillary, i know she is for african american women for our community. i know she cares about the lower income, so i'm going to go with hillary. >> how do you think your chances are today, sir? >> working hard. thousands of people -- >> welcome to nevada, sir. so the folks are now filing into
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if you just look at the numbers of people wearing shirts, holding signs and chanting, healthcare so far is a heck of a turnout so far. interesting that we've got chairs here. normally there aren't chairs in a caucus space at least in iowa. now that i think about it it's a lot easier to count the sides where the chairs. we're supposed to start at noon. it's about 10 after right now.
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[ inaudible ]
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[ inaudible ] so hillary clinton did very well. a guess off the top of my head, maybe 75% to 80% of caucus goers. a caucus of henderson, nevada, which is about ten miles outside -- actually still delayed because there were so many people waiting to get in the line. we're going to leave from here, we're going to leave from caesar and head out to the dell webb middle school and see if we can get senator reed. so behind me is historic freemont street. senator reed's going to be doing a press conference. the last time i was here i produced and did some of the work on the flaming lips video. check that out if you get a chance. if you happen to be in los
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a psa with the entire cast of "west wing." be showing more of that on the show. but up next senator harry reed's press conference from container park down here in old town vegas. hi, everybody. >> welcome to downtown las vegas. >> do you think nevada should take iowa's place as first in the nation? >> well, we are satisfied that the way of choosing a president has changed. one of the reasons i've worked so hard on this. i thought it was awful that who was going to be our nominee would depend on how they would do in iowa and nevada. there's no people in new hampshire and no -- so it's good that we move west and bring
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to the west. look at key issues out here, and nevada's a representative of the country and what's going on in the western part of the united states. i've been very concerned about today. as you know i have something to do with the -- [ indistinguishable ] started in nevada. it's only the second one we've done, and i was very concerned that we'd come out okay. the setting here is much different than it was eight years ago. you remember that this country was involved in a terrible, difficult time recession. some say -- with the great depression. we had a legendary candidate running at that time, in fact two of them. the turnout was very, very unique. we knew this time would be
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the economy's turned around, but we're -- it was good for both candidates. i didn't endorse on purpose because i wanted to make sure no one would complain about my -- i stayed out. my wife and i were uncommitted, with
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the caucus is going well. >> i know what you're up against. [ inaudible ] >> you feed help right now with the debt.
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>> that's why i have plans to -- never have to pay more than you can afford. but i want you to think about this. it can't be just about what we're going to give you you, it has to be about what we're going to build together. your generation is -- and connected our country has ever seen. >> secretary clinton and congratulate her and her staff for the victory here in nevada. they ran very aggressive, effective campaign; and i applaud them for their efforts.
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entire campaign -- is the issue of momentum. is the issue of bringing more and more people into the political -- when we we began in iowa we were 50 points behind. when we began in new hampshire we were 30 points behind, and the time here in nevada. so what i think is happening is that people hear our message and it's a tough message because it speaks to the truth of american society today that a lot of people just don't want to aggress. and that is the fact that we have a corrupt campaign finance system which is undermining america democracy and -- [ cheers and applause ] >> this is just one of the best guys in d.c.
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>> it's great. everything has been crazy today. it's one of those 29 hours in a location. it's nice to see a friendly face. >> mel melissa fitzgerald and i were having lunch, and we had a meeting with jared set up and, you got to say, guys, i'm sorry to say it this way, i'm coming straight from the white house. you're their white house correspondent for syrius radio. how's it been? >> it's been the same, following the president, doing a little bit of the campaign, and i think this is going to be a bigger part of the story as it sucks all the air of washington. >> tell me about white house correspondent. what's your average week like? how often do you get up there? how does it work? >> well, for me it is -- it's not all about the briefing. that's what most reporters get wrong when they're looking at it, but for what i do day in and
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that you see what the white house is doing, going to the briefing, having relationships with the senior staff there and other press staffers and trying to make sure you know what your story is and what they're putting out there. the white house has to respond to the biggest -- of the day. they have to have a response, and that's what's great about it. whether it's zika virus or whatever donald trump has said lately or anything that comes up, and that's the best part about it is that it's the best general assignment reporting at the best location possible. >> wow. i never -- i never thought of that. that's outstanding. we are here at the sanders watch party. big day for democrat pot -- politics so far. >> the biggest thing to look out for and we're still waiting on these results, but 80% reporting we've seen, i think it comes
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nevada is 28% la latino, pacific islander asian and asian. senator sanders can do well in a minority state, but he didn't come up with a win. you didn't hear from sanders in his concession speech tonight, south carolina. he's talking about super tuesday movivi forward. what you did hear from hillary clinton in south carolina. she knows she's competitive there, and i can't see any way
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at that point why are you supporting senator sanders? >> why. i work 40 hours a week at a supervisor at a sub shop, and i'm a student. i have to live with two other people just to pay bills. we're struggling. i have a huge acount of student debt. my roommate has cystic fibrosis
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mail. they even sent an envelope back with it. who has $180,000. how unrealistic. that's not right to forget about us just because we're not that 1%. we're working minimum wage jobs doesn't mean our lives don't matter. >> this is jason dicks. >> i'm really glad to be warm for once. but this has been pretty interesting, pretty tough race. >> so today we just had results -- we just -- senator sanders offered his congratulatis to the clinton campaign. i think the final point was four and a half points, five points, was it as close as you thought it would be? >> that was a little bit larger margin than the polling.
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that was showing a really tight race. but this was within the margin of error. there was a six-point error margin. it was within that range. it seemed like it was going for more of an iowa finale where it was going to be within 1%-2%. 4-point lied, that's a win, and i'm sure the clinton people with take it as they go to south carolina. they're probably going to be doing quite well there. something interesting about senator sanders -- then it's onto super tuesday, and sort of left the stage. all right, and now it's onto super tuesday. didn't mention south carolina. he's probably expecting not to do that well there, and we'll see. he could come out on a couple of -- he's now really got to start putting some more points on the board. >> you were over at the dell webb middle school where senator reed was.
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they had to delay the start of the caucuses. senator reed -- there were several precincts. about 40 people were there. not all were voters. security detail and the press. that was over quickly after everybody got through the line, but it was almost delayed almost an hour because there were just so many people who were registering, checking in, and it just seemed like a real, like, it was an unexpectedly large turnout, even for a big push
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good morning and welcome to the home show. mike pace is my name. about a month away from spring. i think high gear describes this real estate market already. we will talk new construction today with some iowa realty professionals. if you're thinking open house, you have quite a choice this afternoon. go to
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our special feature is a great iowa home in clive and chuck from iowa realty will be here. you're watching the sunday home show. stay with us. well, we're sporting the colors. it's third and two and we need a first down. man, if you have real estate questions, ron is a great go-to guy. >> at least in ankeny he is. >> that's right. prairie trail. we were chatting, not everybody knows about prairie trail. >> i was just looking at a clipping i have in my office. this is the 10th anniversary. it was in 2016 that06 that the concept came out for prairie trail. this entire concept was just now on the drawing board. so ten years later, we've got


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