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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 29, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm CST

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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight andy samberg. from "zootopia," ginnifer goodwin. and music from the strumbellas. with cleto and the cletones. and reserve and now, glory be
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>> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i had no idea people got so exted about leap day. happy leap day to you too. i hope you didn't forgrget to set your calendar back a day. welcome to hollywood where the oscars are over, the cleanup across the street is under way. did you know they make the losing nominees stay after to clean up? cate blanchett with a big bag of garbage this morning, very sad. it's a big shob job. we spent the day in our studio trying to get the stench of matt damon out of the place. little weasel. the red carpet's been rolled up. we are back to normal. normal for us is watching crackhds fight over a to go container of fried rice. but normal is whatever it is.
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ilsay is always more fun than the day of the oscars. it's when p peoplen l.a. are allowed to eat again. the overall mood improves significantly. the reason the call them stars, interesting fact, star is short for starving. how many of you watch the oscar broadcasts last night? [ cheers and applause ] dwroept to go into it but the message was sent loudly and clearly last night here in hollywood, we cannot continue to exclude ople based on the color of their skip. from now on we will exclude them only because they're not thin enough to be seen publicly. [ cheers and applause ] oh, thank you.u. thks, everybody. "spotlight," the movie about sexual abuse in the catholic church, beat out "the revenant," a movie about sual abuse in the wood.. "spotlight," it was a bit of an
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the big upset was the best supporting actor category. sylvester stallone was heavily favored to bin. ininstead t award went to this school history teacher, i don't know. that's mark rylance from "bridge of spies." excited. even mark rylance didn't have mark rylancen his oscar pool. congratulations to all the winners except the guys who bon best sound mixing. have to draw the line, i can't thank everybody, i'm busy. if you thought the oscars were white, tonht the second to last episode of "the bachelor." we are down to two this week. ben and the three ladies who are left what did you m make of what they call the overnight dates. this is where ben and his brides decide whether or not to go to the fantasy suite. and thehese are t decisions they
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>> should you choose to forgo your individual roomslease use to key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite. chris harrison. >> what do you think? >> i think we should take advantage of this. >>hat do you think?k? >> i would love nothing more. than to spend the night with you. >> i'mery excited. >> should we go? >> love to. >> jimmy: then he handed each one of them a number like you do when you're waiting in line at a deli. by the way, there's a great momentith lauren. the last woman there talked about how private and romantic the fantasy suite was. yeah, except for the camera guy and the sound guy and the other guys on the crew. it's about asrivate as a porno shoot,eally. nevertheless, here's what happened when ben took kayla to the fantasy suite. tonight could be the first
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wife and it feels like an incredible start to something very magical. i could wake up in the morning kayla's the womoman for me. >> jimmy: yeah, although he didn't. [ cheersnd applause ] you know what? let's be honest and start calling the fantasy suite what it really is, sex tryouts. you're already in a bikini, let's see how this goes. now what you're abouto see next is to me the meat of the show. supposedly ben is there to find his wife. his soul mate. the love of his life. so for argument's sake let's forget about the fact that he took all three of them to the fantasy suite. three days before he'll probably give one of them an engagement ring. put that aside. pay attention now as three different women tl ben they're in love with him and count along to see how many of them he loves back. >> i am completely in love with
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>> i've known i'm in love with you for a while as well. >> i do love you. >> i love you too. >> part of me has wanted to tl you something for a long time. i'm in love with you. >> jimmy: you know, i don't love you but i will stick my tongue down your throat hopefully i won't he to say anything. [ applause ] >> jimmy: he told two women he loves them. and then the other one he sent home. after taking her to the fantasy suite. now it's lauren and joj and he loves them both. maybe he'll marry them both. maybe we'll have first bachelor threesome on the show. what a show this is. some people watch this and cry. tomorrow you may know is super tuesday. this is when they have the primaries and the causes in 13 different states. and right now there is no lov
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>> first of all -- >> speaking about polls i'm polls. >> you're not beating hillary. >> well then if i can't -- hey, if i can't beat her you're really going to get killed. so let me ask you this, because you're gettingbadly. i know you're embarrassed but keep swinging, men. swing for the fences. >> jimmy: sometimes he's this is interesting, for those who are fans of both geography and pornography -- an adult video website released a map that shows the most-searched states. this is what people in the country are searching for. and d this is real thing. well, allow me to be the first country. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: who knew lesbians were so popar.
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run for president, she would sweep. what else do we have here? delaware is a little ebony nook. we've got rde island is milf country. and neaska, arkansas, teessee, vermont all searching for -- you see thi here, pornographic cartoons. what are you people hoping to see scooby do for god's sake? we're so divided in this country except when it comeses to lesbians. i think the big message is if youive in montana and you have a stepbrother, check your room for cameras. [ laughter ] i mentioned last night was our big after thee oscars post show spectacular. we had a lot of talented people contributing to that show. some very talented people. but nobody's perfect. even i'm not perfect. i know it comes as a shock to many of you. sometimes people screw . whenever someone screws up rest assured our cameras will be
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now for your enjoyment -- we were going to call this "bloopers and blunders" but somebody owns that. here they are, outtakes from the making of last night's show. >> is that so? >> yes. that'sso. >> you sound a lot like clint eastwood right now. >> the computer did my voice in the movie. >> it's clubber! >> go get 'em. >> it's clubber! >> he's still in the lead, max. >> how could this happen? >> i don't know. >> how could this happen? >> well -- [ bleep ]. >> sorry, i thought we were doing another leadup. i'm trying to do your shoes. you know? >> we do things a little differently in gotham. we do things a little differently in gotham. we do things a little
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>> puerto rican girl swimming underwater and my log hit her in the head. man, shut the pool down that year. >> i'll see you next week, huh? mwah, i love you, good-bye. >> keep touching me. >> oh, good-e, darling. >> good-bye. >> good-bye! >> shut your mouth or i'll throw you off this planet. >> i'll rip your [ bleep ] off. >> i hear he's a proven leaead history knows h to get things done. >> yeah. and he's -- [ bleep ]. >> well, it's a fight nobody thought would happen, ray. >> am i going to? i knew that. i was just checking you.
10:46 pm
>> it's a flattering shot of me. >> the lights went out. almost? yep, there we go. nope. yep. nope. yep. wait. all right. ready? you break that soulja >> was this planned? >> yeah, they all came in. >> some racial thing? we needed a chump to put on the stump >> i forgot to cross. my toe tuck isn't featherable. >> what? >> is fatherable. >> what the hell does that mean? >> action! goo get him!
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>> quit your jibbering jabbering, fool! quit your jibty jabty, fool! jimmy jabber jimmy jabber jimmy jabber quit your jibby jabber fool! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have to take a break. guilleoas on the red carpet with tequila and alock o stars. when we come back, guillermo gets famous people drunk so [ cheers and applause ] getting unlimited data for your family is a struggle. other carriers either don't offer it, ort's too o expensiv not t-mobile! introducing the best data plan ever! get three lines of unlimited 4g lte data for just fifty bucks each, and get a fourth line, free! yup!-we'll give you a fourth line at no extra cost.
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[ cheers and applalause ]
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an samberg, music from the strumbellas is on the way. the oscars were last night. while there were a lot of stars on the red carpet there was another very big star to the side, guillermo. did you have fun? >> guillermo: a lot of fun. >> jimmy: you seemed sloshed when youame back to the show, how are you feeling today? >> guillermo: not too good, jimmy. >> jimmy: they say you can't make it into the oscars without first stopng to talklk to guillermo and that's not true, many people did make it past him no problem. but many did not and here ours man in the golden jacket on the red carpet at the academy awards. >> guillermo: it's me, guillermo, i'm going to talk to famous people and get drunk, t's go! sylvester, i love you! >> yo, adrian!n!
10:53 pm
about my hat? leo, leo! leo, leo, leo! he has a hear problem, he doesn't hear me. >> whoa, look athat jacket! i'm wearing dolce & gabbana, what are you wearing? >> guillermo: this is from target. you were in the "star wars" movie. >> i was. >> guillermo: how does cheacca smelell? >> he smells fresh. he loses loreal or something, very s soft, ver pleasant. >> red cups for red carpet and to share academy wat -- tequila. will you drink to m much tonight? >> i hope so. >> guillermo: do you want to start now? >> yeah. >> guillermo: do you want academy water? >> academy h water? >> jimmy: academy water. >> go on then. >> guillermo: aah is nor academy. >> is this going to render me speechss? >> guillermo: i hope not. cheers. >> cheers.
10:54 pm
it's special water. tequila? >> guillermo: yeah yeah. >> yeah. some liquid courage. cheers. >> cheers. [ bleep ]. >> guillermo: wait, what about my hug? thank you, charlize. >> give me a little tequila. oh, it's the good stuff too. >> guillermo: we're going to shoot it. >> i already drank it! you're too slow. >> guillermo: i'm sorry. >> oh my god that's good. >> guillermo: can i get a kiss? . >> like that? oh my god, you're so cute. you're so cute. >> guillermo: thank you, you're so beautiful. thank you very much. hey, l loser! get out of here! get out of here, loser!
10:55 pm
no way, there's no way, loser! loser! get out of here! get out of here, loser! what a loser. i know you're in a movie. "rooservice." >> no, it's "room." >> guillermo: what is your favorite thing to order from room service? >> my favorite thing to order from room service is chicken fingers. >> guillermo: chicken fingers? minute too, yeah. give me high five. are you thirsty? >> you got somhing for me? >> guillermo: yes. i hope you win straight from the bottom of my heart. >> i hope you win. are you up for something? >> guillermo: not me, no, nothing. >> you should be. here we go, goo luck. >> guillermo: good luck. >> i love you! >> i love you. >> is this legal? >> guillermo: yes. la chaim. oh! i wish i'd had breakfast.
10:56 pm
>> i'm od, no kiss? >> guillermo: i love you in "the view." you are great actrs. >> thank you. >> how you doing? where do you work? >> guillermo: across the street. >> really, i didn't know that. >> guillermo: can i get a raise? >> yes, you can. >> guillermo: mark, i like you hat, can i put it on? i love your suit! congratulations. >> gracias. >> guillermo: this is the third year that a mexican director is nominated. are you afrai of mexicans taking over? >> it seems to, seems like immigration hasn't done a good job. >> guillermo: do you want a shot of tequila for good luck? >> yes. >> guillermo: alejandro, i hope you win. sa lewd! >> [ bleep ] to that jacket, man. >> guillermo: oh, thanks,
10:57 pm
>> how you feeling? not so good now. >> guillermo, guillermo, guillermo! >> guillermo: that is all the time we have, bye! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: gracias, guillermo, grt job. we have a great show for you tonight. music from the strumbellas, ginnifer goodwin, be right back with andy samberg! >> dicky: portions of "jimmy
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome back to the show. tonight from the new major motion picture "zootopia," giifer goodwin is here. then from toronto their album is called "hope" " the struellas. from the samsung stage. tomorrow night will forte will be here, from "the walking dd" ross marquand and we'll have music from mike snow. and later this week morgan freeman, jason bateman, martha plimpton, asia naomi king and we will have music from charles kelley and cee-lo green. so please join us for all that. [ cheers and applause ]
11:03 pm
latest in a long line of great tv andy's he spent seven years on "saturday night live" and plays cop on "brooklyn nine-nine" tuesday nights on fox. please welcome andy samberg. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: did you participate in the oscar festivities last night? >> u um -- i c't remember. see, i was thinking about going out. and now i can't remember if i went. >> jimmy: yeah, i know that you did go because i did see a picture. >> did i go? >> jimmy: you and keegan michael keane -- [ cheers a applause ] >> jimmy: i think that's you. >>yeah. >> jimmy: could be somebody else. what was going on? >> now i remember, i went. >> jim: you did go, yeah. are you okay? >> well -- it's coming back to me now.
11:04 pm
like i'm about to die. >> jimmy: how late did you stay out? >> twoish. it was fun. >> jimmy: that is late for you? "saturday night live" you stay up all night long. >> i had to shoot "brooklyn" this morning. >> jimmy: you had to work today. >> here's the truth, i was feeling a little under the weather over the weekend. and i was, you know, invited to the "vanity fair" party which is like the party. everybody goes, it's really fun. and i was going to bail on it. and then i was like, i'm just going to face time my mom. do sething nice. skip the party. and i was face timing with her and she said, oscars tonight, you going out? oh, i'm probably going to skip it. she's like, what? go out! sa thanks, mom. i went out. [ bleep ]. >> jimmy:: your mom's like a fraternity brother. >> she's like, do it!! then funneled a beer.
11:05 pm
technology's a trip, i can watch my mom do that now. >> jimmy: do you have a nickname for your mom? >> broski, doofus. >> jimmy: i saw a video, speaking of you and your friends, you and a group of guys including azizon. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: tell the story. this is really fascinating to me. >> i'm friends with aziz and his brother, they're friends with me, we had an e-mail thread going. because his brother was following tyrece, singer, actor, mogul tyrece, on instagram. and tyrece has bui an incredible backyard in his home. and one of the things in his backyard is a fully functional bennie ben benihana.
11:06 pm
it's called gibsie hana. how do we get invited? this is the coolest thing. aziz hit him up on twitter.. it was kind of like a couple of niles but not real. i met him at a fund-raiser, tyrece, we've got to go to gibby hana! i don't know if he knew how seriouse were. aziz saw him again. dude, just please let us come to gibsy hana finally he sent out this instagram. aziz and his crew are coming through tonight and we're getting turned up! so we all went. and true to form we definitely got turked. this. it's short video. i think it captures the essence of gibsy hana. so that's it. that's his backyard. >> that's it.
11:07 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: is the chef a benihana -- did he steal a chef? >> the chef is a real benihana chef. when the lonely island was making a record we went to benihana i encino, it was the samechef. my voice cracked like i'm going through puberty. it's because of the party, mom. >> jimmy: tyrece must love benihana very deeply. >> his backyard's incredible. it's like having universal city walk in your backyard. it's beautiful. a fully functioning club and a recording studio. >> jimmy: that's when i think of when i think of universal city is beauty, and natural beauty. >> whatever floats your boat. >> jimmy: what was the name of that fake tennis documentary you guys did? >> "seven days in hell." >> jimmy: i love that, that was unbelievable. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that was so good.
11:08 pm
a mockumentary as they call them. >> yes. >> jimmy: and this one, what are you tackling this time around? >> this one is actually on a much bigger scale. this is a full-on theatrica release movie that jed apatow is producing. it is the lomey island movie. >> jimmymy: that' the title of the film? >> no, the title is unannounced. i think we were going to announce it here. >> jimmy: theitle is unannounced? or the title has not yet been announced? >> the title of the movie is "unannounced." no, i'm just kidding. that would be the worst title. hey, you seen "unannounced"? >> jimmy: the untitled project. >> yes. we have i think thehe fir poster and the title, can we showt here? >> jimmy: this is for real? >> this is real. >>immy: i think that -- people think you goofing around. >> coming out june 3rd, judd apatow producing. >> jimmy: we have a drumroll
11:09 pm
the poster's a big part of the movie. who has the poster? am i supposed to have the poster? >> you guys better have it. >> jimmy: we have the poster? there is the poster. [ cheers and applause ] >> "popstar." never stop never stopping. >> very biebery. what is the name of your character? >> conner ferreal. with a "4." naturally. >> jimmy: that looks good. >> it's coming, it's coming. >> jimmy: that's quite a scoop we got here. >> we pitched otherames to the studio. i pitched them "gremlins 3." and they said no. >> jimmy: no? >> all right, "pop star: never stop never stopping." >> jimmy: good enough. congratulations on your success
11:10 pm
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>> jimmy: we're back. stillo come, music from strumbellas. today is heap day and our friends at chevy are using the extra 24 hours to do some good. teachers in l.a. have b been trying to raise supply forth classrooms. computerers, musical instruments, sports equipment, chemistry supplies, all the stuff schools are supposed to have but don't wide receiver rehave a camera at their school, they d not know this. this is first of all mr. weiss, he teaches eighth grade physical science, and mr. boynton, they can't hear me, we toldhem our producers are from the website donors choose to help teachers raise money for classroom products. they think thehere making a fund-raising video for the website. they don't know we're watch organize that they're on the show right now. they're about to start.
11:17 pm
let's listen in on them. >> all right, here we go, guys, you ready? action, mr. boynton. >> hi. i'm mr. boynton. i teach seventh grade math. >> and i'm mr. weiss, i teach eighth grade science. >> our classrooms need your help. >> jimmy: they're right, our classrooms need your help. they're right. >> all right, action! >> our students need tools for the science lab, art supplies and musical instrunts. >> they need computers and tools to educate our kids. providing them a fruitful, learning environment. we appreciate anything you can offer. >> please donate what you can. >> jimmy: hey, guys, could we get that with a little bit more energy? i'm not sure we're really selling how much you need --
11:18 pm
>> jimmy: hi, there, guys. it's jimmy kimmel, how's it going? >> are you serious? hey. >> jimmy: we heard you need some stuff for your school so we teamed up with chevy to give it to you. what do you need the most? >> are you talking to me? >> a new laptop computer, wireless speakers, and bigig printer. >> jimmy: well, we're planning to give you all the stuff you need for your school. we're going to provide your list. want. does that snd good? >> that soundss great. >> marvelous. >> my goodness. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow, thank u. >> thank you. >> jimmy: dr. waters, your prcipal, helped us arrange >> wow. >> jimmy: dr. waters? >> yes in. >> jimmy: we wanant to thank you for going the extra mile for your students by sending all of you far, far away from them.
11:19 pm
school and your spouses are going to hawaii. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoa! >> are you serious? >> really? wow. >> oh my goodness, thank you! >> jimmy: and maybe the best news of all is you don't have to stumble through that video you were trying to make anymore. that you will thanks to our friends at chevy. drink a lot of mai tais in hawaii and mayhalo to all ofyou. >> dicky: experience more unexpected goodness at chevy pay it >> jimmy: we'll be right back with ginnifer goodwin! [ cheers and applause ] get your honest opinion about this new car. to keep things unbiased, we removed all the logos. feels like a bmw. reminds me a little bit of like an audi. so, this car supports apple carplay. siri, open maps. she getse. wow. it also has teen driver technology.
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>> jimmystill to come music from the strumbellas. the last time our next guest was here she was pregnant with baby and tonight she's pregnant with baby again. something keeps happening. we don't knee what it is. she plays snow white on "once upon a time" and next, gives voice to a bunny in the new animated feature "zootopia" it opens in theaters friday.
11:25 pm
goodwin! [ cheers and applause ] snooets >> jimmy: congratulations. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you're on a roll, huh? >> i am, yes. >> jimmy: with these babies. >> it's been suggested more than once my husband and i should watch more television. >> jimmy or wat less television, i don't know what you're watching. >> just always be pregnant on your show. >> jimmy: this is a different baby? >> this is a differentbaby, yes, yes. back to back. wing iffed if we didn't do it back to back we probably wouldn't go back in. >> jimmy: you do it back to back? wow. >> if you have me promoting something next year -- yes, yes, yes. >> jimmy: some sort of fertility thing going on here. is itt better or worse the second time around? >> it's easy. we forget this time around because we're chasing a toddler. the first time w we thought we needed to like be heroes and do everything ourselves. >> jimmy:ithout any
11:26 pm
>> yeah. >> jimmy: nannies or anything? >> too l.a. we went hippy dippy. this time we're going at it downton abbey" style. >> jimmy: the baby will of a assistants? >> a nanny and an under nanny and an under under -- >> jimmy: you don't need the under nanny but you have to have the -- in case t nanny slips or falls. is it true that your husband actually delivered? >> yes. talk about doing itt yourselves. we were really diy about it. >> jimmy: yeah. >> he delivered the baby. >> jimmy: diy did you do that? r your husband is an actor, not a doctor. has he even played a doctor on television? >> no, no. he worked it out with a legitimate fit. that he would be at cedars. >> jimmy: how legitimate could thisit be if he allowed your husband -- >> the hospital didn't know. he just steed aside and was
11:27 pm
most women don't let their husbands south of the headboard, right? he still makes babies with me, so -- >> jimmy: unless you're trapped in an elevator or something like that. >> no, he has a whole straight off the face first -- >> jimmy: did he know how to do it? >> i mean, we didn't watch youtube videos. >> jimmy: so he just went in there -- >> the doctor was supervising, the doctor was in the room. >> jimmy: the doctor's in thee room but the doctor's not the one pulling the baby -- >> he didn't make him wear gloves. >> jimmy: what? >> and he still makes babies with me. it's amazing. it's a miracle. >> jimmy: are you sure this was a doctor you were with? >> it's l.a. >> jimmy: not a scam artist? >> we found him off "e.r." >> jimmy: are you shooting "once upon a time" now? >> yes, the first time they workeded it int the story. snow white had a baby. this time we had problems. not problems. you know. >> jimmy: right. >> we're spoiled rotten. but it's that the storyne pick
11:28 pm
couldn't technically be pregnant again, and they had another character pregnant and another actress on e show got pregnant in real life like several weeks ahead of me. >> jimmy: so inconsiderate. >> they didn't know my plan. >> jimmy: did anyone suggest snow white ate a dwarf? >> right? i do shrek out. i told them there should be a curse of babies. >> jimmy: oh, yes. >> like a fertitility cur on the town. everyone is pregnant! stead they just stick me - i'm always carrying paintings or standing in bushes. you just see me from here up. >> jimmy: that would be fun for your kids to look back at. there' mommy in back of a bush. >> right? >> jimmy: because i was in her stomach. >> exactly. >> jimmy: have you picked a name out for your new chd? >> no, and we talked about this last time. it's hard. my husband's last name is dallas -- >> jimmy: a great last name. >> it's wonderful, it's strong. but you can't do like geographical locations with dallas..
11:29 pm
we talked about -- if you double d it, it sounds pornographic. >> jimmy: debbie doing dallas. >> we kind of blew it. our son's oliver finley dallas. we blew our two favorite names on one kiki >> jimmy: his initials are o.d. moment. jimmy:s that right? that's why i here. before. >> jimmyit's good that we're doing this now. so what we've done as aervice to you and your husband to help you, because i'd heard that you didn't have a name in mind yet, we have two bingo hoppers over there by guillermo. in the first hopper, guillermo what do we have in the first? names of vegetables in the first hopper. >> guillermo: that's right. >> jimmy: we have names of birds in the second hopper. so guillermo, you go ahead and spin that first hopper. and pull out -- all right. the first -- the baby's first name will be?
11:30 pm
>> that's our physician's name, he's going to freak. >> jimmy: this is the guy w who lows people that are unqualifiedo deliver babieses? >> but -- i feel like this is -- this means something. >> jimmy: i feel like it means something too. i guess i h hadt backwards. the birds were first and the -- oh, the crane is the first name. we like it already. crane dallas sounds good. >>t does sound good. >> jimmy: guillermo, spin the second one and come up with the middle name for the baby. >> guillermo: eggplant. >> jimmy: crane eggplant what do you think? >> c.e.d. is this legally bindin >> jimmy: it is. spin the middle name once mere. i don't think she loves eggplant. even though crane -- let's see if we can get some magic here, soming that sounds really, really good. crane -- >> guillermo: routeutabaga. >> i'll always be correcting
11:31 pm
no, it's root-a-baug-a. >> jimmy: congratulations to you "zootopia" opens in theaters and when we return music from the strumbellas. [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel
11:32 pm
11:33 pm
presented by samsung. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank andy samberg, ginnifer goodwin and apologize to matt damon we ran out of time. "nightline" is next but first, their album "hope" comes out on apapril 22nd. here with the song "spirits" the strumbellas! guns in my head spirits inpy
11:34 pm
i been looking at the stars tonight and i think oh how i miss that bright sun i'll be a dreamer 'til the day i die but they say oh how the good die young but we're all strange and maybe we don't wanna change i got guns in my head andhey won't go spirits in my head and they won't go i got guns in my head and they won't go spirits my head and they won't go but the gun still rattles the gun still rattles oh-oh-ohh i got guns in my head and they won't go spirits in my head and they won't go i spent a lot of nights
11:35 pm
and i think oh i'm lost and can't be found i'm just waiting for my day to come and i think oh i don't t wanna leyou down but something inside has changed and maybe we don't wanna stay the same i got guns in my head and they won't go spirits in my head and they won't go i got guns in my head and they won't go spirits in my head and they won't go but the gun still rattles the gun still rattles oh-oh-ohh but the gun stilill rattle the gun still rattles oh-oh-ohh and i don't want a never ending life
11:36 pm
while i'm herere and i don't want a never ending life i just want to be alive while i'm here and i don't want to see another night lost inside a lonely life while i'm here i got guns in my head and they won't go spirits in m my head and d they won go i got guns in my head and they won't go spirits in my head and they won go but the gun stillll rattles the gun still rattles oh-oh-ohh but the gun still rattles
11:37 pm
oh-oh-ohh this is "nightline." >> tonight -- the powerful oscar performance of "till it happens to you." lady gaga surroded by survivors of sexual violence. that song from "the hunting ground." calling the world's attention to the epimic of rape culture on college campuses. tonight, we're with two activists from that stage fighting to make colges safe. plus inside portlandia. the sketch comedy tv show that's gathered a cult following. how fred arm miss 10 and kerry brad stein have become hipster heros that may resemble versions


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