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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 1, 2016 11:37pm-12:07am CST

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this is a special edition of "nightline." super tuesday. >> tonight, the super tuesday showdown. hillary clinton and donald trump leading the pack. now on a likely collision course in the november election. >> get them m out of here, please. >> but will the republican party unite behind their controversial front-runner? or is it a fight all the way to a contested convention? senator bernie sanders holding strong on his home turf. >> it is good to be home! >> but is this delegate tsunami for hillary clinton enough to keep sanders down?n? >> if you don't want to see donald tmp -- >> and can cruz launch an effort nomination?
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it's time we do something about it. feeding america is a nationwide network of food banks that helps provide meals to millions of kids and families in need. visit to help them feed even more. together we can solve hunger. together, we're feeding america. >> announcer: this is a specicial edition of "nightline," "super tuesday." good evening. it's the aptly named super tuesday . a rough and tumble night of politics. voters weighing in loud and clear on the biggest night of the primary season. 12 states casting votes in allll tonight. we begin in texas, where everything is bigger, even its outsize role in politics. ted cruz edging out a victory in his home state, considered a must win to remain viable in this campaign. but the night still belongs to
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lead in states across the country tonight. a projected victory in vermont. also winning big in the south, in georgia, alabama, and tennessee. paula fariss at trump headquarters with the road ahead. paula? >> reporter: hi, juju. well, the trump camp is extremely happy. they say what really stood out to them, the number of first-time voters and crossover voters that voted for donald trump on super tuesy. what can't be lost in the significance of all of this is that ts event, his campaign headquarters a in florida at the mara lago club which he owns. this is a state that votes exactly two weeks fromtoday, a state where he has a commanding lead over marco rubio. remember, this is marco rubio's home state. so the fact that this was a big night for donald trump but he clearly has his eyes set on the next couple of weeks. >> paula,thanks. let's take a look at the numbers tonight. donald trump also p projected to win in virginia as well as massachusetts. a round of crushing losses,
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victory in minnesota but ted cruz beating out rubio and trum top take oklahoma as ll. and on the democratic side hillary clinton eamrolling through the south picking up a projected win in delegate-rich texas and projected victories in georgia, alabama, and tennessee. and in her former home state of arkansas. at the clinton victory rally tonight, abc's matt gutman is in miami tonight with the latest. matt? >> reporter: well, this isn't so much a victory speech by hillary clinton but it did seem like a speech by a victor, hugely energized crowd that cheered every time they heard that hillary clinton was winning a state. they booed when they heard donald trump was winning. and the guts of her speech was really about landing body blows against donald trump. she didn't mention him by name but she mentioned everything that he has done. the crowd booing whethey heard all the things that he has said. she really projected herself as a uniting candidate. that was what we saw in the crowd here, a very diverse crowd. of course florida very important for hillary clinton.
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hugely rich delegate pool here of 246 possiblble delegates. she hopes to win as many of them as possible and maybe clinch this race. juju. >> matt gutman in florida tonight. thanks.. mr cnton winning decisively overall with a narrow projected win in massachusetts. but bernie sanders winning big in h home state of vermont. also getting projected wins in oklahoma, colorado-k, and minnesota. but even with those wins a closer look at the delegate count tells a different story. clinton pulling ahead in what her camp is hoping could now be an insurmountable lead. as for the republicans, trump consolidating his front-runner status tonight with a stron showing. but let's go back to texas. senator ted cruz holding on to his crucial home state. the question now, is this make or break win enough to counter donald trump's momentum coming off a big night? my "nightline" co-anchor byron pitts is there tonight. byron. >> reporter: good evening, juju.
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two wins that he is the best reblican alternative to donald trump. but the mood here in the room was less celebratory and more relief. that yes, he won. but many here don't see the math to winning the nomination. the big winner by all accounts on the republican side was donald trump. >> already we've won five major ates. >> thank you all so very much! >> reporter: they're the esumptive nominees. >> now this campaigngn moves forward to the crescent city, the motor city, and beyond. >> repter: super tuesday. the single biggest day of voting in the presidential race thus far. >> vote ford marco rubio. >> donald trump because i believe as a businessmann he ca make a big difference to us in this country. >> reporter: but the other candidates were trying to make a difference today too. in the race for votes, that is. >> thank you very much. >> reporter:oping to dethrone front-runner donald trump. >> donald trump thinks vladimir putin's a great guy. trump talks admiringly of the way the chinese government cracked down on the chinese people in tiananmen square. >> if you don't want to see
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you don't want us to give this election to hillary clinto then i ask you to stand with us today. >> reporter: even bernie sanders getting a jab in on trump. >> the political revolution is about bringing our people together. we do not allow thehe donal trumps of the world to divide us up. >> reporter: i spoke to cruz today amidst the hustle and bustle at his polling location in houston. >> this is a big day for you, right? >> i'm encouraged. >> reporter: he stopped to address the latest trump controversy. former ku klux klan leader david duke's endorsement of donald trump. >> bigotry and the klan has no place in public discourse, in politics, and i think anyone should have been willing to immediately denounce the klan. and it was unfortunate that he didn't do so. he's better than that. and he should have done that. >> donald trump, he joins us now. >> reporr: but today on "good mornrning amera" trump vehemently denied embracing duke's support. >> i disavowed him on friday. i savowed him right after that because i thought if there was any question, and you take a look at twitter, almost immediately after on twitter and facebook they were disavowed
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>> reporter: in fact, in his eyes trump has done a lot for diversity. >> there is nobody that's done so much for equality as i have. you take a lk at palm beach, florida. i built the mara lago club, totally open to everybody. >> reporter: but that doesn't exactly come through at his rallies. >> get him out of here, please. get him out. >> reporter: yesterday he insisted a protester be removed. asking -- >> are you from mexico? are you from mexico? right smack in the middle of my punchline! >> reporter: trump's latest antics and rhetoric seem to be on again working for him tonight. last night trump's wife melania rebuffed ideas that her husband is a racist. >> when you hear, you know, people saying he's racist, hearing him saying he's anti-immigrant, what do you -- >> no, he's not. he's not racist. he's not anti-immigrant. he wants to keep america safe. >> reporter: despite not calling trump by name, today more signs of panic in the gop. the speaker of the house, paul ryan, sending a clear message to his party.
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nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games. th must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. >> reporter: and yet trump seems a master at plalaying the race like a game, prompting others to try to play on his level. >> i've never seen a human being sweat like he sweats. >> reporter: a new marco rubio in recent days, taking on trump's proportions, literally. >> and you know what they say about men with small hands. you c't trust them. >> reporte his pores. he doesn't sweat because his pores are clogged from the spray tan that he uses. >> reporter: and his policy, almost. >> donald is not going to make america great. he's going to make america orange. >> bullies need to be stood up to. i was proud a happy to do it. but it's not going to change my campaign and what we're about. >> reporter: vice president joe biden weighing in tonight on the divide in the gop. >> i want to thank donald trump. [ laughter ] that's a joke.
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including cruz and others, he's making the american people look in the mirror. and the american people are honest. when they look in the mirror, they see what's looking back at them. >> reporter: while the attacks on trump may have not worked out for r rubio, perhaps they did for ted cruz, who was also a winner tonight. >> donaldd trump's path to the nomination remains more likely. and that would be a disaster for republicans. >> reporter: and chris christie's winning social media tonight. the hashtag free chris christie trending after christie's awkward looks at the trump press conference drew mockery. tonight trump might consider a turn of focus. hillary clinton. >> once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one person. that's hillary clinton. >> reporter: a new cnn/orc poll out today indicates that trump would lose against democratic front-runner hillary clintonn the general election. after icing the media for 88
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questions fromm reporte today. >> i'm going to keep going. i've got a lot of work to do between now and next tuesday and the tuesday after that. >> reporter: now it seems hillary has one eye on sanders and one eye on trump, as we head into the november election. in monday's "new york times" clinton's advisers and strategists highlighted a plan to test ads that would portray trump as a m misogynis and an enemy to ththe working class whose brash temperould put the nation and the world in grave danger. tonight hillary clinton taking a subtle jab at trump. >> i belve what we need in america today is more love and kindness. instead of building lls, we're going to break down barriers. >> reporter: trump in typical form was much more direct. >> i watched hillary's speech. and she's talking about wages have been poor and everything's poor and everything's doing badly but we're going to make it -- she's been there for so long. i mean, if she hasn' straightened it out by now, she's not going to straighten it out in the next four years.
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super tuesday now s setting the pace in the race for the white house. hillary clinton emerging with a commanding delegate lead for democrats, and donald trump seemingly unstoppable. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl and our entire political team tonight in our times square headquarters on trump's victory, sparking an anyone but tru movement. jon? >> reporter: what a night, juju.
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and matthewdowd, this really was super tuesday but it was also trump tuesday. >> a big, big day for donald trump in the course of this. i mean, he had won new hampshire. he had won south carolina. but this was the big day. this was the delegate haul in the course of this. and he basically met expectations for himself. >> this has been an amazing evening. already we've won five major states, and it looks like we could w six or seven or eight or nine. >> the great thing for donald trump is not only is he accumulating delegates but because the other candidates in the course of this won a certain share, marco rubio and ted cruz, it makes them live another day. and if four candidates live another day, it's helpful for donald trump. >> who's t to say that marco rubio is going to win his home state of florida? >> absolutely. so far he's behind in the polls. john kasich is counting on his home state of ohio. but -- >> he's behind in the polls there. some of them. >> this could go to the convention. >> okay. so bill kristol, you have been trying to stop donald trump for
11:55 pm
first i guess you were a little bit in denial. >> right. >> but can he be stopped? >> i kind of like being in denial. it's generally a healthy psychological state often compared to facing reality. i think he can be stopped. he had a good night. counting even the first four states, which voted before tonight, looks like he's going to have about 35% to 36% of the popular vote cast so far, about 40%, 42% of the delegates so far. he's an boff 50%. it's very hard to see any of the other candidates getting above 50%. i don't think it's true that getting another candidates out helps the anti-trump cause at this point -- >> because you need to keep him from getting 50. >> yes. >> one of the big questions of this entire campaign is w we now see actually tonight announced a big renewed effort to stop donald trp. what took so long? why now? >> might have been better -- there was too much tactical thinking about gee, if i take trump down here, we'll help cruz, and i prefer rubio or i prefer kasich or i prefer jeb bush.
11:56 pm
jeb bush, they're now going to put in 10, 20, 30 million dollars, which is a lot of money for people like you and me. but jeb bush's super pac had $120 million. >> very little on trump -- >> very little on trump. >>t's a waste of ney. dona trump is redefining as matt said today, he's redefining the republican party. he's energing the republican electorate. so all of this money is just going to just melt away because i think donald trump has found a way to not just grab those voters who are disgusted with the politics in the republican party but he's been able to tap into something that might even give democrats a little bit of heartburn. >> they have not come up with one disciplined argument against donald trump that has been exexercisednd done in a concerted way day in and day out. it's all been all over the map. even marco rubio's last week, which was some tiny bit of substance but mostly name calling that i don't think was helpful for marco rubio as we've seen in the results tonight.
11:57 pm
especially when we have two weeks to explain to the people of the state just exactly what we're getting with donald trump. a world-class con artist. >> i think they have notad the ability to exercise one argument that was definitive against donald trump. >> jeb bush spent $77 million in television advertising and didn't rate double digits. i think that television stations are getting rich off of false promises because it's not working. >> the only thing i would say is every other front-runner has survived a huge assault on television, and we don't know what would happen if real money were put behind some of thehese attacks and exposing of the true record of donald trump. >> before we wrap up, a big night for hillary clinton, though. how big? >> huge. >> i believe deeply that if we resist the forces trying to drive us apart we can come together to make this country work for everyone. the struggling.
11:58 pm
if we all do our part, we can restore our common faith in our common future. >> so hillary clintonill accumulate a lot of delegates, and as we learned eight years ago, once you begin to pick up delegates, it's very hard for bernie sanders, who is a great candidate. it's very hard for him to play catch-up. >> is it over? >> no,,t's not quite over, but we have a lotot of stas at play, similar to what we saw tonight. mississippi, louisiana, north carolina -- >> states that -- >> states that once again will give her a lot of delegates. >> all right. well, we're out of time. juju, ck to you. >> our thanks to our political werhouse team for the post-game analysis. up next, david muir breaking down the vote. what the exit polls are saying voters have on their minds. i'll be right back. be good. text mom. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send.
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and we're tracking super tuesday results, sorting through the exit polls all night, painting a fascinating pture of what's motivating people in the votg booth. and world news anchor david muir joining me now with the b big question of outsider status. hey, david. >> hey, juju. this was extremely tellingng tonight. take a look at this. a split between republicans and dmtz on this question. when asked should the next president come from outside the political establishment? 50% of republica voters say they want an outsider. only 15% of democratic voters want an outsider. and of those republican voters, 63% who want an outsider went to donald trump. when asked on the flip side should the next president have experience in politics? 81% of democratic voters said yes this super tuesday.
12:04 am
said yes to experience going in. and those who wanted experiee in the democratic side, look at the breakdown. 69% went to hillary clinton. 30% bernie sanders. experience versus outsider on this super tuesday. let's take a look at the alition that the clinton camp put together to fuel these victories tonight. hillary clinton winning among men 53-45. fairly close, though. when you break down the women you can see the gap much wider. 65% to sanders' 33%. among g white vers very close tonight. hiary clinton 50% to bernie sanders' 48%. again, when you break down the black voters, hispanic voters, the gap muc wider. hillary clinton 83% to sanders' 15%. and then hispani voters 67% to sanders at 33%. make no mistake, this is going to be the coalition that the clinton team wants to use as they continue to move forward. mow, on the last question of when on the republican side the voters made up their mind, if they made up their mind a month or so ago, look at this, donald trump 48% of those. 27% for ted cruz. marco rubio 13%.
12:05 am
republican voters, the majority of them who decided some time ago. we've seen all this mudslinging in the last 24, 48 hours. marco rubio trying to deliv some of what trump typically dishes out right back to him. and take a look. of these late deciders in the last couple of days it seemed to work. a split right down the middle. rubio, cruz. donald trump 24% of late deciders. the aacks appear to have worked. the only question, was it too little too late. juju, back to yo >> thanks, david. and thank you for watching this special edition of "nightline" on super tuesday. tune in to "gma" first thing in the morning. and as always, we're online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page and at for some of you up next is abc news' continuing coverage of
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progress. "the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. n one, erinandrews' testimony in tears over her her peeping tom scandal. >> everybody thought that i was doing it for publici >> plus erin forced to relive her violation in torts.
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and inside lady gaga effect. how her oscar "survivor" song encouraged another star to open up about her own assault. and numberthree, bachelor ben h breaks big news. >> i am engaged. plus our "insider" bonus. meet elizabeth hasselbeck's replacement. we're with angie arehart for her wild first day at fox and friends. but is but. now hollywood from the inside out. we're inside north carolina home where she's revealing everything from her tabloid st to her ch paralysis and what


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