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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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one week from the primary, the presidential candidates make their case on the debate stage. also, sunshine on this saturday. but definitely not enough for a winter swim. taking the plunge as abc columbia news at 11:00 starts right now. >> live from main and gervais, abc columbia news at 11:00. >> rochelle: thanks for being here, i'm grace joyal. with one week to go to the primary, the republicans left standing battled it out in greenville tonight. we'll get to that, but first we have sad news to bring you tonight. supreme court justice antonin scalia has passed away at 79. those sources say he died of natural causing at a ranch in west texas. he was longest serving justice on the supreme court. he was nominated by president
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the life and legacy coming up in just a bit. south carolina attorney wilson released this statement, it reads "our thoughts and prayers go to the family. he was a hero and patriot, hopefully those who follow in his footsteps share his reverence for the constitution, the rule of law, and our republic. president obama said tonight he will nominate a replacement. if the nominee is liberal that could tilt the high court towards democrats. we could see a huge political battle over whether the nominee even gets a vote in the senate. and justice scalia's passing was a topic at tonight's republican debate in greenville. there's one week to go in the first in the south primary. >> rochelle: a change in tone
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republican presidential candidates took the debate stage in greenville, south carolina. following a moment of silence for the late justice scalia, the candidates were asked how they would select his replacement. >> so i believe the president should not move forward and i think we ought to let the next president of the united states decide who is going to run that supreme court with the vote by the people of the united states of america. >> we need to put people on the bench that understand the constitution is not a living and breathing document, it is to be interpreted as originally meant. >> i think it's up to mitch mcconnell and everybody to stop it, it's called delay, delay, delay. >> rochelle: the debate turned to foreign policy, and the bush administration's handling of the war in iraq. and that's when things got personal. >> we should have never been in iraq. we have destabilized the middle east. >> while donald trump was building a reality t.v. show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. and i'm proud of what he did.
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the world trade center -- [cheers] friends. the world trade center came down during -- he kept us safe? that's not safe. >> it came down because bill clinton didn't kill osama bin laden when he the chance to kill him. >> rochelle: over governor john kasich perhaps summing up the debate best. >> i gotta tell you this, is just crazy. this is just nuts. >> grace: the democrats are on the campaign trail in nevada. several hundred bernie sanders enthusiasts gathered in reno today for a canvas l lch. that's when a van at that times supporters knock on the doors of undecided voters. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton told voters in henderson, nevada, remember where you were eight years ago. she pulled off a tight victory in iowa, but sanders came away with a sleen sweep in new hampshire. the nevada democratic caucus
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also today, the u.s. state department released 551 of clinton's work-relate emails from her time as secretary of state. earlier this week a federal judge ordered clinton's remaining emails released by the end moffat, right before super tuesday, when 11 states hold a democratic primary or caucus. a camden man is charged with manslaughter after authorities say he shot and killed a 17-year-old trying to steal from his parked truck. kershaw county sheriff jim matthews says the shooting happened outside the house of jimmy methe in east camden. he's charged with voluntary manslaughter in the death of brandon spencer of camden. spencer was shot once in the head. another person with spencer ran away from the scene. matthews says it's very clear why methe is charged. >> the law says that you cannot shoot somebody who just steals and then runs away. they have to be a threat to you.
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like a lot of people he shot, he chose to shoot. he made a bad decision, i'm sure he regrets it now. >> grace: the sheriff says methe had previously been roned by thieves who broke into a vehicle. matthews says the neighborhood had seen several vehicles and homes rob the in the past six months. we talked to one of methe's neighbors. >> i was really shocked to hear that it was -- that this tragedy happened, because anybody who knows jimmy knows he is an outstanding citizen. >> grace: jimmy methe will appear in bond court next week. sunshine and pretty average temperatures to start your weekend. meteorologist michelle rotella joinings nows. >> rochelle: only around 48, a little colder than where we should be, about 12 degrees below the average for this time. and still going to be seeing
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average side as we look towards tomorrow. it's going to take us a while to get out of this funk we've been n 30 degrees our current temp there there, 28 and 28 in bishopville, expecting temperatures to drop even more so tonight down to the lower 20s. so a very frigid night in store for us with that. we have clear skies all across the area. so we'll start off tomorrow with some sunshine and then the clouds will start to build in all across the -- throughout the day tomorrow, only getting to a high of around 41 degrees. we'll talk about when the cold snap will end and when the rain is back in the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> grace: hold your breath and dunk quickly. the department of public safety hosted the lake murray polar plunge this afternoon. schools, law enforcement, and businesses took the plunge to raise money for special olympics of south carolina. >> it is unreal to see it. you know, every year i think, nobody is going to come out and do this again.
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what it is, it becomes a family event. people do it one time, they say, oh, that was cold, but it's such a great cause, i can do it again. >> grace: this is the second year the polar plunge has taken place at lake murray. organizers say this year was a huge success. ushers, mascots, and concessions there. was something for everyone that the job fair at the convention center today. the columbia fire flies were looking to fill more than 300 jobs. and judging by today's turnout, you all were certainly more than willing to showcase your talents. if you could not make it out, just head to to download an application. a forest acres 16-year-old is about to embark on a 110-mile journey to honor veterans. today at the big red barn retreat in blythewood, ellerbe kinard got to test the electric trike she'll be riding. midlands vets got to try it out too.
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lot to think about what they went 32 umpleth through. i'll never know, but at the same time, i know it was hard for them. and it makes me happy to see them out here still enjoying life. >> grace: ellerbe hits the road in late april. the two-day face of america race runs from the pentagon in arlington, virginia, to the civil warled feeldz of gettysburg, pennsylvania. she'll be riding with about 600 vets and active duty members, living with the physical expe motional disabilities of war. our coverage of the death of
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stay with us. court justice antonin scalia passed away in his sle >> grace: supreme court justice antonin scalia passed away in his sleep last night. the 79-year-old was a leading conservative voice on the high court. but as joe johnson reports, scalia was also known for his work off the bench. >> rochelle: the first italian-american to sit on the nation's highest court, justin antonin scalia was a conservative in thought, but not in personality. antonin gregory scalia was raised in the elmhurst
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the only child of a sicilian born college professor and a school teacher mother. they instilled in the precocious child a. love of words and debate. >> i was somewhat of a greasy grind. i studied hard. >> rochelle: he was a top student at public and private catholic schools in the city. scalia's interest in law began in college and so too an interest in maureen mccarthy with whom he later married and had nine children. his embrace of conservative attracted the attention of republicans, and president reagan ultimately named the 50-year-old federal judge to the high court in 1986. there, heeveloped a reputation as a reliable conservative, and his own style helped liven the public face of the high court. >> some of the other justices, including the justices who were already on the court and had been on the court for a while, were kind of, if the new guy gets to ask all these questions, i'm going to step up and ask questions too. >> rochelle: on abortion, the
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action, homosexual rights, scalia clashed early and often with more moderator left leaning bench mates. >> if he was trying to get anybody to sign an opinion, it was hard where he would use more combative language. but as much as they would say, you know, i'd like to strangle him, he was still theirs in many ways. >> rochelle: those dissent helped him hone a creative, some said often cruel streak in his writings becoming a master stylists. he once referred to the junior varsity stylist, he quoted songs, off the bench came admiration from young conservatives who wrote books and created websites in contribute, but controversy too. a hunting trip with vice-president cheney at the same time the court was considering a lawsuit against the number two over access to privileged documents. a sicilian gesture some interpreted as obscene and
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he called it dismissive in nature. justice scalia, a man both respected and dismissed, feared and celebrated. >> he'll be remembered in many ways. certainly as this larger than life figure, larger than bench figure, someone who embraced both the law and a life beyond the court. >> rochelle: a judge who combined street smarts with a well-calculated conservative view of the law and its limits on society. >> i'm not driven. i enjoy what i'm doing. as soon as i no longer eoy it, i'm out of there. >> rochelle: joe johnson, cnn, washington. >> grace: bringing our nation together in prayer. that was the goal after rally at the convention center tonight. the event was part of cory america prayer tour. >> we want to thank minister condrey and his first lady and
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helping us pray for columbia. >> as you hear them inside, that's what you're hearing, you're hearing a remnant, a group of people coming together to do just that, pray. >> grace: the family heads to the atlanta georgia dome in april to pray with more than a hundred thousand people.
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we're back right after this. >> michelle: good satury evening. a chilly day today, actually below average, about 12 degrees below average here in columbia. and also 45 there, that was the high in camden, take a look at newbury, 43 degrees. plenty of sunshine, but it was deceiving when you stepped outside. a little light winds too, that made it feel slightly cooler. temperatures now pretty cold and going to become even colder out there by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. 28 degrees in camden, 28 in bishopville, right on the freezing mark there in man can and 30 in winds borough, lexington around 33 degrees. we have clear skies for tonight, mainly clear, high pressure just to the north of the area, that is bringing in a lot of arctic air and winds out of the north and west, so providing a little bit after lighter breeze. the bigger picture this, is
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pressure, that's going to move towards the north and east, and then we look at our next weather maker, for us going to be a little bit of a rainy situation, that's what we'll be seeing as we look more towards monday. so keep that in mind. future cast, though, as we head towards sunday, we'll start off mostly clear, then we'll start to see the clouds building throughout the day, and notice throughout the afternoon hours, don't be surprised if at some point it becomes mainly cloudy. i think we'll get a few breaks by the time the later evening hours come along. by the late evening on sunday, and going into monday, cloudy skies, rain showers will start to pick up, and that will be back in the forecast. for tonight, 22 mostly clear a. very cold night, winds pretty steady around five to 10 miles per hour, making it feel even colder. here's a look at the sunday planner for tomorrow. we start with a little bit of less cloud cover, but building throughout the day, below average, once again, only 41 degrees, take a look, at the next seven days we have rain showers on monday and tuesday, plenty of sunshine back in the forecast by wednesday, then we
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you're back in the low to mid 60s by next weekend, that's springlike weather coming back
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stay tuned, sports is next. separation saturday.hi i'm mike gillespie. the gamecocks >> mike: oh, my friends u. it's separation saturday, hi, i'm mike gillespie.
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matchup with kentucky tied for the lead in the sec, though after you seat highlights maybe you'll think cendz should be more than just one game ahead of carolina right now. undefeated at home, hosting john calipari and kentucky in front after sellout crowd at colonial life this afternoon. let's take you back in the way back machine to 2014, usc hosting kentucky when john calipari gets tossed from the game for arguing a call with an official. so why do we show you that? well, the same thing happened today. first half, after this p.j. dozier miss a. carolina foul, calipari says something in the direction of an official. the officials call a technical foul on calipari. he comes over to argue that house of cards is a better show than scandal, obviously, the official is a big kevin spacey fan, he disagrees, throws him out of the game. still in the first half, cendz with the rock, tyler ulis, he's better than my uncle. 27 points for ulis.
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second half, michael carrera, puts it back up and in, he had 25 points. he leads all carolina scorers. later in the half, kentucky with the ball, off the backboard to marcus lee, like it's on a fisher price hoop. all kentucky, all afternoon. the wildcats pounce on the gamecocks 89-62, frank martin will now describe his feelings to you. >> i think that they have been the best team in this conference. and they knew first place was at stake today, and they came in here to prove a point, and we didn't do a very good job of matching the energy, the toughness, the discipline you have to have to be able to be a first place at this time of year, against a team that basically, i don't want to say they've owned this league, but they've been the best team in the league for a long, long time. they came in to prove a point, they kicked our tails. that was one of those good old fashioned butted whoopings. >> mike: let's go back to that
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cal was ejected in the first 136 seconds of this game. and his seven seasons at kentucky, he's been ejected three times, the last two of them here in columbia for some odd reason no. one was more surprised than kentucky guard tyler ulis. >> it was a shock. crazy, i've never seen anything like that. we all just responded, we tried to take over as a team and stick together and do it off coach. >> cal is a competitive coach as i've been around. that's why his team is winning. i really think he was on edge. just being around cal. i just hope he's not at that beach house in florida right now. that's what he did two years ago. got on a plane, went to florida. >> mike: that's ridiculous. frank just wants an invite to the calipari beach resort. brad brownell and clemson, losing of the three of the last fowrks hosting georgia tech this afternoon.
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half, this is landry nnoko, he ties it up. 26-26. we go to the second half, tight game, jordan roeper, theig triple from the top of the key, 16 points for big rope. the tigers top the jackets 66-52. clemson now 15-10, 8-5 in the acc, seventh in the conference standings. let's take you down to orangetown, south carolina state, winners of four in a row, in a huge meac game today against savannah state. first half, greg mortimer, casual dribbling, then the alley oop to daryl palmer, tied at 32 at the half, but the tigers shoot 40%, they win 60-57, bulldogs now a half game back in the meac standings.
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the break. >> michelle: sunshine to start rain for monday and tuesday, but clearing and sunny and warming by wednesday. >> grace: all right. tonight. thank you so much for watching. have a wonderful sunday. captions provided by caption associates starring andy griffith... with ronny howard.
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oh, mornin', barn. mornin', andy. ( sighs )


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