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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 28, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news tonight a trip to space that was not to be. >> main engine at 108 percent. >> that is the sound of an unmanned rocket exploding on its launch pad at wallups island, virginia tonight. >> commercial supply ship was bound for the international space station, but tonight, there is more left but debris and questions. things went south, six seconds into the lift off, undoubted,
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a huge disappoint . for nasa and its multi billion dollar commercial space flight effort. >> but of course, it was a shock for people who saw that spectacular explosion with their own eyes. >> oh, my god. >> wow. >> no. >> no. >> oh, my god. >> and as it turns out young science lovers from our area had a reason to be there to watch in person tonight. >> "action news"'s sharrie williams takes it from there, sharrie. >> reporter: those young scientists are from ocean city, new jersey. they worked hard on a project that had the privilege of being selected to head into space for testing. i have been in touch with the group of students and the teachers so there is good news. they tell us they are doing just find but one student admits watching the explosion was heart breaking. all eyes were on a rocket controlled by nasa as it blasted off from its launch
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pad in virginia. but just six seconds after lift off, flames suddenly engulfed the rocket quickly moving from the bottom to the top, causing to it plunge back downward, and into an enormous ball of fire. >> something went wrong and we will find out what that is. we will determine the the root cause. >> reporter: launch was from the flight facility along the atlantic ocean. it was set to carry 5,000-pound of supplies to the international space station. >> it is not as tragic as losing a life associated with it so we're very happy to report that there were no injuries. >> reporter: cell phone video posted on instagram captured the loud boom as a crowd looked on. among those watching in virginia was a group of students from ocean city high in new jersey. the unmanned rocket was carrying a science experiment designed by the team. their project was one of 19 select to be on board, and what to test the rate of bacteria growth on food in the
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absence of gravity. one of the students who worked on the project and witnessed the explosion posted a message on her face book page. a all from oc from okay and not injured, very traumatized for many reasons but please keep everyone in your prayers,es specially the nasa people who worked endlessly on this rocket. a review is already underway, as efforts also turn to the clean up process. >> the investigation will include evaluating the debrings that we will find around the launch pad and everything associated with this, that, and i do want to caution the public and bill will will speak about that, this is an accident site and it is a rocket. it had a lot of has tuesday equipment, or hazardous materials on board that people should not be looking for. >> reporter: a warning tonight as well as the debris is out there. this is first accident since nasa hired private companies to carry out space flight missions. this planned flight was to be
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the third of eight under a $1.9 billion contract, as for the students from ocean city, they are making their way back home tonight, brian. all right, good news there sharrie, thank you. parents and football players in central bucks west have a a lot of questions about a hazing investigation, and subsequent cancellation of the football season. they got a chance to talk to school board members about all of the the face-to-face meeting tonight, "action news" reporter kenneth moton was at that meeting and he joins us with the very latest from inside, kenneth. >> reporter: brian, board members reaffirmed tonight hazing, bullying, intimidation of any kind won't be tolerated but parents know board members say they overreacted as they defended the football program and its coaching staff. central bucks high west football players and supporters listened and disagreed as their board gave detailed student accounts learned so far in the district's hazing investigation. >> misconduct including inappropriate physical contact in an intimidating humiliating
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nature that led to the sus pension was in the trivial. >> reporter: last week district canceled rest of the the season when it found out are gave freshman and sophomore rookies initiation during a preseason parent sponsored picnic in august. haircuts, proud erd thrown on wet players in the locker room, another act students called water boarding. >> water was poured over them in the shower all this occurred with players that were clothed. the last activity was called quote slap it, lick it, grab it, or fond will it. >> reporter: coaching staff was suspended, head coach brian hensell and rest of his coaches stood as one of their own defended them. >> these are times we live in. we do not conn down this behavior. we teach them respect and teamwork. >> that aggressive action had a ripple effect on the reputation of these coaches and these men. >> you hear administrators saying they are developing a plan now. it ties late now. this happened. it should have happened and it happened but punishment far out weighed the crime.
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>> reporter: the coach called the incident isolated and said his staff never fostered a culture of hazing. >> i love my players, i love my parents and i love my coaches and i'm grateful for them. >> reporter: school board will turn over findings of the ongoing internal investigation to the bucks county district attorney who has asked players to come forward. the district also said code of conduct will be in review with all teams and locker room supervision will be discussed with all head coaches. the reporting live from doylestown tonight kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on p hl17. >> kenneth, thank you. cheltenham school district is dealing with is own hazing incident. members of the cheltenham high school's boys soccer team were dangling one another by ripped underwear, a practice known as ripping. police did investigate, and district will only say that appropriate actions have been taken. in addition, school leaders say that students and staff members are being trained on the district's in tolerance
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policy. tradition of praying after football games will continue, for players at camp pen lope even high school in delaware but coaches playing with the students as seen in this photo, will to have stop this picture prompted an objection from the freedom from religion foundation which claims the act is unconstitutional because coaches are endorsing a religion. the school district responded by saying it will ban coaches from praying with players. a section of the poconos saw a large swell in law enforcement presence today, all because someone reportedly spotted eric frein. but tonight, the the suspected cop killer, still has in the been captured. a resident told police that frein was seen in barrett township monroe county. he is wanted for murder of troop are brian dickson and seriously wounding another trooper. excavators installing a new swimming pool happened upon a set of human remains in riverton. investigators believe the bones have been there for a
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long time, perhaps more than a century. a new jersey state police forensic anthropologist will be examining the remains and determining if it was a man or woman and whether there are any visible signs of foul play. at this point though, they are not treating it as a suspicious death. amber vinson can new call herself the the latest ebola survivor. she's second of two nurses infect while treating a liberian man hospitalized in dallas and tonight she's back in texas after being released from the hospital. today she hugged a medical team that treated her at emery university hospital in atlanta and gave them her thanks. she said she's grateful to be well again but also called for everyone to remember the patients at the epi center of the ebola out break. >> while this is a day for celebration, gratitude i ask that we not lose focus on the thousands of families who continue to labor under the burden of thisty sees in west africa. >> president obama stressed the importance of americans
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who are working to fight ebola on foreign soil saying u. health policies should in the discourage doctors and nurses from traveling to the hot zone, to help with the crisis. >> we want to make sure that we understand that they are doing god's work over there. they are doing that to keep us safe. i want to make sure that every policy that we put in place is supportive of their efforts. >> meanwhile a nurse isolated against her will in new jersey after treating ebola patientness west africa is now secluded in her home state of maine. casey hickcox tested negative for ebola in a preliminary evaluation. governors of new york and new jersey were criticized for ordering mandatory quarantines but more states have since joined them with similar quarantine policies. we have had a beautiful, five day stretch but we are tracking some big changes, later in the week. meteorologist cecily tynan is at the big board with more, cecily.
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>> we have had five days have of temperatures well above the average high, today's high is 76 degrees. that is 13 degrees above average. you get warmth like this towards the end of october it cannot last forever but some areas, even a little bit warmer then philadelphia. reading, 79 degrees, almost hit 8o just needed more sunshine. allentown 77. wilmington's high 73. millville 76. trenton a mild 71 degrees. now storm tracker six live double scan showing the first in a series of front that will be dropping our temperatures. this one doesn't have moisture to work with, scattered showers across western pennsylvania. this will be moving through during the day time tomorrow and that will bring us a lot of clouds and some scattered showers earlier in the northwest and afternoon to the east. this is what to expect for tomorrow. it stays mild. we are not talking about temperatures in the mid 70's but upper 60's. mild this time of the year. scattered showers will not
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amount to much, about a tenth to a quarter inch and then behind this cooler era arrived tomorrow night but the real cold air will be moving in behind the second cold front, right in time for weekend and i'm talking about the kind of weather where you should go in your closet and fine winter coats because we are going to need them. we will talk about that in the accu weather seven day forecast. >> oh, boy thanks, cecily, i guess. >> spca is investigating several people now that they have uncovered a possible dog fighting and breeding operation in south philadelphia. the agency rescued eight puppies and five adult dogs from the house in the 2200 block of mifflin street. some of the animals were chained to radiators, some had scars, spca confiscated treadmills and syringes found at that property. still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at ten, not much you can do when lava flows into your home, except leave, more on this slow
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motion menace, next. she gave valuable information that broke a high profile case but she says to this day some people in the organization have failed to pay up the reward money they pledged, what gives, that story is coming up. at&t customers likely will notice problems with slow internet service. well, government noticed also and now that carrier is facing a lawsuit. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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woman accused of a heinous kidnapping and sexual assault has been convicted and sentenced for her crimes begins a elementary school student. police had help finding their suspect and tipsters efforts earned her number of a awards, including the police department itself. not everyone is paying up. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has the story only on "action news". >> reporter: it was one of the most heinous crimes in the cities recent history, five-year old little girl kidnaped from her school and sexuallyathathathathb
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grand and p.o. p lodge number five, another $5,000 but the informant said she has had a hard time collect ago this money. >> anthony williams office was very arrogant. >> really. >> very arrogant. very arrogant. very nasty. unbelievable. >> reporter: to be clear, $20,770 in reward money pledge through citizens crime commission was paid to the informant but money in question was not pledged through the the commission. >> what you have is people come to the news conferences, they volunteer specific amount of money. when people come forward, that they are supposed to, they don't get paid. >> all of our money has been paid but there are some other folks that stepped up,
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initially in terms of offering a reward but have yet to pay that money. >> reporter: a spokesmen says someone in the office made a mistake that the senator stand by his commitment to raise $30,000 he will honor it. he has raised most of it and expects he will have it all shortly an will be in touch with the crime commission. we never heard back from jerry pond fire but john mcnesby says in one contacted them to make a claim but if their records show they owe money, they will pay it. meanwhile source worries that her experience may cause some people to hesitate coming forward with information. >> if they are doing it the for reward money, a lot of people may not the do it again. >> reporter: crime commission says it cannot hold people accountable for pledges they make on their own but for the sake of the system the crime commission says if you make a pledge, you should honor it. police headquarters, dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> all right. it is time now for accu weather forecast. a a beautiful day. but now those temperatures are
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starting to dip. >> the memory of this day, cecily. >> exactly. 76 degrees this time in october. it cannot last long. 13 degrees above normal. you think that is warm though? look at this, back in 1919 on this date we had a record high of 85 degrees. the morning low, 49 degrees. it was a very mild day. with the cloud cover and wind out of the southwest, it is still pretty warm. philadelphia currently at 65 degrees. 2 degrees warmer then our average high for this time of the year. allentown 60. reading 64. wilmington 62. millville 65 sea isle city, 65 degrees. things will be changing. satellite six with action radar showing first of all, excuse me, getting choke up about this we have had cloud cover ahead of the cold front. that will bring us a drop in temperatures by the mid of the week. not a lot of moisture associated with this but it will spread more clouds throughout the region tomorrow. and some scattered showers. future tracker showing will 8:30 in the morning, plenty of
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clouds, some sunshine south and east of philadelphia, and you will notice just a very narrow line of some showers, in our far north and western suburbs. it will be moving in the philadelphia region around 4:30 and then again you can see no severe weather just narrow band of showers. it will be moving off shore, by wednesday night, and then the the skies will be clearing and then this will bring out the first in a series of cool downs. the real cold air, again will be arriving for the the weekend. so tomorrow mostly cloudy a few spotty showers possible for your morning rush hour but bulk of that far and north and west suburbs at 6:00 o'clock. 61 degrees. by 8:00. sixty-three. temperatures are not dropping very much tonight. and then tomorrow northwestern suburbs mostly cloudy. a few early showers possible. allentown 65. reading 66. downingtown 66. quakertown is 65 degrees. philadelphia is not quite as warm as today but still mild. 69 degrees. glassboro 68. doylestown 65. west chester is 67 degrees. and across south jersey sea
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isle city 69. speed well 69. dover is 70 degrees. i'll talk about the real cool down for the weekend coming up with the full accu weather seven day forecast, shirleen. >> thanks, cecily. river of burning black lava a in hawaii's big island has reach the the villages. dozens of residents have been put on alert about a possibly vac ways, lava began spewing from the sill way a volcano in june and has torched 13 miles since then. officials are making plans so people living in the imminent path of the destruction can watch their homes be consumed as a means for closure. well, tonight eagles are working to turn the page after sunday's tough loss in arizona now focus turns to next week even. >> ducis rodgers is live in the "action news" sports center with more, ducis. >> hi there in the nfl you have to have a short memory. eagles, last week loss in arizona still hurts but they have another tough game on the road sunday in houston begins
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the texans. jamie apody reports. >> reporter: birds are back on the field today preparing to fly southwest for the weekend. but before they flock to houston they had to get back on the horse and get over a loss that is hard to let go. >> the game was rough, i know i mean i probably like everybody else has been thinking bit, what we could have done differently but good to get back in here, close that chapter and move on. >> reporter: nick foles plans to dot same. he now has 12 of the teams 17 turnovers of the season. jeremy maclin well aware of that but he a has quarterback's back. >> we are five and two. we're a yard away from being six and one. and weary guess two or 3 inches away from being seven and zero. he is leading us in the right direction. >> reporter: maclin was named as eagles recipient of the ed brook courage award, fitting honor. here's a guy that does not take football for granted. >> everything that i have gone through in my life from my upbringing to you know, my
10:22 pm
cancer scare, to tearing my acl again. i don't take anything for granted. i have learned that i just have to appreciate everything and understand that what i'm doggies a privilege. it is not a guarantee. >> reporter: jamie apody for "action news" at ten on phl17. ahead next, flyers and reigning stanley cup champion kings go to
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temple university marked a start of the mission to become a more cohesive campus tonight in north philadelphia the owls student government hosted a kick off and sign up for school's new unity statement. students pledged out loud to embrace diversity, and treat others with respect, both in and out of the classroom. tonight's weather made for a perfect excuse to celebrate halloween a few days early. camden police department threw a halloween party for the entire community to enjoy. families are invited to dress up, get their faces paint had and enjoy fun games. up, get their faces paint had and enjoy fun games. kids left with
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at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education.
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and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward. we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again. >> we've got much more coming up in the next half an hour, joan rivers death has left her daughter with many questions, the action she's now taking in hopes of getting answers. and at 10:45 tonight we will look at how one town is still reeling two years after super storm sandy truck. right now police are looking for drivers involved in the hit and run, details on that accident when "action news" conti
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here's a look at big stories we are covering tonight on "action news" at ten on phl17. >> parents and football players in central bucks west had a lot of questions for school board members tonight. football team's season was canceled last week following a hazing investigation. suspect cop killer eric frein is still on the loose tonight, earlier to daze someone reported seeing him in barrett township monroe county. he is wanted for murder of
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trooper bribing dickson and seriously wounding another trooper. the second dallas nurse to be infect with ebola is back home tonight, amber vinson was released from an amber hospital today, only ebola patient being treated in the u.s. right now is doctor craig spencer who was exposed to that virus while working with doctors without boarders in west africa. we will begin with a developing story out of delaware county. police are looking for driver who hit a pedestrian and then fled the scene. it happened around 7:00 p.m. in the 500 block of connchester highway in boothwyn. the the highway is shut down in both directions while police collect evidence. they have not told us the condition of the victim, they are still working on a description of that vehicle. tonight the fbi needs your help finding a man robbed a norristown bank. the suspect walked into the citizens bank and saw the giant on egypt road shortly before 3:00 today and approached the teller with a note.
10:32 pm
he was given an undisclosed amount of cash and took off in what appears to be a white saturn. the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. if you see him call the police. there is a reward for information that leads to his arrest. it is a day still mark on many calendars, tomorrow marks two years anniversary of hurricane sandy, storm that ravaged much of the jersey shore. the mystic island in little egg harbor was one of the communities devastated and still trying to come back from sandy's destruction. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic was there today. >> reporter: on any street in mystic island you can hear workmen hammering, the sound of progress. when sandy hit two years ago this bay front section of the little egg harbor was 7 feet under water, over 4,000 homes were damaged. >> well over 50 percent of the rebuilding of the substantially damaged homes, so we're doing pretty well. >> everybody is talking about how good things look because we have homes going up and that is really great but the reality is you look around and
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there is more homes that are still in the done. >> reporter: empty lots and abandoned homes still dot the landscape in mystic island. some resident live in campers on their property while their homes are raised and rebuilt. >> i have heat and air conditioning and cooking facilities and everything else in there. it is really ideal. >> it is a struggle. i had to be out of my house for a year. >> reporter: how does it feel to be back. >> good. >> we lost everything. the program help us and our insurance settlement help us a lot. >> reporter: like many resident valerie, single mother of 14 month-old eddie, is exhausted and two years fighting with fema and insurance companies has taken its toll. >> i have had to get three jobs and support him and i'm on my own, my mom has been staying with me because her house got destroyed too. emotional distress is hard on the whole family. >> getting back to normalcy is hard. we're working on it, daily, and we're getting there but it
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will take some more time. >> reporter: in mystic island i'm nora new chan em for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> heart break to go see so much progress yet to be done. >> yes. speaking of the weather, we had a beautiful day to day but not going to last. >> we're going down, baby. meteorologist cecily tynan joining us. >> that is exactly right. temperatures the the next few days will be gradually stepping down before they really go off the cliff for the the weekend but storm tracker six live double scan is showing a line of showers working in to western pennsylvania and this is what will bring us our first cool down. the temperatures tonight lets take a look, they are very mild. this is actually warmer then our normal highs for this time of the year. center city at 65 degrees. slating ton 65. pot town 65. saint david 62 and kenneth square currently at 62 degrees. south jersey also very mild, woodbine 67. glassboro 65. cinnamon sin 66 and hockessin delaware currently at 62 degrees.
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we have a good amount of cloud cover. satellite six with action radar if it was warm today 76 degrees. not nearly as bright and sunny as yesterday. plenty of clouds streaming up from the south and west ahead of the cold front which is really limited in moisture but it will bring us, a few scattered showers during the day tomorrow. so temperatures still on the mild side, not talking about temperatures in the 70's. 69 degrees, plenty of clouds with some scattered showers and then behind this system cooler air will be gradually moving in, thursday night as high pressure or i should say wednesday night high pressure takes control. thursday partly sunny, much cooler, a high of 60 degrees. it is slightly below normal. but by the the weekend wow won't be in the 60's, 50's, afternoon highs only in the 40's. so is there a big cool down for the the weekend as another cold front much stronger one moves through friday night. allentown tomorrow mostly cloudy. brief shower possible. you will get that shower earlier in the day.
10:36 pm
the atlantic city, lots of clouds with a few afternoon showers with a high of 70 degrees. so still on the mild side, in atlantic city. so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast plenty of clouds, scattered showers, certainly not a wash out with a high of 69 degrees. on thursday much brighter, partly sunny skies, it will be cooler with a high of 60 degrees and then friday, halloween, some early breaks of sunshine and then the clouds increase ahead of the next cold front. it will be windy for halloween. high during the day 58 degrees. trick or treat temperature around 50 degrees, and then some showers late friday night, and then saturday. it is going to be very cold. the high only 48 degrees. wind which some showers, perhaps even some wet snow flakes milk in the the north and western suburbs. we will fall back, one hour saturday night into sunday as we end daylight savings time, sunday windy and chill which a high of only 48 degrees. the reason why a big dip in
10:37 pm
the jet stream is allowing very cold air to stream down from canada and that upper level le could bring us some showers on saturday. accumulating snow and parts of new england. the good news is it won't last too long. by monday sunny and warmer 55 degrees and then tuesday back to normal with a high of 60 degrees. so saturday, great day if you need to i don't know clean your closet. >> yes. >> or snug he will with your loved ones, watch a movie, drink hot cocoa. >> that is a better idea. >> thanks, cecily. culinary students from drexel had a chance to do what they love and give back at the same time. tonight 12 students teamed up with members of the project home to make and jar cranberry sauce. proceeds from the sale of the sauce will help project home continue initiative to provide job training for formally homeless individuals. and a warriors in the fight against melanoma got
10:38 pm
well deserved recognition tonight. melanoma research foundation held wings of hope gala and fundraiser at national constitution center tonight and i was honored to mc, melanoma is one of the fastest growing cancers in the united states with a one in 50 life time risk of developing that disease, 77,000 will be diagnosed this year, tonight i was proud to honor the brilliant mind right here in philadelphia, who are working to end this. >> good cause to support. >> great cause for sure. >> phil collins emptied out his basement and has cool pieces of american history down there. we have details after the break. at&t is feeling the heat why the wireless carrier is being sued by the government. next the family of joan rivers wants answers but comedian's death, the steps they have taken to
10:40 pm
this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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joan refers family want answers. her daughter has hired a lawyer. the comedian stop breathing last in during a medical procedure, at a new york city endoscopy center. her death was ruled a therapeutic complication. day later chin that i can treated her was found deficient by new york state health department. it is an accreditation that
10:42 pm
will be terminated in january unless it makes the necessary changes. at&t is being sued over allegations it mislead millions of customers about its unlimited data plans. federal trade commission says that the wireless carrier didn't tell customer it would reduce data speeds if they went over a certain amount of data, use in a billing cycle. the practice is known as clotteling, and it slows down web browsing, navigation and watching videos, the criminal complaint says 3.5 million customers have been affect. it turns out phil collins is so fascinated by battle of the alamo he spent 15 million-dollar on memorabilia. today he donated that to the people of texas. singer says he became a fan after watching king of the wild frontier when he was just five. his collection includes one of david crocket's original rifles and fringe leather pouch he used to carry his ammunition. the the alamo endowment is still working on funding a
10:43 pm
permanent home to showcase that collection. a big birthday for lady liberty, today that statue turned 128. the icon officially made its debut on new york harbor in 1886 and is recognized as universal symbol of freedom and democracy. it was designated as a national monument in 1924, lady liberty which was a gift from france, does not let age slow her down. the it turns out she's new on twitter, and on facebook so not bad for 128. >> not bad at all. >> lots of stories are opening doors thank giving night to shoppers. we will tell you which one is saying enjoy, stay home and enjoy holiday. can't wait to make a run to the border. taco bellies making it easier then ever to get a late night snack. don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team. get the top news headlines weather and traffic at 4:30 a.m. only on six
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it was a huge fireball in the sky, tonight a rocket headed to the international space station, exploded, just seconds after lift off from the island in virginia. check out this cell phone
10:47 pm
video... thankfully the the rocket was unmanned and nobody was injured. that rocket was carrying science experiments from ocean city high school students and supplies for the crew on board the international space station. chuck silverstein has more on the explosion. >> reporter: just seconds after lift off a catastrophic explosion aboard this commercial supply ship, the unmanned rocket heading to the international space station blowing up over the launch complex a at wallups island, virginia bursting into flames upon impact. >> we don't really have any early indications into exactly what might have failed. >> reporter: this was first nighttime launch of the anteras rocket to the eastern shore. nasa says millions of people from new england and carolinas would have been able to watch the rocket streak in the sky but instead this was the image they saw tonight. >> no, no. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: no injuries have been reported but there are reports of significant property and vehicle damage.
10:48 pm
>> we have confirmed that all personnel have been accounted for. >> reporter: this launch was third of eight resupply missions under nasa's 1.9 billion contract with orbital science corporation. they are keeping space station stock during the post shuttle area all prior missions have have been near flawless. of concern the ship's 5,000-pound of cargo. >> the spacecraft does have classified equipment on the spacecraft so we do need to maintain the area, around the debris in a secure manner. >> reporter: although nasa is saying there was nothing aboard urgently needed by six crew members. the massive investigation is already underway. >> we are starting now to take a look at the data and determine what and where the problem started. >> reporter: roomful of engineers and technicians working there tonight wanted to maintain all computer date a chuck sill letterstein abc news, new york. mack book pro has people
10:49 pm
upset tonight. more than 20,000 people signed an on line petition asking the company to replace the 2011 models. users claimed they frequently freeze, and crash, the problem appears to be related to the computer's graphics and processing unit. so far in response from apple. speaking of apple, apple pay is being hailed a success, ceo tim cook says more than a million people activated it in the first three days, apple pay has teamed up with major banks and retailers like macy's, walgreens and mcdonald's. so have you have a craving for a taco from taco bell and you want it right new is there an app for. that starting to day you can place customized orders using your smart phone. you still to have pick up your food in person. come on now. you get to skip the the line. app communicates with your phone and lets employees when you are nearby so they can start whipping up your taco. costco is telling employees you know what, stay
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home, enjoy thanksgiving with your family. warehouse chain says it will not offer black friday deals until black friday. costco is bucking trend of a whole lot of stores that are opening their doors earlier and earlier, on thanksgiving day. >> good for them. let them be with their families. good move. time for sports tonight and spectacular overtime win for flyers tonight. >> ducis rodgers at the big board. >> wayne simmonds admits this is a good measuring stick for his flyers game against stanley cup champion l.a. kings. flyers get off to a good start. check out michael raffle, his fifth goal of the young season. one to nothing flyers. but an old familiar face comes back to haunt flyers in the third period, michael richard his first gola begins his former team, we are tied at two and headed to overtime. midway through overtime, brayden schenn skates in on jonathan quick, puck and quickened up in the net. initially ruled no goal but referees get on the horn with the league office in toronto.
10:51 pm
that is a goal. the flyers take it, wow, easy fellow, three-two. >> it is always nice scoring goals and it makes it extra special being drafted by l.a., i obviously didn't spend a lot of time there but it is a big win for our team. we have to keep this going. we have not had an easy schedule so another big two points for us. >> hockey ledgend gordie howe is in bad shape. he suffered a serious stroke sunday morning. he lost function on one side of his body. eighty-six year-old won six heart trophies and league mvp, he played on four stanley cup winning teams. to football time for bird to get back on the horse. eagles put sunday's heart wrenching loss to the cardinals behind them and they are squarely focused on sunday's game at houston. potential problem on the injury front, according to reports todd herremans has a torn biceps. he did practice today. nick foles if he need to play much better, after the
10:52 pm
defense, he will to have deal with air yan foster. second in the league in rushing. he has gone for at least 100-yard in all but one game this season. >> it is the running game. air yan foster is one of the best in the league. he is playing in a extremely high level right now and we need to contain them. >> too many other guys out there, i know air yan, so it will be cool to tackle him. i haven't been able to do that since college. that would be will cool. >> the royals trying to stay a alive, game six have the of the world series, potential clincher for giants. it will not happen. royals lead this game nine to nothing in the bottom of the seventh inning. bernard hopkins is back at it, he will fight sergei cove leave november 8th in atlantic city. hopkins knows he has detractors but cannot argue with the man still able to do it as he approaches 50 years old. >> whether i'm born and i'm respected, i'm respected now, i believe i'm respected but i
10:53 pm
believe it is just a thing where boxing is not looked upon among the top american sports. >> let's kick it high school style, roman catholic and archbishop wood battling for catholic league soccer title in double overtime. matt mcwilliams end it for wood. they all go crazy. archbishop woodies cat the lick league champion following this one to nothing victory. that is sports. >> double overtime. >> good one. >> exciting. >> get this, ticket prices for cleveland cavalier home opener up a thousand percent from this time last year. that is the reason why. everybody wants to see lebron james home coming. the last year ticket sold for $56. this year they are going for 800 on stub hub. lebron is, of course, returning to cleveland after a four year controvers
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
we have got some breaking news out of denver, colorado tonight where police have just announce that had man who went missing from a denver game over the weekend has now been found safely. that is paul kidderman who disappeared with the game with his son. circumstances remain very sketchy right now. in fact police are directing all questions to the family. the good news tonight paul kidderman was found safely in denver, colorado tonight. now a look at our wake up weather with cecily. >> we have a lot of clouds but won't be all that cool.
10:57 pm
bus stop forecast showing plenty of cloud cover, spotty shower possible in the far northern and western suburbs. temperatures in the 60's at 6:00. 61 degrees by 8:00. sixty-three. tomorrow we will see more clouds and sunshine a few scattered showers, especially in the afternoon in philadelphia, still mild, temperature rising up in the upper 60's, not quite as warm as today 76. cold day for weekend. >> thanks, for joining us for "action news" at ten. >> for the entire "action news" team have a great night tonight, great day tomorrow, news" team have a great night tonight, great day tomorrow, we will s
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
what's with all the yogurt? shh! durkas has been breaking into my locker. ohh. but i've got a little revenge planned. sorry. i just remembered i don't really care. (taps key) where's mom? oh, my god, what is that outfit? are you going goth? you still sleep with a stuffed panda. don't you have a fraternity to pass out in? is there anything else you need for your procedure? um, i think i'm supposed to have ice cream. hmm. actually, i don't-- i'm sorry. is it a vasecto-you, or a vasectomy? you can have ice cream. thanks. today... (laughs) snip-a-dee-doo-dah! (chuckles) we-we've been talking about doing this for a while. yeah. yeah, ever since dad and gloria had their little accident, we don't need any surprises. also, though, it will allow for a little more freestylin' in the boudoir