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tv   Local 10 News Saturday  ABC  January 9, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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hurry in andndhoose your faves for just $2 dollars. it's the tastiest deal yet. just ask for it. bada ba ba ba 30-0 here. in the history of the nfl post season, these are the only 30-plus road shutout wins. bears and washington. 1940. and the baltimore colts against the browns in 1968. the third time that would happen if the score holds up. 30-0. and most of the 70,000-plus are gone, except for the chiefs fans wearing red. the texans fans showed up in
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sammy bonn, that 71-0 game was asked if his pass for a touchdown was held? he said we would have lost 73-7 instead of 73-0. >> jon: i put a premium on coacng, mike, as an ex-coach. at a staff. doug pederson. rumored to be a hot head coaching candidate. emmitt thomas. how about dave toub, the special teams today? kickoff return for a touchdown. three punts inside the 20. seven touchbacks. they get it done in the meeting room with their coaching, too. >> mike: two knees and close this out. let's talk about houston for a moment. they're going to play a first place schedule. the bengals and patriots in denver next year. the afc north. the tough schedule ahead. they'll play kansas city. they'll be in the market for a quarterback. no doubt about it in their offseason.
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as bill o'brien's season will end, 9-7, first playoff game. what about the chiefs going forward to denver or new england next weekend? >> jon: a big loss in maclin. you lose chaurls and potentially maclin, it's a big bite out of your skill on offense. over the last 13 games, mike, with this included, they've given up less than 12 points a game. cow can ride that a longway. andy reid knows it. >> mike: trips to houston have been good for kansas city teams in this great sports year. this that wonderful ty, world series champ royals beat the astros in a memorable game. and a playoff shutout for andy reid and the chiefs over the texans. 30-0, here today. alex smith, a second playoff win. standing by. >> lisa: thank you, mike. in the second half, you started to make it look easy.
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>> um, i think a little by just identifying how they were going the play us. a lot of unfeloniousknowns. been a long time. seeing how they would treat formations and personal nell. got some of that ironed out in halftime. >> lisa: what impact did the opening kickoff return, what did that have jump-starting everything? >> you never expt to start a game like that. that's what we feel like. we can play fleethree phases of football. >> lisa: you're moving on. it could be without jeremy maclin. your thoughts on that? >> we'll find out. you know, i'm sure. but, you know, obviously, he's a huge player. tremendous player for us outside. anytime a guy like that goes down, i mean, it's hard. it's hard. he's such a leader for us on and off t field. we'll see. right now, we don't know. >> lisa: 11 consecutive wins after starting 1-5. what is going on with this team? >> it's everything.
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you know, a little bit like i said, three phases of football. high-character guys that put in the time and sacrifice. to so, yeah. >> lisa: thank you very much. congratulations. >> thank you. >> mike: number one overerl pick. alex smith. found that man, andy reid. chopping their way to the last eight in the nfl playoffs. kansas city is moving on. he gets a kiss from his wife, tammy. 30-0, our final score here. stay tuned for the gmc post game on "sportscenter" coming up next on espn. when we come back t houston, we'll reveal the wild card gruden grinder. it's been a presentation of espn.
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again. for the first time in 2years, the chiefs have won playoff game. they do it with they won the last playoff game. in houston. they won one in the afl. came here and beat the oilers. time for the gruden grirnd. this is big. a wild card grinder. who is it? >> i would like to give to it the chiefs. i'm picking travis kelce. the tight end. pro bowl tight end of the chiefs. what a game he's had here today. eight catches. 1288 yards. he did it all day long. corner route. beautiful pattern. he beat jackson. went up and got it. and then just a simple flat route.
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he beats kevin johnson. another first round draft choice on a deep cross. ball. make johnathan joseph miss. he's off to the races. he kept the chains moving. he picked up the slack. when maclin went down. if maclin can't play, it will be a lot more kelce. >> that's the way it was last year. the offense did the job. special teams, defense. reid's team gets a shutout. never happened before regular season or post season. the most games as a head coach. see you in hawaii. see you for the pro bowl. enjoy the rest of the playoff. good luck to our friends 59 fox, cbs and abz. those of you on espn, we'll go to "sportscenter." those of you watching on abc, your local station will pick up with regularly scheduled programming.
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the dolphins wanted to find their new head coach sooner than later. now the dolphins have their man. it still comes with plenty of questions. >> i think with add cast, it will -- add kaz -- adam gase. why were they so impressed. he's seen an an innovative offense mind. but he's just 37 years old and has no experience as a head coach.
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want to invest in wing. it's going to be critical that guys come in here day in and day out and understand what we want. >> he said all the right things, but the lack of experience and it led to little success on the field. the dolphins believes that doesn't matter. he is different. >> the energy, the passion, putting in the time, i thought adam in the long term really was the best thing for the miami dolphins. >> the number one challenge short-term will be to get the most out of the quarterback. initially he'll even be calling plays. >> i enjoy it. >> reporter: the next step is to find a staff. he said he'd only been in the building a couple hours, so it will take time. do you think he's the right man?
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your own under our sport section on our website. hey, clay. >> hey. you heard will say it. he's 37 years old, add georgia the youngest coach in the nfl and also the youngest in the dolphins history. i found out something very interesting. he almost gave it all up to sell insurance. >> i think my favorite part of your story is 23 years old, you almost gavee all of this up. can you take me back to that night and that an bees and that decision? >>
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you had a fork in the road and had to make a decision. had great friends that convinced me and just keep fighting and doing that. that was a big moment for me, i feel like i chose the right path. why did you almost give it up in the first place? >> it was financial i was starting to struggle a little bit, i had a lot of college loans coming in, it was just was i ever going to move up from where i was at. i was in the same spot for six years at that point. >> has there been something since the offer that you want to pinch yourself a little bit? >> yeah, it's kind of the part of the story, which i hate more than anything. i almost quite doing what i
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whether it's a defining moment at that age and i was glad that i made the decision that i made. >> and really a great lesson to find of follow your dreams and who knows maybe you'll be the youngest coach in the nfl. he was kind of funny. he was talking about all the reasons why he came. he also said the -- 75 and no state income tackles. i think that's a lot of us reside here as well. as you can imagine, fans had plenty -- plenty to say about the new head coach. >> reporter: it seems like dolphin fans fall into one of several categories. one thinking this guy doesn't
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want to see a coach with a proven track record. another camp is he had he has offensive experience, and others think it doesn't matter who you put in charge, it's about the players and, of course, ryan doing better. this is a very popular sports bar in south florida and north miami beach. a lot of people watching playoff football, a lot of other games going on. we decidedo ask, are you a dolphins fan, how do you think -- what do you think about this hire, this is what they y? -- [ indiscernible ] -- >> we need somebody with experience, an older guy that
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guys. >> all the other coaches have experience. that's what we need. >> a good team needs a head coach to make decisions. i love the dolphins, but i think it's going to be another three, four years before something happens. >> something fans could agree on, it's goodies ahead of the draft. we are live in north miami beach. now to powerball media. tonight's record powerball jackpot. >> some are heading to a spot
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past. everybody in south florida trying to get a part of the action here. when you hear $900 million, it's hard not to take notice. you better believe even those who don't play are playing today. >> usually i'm not in the and usually it's not 900 million. >> reporter: customers blocking to their corner store for the jackpot. >> got a whole lunch of them? >> reporter: if they win ... >> first i'm going to give back. i have a big thing about giving people. this money will last much longer i give. >> i will pay my bills, help my family and those in need. >> many are setting their gps to
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it was just this week one of their customers hit five out of the six numbers which was $1 million win. the manager says business has picked up because of it. >> we've seen an increase in sales where some people are buying $200, some people are buying $50 at once. >> reporter: who will hit the jackpot and where it will happen -- happen is anybody's guess. >> remember, you've got to bye
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>> thank you. coming up, more campaign controversy from donald trump.
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removed from his rally in >> i don't even think he believes in the rhetoric that he's spewing. i think he's just saying stuff to get attention and to get his numbers up. i think that seems to b his biggest focus. >> she said she wanted to show trump supporters what a muslim looks like because she says they probably never met one before.
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seriously considering extradite extraditing he will cop guzman.
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would not extradite him until a lot to talk about here tonight. we are looking at showers and storms on the west coast. that's are strong and severe. this is pushing past i-41 and 65. this one actually has a tornado warning on it for another four hours. it will move south of lehigh acres. it will continue to move inland over the ever grades. really good significant on this with velocity -- signature on it. the moisture is heading in our direction, but the strong and severe thunderstorms will weaken. we'll monitor it over the next cuple of hours and bding you an
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winds starting to shift out of the southwest. that means another warm day tomorrow. this area of low pressure these attached to the north brings heavy rain down through the state and that will again will increase here tonight. we're looking at the model as we go through the overnight hours. 4:00 or 5:00 tomorrow, they'll linger through the early morning hours before exiting one or 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. as far as looking elsewhere in the extending forecast, several cooldowns moving tough south florida. tomorrow the chance of on and off showers. the air will change, cool and crisp for monday. climb up to 70 -- 72. 55 as you wake up on wednesday. that does it for us for now.
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some of them can be a little hard to say.
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