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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  January 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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finally democratic debate before the iowa caucuses. >> laurie: p ps, dr. martin luther king's leg stip. the news at 4:00 starts rightt now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvin: right now on news10 at 4:00, bikers and atv riders taking over some of the streets of south florida today on this dr. king holiday. these are live pictures from sky 10. you can see for the second year flay row those riders are out breaking some of the traffic laws and police they say are going to be monitoringy their every move today. >> laurie: you are looking live right now in the area of miami gardens. these bikers have been moving fast, of course, but at last check sky 10 was right in the area of miami gardens drive and then these bikers heading eastbound on one 84th street, to give you some idea of where some of the danger is. and local10 news reporter michael seiden is live in miami with the concernover all this and everything he's witnessed throughout this kay as these bikers were getting geared up.
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we just witnessed a pretty dangerous scene. >> michael: we saw a dozen of those retires pullingon'ts, illegal u-turns, weaving in and out of track of. we have been saw one of the riders hop a curb and go into this parking lot. we are also following this developing story from the sky. take a live look from sky 10. you can see those riders who have made this an annual tradition out in full force this afternoon. it's become an mlk, jr. day tradition, hundreds of people riding motorcycles and atvs zipping through south florida's busiest streets and highways. their motto i simple, bikes up, guns down. >> martin luther king rideout. that's lendary. >> michael: participants like alex told last year that it's all about stoing the voyages in a fun and exciting way. >> it's a big adrenal rush >> michael: but not everyone is going on along for the ride. many south florida motorists
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the motorcyclist endangered their lives by weaving in and out of traffic and doing tricks. >> we've been working very diligent could make sure that mlk holiday is safe and festive. >> michael: right now police are sprouted across miami-dade county hoping everyone is safe, but don't expect cops to get in the way unless a fears i will be nel nee is committed. >> we do not want to cause a additional risk or danger to vehicular traffic. unless they create's forcible felony. >> michael: and back out here live, another look from sky 10. you can see dozens of riders, many on atvs and motorcycles. they've been pulling tricks, wheelies, an interesting scene from sky 10. again, the concern from police is that this could be extremely dangerous for motorists who are making their way home from work. we're going to continue to follow this story. back to you, laurie and calvin and laurie.
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avenue and 1 injured street you can see there those cars weaving through those cars that are stopped at stoplights or at stop signs, and this is really a dangerous scene. >> laurie: it is just incredible to watch this video happening. so many people were hoping this would not develop again had to mlk, jr. holiday better it has and right at the beginning of your hour. our team coverage continues now with local10 news reporter andrew perez. he's riding the streets of southflorida to give us a sense of what's going on down on the ground. andrew. >> andrew: right now we're actually in the miami gardens area. we're trying to keep up with these bikers. again, we're driving recklessly at this point. when you think about it, if you take a look at the road we are right now on northwest 2nd uvenue. this whole movememt, this wheels up, guns down, it's got a good message, it's an antiviolence message. the issue is police said if you
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they said last year in same movement caused a huge headache. we saw fender-benders and accidents. it was dangerous. so that the message was kind of obscured. we have seen bikes on 95. we've seen ray few bikes here and there. you're taking a live look a sky 10 where these collection of bikes have been riding down. it's unclear where they're headed right now. we're heading to that general direction. stay tuned. we'll be bac in the next half hour with more. >> laurie: andrew, you are on northwest 2nd parch you didn't visibly see them now? >> andrew: no, no, not yet. we're trying to keep up with them. these guys are going fast, weaving in and out of traffic and changing direction. that's the other issue we're having. but we're driving toward the direction they've been braving driving in miami-dade gardens. >> laurie: and the latest we have is 202nd avenue. it is tough to keep up. sky 10 right on their tail& we're just beginning to get a
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bikers as we look at these live pictures. it does not look to be quite as large a scene as last year but it is so hard to tell when they're not all in one exact place but you certainly get a sense here that it's at least 150 riders. >> calvin: last year we had a number of about 5 5 rider, and you heard also from michael seiden that police say they arenot going to get involved unless there is some sort of forcible felony. but clearly these guys are pretty good at what they do and they have not had any accidents as we have seen last year and so far this year but sky 10 is, watching this very closely, and so is jenise fernandez who is going toet fill us in. a lot of people aren't working today. this is a federal mimed yet this is causing a traffic nightmare for so many across south florida, jenise. >> jenise: that's right, calvin. no major accidents to faulk at all. this is really the traffic story of the day, and like can you mentioned it's pretty hard to keep up with these riders. we do know at some point they were on miami gardens drive heading eastbound towards the
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problems because we know last year they got on major highways. they're circling around, weaving in and out of traffic. we have also seen these riders get on the opposite side of traffic so you can imagine the dangers this could be causing. let me show you on the maps really quick t t get an idea of where we know they were last spotted. we do know they were heading northbound at twist 2nd avenue and heading eastbound on miami gardens drive. at some point also heading southbound at northwest 22nd parch weir mon forking this. we are keeping an eye on this as we get back to sky 10 live here and, of course, anyone heading in that direction we're looking at a miami gardens drive, northwest 22nd avenue, northwest 37th avenue. traffic. we're going to be monitoring to make sure we keep all of you safe and make sure you don't get cut off in this mess, and like you mentioned police will not get involved but are monitoring the situation. calvin, laurie.
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everyone know sky 10 is over this, eastbound eastbound along miramar parkway. you can see vehicles popping wheelies. any vehicle that is witnessing this seems to be holding back, leaving room. >> calvin: i think what's so interesting about this, too, and our andrew perez really touched on this, and that is the fact that these guys are really liken themselves and their actions to the mavs president 1960s, andness a way for them to honor dr. king on this federal holiday, representing dr. kinins birthday. his birthday was actually on he would have been yen years old. but in this case these buys guys are likening themselvesy to what the civil rights may havers did back in the 1960s, and for some they may f fd that insulting as you can see even more and more of these bikers and atv riders are now on the streets here. we understand this is eastbound on miramar parkway so. very dangerous for a lot of people out there who may not be heading home from work but certainly for a lot of people who may just be heading to the
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>> laurie: you just saw one bikery crossing over the median to county. the in same direction. this is really take can over eastbound miramar parkway. it's an area to avoid tonight if you don't want to get caught up in this. it's an unfortunate tradition because it does u. cause fear. the message may be good but this is simply not anyone out on the streets enjoys running into, and it may n n make sense to you that miami-dade police are not able to do each more but we doknow they have a plan in place. there'll are trying to keep the roads such a. they've been encouraging us to wash you for days now that this may happen, and they are ready to act if there is a forcible felony. >> calvin: this is northbound university drive at in miramar section heading in i believal what to be pembroke pines area. let's check in now with our victor oquendo who is on our breaking news desk who is going the gives better perspective. >> victor: calvin, this ride is only growing at this point..
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redd lights, stop signs, they're really just suggestions for these people. they blow right through them. s they're driving it on wrong sisi of the street. we have seen them go over sidewalks, through people as you lawns, sometimes as you see a group there, some of them just on one wheel. wow, looks like they stopped for a quick second on northbound university here. their message, it's a good one, but as we've been reporting, they just go aboutt in a very dangerous and perhaps the wrong way here. this group, though, last year it started right around this time, and it only got bigger, and they haven't even hit some of the main highways yet. we saw them last year go on 95. we saw them on the 8836 and 826. it's really on as far as this mlk rideout goes. this thing is only going to grow from this point on. >> laurie: victor, when you think back to last year, what were the worst episodes that you recall? >> victor: you think at some point they're going to come way too close to a car, we're going
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and these guys, i don't know if i've seen one of these people wear a helmet, which legal you don't have to wear a helmet on an motorcycle or atv in south florida but i think there was only obe accident and it was toward the end of the ride, just a minor injury. that happened i believe close to the turnpike, and i think that only three people were arrested last year, so that to me, the fact that they are just so dangerously riding through the streets of south florida here thathey're able to do it somewhat in a way where the are not too many people getting injured is to me what stood out. >> calvin: so from miami gardens it appears they are heading now to pembroke pines, and this is northbound on university going past pembroke road. now they are probably approaching pines boulevard there. so they are in the pembroke pines area, but in the eastern side of pembroke pines. you can see there are a lot of traffic at this intersection. let's see if they stop. typically they weave in and out of traffic and they don't
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sections which, as you can imagine can be very dangerous for many of the people out there. >> laurie: let's just see what occurs. it's good to see major, major intersections so busy, but you can imagine the fear in the drivers that are just sitting there right now wondering what's going to occur. we've been trying to spread the word and warning people that this might happen but it is still a very unsell thing feeling. >> calvin: victor did have the numbers right. three people arrested last year. once again, police are not going to get heavily involved at least in mild county. they are now in broward county. police are not going to get involved as they cut in the front of these cars causing some disruption at university and pines boulevard. you can see they are really just taking over the streets, cars stopping, slowing down, wondering what is happening, but they call this guns down, wheels up in honorf dr. casing holiday. d d king's holiday. you might say good message but bad execution.
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around the 4:00 hour. this has only taken 20 minutes. they've c cered from the miami-dade gardensell were ab mild county, eastern pembroke pines. we just want to warn everyone to be careful. if you can stay off the major roadwa today, do indeed do that. calvin, you were at a beautiful mlk breakfast this morning. that's how we want to see this holiday recognized, not this. >> calvin: professor marvin said if you want to find the dumbest way to celebrate mlk-day, this is it right here. i believe they're heading eastbound on pines boulevard which means they should be going past broward college and they may be heading toward the city of hollywood. let's see hcw hollywood police are going to handle this once again. mild county police say they are not going to get involved unless there is a forcible felony. but as these biker said to the city of hollywood, that may change. >> laurie: and look at tt
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boulevard. you can see how baron the roadways are. obviously cars getting the word, and a lot of people are trying to back away from where these bikers are because you would never see the road that empty. >> calvin: not on a day like this, not on a monday at this hour as well when rush hour traffic would be heating up. but most of the time these bikers typically leave an mlk parade we're not sure if these guys left a mlk parade in liberty city. >> victor: i'm going to jump in real quick from the newsroom once again. this ride last year lasted about three thundershowers hours. this is just getting started. they're longar mlk but also to honor the untime simply kind of the unsolved death of a biker two years ago in philadelphia. so it's a nationwide movement. it's got several meanings. again, theirist big message is bikes up, guns down, and thankfully they do it on a day when a lot of people wouldn't be driving the on streets. rush hour in south florida is always a best mess but it is
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clear. as we were mentioning, police across south florida were ready for this one. you don't want to say it caught them off guard has year but it certainly caught us off guard as our cameras saw hundreds of hundreds of people on bikers and people on atvs takingover oury streets. that's what's happening once again. the police were more prepared for it this time around. and the thinking is that they don't want to cse any more danger, any more trouble by going after somebody who is speeding and put anybody else at risk. the statement isp they won't chase a suspect unless it's a known felon who is a danger to the public, laurie and california. >> laurie: do know police have aviation and motor patrol officers in place. they are trying to keep the roadways safe. we have sky 10 over it and a team reporters working this
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breaking news right now. we understand these riders here have made their way into the city of hollywood. they are now eastbound on hollywood boulevard right past state road 7, and they're getting into a really busy area, a very heavily trafficked area, and we're going to see how hollywood police respond to this as we know miami-dade county police have said they will not get involved unless there is some set of foes i will be felony. >> laurie: that is where all of this began just about a half hour ago. let's get to michael seiden. he is at 79th street and 441. michael. can you hear us? michael seiden, you can right ahead. >> michael: guys, there are about a dozen of these bikers who came through here, and the man who was on this was stopped, and it wasn't because his bike isn't street legal. it is because it has a license plate, but he was actually opped because he was not wearing any kind of eyewear. that means sunglasses or goggles.
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can ride around on an atv. >> calvin: michael, let me interrupt. we're going to go to andrew perez. andrew, take it away. tell us where you are. >> andrew: right now near the thk of it. we are heading east on hollywood boulevard approaching five. it is very loud out here, as you can imagine. these, i boo have been getting so close, they've been p stopping around our car, touching the car, obviously popping whilst left and right, and like you said it's hard for police to keep up, hard enough for us to keep up withhraffic. as you can imagine, police. [ not audible ] we know that they are approaching 95, so it's unclear if they're going to keep heading down hollywood boulevard or if they're going to get on the celebrate right now. at this point we're trying to show off, and that is frankly unacceptable at this point. this is a very dangerous situation.
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the message here is very good. one way or another. [ not audible ] they however, it's the way that they're going about it that police are concerned aout. >> laurie: it is hard to hear you, andrew perez. if you can hear once it's a little hard to hear you but we do have your incredible pictures of this danger and this threat on the roads. it is really hard to watch. we can back up what you're saying as far as these bikers touching cars. we have reports just a few minutes ago of -- from our total traffic camera capturing a biker that was chasing down and then kicked.. it obviously, these scenes getting very uncomfoable, very dicey and threatening to drivers, and we can see that perfectly from your vantage point. >> calvin: andrew, i don't know if you can put your mic up closer to your mth so we can get a better perspective. clearly it is loud out there. if you can hold that mic up very close to your mouth.
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is holding the camera outside the car window and i'm wondering how are they reacting to you as you are right in the middle of them and videotaping what they're doing. >> andrew: first things first. i'm actually having to driveve about 15 miles per hour because i don't want to hurt anybody. i want to make sure the car doesn't get too close to these bikes. i'm looking through my rear view mirror. we're actually toward the end of this bike line right now. it seems that most of the bikes, those of these atvs of pads us. we are oh -- approaching 95. it's unclear as they're going to be getting on the interstate. i'm waiting to see about that. but they've been runni all these lights. and to the cars, to be honest, they think this is kind of funny, they think this is pretty entertaining. i've been saying all along their message, it's a good message, but the issue is that it's dangerous. we have seen ourselves they are going through -- these aren't just back roads, guys.
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intersections be with they're going on highways, and they are causing issues for other drivers, and that's the point police really want to get across. you can see i am now at -- we're at a south park road and hollywood boulevard here. we are caught at the light bebeuse we're not going to run this red light the way that these bis have, but you can see they are still approaching 95. if you guys -- i want to send it back to you. maybe you can get a better look from the chopper where they're headed. >> laurie: we do have an aerial view and they are stopped for the moment as they near 95, just about to get onto 95 and there's a large group of them right now. they would have to turn right so it looks like they're going to stay on hollywood boulevard. they are trying to figure out right now where they are going. there you see 95 southbound just at the top of your screen. they are on busy hollywood boulevard. you couldn't ask for a wis busier place any evening at this time let alone on this holiday. >> calvin: and how is bso going to react? that's. big question as they make their way through the streets of the cici of hollywood and keep going
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hollywood boulevard but how is bso going to react to them disobeying track of laws and interrupting track of on this monday afternoon? >> laurie: they have been doing that. allhe authorities of told us they will not intervenor there also unlesthere's a forcible fell feet nee but we have seen a lot of illegal u-turns, cars being kicked by some of these bikers, and at lease i situation already, and we are seeing light of red lights completely ignored. the bikers, at least this group right now, choosing to head east on hollywood boulevard. they're not getting on 95 southbound anyway. let's see if they make that turn. turn. >> calvin: victor, if we can bring you back in here, one way that they get even more bikers to come out with they are atv ands some of the motorcycles is through social media, and it seems to me they're on twitter and trending right now. >> victor oquendo: it happened just like that last year, too, calvin. it's important to mention these people are not just from south florida anan our area. they come from all over the
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ride. it's become a really big deal, what's now become a tradition. they're in the shell station now, maybe be possibly to gas up and meet with more of these people ps this is how it went last year, it is started picking up more and more steam, and eventually like they did last year they will make their way onto i-95 and those bigger highways. but right now this big group, they are pulling into that shell station, a few of them probably going to gas up and get ready for what could be very long night ahead for. on the roadways here. which is this is where they sort reconvene and have their meetings probably to decide where they're going to go next and where they're going to disrupt life next on the streets of south florida. once again, they are at this what appears to be a shell gas station as they reconvene there. and speaking of that, we'll take a quick break as we continue to watch these pictures. we'll have a lot more coming up
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florida in just a moment. >> laurie: welcome back to our breaking news coverage of the rideout in miami, an unfortunate event that is happening no for the second year in a rote martin luther king, jr. holiday. we want to let you know best service we can do for you right now is to help you understand where these bikers are, the majority of them anyway, if you can avoid this event. you're looking live from ain't sky 10. this big group of bikers is at the shell station on hollywood boulevard one bck east of i-95. the question is will they get oh i-95 or head toward the beach. >> calvin: ey began tracking them at 3:30 so they'vep been going for a good hour now as they have made their way from miami-dade into broward county here, and we saw this last year about 500 bikers were on the streets of south florida. they would go to gas stations and probably decide where they were going to go next. we know that they're just east of i-95 so we don't know if thth're going to stay on city streets or if they may try to hit the highway, but it's on those highways which is where it
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pop wheelies and do very dangerous stunts right by cars that are traveling 60 to 70 miles an hour, so we don't quite know what's going to happen, and obviously so far at least last year they did not have any injuries as a result of doing those stunts. but who knows what could happen this time around. >> laurie: you're looking at south 27th avenue. it's just one block east of 95. you can see already the atv ands some of these bikers weaving weaving in and out of cars. they seem to enjoy making people nervous and making their presence felt. again this has started in northern mild flight miami garden area and has med well up into broward. we are sorry to have to report this again today because it's a real concern for our community. last year there were three arrested, a couple of minor accidents. we can only hope this will end veryry quickly. this is not the way we like to see the mlk holiday h hored or
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>> cvin: and it was not how it lasted year. it lasted three hours. now it's been going on for an hour. our victor oquendo is in the our newsroom monitoring the latest details with the help of our assignment desk. we understand social media works with these guys in terms of getting the word out and getting more bikers to join their movement. >> and and they've been doing that laurie and calvin for a while now. if you look at the time #mcirideout you will see plenty of tweets talk about this day and this ride. this is the only time we can keep track of them, when they are stopped like they are in that shell gas station in hollywood. it was around this time last year when they started getting on much busier highways and make their way through miami. last year they made their way bound biscayne boulevard by the american airlines arena. really no telling where this group is going to go just yet. that's how they spread their message, through social media. this ride, it made national headlines last year.
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out after the fact once it really got underwau, in some back alleys, much smaller roads, these groups would get together and eventually they made their way into busier residential streets, and now a much busier street on hollywood boulevard as it looks like once again they are on the move. this is something, it's tough to tell where they're going to go next because there are so many of them. >> laurie: they are heading toward the beach, hollywood boulevard away in 95, and let's hope in that sense they will keep the speeds down. you andrew perez is out there on the stres. this is your vantage point, andrew. take it away. >> andrew: that's right. we are on south 28th avenue and hollywood boulevard. they stopped at a stem cell gas station, hundreds of them, some of them to fuel up, some of them just to wait for the rest of the crowd but it looks like literally they are about to get back on the move. it look like they are making an u-turn to get back on 95. that's right. they are turning west now to hollywood boulevard. i would imagine they're going to
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all the way back down hollywood boulevard where they came from. there are hundreds of bikers out here. it's been hard for police to keep track and follow and find the bikers that are caulks issues, that are behaving extra recklessly. they have change directions so many times. we have had to be keeping up with them all the way through. you saw it live on local10 we were caught in the middle of all of this, and the issue is they get very close to the cars, they start touching the cars, again, they mean wheelie well, the message is a good message. it's just the way they are delivering that message. just as quickly as they you had inned in shell gas station on south 28th avenue in hollywood boulevard is as quick as they have gone right back out and they are heading again west on hollywood boulevard. we're about to make a u-turn and see which direction they're headed in. back to you guys. >> calvin: and some at home may be woning how is it that police are allowing them to disobey traffic laws put i think part of
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protest, which is what they're calling this, is that they are trying to get police to chase after them, and police have said they are not going to endanger the public by chasing them down as they disobey the traffic laws. as you saw one gentleman there was actually going in the wrong direction, but you can see it looks like they are about to get on i-95, and this is where it gets really tricky for other drivers out there who may not be privy to what's happening right now as these guys will begin doing their stunts and dangerous tricks on their bikes and atvs. >> laurie: and this is 95 northbound from hollywood boulevard and we can only imagine the chaos as they near fort lauderdale airport. they've already gotten out of hollywood heading north. they are going to get into the thick of traffic as they near sheridan and sterling and fort lauderdale airport. you see them all, mostly -- i'd love to say most throw it farid right side of the highway but they are not. they are covering every single lane of this highway, popping their wheelies and we can only imagine what will happen next.
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you is to bring you these live pictures, keep you informed of ere they are so that you can hopefully avoid this scene. ton good part of this message is guns down. they do call their movement bikes up, guns down. but this is certainly not the way anyone wants to see that message portrayed, and this just causes danger on our streets. >> calvin: especially on this day as they have likened themselves to the civil rights may haver of the 1960s and also calling this a peaceful protest. but for the drivers out there, this can be a very scary experience as you can see them making their way down i-95. it looks like they may be -- are they heading northbound here? ^> laurie: i believe they are northbound on 95. >> and and so, you know, there's no telling how bso is going to respond to this. it looks like if they are in fact going northbound on 95, they are going to fort lauderdale and how fort lauderdale police respond t t this, then, of course, we'll see how they react. >> laurie: there you see sheridan street, they'll make
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again right into the thick of traffic by fort lauderdale international airport. michael zealand was been live the day. let's check in with him. michael you're at northwest 79th correct? >> michael: that's correct. right now we are in that liberty city neighborhood in miami. i've away. watching officers armed with is a citations on the lookout for riders. we have steen a couple dozen riders on atvs and motorcycles that have come through this busy intersection, and i want to show you this video that we just captured minutes ago. take a look. these are those riders wear talking about. at one point we saw one of the officers trying to grap one of the bikers who had obviously committed a felony, driving and weaving in and out of traffic. he wasn't able to get him but they did stop that one guy who was on an atv, and we thought at first it was because his atv wasn't street legal. it was. he was stopped not because he wasn't wearing a helmet but he
4:30 pm
corning to state law you have to have goggles or glasses on when you're on a a bike. they ended up legislative him off request a warning. i want to take you back to sky 10 as we continue to follow this story. it's interesting, talking to& that guy who is stopped, most of the participants out here, they're riding for change. it's become an annual tradition. they're standing up to violence. but this guy said -- you know what? -- he thought it was a good time to just come out and put a spotlight on motorcycles and atvs, just standing up for the rights of motorcyclists and others who ride around south florida, basically telling us not enough is being done for their safety. so, you know, with these large numbers, we're talking about hundreds of people who are out here participating in this ride. i would say the majority are obviously here standing up against violence. but again, some using this for their own personal causese but, you know, this intersection is kind of in the epipinter for a lot of those riders. we've seen them coming into this parking lot of this gas station.
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moments earlier on today as we still are following on sky 10, but we did see dangerous moments, guys willing u-turns in the middle of intersections with riders weaving in and out of traffic, hopping curbs. just talking to these police, it is frustrating for them becau at the end of the day you're talking about big groups, dozens of these riders and only a few cops out here. again, they're on standby b they're not going to stop any of these guys unless they are committing a forcible offense. so as police remain out here, they are continuing to monitor the roads. but i know just spepeing with drivers, especially in the past, this is notot something they want to see, especially it is a holiday today, but a lot of people still headed to work, and as rush hour begins to pick up, when you have these bikers weaving in and out of traffic, it is obviously a recipe for disaster. so we're going to continue to follow this story out here as you continue to get a look at what's going on from sky 10.
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>> laurie: we just saw the griffin road and it and some of these bikers driving the wrong wite highway just trying to get off on that and it. obviously some got ahead of the game, and that is the kind of scene that just panics these drivers, when they see these bikers heading the wrong way straight at them. >> calvin: and traffic, you can see it is fairly light on this day which is a federal holiday so not a lot of people are out on the roads, but still for those who are out there like that white van, i'm sure it's a scary experience for him as all of those drivers and those bikers there on the atvs are right there right along with the guy driving on the embankment there. this is just a frightening scene for so many drivers out there. and right now once again this is justff of griffin road here going northbound on i-95. some are taking the exit there, making a right turn, what pa pierce to be on griffin road. others look like they're about to get back on i-95. once again disrupting so many of people who may be running
4:33 pm
>> laurie: this is part of a nationwide move the that has hit other cities.we need to be careful calling this a tradition. this is not a tradition. some of these bikers might want it to become one. but the first time we ever saw this was last year in our south florida community. it is an unfortunate event. these bikers might like to make it a yearly tradition. we can only hope that officers will mind find a way to stop this from becoming a tradition because it is endangering so many lives. this is only the second year th we've seen this event happen in our community. >> calvin: and they caught a lot of drivers off-guard a victor has talked about. victor showing us once again from our newsroom. so many people were caught off-guard. we don't want to go as far as saying police were caught off-guard but it appeared to be the case last year. they didn't know whether tooo after them or just let them run their course. >> victor: we don want to say the police were caught off-guard, you're right, calvin, but they were much better prepared for this event this year. we expected it to start around
4:34 pm
point. unorganized. a few of these guys had to turn around and go back the wrong way on i-95 only for to them get back on i-95 and continue their route north. police have been warning these drivers we have, telling you that this is likely going to happen today, and we've been watching this group here. again, 95 north. it's tough. it's a big group athis point but there very well could be another group further south in miami. we do expect these people at some point to turn back around, come back down to miami-dade county as they did last year. this gives you an idea of what it is they're doing. tough to tell how long it's been going on. one wheel, clearly not safe. their fanned out all across every single lane of i-95, but looks like their communication there not great amongst this group of riders this year as it's tough to tell where they're going. >> laurie: and to make matters
4:35 pm
close up to some of them you can could see how many had phones in their hands, being on social media, taking pictures, texting, making this an even more than dangerous scene. >> victor: absolutely. if you were watching about 15 minutes ago, our andrew perez was live with them right there and we could barely hear andrew because of our how loud it is and it is scary they are punching cars. they are kicking cars. not causing any other damage aside from that. so far, though, we want to point out we haven't seen any accidents just yet. michael seiden has been reporting that there were some warnings handed out. officers are standing by, ready with citations, but so far no arrests that we have seen, no accidents that we have seen, either, even though they are incredibly unsafe here, laurie and calvin. >> calvin: list are watching every moment of this not only from the air but from the ground as well. standing by. this. i-95 northbound as they approach the davie boulevard exit. sky 10 is over there. we're watching every move. we're going to take a quick
4:36 pm
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>> calvin: we're following breaking news on the streets of south florida here. you see what is called an mlk rideout or what they are calling guns down, wheels up. these bikers have taken over the streets and they are now on i-95 northbound hend towards the fort lauderdale area. it seems to be that some bikers might have gone off the interstate right around the griffin road area. but others kept going northbound on i-95, so they're sort of splinter but enough of them to generation for drivers who are on the streets and who are on the highway of i-95. >> laurie: one very it upping note we're just getting in from our michael seiden, he's telling us officers are telling him not only have 19 getting a few citations when they can stop these drivers, the ones driving illegally or aren't wearing eyewear but the officers are armed with body cameras. officers could take that footage and present it to the state
4:40 pm
what miami-dade police are information our cruise of. so they -- crews of. they are much more ready this year. they are folwing the scene by helicopter as well as patrol crews on the ground andhey are at least trying to get a sense of who these people are and which ones are making major offense. >> calvin: and police in south florida have local10 had policies for years that prohibit the e rsuit of speeding vehicles unless officics believe a suspect is a known felon who is a danger to the public. and so far these guys have only disobeyed traffic laws. as far as police know, they are not known felons, none of them is a known fell op, so as a result they y e not going do chase them through the streets of south florida. they are disebolaing traffic laws and causing a lot of scary expeences for drivers, but as far as anything else, police say unless they commit some sort of felony they will not chase after them. >> laurie: tha was group on sky 1010as heading eastbound on sunrise boulevard.
4:41 pm
of bikers there eastbound at sunrise boulevard. and now sky 10 has moved any different direction. so as soon as we get a sense now if that was i objected now be it. feels like we're looking eastbound on this major roadway. so we're going to get a sense of where the bikers are so at least you can work to avoid them. >> calvin: let's go now to our victor oquendo who is following this from our newsroom. vior, from your vantage point we understand we have talked so much about social media, but also last year there were about 500 bikers. it doesn't look like they have that many people this year. >> victor: and we saw those numbers grow big-time as our coverage went on last year. so let's see how this one develops here.but now they're off on some side street. i'm that the not sure which street they turned off of. so far the focus this year, unlike last, it's been all broward county. they have not made their way into miami. this is off sunrise. they made a right turn, and they're on some back street here. it's almost a pattern that we see with these guys. they ride forte while, then they
4:42 pm
meet up at one point and figure out their next move as to where they're going to go next. the communication ase saw at one point on i-95 where some people got off an and it which told the rest of the crew to come back, come back the wrong way on i-95. i'm not sure where this crew is headed just yet but it looks like they are coming to a stop for a brief moment. perhaps they are gathering to get themselves all together and figure out where they're headed next. >> calvin: they were in the miami garden at one point. >> laurie: they were down where michael seiden was on the northwest vinted street and 4 thune-up 41. and that's where we -- and 441. they have concentrated so far on broward county. and this group right now just off of sunrise boulevard. we also have our traffic reporter jenise fernandez standing by to gives a sense of how the roads are looking. jenise, can you at least tell us how slow traffic is on 95 or on sunrise boulevard judges of well, the good news in all of this, i think that since it is a
4:43 pm
people out on the roads and i have to say i'm thankful for that because i'm monitoring all of this, and right now, though, since there are not a lot of cars on the roadway, especially on 95, track of was moving african at about 65 miles per hour. so imagine what that must have been like to be going 65 miles per hour and you see these riders just speeding past you, and you saw them speeding by those cars. that gives you an idea just how fast these riders were driving and how dangerous that situation was, especially when they were getting off griffin road, some of those riders ended p going to wrong way to loop back around and get off griffin. right now it does seem they are stopped. wieck they got off at sunrise boulevard. turned on a side street it. louks they're gathering, probably trying to decide where they're going to go next. i have to be honestac, laurie and calvin, it makes me nervous when they get on i-95 because i know how fast these cars going. anyone in this area, we are monitoring. if you do need to head on 95 either northbound or southbound
4:44 pm
back on 95 but take an alternate route, maybe us-iv 41. it looks like they're -- 441. it looks like they're trying to figure out where they're going to go next and, of course, we're going to watch that all for you. >> calvin: and all it takes is one driver to feel intimidated and there you go. you have a situation on the highways obviously with cars going so fast. bucket see here they're trying to decide what their next move is going to be. we are going to take a very quick break and decide what we're going to do in terms of following them, but american likely we'll see what their next move is going to be and we'll have light more on the other
4:45 pm
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>> reporter: right now let's this is a live look from fort lauderdale, and if you were like me this morning, you woke up this morning and said, oh, my, what happened. >> laurie: betty, you warned us
4:48 pm
believed you it would be this chilly and it really was. >> betty: get used ou to. we did not even touch 70 degrees in so many of your neighborhoods. wind flowing in from the west-northwest. skies hanging over our -- clouds hanging over our skies. this is chilliest morning we have seen this season and we may outdo that tomorrow morning. right now, mine, we are looking at clouds draped across the magic city. nice and dry out there. the chill is in the air. thee mia checking in at 64. 65 in fort lauderdale right now, and homestead sitting at 65. kendall, you're our coolest spot. 62 degrees is what you're showing at this miles per hour by 8:00 tonight everybody will be around 60 then we start that drop-off into the 50s, and we're taking it all the way down into the lower 50s. on thecloud and radar imagery for the entire state we are still noting that southwesterly flow aloft so those clouds continually streaming in oaf us.
4:49 pm
leading edge of more cold air now starting to bear down onhe north heart of the state, and you can see the temperature divide between middle georgia and also central portions of alabama where the numbers are in the mid-30s. that chilly air, at least the fringes of it, will start to make that spill down the peninsula tonight, so on that north breeze that's going to knock our temperatures down a bit more, so tomorrow morning, miami, we're expecting to start around 53 degrees. those lower 50s will be widespread and there may be one or two spots inland that hit the upper 40s come tuesday morning. so keep the sweaters ready. the rebound in numbers tomorrow very similar to today, mid to upper 60s is about all we'll do. by wednesday we get a little milder. next front approaches by friday bringing some rainfal that cools us down again this weekend. guys. >> calvin: betty, thank you. >> laurie: let's take you live now to the breaking news of the day that we are following for you.
4:50 pm
hundreds of bikers and atv riders in the area of sunrise boulevard in broward county. they are gathering at this gas station right now from all we can tell. they have at least gotten off of i-95. but pbably not for long. we are watching them, and the best service we can bring you here on local10 is to at least keep track of where they are and warren you of areas to avoid. warn you of areas to avoid. they call their effort bikes u guns down, but unfortunately this is not the way any mlk supportive would want to see this day honored. >> calvin: some are calling this a peaceful protests in honor of dr. king here he ever, and you can see some of the spectators looking on at some of the bikers who have pulled into that gas probably trying to figure out where they are going to travel next, but some of these bikers say this is a way of sort of likening themselves to the may havers and protestors and demonstrators from the 1960s and civil rights demonstrators but others have called this not
4:51 pm
message to send to this day of dr. king's legacy and the holiday, the 30-year anniversary of the very first mlk day in this country. >> laurie: we ha team coverage on this mlk rideout. we will be right back with a
4:52 pm
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