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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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will warm up to the low to mid 80s. it will be a beautiful day to be outdoors. i suggest it and enjoy. today and tomorrow is going to be fantastic. this rpg morning we'll wake up to some cloud cover. enjoy because the strong storms are going to head towards the east today providing for a severe weather threat. this will be headed our way as early as thursday night and friday. i'll have more coming up. >> thank you so much, julie. good morning, everyone. if you arer traveling i-95 northbound in broward county, reports of a broken down car affecting our northbound lanes. again, that broken down car reported right at hollywood boulevard, not causing any major delays but that's the only thi we're watching for you in broward county. taking a closer look at our traffic data here, we can see if there are reports of slowdowns and in real-time data, not at all, 69 miles per ur. if you live on the beach, we've get a pretty bad accident here reported by miami beach police.
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avenue and 38 m street, we're hearing traffics shut down in this location due to a crashv our alternate is taking indian creek drive and truck it go over to 37th street. three men suspected of stealing a car and tacking the people inside. they are on the run. police say two membership in a rental car went to meet those men at a home near 254th street last night. when they got there, their rental car was stolen.become are expected to recover. we'll have much more on this developing story ahead at 6:30. and new overnight a call for helpo find a missing teenager and her two-year-old daughter. take a look. pembroke pines trying to track down rose rodriguez. the 17-year-old is bebeeved to have run away if her home's south compass on saturday with her little girl. they urge anyone with any information give
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remember you can remain anonymous. a plane that crashed into the ocean out of the water this morning after a scare just off the shore of haulover beach. that small plane was submerged for hours after crashing yesterday with two people onboard. local 10 news reporter erica rakow is live right at haulover beach this morning. erica, how are the people doing? >>reporter: they are doing just type. they weren't each taken to the hospital, jacey. that was the most incredible nipping here. -- thing here. this is the plane. it actually took about seven hours for crews and a team of people to get this done. pulled from the water, loaded on to a truck to take then haulover park marina late last night. one of the wings broken off. the engine now showing. the f.a.a. and the ntsb will examen this wreck and to try and figure out why the plane went down.
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the two student pilots. they are from ecuador and chile, they told rescuers they experienced a mechanical problem and before they knew it, they were in the water. people on the beach pulled out their cell phones and started recording before it even hit the ocean. once it did though, they say the two people on board climbed out and ththplane sunk in only a matter of seconds. they took off from marathon and it is still unclear where they were heading. it will be couple reports before we get the report from ntsb. erica rakow, local 10 news. new this morning, six men in the hospital after the pick-up truck they were in collided with a dodge magnum. the force of the wreck sent it crashing into that light pole. the six membership in the truck all taken to jackson memorial. they are expected to recover.
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checked out at the scene. we have learned the identityf a woman killed on state road ven in lauderdale lakes. the woman died after she wawa hit just before 7:00 yesterday morning. it appears the 74-year-old was heading towards t t bus stop when she was hit. no charms have been filed against the driver. we're waiting to learn the victim identity of a shoot victim. deputies say they found the body around: 30 in the morning. investigators would only identify the victim as a man in his 50s. sky 10 flying over the home of sweetwater's mayor. a bomb squad had to be called out. still up clear what was inside those packages
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sent from virginia under a fake name. and a pizza delivery man being credited w wh helping capture a key west man wanted on several authorities. a torrey ann roberts allegedly talk his wife and children, threatening theirives. he's now being held without bond on more than a dozen charges. now to and animal abuse arrest you'll see only on local 10. nine puppies died inside a north west miami-dade home and now their owner is charged with cruelty. this puppy you see here almond is the only survivor after his mother gave birth to ten puppies. >> malnourished, not well-kt and you could tell that she was not getting enough nutrition to take care of the huge litter she had. >> a total of 18 dog were taken from
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she has been released from jail but faces several felony charges of animal cruelty. caught on camera, a thief stealing bicycles in a miami beach condo. them he ride out there dragging anoer bike with him. take a look. if you think you know who this guy is, call police. miami beach say it's an important reminder, register your bike so they can help you if yours gets stolen. the first day on the job foriami beach police director. perez is working law enforcement 25 years.he replaces retiring this morning the family of corey jones tallahassee. they are pleadingg to governor scott that all police departments use body cameras. corey jones was shot and
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beach gardens officer. cuban president raul castro taking in the sight and sound of france during this historic trip went through an anthropology museum. later on he met with various french officials, attended a state dinner as well. the trip aimed at boosting business betwtwn cuba and san francisco. a fishy neighborhood trying to find a situation. plus n@w video offnight from a tornado touchdown. the damage left behind is just ahead. we're going to watch that front as it will eventually move into south florida and impack our forecast. more detail i'll have coming up. is it a boy or a girl, that baby bump of julie's.
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the big reveals. details on when we're
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get your bets in. >>reporter: good morning. topping america's money, chipolte pays a price. >> after all the food-related illness last quarter, it's no surprise the earns fell 44%. >> the company faces a a difficult and expensive year trying to restore public confidence in its food safety. legal marijuana cases bombing.
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reach 6.7 billion with a b dollars. >> mickey ds is serving up books in its happy meals. >> it's p time. the paper backs include four titles including the classic paddington and three other withvalentine's day themes. mcdonald's expected to distbute more than 17 million. that's good. >> all right.that's michigan's money: have a great day, everyone. new video into our news room overnight, a funnel forming in the skies of alabama. itappened two hours outside of birmingham. you can see it moving, coming close to those homes. and residents are cleaning up what's left this morning. some still don't even have power. a federal corrections institute was also damaged but only minor injuries were reported. a live look a littl bit closer to home. 6:11 right now. 74 degrees. i felt a breeze as i was
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julie durda is here to set usp for wednesday. we are expecting that breeze to continue. it feels really nice along the coast. where the wind are coming from is pumping in the heat and humidity providing for our temperatures to be 13 degrees above where we should be this time of year. 75 ft. lauderdale, 76 key west. 10 and 15 miles per hour it. has been reaching anywhere between 15 to 20 miles per hour this morning. that will continue through the afternoon so we do have an elevated risk of rip corrupts. make sure you're wearing your sunblock and staying hydrated. 75 is your temperature in pembroke pines. 73n kendall with the winds moving off the ocean up and down the coastline. we are expecting that possibility of wind gusts in the 20s this morning across parts of the keys. it looks as though no wind gusts currently but that will l ange throughout the morning
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just a f clouds in the gulf of mexico. these clouds will continue to move offshore. high pressure's building over the western atlantic. that suppresses the air mass and allows it to sink to the surface and that's why it feels so comfortable and refreshing out there. our winds are feeding into a strong storm system bringing all the severe weather. blizzard conditions for the midwest. currently severe weather threat stay as cross the south and in towards northern f frida all thanks to the difference in the air masses. just ahead of this front, temperature are in the 60s. behind the front we have temperatures in the 30s and 40s. that will elevate the risk of very strong storms today. frequent lightning across the couple into central florida today and into tomorrow. minimal. you'll have today to enjoy. you'll have tomorrow to enjoy and then we'll be talking about storms friday morning right here on local 10 news.
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we will see the storms staying north of us. thursday night is when we increase the chance of showers in the forecast going into friday m mning. watch what happens. we'll be dealing with three fronts. the next front will come in saturday night, bring us stormy conditions sunday morning. once that front clears, even cooler air will be moving into the forecast come monday. i kid you not, first you're going to need the rain gear and then you'll need the sweater and jackets. 40s and 50s by next week. constance, are you ready for the roller-coaster? >> it's been crazy. broward county guess what, no accidents reported. we've been pretty quiet out there. a live look at i-95 at griffin road. northbound drivers zooming by with no issues. southbound drivers here are those headlights, nothing to report. no construction or accidents to slow you down. if you're traveling on
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broken down car. hopefully that's in its clearing stages. my beach people, pay attention. 38th street, we've got and accident scene there. we khow that part of that intersection is blocked and traffic's being rerouted as you see those speeds at 12 miles per hour so the alternate route that's suggested, take indy and creek drive from 37th street if you're trying to travel northbound or southbound. hey, south florida gett ready. we've got you covered. tickets to one of the biggest e&ents of the year. local 10 is giving away tickets to the south florida wine and food festivals. you want to win? head on over to the local 10 facebook page. look forhe contest tab and enter today for your chance to win. new for you this morning, underground discovery. we're going inside a tunnel dug in mexico, trying to get people safely underground and into the united states. two men hurt during
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southwest miami-dade. their rental cars stolen after one of the men was shot.
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this one straight ahead. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go o of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he w so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simpmp thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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a neighbor of a 13-year-old stabbed to death i virginia says the seventh grader called the alleged killer her boyfriend. the neighbor says she met david eisenhower on a messaging app kit. she says she snuck out to meet the virginia tech freshman prior to her death. his alleged accomplice natalie keeper is
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accessory to the crime. a jump could soon decide if cosby will dismiss that sexual assault case. cosby appearing in court yesterday after being krmly charged. cosby's attorney said the only reason he agreed to tesesfy in the trial where he admitted to giving the women quaalude. the u.s. marine corps says traces of dna from marinesesill in a helicopter crash. 12 hawaii paced marines were killed pack o january 14th. the cause of that investigation is still beinlooked into. also new this morning, police in texas discovering this, an unfinished tunnel. this tunnel found inside of a house. the bottom part of the tunnel.
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nine feet towards the u.s. a taco restaurant in las los angeles is drawing inspiration with el chapo. he included a menu related to drug lords. tacoco he will tacito guzman and an al capone taco. >> all right. >> got all the gangsters >> u.s. wine makersp want in on the hot cuban market. >> they are helping to sell their products on the market as tourism grows. dozens attended a conference in havana. since most u.s. products have been banned from the islands for decade, the u.s. wine makers are facing fierce competition from europe and latin america. our continuing coverage bringing us together a pair of old friend reunited.
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bid 90 miles and more than 60 years. good morning to our facebook friend of the day, greta, from barbados. a plana taking a plunge that sent two student pilots swimming to safety. more what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? explore the ocean with a tour guide that's a ton of fun. race like a cheetah at 60 miles per hour. or fly down a waterslide. wi choose your adventure, you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99,
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more visits. more savings.
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two old friends separated near 60 years. hatzel vela met father jose at a church while filming his special last year. >> it turns out he was a friend of the father of one of our producers here. they were able to reconnect recently here in south florida. he said his friend hasn't changed too much
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of hair. >> a couple old buddies reunited. i love that story. >> just like the good old days. >a utah officer has a new little friend. a rambunctious toddler just couldldt sit still in traffic court. >> this video you're seeing right here, it's sped up but you can see the little girl moves all around the room. she's trying to really enter entertain when he self as her father was trying to calm her down but he had to go into court to testify because of that traffic ticket. that's when the officer you see right there pulled out his phone. he told the little girl, let's watch some cartoons.those two, that pair, new friend. >> we're not just out there to arrest people. we're out there to make the community a better place. >> the video has been
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since being posted to the police station page. i love my police officers but have you guys seen eric yutzy with his fou kids. just saying. let's look at the bridges here. looking really good if this angle. thth is the macarthur causeway causeway. if you're on the beach this morning closures right off of collins avenue. i'll have the details on
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' dons. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. develop right now, two men hurt when they are carjacked. plane plunged. new details about the studt pilots whose
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the coast. ambushed in opa locka. a family targeted in a restaurant drive-t(ru and new we're seeing the surveillance. could an old military device have been ditched in the water? good wednesday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzyth i'm jacey birch. hope you guys are enjoying our hump day, gettinghings going with the coffee, packing the lunches, getting the kids ready to school. let's talk to july eencht the kids only going to need their sunglasses today. i'm happy to tell you that. we should really enjoy the next two days because big changes come as we end the workweek. ththmiami tower cam is moving and sheaing around because of how breezy it is out there. don't worry, we'll see that first light over the horizon the next 20 minute. it's warm. that the one thing you're going to be able to feel as you walk out the door as it's 74
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our average low this time of year 61. 75 for you in ft. lauderdale and key west. today we will continue the above average temperatures throughout the morning as the kids head t the bus stop. as you're picking them up, it's going to be a warm day with that breeze in place. plenty of sunshine expected. rain does return to the forecast. i'll have those details coming up. here is the traffic alert we've been mentioning all morning long on miami beach. the rollover crash. live pictures there off of collins avenue and 38th street. we've got some lane closures in place there. we've got a reporter there live on the scene. we'll have details on all the newsspects of it. let me show you how it breaks down for us. we do know there are complete closures in place. thth is collins and 38th street. so if you live in this spot, if you normally drive this way taking the kiddo to see school, instead take indian creek drive over to 37th
6:29 am
collins shut town right there off of 38th street. take indian creek drive over to 37th. if you're traveling northbound starting at lejeune road heading into downtownn miami, maybe the brickle area, going to take you about eight minute. brickle in the same spot about 17 mute. constance just told us about the rollover wreck. now santiseban is -- sanela sabovic is there. >> you you can see right there it's a two-car crash.witnesses tell me that this happened around 5:00 this morning a woman was driving this gray volkswagen when she hit a cab driver. this is all what witnesses are telling me. they tell me a cab driver was hurt.
6:30 am
his head and hand and he was taken to the hospital. the driver the volkswagen was cooperating. she was not hurt. she did remain here. right new only one lane traveling northbound is over on collins avenue. again, a very active scene here. should we get anymore late-breaking details 'll bring that to you. nela sabovic, local 10 news. >> thank you. back to that developing story and an arm carjacking sent two men to the hospital, three men on the run this morni. ben kennedy reports from kendall regional where one of those victims was treated. >>reporter: good morning, eric and jacey. the twowo murder are in stable condition. he is being treated right here behind me at kendall regional medical center. let' take to you that scene in souwest miami-dade off of southwest 135th court and sououwest 255th street where two men drove to#an abandoned
6:31 am
someone. once they pulled up the pair were attacked by three men who stole the rental car they wer driving. one victim was shot in the shoulder, the other was pistol whipped. poem were rushed to the hospital where they are being treated. >> it's still early in the investigation. our main goal is to make sure the victims get what they need. our detectives will be speaking to them to get if you meaner clarification. >> they say that is the rental car that was stolen. it is still not clear at this hour exactly why they chose it meet at that house or quite frankly if they knew their attacker- that's what police are trying to find out. ben kennedy, local 10 news. we have more breaking news this morning from southwest miami-dade. police activity, this is southwest 189th street and 10rd avenue. as can you see, a number of police vehicles are there. they are blocking off that section of the road and that may be a
6:32 am
trying to close in. we're getting the latest details but police activity happening right now southwest 189th and 113th avenue. a plane just went down outside baker's haulover. >> ao this morning we're hearing the 911 calls after a plane plunged right into the ocean. the two people inside managed to get out safety before it sank. now we're learning they wewe student pilots. erica rakow has more on the crash off the coast. >>reporter: night fell and it was after the plane made a crashlanding in the ocean. you can see what little is left of the plane. one wing broken off and the engine now exposed. >> slowly but s sely we got it in safe pretty much in tact the way i found it in the water.
6:33 am
just before noon tuesday.y. lifetime a lot of altitude within the last 1,000 feet, and it just kind of landed on the water. >>reporter: captain jackh was out in the water when he saw the plane go down. >> i saw him bobbing out of the wreckage. >>reporter: within a matter of seconds the plane started simplegging. the two student pilots struggled in the rough surf but lucky for this mean a lifeguard was on his way to help. >> i saw the guys come og out of thehe plane jump in the water. first guys said i help my partner because he doesn't swim very well. >> there were atop of people out here on this beach yesterday when the plane went down. surely a day at the beach that they will never forget. those two student pilots are from ecuador to chile. up clear where they are
6:34 am
that is the miraculous thing in all of this.s. they were not even taken to the hospital. erica rakow, loc 10 news. the search for shooters is on this morning after they were caught on camera ambushing three women at an opa-locka burger king >> the women, they were ordering toed at the drive-thru on 27th avenue and 138th street yesterday morning before two men opened fire. family members believe the two membership will be brought to justice. >> i just remember fall to my knees like everything was going out of me. >> i don't forgive y'all. she forking ave ill. y'all will be cauaut and
6:35 am
>> mother family member was not injured. hillary clinton was declird the winner yesterday by scooping 23 delegates. her rifle right behind emergency picking up 21. the vermont senator pledgingngo keep fighting until the convention. and now the democrats and republicans stump stumping in the election cycle. ted cruz finishing first as a big positive. florida's own marco rubio clinched a strong position in iowa. glenna millberg will b live in new hampshire to cover it all. all thatt election excitement leading up to the february 9th primary. now to an update on the zika virus. one doctor we talked to said the virus could eventually rim nato right here. >> the conditions in south florida are
6:36 am
some point have zika here. not just imported but from here. i think it's probay only a matter of time. should people be alarmed by that? no. the vast majority of people, they are not gogog to have issues with this. >> in addition to those six n cases in florida, we've seen four cases in miami-dade county. the others are in hillary clinton, lee and santa rosa counties. none of them are pregnant woman. now we are also learning of the first case believed to have been transmitted through sex in the out. a person in dallas is now being treated. smelly situation growing in a florida neighborhood. a fishyind in the mail pox still ahead. plus a daring escape from the fire. we're hearing about the bre little girl who jumped to safety. > that east south east breeze and the warm, humid conditions will be with u for at least one more day before a big change comes in the forecast by tomorrow night. i'll have the details
6:37 am
coming up. tornado t tchdown more video into our news room of the damage being
6:38 am
we'll tell you where. this just in a fiery wreck in jacksonville. the s.u.v. drive did not survive. and a new sentencing hearing begins later this morning for the man convicted of killingis best friend in a middle school path room. today marks 12 years since he stabbed him in southwood middle school when they were only 14 years old. the sentence was tossed
6:39 am
court decision that bansmandatory life sentences without parole for juveniles. the leader of a group ranchers who took over a federal wildlife rev um now asking his followers to go only. bundy saying the remaining protestors should leave before more live are lost but he did say the what happened belong to the people and officials should not be there. people in mississippi are clearing up, look at this, after last night's five tornadoes tore through that area. police are now askingone of the worst hit areas to be declared a disaster zone. right now there are no reported injuries. that system is going to continue it slam the couple as well as northern florida before it head our way by thursday night and friday. enjoy your wedvesday and thursday because things
6:40 am
expected hap jeez by friday. 13 degrees above where we should be ts time of year. this is really warm and humid for us during winter with 74 miami, 75 ft. lauderdale. 76 key west. the east south east breeze, you can see it moving our camera arm. these clouds are not producing precipitation. they are fair weather clouds all thanks to high pressure. this drying out the atmosphere provide for the refreshing breeze that moves onshore flute the day. 73 in kendall. 75 in homestead. pretty breezy out there this morning. it's only going to get stronger this afternoon. wind gusts expected to reach 20 to 25 miles per hour.. so we have elevated that risk of rip current for beach-tokers. the weather will cooperate for it. these clouds will push off towards the western atlantic and we will see lots of sunshine by the later half of the morning and into the afternoon. i want to warp you, make
6:41 am
guarded places. hialeah wettest on january with over 7 inches of rain. the second wettest on record and the red land the third wettest on record. we are expected to stay they are in wet el neapo strong forecast especially with the series of fronts. so january was the wettest since 1932. we had six storm systems. out of those six storm systems we had three tornado. i was live on air with you and got you through all three of them and notice we did have below normal temperatures. we are going to see the wind continue in thehe upper levels to bring in a little bit of cloud cover this morning. this maimer storm system will head towards the east coast soaking up and down the east coast and providing for the possibility of severe weather due to the clash of the two air masses. the good news is the severe weather threat will stay just to the north of us. the bad news is the
6:42 am
will be headed our way by thursday night and friday. breezy and warm tomorrow as well. watch what happens as we good into the extended forecast. our increase and chance of showers starts thursday night and fray morning. it clears. northwestern front moves in by saturday keeping us stormy sunday and them cooler weather b b mop. lows in the upper 40s and low 50s by early mop morning. >> t tnk, julie. a traffic alert right here. sanela sabovic was live on the location. clips of my partially blocked there off of 38th industry. one lane of traffic barely getting by, but, yiyis, there is goes. with know there's a lot of road debris out there. collins avenue right at 3th street are wee seeing some issues. one lane of traffic getting by at this point but you're going to expect heavy delays. you may want to take
6:43 am
from 37th street if you're travel northbound or southbound this morning right in that location. hey, broward county, guess what, you've been great all morning long. i like my broward people, why not. if you're travelingeastbound starting at i-75 cruising to u.s.-1 takes you about 15 minute. our average speed about 15 miles per hour. texas heat having their four game winning streak snapped in houston. justice wind ohio, the rookie scoring 11 in his hometown return. them some tension brewing between patrick beverly and d-wade. a loss though, a little bit hard tore push aside. tipoff in dallas about: 30. bun denver brmpgz player went be at the super bowl. ryan murphy was sent
6:44 am
questioned during a prostitution stipulating tuesday. hurry murphy's brother and a suspected prostitute were cited. today issational signing day. it will be a big dayor the capes and their new head coach. expert have new hampshire' recruiting class ranked at 14th in the nation. a lot of the country' best recruit are coming right out of south florida schools. our sport teams will have the announcements all morning long and on investigators called to the keys after a possible torpedo is found. we have that story straight ahead. a plane plunges right there in the ocean. what we learned about
6:45 am
inside still ahead. midair explosion aboard a plane in somalia has left one person dead and t other in the hospital. surviving passengers say they heard a blast yesterday. the pilot was able to land that plane but investigators did later find a body they believe was a passenger who was blown out of a hole on the side of that plane. no word yet on if this blast was terror related. and a pilot brought down this plane safely. this is in the bahamas. here's video from inside the plane looking out the window. one of the two engines failed forcing the pilots to make an emergency landing. those injuries the only ones reported here. a couple in new york escapes their home just minutes before it explodes. the homeowner was pulling out of the garage when he crashed into a gas line. it burned for about 90 minute. no one was hurt. trapped by smoke and flames.
6:46 am
no other choice but to jump from herbal connie of a new jersey coppedie. little sophia is okay now. flames bloloed her from get to the front door and shares sohe leapt in the balcony into the arms offficers there to catch her. >> i didn't know what to do. i just jumped because it was no chance. >> she was the most confident, brave littlee kid that i ever met. she put complete faith in us and we caught her. >> sophia and her family lost nearly evething they own in that fe. forced the evacuation of a camp site. mop rowow county sheriff' deputies say a man walk awning knight's key stumbled upon this. deputy cleared out the nearby camp site for several hours. the bomb squad came in to investigate. a navy team now has that
6:47 am
something smelly popping up in mile boxes. homeowners say they are finding cat fish with their letters an everything else that depose in that mailbox. at least three people have reported find willing cat fish in their mail poxes or in their yards just this week. >> when i pulled them out, he was about 12 inches. is somebody going to throw something through my window eventually? >> yikes. so far none of the cat fishes were found on same street. one of the victims says she plans to file a lice report. if it's not a prank, what is it? >> this is gross. our top story this morning, two men hospitalized after an armed carjacking. >> they were hurt before the bad guys took off in the rental car. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. h`y, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry.
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sta-green fertilizer,
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it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows. that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. hi, south florida. the time is 6:53.
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the way of a breeze and dry conditions but, boy, temperature are 13 degrees above where you should be. 74 miami, 75 ft. lauderdale. 76 key west. that brerze will continue. it's elevating the risk of rip current for you beach-goers. the day looking fantastic. ififou have outdoor activity, grab the sun glasses, you're going to need it. it will be warm and breezy. broward county whoo. miami-dadeounty, not so much. on the at the express lane, they are blocked here. hopefully that will be clearing up soon. where we do have clearing up is off of collins avenue. we have the overturned vehicle off of 38th street. that has since been completely cleared. our totostories this morning, the car involved in this crash on collins avenue on miami beach just towed from the scene. witness says a a woman in a volkswagen struck a taxi. we'll keep you updated and give you more information as soon as
6:51 am
sky 10 flying over a neighborhood on southwest 188th terrace. we're working to find out what exactly is happenin right here. we will keep you updated here and on two men are in the hospital after and armed carjacking in southwest miami-dade. police say one man was shot and another pistol whipped by men upp a stolen rental car. both men are expected t recover. a search under way for mying teenager who police a rap away her two-year-old daughtete rose rodriguez is believed to be in the pembroke pines area. she does not have her medication. a plane that crashed in the o ocean near haulover beach in the water this morning. now the investigation into what caused that crash continues. and the search for shooters is on this morning after three women were am d. bushe up an opa-locka burger're looking at
6:52 am
woman at the drive-thru. two men opened fire. the mother and daughter were both hit but they are expectct to be okay. and tomorrow, oh, yeah, big announcement coming tomorrow. sometimes you see these monitors red. today it's pink or blue. >> that's because it will be a poi or girl joining the durda family. all have you to do is tune in torrow to find it out. we'll have the announcement up our: 300 -- 6:30 half hour of news. >> or twins. >> you never know. >> so excited. >> w wve all been on the record with something. we'll let you know what that is tomorrow. >> okay. good morning, everyone is coming up next but we're not going anywhere. we'll keep working for you with live, local news update. chime into social media
6:53 am
wh you think. >> see ya y yr right to know is under attack in tallahsee. lawmakers are trying to shut down and important part of florida's sunshine law that lawyers government to operate in the open. right now when a stipulate wants a government record, the sunshine law say he or she gets it and when they don't, the government has to pay the legal fees. but legislators are trying to change that law. legislation under consideration allows a judge to decide if those fees should be paid instead of the mandatory payment under current law. why would supporters of the bill want to do anything that makes it harder for you and me to get our hand on public record? local 10 urges lawmakers to leave the sunshine law alolo and we urge you to call or e-mail your representatives in tallahassee to give them the same message. our government works best when it operates in the open and those i i
6:54 am
hand off the snipe law. of course this is just the beginning of the conversation.
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