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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  March 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> janine: victor, laurie, what a stunning development. the land said that knife was possibly found by a construction worker and turned over to a off-duty policee officer. that officer is retired and the knife isiseing tested. it's been more than 20 years since the woror hung on every word in thej sim ton trial. >> the actual item is described as a knife. >> janine: a knife, possibly found on oj sim scenes former brentwood estate nearly two decades ago is now being tested for forensic evidence. police say someone supposedly gave the knife to an lapd officer working security on a movie set. that officer held onto it. >> he held onto it until just recently when we discovered that he had it, and we have now recovered it within the last month. >> oj simpson was tried in 1995 and acquitted of the 1994 stabbing teethes of his yes, wife nicole brown simpson and
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the supposed murder weapon was never recovered, only adding to the mystery sound surrounding the case. the former lead defect on the case isn't ready, though, to jump to conclusions. >> i think you have to try to keep this in perspective. this knife apparently was recovered some 18 years ago, around the time where several other knives in and around the properties were recovered turned over by people. >> janine: forensic testifiesing could confirm whether the knife is or is not connected to case, but even if it is oj simpson who is currently in prison on unrelated charges is forever off the hook in this case.. >> we could not charge mr. simpson with the homicides that he's already been charged with because he's been acquitted. >> janine: that would be double jeopardy. simpson is serving a 33-year sentence for an unrelated case. victor, no doubt so much more e to come. >> victor: and our coverage will continue live from los angeles wheree the police department is now testing that knife. we'll have that report ahead at 5:00. >> laurie: now to breaking news involving the arrest of a
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christie laster has been arrested for bribery remember ex earnings torsion week grand theft and petit theft. authorities say the 35-5-year-old worked a boot camp manager at tj couple where she allegedly pocketed $40,000 fromy cadets. police say she later gambled the money away at the ard hard rococ casino. now to a tunnel exclusive, a crash and smashn miami beach. a truck got wedged into trouble when it ran off the road. local10 news reporter jeff weinsier spoke exclusively with the driver behind the wheel of that truck. >> jeff: talk about a close call. the driver of this truck was wedged between the building and these palm trees. he says there was nothing he could do to avoid the collision. and get this, the tourist from argentina who blew the sto sign and cause this had crash got out of his car and tried to blame that truck driver, but miami
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>> he's coming down eastbound, 71st street. a car had blew the stopign right there. and we made impact. >> jeff: michael thompson was behind the wheel of this gordon food server truck when a tourist from argentina blew a stop sign it byron and 7 seniors ever 1st right into his path. the force of the crash combined with his swerving caused the truck to head straight for an apartment building. >> did you see you the all happening before your eyes? >> it happened so fast. >> jeff: oscar lopez was on the fourth floor balcony ask saw it from above. he snapped this picture. >> i was just sitting there and i hear the pop. when i hear the pop, i saw the truck coming this with a, and i went inside, he's going to hit the building. >> is that i can the whole building? yes. yes the truck didn't hit the building directly but theh force did cause the rented toyota
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pierre ramsey was jogging down 71st street and was just feet from the intersection. >> woo, woo, woo! that was the noise. then i heard boom! >> jeff: ramsey said if thecrash had happened ten seconds earlier, he would have been in the truck's path. >> if he get me, i would be gone already. >> jeff: the early morning crash did cause traffic issues here on miami beach, but if there is any good news it's that no one was injured and there was no structural damage to this apartment building. on miami beach, jeff weinsier, local10 news. >> victor: jeff, thank you. police need your help finding this 11-year-old boy. eric st. lieus the iii. he was wearing a black t-shirt, white sleeves, he has blond tipson the part of his hair. y his family said he planned to run away and has a blue jan sport backpack. >> laurie: after plenty of
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secretary of state j jn kerry was cancellation his trip to cuba, turns out it was simply postponed. hatzel vela has the latest on this >> hatzel: the official word is secretary of state john kerry cancelled his trip to cuba because of a scheduling conflict. this afternoon the spokesperson said he will meet with mi cuban dissident he chooses with or without government approval, this just two weeks after kerry was grilled over cuba's human rights record. by you will u. all accounts it seems that record is causing friction between both governments. it's beane been reported diplomats from both countries are negotiating which dissidents president barack obama wil meet when he's in havana. critics say renewed diplomatic relations have not changed oppression in cuba, in fact, it's gotten worse. >> there's no question that we cotton continue to have concernss about the human rights issue in cuba. and we've been very can't diddy and frank about that. be -- candid and frank aut that publicly and privately.
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you're looking a picture taken by c informantn reporter. it shows where the rolling stones will play on march 25th, day after the presidential visit. he reports equipment is arriving and barriersre going up in what's called, a stadium in havana. at 6:00 we'll have more reaction on kerry changing his trip, or cancellation his trip, i should say. you'll hear from people who are very go connectedy to dissidents on the island. for now reporting live in the newsroom, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> laurie: hatzel, thank you. local10 will be covering president obama's hurricane katrina visit to the island nation. do look 4 a news team led by calvin hughes who to report life from havana. >> victor: now last night's gop debate was pretty much a free-for-all. donald truru launching insults and personal attacks with marco rubio and ted cruz responding and trump's tough talk continued on the campaign frame our senior political reporter michael michael is inhe video port now with the story.
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attacks and insults between donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz sank to new depths last ninit and stayed there today. this morning in michigan donald trump was back at it, bashing marco rubio. >> in florida they hate little marco rubio so much, he couldn't be elected dog catcher. >> michael: rubio, who was popular enough to wane senate seat five years ago, was on the defense sufficient last night and again this morning for getting down in the gutter with trump. his medicine. let's be clear. nothing i have everaiddomes anything close to what donald trump says regularly on a daily and routi basis. >> michael: last night trump hit what could be the campaign's low point responding to rubio's comment that he has small hands. >> he referred to my hands, must be small. problem. >> i thought their rhetotoc and the gutter that they went to was
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>> michael: ted cruz tried to stay abovehe fray last night. he's afraid the republican brand is being tarnished. >> there is no doubt if we remain divided, donald trump wins. remaining divided is a path to catastrophe for this country. >> michael: trump was on they defensive during much of last night's debate. hammered not only by his opponents but also by fox's megyn kelly on trump university. >> the rating from the better business bureau was a d. that's the last publicly available rating in 202 and it was a result of a number of complaints they had received. >> it was elevated to an a. >> that's never been publicly released. >ichael: trump was combative all night long and again today. that is his strategy. you hutt me, i'll hit you back harder. we're in the video port, michael putney, local10 news. >> laurie: michael, so much to watch. thanks so much. a rescue at seas after a royal caribbean passenger suffers an eye injury from a champagne cork of all things.
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boat met the independence of the seas shop to provide medical treatment passenger last night. because of the severity of the eye injury, the passenger was taken off that ship and airlifted to the hospital. >> victor: right now just about ten minutes pasto 4:00 rush hour is about to get started. let's get a check on friday. >> laurie: and it's friday. sanela sabovic is right here. how is the rush hour looking? >> sanela: not good. this is 395 westbound heading into the step you can see traffic is vir you willtually at a standstill. let's get to you our maps so you can see what it looks like like. again 395 westbound lines right us-1 there was a crash. speeds are moving at roughly 10 miles per hour when i was looking at my traffic data. fourth i-95 northbound, northwest 62nd street in express lanes there was a crash, speeds here not clicking on in too well, either, 13 miles perr hour. take us-1 and the turnpikes an alternate if you do not want to is a on this. broward county there was a crash on the turnpike northbound
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was blocked. speeds here -- red is never a good sign, it means traffic is virtually at a standstill -- 6 miles per hour. >> victor: coming up all new at 4:30, a thief caught stealing at the supermarket. who polili say he targeted and the the charges he's now facing. >> laurie: high hopes to get on abc's shark tank. meet the college kids who think their tch could be the next million dollars idea. >> announcer: and today starting a 5:00, traveling you're favorite destination only to find out your bag didn't. >> fly to miami. no bag. >> announcer: could there be an end to lost lugugge? >> track your bag. >> announcer: christina vazquez with a solution that will relief traveler bag
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there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a realallan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> victor: now to a safety alert out of pompano beach. that's where police say this man tried to abduct a 13-year-old girl who was walking home from school. he's in his late 40s with reddish brown hair and a thin build.
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in this tan suv believed to be an explorer and asked her if she he had needed a ride. she ignored him and he tried to pull her mudslide. she was able to get away. if you recognize him call broward crimestoppers, 954-493-tips. >> laurie: astronaut scott kelly is sharing new details about his nearly year long study in space. kelly reunited with his family in houston after landing back on earth wednesday morning. kelly was part of tension the effects of lack of gravity on his height and sure enough he was 2 incncs taller than his twin brother. but he says his time in space came witit problems. >> i also have an issue with my skin that because it hadn't touched anything for so long, like any significant contact, it's very, very sensitive to -- it's almost like a burning feeling wherever i site sit or lie or walk. >> laurie: so we need body contact. we need other people around.
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the longest for any american astronaut. >> victor: innovators who think they h he the next million dollars idea made their way to the university of miami trying to get oat hit abc show "shark tank." local10 news reporter sanela sabovic was there. >> sanela: victor with lots of hopefuls at um today excited about their ideas hoping the pro cures from the hit show "shark tank" can give hem an .to change their lives a a hopefully make theirr dreams come true. excited south florida did entrepreneursre hoping to sink their teeth into the opportunity of a lifetime. for the second year in a producers from the emmy award wing show "shark tank" held an open casting call exclusively or um students and alumnind staff of coral gables hoping to give some lucky business owners a slice of the american dream. >> unlike other platform. >> sanela: this father and son
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online dating and have quit quit they are jobs. they're hoping today's casting call might change their lives forever. >> today it will be be would be almost like a dream come true. >> sanela: s members of the show tell us it's not just about the product or business idea. >> the world is looking for very passionate ideas. it's not necessarily about what they're pitching it today but how they're pitching it. >> sanela: um is proud to be the only school in florida to have the show visit them. >> when the sharks come out or the casting directors come out, what it offers them is an opportunity to get a sense of what's expected of them going forward. >> sanela: and dreams can come true. last year during the first open casting call producers did find a um graraate who made it all the way on the hit tv show. >> last year we had a team that went all the way, they were on "shark tank" and got a deal with damon john. that's jerky. >> sanela: there may be a lucky
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the casting manager tells he me she las seen hopeful product and advances. they hope they can go on to the next round and make it a step closer to making it on the show. >> victor: love that show.don't forget "shark tank" airs right here on local10. you can catch the ex next episode tonight 9:00. >> laurie: and it's friday night. that means the weekend is here and we are loving this weather. >> victor: today's a sign of things to come this weekend, sign ups, betty. >> betty: okay. if you like the 80s, we have more in the forecast for the weekend, maybe not as warm as today, though. i saw some temperatures a few hours ago in the mid-80s. right now we have lost a few degrees in some of your neighborhoods but it's still warm out. miami at 81 degrees. the measure of moisture in the lower levels of the atmosphere, that has crept up on us today. so not as comfortable as we were in earlier days this week,k, but nonetheless a lot of you probably enjoying this. winds from the wesnorthwest now at 9 miles an hour. hialeah, still in the m-80s.
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pembroke pines 82. kendall 81 degrees out there. 79 in marathon and key west at 78. so warm, you almost wonder arewe even going to have a little shower bubbling up somewhere. we check out the doppler radar and we don't see that happening over broward, miami-dade county or the keys. we're getting this warm.up ahead of a cold front that is now starting to slip on down toward lake okeechobee and as it's doing so the front is weakening. so far no rainfall generated but i guess there's just thaha outside slight chance for a shower with this front the in mixed. it's basically going to fids el out as it fries to make that journey down toward south florida. fizzle out. and tomorrow it will offer up a wind shift. once we get in that northeast wind flow that is when things could change up a bit. we cannot rule out a sneaky shower rolling in along the east coast. so we'll watch those skies over miami and fort lauderdale, winds flowing in from the northeast. by sunday it louks anotherush
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to drive some drier conditions in our direction, so we'll become mainly dry again. we're in no way saying that week weekend's going to be a washout but for tomorrow don't be surprised if you see one or two showers out there. at this point the rain chance not terribly high. temperatures tomorrow mid-80s forecast. we are forecasting highs near the 80-degree mark. then here come those lower 80s on sunday. monday upper 70s. overnight lows in the 60s. we do have more fine weather in >> laurie: betty, thank you. allegations of abuse at florida international university ahead at 4:30 the women's headbasketball coach now in the spotlight. details on what he's accused of doing. >> victor: and a big discovery at the university of miami. what researchers have found that could help prevent heart disease. details coming up in today's health cast. >> clay ferrero: good afternoonon i'm clay ferrero. dwyane wade fights through pain to lead the heat to a big win. will heautomobile to go tonight? >> victor: and we're staying on
4:20 pm
pompano beach. place are looking for a man they say tried to abduct a 13-year-old girl. we have a crew on the way.
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5:00. >> clay: you wouldn't know dwyane wade was fighting through a bad headache duringhe heat's blowout win over the suns last night. he fought through it to lead ther e. actually in scoring and it likes ever looks as if he will do the same thing tonight. the better news that e. that he 70 even listed heat eats injury roster tonight. they take on the philadelphia six ergas in philadelphia. they have got to make sure theycome out of that one with another, inc. one. at spring traininin the
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this weimar sell ozuna. we'll bring you highlight of today's action coming up at 6:00. as the doral second round of cadillac championship week phil mickelson misses a birdie but lefty is for under pararo far today. east he is 9-under for the tournament. we'll bring you more on local10 news at 6:00. back to basketball, kate myers hurricanes women team keeps right on rolling at the ac c tournament. the 'canes surging ahead at number 14 florida state in the second half and pulling away to win this one by 18 points. the 'canes advance to the si times, two winds away from an acc championship. comingp at 5:00, guys websites clay's clowns including a motorcycle race with an ending like we've never seen before, and a pro golfer taking a shot in his underwear! that is assuming that we don't get shut down by thefcc for doing that before then. >> victor: soundlook a good round of clowns. see auto 5:30. >> laurie: thahall do it for us at 4:00.
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stanwood with what's ahead at 4:30. >> janine: an alleged thief caught on camera stling at the supermarket. who police say he tararted and the consequences he is ow facing. a school sex scandal at florida ininrnational university, the allegations against the women's head basketball coach. > and a retired couple, they were facing eviction after taking out a reverse mortgage until they called christina. an update is straight ahead. >> laurie: we. bso looking for a man who tried to abduct a 13-year-old girl.
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>> janine: right now at 4:30 we ve a safety alert out of pompano beach. that's where deputies say this man tried to abduct a 13-year-old girl walking home from school. he is said to be in his late 40s with reddish brown hair and thain build. he allegedly approached her in@ this tan suv believed to be an explorer. he asked if she need aid ride. when she ignored him he got out
4:29 pm
she got away, but police want to track him down so if you recognize him call broward crimestoppers at 954-493-tips. we do have a crew on the way. ray live report ahead at 5:00. >> victor: and caught on camera here, ann alleged thief is seen stealing at the supermarket. hisictim an elderly man. and today we're hearing from that victim. >> janine: he spoke out moments ago about that ordeal. local10 news reporter liane morejon live in west miami-dade with his story. >> liane: the defendant in this case, derek houge is facing several charges including grand theft and targeting the elderly. he's being charged in connection with not one, not two, but five separate cases in which the mo is all the same, and taking place at different publix stores including this one in pinecrest, and tonight we spoke to the victim who was targeted right here. herc is now locked up accused of being a serial pickpocket who targets the elderly.
4:30 pm
be held on $43,500 bond. >> i'm happy that they were able to close that case, and because i, you know, a lot of people could get hurt after u until they stop him. >> liane: 94-year-old bon john but are is glad see him behind bars. this is him caught on video games video at 144th avenue in pinecrest. police say hope pumped into but are out of camera view as he the nt down for cat food and stole his wallet. hope alleged will you went on a shopping spree walking out of bloomingdale's and macy's with a totalf $6,000 worth of merchandise,e, all purchased with but are's credit card. >> it was a very of this have you the thing. >> liane: police have tied hope to another one in surfside had and another in a public licks
4:31 pm
hope allegedly used her money to buy $900 worth of loot. >> i was glad to hear the case looks like it might be closed now. ever. >> liane: and tips from the public allegedly helped police catch hope in an interview with potice, he said that he would like to apologize to his elderly victims. we're live in pinecrest, liane morejon, local10 news. >> janine: a s sool scare in miami after a suspicious package was found a nast academy. quiet above the scenelong the rickenbacker causeway. students were evacuated on on the football field. they were later led back inside. >> victor: we have details about armored truck. >> janine: we know how police found a man suspected of stealing nearly $5 million in gold bars. local10 news reporter amy viteri is in the newsroom with details. >> amy: investigator say the thieves who grabbed thosed gold bars used a gps device to trail
4:32 pm
rigged pepper spray to go off by remote control inside the cab to force the driver to pull over. that tractor-trailer was traveling from miami to boston in march of 2015hen the pepper spray forced it to pull over along i-95 in north carolina. investigators say gunmen tied up the truck's occupants, stole the gold and took off in a van. this court documents the fbi said adalberto perez was one of those gunmen and it took him over a year to plan the attack. agents raid perez's opa-locka home wednesday morningnd took him into custody. they recovered evidence and say he zippered his share on the hopes, cars, a boat and jewelry. perez is now being heldithout bail in federal robbery and firearms charges as he awaits a hearing next week. the fbi is still searching for accomplices. invite newsroom, amy viteri. >> victor: now to a school sex scandal at florida international puppet the women's head basketba scope of accused of
4:33 pm
todd a todd is live in west miami-dade. he has the story. todd. >> todd: women, they coach of the else. west basketball tame marlin chinn is suspended after complaints have been lodged against him. fi starting guard and team captain of women's basketball team destini feagin made a allegation of sexual misconduct against her coach one day after she was suspended by the team while an theft investigation is ongoing. students we spoke to on campus were unaware of the scandal or were very cautious about what they said. >> it's a thing that matters but there's so much other stuff going onike with exams midterms that no one is really focusing it. >> it's kind of sad, too, as a student you're here to go to school and excel in classes, and also for the athlete in the athletic world. it's kind of cafe scary.y. >> senator venditto: the senior also filed a complaint with the
4:34 pm
in december which coulde a possible rules violation. this is video from fiu visisn from their spring review of the program. feeing un said chinn has been pursuing a sexual@ relationship with her during the season but did not come forward until her troubles came to light and he was suspended from the team. >> thay that situations this big that involve so many people and subject matter that's so delicate, we trust you the university to deal with it best of their ability. >> todd: fiu released a statement saying in part "we want to reit late at fi u there is no tolerance for abouts misconduct boy aun me or student. we will pursue the truth to the best of our abilities while supporting the victims and entire schuring due process for >> victor: detective say two people have turned themselves in box from the henderson girl scout. defect say 20-year-old nicholas delbridge and his sister 25-year-old article winters
4:35 pm
a walmart in vousia county. an family members identified the pair they wound up the upper themselves in. >> it's a shame that it happened in the first place. we're glad to have them in custody told hold them to opponent for what theexpect robbery is what it was. he pulled it right out of her hands, and i think it was scary for her. she's a 12-year-old bid and he's a grown man. >> victor: while detectives say they have the suspects in custody, they still haven't cracked tracked down that cash box. >> janine: in today's "call christina" an update on the retitid south florida teacher and her husband who are facing eviction after taking out a reverse mortgage. here's vaunts coronado christina with the story. >> christina: some of you asked bus bill well,y and rose leland. the courage stay in thehe home as negotiations continue, that is according to their attorney. six years ago the lelands took out a reverse mortgage. on its a type ofoan thattal allows a homeowner 62 years and older to borrow against the accrued equity in their home.a loan requirement includes paying the taxes and insurance
4:36 pm
after missing a payme in 2013, their attorney says the couple agreed to a repayment plan with champion mortgage, and despite paying homeowners insurance and taxes f 2014 and 2015, their attorney said the taxes based lendered claimed the agreement was lost in the male, and in october placed an eviction notice on the couple'soor. you may recall back in november a judge gave both parties 45 days to try to found a resolution. today the couple's attorney tells me the leppedder withdrew its motion to evictim them which means the miami can continue living in their miami based home. champion mortgage has an f rating witit the better business bureau. federal regulators have issd an warning about the integ had it of of resist their advertising. on the "call christina" page of we h he tips on things to consider before taking out a reverse mortgage. >> victor: also at 4:30, the
4:37 pm
brown, the daughter of the late whitney houston has been unrevealed. she died of immersion in water tith a miss have list of drugs in her system, alcohol, marijuana, medication used for sedation and morphine. 22-year-old bobbi christina was in a coma after s was found unconscious in a bathtub in her atlanta home i january of last year. she was declared dead in hospice us. care. >> janine: a state troopery saved a woman from a fiery crash and it was all c`ught on camera. the dash cam video shows the dramatic moments when a driver running from police then hits another car, and that's when the officer ran to the 60-year-old woman's car right there. he's about to pull her out of that fiery car. the victim's husband, he is more than grateful. >> wouldn't have chosen this way met. >> take care. >> we'll see you soon. >> all right. >> the accolades are nice, but
4:38 pm
we do our job. >> janine: that victim is still receiving medical treatment for broken bones, burns and bruises. >> victor: now at water water crisis in flint, michigan. today flint residents expressed their frustrations to top congressional leaders. it's help they've desperately been hoping for. the construction crews digging up water pipes which connect water mains to homes, the latest effort in an attempt to fixed flint, michigan's contaminated water crisis. >> i will it feels great to know that people really care and are not ignoring us. >> good afternoon. push by flint's mayor t t fast track a plan to start swapping out lead lines. it also cols just 24 hours after a construction crew funded by private and charitable organizations dug up service lines. michigan governor rick snyder today assuring the people of flint hes staying on top of the city and federal accesses to is resolved. he had this to say at a committee meeting.
4:39 pm
have great urgency to do and lets get the job done. >> victor: but the outcry of citizens who live in flint on the government's response is growing including a mother who said her h he is ground 7:30 crisis and is suing the c cy and stat officials nor health paroles she said her children suffered due to the contaminated water. and while the crisis continues in flint, congress is d dating proposals for a $200 million federal aid package to help fix the city's infrastructure. >> janine: coming up, a student tackles a teaer. it is all caught on camera. we have the fallout. >> victor: prevalenting heart disease. the discovery made by resesechers at the university of miami that could lead to new ways to prevent heart failure. that's in today's health cast. >> janine: and a prize pup suddenly gettingick, the vet bills piling up, and the pet score store is playing hard to get. >> announcer: and today starting at 5:00, traveling to you're favorite destination only to find out your bag didn't. >> fly to miami. no bag. >> announcer: could there be an
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>> it traction your bag. >> announcer: christina vazquez with a solution that will
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today starting at 5:00. taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app.
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to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna. together, all the way. >> janine: we have some breaching news out of pembroke pines. a hazmat situation there. >> laurie: this is no doubt going to cause a traffic mess as well at the height of rush hour, and we're talalng about pembroke pinesight at university and pines. wells fargo bank at 702 north university drive. witnesses describe many hazardous materials crews, many fire trucks, police crews seeing different crews actually men putting on the suits. we don't know what they are responding to. we have not been able to confirm yet whathe specific concern is at the wells fargo bank at 702 north university drive. but it is getting to be a traffic situation as the area has to be shut down there. we have sky 10 on t t the way, and as soon as we are all to confirm what the hazardous material is, we will get that
4:44 pm
now we have sky 10 live over the scene. you see the firerews there. fortunately, so far as we see fromthis picture it is limited to the actual parking lot. so let's hope that that busy area of university and pines is not too affected right now. but there are several crews on this scene right thereat wells fargo basic. neighboring businesses calling in to us as well concerned about what is going o o over there, but they have seen men suiting up and goingn inside the bank. so we are over this scene right now. we do not see any ambulances but re rescue is standing by. hazardous materials, ,fmbroke pines 70 if north university drive. you can see plenty of crews standing by. as we learn more on the specifics we'll get it right to you. >> janine: keep us posted with laurie. it sure is hard to walk by a pet sorey without peeking at ththe adorable furry faces v but
4:45 pm
becomes dangerously sick. >> janine: local10's animal advocate jacey birch explains the law designed to your purchase. >> jasey: you're so cute. she babies her new puppy just as if he were her child. >> we're saul oh close to him. >> jasey: but for the past few months she didn't know if this little guy would lif or die. one night ore baby boy bake op got so sick, he had to be rush to the emergency room. >> so we did the emergency surgery, and she said that it's such a rare condition to have a stone with a puppy that's only not each a year old yet. >> jasey: at just nine months old this puppy was diagnosed with bladder stones. >> they can die. their bladder can burst or it can get stuck in their urinary tract and be very painful. >> jasey: bacon was seen by one veterinarianand one bladder special pups had you medical roaders the stones were a result of an inherited defect, urn fore such a young dog. >> how much did you spend at the
4:46 pm
surgeon russ? >> over 3,500th. >> jasey: so heal reached out to the man she bought her dock from, the owner beverly hills puppies in miami. >> are there guarantees again con end j tal defts. >> jasey: sleepersed the warranty on the website. >> i called hum last week and he told me he doesn't know what i'm talking about and contact an attorney and to leave him alone. >>8jasey: so that's when local10 got involved and went straight to the store where bacon was bought. this is not your typical storefront. first of all, yououan't even see in the window see dogs inside. then you can't go iide to by any dogs. you have to make an appointmeme. and believe me i've made an appointment. i'i' been cancelled six times. so we reached out by phone. this is jasey birch on channel 10. i'm the animal reporter are you familiar with a woman contactingrepeatedly saying her dog had a
4:47 pm
you to stand byhe warranty. >> i recall somebody calling me. >> jasey: in addition to the contract carn guarantee protecting sick pups, florida has a bet pet buyer protection law. the law provides reimbursement for veterinary expenses related to certified illness up to the purcha price of the animal. >> if there is a genetic disirder and this dog is under warranty, are you going to take responsibility? >> i'll have to see exactlyhat it is to be very honest with you. >> what is the future for balkon? is he going to be okay? >> we don't know. we have to test him every year with ultrasound and x-rays and pray that he's fine. hopefully. but it's not guaranteed. >> jasey: after local10 reached out to beverly hills puppies and after hallie provided this mound of paperwo, proof and vet bill records, martin leone provided her a full refund in the amount of $2,789. even though that is the price
4:48 pm
begin to cover his current and future lifelong medical bills. so do your research, educate yourself, and before you buy a pet, you can always call me and i'll help you adopt f om a shelter or a rescue group. i'm jasey birch, animal advocate for local10 news. >> victor: a violent attack involving a teacher and a student in tenneksee was all caught on camera. the video shows the doubt an tackling this teacher down to the ground and then continuing to beat him. the family of the 2year-old teacher says he suffered a concussion, and now the district is starting a program to help teachers verbally de-escalate situations like these so that they won't happen again. we see a lot more assaults onteachers, and some of the injuries can be quite extensive or sometimes d dth. >> victor: now, it's unclear what led up to the fight. police say the teen was charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest. about the is with us. if you l le it warm and slightly u. >> victor: i think people like that on south beach a lot.
4:49 pm
for good reason. >> janine: what do you think about the weekend? >> betty: we have a few changes to talk about changes you might not want the to hear. temperatures this this afternoon mid-80s. we made it up to 85 in miami, enough sunshine, and a west-southeast wind and we saw that mirk rereally climb. we started the morning to an extreme lie mild note. s was the morning low in miami. so far no rainfall out there. right now we are losing a few degrees, winds are flowing in from the west-northwest about 10 to 15 miles an hour. still warm, though. miami, fort lauderdale 81 degrees, and look at the people. theyre sticking close to the beach this afternoon,rying to perhaps catch some cool air out there. the forecast for the evening, fairly benign, we'll say, although this forecastodel is showing a little shower action out in the distance. i uppose we cannot rule that out because we are still tracking a weaea cold front sliding down the peninsula, you can see the temperature divide on either side. we see lower 80s where we are but then you look into central
4:50 pm
we see tampa in the lower 70s and then some 60s around gainesville. this front is not incredibly strong. in fact, on the doppler radar now no drops of rainfall to be found in our neighborhoods. we'll see what happens. but in general when we look at most of florida, this fro has not been one that has generated precipitation, thust does look like we're going to get through the evening without too many rainll issues. we are still, though, seeing some of those higher clouds floating by into parts of south florida comingg in from the nex the gulf of mexico. i do want to draw your attention tote fact that we will have a wind shift tomorrow. our winds start to come in from of the forecast models that is showing the potential for a few showers toruise on into some of your neighborhoods this weekend. so i know we have lots going on. i'm hoping this model is pay bit overdone in the persistence of some of the rainfall that is showing between fort lauderdale and miami but we can't rule out a sneaky shower. so, yes, i did bump up the rain
4:51 pm
if you're heading to the beaches tomorrow winds president northeast 10 miles an hour. taking the boats out no advisories on the waters, seas running two to thr off miami and broward. east-northwest winds a 5 to 100 knots. we'll start tomorrow morning a little cooler, deference in themid to upper 60s, highs getting into the upper 70s. some places may hit 80 we'll be watching to see if any showers manage to show p in a f f neighbor but sunday it is plainly i. mainly dry. overall the weekend weather is fair and looking phenomenal as we step into a new work week. >> victor: right now rush hour is about to get underway. >> janine: sanela sabovic is here with how the roads are looking. >> sanela: they're not looking too good at all, victor and janine. we're monitoring this on the macarthur causeway westbound lanes. police are blocking one lane. it's causing a big traffff mess for those you of coming out of the beach. you can see red is never a good sign with speeds clocking in at
4:52 pm
you can take the 195 as an alternate route. keeping in it miami-dade county, on the turnpike a crash northbound lanes right before northwest 41st street. two lanes are blocked there. we have speeds clocking in here at 22 miles per hour. on the palmetto right around northwest 360 street the northbound lanes there is a center lane blocked due to a crash, speeds here reported a 21 miles per hour. i haven't forgotten about my broward county friends. there's a crash on i95 northbound right around hillsboro boulevard. speeds here coming in at -- earlier they were at 30 miles per hour. janine. >> janine: sanela, thank you. topping today's health newew researchers with the university of miami miller school of medicine are looking at a new way for protesting and treating heart failure. kristi krueger has details inour health cast. cinches the study in its initial phase is looking at whatauses
4:53 pm
the first place. dr. michael and his attempt um have recently governor a rare set of proteins inside the heart muscle cells to play a major role in hearq disease. as a therapy dr. caplayoff plans nose proteins. >> we're find go boo goingfter they can effecter musical, the ones that cause the trouble and disease wants opposed to the global regulators that in fact we're getting tremendous efficacy without the side effects that would happen. >> kristi: the doctor's research could ultimately lead to a new class of drugs to treat heart disease as well as heart faiiure. and people who undergo heart surgery or perhaps suffer a cardiac event are typically proscribed cardiac rehabilitation programs as part of thierry recovery process, however, less than 13% of those who should participate actually do. cardiologists say that is really a serious problem because cardiac rehab is one of the best
4:54 pm
improve their odds of survival well as their quality of life. >> it's really crucial because it's not just about exercise, it's about learning how to eat, learning to stop smoking, controlling your stress factors. it's really a crucial part of having a healthy life after your heart event. >> kristi: the doctor also republicans making regular physical activity a lifelong hab habit by exercising three to five times a week after cardiac rehab is complete and and that's today's health cast. >> victor: at 5:00 the big story of the stay simpson shocker. a knife being tested in murder case. where it was allegedly found and where it was kept for years. we have a live report from l.a. >> janine: we are staying on top of a safety alert in pompano beach, deputies looking for a man who apparently tried tow abdu a 13-year-old girl.
4:55 pm
life recororahead at 5:00. (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
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>> jane: so you've heard the term fashion list. well, one little girl in south carolina took it quite literally. the two-year-old dialed 911 to ask help for putting on her clothes. she was being watchedy her grandfather at the time who ses he had no idea she called anyone, let alone police. as for the deputy who responded to the call, she didn't exactly mind the extra work. >> she wanted me to help with her shoes, and then she wanted me too hug her and hold her, and it just -- i just kept saying made my day. it was just the highlight of my day because she wasas so sweet and so outgoing. >> janine: that's probably the kreitz 911 call ever. mom says she showed her little girl how to dial the number. she didn't think shectually jund stood how to do it but she 911. three lilile numbers. and i guess apparently that little girl knew how to do it >> laurie: too funny. hello. grandpa is clueless. can you please send my a woman officer. love it.
4:59 pm
>> laurie: right now on local10 news at 5:00, simpson shocker. the lapd confirming that a knife was found at oj simpson's former estate. >> victor: the republican debate got down and dirty last night. >> laurie: secretary of state john kerry with a surprising digs to reroute his trip to cuba. >> and we're showing you how dangerous it can be for firefighters as our institutes suits up and up and goes into a burning buildings. local10 news at 5:00 starts right now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> vicicr: off the top at 5:00 it's the story everyone is talking about. a retired lapd officer turning over a knife that was found at oj simpson's former home. that knife is being tested right nowy investigators, still working on the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. >> laurie: this case rails unsolved and it could be a crucial piece of evidence.
5:00 pm
has been a mystery for decades now. lauren. >> reporter: it was 20 years ago that the nation was capacity vated by theom trial and as you mentioned the weapon used in killings of his ex-wife and her friend still rails a mystery to this day, and now something new surfacing. oj simpson trial was settled decades ago, but los angeles police this morning clearing up a new story going around. >> regarding a a lemming knife that may have been recovered, possibly in connection to oj simpson case. >> reporter: the los angeles prepped revealing how they got that knife within the last month. >> lapd became aware of an item that was allegedly recovered by a citizen at the rockingham property possibly during the demolition.


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