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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  March 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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has been a mystery for decades now. lauren. >> reporter: it was 20 years ago that the nation was capacity vated by theom trial and as you mentioned the weapon used in killings of his ex-wife and her friend still rails a mystery to this day, and now something new surfacing. oj simpson trial was settled decades ago, but los angeles police this morning clearing up a new story going around. >> regarding a a lemming knife that may have been recovered, possibly in connection to oj simpson case. >> reporter: the los angeles prepped revealing how they got that knife within the last month. >> lapd became aware of an item that was allegedly recovered by a citizen at the rockingham property possibly during the demolition.
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simpson's old brentwood home, demolished in 1998. police say they're told it was an off-duty or retired police officer working in the area there for a movie job who claims a construction worker gave him the knife, s sing it was found on the estate. >> the defendant having been acquitted. >> reporter: oj simpson was acacited of murder charges in 1994 stabbing deaths of nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. simpson continues to claim he's innocent. now many tv viewers reliving the whole trial in a new fx mini-series, the people versus oj simpson. as for what the discovery of this knife could mean? >> no matter what this knife turns out to be, it won't lead to oj simpson getting prosecuted again. >> reporter: and that is because of double jeopardy pole also emphasize p they're still investigate the story, finger out if it's real or made up, examining that knife for all fonsics such as dna. lauren lister, local10 news,
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victor and laurie. >> laurie: the timing must really have people talking in hollywood with t t mini-series out routine, and espn is working on a documentary as well, right? >> reporter: you know what? it certainly is interesting timing. that fx series dealing with the oj simpson case saga, the trial has beeee such a hot topic to the point that, i kid you not, last night i literally got home and said to my partner "we have to start watching this oj simpson show. everybody is talking about it, friends, people in t newsroom, et cetera." and now today we have this stunning possible piece of information. do i have to say that a number of folks from dan abrams who you ard from in my piece for marcia clark talking to et saying that this could heavenly definitely be a hoax, so we still need to see. but as you mentioned, too, the oj simpson saga also the focus of an you espn documentary, a seven and a half hour documentary scheduled to b seen this june. >> victor: now there's another element to all this all of these
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mesmerized by today's press conference. >> laurie: meaeaime a safety alert in pompano beach. police say a man tried the abduct 13-year-old girl walking home from school. local10's andrew perez is live. >> andrew: to m me matters worse deputies say this guy was so bold, he stops this 13-year-old girl walking in front of busy pompano beach high school. guy. somebody has to recognize him. investigators say he pulled up in his vehicle, tried to chat with this 13-year-old girl who was walking home from school. she did the right thing, though, she ignored him. but this guy, according to deputies, got out, allegedly grabbed her by the waist, tried to get her to go with him. she screamed, so he ran, got back into his car and left. we do have surveillance still of that vehicle. it's a 10 suv. deputies are saying righ now it's -- a tan suv. possibly an explorer. this guy had reddish-brownish hair, late 40s, early 50s probably.
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all the right moves getting away from this guy, not talking to him. catch him. if you have any information, )nyou if you think you recognize him call broward county crimestoppers, 954-493-tips. you can remain anonymous and you $3,000 reward. reporting live in pompano beach, i'm andw perez. okay. >> victor: and breakin news right now be a jet ski accident on miami beach. >> laurie: janine has the latest on this developing story. >> janine: we understandhat a person had to be rescued from their jet ski while they were riding in biscayne bay behind sunset island on miami beach. you are looking live at sky 10. the picture went out momentarily but the person was in the bay behind sunset island on miami beach, and that is when a fire boat had to pick that person up and take them to the sunset harbor marina. from therereiami beach fire rescue transported that person to jackson memorial hospital where we are waiting on word on they ever condition.
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pictures from santa harbor marina where that person was taken in. as soon as kahwi we get any up why dates, victor, we will let u know. >> victor: now to a jailer jailed in miami-dade county. a longtime department of corrections employee has been arrested and accused of shake down teenn inmates for thousands of dollars. local10's derek shore joins us live now to explain. derek. >> derek: that corrections officer certainly used to dealing with inmates and forr inmates but not being one herself, but that is where she is finds herself tonight, behind bars here at tgk in miami-dade facing a list of fell felony charges. officer christie laster is accused of exeorting temperatures thousands of dollars from inmates out on work release. they say laster was in charge of cadets t at the completed the department's boot many camp, and word were out of custody working. she would allegedly threaten the cadets highway telling them if they didn't hand over money,
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jail. laster was likely using the money she was don't gambl with at the seminole hard rock casino with losses estimated at around $38,000. we stopped by the officer's street today. one neighbor told us she can't believe it. >> she always seemed to have been quiet. i'm shocked. i'm surprised to hear thax. that's unbelievable. sad to hear. >> derek: and today the head of the miami-dade corrections and rehabilitation issued this quote, "i am deeply saddened over the incident. our actions shouldd send a strong meanings that persons involved in these types of crimes will not be tolerated and b be pursued told fullest insensitive la" laster is facing 30 or so, most of them felonies. she rapist behind bars on almost half a million dollars bond. live in west miami-dade, derek shore, local10 news. >> and the republican presidential candates are back on the campaign trail today
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debates anyone can remember. the chair of the democratic national committee sayayit was appalling. the gop candidates are now stepping it up. our senior political reporter michael putney is in the newsroom now with the satire story. >> michael: victor, no question last nites debate was a slugfesters and the target for most of the punches was donald trump. donald trump gives as good as he gets, and this morning he gave it to marco rubio. >> in florida they hate little marco rubio so much, he couldn't be elected dogch carry. >> michael: rubio went after nasty. again. >> he referred to my hands. if they're small, something elsemust be small. i guarantee there's no problem. i guarantee it. >> i thought their rhetoric and the gutter that they went toas appalling. >> michael: rubio os now turning all his attention to florida, a with us-one state. >> we're going to win florida and the thing about flori is
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all 99 delegates will be awarded to winner and no one else will get anything. >> trump refuses to denounce the >> michael: rubio's political action committee is spending big money on ads leuning this one airing on tv stations across florida. but polls show trump ahead in the state by double digits, even though he has changed positions on several key issues. >> you change your tune on so many things, and that has some people saying what is his core? >> megyn, if a very strong core. >> michael: the nasty tone of the debate and mitt romney scathing criticism earlier of trtrp show a party in disarray. >> i havener seen anything ike what's gone on on the republican side in any presidential election. they are in utter and total chaos. >> michael: that may be overstating it a bit but there's certainly a fierce fightht going on now within the republican party. the establishment doesn't want donald trump as the party's nominee. but a lot of voters sure do.
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local10 news. >> laurie: now to historic change in u.s. and cuba legislation after plenty of fallout o reports that secretary of state john kerry was canceling his trip to cuba it turns out it was postponed. the white house said there's no reason for him to go on his loan when president obama will be there two weeks later. now kerry will join the the president on his hurricane katrina sprint we will have new details coming up at at 6:00. >> victor: meanwhile the rolling stones are getting ready to play their first ever cert in cuba. our reporter put this on instagram showing some of the containers of equipment that are now arriving at the ciudad deportive de la habana where the stones historic show set for march 25th. stay with local10 for the president's historic trip to cuba. our o calvin hughes will be leading our team in havana later this month. >> laurie: it's 10 after 5:00. track of reporter sanela sabovic right here for you. >> sanela: laurie, it's quite a best. let's begin in broward county website life look at the
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boulevard. system right now. you can see that red is never a a good sign, speeds are at a minimal clocking in at 14 miles per hour. you can seek us-1 or the turnpike ass an alternate in this area if you do want to avoid this mess. now, there are turnpike woes as i mentioned earlier on griffin road. there was an off-ramp that was blocked. it is causing more delays here. speeds reported at 6 miles per hour. further south on the turnpike here along now be before northwest 41st street two lions lapse were blockck. looks like it's clearing up here. speeds earlier were clocking in at 46 miles per hour. >> victor: thank you. still ahead police butting a publix. cops say he whose stolen fromm r good deal details in a l le report at 6:00. >> laurie: and could this be the end of lost luggage? we're showing you new technology
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of your checked bags. don't miss today's calling christina all new at 5:30. >> victor: first ab a high school star wrestler down for the kuhnert he became infected during a match.
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>> laurie: technological the poor teenagers face as he
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spreading all over. he contracted it after a wrestling match last month, and now he's just hoping to prevent other student athletes from getting infected. it has been a trying ordeal for the family after their star athlete son was diagnosed with a form of herpes that left lesions on his face. blake flown said he was i iected after a high school tournament quelling tournament in san jose. >> i never thought from wrestling that i could get this, but now that we're researching and finding out it's a prevalent thing in wrestling and they have a name for it and is herpes glad,iatorum. it grew to aost the whole side of my face. >> laurie: blake believes he got the skin infection from another wrestling or a wrestling matt. his parents are h hrtbroken. >> and to go from again phenomenal senior year, top of your game, to havavg your face look like the elephant man is horrific.
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i can makes me angry that this is preventible. >> laurie: before make was diagnosed, he competed in another match the walk week after with at least eight other wrestlers who will be committee be committee competing at this year's high school championships in bakessers field. his family wants those matches to be postponed because they'reputting other student athletes at risk. al 62 officials, though, say the planned. >> we have our policy in place that wrestlers not allowed to participate if they have any identified skin lesionk and that's why the doctors will do skin checks on friday and saturdrd prior the our tournament. >> the most important things here is kids' health is the main message, you know, so i'd s s try and put that above everything else. >> laurie: bla will not be competing in this weekend's tournament. she is still contagious, a a after this whole experience he says he will never wrestle again. >> victor: for a guy. let's bring in chief meteorologist betty davis now. it's finally friday. soak it all in.
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you have a whole string of these gorgeous days for us. >> betty: we do. the may be a little fly in the ointment tomorrow, though. we'll talk about that. but let's play a little game called how warm do you think it got had your neighborhood today? 86? eye of? 83? how about 85 degrees this afternoon in miami. that was the high tempeture. that's more than 5 degrees above normal for this time of the year. fort lauderdale made it up to 84, and key west at 82, so mother nature really did show out with these temperatures. outside right now this is our miami tower camera, some clouds out there, still running warmer side with a lot of you still in the lower 80s at least. miami and fort lauderdale. hialeah and pembroke pines at 82. we do see some 70s now down through the keys but definitely is on the evening beach weather for you. we have the going on between 7:00 and 9:00. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. we'll say partly cloudy skies. we are, though, keeping an eye on the doppler radar to see if we get any showers trying to sprout up.
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case. so an indication that the weather is still pretty stable even as we're tracking this weaea cold front moving on down the peninsula, and there has not been a lot of shower act of associated with the front, not that we were even expecting that today. we are still seeing some of those mid and high level cloud flowing in from the gulf of mexico and those not really bringing rainfall. this cold front we're now tracking will basically wash out by the te it gets here, but what it will offer up is a wind shift, and forecast models now indicating that with that nonoheast wind we may have a few showers sneaking ifrom time to time on saturday. so we see a little better chancnc for a few showers on saturday as opposed to sunday. by sunday we're going to become mainly dry againins a weak front moves through and reinforces drier conditions. so thement bo line for tomorrow -- the bottom line for tomorrow, i wouldn't necessarily cancel outdoor plans but we cannot rule out a shower as temperatures climb up toward the lower 70s to near 80. sundayayorecasting a high of 80. that rain chance coming back
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so if it's the walk with the animals or carnaval on the mile, we hope to see you at both events. abel we'll be there rain or shine. >> victor: the annual carnaval ami festival is on this weekend ask a lot of the local10 team will be out there. >> laurie: stop by the local10 booth on saturday from noon to2:30 and the christina vazquez, terrell forney, carlos suarez and yann malone and then max mayfield, will manso and betty davis, the dancing queen going to be out there at that time. >> victor: from 4:30 on calvin hughes be, jeff weinsier, michael seiden. i'll be this at ception. i'lllso be hosting the first annual cork and fork event. amy viteri and hatzel vela will be there, too. >> laurie: and if saturday doesn't work for youcome out on on sunday from noon to 2:30. you'll get to meet delaylay, neki mohan, todd tongen, kristi krueger and ec yutzy. and by 2:30 on sunday the party's on. i'll be out there along with glenna milberg, jeffreyorrea
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>> victor: and you're also hosting the cork and fork event. >> laurie: t tt's right. if first time i've ever done that. food and wine. go online and get your tickets week go to so did there are limited seats. >> victor: still ahead we have new information about secretary of state's john kearse decision post pomona his trip to -- postpone his trip to cuba. we're speak how it could affect the president's upcoming up at 6:00. >> laurie: also jenise hernandez takes you inside a burning building to see exactly what it's like as firefighter. >> clay: happy friday, everybody. time for clay's clowns including failed dunks and why your mom
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you know, carmelo anthony is still one of the west players in the nba but it's been a rough ride for him since he arriv in new york, and the frustration may be getting to mellow. earlie this week he told a heckler during a game that he should go ask owner james dollan for a refund on his tickets, and then he had this against portland. a foul is called here but mellow going g try to take out frustration on the rim, and that durk didn't exactly work out too well. not going to put this on the his end of year highlight reel. that sums upis knicks career so far. at number four another dun gone ryan, khalil iverson of wisconsin. he's going to throw this one down hard, right? you need dhe basketball to do that. at least the badgers would go on to win theheame against minnesota. at number three i can honestly save i've never see this before. watch sedan girardi of the rangers. eary when is the puck? in his mask? how does that happen in i need to know the physics behind that.
5:24 pm
number two we take out to honda classic in palm beach county palm beach garners. gary's ball is in the mud. so is he but you see his pants persistent i guess they're expenditure slacks in if you're going to strip down louk that. finally at number one we take to you australia. a motorcycle drag race between learmonth. one problem, both motorcycles break down after the start! at least a.m.'s gets halfway down the track. the funniest thing about this is look a allen. he's going to look at lear moppet trying to make sure she doesn't catch up as he is track. app won the race but they sre the top the spot on clay's clowns. and we actually had video of victor doing the same thing on his vespa on the way into local10 fod he woun't let us show that. >> victor: you hate the vespa until you ride it, man.
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>> victor: i'm just not there wearing gary wood asked land's boxers. >> laurie: is that allowed in the pga? you can't do that. >> clay: i guess they sanctioned the clothing, want to keep it nice and clean. >> laurie: okay. thank you, clay. >> victor: and there are new details today in sex scandal that's rocking florida international university. >> laurie: janine is in the newsroom working and that and much more. >> janine: we are learning more about a student who is accusing the fiu basketball coach of sexual misconduct. she was suspended herself from the team last month. we will tell you. yes a new technology is making it a lot easier to keep track of your bags while you're traveling. consumer reporter christina vazquez shows us how it works p. and all new at 6:00 we are speaking with local cuba experts about secretary of state john kerry's decision to postpone his trip to cuba. stay with us. local10 news at 5:30 will be
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kellee >> janine: right now 5:30 a school sex scandal rocking fi
5:29 pm
basketball team accused the coach sexual misconduct, but we're now learning that player was suspended from the team before making that accusation. >> victor: and school officials are asking for patience while police investigate. local10's todd tongen is live now in southwest miami-dade with the latest on this case. todd. >> todd: janine and victor, the head coach of the basketball team here is still on suspension amid these allegations that had been filed by one of his student athletes. fiu starting guard and team captain of women's basketball team destini feagin made an allegation of sexual miscouct against her coach just one day after she was suspended from the team while an open criminal theft investigation against her is ongoing. students we spoke to on campus were either unaware of the scandal or were very cautious about what they said. >> this is kind of sad, to it's like as a student year here to go to school and excel in
5:30 pm
athlete in the athletic world it's kind of scary. >> todd: the israelis filed a complaint with the ncaa that chinn loaned her $600 back in december which would be a possible rules violation. this is video there fiu vision from their spring preview of the program before feeingin' was suspended. she said chinn had been pursuing a swelling relationship with her during the season but didn't come forward until her troubles calm to light. >> i tnk in situations this big that involve so many people and subject matter that's so delicate, we trust the university to deal with it to the best of herr the ability. >> todd: fi u released a statement saying in part "we want to reiterate that at fiu there is no tolerance for teacher. we support the victims and ensuring due process for all involved." meanwhile, the lady panthers have not done very well this season. it is nearly over.
5:31 pm
coach and their star player. in southwest miami-dade, todd tongen, local10 news. >> janine: a broward county judge hearing arguments today in the case challenging the eligibility of senators ted cruz and marco rubio to run for president over their citizenship.local10 news reporter investigator bob norman was in the courtroomor that case. here's his report. >> he doesn't evan have the right to serve as president or even run as president. he was born in canada. >> bob: it's an issue donald trump has raised on the campaign trail, whether ted cruz whos was born in canada and to a lesser degree marco rubio who was born in miami, to cuban immigrant parents, are eligible to run for president at all. >> if he's not eligible, he can't hold the office. >> bob: the republican voter michael voeltz sued both rubio and cruz in broward county court on this very issue? by pure logic you can determine that ted cruz and marco rubio are not natural born citizens. >> bob: the constitution says
5:32 pm
natural born citizen to be eligible to be president. the problem, the constitution doesn't define exactly what this is. >> it's impsible that the founder would have considered one born of foreign parenthood or one born in a foreign country as natural born citizens to be president. >> bob: rubio are attorney. >> it's very simple. he was earn bo here inside the united states. the further amendment said anyone born in the united states is a citizen united states at birth. >> bob: cruz's situation may be a about it more tenuous since he wasn't born in the united states. >> the first stated that children of citizens of u.s. that may be born beyond the sea, outside of the united states, or out of the limits of the u.s. shshl be considered as a natural born citizen. >> bob: in the end it didn't matter. judge john bowman ruled voeltz had no standing and that it was the wrong jurisdiction. >> this dults mat reside in hands of congress, so i do
5:33 pm
>> bob: bob norman, local10 news. >> janine: and bob tells us there are similar lawsuits filed in other december jurisdictions including a federal case filed by trump supporters in alabama. a donald trump supportive in orlando claims he waste attacked for his political views. lou vols is nursing cuts and scrapes on his hands after he says he was attacked at a library on monday during early voting in florida's primary. he said two young men started pulling the trump signs out of the ground, so he says he confronted them to get tome this stop. he claims one of them body slammed him to the ground. paramedics treated hess injuries. one of his friends gave orange coun sheriffs deputies a photo of the tag on the car in which the attackers drove away. so far no arrests. >> victor: spring break is here and maybe you're flying to your destination and there's really nothing that can hamper the start of a vacation more than a lost or a delayed bag. >> janine: in today's "call christina" our consumer investigate is exploring the
5:34 pm
tags that update you on the location your luggage. my bag. thing. >> calvin: airplanes like mia travel thousands of checked backs every day, and although airlines work to not lose your badge it can happen. >> i was flying to europe. they couldn't find my bag coral springs but now american airlines says it's working to make it a thing of past. they've lunched an app helping passengers keep tabs ihor bags. >> . it works like the p 3 bags are scand a check-in coordinating with you airport low cater with your records. air airple package handlers scan each bag. >> you loaded at 10:29 a.m. on flight 2022. >> christina: and flyers can keep track of they are bags' website. >> things do happen and bags do get lost unfortunately, but now you know if it goes to dallasinstead of los angeles, that it is in dallas and from dallas we
5:35 pm
l.a. >> it's convenient. >> christina: american airlines is not the only company working to relieve bag anxiety. introducing thee tag and etrack. >> calvin: air france is in,n, have developed a digital bag tag. co-founder david tells us the device utilizes gps and bluetooth technologies to not just send you alerts to yoursmartphone about where your bag is, but what is happening to it. a sensor can detect if your bag has been opened. >> at which point, at which time. so you have more security about your bag. >> do you think your technology, then, will pretty much eliminate theft. >> exactly. we make sure that you're always connected to your bag. >> it's like i have the control of my bag all the tomb. that will be great. >> christina: check this out. lufthasa is also testing a digital baggage tag. you can check in your bag from home using a smartphone.
5:36 pm
in the newsroom, christina vazquez. >> janine: we you know know the cause of death for bobbi christina brown. the medical examiner said it was her face being immersed looping. she had marijuana in her blood along with medications used to treat anxiety. the 22-year-old daughter of late whitney houston was found ds face down in a bathtub in january. she died months ler. and the fbi has revealed new details 2015 gold heist that ended with two south florida men in custoto. three men are accused of using a gps device to follow a t uck containing gold bars and coins up i-95 into north carolina. the suspects then set off pepper spray by remote control inside of the cab that of truck, forcing the drivers to pull over. investigators then say this men stole the gold worth $4.9 million. 46-year-old adalberto perez and another man we a aested
5:37 pm
an fbi affidavit calling perezez the ringleader in heist. his milwaukee home was raided where officials s they found some silver coinsns another florida south florida man pleaded guilty last year after allegedly trying to s sl one of those gold barar >> victor: right now that's right middle ofhe evening rush. let's get a check on track of with our track of reporter sanela sabovic. >> sanela: it's been a very busy friday, several more alerts to tell you about. you're taking a live look at i-95. this is around northwest 103rd treat many street. there is an extent reported in the express lanes. that's why track of wasn't looking too bad in the regular lanes. the speed times are clocking in at 47 miles per hour. keeping in it miami-dade county, cruising on over to the palmetto spray expressway there's a disabled car in the northbound lanes. it has a very lane blocked and speeds clocking in at 14 miles per hour, not looking too good there. and in broward county haven't forgotten about you. there's a crash on i-95, the
5:38 pm
you can see delays starting to form there with speeds another 50 miles per hour. >> janine: sanela, thank you. caught on camera in illinois, vandals spray paint messages of hate on a a mosque as members prayed surprised inside p it happened at the islamic society in plainfield on sunday. the vandalism was vulgar. profanities attacki muslims and linking american muslims to isis. the three ran dals were recorded by the mosque surveillance cameras, but police say the graininess off this video mauk it hard to identify them. so far no arrests. in nashville a high school student was videotaped attacking a teacher. that 17-year-old now charged with aggravated assault and the teacher is recovering from a concussion. other teachers tried to get the student under control as he continued to attack the teacher wh got that concussion when his head hit the floor. and man in louisiana mcdonald's restaurant claiming it was because his family was being held hostage.
5:39 pm
in the rush to check on them, a responding officer was caught in a dangerous wreck. he walked with a unhirte, but two people in the other car suffered minor injuries. they were sent to the hospital. no word on any charges for that man who crashed into the mcdonald's. >> victor: a big development today in the historic change between washington and havana. secretary of state john kerry has cancelled had you trip to`cuba, and today we learn more about why. that's coming up in a life report at 6:00. >> janine: wal know airplane toilets are small but you this one can clean itself. we'll tell you how you the works coming up. >> victor: bututirst, people living if one portland neighborhood are suga glass company fo allegedly putting toxic chemicals i@nto this sarah. >> janine: as we head to break a live picture from our mics tower camera in miami beach. it's a little hot and steamon the there. we're going to check in with
5:40 pm
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>> victor: a toxic airir scare in one paterno neighborhood has led to seven residents filing a cls action lawsuit against a glass company alleging the business knowingly polluted the air for years with toxic chemicals. the toxic air scare h h been a bit of a gut punch for new southeast paterno residents. >> i just mood of to this neighborhood about two months ago. >> victor: and left the ones who
5:44 pm
puzzling. >> victor: dan hurly and greg are in unpleasant company. >> i don't kw what to think. >> victor: two the thousands who maybe exposed to dangerous levels toxichemicals. >> and i wonder if i should eat anything out of the gardens pollution. >> victor: seven his neighbors have taken the fight to court. in a lute they claim bull's-eye has been using the neighborhood's air and backyards as a dumping ground and that the toxic emissions from bull's-eye are a clear threat to the people living in working in southeast portland. newcomers think about league of. >> should we move? >> victor: while the old-timers are worried about everyone, even bull's-eye and i would like the plant to keep employing people here, which is, you know, people need jobs. on the other hand, i don't want to be poisoning myself by eating out of my garden. >> victo and lawsuit claims bull's-eye lobbied the faa to be
5:45 pm
company has always maintained thdt they followed the law but the residents a that doesn'ty clued them from responsibility. results are expected later this month of soil salas. >> janine: a brother and sister are face can charges after chefs deputies say they stole from a girl scout selling cookies outside of a walmart. 20-year-old and his 25-year-old sister turned themselves into the vousia county jailer authoritieiestaih they stole cash box from a 12-year-old girl scout on tuesday. an officer recognized the younger suspect from her posts on facebook, and the victim picked them out on a photo line-up. despite the two arrests, deputies still haven't found the money. a local radio station raised more than $1,000 to give to the girl scout who w victimized. >> victor: the bear beaten and left for dead in boulevard yeah is now being given a second chance at life. it's going to be taken tie wildlife refuge in the next two weeks. the bear was rescued in january after it w w attacked by residents of a town who said that bear tried to attack a child.
5:46 pm
the attack and had to undergo a delicate cataract surgeon on a ri on its left eye. it was severely underweight when it was rescued but as gained 33 pounds s since. >> janine: poor bear. let's talk weather right now. it's friday, so -- you know what? -- it could rain and we'd be okay. >> victor: but i don't think it is eyeing go rain. we have lots of events, carnaval on the mile. >> betty: i like the way you think, victor, but unfortunately i think we are going to see a little better chance for a shower in the forecast tomorrow. at least that's what a couple of the forecast models indicating. i'm hoping the models are wrong. that's my hope. and we're not forecasting a washout whatsoever right now we're lookingutside a hollywood beach. it's away. such a warm afternoon, so manyy mid-80s or temperatures for highs in your neighborhoods. we're now starting to see the number sliding into the lower 80s. fort lauderdale and miami at 81. key west a north wind and vivedegrees there. the forecast for teaching our sky cast model not showi^g a
5:47 pm
some high clouds still will be in the mixed. winds west had northwest about 5 to 10 miles an hour. this evening. so you may not necessarilyh need a sweater if you are going to be making your wite there tonight. you probably won't need an umbrella, either. wear tracking a cold front. it's a weak one sliding down the peninsula but you can see a bit of a temperature difference on either side. we're on the warm side. it is a littleooler in places like gainesville and jacksonville. they need a sweater with temperatures running in the low 60s. so far as the cold front is sliding down, no showers generated ahead of it in our nene of the woods, so that is some good news for teaching, just those mid to lie level clouds streaming in ashe cold front continues to make a bit more progress in our direction. it i i getting weak and it will essentially key biscayne fizzle but it will offer up a wind shift, and 2 that i'll show you this forecast model. by tomorrow attorneyeyoaning 9:00 a.m. if you're heading out for the walk with the animals
5:48 pm
little shower trying to trickle in off the atlanta waters and maybe a few more showers during the day. i'm hoping this is overdone but i jt want to let you know woke note rule out a shower in the forecast on saturday. sunday mainly dry conditions forecast to return. if you're mauking the weekendnd a beach day with winds from the northeast tomorrow arounun 10 mil an hour, water temperature 74 degrees. miami-dade and brorord taking the boatu out, perhaps, no advisories on those waters. seas running t t to three feet. just a light chop on the bays. recapping the forecast for tomorrow, rain chance 20 two 30 percent, win east-northeast 5 to 10. temperatures climbing to year near 80 degrees, forecasting a high of 79 in miami. walk for the animals going on and carnaval the on the mile. sunday we're painting mainly dry conditions morning lows mid-60s, highs around 80 degrees. monday, tuesday it gets really breezy but the weather should be nice, cloud-sun mix with overnight lows upper 60s to near 70s and high temperatures
5:49 pm
>> janine: check out this new self-cleaning bathroom boeing is developing for its passenger jets. it uses uv lights wch kills more than 99% of the germs. the entire lav tory would be illuminated r three secondary being used and toilet seats, they would raise automatically to me sure the entire surface is exposed to the uv light. thee company says the chef cleaning lavatory would use a type of uv light that's not harmful to people. it's constituent until testing phase. >> victor: looks like a nightclub in there. see how that works out. a call to 911 least leadsty a greenville, south carolina deputy getting a new friend. a two-year-old dialed the emergency number to get hem putting on her clothes. >> she wanted me to her her had with her shoes and she wanted me to hug they and hold her. it was the highlig of my day. she was so swewe. >> >> victor: the little girl's grandmother said he had no idea
5:50 pm
mom said she showed her how to dial that numberut didn't think she understood what to do. that deputy was happy to help with this wardrobe emergency and calls at this time best part of her day. >> janine: oh, she understood what to do. iannot wait to hear the 911 call when it's released. >> victor: can you get any cuter than that little girl? >> janine: no. >> victor: there are hundreds of animals in need of good homes right here in southflorida, and today our animal advocate jacey birch has a couple of dogs who would like to make new friends. >> jasey: look at sundance. you a a a beautiful girl, that aboriginal pit bull. hi, guys. i'm here with saving grace and her furry friends. i'm here with tamra.people think the pit bulls are the hard one to place. they're big and you have to walk with them but this little munching kik. >> there's a lot of designer dogs at the shelter, too, that people just abandon because they can't afford to keep up with the maintenance, you know, they need to be groomed and taken care of. >> and look at bella right here, and i think she's so adorable,
5:51 pm
than just the shots and the spay and the neuter. you got toeep up with your little fur, right you? need a haircut, don't you? do you want me to find a home? all right. if you guys what the to check out sundance and bella, it's so easy to do. go to, and you see that pet section right there? just click on it and you'll see all the pets with saving grgce and her firry friends. is that a smile? does that meannou want a new home? i take kisses a yeses. at's a big yes. all right. sundance needs a home. we're working on it now. hopefully you can help. >> janine: so cute. do love dogs. do love jasey birch. do not g gt join jase for the walk for the animal tomorrow. she will be there along with her own dogs to support the humane society of broward county. the walk is at the huizenga plaza in fort lauderdale starting at local10. >> victor: the local10 newsroom is busy on this friday. here are some of the stories that we have coming up on we're hearing from local expertsn cuba about secretary of state
5:52 pm
his upcoming trip to cuba. >> janine: a 94-year-old man who was pick pocked while doing us his grocer shopping. >> victor: first, jenise fernandezels shows youhe dangerous conditions
5:53 pm
every single day. uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the cation? you're not going to belie this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. dby or night,
5:54 pm
(music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to p!rfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
5:55 pm
>> janine: local10 news reporter jenise fernandez in a trial by fire today as she learns what it takes to be a firefighter. she actually bunkered up with miramar firefighters today to
5:56 pm
>> jeff: this is what it looks like when firefighters walk nye a burning building. thick smoke, vision limited. not to mechs the amount of heat is almost unbearable. miramar fire rescue gave me theh opportunity to walk in a firefighter's shoes, or boots wan rather. first a vitals check. >> best blood pressure of the day. then it was suited time to get suited up. this. gear a firefighters' main protection but it comes with challenges. it's heavy. >> i don't even know how they can move like this. >> and once the mask is on, you instantly feel claustrophobic. we crawled into the burning building holding onto aose for balance, then worked to put out the fire. the flames were quick to spread. this is a controlled environment. in a real fire firefighters don't dough in that's walking. >> very dangero going a firefighter, ics have it's extremely labor intensive general of the but putting out a fire was nothing compared tie
5:57 pm
this is what firefighters see when they walk in, pitch black, in some cases use a thermal imaging camera to help. once we had the camera we found the victim and were able to pull him out. in. >> you can barely haar her. you have to really know -- [ not audible ] very difficult. yes lastly we put out a propane fire. communication ask key. firefighters depend on one another. it truly becomes a matter of life or death. >> there you go. good job! >> jeff: that's why the tracking never stops. >> we train every week on sothing. >> jenise: jenise fernandez. local10 news. >> janine: firefighters have a tougugjob. that shows just a part of what they do every day. great stuff. that's going to do it for local10 news at 5:30. victor and laurie are back for the news at 6:00. >> laurie: and right now at 6:00 ly on local10 news a girl seen running for her life.
5:58 pm
who tried to abduc her. >> victor: jailer jailed payment corrections officer accused extorting inmates, then spending their cash at a casino. >> laurie: publix pickpocket, a man arrested of stealing city sewer market several times. >> victor: an unholy act caught on camera. what a cook used to try to break not a church. >> laurie: secretary of state john kerry calls off the trip to cuba last week but now he has brand new plans. >> victor: plus only on local10 joey's journ well a dog rescued from the streets finding his forever home. news at 6:00 starts right now. >> laurie: right off the top a safety alert after an abduction deal. local10 news the only station with surveillance video of a girl running away from a man she says tried to grab her. >> victor: it happened as she was walking home from school in pompano beach. local10's andrew preves is life with that video. andrew drunk deputies say this guy was bold and they really want to talk to him. you see this new video we obtained a couple of minutes ago, this girl running for her
5:59 pm
now. there is a reward for the right information. a 13-year-old girl, her book bag still on is seen running away from an unknown man who deputies say tried to kidnap her wednesday. deputies looking for the driver behind this vehicle, a tan suv, possibly an explorer. >> that's creepy. it's really scary. >> andrew: students walk canhome from school say they never expect that in this area, no less. the girl wasas walking home from her school when a man in that pumped and tried to talk to her in front of pompani beach high. when she kept on walking, he allegedly got out and grabbed her. she screamed. video shows her taking off, the car not far behind her. deputies say they're now searching for this man, late 40s we'll be 50s, reddish-brownish hair with a thin frame. here's where you come in. deputies want any information right now if you think you recognize him, know anything about thisrime cream, you're
6:00 pm
crimestoppers, that. andrew perez. >> victor: we want to take one more look at that man seen getting away in a tan s. so if you think you recognize him call bward crimestoppers, that number again 954-493-tips. >> laurie: also publix pickpocket with an arrest made in connection with five separate cases of theft all of them happening a publix super markets. tonight we're hearing from one years old. >> victor: he spoke with our ane morejon and she is live now from pean crest. >> liane: judging from the amount of time this guy has allegedly committed other crimes, he's very comfortable. ai he targets elderly people, many times wearing the same outfit or same hat. when is thiss where the oldest of those victims was hit at publix in pinecrest. tonight we spoke with him. he sd he's happy this person was caught.


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