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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 9AM  ABC  March 5, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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and tried to force her in the car. back pack on andooking it. the 13 year old running for her lili. >> that is creep and scary. >> reporter: police are looking for a driver shown tailing her and think this is the guy who tried to abduct the girl moments earlier. >> walk with other peoplele have something with you at least. >> picking up a random child? >> reporter: on a busy road in a busy time of day. the 13 year old was leaving pampano high school when the creepy guy in the suv drove up and called o to her. when she ignored her he made a move. he grabbed her by the waist and tried to it force her in the suv. she@ screamed and tried to take off.
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a name with the pole sketch. thankfully she did everything right and got away and called for help. report nothing fort lauderdale, local ten news. >> neki: right now a correction's officer is behind bars that she extorted 20 grand from inmates. this happeneds were taken by police officer christie laster and she worked with with boot camp cadets in jail. she ordered them to hand over the money they got in the program. one photoshowed an inmate forceed to give up his cash. find out what she is accused of doing with that money and hear the message that one of the inmate's father has for her.
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an unholy act in a hialeah church. the man smashed two car window ones on church property and threw somethtng at the glass door at the church. he did it several times. he smashed windows in the u.s. century bank building and didn't do too much damage to the church. he never made it inside. >> neki: a knife was found on o.j. simpson former estate in l.a. simpson was acquitted of the brutal stabbing deaths of his wife nice brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. someone who found the knife gave it to an officer 18 years ago, but he didn't turn it in until now. >> it is very concerning that a police officer, retired or active, would not know to submit and turn in evidence or whwh is
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>> neki: this discovery comes in a renewed about in the case. the knife is tested now for forensic evidence. >> todd: vote 2016 can. voters in five more states are chooseing the presidential candidates theh want to clinch the republican and democratic nominations. today is kansas caucus. and kentucky caucus and louisiana primary for both parties and the main republican calk u.s. and the nebraska democrat caucus. several candidates went to the c-pac conference. the gop front runner went to kansas and florida where he gunned at rubio after the debate. >> you know in norred they he little marco rubio. >> donald trump is not a conservative.
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his presidential bid and will chair a group getting out the christian vote. meanwhileillary clinton and bernie sanders are preparing time in michigan. they are making a final push for votes before the democratic primary this coming tuesday. >> neki: the polls opened and willtay open until 7:00. the presidential primary is march 15th. >> todd: the judge dismissed a complaint challenging cruz and rubio to be be prprident. he says rubio who wasorn to immigrant parents and cruz born in canada are not natural born citizens. the judge ruled that it was no standing and in the wrong jurisdiction. >> neki: it is that time of year again.
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>> todd: it is aweekend long celebration. >> neki: the are out there to tell us more. >> reporter: good morning, neki and todd. the carnival is a mile away. it is about to get started and hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take part. the miracle mile is raready for the big party p. organize ares were hard at work since midnight preparing for the carnival on the mile. it is a festival of great music, food and art. artist have been setting up the beautiful splays for the crowds. production crews are busy getting all three stages ready for 40 performances and now to the food, there is a cork and fork pavillian and include food
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bles and prepared by celebrity chef. >> wine tasting and live cooking prepation by celebrity chief. >> reporter: the event is a precursor to next weekend's festival. organizers said it takes a year to prepare. and promise that carnival on the mile will not let anyone down. >> it is it going to be be a great time. latin jazz and great artist and great restaururts will be serving food throughout the weekend. >> reporter: you can't go wrong there. it is going to be a great time. our creative service staff is getting that ready. our talent wili be here to meet and groat you, local ten fans and don't forget carnival on the mile. at 10:00 and wrap up at 10:00
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it will happen all over tomorrow. great food and festivities. and wine and come and join us. >> todd: roll up your sleeves and help them. >> neki: help them, they are hard at work with. as she said we'llob the carnival on the mile. also with max mayfield and will and betty davis and then calvin and jeff and they will take over at 2:30. victor will also be there. >> neki: holare are at todd and i on sunday at noon. >> todd: laurie jennings wille there along with mike motorcycle. >> neki: the city of flint is coming back from a water crisis. >> todd: the new ground they are breaking to rid the water contamination problem when we
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>> neki: plus helping out our@ furry friends. details on the walk right now. >> jennifer: outdoors, temperatures are in the upper 60s and by 11:00 a.m., warming up to 74 degrees. that is the forecast for tonight. keep the umbrella just in case we have a chance for showers. we will have the information. >> todd: wow, two real deals in the kitchen. chief michelle and evander holyfield. they have banana french toast and prime rib.
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hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. >> todd: the fbi revealed new details on the 2015 gold heist. three men are accusus of using a gps device to follow a truck
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the suspects set off pepper spray inside of the cab of the trushg and forcinghe drivers to pull over. the men stole the gold worth 5 million. 46-year-old alberto perez and another man were arrested on wednesday. the fbi affidavit calling perez the ring l lder in the heist. another south florida man pled get after allegedly trying to it sell a gold bar. >> neki: utility crews dug up one of the lead pipes in the initiative to clean up the contaminated pipes. the mayor said flint needs help for a complete overhaul. >> we need help to give them quality water and give them service and support they
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>> neki: the regulators failed to order the city to treat the water from chemicals to prevent the lead from getting in the the water supply. >> todd: scientist made a find. a brand new species of octipi. the original purpose of the die was to collect rock samples and finding the new species counts as a successful mission. >> neki: they are hoping this is a successful mission today. you have less than an hour left if you want to put your paws and feet to the pavement. >> todd: regisisation for the walk f f the animals. the walk bins at 10:00 a.m. and jc birch is there. >> neki: leading the way. >> todd: she's checking out the excitement and always got a good looking dog. >> neki: is that sunglass says.
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me seriously right now? you know they are are known for wearing the booties and walking shoes. where is their walking shows. i said joggles are there. jaggar will not have problem be with the sunshine. and how wonderful is the event. hi, guys, you having fun out there. the walk for the animals and here in thehe plaza and benefitting the humane society of broward county. who is that guy? that is our newest munchkin, radar, we just adopd. look me binned he. there are expected to be 5000 people out here. there is dog horses and all kinds of booths with goodies for
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we are trying to raise 600,$000 r the humane society. 8000 are saved every year. and look at the thatute one right there. we have a lot of alumni. and don't forget about spay and neuter. 10000 surgeries done in south florida so we control the pet population. it is hundred what we are doing. there is time to donate. go to to donate. in the meantime all o@ the humans and the pets are getting ready for the mile long walk. i can't believe howow many people are out here. we are are having a greaea time. if this is an event for you or you areooking to rescue an animal. we'll be downere all day long. >> neki: we'll check be in with you once the walk gets underway.
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takiki a live look right now out of the fort it lauderdale tower cam. jc getting the spots of sunshine. >> todd: it was not the down pour. >> jennifer: i remember that day. and i remember i stayed to 2:00. let's knock on wood and this is hopefully wood behind me. we don't want the rain. we have had a few showers. we have a few darker clouds out there. and it is it is a similar view for miami since the sun rose this morning. by the way, the sun is helping heat it up to 70 degrees from miami. pompny beach at 74. temperatures will reach upper 70s, normal for this time of year. winds out of the northwest. we'll have a east breeze back
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here is the radar and satellite is. weave the clouds rolling on shore, and they have a better chance of producing rain. and on the radar, zooming in northwest miami-dade. this is the spot of activity. but the showers pop ping up on on the radar is light sprinkles and one getting closer to the coast line over the biscayne bay and pine crest m can see rain from that. in the house model depict being those showers and a better chance later this afternoon and evening. and that will be farther inland and further north of the keys, and showers later on today it. and also in the overnight and eay tomorrow morning and we'll wake up to cloud cover out there and a weak front will help suppress the moisture and clear
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today partly cloudy skies. boaters no advisories, bays with a moderate c cp and winds 10-15 knots and heading out to carnival. and highs in the upper 70s. make sure you keep yourself drated and rain chances going down starting tomorrow. >> neki: do y y have a young super star at home? auditions happen negligent african heritage cultural center. to participate, you must live in miami day county and between the ages of 8- 17 years old. the grand prize will receive a free trip and see the live american idol finale. and $500 spend ping money. dill an hope sunshine foundation hosting sun is sun in the park for suicide awareness.
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obstacle courses and silent auction and christue krueger will be there. tickets for kids are $10 and $20 for adults to register at sunshine at the park run for a walk. and do the marchor cancer five k in fort lauderdale. that`till raise funds for the children's hospital. there is a registration for the race. >> todd: new this morning, a young boy, facing a tough illns getting a surprise in pennsylvania p. he sufs from a ld. as a treat the local police department made him honary sheriff for the day. >> he can feel what it is like to be a police officer or sheriff before he passes, and so
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opportunity to have that experience. >> todd: his mother broken up over it. they gave him gifts and caleb got to mote the judge and try on the robes andndang p the gavel. >> neki: caught on camera, a dad and friends caught a child predator of trying to lour a little girl.
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whose child died in a hot car. >> neki: a jury will begin deliberating with a lawsuit filed by the host of dancing with the star. closing arguments were yesterday. she is suing the owners of the marriottlaiming that the hotel is partially to blame for the secretly reported nude video that went viral. >> barrette couldn't have done it without the negligence of the nashvilll marriott. >> this could have been stopped. >> neki: the video of andrews getting out of the shower was
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>> todd: new indictments for a father who left a toddler in the hot car. justin harris is accused of having lewd photos of teenage girls and sending explicit messages to the girl. right now harris is awaiting trial for the death of his soon son copper. harris claims to have forgot about his son that day. the new charges have nothing to do with the murder trial. >> neki: a man is behind bars after self proclaimed libertarian activist made him to turn himself in for trying to lure in a 13-year-old gigi. >> i was just trying to talk to her. >> neki: there is an app that people can chat. they pose as a 13-year-old girl
9:25 am
nmented to meet with him within a couple of minutes and it got vulgar and disgusting. >> neki: olson said he was in a relationship now. he agreed to meet the girl at the park and the group forced himself to turn himself in. olson is now facing charges including attempted child rape in the second degree. >> todd: the latest on an attempted abduction how a little girl ran for help. and officer blackmailing former
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>> neki: time is 9:28. you can see the dark slides on the left side of the screen and i can see clearing on the right side. so what is it going to be, jennifer. i like cloud cover but not shower ises. >> jennifer: i don't mind the cloud cover.
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temperatures are warming up to upper 70s this afternoon. you can see the beautiful hollywood beach. dark clouds south of the beach. but winds are picking up as well. and here is a look at 70 degrees in fort lauderdale and miami. key west 69 degrees and winds have been out of the north, right. and there will be an easterly breeze setting up this afternoon. and on the radars, showers that impact the coast line. there is a shower two mimes just to the east of you and it is developing and that is producing moderate rainfall. and those areas around surf side and north bay village could see rain again. they are fast mover ares and that is swinging through south florida. more details on the forecast coming up.
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>> todd: a correction's officer is behind bars after allegedly trying to extor the inmates. >> reporter: she is the vet van officer that shook down cadets for $20,000. she used the stolen money they believe supporting a gambling habit. >> they are working hard and trying to earn a living out of boot camp. >> reporter: but authorities allege kendall's son went out through the program only to be blackmailed by her the officer. kendall was forced to hanan over hard earned money. >> she worked in a system that tried to help the kids and she's doing the wrong thing. >> reporter: it was not only ken's son. the other men were victims of the officer.
9:31 am
gambled all of the money away. >> todd: she faces bribery and extortion and held on half million dollars bond. the mayor daush is a finalist in the search for police chief in ferguson, missouri. ferguson was the sight of racial unrest following the shootingg of michael brown it caused the chief of police to step down. >> neki: a jacksonville toddler's mother will spend five years in prison. lonna barton blowed guilty of child neglect. the judge sentenced her to the maximum allowable. >> youan't ever saw that justice, justice would be lonzie still with us. that would be a child in t t
9:32 am
>> neki: after months searchihi for lonzie, lonna's boyfriend led investigators to the boy. he confessed that lonzie drowned in the bath tub while he and lonna had sex. >> todd: and there is reports that secretary of state john kerry cancelled the trip to cuba over human rights returns. president obama will there two weeks later. key will join the president the on his historic sit. in the meantime rolling stones getting ready to play their first concert in cub a. there is containers of equipment arrive nothing the port. the stones' historic show is on march 25th. cuba's cigar festival wrapped up yesterday. it draws hundreds of buyers
9:33 am
iconic product. they were auctioned off for tens of thousands. they are concerned about the lifting of the trade embargo. stay tuned for are president obamaa historic visit to cub a. calvin hughes will lead that later this month. >> neki: a team of researchers are close t t proving that the zika virus is responsible for killing brain cells. the scientist fromlorida state university said the discovery strengthens the climb of zika causing deformity in babies. there may be a zika vaccine ready for testing by september. the florida legislator rejected a $3 billion gambling deal negotiatete with the seminole trial and governor scott.
9:34 am
and dogs around the state. there was a expansion of the cacano if the deal was approved. we knew the winning lottery ticket was bought in the keys. now we know who won the $300 million jackpot. here he is with his brother. they are both winners. he was a senior judge from pennsylvania and took the lump sum payment of $191 million. >> todd: he boughgh the winning ticket at tom thumb. he and his group spped in to get ice and lottery tickets. no word on how much fish they caught. they made out well. the 18tharnival on the mile getting ready to kick off in coral gables. >> neki: local ten is live there where they are getting
9:35 am
>> reporter: good morning,g, neki and todd. preps for carnival on the mile are underway in coral will gables. crews have been hard at work since midnight to get it ready for the hundreds of thousands of people expectete to take part in the festivities. we'll get you to video we shot for you this morning. the miracle mile is about ready for the big party presented by the i can wannis club in miami. we are told 120 artist will display their work this weekend. production crews are putting the finishing touches on three stages where 40 performers are expected to jazz up the crowd. now to the food. there is a cork and fork festival. there will be foodd from the restaurants from the gables and prepared by celebrity chef. >> it will be a food and wine
9:36 am
demonstrations by celebrity chefs. >> reporter: it is guaranteed to be a great time. the two- day festival is free to the public. it kicks off at 10:00 this morning and wrap with up at 10:00 p.m. tonight. and come out here and meet the the local ten talent. >> neki: we'll be there tomorrow. thank you. and as you heard her say. the local ten crew will be be there. kristina and carlos. todd: max and betty joan the crowd. and jeff and michael take over at two time time 30. >> neki: victor and amy will be 2:30 to 5:00. >> todd: if sunday is better. join us at noon. >> neki: laura and jennifer and lean will be there.
9:37 am
out our furry friend. the walk for the animals is getting ready to start in lauderdale. we'll be live with jc next. >> todd: feel the chill.
9:38 am
pluto fly by, that is it next. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and painto it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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s>> neki: take a look at this sketch. this is the man that tried to grab a girl off pampano baechlt the little girl ran fast to safety. you can see the surillance video. that is the aftermath. attempted abduction caught on camera laura is live in fort lauderdale and has more on who police are looking for. >> reporter: that's right, neki. this girl had to struggle with the guy to get away. he grabbed her by the waist and tried to force her there. hehe did not stop there. the surveillance video shows the 13-year-old girl with a back pack and running away in northeast six and pampano beach.
9:41 am
alleged attacker and following her in a tan suv. here is a ok at who they are looking for. a thin guy reddish brown hair and possibly 40s or 50s and redshirt and jeans and black sneakers. >> it is creepy. it is scary. walk with other people and have somemeing with you, at least. >> reporter: the situation putting notust students, but the neighborhood on alert, excuse me. this young girl was walking home from pampano beach high school. if you have information call crime stoppers. this is local ten news. >> todd: space x launched a satellite in orbit. they tried five times before and were delayed by weather problems and rocket fuel. but the liftoff was successful
9:42 am
the ceo added that the next flight has a chance of success. >> neki: look at these pictures from nasa. methan snow is seen against the red color. it may act like water does. condensing like frost. it was captured last summer. >> todd: there is still time to register for the walk for the animals. >> neki: not a lot of time. jc birch is live downtown. she has trent there and the new dog. tod it tod all of her dogs. >> reporter: listen i am a a animal advocate. i come prepared. radar may be ready for a nap time. yeah, look a that camera, it runs in the family. this is my favorite event and
9:43 am
we are in the middle of doggie central, and also the humans are allowed, too. this is the 26th annual walk for the animals. hi, guys, are you having fun? 5000 people are out here including the animals, too. we are raising 600,$000 as our goal. and the whole point not only to have fun and enjoy the walk and see the people in the different booths and all of the animal lovers. look at simban and jagger, those e my two, they are well behaved. you can touch them. why are we doing this? same reason i rescue animals. we save 8000 a year in broward county. and performing 10000 spay and
9:44 am
and this is the dog agility course. if everyone gave a dollar we would make a difference in the lives of rescue pets and animals. this is where fort lauderdale turns out in style. there is the local ten team. rough riders are getting ready to walk. thank you for the great weather. jennifer and betty. last year it rained. i appreciate my munchkin might be tired but not getting soaked today. are you ready to walk, radar? sit on my lap. guys, 10:00 we'll take off. go to you can always donate. i have been raising a lot of money. >> todd: i don't think radar is making it. >> neki: i think radar will be a sleep a i hope you guys have
9:45 am
that is a lot of dogs. . >> todd: thanks. >> jennifer: radar iso cute. if you want to join jc birch and the rest of the walk for the animals, you can enjoy the weather. it is mostly cloudy and nice to head out and despite p the chance for the showers, i promise it will not be a wash out whatsoever. i want to point out march events. we spring forward already. march 13th. and then spring begins on march 20th. that is eastern sunday on march 27th. a lot of events coming this spring. 70 degrees in fort lauderdale and pembroke pines. and 69 in kendall and 72 in marathon. and holding on to upper 60s in key west. actually key west is cloudy out
9:46 am
pampano beach is the warm spot at this hour. winds out of the north and northwest. and five miles per hour from fort lauderdale to miami and six hour wind speed. and they have picked up and only if you are right on the coast and a little breezier than not. and windows will turn out of the east later on today. and notice a lot of clouds are over south florida. and this has to it do with actually an area that is over theh gulf of mexico. first, let's talk about the radar. we are tracking showers. hot spot is northeast miamamdade. there is a shower creeping just east of you. it will look darker if you look be out east. and over in miami international airport. there was a shower and it was veryry light. and that has weakened. north miami dealing with light
9:47 am
there is actually a cold front moving through the central parts% of the plains and snow in the upper midwest and great lakes and we have another system out coming in to california and bringing in rain for the west coast. and a huge warm up for the south. i will have all of the details on the rest of our seven day forecast comingin. >> todd: talk about a lucky shot. >> neki: the crowd going wild as a basket is shot from full court. >> todd: what d- wade is talking about. suggestions for a new nickname. >> neki: first, who doesn't want to be called a inner, here is
9:49 am
9:50 am
good luck. >> sports anchor: dwayne wade wants to i see the heat team win the games they are suppose ped to win. the current three- game stretchb qualifies. so far, so good the heat take on an awful sixer's team on friday night. miami season high 40 points in the first quarter. back come the sixers and grant
9:51 am
philly had the lead and wade to the rescue. throws it and ties the ball game up. later wade and won. and miami wins, 112 to 102. wade said maybe it is it time for a new nickname. yeah, i am trying to find out what space i am . and i am out of my prime and not father te and whatever is the in between, i need evebody to give me a word out there what that is. >> you are an optmist prime. first thing that came to mind. you don't have to love. it but embrace. it we'll leave it up to twitter. >> sports anchor: there was a roller coaster day for phil michelson. thanks to shots like this one and however, he would come back to the field and get past.
9:52 am
third round and t t leader, adam scott and a great attempt and he ended up birdieing the hole. and spring training, a big cwd on hand for the marlins and mets in port st. ulousy. and fish had a 4- 3 lead. and dillson hits that deep to left and he wouou at an in the ballpark but still gets a home run out of it. and this is end nothing a 4- 4 tie. and sixth ranked baseball team takingn manhattan. and that is it a rbi single here. strikeouts. 10-zip. and womemes basketball team maying in the quarter are finals. jessica thomas. 53- pointmrs and the canes
9:53 am
they will take on notre dame at noon today. that is your local ten morning sports wrap. >> todd: also an a teen sinksab amazing shot. hear what happened when we come back. again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals.
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9:55 am
>> neki: that incredible shot was caught on video. it is it a high school playoff game in kentucky with 6- 10ths of a second. player misses the free throw and the ball in the hands of the other team and the player hits a desperation shot and that shot sent the game in overtime.
9:56 am
points, but the talk about was abouthe shot. >> todd: just ahead, a safety alert. >> neki: the latest in the search for a man trying to snatch a little girl off of the street.
9:57 am
9:58 am
festivities, stick around. >> todd: right now, the hunt for a man accused of trying to snatch a girl right off of the streets. who to keep a look out for it. >> neki: unholy crime. what surveillance cameras caught a man trying to do at a church. >> todd: and sights and sounds of carnival on the mile. >> neki: and plus, roundup of paws. walk for the an mams kicking off in fort lauderdale, we are are there live. >> todd: good morning, it is saturday march 5th. i amodd tongun. >> neki: and i am neki mohan and we'll go to jennifer for the weather. >> jennifer: it is it is a lot of evens going on.
9:59 am
it is it plenty of cloud over hollywood beach. winds will be turning out of the east. hour. and already reaching a temperature of 74 degrees for fort lauderdale and miami. it is it warming up. there is showers right over surf side. get ready for moderate rainfall in the next few minutes. we'll have more on the rest of the weekend forecast. >> neki: we have a safety alert to tell you about. this man tried to grab a girl off of the street. her race for help was caught on camera. we have more with the video. >> reporter: here i who authorities are looking for. a thin g reddish brown hair and late 40s or 50s. he was wearing a red short sleeve t-hirt and genes and black sneakers. this young lad said he stopped
10:00 am
grabbed his waist and tried to force her in the car and she was able to struggle and break free. back pack on and booking it. a surveillance camera catches the 13-year-old running for her life. >> that is creepy and scary. >> reporter: police are looking for a driver shown tailing her. they think he tried to abduct her. other students are taking extra carrot walk home. >> walk with other people. >> what business you have to pick up a random child. joishgs in a busy road and busy time of day. the 13-year-old was leaeang pampano beach high school when the creepy guy in the tan suv drove up and called out to her. when she ignored him, he made his move. he grabbed her by the waist and tried to force her in the suv and she screamed and struggled and took off.
10:01 am
fining the suv and putting a name with the sketch. thankfully the young lady got away and called for help. anyone with information is encouraged to call broward county crime stoppers. >> neki: right now a correction's officer behind bars after extorting 20 grand from young inmates on work release. they said thousands cere taken by the officer. she run theoot camp cadets. instead of super voicing them she ordered them to hand over the money from the program. these evidence photos showing an inmate forceed to give upis money. >> they are working hard and trying to earn a real living for themselves. she is working in a system that
10:02 am
she is doing the wrong thing. >> neki: lastier visited the hard rock casino and she gambled away nearly 40 grand. >> todd: caught on camera. a man seen trying to break in the church. it happen sterday in the church. and police say that the man smashed two car windows on a church property and threw something at the dor. he did it several times and here is a closeup look at the man. he smashed windows and didn't do much damage to the church. >> neki: a high profile investigation after a knife was found on o.j. simpson former estate in l.a. simpson was acquitted in thehe brutal stabbing death of nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. someone who found the knife, gave it to an officer 18 years
10:03 am
it in until now. >> it is it very concerning to us that a police officer, whether retired or active would not know to submit and turn in evidence or what is believed to be evidence. >> neki: the discovery came in a renewed interest in the case thanks to a minisevees. the knife is being tested for evidence. >> todd: super saturd. voters are choosing presidential candidates that they want to clinch the nomination. today is it the kansas caucus. and kentucky republican caucus. and the louisiana primary for both parties and the maine caucus and nebraska caucus. several attended the conservative political action conference in maryland. but gop front runner donald trump was not there. hehe attended rallies in kansas and florida where he is
10:04 am
after their exchange after the debate. >> you know in florida are they hate marco rubio. >> he doesn'tt bep long a conservative gathering. donald trump is not a conservative. >> todd: ben carson suspended his presidential bid but will chair a vote to get out the christian vote. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are preparing for a debate in flint tomorrow night. and making a push for the votot this tuesday. >> neki: poll psps opened in broward county. the presidential primary here in florida is march 15th. [inaudible] >> todd: the annual walk for the
10:05 am
in the humane society took off. >> neki: jc birch is leading the way. >> todod jc is live with much more. >> reporter: i am alive in walk. look at all of my pack leaders and walkers, hi, guys. you are looking at them in the front of the walk and big, big fundraisers of the day. what i was t/ld it. you will love this. 6000 people are here, plus all of the dogs. d our numbers, we've raised up to 400000. and this is a big deal. you can see the people walking through downtown laududdale. and h hans brought hoong the pets. and most are rescue dogs from the humane society of broward cone. we have done this 26 years and it is a popular big event.
10:06 am
wiped outnd sitting in my lap. it is good thing we have everybody follow us. i don't think he would make the walk today. look at all of the people. we have taken over fort lauderdale and going through the river front. you guys having a good time out there. we are joined by everybody you see behind us and we have the mascot and dog and cat and shark. anddverybody in the truck with us. and the walk for an mams, once again a huge, huge event for brbrard county. they raised the majority of the fund-raising just with this event right here. that saves 8000 rescue animals a year. and i actually saw a bunny rabbit and a ig and a guiny pig here in the walk for us today. they do spay and neuter in our county. you know that the the overpet population is a problem.
10:07 am
the human society. we have a whole mile left to go. we'll send it back to the studio with neki dd. you can donate on my walk page. ki and todd, we had a great me. from simban and jagger and rescue pup radar. we say have a wonderful day. and trent and bety and julie, thank you for keeping the rain away. it is a beautiful day and thank you for supporting the animal advocacy group. >> todd: we are getting e-mails from people. they say get out of the truck and start walking. >> neki: walk! >> reporter: i have a baby to take caree of and this little one, you can't handle the mile walk. i am a good mother.
10:08 am
>> neki: when we come back,ity of flint coming back from a water crisis and miracle on the mile is looking great this morning. it has been be transformed for carnival. details on the other side of the breaks. >> jennifer: mostly cloudy skies and showers impacting the coastal areas and not over miracle mile. head out to carnival on the mile today. temperatures in the upper 70s and hey, if you don't use it. it is all good. we'll have the full forecast when we come back.
10:09 am
there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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10:11 am
>> neki: they are calling this a break through in the frint water croisis. utility crews dug up one. contaminated pis. the goal is to remove the lines in the next 29 days. the city's mayor said flint needs help for a colete overhaul. >> we need funds and make sure we have quality water and give the family services and supports they deserve be >> neki: the recent audit found that federal regulators failed
10:12 am
water with chemicals to prevent the leaking in the water supplies when sources were switched in 2014. >> todd: scientist in hawaii made a find a brand new species of octopi. the purpose p of the dive was to collect rock samples. but finding the new species counts as a successful mission. >> neki: carnival wilill be on on the mile. >> todd: they are live to tell us about the cork and fork. >> neki: sounds yummy. >> reporter: the party in coral gables started and the carnival on the mile kicke off. crowd is behind me. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to partake in the two- day festivity.
10:13 am
the big pay. organizers have been hard at the work. the festival infusion of great food, music and art. 120 artist have been here since the early morning hours and setting up beautiful displays for the crowds. they are getting three stages ready for 40 performances. . and now to the food. the new addiction is the c ck and fork pap villion and include food prepared by the the celebrity chefs. >> food and wine pairing and live cooking demonstration by the celebrity chefs. joishgs the event is a precursor to next weekend's festival. it takes a year to prepare and promise that carnival on the mile will not let anyone down.
10:14 am
latin jazz ande have artist great food from some of the best restaurants in miami serving throughout the weekend here. >> reporter: and you're taking a live look at our local ten tent. creative services and promotions staff are hard at work getting it ready for the local ten talent and also giving away t- shirts and walths bottles. and today it is under way and wraps up tonight at 10:00. and start all over tomorrow. neki, todd? >> neki: sounds like they are ready. >> todd: sending hearts on instagram. >> neki: is that -- >> todd: that is heart. means you like it. >> neki: thank you.u. and some of the local ten crew will be there to greet today. carlos and cheynn e.
10:15 am
and calvin hughes and jim michael taking ov at two time time 30 and victor winding it down with amy. >> todd: if sunday's better for you. joinny and clay and christie and eric and sneezy neki mohan at noon. >> neki: sorry. >> and jennifer will be there and michael and lea. i got to sneeze again, you toss. >> todd: do the elbow thing. and get over to jen so she can sneeze. >> jennifer: "less you, neki and also foror us in south florida, the weather is quite cloudy and sunny for some of us and we have is a few showerses and we'll get to that in a second. and temperatures are warming up fast and already hitting 74
10:16 am
and the warm spot and pampano beach hitting 75 at this hour. and temperatures are heating up. and upper 70s and normal for this time of year. and winds are turning out of the east and picking up speed at 14 miles per hour. and still north and northwest when you head south and on the radar and satellite mostly cloudy skies for today and we'll have peeee of sunshine in between the clouds and also the shower isese have been impacting northeast miami-dade and continues on. surf side getting moderate to heavy rainfall as the shower is sticking around for the meantime not going anywhere fast. keep the umbrellas with you if you are out there. and have them near miami international airport and midtown. showers are popping up and one little shower that is % developing, and keep in mind that. not a complete wash out today, but you will need umbrellas.
10:17 am
through and already cutting in the tennessee valley. and also a lot of and jet stream lifting up north. and huge search of warm air and dallas the at 79 degrees and so is here in miami. and normal high for dallas is 65 for this time of year. very warm for the south. and back here in south florida. cold front and pushes away and that moisture we are having by tomorrow and dryer by sunday if you are are heading out in the the beach p. no advisories for the boaters and tomorrow, we'll see a lot more sunshine, neki and todd. >> and just ahead, making a wish. >> neki: hear about a surprise
10:18 am
10:19 am
a terminal disease,e,ext. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
10:20 am
>> neki: there is a lot going on around town today. you have what it is like for a star. and that is going to take place in the african-american heritage city. you must live in miami-dade and ages of 8 to 17. grand prize for two to see
10:21 am
you can run or walk for a good cause. this is a march for cancer ght. the event helps to raise funds for r e children's hospital. there is a $30 registration fee for the race. >> todd: a little boy getting a surprise in pennsylvania. he loves local law enforcement. he was honorary sheriff of the day. he suffers from a ld. he got to be the top cop in his town and right around in the police cruiser and spending time with the hero. >>e can feel what it is like to be a poli officer or sheriff before he pass says. it means a lot. >> todd: his mom broken up over the gesture. and to top it off. he met the top judge and tried on his robes and banged his
10:22 am
up next the local stories. >> neki: we' look at the tower cam.
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
up, >> neki: taking a look at top stories, police are searching for a man who tried to kidnap beach. this surveillance video shows a 13-year-old running from a man in a tan suv after he tried to pull her in the car. this is the sketch of the man they are looking for. >> todd: a correction's officer behind bar after extorting money from inmate.
10:26 am
she went to the casino where she gambled away nearly $40,000. >> neki: carnivall on the mile and celebrating latin- american culture. event organizers expect it to be no different. this is soccer tournament and cooking contest. there is fun for the entire family. stop by and meet our local ten crew. >> jennifer: enjoy the day in carnival on the mile and head out tot the beach and use sun screen. there is cloud cover and also dealing with showers in northeast miami day and surf side and win wood. and biscayne bay, heavy shower right there and heading to the west. pine crest, coral gables could see rain from that. and enjoy carnival on the mile. take the umbrellas with you just in case you want to be prepared. we can have showers throughout the day.
10:27 am
79 degrees. and tomorrow drying out with a high of 81. >> neki: thank you for joining us on local ten. >> todd: soflo is next. and michelle is joined by five- time box ps champion evander holy field. and that is it manly food they are are cooking, too. check our website at
10:29 am
have a great saturday. . i am boxing champ evander the real deal hollifield. >> and i am cooking champ michelle bernstein. trading in his boxing gloves for other admits here on so flo taste. >> i usually take extra large. [laughter] >> this is south florida where
10:30 am
i am chef michelle bernstein. south florida is more than son, saying, and see. it is a lifestyle fashion, sound, culture, and of course, food. food with taste from all over the world. join me as we experience the food of south florida and the people who love it could join me, as we exexperience so flo taste. >> hello, i am chef michelle bernstein at the miami culinary institute of the bluffton campus of miami dade college. you know, both of my restaurants, and on the show, i try to have all people might what i'm creating recipes. then, when, chilly, sophisticated and inexperienced diners like. today, in honor of my guest former boxing champ evander hollifield, oh my goodness, i


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