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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  March 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> neki: good saturday morning every one. i'm neki mohan. >> todd:'m todd tongen. thank you for waking up withous on this march 12th. and let's get over to jennifer correa for the weather check for this big weekend with calle ocho. >> jennifer: and good morning. we're starting in the 70s. but it feels good out there. i still had the windows down and it's all nice. but also still that breeze, check out the wind speeds up at 16 or 15 miles per hour i should say in fort lauderdale. winds mainly out of southeast. no rain on the r rar and we will keep it nice and dry for the rest of todayut changes come owrg way. i'll have more on that coming up. >> todd: developing news now out of chicago over night donald trump speaking up aboutpostponing his event after violence broke o before his arrival. punches thrown with clashes to supporters leading to five arrest ooze this. video shows one officer getting
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he wasit in the head way bottle. he did need stitches but he willll be okay. another two officers were injured. here's wt trum had to say over night. >> i think we have a very divide country and it's been that way for a long time. it's sad to see. divide among many different groups and it's horrible. i don't take responsibility. no one has been hurt at our rallies. i've had 25,000, 35,000 people. more than. that we had one the other day 25,000 in florida and we've never had anybody hurt. >> todd: chicago police say they did not request that the event be called off and assured trummen and his campaign that the gop front runner would be safe. we have much more on the attention and a reaction fbom rivals ahead this morning. >> neki: and a father and daughter waking up safe at home after being saved from a stranger at this scene. their car crashing into a canal. they barry made it out alive.
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the coverage from that canal. good morning layron. >> reporter: good morning neki and we're hearing from the man who said he was no hero. he was just doing what any one would do and he just happened pob passiondy biand saw this van inside the water and wait waist ted no time goat people out of that van eye just said thank you. >> reporter: because for a close call were it not for a perfect stranger. once the window was busted open the little girl jumped on to my neck. >> reporter: thanks to ma nan man the little girl is alive. she ended waip gash to the head after the familiar i have van took a dive. and i still knew g would be with us. >> reporter: a she and her dad were o" the way to school when the wraks got stuck and dad lost contl. they ended up crashing into a canal in west plantation with the water rising, dad and daughter were trapped.
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his daughter boft water. >> he was pushing me up because he thought i was under water. he said don't't worry god will come our way. don't worry. god will come our way three times and then the good samaritan came and got us out. >> they window was was open. >> reporter: the family grateful for the man who plunged in after. they the stranger turned life long friend. and bless this little girl's hamplet you heard her there speak with such maturity. she ander father with not exfres how blessed they are that the man came when theyy did a. they are extremely grateful. for now reporting live layron living stofnlt local ten news.>> todd: and a car crashed into a tree in doral. this view from the ground shows the car went up the tree before then knock down. and miami-dade fire rescue says the driver was alert but pinned under the steering wheel. crews had to go in the back seat
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no word on the drivers condition this morning. crews working to contain a brush fire that burned through the woods in west miami-dade. it happened justest of the turnpike at northwest 6th 6th street no. homes or buildings neers nearby. the fire has burned 705 acres and they say it isetting maintained. >> neki: and surveillance video from november showing a man nay black shirt scoapg out a man rather, a home in kendall along southwest`12th street and 26th avenue. police say he then pride open a side door and snatched power tools. he took off in a white van with $9000 worth of stoton goods. if you recognize this manan have any information call crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. and a team shot and killed by a home owner after being suspected of breaking into home in southst miami-dade. gwendolyn jet shot and killed trayvon johnson after detectives say she saw him leaving through
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at's when there was some type of fight and shots were fired. unclear if she will face charges. >> todd: and the funeral service for nancy regular again. 1000 guest attend the fine ear ral at the presidential library in california.a. and the guests included michelle obama and hillary clinton and ian ma ro knee read a love letter ronald reagan wrote to his wife. >> i love the whole gang of you, mommy, first lady, the sentimental you, the fun you and the pee wee power house you. >> after the funeral mrs. reagan was laid to rest next to her husband. she died of congestive heart failure in her bellair home on sunday at the age of 94. >> neki: now to the o o and oarnlings a bso deputy facing charges after she was caught on
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it shows her grabbing the inmate august dry west forcing her out of car and forcing her into the changing room. and wrestling began when she was refused a upon. my i was face swollen shut and my face hit. and con naly was not arrested but e eected to appear in court on april 28th, she is terry. >> todd: opa locka is facing tur giew lent times after the mayor asked the state to interravine with the operations. they are under investigagaon for an alleged kick back scheme related to a city sire project, the couple accused of taking in $150,000 from the city to support tir own finance ooze. >> miami-dade countydentified possible miss spending of transit funds and or the
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as of today the city of opa locka oad owes the county $1.4 million. and it came in after a search warrant was issued. the fbi says no arrests have been played. >> neki: hulk hogan's attorneys rested their case again against the 1 milliodollar lawsuit against gairk. gairk enjoyed chiewj hiewj web traffic and use thanks to the sex tape. but his attorney tried to to push the expert if he was talking about the video itself or a post about the video. >> the post about your opinion is that gawker users in creeds right? yes. >> and your calculation was based on the fact that the hogan post had 5.3 or 5.4 mililon unique views right? correct. >> neki: hogan is suing gairk
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posted without permission. >> todd: and tomorrow is the dred dreaded day for us well. lose an hour of sleep. daylight saving time is tough nup enough open our bodies but we'll get to enjoy the sun for an extra hour tomb at night it starts at 2:00 a.m. don't forget to set your clocks when you go fo bed tonight. and officials recommend doing a change your smoke alarms. smoke alarms older than ten years old should be r rlaced and younger you want to chaingt battery. and carbon month noosm nosm i'd as well f. they are five years or olderer they should be replaced. if they don't 23450eud replacing ke sure the batteries are work as well. and make sure the family's prepairedness is ready as well. >> neki: and the acc championship goi late into the night. >> todd: but the battle against the cavaliers wasn't easy and what it means for march madness just head.
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happy saturday to all. temperatures in the low 70s. we can still drop two or three degrees in the next few hours but temperatures staying in the 70s throughout the morning and then we're hitting the 80s this weekend. all the details n- on the forecast head. >> todd: and still head, a disturbing video of a boy beaten in public leading to the arrest of his parents.
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>> you're watching local 10 newsrdinary salad, this is a florida berry and citrtr salad. the mixing bowl, proudly welcomes the arugula leaves. lemon juice ananolive oil drizzle down.
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dashed with cheese and topped with candied pecans. done. it's easy to turn local produce into something extraordinary. look for fresh from florida products when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh froflorida. ierksz welcome back. heavy rain causing problems and severe flooding in houston. unknown if the lake e ll open in time for strange break you a. nd in louisiana thorltz rescued 25people from heavy waters thrmplet the water destroyed homes and forcing 35
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that rain is soving into alabama causing flood waters to rise on the state. >> neki: and el nino is expected to dump more snow in northern california. the sierra nevada mountains could see more than a foot in of snow in some area this state has been in a drought for five years and gets a third of the water supply from the snow pack. and it will bring rain to the sacramento area. >> todd: and time to look out our mt. sinai medical camera. dark and early as we like to say. looks calm out there. >> neki: but it's a lat warmer than it's been. >> todd: yeah, 74 degrees already. >> neki: one of the first time in many weekends i've woken up to hear the ac going in my house ierks. >> jennifer: yes, and it continues to warm up. we'll see temperatures on the warm side especially during the nighttim hours and also during the day time. temperatures will be above the
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right now temperatures are in the low or mid 70s acros south florida. this is above normal for this time of year. we suld still be dropping to the 60s. around 69 for the morning loag this time of year. but now we're heading into the astronomical spring by tomorrow and it will just get warmer and warmer of course as we get closer to summer. winds have been the story the past couple of days. now, winds are staing to gradually subside and right now coast. per hour. fort lauderdale at 15. homestead lighter than that around 8 miles per hour. on the radar no rain but on the satellite you can see a lot of cloud cover out there. we're waking up to mostly cloudy eventually we'll see more sunshine. partly to mostly cloudy for the draissments again, high pressuree still dominating our weather that will keep us nice andstable. however, the other story has been yes yes, the floodinin downpours croots south and the
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well, notice on the radar it has improved which is good news. here is some relief for our friends in the south and lower mississippi valley. however, these systems have had the east. but now the high by tomorrow is going to start to break apartment. meanwhile we're still talking about another front headed into the west coast as we speak and that's more much ne rain for our friends in california and up into the pacific northwest. while the high snaiz conol today, tomorrow starts to move way towards the east and as it does that, we get a better chance for showers after some daytime heating and along a sea breeze. however, that chance isn't too high which is good news to maybe we won't even see a shower by tomorrow. but either way you want to enjoy your day out there. high rip cururnt risk still in effect today. spring breakers keep t tt in mind. small craft operators exercise with caution and don't forget to
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lose an hour sleep an then sunday you can come and join us at calle ocho. it will be nice out there andwarm. todd. >> todd: jen, thank you. and now we w wt to celebrate smart and sexy day and join with our partners of the national career agencies to host national women's history month. and 135th street at 10:00 a.m. event s to inspire women and girls of all ages to achieve personal career goals. >> and the parade and community picnic today. parade begins at 10:00 a.m. at palmetto elementary school on 116 nl street. the parade will feature entertainment and floats fro schools and communities and parade starts at 11:00 a.m. >> >> neki: and going green in honor of st. patty's day. the parade and festival take place this afternoon. mayor jack siler was out helping
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the festival begins at 10:00 a.m. along huizenga boulevard. the parade route. the parade starts at noon and goes from las olas 5th avenue to river front. the event is free. >> todd: a skimming scheme scawt caught on camera. two men men installing a device to steal your perernal information. >> neki: and always scared about this. look how quickly they can dot. the video coming up. >> todd: and now feel l u're paying too much for your prescription? well, now there's an app for that. >> neki: and a call christinana that will help you find the best deal on prescription drugs. but first here's a look at your winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> always watching. always track. meteorologist jennifer correa on the ono and only local 10 news.
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>> todd: welcome back. it sliedges the prizes of prescription drugs are constantly going up. sow take anyhance you can to save money on them. >> neki:i: so many of haveou been calling our call christina hot l le with concerns. so consumer reporter christina vasquez day little digging to get you the beg deal. >> a fastingest growing cost for the health care budget. drug cost. >> it is expensive so. >> so much so that a hear wag was held last month and saying the fda isn't working enough to improve ga nirk drugs. they believe more should be done to clear the fda's approval of thousands of generic drug
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is passed on to the consumers. >> his company tresm say group creating an e- i bay for drugs targeted to independent far ma tease ways to drive down cost. >> if i'm a quiringhe drug at a lower cost, i'll pass that on to the consusur. >> if you go to the doctor and cnd a for the your medicicions, that's a big issue. >> now to the department in hollywood.d. it is the most common antibiotic medication ooze and we meetd onzo who tells us about the drug program. some of the most common drugs for diabetes and high blood pressure are free at the nar si. they say there are several reasons a drug could jump npp price. from product shortage to a change in insurance coverage. the key is to shop around. new york based blink health found a app for to you do just that. and did younow some consumer
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assistance programs to help people who can't afford their medicine? you can learn more at rx assist and see if your drug is tbhufn these programs. they say if you are payin out of pocket check out you can compare prices and check out their savings tips. >> todd: more tips from christina to be on the lookout for. red flags on line. do not buy from an on line seller who doesn't require a prescription. an beware if they don't lace an address or toll free number. make sure sthe are lientsed. christina shoiz ow to do that on the christina page on >> neki: and if you have things to get rid it. listen up. a shred a thrown and prescription drug take back today. held in pompano beach from 10:00 in the morning 'til 1:00. pt.
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in unused or old prescription meds for a 5-dollar gift card. >> neki: that's right a road closures and arrests the party lead to just head. >> reporter: good morning i'm local 10 news reporter sanela sa bo vifnlgt utter chaos erupting at a trup trum rally in chigo. hear what mr. trum and his vie brawl. >> jennifer: and high pressure but it's starting to break part i'll talk about th thousand could bring us a few showers with the seven day forecast when we return. >> take local 10 with you on line wherever you're headed.
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on twitter for the latest (church bell) (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've secn a thing or two.
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>> local 10 news starts right w. neki: time now 5:28. 74 degrees. our fort lauderdale tower cam is
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>> todd: it's breeze si. >> neki: and it's breezy out there. it is feeling warm. gort spring breakers who came for the good weather. >> jennifer delivers just in time. >> todd: easy peez si nice and breezy. >> jennifer: if they want to head to o e beach it will be a breezy day but todd and neki, still those d dgerous rips. if you want to head to the water stay where there is a lifeguard on tiewt divmeme the uv index high. use sunscreen and reapply. southeast breeze ten to 15 miles per hour. not as windy as the past few days but still enough to stir up the seas and surf. so rip current risk is still high for today and for boat ersz. small craft operators exercise with caution. the seas # to 4 feet today. e bay with a moderate chop and it has improved in that sense that is t- isn't as shop choppy. and wind speeds from eight up to 17 miles per hour.
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the moment. wind gusts higher than that bit way. temperatures in the low to mid 70s a. more on the forecast plus the seven day coming up. todd. >> todd: thank you jennifer. our developing story. rally rage in chicago. tension forcing a donald trump event to be called off after clashes between protesters and supporters. several people injured and others arrested. >> neki: over night the candidate and his rivals weighing n. sanela sabovic is live in the news room following the update. sanela. >> reporter: good morning dmik and tovmentd another trump rally getting out of hand. trump blaming the protesters for this rivals and he said the rhetoric might of been what caused the clash ooze the protest, some of them are very violent and i'm not even sure they can control themselves. >> reporter: tensions flaring, utter chaos erupting. supporters and protesters clashing with their fist forcing the trump tam campaign to cancel
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>> mr. trump just arrived in chicago and after meeting with law enforce thant for the safety of all the tens and thousands of people that have gathered around the rally, tonights rally will be postponed until another date. chicago police contradicting trump saying they had adequate resources to control the crowd. >> we were informed the event was being canceled. the chicago police department had no role. >> the man himself speaking cnn via phone. >> i'm not a person that wants to see violence. i'm not a person that wants to see people hurt. >> his gop rivals weation no time for weighing noovmenthe responsibility lies with protesters who took violence into the own hand but at any campaign, responsibility starts at the top i think mr. trump has to own up to the fact that the rhetoric he has used is the climate he has had iother rallies.


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