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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  March 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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camera, a heartless ransacking a school. this happened overnight in little haan. >> calvin: leant ben kennedy has our story. >> ben: police say this guy hit the jackpot, stole $5,000, money that would have been used for field trips and activities. you can see the man take a safe filled with thousands dollars just after mid might at the presbyterian school off you of northwest 7th street. the crook ransacked the office trying to find a key to the safe but after more than an hour gives up and just takes the lock box. one point he notices the camera and grabs a cool from his book bag to break the surveillance device. when teachers showed up, p pice sifted there the mess for clues and dusted for prints. the bad guy eve crawled topher ceiling through get through a door locked with a dead bolt. the principal hopes insurance
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stowage stolen. >> 99% our kids are on scholarship programs, so i is funded by the state, and it's big, a big deal for them because this is money that they saved. >> it's taking the money away from these children. you have a good image, goodstill frames be, good video. somebody knows who this guy is. >> ben: you could tell the class was payment more than 600 kids were told to stay home. the principal cancelled the school in the event the criminal was still their here on the campus. if you recognize this guy, police recommend you give them a call. reporting in little havana, ben kennedy, local10 news. >> calvin: and take one more look at this guy.. if you recognize hip, call miami-da crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. again that's 305-471-tips. >> laurie: let's turn now to the fight for florida because we are less than a day away from the florida primary. it'sere almost. if you didn't vote during early voting, the polls willl open tomorrow morning. >> calvin: and candidates are making one final push before
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this is video of florida senator marco rubio campaigning in melbourne moments ago. he also stopped in jajasonville later tonight he'll be in west palm and then wrap up his best tour the state ines with miami. >> laurie: frontrunner donald trp is campaigning in tampa this afternoon and he got an endorsement from florida attorney general pam bondi. sarah palin and chris christie were also there. trump was set to make an appearance in doral but cancelled that in order to campaign in ohio. heilman was campaigning for trump in -- tampa, she cancelled that after her husband todd was hurt in an snowmobile crash. as we learn more details we'll get them to you. >> calvin: meanwhile, senatototed cruz is in illinois campaigning today. he made a few appearances yesterday in north carolina along wi former rival carly fiorina. >> laurie: and governor john kasich is campaigning in ohio
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he is joined by mitt romney as he focuses on winning that state for himself. 66 delegates are up to grabs there. >> calvin: and on the democratic side bernie sanders is campaigning across ohio today. here he is in akron. sanders is also campaigning state of missouri. >> lauriri and shirk off to work in chicago today also making a -- hillary clintons off to chicago. her husband former president bill klumpp is campaiing for her in the sunshine state. >> calvin: and a poll showing donald trump beat up on senator marco rubio 46 to 22 percent. >> laurie: but trump is hide with ohio governor john kasich in ohio both with 38%. >> calvin: and for democrats hillary clinton is ahead of bernie sanders in both florida and ohio. she is also leading in our state 60 to 34 percent.t. five states are going to be going the to the polls tomorrow. >> laurie: what a big day. must there is plenty of reaction but recent violence at the
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let's get to janine stanwood with your vote 2016 coverage. >> janine: as you mentioned voters in five states get the chance to make their voice heard tomorrow. since the unrest and violent a some of the the rallies the they are make awning last-minute push to get votes. >> don't worry about you're not going to get beat up at my rally. >> janine: as the candidates make their pitches to voters in yet another unt round. >> tomorrow north carolina. you have to go out and vote. >> janine: it isn't just the stakes that are high, so are tetsions. violence has been documented at a number of donald trump events since last year, but it all appeared to boil over this weekend as fights forced trump to cancel a plan rally in chicago friday, and secret service prevented a protestor from getting near trump the next day. republicans and democrats alike blame trumpnd his rhetoric. >> punch h'm in the face, i'll tell you. if you see somebody getting
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knock the crap out of them, would you? >> janine: for creatorring a dangerous atmosphere. >> thi is a man who in rallies has told his supporters to basically beat up the people who are in the crowd. >> donald trump is literally inciting violence with his supporters. >> janine: trump saying his campaign not to blame. >> there's no violence. >> janine: among a university poll released today fopped in fact incidents like what happened in chicago may actually be helping trump's numbers. twice as many florida primary voters said it made them more likely to support trump than less likely. and experts say that no matter who is at fault, this is a dangerous precedent. >> it's an information foror someone tolls say, hey, look what i can do. i can go out the and i can kiss rupt his speech, i can cause this chaos and cause all that drama. >> janine: unendorsement for donald trump as you mentioned attorney general pam bondi. trump has maintained he does not as condone violence. >> laurie: janine wants you know in addition to ohio and florida we're talking about illinois,
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holding their primaries tomorrow. it's a big day. polls will be open from 7:00 in the morning to saving night. you have to go to your assigned precinct on primary day. in miami-dade county 83,000 voters cast they are ballots early p the. >> leaest numbers this past weekend, nearly 11,000 yesterday alone, and nearly 13,000 voted in broward county yesterday, bringing the early voting total there in proud to more than 82,000 people. >> calvin: we will have live team coverage of the frida primary results with our political team tomorrow evening and we will also have a special hour of local10 news, that is tomorrow night at 9:00. an emergency incident miami international airport after a plane released its emergency chute today. sky 10 was over the scene. american airlines officials say that the incident was, "an inadvertent deployment of the emergency slide." passengers on thatid flute going from mia to jfk.
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>> laurie: a deadly market trash. a driver lose control and slams into a publix. the man behind the wheel died when i will his passenger, a woman was injured. >> calvin: layron livington picks up the story. >> layron: police tell us 21-year-old roxanna via is in critical condition at region memorial, she was riding with 24-year-old david paul lamour. the two of them were headed west at a high rate of speed 1 sit that curb at the round about and went air boar into the back of this publix store. parts went flying hours after that red cadillac did. >> every day. >> layron: f fefighters worked to open up the call wall even more to ultimately get that car out of storage room it torpedoed into. >> driving like it's a speedway. >> reporter: a joyce newman lives near by? this is the fourth car ladies and gentlemen today she lit a
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not wearing his seatbelt, thrown from the car and pronounced dead on scene. police say the 20-year-old woman the in passenger seat was wearing a seatbelt. >> it went nitrite lane, lost control and crashed right into the wall of publix. >> layron: despite the orange poles and warning arrows, neighbors ai those went up recently. >> beam are speeding here all the time. it's incredible. >> layron: steven scott also list of nearby. describing the sound he heard when the front end of the caddy met the wall. >> i wish i had come down now so i could have probably render assistance. i kind feel bad. >> layron: once the scene cleared we were able to see how far into the storage room the car went. some took stock of how many of damage was done, others took can is to of the life that was lost. >> i wishri had come down now because obviously a person died. >> layron: workers still out here on scene shoring up the hole that was left behind after this car went crashing through and and the commerce and employees were able to get in the store. no structural issues they had
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police were inside hoping to speak with managers trying to rook at the surveillance footage camera to see if it shows this car coming down this roadway and into the back of the car is on get a sense of what is going on before this happened as a part of their investigation. anyone anything we learn going forward, especially whet comes to the condition of that young lady in critical condition, we will bring it to you. >> laurie: we wish her the best. >> calvin: right now rush h our getting started so let's get a check on traffic. >> laurie: let's see how the week is starting finance snell snell is here with those monday roadways. >> sanela: so far, so good, calvin and laurie. good afternoon, senator. this is a life look at i-95 at hallandale beech, an accident in the northbound lanes. even though it's looking good i want to let you know about that. again northbound lanes had a crash a hallandale beach. traffic is moving at 70 miles per hour. taking you now to miami-dade county,, there's an accident along kendall drive. the westbound lanes right at
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speeds moving in at 32 miles so thatat not too bad, either. back to you, calvin and laurie. >> laurie: sanela, thank you. and developing out of kansas an amtrak train derailing sending nearly 30 people to the hospital p. the train carrying 142 passengers onboard was traveling from l.a. to chicago. so many passengers left shakenn by what happened. >> one gentleman just stopped me and kind of in the darkness of the field and said "friend, friend." i said, "will you are you all right? what's going on?" he said, "is there any blood ?' i shown my cell phone light and his face was bloodied. laurie: authorities are optimistic that there aren't going to be any fatalities. >> calvin: eight firefighters are now recovering after a fire cause add townhouse toollapse this morning in germantown, maryland. all of the fights had non-life-threatening injuries. three filies could not return to their homes after they were
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>> laurie: developing right now, kurdish authorities are holding an american citizen who emerged from isis territory. a u. official says the man came walking out of area in iraq d approached troops. they thought he might be a suicide bomber and fired some@ shots before the man said he wanted to turn himself in. the kurdistan regional government security council is now investigating. meanwhile, turkey's air force hit kurdish rebel targets in northern iraq today hours of a suicide car bombing in capital that killed 37 people. a car bomb wentt off near a bus op in the capital. officials believe two attackers among the dead. meanwhile al-qaeda has claimed responsibility for an attack in the ivory coast that killed 16 people at a beach resort. the group made the announcement online calling three of the gunman, heros. officials say six attackers were kikied. this is the third attack in the country since november. >> calvin: now to a developing story russian president vladimir
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forces to begin pulling out of sarah s syria. the russian withdrawal comes on the same day as peace talks resume tow resolve the crisis in syria. russian troops will begin pulling back tomorrow. >> laurie: coming up for auto 5:30, a family in mourning after a man was shot and killed on south beach during a violent spring break weekend, and the shooter is still out there. >> calvin: and a customer steps in when a hatchet-wielding man attacks a convenience store clerk. >> laurie: also an update on a "call christina" investigation into citizens property insurance corporation.
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on the governor's d >> calvin:wc officials say the body of a hialeah man who disappeared while test driving a watercraft has been found p he
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lagoon lake near the airport and dolphin expressway. the watercraft has was found without the 46-year-old in an in sight. his family said he had a heart transplant and fear he had some sort of a medical episode while on the water. >> laurie: and we have an update now on a "call chrisisna" report about citizens property insurance corporationr. it started with citizens policyholders calling christina for help. >> calvin: the new bill aimed at making the process more consumer friendly is on the governor's desk. our christina joins you now from the newsroom with more. >> christina: the same has been to reduce the roles of policy holds being asked. they want to drop the state-run coveragend opt for a private company but some found the prococs both yore whelming and confusion. last session the governory vetoed a bill packed the protections for consumers citizens policyholders but this year this bill they believe the
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it should help them make the discussion of should they stay or should they go. just a few hours ago co-sponsor democratic state representative jose javier rodriguez miami joined us vee a skype from tallahassee. >> one has to provide how much the premium is going to be, there there is any changes in coverage, and importantly i compares them, so it has to compare side by side your citizens policy along with what the takeout offer is. >> christina: it also includes privacy protections, the governor's office tells us it is under review. if the governor signs it, it would take effect this summer. in the newsroom, christina vazquez, local10 news. >> calvin: boomer, thanks a lot. >> laurie: tease take alive look from our fort lauderdale tower cam. looking a little happy new year no wont we saw a few sprinkles coming into work today. >> calvin: a little cloudy at calle ocho and we were lucky enough not to get a little rain. so far today no rain, betty, but i guess we needy i >> betty: no necessarily.
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prepared ley let me take you outside from the lens of our miami tower camera where we are nice and dripe. currently it's 83 depletion mia. those 80s are everywhere, even mid-80s 80s showing up aaron around hialeah. right around the airport the skies are startingo open up say around dania beach we're catching rainfall. nights lull downpour. for the time -- a nice little wnpour. so between now and 6:00 we won't rule out a spotty shower. the sun is going to set ash 7:30 tonight, after that partly cloudy, a light breeze. temperatures start to drop ofof into the upper 70s. the big story for this week especially a the beginning of the week, it's going to be so warm out there. look at theras for tomorrow. the rain chance -- forecast for tomorrow, the rain chance really low for tuesday but our high temperature i'm forecasng miami hitting 87 degrees. not necessarily expectingo
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stuff on the way for the rest of the week. overnight lows near 70. afternoon highs mid to upper 80 tomorrow. wednesday and thursday more mid-80s on the way. by friday and saturday a frontal system gets a little closer. that couldld bring some rain and storms. and theh if we finally get a front through by early next week, that drops our temperatures monday to more comfortable readings. >> calvin: betty, thanks a lot. coming up at 4:30 now a violent spring break weekend on the beach leaves a man dad, and the ooter is still on the run today. >> laurie: a father and son saving the day and pulling a man
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go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you lolo to shop. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> will: live here at the american airlines arena where
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tonight in town the western conference team the denver nuggets. all kinds of things to talk about with the heat including the playoff race and the status of dwyane wade. let's get it started with our local10 sports shot. as for wad did not play the other night in toronto. the expectation and hope is that he can play tonht. questionable is a bruised left thigh that held hem out of that raptors game. the heat did not hold shoot around this morning so we did not get a update. we will get that shortly. even though to heat lost to toronto saturday night, miami had to be encouraged by their performance. without wade, lal keng deng had a huge 3 that sent the game into overtime. the number two seed in the even eastern conference giving them all they could handle. the heat are currently the fourth spot in the east. a lot of teams in the ncaa tournament, a big celebration in coral gables as the miami hurricanes learned on sunday they're going dancing. march madness as a number 3 seed
4:24 pm
they're off to provivince be with rhode island to face the university of buffalo. their first goal on thursday each. scscduled tip time around 6:50. on thece the florida panthers will hit the road for their next six of seven games. aleksander barkov send t t fans home happy. tonight the cats play the irelelders and the puck drops a 7:00. and be sure to fill out your local10 bracket challenge on the we are giving away a 65-inch hd-tv from brandsmart usa to the winch this year's contest. again on that local10 bracket challenge. food news as well you can keep up with your friends and also your friends on local10. you can challenge our anchors and priorities know calvin and lauerrre already filling out their brackets and doing their research. you have until thursrsy to get that tournament started p we'll haha much more from the aush at 5:00. from the american airlines arena
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>> laurie: do you have a lot of viewers a aing you for ipse tips already for if brackets? >> will: i am still doing my research. i'm m ing give it another oneida night of study. >> laurie: i'm going to pick your brain, too. that'll do it for us at 4:00. let't' get to calvin and janine with what's coming your way next. >> janine: here's what's coming up all new at 4:30. a man is dead after spring break chaos on miami, the victim killed dugan a shooting and the gunman is still out there. >> calvin: state inspectors shutting down a kitchen in a resort. >> janine: and a hatchet wielding man storms a 7-eleven. how a man stopped the hatchet attack. >> calvin: we'll have those
4:27 pm
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>> calvin: right now on local10 news at 4:30, spring break chaos. a family in mourning after a man is shot and killed on the beach, and this happened on miami beach over the weekend. >> janine: and that shooter is still out there. local10 news reporter terrell
4:29 pm
our top story at 4:30. terrell. >> terrell: yeah, that shooting happened on a weekend when the crowds were so thick at the city of miami beach. had to tap some neighboring agencies for reinforcements just to help with crowd control.but even with the huge police presence here on miami beach, there was still that fist fight that turned deadly. >> i don't know. it's very shocking. that's -- that's -- >> terrell: the words are not easy to find for the grief-stricken steam of antoine decade. >> when you kill somebody's feel? what kind of heart did you haveto just take somebody life like that? >> terrell: the 20-year-old, according his woman, hit south beach saturday night to celebrate had older brother's butteredebut he as involved in a fight and someone fatally the shot antoine in the chest.
4:30 pm
would do something like that. i couldn't understand you have problem with him but not to shoot him. to death 47 the shooting heaped as a rowdy spring break crowd took over parts of south beach, at times clark are with police in yore whelming numbers. the aftermath brought a handful of arrests and a whole pile of crash that lined the precious south beach shoreline.. but to this heartbroken mom nonoing as devastating as losing her son. >> i don't know when it's going to stop. >> terrell: so we know at this point city leaders are fed up with what happened over the weekend, and here at citithall there are people who are working on what we're told is a comprehensive plan to deal with the heavy crowds for spring break moving forward. though dates have yet to be rereased about the wear told that that could happen some time over the next hourr two hours or so. we'll keep you posted. we are live on miami beach, i'm terrell forney, local10 news.
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florida keys now. police say a 39-year-old tavernier woman was battalion and raped. she was apparently walking to if the irish pub when a man dragged here in a wooded area late last night and beat and raped her. the victim had several broken bones after the attack. police are still searching for that man today, trouble the in water in biscayne. one woman was thrown from a boat after it ran aground. the boat w carrying some 13 people when it veered into shallow waters and came to a sudden stop in crandon park. that victimwas ar lifted to the hospital in serious condition. a second person suffered a broken arm. four people stayed on the boat overnight until they were able to free the boat during high tide. and officials say alcohol was not a factor. >> janine: now to a developing story. police continueo search for two men responsible they say for robbing and killing a man. >> calvin: sanelasnell picks up the story from our newsroom. >> sanela: friends of milton
4:32 pm
his way to work when he was tragicbly include gunned down they say he was a good person in the wrong place at the wrong time. as police still search for the shoooors. >> i knew when i heard the scream that something bad had happened. >> sanela: neighbors are left in shot after you man is gunned down durinin a robbery attempt. >> i heard, bough, pow, pow, pow. >> sanela: 42-year-old mintle morrison's friends say he was on his way to a bus tom when two mung yen in hood is approached hip trying to rob him. they say during the encounter he was shot ten times. >> i heard some screaming, and i thought it was a woman, but the police officer told me it was the man who was being shot screaming in dis, trying to -- distress trying to save his life from what was a ruthless attack. >> sanela: miami gardens police say the robbery and shooting happened at northwest 17th avenue and 173rd street and that morrison was immediately
4:33 pm
would be too late. those that knew hum well say he just got married and was a good bern who was simply the in wrong place at the wrong tame. neighbors say the senseless gun violence needs to come toan end. >> it's sickening. it's continuously sickening to see this kind of stuff carrying on, going on in our community. this is unacceptable! a man walking to work gets killed. for his possessions. come on. >> sanela: right now police need your help. if you think you may know anything about this heinous crime you're urged to call miami dade crimestoppers. the number fororhem 305-471-tips. reporting from the newsroom, sanela sabovic, local10 news. >> janine: thank you. dozens are without electricity after power line came crashing down. florida pow officials staih the power line came down for an unknown reason this morning on 158th streetnd northeast collins avenue. shae at one point 1,000
4:34 pm
after power was rerouted, 84 customers were still affected. right now crews are working to repair the downed line. >> calvin: a family is in the hospital today after a rollover crash. take a look take a look at that blue sedan upside down. two lanes were blocked along the westbound lanes of mac arthur causeway causing major traffic delays this morning. the family was taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> janine: from the hotel kitchen to the tiki bar by the pool, sod some legislation violations that just might turn your stomach. >> calvin: we're talking about hotdogs with slime and rodent droppings on beans, and this is at a resort that's seen the share of homes in the past. >>anine: local10 news reporter jeff weinsier has your "dirty dining" report. >> jeff: this is the back of the all-includes 75 inver airy resort in lauderhill. it looks more like a dump. and hotel guests claim things are no better inside. >> is the hotel clean? >> no. >> if somebody asked you the condion of in hole, what would
4:35 pm
>> horrible. black mold on the walls. the floors are dirty. >> have you eaten here at all? >> no, i don't trust it at all. >> jeff: state inspectors recently ordered the cummings shut. along the 28 violations recently found, a stop sale ordered after the inspector found raw chicken and cooked chicken being stored in the same container? fresh rodent droppings were found found on foil covering red beans a a that foils had holes in it. at the tiki bar next to the pool, the respecter found, quote, spopoed hotdogs with slimy and an objectionable odor in the cooler. there were rodent droppings on the cookline, rodent drops discovered could clean plates, and rodent droppings in several other places. many violations here were repeat violations. >> hello, anybody home? hello, anybody home? >> jeff: inside the kitchenthere was no one to talk to. ironically we did pass the exterminator on his way out. >> there he is.
4:36 pm
who can i talk to around here? there's no kitchen manager o anybody? you're not supposed to be here. >> can i talk to you? >> please leave this moment. >> jeff: eventually the hotel's manager shows up. >> right now please -- >> are you ms. manz a? >> leave this minute. >> i want you to talk to us. >> you have to leave now. >> i wanted to talk to you about all the violations. >> i can't talk to anybody. >> why not. >> because you can't. >> jeff: hotdogs and slime in anybody who looks up this place on tripadvisor would severe 250 terrible guest reuses u. views, and many of those guests were posting pictures. >> ideas your hotel have so manan coalition voices? what's going on here? go out, please. out. out.t. >> what's going on? >> please don't film. >> jeff: this is the third time since 2014 inverrarey's kitchens have been ordered shut andhey were eventually allowed to reopen following two reinspections.
4:37 pm
of-attorneys know to check the place out well before they check in. out of towners. >> calvin: and remember local10 has made it easy for you to see any restaurant inspection smartphone. simply download our free restaurant inspection app. search restaurants florida in why you app store. the man who posted a portion of a sex tape involving hulk hogan took the stand today. per. a.j. said he did not consider the tapes news worthy when he posted in it 2012 p about hogan wants $100 million from that lawsuit. the wrestling legend stead post violated his privacy and was intended to defame ham. >> janine: check out these aerial views of south florida's biggest block party calle ocho. the big event was yesterday and local10 was there to celebrate. people from all over, including many of us here at local10, we showed up for the music. there was a little dancing.
4:38 pm
>> calvin: sadly you did. >> janine: no, they were good. >> calvin: harry reid betty davis. i promise you see was out there. >anine: she was. calle ocho is also known for brbrking world records. for the 40th the kiwanis club attempted most sixties out a a birthday card. >> calvin: calle ocho may be over but there is another big vent to look forward to. >> janinin jazz iny gardens will be going on this weekend in miami gardens. that festival attracts tens of thousands from all over. this year usher and aretha franklin will be performing. officials estimate that jazz in gardens will bring in an economic revenue of $3 million. so if you want to buy tickets for the event we have a link set up on >> calvin: been to that many times. it's a lot of fun and great@ music. let's get a check on the rush hour track of rightow. 4ment 39. >> janine: nell sanela sabovic
4:39 pm
>> sanela: it's not that bad. i-95 southbound lanes at 103rd street there was a crash right here. again, northbound lanes, one lane was blockedn let's get you now to some speed times so you can see howthat's looking for you. right there speeds clocking in at 72 miles per hour, not too bad, but it is look like bad on the other end. it looks like people are stopping and staring, 28 miles per hour if you're heading northbound on i-95. now, keeping in it broward county, there was a accident on i-95 southbound lanes a hillsboro boulevard. you can see delays are stretching for several miles there. speeds clocking in at 35 miles per hour. you can continue to stay to that or take us-1 or 4444 with even the turn turnpikes an alternate. >> janine: thank you. a customer act quickly when a hatchet-wielding crook storms a 7-eleven. how he stopped a hatchet attack. >> kristi: this past weekend you sprang forwawa, right? set your clocks ahead. coming up in hour health cast
4:40 pm
parents to daylight savingime. >> calvin: a father and son are being called heros after a they sasad a a man from a burning car. >> janine: and calming 5:00 car trouble p a local10 viewer having a lot of problems with her 2013 hundai elantra and she
4:42 pm
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>> calvin: a man is dead after a tree toppled onto his car due to strong winds in washington state. the seattle fire department a provided to remove the tree from that car and found the man dead inside. wind gusts of more than 50 miles an hour had been reported nearby at the time. an infant was also inside the car but is expected to be okay after being sent to the hospital. the wind was also whipping ewes
4:44 pm
causing this big r to tip obvious on the bridge. two lanes on that brie were closed for nearly three hours while crews work to remove that truck. >> janine: a man was shot and killed afterolice say he stole a police cruiser. authorities say that chase lasted about an hour as police followed that suspect in and around los angeles. police were eventually able to corner that stolen cruiser. no word yet on what led officers to so that the this . and right now a thief stormed a conveninice store in seattle and started wildly swinging a hatchet. >> calvin: a customer then pulled out a gun and shot the thieffead, and now that store clerk who was injured by that hatchet is recovering. >> are you okay, sir? >> calvin: showing the gash to his stomach, knowing it could have been so much worse. >> did he hit you? >>eah, he hit two, three times hit me here. >> are you okay? >> okay. >> calvin: a clerk at a 7-eleven in seattle was working a 5:45 sunday morning when sheriffs
4:45 pm
on and a hatchet for wood cutting came in and without word started swinging. >> this could have been disastrous. >> calvin: it wasn't thanks to this man w w deputies say was also attacked while drinking his coffee near the register. the 60-year-old is a regular customer andnd licensed concealed gun carrier who took out his weaponnd shot the suspect. medics weren't automobile to revive him. >> how did this guy -- had thisguy not shot who knows what may have happened. we might have a dead clerk. instead we have a dead bad guy. are you happy right now? >> happy, happy. he killing me. >> he would have killed you. >> yes. >> we do not see any wrongdoing on the past the customer. in fact, leibel saved lives in this case. >> calvin: sing showed detectives a wound. a motive may never be known. although charges not expected against the good samaritan, the shooting remains under
4:46 pm
>> janine: a man is recovering after being saved from a burning jeep by two men who witnessed the accident. chick hayes and his son say they watcheheas the e. jeep hit two trees before going air borscht and then landing near their -- airborne and landing near their driveway. his son grabbed a fire extinguisher and the two worked to save the dreyer who was trapped inside. >> he seen the fire, and, you know, definitely didn't want someone to be caught in a fire. it happened all so fast, you know. it was over with that quick. i was just assuring him that help was on the way, don't give up. >> janine: the driver was the only person inside the car and he's expected to make a full recovery. >> calvin: let's take a look outside to our mount sinai medical center tower cam and what i gorgeous view that is, although the clouds are sticking around. >> janine: it's a little hazy. i don't know what happened. wheaton from breezy and sunshiny and then calle ocho happened and everything got sticky and hot. >> calvin: absolutely.
4:47 pm
the conga line out there? >> betty: of c crse. it doesn't take very long. you've got to head back in, get back to the work. back to the weather wall we go. did you spring forward okay? no hiccups in our transition, i hope not. temperatures in the lower 80s. it's such a beach afternoon. we see the people out on the sand. nice and warm out there. south-southeast breeze about 10 to 15 miles an hour for miami and fort lauderdale. we do have a few showers to talk about. those have popped up on the doppler radar. just a few. and then if forecast for even our sky cast model showing just after 6:00 whatever we have going likely to diminish. we should be left with a mainly dry night and light soler winds and certainly still warm for the evening.let me show you where those showers are right now. we'll take you in around fort lauderdale. at least south of. around port everglades, showers there. nothing too terrible at this point. had a little shower action around north miami, a lot o o that diminishing, and then here
4:48 pm
gladeview east of miami springs. that shower has drifted. and now we take you in around coral gables. looks like this safely on its way out toward the bay. we may get the top end of this area of showers clipping that south side of downtown miami as these are tend to have municipal toward the north, northeast, we'll say. epp we'll keep an eye on that. at this point not a whole lot to keep you from getting out and getting some things done, perhaps. we made it up to 86 degrees in miami. it was definitely a warm one the normal high or average high for this time of year is 80 degrees. we were 6 above that and above normal temperatures will be the story as we're heading thrgh a lot of this week. in fact, our forecast model for tuesday in our forecast we're showing a high of 87 tomorrow afternoon for miami. so be ready for the heat, especially if you have a big project you're trying to get done outside this week. it's going to be a hot one out there. you factor in the humidity tomorrow, it may feel like we're beyond that 87, in fact, it
4:49 pm
then on wednesday mid-80s in the forecast, forecasting 84 for miami so we're shaving off a dumb degrees. either way you slights you're going to be breaking a sweat outside. maybe you're manga beach day tomorrow. winds from the southwest. tracking those 80s. the rain chance is low only getting up to 10%. the if we get anything it would develop with the heating of the day. high pressure is so close to us and just sitting on top of u u helping to keep a lot of sunshine out there and drive though temperatures up. so tuesday with wednesday, thursday bringing on the heat, maybe air few more shouse on friday and saturday as a -- showers on friday and saturday asty frontal system gets closer to us. we'll keep our fingers crossed for a cooldown next week, and oh, by the way, the official start of spring season next week, too. >> janine: this past weekend we all set our clocks toward to daylight saving time, and while that may give us more slight
4:50 pm
can definitely also impact sleep time, especially in kids. local10 medical specialist kristi krueger said there are ways to help kids adjust. >> kristi: that is true. the first few days in the time change and your kids may actually want to go to ged earlier because their internal clocks are set back to that fallback time zone but sleep experts recommend you guys, moms and dads, try to stick to the actual advertisement on clock and help kids by letting them sleep later in the morning or that. in the afternoon if they can to catch up. if your kids are older cool agechildren whose internal clocks naturally wired to sleep in later, some pre-planning may be necessary. >> if there is a straty on the weekend to not schedule lat activity so that we're not making it harder for them to be on a schedule on the weeke, that would probably be a great idea. >> kristi: and on the subject of sleep there's grieving adults who don't get enough shut eye could be harming your hearts.
4:51 pm
are sleep deprived a high-risk not only of cardiovalcke disease in terms of clogging arteries, causing heart attack on stroke but also may increase their risk for developing rhythm disturbances such a as atrial fibril as a goes and is a regular rhythm disturbance of the heart to increase your risk for having a stroke or even actually heart failure awell. >> kristi: and cardiologist said most adults should be getting at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep every single night. now, if you find yourself struggling to get the recommended amount of sleep, and a lot of us do, it y be time is on tee a sleep specialist to rule the any underlying conditions. you also might be able to come up with natural approaches to getting a good night's res >> janine: sound good. tonight is the big night here on prompt we're talking about "the bachelor" and the star of this season is revealing who he will puck during the season finale. 27-year-old ben hinges has told
4:52 pm
lauren bushnell and jojo fletcher that he loss of them both, and on last week's episode of the "the bachelor" the women tell all. higgins said he was sure he had found the one for him. who will he choose? find out right here on local10. the season finale. it starts at 8:00 p.m. set your clock. >> calvin: can't wait a minute paul new at 5:00 now their slowingen is "where shopping a pleasure" but not today. a driver slammed nigh local pupuix and there's a tragic ending to this one. hear from witnesses all coming up the of a fight of. >> janine: a sea lion apparently looking for a ride in california, the little guy that hopped into a car. >> calvin: plus, don't mess with grandma.
4:53 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
awaw a burglar. >> janine: customers at a san diego fish market were surprised by an unlikely guest when a sea lion shopped up in the park lot. witnesses say the sea lion even jumped into aar. the experts were called in to get the little guy to safety. and then there's there. the 104-year-old woman. >> california said she surprised a burglar, and herself, and when she scaredhat man away from her home. that woman named lydia said she heard a nose at her window showers thursday night. she said she shew a shadowy figure cutting through her screen. when she turned on the lights she said tt figure went running. >> it was an unusual noise. i thought i'd get up. it disappeared. he moves run away. >> you scared off a burglar. >> yes, i did. ir guess i did. >> janine: sure enough, she found her fence broken, two
4:57 pm
luckily that man never made it inside. 104! you go, grand map. that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:30. calvin and laurie are back. >> calvin: righthtow at 5:00 wear hearing from witnesses of a deadly market crash, the driver dying after barelying into the back of a buble publix store. >> laurie: senator marco rubio spending the day campaigning across florida make sure he wins his home state. >> calvin: and it's gawkers area turn in the hulk hogan lawsuit. >> laurie: plus what the engineering saw just before seven amtrak cars went flying off the tracks in rural kansas overnight. >> calvin: we continue following breaking news from florida city where the has been a shooting. >> laurie: let's get to local10's michael seiden. he's live on the scene with this developing story. michael. >> michael: good evening from florida citi. right now i can tell you that one person has been shot and killed. they're telling us it's a male.
4:58 pm
but i want you you to take a look. we are just feet away from where that male was bund down. i don't know if you can see but that is a bicycle. we are told by police that the victim was riding on his bike when he what is gunned down. as far as suspects or how many shooters are in this case, right now police trying to figure that out. i want to take you, though, to sky 10. again, this shooting happened just before 3:00 this afternoon right here at northwest 8th avenue and 12th street. you can see this is video of the victct being taken away in the ambulance. again, police confifiing that that shooting victim died at the hospital. but back out here live on the street, you can see we've got miami-dade police as well as florida city, detectives out here. they've been interviewing a number of neighbors trying to find out if anybody saw& anything. again, this is a developing story. as soon as we get an update@from police, we'll bring that to you. for now we are live in florida
4:59 pm
news. >> laurie: also at 5:00 you can see right into the back of this peblix on young circle in wildfire deadly overnight crash. two people were in that car. it was around 3:00 in the more than. >> calvin: the driver who was not wearing a seatbelt was thrown from the car and was killed. his passenger in critical condition in the hospital right now. local10's andrew perez has more on the crash and the cleanup of the that's taking place. >> andrew: first things first, more importantly we're told this passenger is expected to survive. i spoke to relatives just a few second ago and t ty told me she is here at memmal ya regional hospital, she is still in critical condition, and they tell me thatt was her body of who was behind the wheel of the car. she doesn't know what happened him. relatives say roxana vega is a fighter and her fighter is now in the hospital. she is sedated but recovering from bad injuries. >> the shoulder and i think the two arms.
5:00 pm
>> andrew: crews rescued to rescue the girl. the car she was in crashed rht through a publix, a busy area. many residents hearing it all? i jumped out of bed. it was 2:55 a.m. >> it went any straight line, lost control and crashed right into the wall of publix. >> andrew: the burgundy cadillac roxana was in hit the sharp round about. the car went air born befofo going into the store's storage room. the driver 24-year-old david paula moore was ejected there the car and died. authorities say he wasn't wear go a seatbelt but his passenger was. crews transferred vega and expect her to survive. residents in that area are telling us they have seen cars crash around there, go over those curbs curbs again a gheen, say that something needs to be done. we're going to follow up with the the family is z. and see how she is doing. we'll be back live at 6:00. >> laurie: and caught on camera


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