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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  March 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> andrew: crews rescued to rescue the girl. the car she was in crashed rht through a publix, a busy area. many residents hearing it all? i jumped out of bed. it was 2:55 a.m. >> it went any straight line, lost control and crashed right into the wall of publix. >> andrew: the burgundy cadillac roxana was in hit the sharp round about. the car went air born befofo going into the store's storage room. the driver 24-year-old david paula moore was ejected there the car and died. authorities say he wasn't wear go a seatbelt but his passenger was. crews transferred vega and expect her to survive. residents in that area are telling us they have seen cars crash around there, go over those curbs curbs again a gheen, say that something needs to be done. we're going to follow up with the the family is z. and see how she is doing. we'll be back live at 6:00. >> laurie: and caught on camera
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a little haan school where police say he stole more than $5,000. surveillance video shows the man breaking into la grosiva presbyterian school after midnight. he tried toreak the surveillance camera with a school and shortly after leaving with a s se. authorities say the money stolen was actually being kept for students who had paid for field trips. if you have any information please call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips.s. >> calvin: and turning now to vote 2016, tomorrow i primary day here in florida and four other key states. florida and ohio may have the most delegates up for grabs and donald trump is hoping to lock up his lead. >> laurie: senator marco rubio has spent the entire day campaigning all across florida trying to prevent that. local10's carlos suarez is live in palm beach now with the latest. carlos. >> carlos: laurie and calvin, marco rubio is about halfway done with his day. he is set to take part in a rally with students come 6:00
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you can see supporters taking their seats in the gym mace naysium the. rubio campaign ask hoping that early voting coupled with a strong v ver turnout will give them somewhat of a chance a winning tomorrow. ading into the final stretch, the threat of measure nature forced the rubio campaign to move indoors a palm beachatlantic university. the campaign ask hoping to sway last-minute voters. but a walk around campus at the christian school and fuel find some students broke donald trump's way weeks ago? he' doing welling in the polls, getting out and talking t a lot of pem. like marco rubio his area is more miami. >> carlos: in what could be rubio as last stand he's crisscrossing the state. he began in jacksonville and litter to melbourne. at both stops rubio was esday. >> tomorrow is the day we're we're going to do what needs to be done p we're going win the 99 [ cheers and applause ]
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momentum we need to go into arizona and utah and beyond because what'ss at stake is too important. >> carlos: rubio heads into florida's primary after a strong performance at a debat on thursday. whether y u he is able to make up double digit gap in most polls in the s4ate unclear. >> i am not currently as of now who i'm voting for. i'm still kind of waiting. so i really like ben carson but he dropped out, and now he's supporting trump, so i don't know. we'll see how that goes dangerous biscayne is consistent will be able to make up some ground with early votes but it might be too little too late. and despite all those polls showing that rubio is trailing trump, this grouput here is optimistic that he can still pull off a win come tomorrow. again, senator marco rubio is set to tack to the stage come the top of the hour. from here he heads down to miami where he has a rally at anna nicole smith tonight and we're told that rubio will be in south florida to watch election results.
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west palm, i'm carlos suarez, local10 news. >> laurie: and as for donald trump, he held a rally this afternoon in tampa, and former president bill clinton stumped for his wife all across florida today. the other candidates were campaigning in other states. let's get to janine the in video port now with more on their last day of campaign of about our primary. >> janine: as you know, this isthe big push before tomorrow's primary. candidates are making their last-m-mute appeals. today a final push for support. us. >> janine: especially in winner take all states ho and florida and we're going win the 99 delegates here in florida. and it's going to give us the momentum we need. >> janine: the poems are promising in ho for governor john kasich. >> i need your support tomorrow. >> janine: that close contest with the potential for shake up gop frontrunner donald trump's path to the nomination. >> if he wins ohio he's basically going to be the nominee. if he loses ohio we're going to have an unbelievable time in cleveland because it is will be
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>> janine: there were protests today a trump's rally but they were peaceful. following clashes over the weweend. >> there's no violence. this is a love fest. >> janine: both democrac candidates blaming trump. >> he is trafficking in hate and fear. >> donald trump is literally n. inciting violence with his supporters. >> janine: bernie sanders fights for ather upset but still polling behind hillary clinton in all five states holding primaries tomorrow. and trump canlled an stratten in doral to instead hold a rally in ohio. earlier today in tampa he was endorsedy attorney general pam bondi. >> laurie: and local10 news has you covered for florida's primary results p. do know that we have a special one-hour newscast planned for tomorrow night 9:00 p.m. as those results roll in. yes flags are flying at half-staff in maryland after a
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in a shootout. the suspect opened fire on the first officer@he saw and it happened to be four-year veteran jacai collison. other officers fired back. police say the gunman intended to die during a gust have gunfight with officers. >> laurie: the gawker is putting oh their defense in the sex tape lawsuit hulk hogan. gawker posted a teach him having sex with his then best friend's wife. the details may be tawdry but at the heart of hulk hogan gawker trial is a legitimate question on the limits of online tabloid journalism. >> you testified in the past in a deposition, you explained that you did not the impact of this post on mr. hogan prior to the time you published it. right? >> that's correct. >> laurie: on the stand today,
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>> a.j.jis the the guy who wrote the article, got the tape, and he's also t t guy who came across as incredibly callous in e deposition that the plaintiffs presented. that is so important in this case. if these jurors hate him and hate gawker, they're in trouble. >> laurie: hoe was at times sarcastic and consistently unapologetic. >> it's laugh out loud. you know what it is. eyes a smirk. >> it's a smirk because you do not think the 1st amendment is that serious, do you? >> it's very serious. >> laurie: he didn't back down from his decision to pub lush the tape that hogan said was filmed without his consent. >> it didn't really matter wont it was a morbid and sensational crime thatt people's lives, that didn't matter to you, did it? >> no. >> and he might have handed the $100 million case to hogan on the stand. >> they played it for months and months and months and months and it made much damage. we had to live with it.
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delorio said he received a bonus $2,000 after posting the questionable tape. talk with are itself is estimated to have i -- gawker has estimated to have increased by $15 million because of of the increased went webeb traffic. >> calvin: police are searching for a american who beat and raped a 39 yed tavernier woman late last night. that woman apparently walking to din's irish pub at mile marker -- when a man came out from the bushes anddragged here in a wooded area. she then beat and raped her. the victim has several broken benches after tt attack. a family now at in hospital after a rollover crash. take a look at that blue sedan upside down. two lanes were blocked along the westbound lanes of mcarthur cause watt fountain street causing traffic delays this morning. police say no one was seriously hurt but the family was taken to a local hospital as a precaution. >> laurie: they are protesting the president in brazil. thousands of demonstrators took to the streets ofridge on sunda
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the demonstrators are angry over her handling of the country's onomic recession, the worst in 25 years, along with two separate corruption scandals. rousseff said she will not step down. let's check the number of zikas cases in. the total number of patientnt is 28. that's the highest across the state. broward county has the second highest number of cases with eight. a total of 60 people in florida have been infected with the mosquito-borne virus but only four are still showing symptoms. >> calvin: and right now it's time for us to get a check on track of and here's local10 track of reporter sanela sabic sabovic. >> sanela: good afternoon, calvin. the a live look a northwest 125th street on i-95. there's a crash there in the express lane. it's blocking one lane. so tell your friends if they're taking northbound i-95 right by the express lanes they're going to see some delays here. they're spanning all with a to
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1 twist street 19 miles per hour. it's a slow go there. and if you have friends on the ach right around collins avenue south of 1sttreet in the southbound lanes there was an -- 41st street. there was an accident there. it's moving at 12 miles per hour. not too booed there. and taking you into broward county, if you need to get on i-95 from 595, the eastbound ramp, there was a crash right causing some delays, but take a look at right here on i-95 heading southbound. there are some delays. let's get you now to some speeds there, clocking in at 23 miles r hour. calvin, laurie, back to you. >> calvinj snell a, thanks a lot. >> laurie: what a rowdy spring break this year on south beach. it was a wild weekend with fights. plus, two people were shot. one died. we're going to primary fast i. we're going to bring a live report at 6:00. >> calvin: and a woman said she was spipiing her wheels complaining about her car to the
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tower consumer investigator christina vazquez. we'll show what you christina was able to do for her all coming up in today's "call christina" report new a 5:30. >> laurie: but first the latest on that amtrak crash in kansas, a huge derailment that sent more
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hospital.tt2w2wst@! po j# , d tt2wmrst@! p!!*n \ , tt2wmrst@! p4!j# *6x tt2wmrst@! px#*&`:-8, tt2wmrst@! pt#j'`:h tt2wmrst@! pt#j)`:2x, tt2wmrst@! pp#j*`:%c0 tt2wmrst@! pp#j,`:d9p tt2wmrst@! pl#*.`:m0\ tt2wmrst@! pl#*0`:v&4 (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> calvin: it was chaos aboard this los angeles to chicago amtrak train when conservative cars flute the tracks overnight. at at least 32 people why hurt and rushed to nearby hospitals. the engineer hit emergency brakes just-this raiment. the national transportation safety board is on their way to rural cabs to the site of latest train derailment. local teams were the first is on the scene. >> upon arrival we found amtrak had overturned about two and a half miles west of cimarron. >> calvin: the first frighting repopos coming in just after midnight. >> train d dailment. unknown a patients at this time. >> calvin: now we committee least seven cars jumped the tracks, at least 32 people reporting injuri. a medical chopper team airlifting at least one injured patient. a total of 142 passengers onboard. most landing at this makeshift
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shaken by what they witnessed. >> unwith gentleman stopped me and kind of in the darkness of field and said, "friend, friend." i said, "you're right. what's going on? what's going on?" >> is there any blood? i. >> calvin: the 32 people have been released. investigators are looking whether an earlier vehicle crash may have damaged the tracks. >> laurie: let's turn to weather. basically it was a warm out there and every once in a while a fewew sprinkles. >> calvin: let's check in with betty davis betty davis to find out how to rest of the week is shaping up. >> betty: it is going to be hot especially for tomorrow. even right now miami is swtering, we could say at 85 degrees. you factor in the humidity. it feels like 88. this is what it looked like from broward county to miami-dade and the temperatures as far as they are ccerned. hialeah at 86 degrees.
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everybody sharing in the heat. we have had the occasional shower sprouting up here and there. this is what we're now left with in broward county, just one little shower that has drifted offshore just scraping fort lauderdale beach. maybe a few sprinkles as we're looking out near cooper citit around griffin road. then here's the view from miami-dade, a few sprinkles h here and there, and then one shower near key biscayne a virginia key, nothing too terrible about that one. that will tend to diminish are on drift off toward the east-northeast. between now and 7:00 we can't rule the a spotty shower but widespread rains not in the forecast for this evening, and once the sun goes down i think we'll have mainly dry conditions out there if not completely dry or broward, miami-dade andnd the keys. that breeze is going to be light and that warmth is going to havesome staying hour. it will be after 9:00 when temperatures start to slip below 80 degrees. the actual high temperatures across the south today, it's been pretty warm in a lot of locations.
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this time of the year between miami fort lauderdale is 80. fort lauderdale made it up to 84. then check out a place like san antonio or maybe you're visiting from dallas. ese areas made it up to 89 this afternoon. that is some 15o 20 degrees above average. so the heat is definitely on, and it's going to b% the big story for us as we're heading through the balance of thi week. so tomorrow spring sizzle is in the forecast, high pressure in control. that should keep our weather mainly dry, and it makes for a very warm wednesday as w wl. so we'll start tomorrow morning in the lower 70s. we're expecting highs in the mid to upper 80s. miami, we did 86 today. we're going to go for 87 tomorrow, winds from the southwest 5 to 10 miles an hour, lots of sunshine to go around tomorrow and the day after. by wednesday, thursday highs in the mid-80s. friday we may get a fewer showers in here but we're at least forecasting some highs in ththlower 80s. saturday bere chance for rain
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stepping into the spring season maybe we get a cold front that gets close enough and manages to make it threw and then cools us down for next wond with those highs in the upper 70s. tank tops and flip-flops, get ready. >> laurie: we are ready. i guess. >> calvin: we are. weather or n n, we're ready. the oven is on. still to come today, a heartless thief targeting high school children caught on camera. you can seeehim breaking into the school before stealing a infrastructure we'll tel you what was in that strong box. >> laurie: also ahead a father@ and son race to save a stranger from their wrecked burning jeep. >> wilil hee heat host the nuggets town to start a home stand. i'm will manso live at the amereran airlines arena. while south miami focused on the playoffsnext in sports we're actually going to talk to 'canes head football coach mark richt as he focused on the start of his spring practice tomorrow as head coach at um.
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'canes coach next at 6:00. >> will: and here live tonight at the metropolitan ameran where the heat host the nuggets, but during this sports cast wear going to talk to the um team because they are back at work tomorrow with the start of spring praraices, and for mark
5:23 pm
see his team the field for the first time at um. he f/cused on recruiting and now ready got it started. i spoke to richt last week with a western-on-one interview and how much he's looking forward to this opportunity. >> it really had been over 30 years since i had been on campus. >> will: hates been a whirlrlnd few mods for mark richt. he left the school he called home for 15 seasons. he came home to be the head coach at the university miami. he had to rush to finalize his first 'canes' recruiting class. and finally this week his first spring practice is ahead at um. >> look at it. how does it compare to wh you have seen throughout the years at other major programs? >> it's hard to say right now. the off-season conditioning prograwe're doing, i think the guys are doing a nice job right now, they're being very coachable and teachable and they're trying to do what coaches ask them to do. that's all we can do at this point. we'll learn me what kind of
5:24 pm
work with them in the spring. >> areou prepared for they steps, the bumps, so to speak, alon the road that will likely come at some point? to deal with that? >> you just focus on your job, you focus on what you can control. you do not focus on things you can't control. and like i said, you mean, everybody has a right to their opion, everybody has a right to say what they want to say, but i don't worry myself too much about it. worry about and focus on the things that we can control, and that's hard work and doing things the way they ought to be done. >> will: one thing is clear, though, has spring ball begins, mark richt seems reenergized, ready for that challenge, though he tells m he has nothing left tow prove. >> i'm not worried about proving myself to anybody you know my goal is to help these young men get their degrees and become great players and become great people and just do things in such a way that everybody
5:25 pm
going to be proud of it. >> will: that is goal number one for richt, to get it started tomorrow, to set the don't t tone for the program. he was a little apprehensive to talk about expectations be with wins, but he clearly is ready for that challenge. it begins tomorrow on the tomorrrr on the um campus. much more from the heat and the nuggets coming up on local10 news at 6:00. for now reporting live at the american airlines arena. i'm will will. >> calvin: a safety alert in coral gables tonight after a woman was attacked. >> laurie: let's get janine in the newsroom working that for you. >> janine: that victim was just out exercising when she@ was suddenly grabbed. she told police the man gropedher and robbed her before driving off. he we now have a vision of her attacker. >> and a sad story from miami gardens where a man on his way to work was shot and killed by a couple of crooks. and all new at 6:00 spring break chaos on south beach. a deadly shooting, people
5:26 pm
littering the sand.
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to stop p . >> janine: right now at 5:30 undercover officers busting a man they say was selling large amounts of cocaine but he had another job to cover it. detective say he wasas a long time public works employee who was running his own side business dealing cocaine. >> calvin: and you won't believe how much they found in his home. local10's michael seiden has our one and only exclusive. >> michael: this was a six-month undercover operation and for the first time we are getting a look at exclusive photos, photos showing drugs that police tell us will be used in this man's trial. >> trafficking in cocaine, possession of of a weapon. >> michael: facing a judge, pedro torres didn't say a word but his facial expressions speak for themselveve at times raising his eyebrows and shaking his head, appearing to disagree request what detects of discovered inside his home. cocaine, guns, even a sle.
5:30 pm
the result of a six-month drug investigigion, an undercover operating that came to an end when the detectives arrested torres last november outside his house in this quiet northeast miami-dade neighghrhood. authorities say he was trying to sell nearly s thousand dollars worth of cocaine -- $70,000 worth of cocaine to an undercover agent. >> they found 2 kilograms ofin cocaine. there was a gun right next to individual packaged baggies of cocaine. >> michael: torres' arrest came as a huge surprise especially to those who work with him. prior to the arrest the 56-year-old spent more two decades work income public works bor the city of miami. in court his attorney begged the judge to release his client claiming hose had a family man. >> he is a citizen. he has no criminal record me. lives with his wife. he has two children and he's been working 20 years with the city of miami. >> michael: the judge d%died
5:31 pm
prosecutors said torres was a city work by day and drug dealer by night, selling cocaine to undercover agents since may of 2015. tonight he remains behind bars. and i got a chance to speak with the defendant's attorney. he told me that his client is a good family man who plans on fighting these charges. we're in miami-dade, i'm michael seiden, local10 news. >> calvin: michael, than a lot. we're following to a developing tory story here. this is happening in high let's okeechobee roaoa and palm avenue it. pierce two people were involved if this accident. hath least two of them have been taken to the hospital and two vehicles were involved in accident that is shutting doubt an least two lanes of okeechobee road. let's check in now with our sanelala sabovic who is following this one for you. this has the potential t be a pretty pretty big mess here. >> sanela: correct, calvin. take a look at all these redir owes as you're approaching flamingo way. at is our with our area. traffic is at a standstill virtuauay when you see red.
5:32 pm
2 miles per hour. it's a parking lot. you can take lejeune road northbound to head back to us-27. i do want to point out southbound there was a lane shut traffic. you can see here also more red moving at 9 miles per hour. so do avoid this area if you can. >> janin thank you. a man was robbed and killed yesterday morning, and now police searching for the shooters. friends o o 42-year-old milton morrison say he was simply on his way to work when he was gunned down in miami gardens. abraham thomas, a friend of morrison said morrison was walking to a bus stop along northwest 17th avenue and 173rd streetethen he was shot about ten times. thomas says it's time for this violence to stop. >> it's just sickening. it is continuously sucking to see this kind of stuff going on in our community. this is unacceptable! a man walking to work.
5:33 pm
for his possessions. come on. >> janine: morrison was airlifteto the hospital where he was pronounced dead. if you think you might know anything about this shooting, call miami gardens police or crimestotoersr. that number is 305471 tip. >> calvin: trouble on the water in key biscayne now. a woman thrown from a boat after it ran a ground. the boat hit 13 passengers when it veered into la salle oh waters and came to a sudden stop in crandon park. the victim was airlifted to the hospital in serious condition. a second person had had a broken arm. four people stayed on the boat overnight until they we able to free if boat during high tide. a false alarm at miami international airport today after a plane released its emergency chute. sky 10 was over the scene earlier today. american airlines officials say that the incident was, quote, an inadvertent deployment of the emergency slid passengers on the flight going from mia to jfk were moved to anotherlane.
5:34 pm
leader alert to they will you about this afternoon. a woman said she was groped and robbed in coral gables and her attacker is still on the loose. >> calvin: local10 news reporter jenise fernandez has whom police are looking for from coral gables. >> jenise: this happened in north cocol gables at the 1300 block of gran pawed a boulevard. now, granada boulevard is a busy street, and according to neigibors this is a quiet neighborhood and they're upset to hear something like this happened. all of this happened sunday just before 7:00 in the morning, according to coral gables police a woman was walking south on granada boulevard can when a man grabbed her and started to touch her unappropriately. that's when he robbed her and then left. coping to neighbors, this neighborhood again is mostly full of retirees and families. it's a quiet neighborhood that unfortunately they say is not immune to crime. >> i see is crime scene tape. it was scary. i didn't like it. but then what are you going to do? that's life in the big city. >> we have to cooperate with each other, alalthe neighbors, if we see something, you talk.
5:35 pm
call the police. and i'm going to keep my eyes open. >> jenise: police have not said what was stolen from the victim but that man is still out there and police want to find help. here's a description. he's about 35 years old with a medium complexion between 5'8" to 510 it's, 170 bounds, bald, brown eyes and bish eyebrows last seen wearing a white crew neck t-shirt with blue jns and blue andiel sneakers. he is was driving -- a aiello sneakers. he brass driving an older model van p if you have any information call crimestoppers. reporting in coral gables, jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> janine: in today's "call christina" car trouble. bun one local10 viewer said her 2013 hundai elantra suddenly accelerated while parking causing her to crash into a tree. >> calvin: thankfully she was not hurt but her car did need repairs so she reached out to
5:36 pm
>> i was scad out of my wits. >> chrtina: harriet gordon of construct said she had her foot on the brake of her 201300 lye elantra and was pulling into this parking spot when all of a sudden -- >> it just flew right over and hit the tree, and if it -- it's a good thing it hit the tree because if it had gone through here, i would have been in the water. >> christina: we pored through pages of complaints filed with the national transportation safety board per talking to the2013 elantra, and found since 2013 more than a dozen reports mioring golden's experience. let's take a look at some of these together. drivery is pulling into this parking lot at work. the car accelerated hitting the parking drainage walal 2013 hundai elantra, the car just accelerated by itself causing me to crash into my building. and this one, while turning may park spot by car suddenly jumped and accelerated and
5:37 pm
and take a look at this. the 20 elantra is off the charts when it comes to complaints. >> very interesting coral springs the website says that model year had the most overall complaints with noisy brakes being the most reported problem. it. >> christina: she wants the manufacture tore acknowledge the pattern of complaints and ream bers burrs her. the $500 she had to pay when she took the car in for rapist after the crash. as of f ght now, it looks like that's not going to happen, and here's why. in a statement to "call christina" air spokesman tells us "the elantra is a very well signed and safe car. vir charlie government study including several nths stud hass concluded that these are caused wy driver error" i sent another email to federal regulators about her case so student. i'm sure there will aub follow-up on this one. you can r rd what other people
5:38 pm
to federal regulators about this specific make and model on the local10 news page of "call christina".com. >> janine: we have new information about a maryland lice officer shot and killed in a shootout near a police station. it happened in chevrolet yesterday afternoon near washington, dc, weow know that four-year veteran was killed by friendly fire, meaning another fire accidental shot and killed him after the gunman started shooting. officer jacai collison was killed. other officers fired and twined suspect. two other people are now in custody. police say they are brothers of the gunman and they were recording that shootout. >> calvin: eight fires were injured in maryland fighting a fire early this morning. the fire burned through a townhome in jerrel town leading to a total structural collapse. none of the firefighters' juries are considered life-threatening. three families now to have find a new place to stay. no word on what exactly caused that fire. a driver was killed in seattle when strong winds knocked a huge tree down on his car.
5:39 pm
firefighters had to saw it apart and then jack it up to get to the driver. a jung girl was rescued from the back -- a young girl was taken to the hospital. she's going to be okay. 52-mile-an-hour winds were being reported when that trere came crashing down. >> janine: still ahead, the spring break pty got out of control on south beach this weekend. police were racing to deal with shootings, fights and crowd control. all new at 6:00 find out what's being done to keep it from happening again next year. and an unusual joblings on craigslist is getting a lot of attention in the big apple 1 we'l tell you why the right person has to take it slow. >> janine: we are hearing from a father and son who risked their own liveses to stay of a stranger and a burng jeep. >> calvin: as we head to break here's a life picture from our mount sinai medical center tower exam what a boeuf view of miami beach and those puffy clouds. what's upith this warm weather on the way?
5:41 pm
when w wcome back. yeah, that right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. yoyosaved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference tween making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. >> calvin: a father and son in arkansas are being called heros for risking their ownwnives to save a map from a burning jeep but they don't see it that way. these heros say they just did what had to be done. these are pictures of a wrecked jeep taken minutes ararat flipped over and landed in front
5:44 pm
>> happened so fast. it was over with thatuick candlelight vigil ic and his son dakota were sitting in their yard when they notice the jeep. >> i looked a my son. >> said he's not going to make the. >> calvin: broken bark the on trees mark the spots the driver hit. the men say the driver wept airborne and coming to a rest in the ditch near their driveway p if father and son rushed to a man trapped supplied the burning vehicle. >> just get him out, helped in any way i could. >> we seen the fire. didn't want someone to per usher, to be caught in a fire or something like that. >> calvin: dakota used a fire extitiuish to put the foyer on the while dad used a knife to cucuopen the top of the jeep tending to the trapped man. >> i kept wiping his face off with a wet towel and kept trying to wake him up. he was completely completely unconscious. >> calvin: he said the man
5:45 pm
>> i was just assuring hum that help was on the way. don't give up. >> calvin: help arrived shortly after and father and son were deemed heros, but they don't see themselves that way. >> this picture, one of my family members in that prediction amount, i would just helplphem. >> i would want someone to do the same thing for one o my family. >> calvin: driver of the jeep is still recovering in the spital. >> janine: a wild police chase caught on camera in california yesterday after somebody sold a police cruiser. the driver stole the patrol car om the west covina police department before leading other officers on a a high-speed chase across los angeles. that chase ended in glendale after about an hour.police finally cornered that stolen vehicle, they used a pit maneuver to spin it around the but the suspect threw it in reverse and tried toet away gen. an officer rammed that cruiser slslming so hard into that driver's side. officers eventually had to shoot and kill that suspect. in seattle a customer who
5:46 pm
saved the life of a convenience store clerk who was apparently being attacked by a man with a hatchet. that clerk was working at the 7-eleven early yesterday morning when the fast masked man came in with that hatchet and started swinging at him, injuring him. that customer nearby pulled out his gun and shot the man with the hatchet, killing him. >> calvin: you have to pressure this one. this little sea lion is making itself right at home in the parking lot of a fish market in san diego. it's not afraid to get@ too close as well. little goy apparently julynto one car, played with the radio and even got behind the wheel. workers from seaworld san diego keep it and rescued the wayward pup. >> janine: he's at a fish maet. he ed probablyfeld smelled food.where are people? hopefully he got a treat. >> calvin: let's check in now with our betty davis. what a troat out there today if you love the hot weather werth the sebring breakers do. >> betty: it's perfect for that.
5:47 pm
had your ac service already because we are turnjng the heat this week. mueller still showing 85 degrees while it's 80 in fort lauderdale and key west, winds from the west-southwest, perfect beach day and we see people on the on the hollywood broadwalk still sitting on the sand catching some of those rays. the evening should be fairly quiet, light southerly wind keeping it on the warmeride. by 10:00 tonight we'll see upper 70s in some of your communities but for now we're still hanging out in the 80s. we had a few showers earlier. the balance of those have diminished. i don't think we'regoing to have much more developing so maybe no more than a sprinkle depending on where you are in broward. even a few showersrs we did have move offshore those are falling apart. in miami-dade a little shower offshore so mainly dry is going to be the the for the rest of the night and also warmth. not just today but tomorrow as well. now, the normal high for this timef the year, fort lauderdale and miami is 80. well, miami made it up to
5:48 pm
numbers continue into tomorrow. we're going to add one more degree for tuesday, miami, forecasting a high of 87, lots of sunshine, light south-southwest winds. if you have work to do outside you're going to want to run inside and glass that ac. wednesday is going to be aarm one, too. high pressure in control of our weather so we're not expecting much in the way of wasteful. it's all about the teaches, and by wednesday a little influence from the atlantic boy the afternoon with more of an easterly breeze. it will be light but that should help us shed a few degrees so we'll get to stay 84 in miami instead of that yen. that's our forect plan. but either way you look at it, it's going to be reaely, really warm and probably will send a lot of you back out to the beacs. the rip current risk is low. south-southwest winds. if you're taking the boats out, no advisory on the waters, light to moderate chop on the bays, seas runningng one to two feet off miami-dade and broward. here's another look at the numbers for tomorrow.
5:49 pm
70s. you better et -- the innate lower 70s. wednesday, thursday more a little better chance f r showers. saturday a system gets closer to us that could bring more widespread rains. with any luck maybe we get a cold front to bring more confidential air our way monday. look at morning lows low 60s highs in the upper 70s. we can breathe lyle easier ely next week. >> calvin: higher than maden's touring plane has some damage now. this is file video of after a one when the group kicked off its world tour in south florida last month, you might recall this happened happened while the pane was go in chile. it was being taken for refueling and a steering pin fell out.
5:50 pm
but it ran into the truck. the under. >> and a engine of the plane were severely damed. the band, crew and equipment still made to it argentina for their next show and now they're looking for a replacement pain. air force two they'll call it. >> janine: maybe. people in new york are responding to ap urn job policing on congregationly speaking an experienced tortoise walker. henry the tortoise is 16 years old and enjoys living an active life. as active as tortoises get. his own meander does not always of time to walk him in central park so she is looking for some part-time help. you have to push henry to the park this thinks dog carriage but once he gets there, he is free to graze. no leisure for hry but you'd better be ready to answer a lot of questions. >> what are the main questions? what do people ask you? >> how sold he? do you you howe do you know he's a boy? what does his poop look like? they want to know about the poop. they are so curious about the poop.
5:51 pm
it may go. you may went know what you're in for. >> calvin: okay. >> janine: i'm just saying, i would ask. i couldld would. >> calvin: no words after that but i guess, you know, it could be an interesting job. could help the resume in some kind of way. the news is just g gting started. here are some of the stories working for you at 6:00. a family in mourning after a deadly shooting on south beach. we'll show you the chaos police were dealing with. >> janine: a heartless thief caught on camera stealing from schoolchildren. >> calvin: first, you always check your bill at the grocery store for restaurant so why should it be any different when
5:52 pm
5:55 pm
how one pet owner's voice could >> he's my son. he's my best friend. >> david and his bed buddies with brody and ts is one canine connection that can't be broken. >> sit. good boy. >> but veterinarian bills can break the bank so david did a little digging and hunted for a bargain to match his binge. >> so i took him to the vet to get neutered. susuosed to be $50. pain meds $20. >> jasey: he agreed tie grand total of $77 for this rescue dog
5:56 pm
>> gave me an invoice for $132. i tried to have them fix it. they wouldn't listen. >> jasey: blown away by the bloated bill, david paid the invoice and left but he was stilll simmering from the unfair overage? that was the impetus for calling you, for e-mailing y y. i think we were laying in bed and watching our tv. you know what? i think someone who really just advocate for animals would b interested in this john kasich so we went straight to the source. vetfield animal hospital in sunrise. we spoke with thehe practice manager russell knudsen who quickly offered an explanation. >> ons. less i it was a mistake on our side. >> jaseythe jack us rell tare terrier made it through surgery but his p parent felt a little beat up. >> do you feel you were taken afghan? >> absolutely. >> he didn't think this w w an accident. he thought he was taken advantage of. is going to think their own thing. accidents happen,hough.
5:57 pm
credit card company g ge a refund but this is a reminder to check your bills, communicate wi your veterinarian and stand strong through to any estimate already agreed to. i'm jasey birch, animal advocate for local10 news. >> janine: that'll do it for local10 news at 5:30. laurie and calvin areack with the news at 6:00. >> laurie: right now at 6:00 it is primary eve. the fight for florida ends tomorrow. what allhe candidates did today before the big day. >> calvin: miami beach police a plan after a weekend of vick dead. >> laurie: a heartless thief rap paging through a church school.l. what he was after. >> calvin: sumer market slam. it..& >> laurie: and you may be able to soon cruise to cuba. the news at 6:60 starts right now. >> calvin: off the top at 6:00 live pictures from palm beach university where a rally for marco rubio is about to get
5:58 pm
and presidential hope self- expected shortly after. tomorrow is primary election day in florida and it will either make or break rubio's bid for the white house. >> laurie: local10 news reporter carlos suarez is live for us in west palm beach tonight with more of chat's at stake. carlos. >> carlos: calvin and laurie, senator marco rubio hopes to pull off the improbable. most polls show him trailingdonald trump heading into primary night but even the campaign has said that it does see a path forward each if it loses tueuday night. we are at a christian university here i west palm beach where shoppe what everyone is holding onto. scrambling for votes and a venue. the rubio campaign on monday moved its rally insandor at palm beach atlantic university, a larger than expected crowd coupled with threat of mother nature forced the change in location. >> the polls obviously show it's a tough climb. are you excited nonetheless? >> i am. excited and hopeful that there will be some major surprises tomorrow. >> carlos: the campaign is
5:59 pm
the chrisan school, but a walk ash campus and a name synonymous with palm beach seems to enjoy the support of students here. >> marco rubio,, his area is more miami, so with donald trump he's been doing a lot of campaigning he and also now with ben carson that hps him out a lot. >> carlos: in what could be rubio's last stand he traveled the state on t eve of the florida primary. began the day in jacksonville and later to melbourne. >> tomorrow is the day when we're going to shock the describe we're going too what needs to be done. we're going to win the 99 delegates here in florida. [ cheers and applause ] and it's going to give us the momemeum we need to go into arizona and utah and beyond because what's at stake is too important. >> carlos: rubio heads into tuesday with some momentum after his strong performance at a debate in miami on thursday. but polls still show him losing and losing balad to donald trump. the campaign is confident he will be able to i can ma up some of the those numbers with early votes but it might be tooling too late. >> i'm still optimistic.
6:00 pm
future ahead of him. if he doesn't make it tomorrow, he's definitely goveveor of florida or another senator and he can do another run in a couple of years. >> carlos: so senator rubio is expected here any mind. in a sign, a super pac that has been support be rubio has announced that it will not spend any more money on television ads for rubio after tuesday night. rubio is expected to talk to this crowd for about an hour or so and then he makes his waugh down to miami where he has a rally a 9:00 tonight. we are told that senator is going to be in south florida tomorrow night taking in election results at the arena at florida international university. live tonight in west palmlm beach, i'm carlos suarez. >> calvin: donald trump who rubio is looking to beat here in florida was camigning in tampa this afternoon. trump lived have received ap endotsement from florida attorney general pam bondi. sarah palin andhris christie were also there. trump was set to make an


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