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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  March 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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allowed to be back on site, but a couple of people were turned away to vote. but at this point things are smooth. right now we are here in fort lauderdale at george english park. this is another precinct here in broward county. and this is where a broward couple came to vote in morning, and the wife tells us that when she came here this morning to vote, she was turned away. and here is why. >> i went in and i gave them my driver license, and a woman told me that i cannot vote because i am indepepdent. >> have you ever been an independent? >> no. >> you can we come from a communist describe we want to vote. >> terrell: so that couple is registered to a party but they were still turned away from this precinct. we understand that they did coact the supervisor of elections here in broward county
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just a few minutes ago they returned to this poll a`d that woman was allowed to vote. so this just one issue that we know about here in broward county, but we've been on@ the phone with the broward county supervisor of elections. at office. and they tell us that there have been issues similar to this sporadic but very few around broward county, but other than that they say it's been a very smooth sailing day. we'll keep an eye on things and repopo to you the very latest. for now that's the latest here in fort lauderdale, i'm terrell forney. >> calvin: and now voters are also headingngo the polls in miami-dade county. >> laurie: so let's get to local10 news reporter amy viteri pucking up our election day coverage in doral. >> amy: we are atthe firefighters memorial building and there are plenty of places to park. a volunteer told me it has been a trickle of people coming in to cast their ballot. you can see someeople stand managing in parking lot. all locations open until 7:00,0
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seem to be any trouble want latest at thi location getting in to casa ballot, but election officials regardless are asking people if they can to avoid showing up at the last minute. they say please don't show up at 6. 59 tow avoid any delays because, of course, many people will remember major issues with lines and long waits during the general election back in 2012. ch, officials pointed out that was a ballot with ten to 12 pages of content versus whatt voters will see today which is just one question, who do you want to vote for in this presidential primary. one thing officials are asking people to be mindful of is t t confirm whether or not you are eligible. as we have, ofourse, reported florida is a closed primary, therefore, you have to be registered as a republic to cast a ballot in that primary or likewise on democratic side if you want to vote for one of those candidates. the exception is in the extensive miami, miami beach and surfside there are other issues on the ballot, so officials say even non-par is an voters can go out and participate voting on those items.
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presidential primary. but coming up in ourext hour, we are going to take another look as some of the issues back in 2012 and we'll give you an update on things they have anged since then to avoid similar issues this time around. for now we're live in doral, amy viteri, local10 news. >> laurie: and voters in five states including florida are heading tohe polls todayay >> calvin: it's a crucial innate race for the white house. local10 senior political reporter michael putney here now candidates. how they're spending the day. michael. >> michael: it depends onhe candidate with laurie and calvin. some like marco rubio, hunkered down waiting to see the election results. othe are still out there looking for last-minute votes. it's been months in the making. now voters in florida and four other states are finally casting ballots. >> i feel good. i think, though, that you've got to just keep working all day on election day and remind people how important it is to vote. >> this is a place i want to
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this is the place, this is going to do it. >> michael: 19 delegates from five states are up for grabs today, but donald trump h h his eye on two big prizes, floriri and ohio. >> it's always a complicated process bubui think we're going to do very well. we seem to be having rebate poll numbers. >> michael: for donald trump governor john kasich his chief rival in ohio. the popular governor cast his vote this morning in a very tight ra. >> we're going to win. i feel terrific. do i seem like i'm nerves or uptight? i'm having a greata time. >> michael: a home state win for kasich is essential, so, too, a home state win for marco rubio. he tras trump by about 20 point in florida but says he'll prove the pollsters wrong. if they're right, it's a two-man race between trump and ted cruz. >> i think tonight what's going to happen is the last bastion of the establishment is probably going to lose, and that's what's amazing about this race. >> michael: for the democrats,
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hillary clinton in ohio, losing ohio would slow her down but she is on a path to the nomination. >> but if there's a large voter turnout, we're going to do just great. >> michael: bernie sanders has enough money and deleges to keep on going no matter what happens today, but if marco rubio and john kasich don't win their home states, their campaigns are over. >> calvin: michael, if we fast forward to the convention, we're talking this could be a 10y a contested convention. >> michael: i don't think since 1958 we have had a contested convention. it's conceive ab. one is that if donald trump doesn't win either florida or ohio, then it could be a contested convention. but if he wins both florida and ohio, it's over. >> calvin: and then even the gop could change some of the rules, too, that if trump got more delegates, they could snatch the nomination from him. >> michael: they conceivably
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really anger the electorate which is already angry. it's that end of coo year. >> laurie: we'll see what the turnout here, especially here locally. >> meteorologist: i think it's going to be a big turn on it, much bigger than four years ago. >> laurie: we know you're here through the night. and do stay with local10or continuing coverage on today's primary elections. ahead hat 4:30 life reports from the locations where some of the candidates are expected to appear. >> calvin: now at 4:00 a broward county bailiff busted and now facing some very serious charges. those charges include second degree attempted murder and sexual battery charges. >> laurie: he was arrested in miami-dade county on sunday, and local10 news reporter derek shore is live in west miami-i-de to tell us what led up to his arrest. derek. >> derek: that bso court bailiff allegedly met his victim here in the parking lot of this gas station just off of northwest 79th veet. he would allegedly ask for sex, but now he's accused of trying to kill that woman. take a look at broward county
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the 45-year-old out on bail tonight charge with attempted murder and sexual battery. corning to miami-dade police, busby is accused of picking up a prostitute here at this valero it was station off of northwest 79th street, driving a short distance away, but instead of pulling out cash, he allegedly pulled out a knife and held it against the woman's throat. an arrest affidavit it says the defendant proceeded to tell her, no one will give a blank if you die. i don't give you a blank if i kill you. bus about you then allegedly told her she was going to force her to perform oral sex on him. when she tried to fight him bus about you allegedly stabbed her multiple times in the back and the abdomen before the victim was able to jump out of the car. the victim was also able to remember part of busby's license plate and later identified him as the one that attacked her. and that victim is an admitted prostitute. she apparently stumbled back
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able to drive hers to a local hospital. she was transferred to ryder trauma center where she was treated and is expected to recoffer. busby is currently out of a job. he's suspended from b softly and he has no pay. it is important to mention he's a civilian, not an officer. we're live northwest miami-dade, derek shore, local10 news. >> calvin: derek, thanks a lot ls just days before the president's trip to cuba, the white house announcing an ease in travel restrictions to the country. >> calvin: our victor oquendo in the newsroom to tell us what these changes mean for individual travel. victor. >> victor: the biggest change is coming to travel and banking. the government will now allow up to 110 non-stop daily flights between the united states and ba. days before president obama's historic visit to cuba, the white house announced some extensive modifications. in order to travel to the island, you had to fall under one of several categories, and one of them has been changed. people-to-people travel, which is basically humanitarian or volunteer missions, will now
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than just groups. changes to bank will also be made, too. cuban nationals can open accounts here and send money baba to cuba. u.s. banks will also be allowed to exchange cuban money for u.s. dollars. also companies will be automobile to hire company nationals who are non--- able to hire cuban nationals. >> of the 54 countries i've been in, cuba is really one of the most screwed-up places i have ever seen. very also allan gross who was held five years in a cuban prison and released in exchange for members of the company five in 2014 lked about the experience and the president's upcoming trip. he also touched on the one thing that would have made him upset about hi visit. >> i asked if he was going to be meeting with fidel castro because i would have been really upset if he had met with fidel castro. and the answer waso, he will not be meeting with fidel
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he'll meet with psident raul castro. >> victor: gross said he supports all progress between the two countries and he thinks the embargo should be listed. all those changes we mentioned earlier sent out to take effect tomorrow. >> calvin: and we'll be there for the president's hurricane visit coming up later on this week. look for our live report arting later on this week as well.. belgian officials staih a man h been killed after an anti-terror raid linked to the november attacks in paris. that i flee officers why wind during a raid on a home in brussels. authorities have not said what connection the raid had to the paris takes or whether the man killed was one of the people they were looking for. >> laurie: a scare for a pembroke couple when firefighters were c cled to their mobile home. on lake shore drive, tells us his air conditioning unit start smoking. the man and his wife make it out safely. a wilton man ores seven eleven is temporarily cleod a roush. play a man armed with a stick hold up the clerk at the store on oakland park boulevard and
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that whole incident rails under intervention mother teresa on a much more happy note, she's going to become a saint september 4th. the date of her canonization ceremony was annnnnced just this morning by the vatican. pope francis signed off on that decision back in december. mother teresa died in 19 nevin ter dedicating her life to caring for the poor in india. >> calvin: 13 minutes after the hour. let's get a check on rush hour track of. >> laurie: jens here with how the tuesday commute is looking. >>enise: for those of you out there trying to leaf work a lull early and hit the roads to head home want to let you know about i-95 southboundust as you're approaching sunrise boulevard wok see that accident, although off to the shoulder, we are seeing really heavy delays as a result. again this is i-95 southbound as you're approaching sunrise boulevard, some heavy delays here with speeds at just 8 miles per hour. checking out dade county we've got two incidents palmetto expressway. the first an accident. this is northbound right northwest 25th street. no roads are blocked here but as
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delays with speeds there also just 8 miles per hour. and a bit further up, a broken-down car on the palmetto expressway. this is northwest 74th street. this broken down car is blocking a very lane with speeds there at 11 miles per hour. calvin. >> calvin: thanks a lot. from york street from main street and wall street let's take a look at the cloning nurp on walll street the dow is closing out the 17,251. the nasdaq down today 21 points closing out at 47. and the s&p 500 down just barely today, just a smidge at 3.71, closing over the 2,000 mark. coming up at 4:30 now, more coverage on this primary election day. some of the candidates are here in south florida as the results are just under a few hours away from rolling in. >> laurie: also at 4:30, a man accused of operating an illegal slaughterhouse learns his fate. details on his plea deal just ahead. >> calvin: plus, an updatefter residents complain house about the smell and noise coming from
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>> laurie: a developing story right now, we just received new surveillance video of the driver crashing nigh hollywood publix. jan gen@ is in the newsroom with the details. >> janine: laurie, its awful. the driver of that car is dead. the passenger is in the hospital in critical condition. that crash happened shortly before 3:00 a.m. yesterday at young circle in hollywood. in this new surveillance video we received you can see that car smashing into the publix storage room right there.debris is flying everywhere. police say the driver of that burgundy 2006 cadillac traveling would you bee on hollywood boulevard, when it got to round about it crashed into the store. they say the dririr appeared to have lost control and struck the median before that cadillac went airborne.
4:17 pm
not wearing a seatbelt. he died at the season scene. his girlfriend roxana vega is listed in critical condition but expected to recover. police say via was wearing a seatbelt. she had to be ek entry cated from the car. she is sedated but doing okay, says her sister. >> laurie: janine, thank you. taking a live look from our fort lauderdale cower tower cam, just hazy and hot out there. >> calvin: yes, it is. i think that's going to be every day for like until august it seems. but let's check in now with trent to find out how the seven-day forecast is looking. >> trent: i h he that streak doesn't start today. it feels leek june with defensivee coordinator 88 degrees in many locations but that is mauking the beach a very popular place here as you get out there to cool off. water temperature nil in the mid-70s and the prorowalk a popular place and the key west, mallory square courtroom cam
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view as mallory square begins to clear up. routin 83 degrees in conch republic. there is a 7 to 8-degree difference between the florida keys. the mainland arse ofoth dade and broward counties. you can see the radar sweeping around, a couple of showers toward the central part of the state and we're watching this cluster o very small showers and thunderstorms south of homestead and florida city. broward is dry but as you you work your way to the seven mile stretch we have showers. you can see a couple extend oaf toward the power plant with that radar sweeping around here this evening. here's the big story. 88 degrees. pompano beach, 87 in kendall. cooler along the orvis by it's going to take some time but eventually we'll coufal n nr 70 degrees across down. cooler inland, 68. the driving factor will be the wund. tomorrow it will be out of the east but turning bk out of the south as we go to the mid and later parts of this week, that's
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temperatures up as we'll keeee this warm streak going at least thereon the upcoming weekend. a littl larger view. we have two areas of low pressure but high pressure is driving or weather the next couple of days, and this next cold front will hopefully of enough strength here in time to bring you cooldown and also brings a significant increase of rain here by the weekend. tonight that heavy rainfall continues to pull off through maine and nova scotia, drying out across boston andou can see another line of thunderstorms moving through sconsin and eventually green bay and marquette over the great lakes here tonight. but what we're going to be under the influence of is this area of high pressure keeping us warm. look a these highs yen, 88 again tomorrow. by thursday 86, and we cool down to 83 on saturday. our normal for this time of year is 80 so we'll still be well above that going into the upcoming weekend and our rain chance is going to go up as well. right now what we're looking at, beach is going to be the safe ar, where you're going to want toto be.
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if you're heading out on the water no advisories in place. there's the warmed right through st. paddy's day and looking toward the first day of spring. >> calvin: voters are casting their ballots today. ahead at 4:30 the donate candidate spending primary election day right here in south florida. >> laurie: plus, controlling the crowd. the changes coming to south beach after a rowdy spring breaking weekends. >> will: the dolphins will have to look for a new running back.
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back to miami after all. >> will: the miami dolphins going to need to find a new running back. that tops our dale sports shot. they thought they were getting c.j. anderson but the denver
4:24 pm
sheet for anderson. that means he is going to stay in denver. dolphins were looking to pair anderson with the youngster jaiee. he tweeted he's pless blessed to be part of the danks denver organization four more years. mark richt took the are began coach as his alma mater. practice was intense, according to the players. as richt hopes to set a tone that will thread 'canes to stronger finishes in their games. with it being early in the spring the 'canes focusing on toughness anding condition the miami heat are feeling great right now about their rookie class, clothe rookies signed in the win p. how about second round pick josh richardson. look out below. that poster of a slam. heat next in action against the charlotte hortons thursday night. the panthers hopg to bounce back after a tough loss
4:25 pm
in a 3-2 loss last night last night. tonight they will play at the montreal canadiens. >> calvin: that'll do it for local10 news at at 4:00. >> laurie: let's get to janine and victor with what ty're working for you. >> janine: here's what's coming up all new at 4:3 >> victor: a man accused of operating an illegal slaughterhouse in midwest the miami-dade ek a plea deal. >> janine: plus the new policy after a rowdy weekend on south beach. how police are stepping up efforts to control the crowd. >> victor: and fied for florida. the candidates here in south florida this primary election day. those stories and so much more
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4:30. >> janine: right now at 4:30 a man accused of operating an illegal slaughterhouse in northwest miami-dade leashes his fate today. he faced 26 counts of animal cruelty charges stemming from a 2015 bust. >> victor: and today he took a plea deal. local10 news reporter jenise fernandez is in the video port now to tell his sentence. >> jenise: a lot of factors played into that plea actually but this man will every in be
4:29 pm
and won't be able to ever run a biz, either. at the time this slaughterhouse was shut down, it was the largest property seizure in the united states. i been dealing with animals for 45 years. >> jenise: this is the man who investigators say ran an illegal slaughterhouse in west miami-dade county for close to 40 years. s-year-old greg goreio santa ana seen in court today in a wheelchair. he accepted a plea deal from the state allowing him to avoid more jail time and instead he accepted five years probation. >> this was a plea of convenience and a plea of his best interests. he is a 71-year-old man who is in poor health and just wanted to get this resolved. >> jenise: last march authorities found more than 9,000 animals on santa ana's property known as cocoa farms. animals were starved, deprived water and slaughtered in vicious ways. dead animals were found throughout the poppet more than 3,000 animals were in such poor condition they were euthanized while the rescued animals were
4:30 pm
the outcome in court today warranted some mixed emotions. >> arm is never happy with a plea deal on an animal cruelty case, especially such as the santa ana case. >> jenise: he went on to say that santa ana never actually killed an animal but he what is the director of the farm orchestrating the organizations. the 200-acre property was demolished last year. investigators are afraid someone would move back in and continue operations. now, santa ana was charged andarrested along with three others. two of those menen accepted their own plea deals, but the third nry is awaiting trial. report can live in the video port, jese fernandez, local10 news. >> janine: jury selection begins today in the case against tan officer seen on video slapping a homeless man. officer victor ramir facing two charges of battery and one charge of falsifying records. a bystander caught the slap on cell phone video in february of 2015.
4:31 pm
for alleged will you reutering near proro boulevard and andrews avenue in fort lauderdale before clappingngeclair in the face. leclair was arrested fortress passing while ramirez was suspended with pay. >> victor: let's get bacacto our primary election cover. candidates are have been campaigning hard to try and win our state today. >> janine: we have team coverage of the on candidates right h he in our area right now. andrew sprees inest pablo where hillary clinton is expected to a here, carlos suarez in pablo waiting to they'r the results and glenna milberg live for the results for senator mooc. droughn was let's start with you. >> andrew: hillary clinton has had a very busy day. she is out push for those last-minute votes. she and sanders have been hitting the state pretty hard knowing 31st lot on the line here. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton hit the ground running in north carolina, making a last-minute campaign stop as voters there head to the polls. >> everybody should come out.
4:32 pm
election, and i hope everybody in north carolina votes before the polls close. >> andrew: five states go to the llot box and the sunshine state is hugging a lot of the spotlight,t, state she has hit hard the last few days. >> there's a phone call you canan make, if there's a door you can knock on, if there's a person you can convince, please do everything you can. >> andrew: clinton will end her day here in west palm beach where she will await election returns. st major polls showing clinton leading bernie sanders especially in florida. they are expected to go to the former secretary of ste, the others are hit and miss but after sanders' surpri be victory in michigan last week closing a decebt gap in polls, the nation is waiting and watching to see how this all plays out. sanders has been a very busy guy as well. he's going to be in phoenix, arizona tonight. the we know that clinton, she is expected to speak here at 9:00.
4:33 pm
we're live in west palm beach. >> janine: as we mentioned republican frontrunner donald trump is here in south florida. local10 news reporter carlos suarez continues our election day coverage in pablo. >> carlos: we're just across the water waugh from the famed mar lago estate where donald trump is keeping a low profile he had tonight. he didn't have a single campaign veteran of spending monday. nonof these polls hold true showing trump with a big lead in florida, donald trump is going to be celebrate can big and with anven bigger group of supporters. trump spent primary eve in tampa where he held a town hall. the campaign will have a good sense of h tonight will be if trump does well in suburbs across the state, including tampa. the trump folks are keeping an eye on florida and how well ted cruz performance there. the more votes that cruz splits with marco rubio, the bigger the win trump is poised to have. now, the backdrop for tonight's' expected win is newer to make
4:34 pm
trump is celebrating with a larger crowd of supporters in the master ballroom here in mar lago. the ornate room is far bigger than the ballroom we were in on tuesdada if that assembles the east room, this o looks like the palais versailles. the secrete source of has been over mar lago, currently doing a security sweep and that forces all of the media, including international correspondents, to do their live shots off the propty. trump is expected to meet with supporters and have a news conference at 9:00, and the campaign again is confident that they built a large enough lead with early votes that the candidates simply didn't have to look back. we're live in afternoon in pablo, i'm carlos suarez, local10 news. >> victor: and we're not done yet. >> janine: no, we're not. let's go to southwest miami-dade. >> victor: that's where we find local10 news reporter glenna milberg for the marco rubio campaign. >> glenna: we'e' at the fiu arena, actually in the lobby and all the media is here setting up for tonight and we have a little
4:35 pm
that is where a lot of people expect marco rubio to deliver a concession speech, but if you have listened to the candidate over the past couple of days, he says no way, no matter what happens tonight. he was laying low today, some media rounds, local media rounds thisimorning. last night was really his first last official campaign rally, and he did it in his own neighborhood. it was more like a block party. we were there. he got eye bullhorn because the speakers didn't work, and he was facing all of his neighbors who love him and support him, and do not believe, as marco rubio does not, the polls that show he is about to lose florida by double digit numbers to donald trump. if that does occur, marco rubio will be the first candidate for president to ever lose his home stste. his campaign says that that is not going to happen. he has been buoyant and confident until the end in public, although in private he has expressed some reservations.
4:36 pm
here about 9:00. he may be late, as he has been depending on what the polls show. so we will bring you what he has to say. until then, we don't expect to hear from marco rubio at all. i'm glenna milberg at fiu in southwest miami-dade today, local10 news. >> victor: thank you so much. we want to remind you you have ss than three hours until the polls close here in florida. we hope you have had a chance to get out and vote today but there's our countdown clock. just two hours and 22 minutes before the polls close. you can found coun on local10 for complete coverage this primary election day. our senior political reporter mimiael putney and glenna milberg will be bringing up updates through the t t night and you can also find the latest updates on be sure to goade download the 3wplg app to get the results sent to your phone. >> janine: mine miami beach pris are planning to heighten security over spring break after this last weekend's chaotic weekend.
4:37 pm
to deal with spring break crowds. two issues involve restrict can cars from ocean drive when cars swell to high numbers and police checkpoints. police are also trying to control the trash being left on the beach over the spring break weekends. >> it's sort of a multi-departmental approach to recognized can spring break has become high impact particularly for about three weekend thate need to not treat like we used to treat in the past. >> janine: this new plan comes after policeesponded to shootings that left one 20-year-old dead. right now police are searching for a gunman who robbed a killed a man walking to work in miami gardens near northwest 17th avenue and 173rd street. police s milton morrison was heading to a bus stop early sunday morning when he what is gunned down for his wallet. after being shot, the 42-year-old managed to run back home before he died. if you have any information about the crime or the people responsible, call miami gardens
4:38 pm
that number is ourur why screen, 305-471-tips. >> victor: a gunman is dead and three chicago police officers are being treated after being shot during a narcotics investing. police say the suspect ran from the officers when they approached him last night. then he pulled out a gun and started firing. at least one ofhose officers fired back, killing him. the officer suffered non-life-threatening injuries, and a woman with that suspect now being questioned. also threers brother now in custody in connection with the shooting death of a maryland's police officer. prince george's county p pice officer jacai col zopf was killed at a shot shootout in a police station. the manpened fire on the summation when i will his brothers recorded ital on their cell phones. they're calling what happened an unprovoked attack. right now it's almost 4:40. ruru hour is getting underway. >> janine: you know what time it is. we have too get on a checkith jenise fernandez. >> jenise: for those of you trying mike huckabee to th polls before they close we have to accidents.
4:39 pm
you can see that accident is off to the shoulder but we are still seeing those delays as a result. again, this is on i-95 as you're heading south approaching sunrise boulevard. that's where that crash is with speeds at 30 miles per hour. and we've also got an accident on i-95 northbound at sunrise boulevard. that accident blocking a very lane with speeds there clocking in at 26 miles per hour. and for those of you trying to ave miami beach on the macarthur causeway right around biscayne boulevard there is crash there as well, seeing some pretty heavy delays asas result with speeds at 11 miles per hour. victor. >> victor: thank you. now to an update on the zika fears. there are two new cases of the virus in miami-dade county. this is now bringing a total of 62 cases in thetate. miami-dade has a total of 30 cases. broward has eight. four of the cases involve pregnant women right here in florida, and the mosquito-borne virus is known to have a connection with microcephal necessity newborns. the florida department of health
4:40 pm
all your questions and concerns but sophic zika virus. the number is on your screen (855)622-6735. >> janine: shows involved in the ter crisis in flint, michigan went before congress today. the house committee on oversight d government reform held a hearing on the disaster. four f@rmer minute officials testified during, including an fofmer ep a regional administrator susans hedem. she got emotional when she was talking about why she resigned over the csis. >> the bad news is that this problem should never have happened in the first place. and i need to remind you epa had nothing to do with that. >> janine: hedeman says the agency did what it could within the frame work of safe drink water act. she says epay's enforcement options under the law are more constrained than in other federal environmental statutes. and the obama administration is changing its plan, and it's now moving to block oil drilling
4:41 pm
the reversal comes after a plan was floated last year to allow drilling off virginia, georgia and the carolinas. that proposal was supported by many government officials from those states, but several groups from coastal cities affected by the proposed drilling spoke out against the plan. now the interiorr secretary says the administration will block any touch suchh drilling. new developments after residents complained to us about a north miami dry cleaner. the decision from the city after residents said they were fed up with fumes. that's into thenisty edition of "call christina." ` >> kristi: coming up in my health cast a brand new tool that can really save lives. connell cancer completely presentliable, and now xhis new device will help doctor find proceeds earlier than ever. >> victor: ahead hat 5:00 your complete election day confirming as voters head to the polls in our state. vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes
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>> victor: new information on a "call christina" investigation. it's a complaints by residents living noora north miami dry cleaner said they were fed up with the fumes and noise. in court filings the city said the company is operating outside the zoning code parameters. >> christina: it was a quick cheney hearing but it gave us our first opportunity to speak with the attorney representing the dry caner who has never responded to our past requests for comment, andhe didn't have much to say. >> i'm not commenting at all on the allegation. >> christina: if you recall neither about gen mechler. the woman state records show owns north miami clearance operating as spot masters. this is not the type of dry cleaner where you take your slacks in nor a cleaning. it is has been operating without authorization on an industrial scale for off-site commercial clients.
4:46 pm
as a few nuisance, the city said the operating has a detrimental effect on the health, safety and well nair fare of city residents.our search revealed as far back ab 2010 the at the issued them a zone prohibited use saying they immediately needed to stop operation. the neighbors tell us from thelooks of it, the company didn't take no for antanas. the company has been lookiki to dismiss the city's amended complaint t ey claim the city has failed to exhaust an administrative process. until all of this plays itself out in court, all are still livinghere. >> that's right. we still living there, we still exposed to the fumes from that illegal operation. it worse me, you know, but we will win because we're this the righ and they're in the wrong. >> christina: "call christina" will stay on this story. in the newsroom 1 christina vazquez. >> janine:e:iami police recruits went to overtown to work eye beautification project.. those recruits planted trees and
4:47 pm
northwest 3rd street and eighth street.the project is important to build bonds between officers and the communities they serve. >> we notice as a whole that this area needed some beautification so people barkedon a volunteer project with the police recruits to bring them out he, clean it up, landscape it, and make it beautiful again. and we felt that it was a good project to introduce the recruits to community policing. >> janine: in total, 26 recruits project. right now let's take a live look outside from our hollywood beach cam. nice beach day. good day to go to the beach. good day to go to they polls, i think. >> victor: sights so hot outside. of course the beach is going to be packed. >> janine: is and the precincts are air conditioned. >> trent: our nonoal this time of year should be at 80 so we're well above that and t tt makes the beach pay popular place today.
4:48 pm
the hollywood beach cam, people up and down the coastline, a lotot of you in town for spring break and weave got a even better vw in key west. in the mallory square a couple of clouds pass sunset ski and it scee. rit up they're one of the cooler spots at 80. winds out of south another 7 miles per hour, and on the radar we are tracking a few showers that have developed in the southern parts of dade county over the past three hours. they are saying south of homestead fla stoffer the 18 mile stretch. broward county is dry for now but can see these east and west of the overseas highway and they'll continue to d out near the power plant and the southern parts of dated in the next couple of hours. this is the story today. 88 right now, again hialeah week pembroke pines, and pompano beach. a little cooler long the astline in fort lauderdale 85. the florida keys right around 80.. tonight once the sun sets we should wake up tomomrow morning right around 70, and the temperatures go right back up as the winds will mostly be out of
4:49 pm
we have a west win in fort lauderdale, a little more out of the south for marinates and key west.and what we're -- marathon and key west. what we're watching is an area of hidh pressure that will continue to pull off toward the east. it is pretty much overhead right now. and as it moves off toward the bahamas, winds go east and eventually out of south for tomorrow. that's what's going torive our temperatures back up into the mid-80s. so hot and dry. that's thement bo line as we go through friday, and then the rain chance is goinin to shoot up as we go through saturday and sunday as the next cold front gets closer to town and that will eventually cool us off to normal for the early parts of next week. in the meantime if you're heading to the beach to cool off surf 1 to two feet. water temperature 74. and then on the water northeast fife knots, bay water smooth, no problems not only for the dade and broward coastline but also down in the florida keys where bay water is smooth. here's the forecast for the next
4:50 pm
st3 patrick's day day 85 degrees. it's a big nukes week. ultra is starting sunday night there sunday -- saturday night through sunday. as we wrap up the music festival weave showers. >> janine: when it comes to diagnosing and treating colin cancer, colonoscopy is king and now, do have a new tool that greatly improves the ac regas of this procedure. medical specialist kristi krueger is in the newsroom with our health cast. >> kristi: colon cancer is unique because it's one of the connell cancers that can be protested. a colonoscopy can find and remove those polyps before they become cancerous. it's done under anesthesia. gastroenterologist is working with a brand new device called an endochoice that greatlyexpands his field of vision.
4:51 pm
we're utilizing we're we arable to visualize 330 degrees around. we not only of's front vision about the weave side vision that expands our field of diagnosis. >> kristi: the doctor says the endooice vision tool has detected 69% more precancerous polyps than that standard forward vwing tool. and for those diagnosed with colon cancer or a family history of this disease there's eye colon cancer registry helping patients get the proper care. >> we have a group of people that by our registered coordinator who make sure that they don't miss any of their screenings, any of the -- so they get a letter, they get a phone call. you need toet your colonoscopy done. an ultrasound. >> christina: it is run by the cleveland clique in florida. coming up for you at 5:00 what
4:52 pm
watery eyes, and it has nothing to do with allergies. victor. >> victor: looking forward to it p. we have more health news, just a little less scientififi a common act of from your childhood may actually help you relax. the adult coloring book trend is actually very popular now, and studies show they can really help you chill out. st don't grab your child's cholesterolling book. ones for adults of much smaller spaces and intricate details that requires more focus, concentration and dexteritiy alll to help you focus and relax. whatever works. new at fight of some south florida homeowners say that they are under attack by iguanas. how they claim that the lizard are hurting their property valu. >> janine: plus, the bash lohr makes his pick -- "the bachelor" makes his pick. we will hear about the finale that aired right here on local10. >> victor: and a new attraction
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant soun (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need morehan lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
4:56 pm
very much you'll soon be automobile to walk among the walking dead. there's a new attraction i wassed on the hit tv she will open this sumter universal studios hollywood. show has pane featured as a walk through maze at recently halloween horror night events but this new addition is being built as a year-round attractionfor that park. such aool show. ou now tow a much different kind of show. the bachelor has made his choice. >> janine: ben delivered the final rose and engagement ring the to lauren bush bushnell. the two appeared on morningy america to recall that magic moment. >> i think that day that he did get down on one knee and told me and was totally honest, from that day we made a cmitment to move forward. >> we've done this fairly odd the way it is. let's try to make things as normal as possible from here on out.
4:57 pm
plan to tie the knot. as for immediate plans ben said he hays special plan for lauren tonight to specialize finally being able to be public about ththr relations. for those of you who were fans of jojo don't worry, you'll be seeing her soon. the runner-up will be next season'sch ba lohret. she jo joe's searchh for love on season 2:00 batcheloret premiering may 23. >> that's not far away. >> janine: you neverner know where you're going to find love. we will see what happens. that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:30. >> victor: here are laurie and calvin back or localal news at at 5:00 c's voters are heading to the polls all introduce the state, one of fi fife states holding primaries. >> laurie: weave reporters stationed a every candidate's camp. >> calvin: more historic change on the president's trip to cuba. how the white house is making travel easier to and from the island. >> laurie: plus some homeowners say there's an iguana emergency
4:58 pm
why they si the pesky reptiles are ruining their lawns. >> calvin: the fight f florida got underway early this morning. voters in broward and miami-dade started going to the poll at 7:00 a.m. to cast their polls for their candidates. >> laurie: this latest poll shows it's not looking good for senator marco rubio in his home state. the quinnipiac university poll released pond, finds he is trailing trump by double digit. whoever does bin florida's gop primary gets all 99 of the state's delegates. and the countdown clock is ting on your window to vote. you have until 7:00 to cast your ballot. be sure to go to the precinct listed on youroter registration card. >> calvin: we have live team coverage forty voting precincts and with every candidate's camp. >> laurie: so far we haven't heard of major problems with the polls. let's to go drel drel live. >> terrell: smooth saing. that is how the broward county ever simplify elections
4:59 pm
577 voting precincts across the country, and while there have been no major incidents reported here, we do know of some small isolated problems that some people have been experiencing. thumbs-up from voters who were in and out of the voting booth within minutes. >> i feel good. i think we got a good chance to get something accomplished this year. >> terrell: but the presidential primary day in broward coty has hit a few enriches, a middle school in pompano beach had to be evacuated a bomb threat was phoned in. the facility is also a ek voting precinct. that threat turned out to be a hoax. >> we want to vote. >> terrell: in fort lauderdale this couple showed up towd george english park to volk but victoria, her information showed up a as a registered independent in the system surprising considering she's never made that designation so she left and contacted election headquarters. >> and he corrected the mistake
5:00 pm
back and vote. in the same place. >> so you have your fingerscrossed and you're going to try it again. >> yes. french and within the hour we got the forums-up from victoria puts who returned here to the george english center and park to cast her ballot, and that's wh she was able today successfully. we are monitoring the situation here in broward county, but again overall they say smooth sailing. we're live in fort lauderdale, i'm drel drel, local10 drel drel. >> laurie: let's head to doral now in miami-dade. >> calvin: we have air team coverage primary day here in florida. amy. >> amy: it has been a pretty easy process so far today for voters at the firefighters memorial building in doral, that is where we, and fighters tell me hates been a trickle all day,al by the a steady trickle. we got this information in just the last hour. you can see it has been pretty much one voter at a time since


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