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tv   Election Coverage  ABC  March 15, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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>> in southwest miami-dade, not far from liane morejon's home, a dejected candidate in a finished campaign. >> man: while it is not god's land that i beresident in 2016 or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is this ended, the fact that i have even come this far is evence of how special america truly is. >> anchor: my campaign is suspended. so here's a look at how decisively he won florida tonight. 28 percent to marco rubio's 27 percent. ted cruz came in third ple at 27 percent. >> and the second biggest winner take all price, the gop is ohio. of course, a huge win for john kasich in his home state, 43 percent over donald trump's 34 percent. >> now, here are my pictures from west palm beach at a rally for the democratic candidate, hillary clinton is taking the stage here. was listening to the roaring
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>> woman: tonight, it is clear than ever that this may be one of the most consequential campaigns of our lifetime the next president will walk into the oval office next january, sit down at that desk, and start making decisions that will affect the lives and the livelihoods of everyone in this country and indeed, everyone on this planet! [cheering] now, i know bi know thatasy decisions do not make it to the presidents desk, only the hardest choices. the thorniest problems. thought president obama wrestled with a decision to send navy seals after osama bin laden, the decision to rescue the auto industry, to fight for ththaffordable care act, and so
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[cheering] and so, our next president has to be ready y face three big test. first, can you make positive [cheering] >> second, can you keep us safe? third, can you bring r country together again? [cheering] >> anchor: hillary clinton says tonight that she is closer to winning the democratic nomination. she spking right now in west palm beach, the same place where donald trump is going to be speaking a little bit later on tonight. but here are the numbers were down tonight for hillary clinton. >> anchor: in florida, a decisive win, 65 percent over bernie sanders 's 24 percent. she let all through the night. >> and another progress hereto for democrats is ohio. hillary clinton declared the
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percent to bernie sanders'34 percent. over the senator from vermont. >> will have all the updates that, but we will focus on the sunshine state the most delegates, and for the republicans, a winner take all state. i now, they'r'rall find out at various camps. >> and michael putney will have expert analysis, and we will cover other races. >> and we will headdown to carlos at the donald trump rally. carlos? [indiscernable] >> man: how b of a when the candidate would have. the victory tonight marks the largest shares the delegates have that donald tmp is put on his way to the nomination fight, and he with the state of florida by a greater number the marco rubio and ted cruz got, both of them combined.
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large for donald trump is whether or not he is going to be able to cross the delegate threshold at this point for the convention. that is something that the cancer brought up in every single one of these rise. we're here two weeks ago on super tuesday, and he made reference to it. and then last week in jupiter. trump was her company once again brought up the idea that he does not want to head into the convention without crossing the delegate threshold. trump is in a better position because of his when in florida, he's received to do one of the votes of marco @ubio received. so he looks like he's in a better mission to avoid a brokered convention. trump himself spent the last few days in florida where he had this last rally in tampa yesterday where he held a town hall for reporters. that is the part of the story that is making the trump campaign hoping that he will
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expectations, it seems that he did really well, not only in the lower parts of the states, but also the summers. thatatis something that marco rubio's campaign has not been able to do. and lastly, [indiscernable] accocording to the numbers 50s over. donald trump is expected to take to the ballroom here. he is expected to have a news conference, and we are told you is going to answer some questions, but we are being told that a microphone is not being offered to report a sexy. of coue, the minute that this conference gets underway as well as his remarks, we will pass it on. it life&in palm beach, carlos. >> anchor: and from the biggest winn to the biggest disappointment. >> we are live at marco rubio's rally, south of the campus. a little quiet there, but? >> oh, it is quite now, and fairly emptin the lobby. was really a surprise to these people when they heard marco rubio saying i am suspending my
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up until really this afternoon, he said no matter what happens today, i will go on. he said he would be in utah tomorrow, and so we rerely came as a shock to hear those words. i want to show you some video, this room was just packed a little while ago. the race was actually called, as you know, about it: 03, right after the polls clcle to the panhandle. the western part close really early because donald trump is such a decisively, even though rubio was heart far ahead in the early voting, and the absenteeism's, that just cannot match whatrump got, 221. actually, reflecting the polls that we d seen, especially in the last bone pole, what happened is really reflected in that poll.- marco rubio who he did not have the math or the path. he suspended his campaign, he sounded reflective at first, and then more than anything, angry about the tone that the whole races takein the
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but in the country. >> man: and quite frankly, there are millions of people in this country who are tired of be looked down upon. tired of being told by the self-proclaimed elitist that they do not know what they're talking about and they need to, instead, listen to the so-called smart people. and i know all these issues firsthand. i have live paycheck to paycheckck >> reporter: you hear marco starting to talk about the same campaign theme, his humble background, and this is the kind of thing that really connected with the audience that was here. his base of voters who share not only his background, his language, those are the people who really connected with. you heard all of these people yelling at him, go to the convention! go to the convention! so, may i just say that a suspended campai and political talk is not in ended
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lookoklike it is over for now for marco rubio. i am in an fiu arena state, local 10 news. >> anchor: is one of e big headlines for tonight. thank you. >> let's take a look at how the republican results in numbers played out in florida. this is why marco rubio suspended his campaign, coming up with just 27 percent to dodold trump's 36 percent. takes this race. ted cruz came in third with 17 percent. >> and you see rubio a cruise together, donald trump got there. hillary clinton almost doubling what trump got tonight, 63 to 36 percent. >> and we want to join our own andrew perez is that there the hillarclinton rally. if we can hear them out there. >> woman: resents face all these challenges! >> reporter: this ime has been waiting for hillary clinton, and he or she is, she is addressing b [indiscernable] >> packing the convention center, right away, right after the ball close.
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election has turned. she already had a. [indiscernable] going into all the campaigns, take a listen to what she is saying. >> woman: treat with respect. inead of bluster and bigotry. [cheering] >> woman: if we lift each other up, instead of tearing each othererdown, there's nothing we cannot accomplish together. so please, join me in this campaign. every vote counts. every volunteer our accounts. every contribution counts. eight years ago, eight years ago on the ght of the ohio primary, i i was rurunning for everyone who's ever been counted out but refused to b b knocked ouout, for everyone who is stumbled but stood right back up. for everyone who works hard and never gives up. well, that is still true. our campaign is for the
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sunday night, who was laid off but hoping to get back to work. it is for the mother i met in miami whose five children have not seen her father since he was deported. she dreams of a day when deportations and and families are reunited in america. [cheering] >> and, i it is for the mothers tested within chicago yesterday who have lost children to gun violence. they are turning their sorrow into a strategy, and their morning into a movement. let's stand with people who have c crage, who have resilience, let's stand with everyone who believes america's best days are ahead of us. for l of our challenges, i never had more faith in our
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together, if we go forward in this campaign, if we win in november, i know our future will be brighter tomorrow than yesterday! heering] >> woman: thank you all so very much! [cheering] .. >> reporter: this is just getting started, talking about how she wants to break down barriers for families, and a lot more coming up b [indiscernable] >> anchor: ra, thank you very much for that. a rowdy crowd right behind hillary clinton there in west palm beach. they like to talk about. >> and mimiael putney is he right here. give us your perspective of a wild night. >> reporter: first, about what we just heard from hillary clinton, this is a preview
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[laughter] >> what will happen between now and november, larry clinton send men to fight to bluster and bigotry, who do you think she was all abou yes, of course she is talking about donald trump. she said we have to start tearing each other down. well, they will taar each other down. let's talk a little bit about marco rubio, t concession speech the marco rubio gate just a few minutes ago. i thought it was his usual eloquent moving bhe mentioned his parents which is always enough to bring a tear to your eyes. he is a son of a bartender inmate who chose to run for president. good for him's he congratulated donald trump, and urge voters not to give in to what he called the politics of present we gogo a clear reference to trump, and he blasted thehe republican establishment, saying it needs to be totally performed. the speech did have a residence, and he proved what a
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but rubio tried to be too many things to to me people, and he never carried out bhe never carved out a niche in this campaign, he never said here is what i'm running on. his campgn never really caught fire. the candidate for the new american century, but what does that mean? it did not meet enough. >> all right, michael, we have a lot of seems to get to tonight. as you know, there are five primaries happened at least in five states. >> yes. >> so, let's take a look at some of the numbers here. florida, with skin, donald trump with 41 percent, ted cruz with 17 percent, you have those numbers. seven and 70, they do n n match with donald trump did tonight. his victory. >> yes. and here are the results for the democratic party here in florida, hillary clinton with a resounding win, 64 percent of her bernie sanders, 33 percent b not heard from sanders it. as soon as we do, we will bring either.
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tonight, the buckeye ste of ohio. we know that hillary clinton and john kasich were the big victors there. >> a decisive victory, and was about donald trump, 43 percent for trump, 43. case istays in this now from us to come, until the convention. >> and that when could lead us to a contested convenon. >> it could. kasich does not have enough delegates, and he @never will, but he and crews can prevent trump from becoming the nominee now. >> it also, in the midwest, still to go, illinois had primaries tonight illinois was a tough round for larry clinton and bernie sanders. it was a real battleground over the lincoln state. >> it was in the. i took some notes a minute ago on illinois, and there it was trump 44 percent. first, cruz had some thought would win illinois, or come very close. but, he did d nonot. he o oy had 24 percent, trump with 41. trump is to showing i think, across the board kind of a power as a candidate here.
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up spspeed. he will be hard to stop. >> let's take look at missouri now this out to be the best hope for takers. let's take a look at the numbers pretty came @n at seven percent, just shy of donald trump? >> #ell. >> donald trump again. not been called of this race, it is a strong showing so far missouri with 34 percent over takers's 24 percent. >> two big winners today are really donald trump and hillary clinton. but, on the other hand, we need to repeat once again that if donald trump had one florida and ohio, it would essentially be over. it is really not quite. >> no, hillary clinton was interviewed today on world estate pritchett asked about trump, taking on someone with his style, which have come he pretty much does whatever he wants. and he is able to get away with it. that is a really, really tough candidate to face when you're a politician like hillary clinton, who is used to dealing
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always say what theyeyant to say. >> well, hillary clinton is as tough as they come. d she is ready for brick paths from donald trump. as she said on world news tonight, drink it on. i am ready, and trumis already giving his indication in the comments he has made. maybe we will hear from them again tonight, that i have plenty of things to say about hillary rodham clinton, including that she is an enabler of her husband's adultery. escapades. >>. [indiscernable] >> and how much so much of that we could all lift through monica lewinsky, but no. it will come back we start. they have a history, trump and hillary, the, quite a ways. >> she was at his latest wedding. so you know b >> and have a relationship, but not much of one anymore. >> the big brassiere, no telling tonight. we do not talk much about that because some of the delegates up lives in florida and ohio, but you can see that they are
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it looks like he will be able to cruise to a victory over ted cruz. >> illustrate the democratic side. shyann humans north carolina, 56 percent of her bernie sanders 44 percent. it is showing there, other than in ohio, but certainly not enough. >> art. it looks like john kasich#is about to speak. he is pretty happy in the buckeye state that he was able to carry the state where he is governor. they are cheering him on, as families to. the us and him. [cheering] >> man: hey! listen, listen everybody! hey! [cheering] >> can i say, what we are seeing from john kasich is what people have not told me and everyone else, especially that. if he does not like some the, he says it right your face, and he can be a little bristly.
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something that he sees it at the evidence, that is why steps i. >> is often referred to himself as the prince of warmth and kindness [laughter] >> that is help them in this race so far. let us listen in. [cheering] >> first of all, you'll knknow, you're in the arena and you're struggling to leave your family and go out on the campaign trail and deliver a message to america because you believe that you byou believe you are the best qualified person to be president of the united states, and you put it all on the line. in your family puts it all on the line. and, i want described here tonight to give a great ba great response to a very, very, great talented and find united states young senator, marco
9:19 pm
put forth. [cheering] >> man: tonight, tonight we arrived in cleveland, and we went to a restaurant. we thought we could kind of sneak in and grab a quick meal. and when we walked through the restaurant, people started to cheer. my reaction was police don't do that it is you are going to make me cry. but, to half bto have people believe in you, and to believe that you can bring people together and stngthen our
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people of the great state of ohio. i love you, that is all i can say. [cheering] >> anchor: so proud of his home state, almost in tears again as he comes to this moment when everyone is cheering for him in a restaurant. >> yes. >> a big, big win, and an emotional went for him and his homestead of. >> he needed it, and he got it tonight which means he lives to fight another day. so there is another look at the trump camp at the rally that is when to be taking plala very shortly. we thought donald trump would be speaking at about 9:00, but he is so far 21 minutes of schedule, but he is the donald. when he is rages be, we will go - to life. >> and we are ready to hear from bernie sanders and his camp. the candidate is live right there, and he is speaking right now, refusing to give up. a special primary night
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was listening live to bernie sanders. he has not won any of the state, but it will get delegates. corrupt campaign finance system. [cheering] >> man: with wall street and billionaires spending unlimited sums of money, which is undermining american democracy. [jeering] >> to my mind, democracy is not complicated. it is one person, one vote. [cheering] >> man: if you want a vote for
9:24 pm
you don't, that is okay. but what i did not want to see our billionaires's pending unlimited sums of money, buying elections and undermining the democracy, which has mama our country so very great. .. >> man: and that is why together, we are going to overturn this disastrous citizens united supreme court's decision. [cheering] and that is whwhy we are going to move to public funding of elections. [cheering]
9:25 pm
going to take: vivigorously those cowardly republican governors who are trying to suppppss the vote. [cheering] >> anchor: b bernie sanders is speaking, not have a very good night, losing battle e florida. but that speech right there, is given it all around the country and it's rlly propelled him as a very tough contender against hillary clinton for the democratic domination. >> man: indeed, he has done it. this is the standard stumps to her he wrwres wall street driving and malevolent influence e on democracy and eric public. interestingly though, he simply said i'm going to get rid of citizens united. well, it takes more than a president bi mean, you cannot issue an executive order, and he certainly would, if he was elected, he could not do that. and then he said, we will go back to public funding or we willlhave public funding of elections.
9:26 pm
public funding of elections, and it did notlseem to work very well. because people among them, barack obama, said i will not take the public funding because it has a limit on how much i can spend. so, publix funding is an idea whose time has come and gone. >> and bernie sanders, a call the other candidates has to get his digs on on n uck. >> well, they really dislike each other. recently that the disruptors, the protesters at his rallies, or sent by the sanders' campaign, and it is true that many of those people say yes, i am a sanders supporter, but i was not center for anybody. conspiracy. >> i heard sanders' wife said today that he is heading to the very end of the convention. you think that is likely? >> i think it is. he has the money, and he wants to be a voice in the presidency. i think even though hillary clinton much wrapppp of the
9:27 pm
sanders' will be in it until the philadelphia convention. >> all right. and we will hear more from him in a bit. meanwhile b >> there are some other local races on the bow tod. >> that's what you wanted on today, so let's get to those results with jenny. reporter: let's start a miami beach where they decide if voters should lease property adjacent to the hotel of the convention center for this is a hot button issue. opponents say the hotel is necessary and will not use taxpayer dollars, but other states so otherwise with traffic being worse. it needs 66 percent to pass, d it did not. with almost all of the votes in, and only got 54 percent, so a majority, but not the future. and let's go to miami. they want to lease a parcel of land for development in the continuation of the miami jriver walk. developers see this as an entertainment and culinary expedition, but voters do. it passed with 72 percent.
9:28 pm
voters voting for a mayor. darrell deitch is up for reelection. in that you can see, with 100 percent of the votes,s,e wins. lauderdale by the sea, an enclave north of ft. lauderdale, is also electing a mayor. james kenney is looking for a new mayor job. sasser went david's site. there are two commission races a provides the district too. commissioner james schwartz is seeking reelection and is being challenged by former commissioner jack mccluskey. arco locklin is also the case, but only half of the precincts are reporting. we will let you know when all of the votes are in. in district 3, ryan sample is seeking reelection against ryan greenberg. and i'll say he will have 55 percent of the votes. >> go to the keys now in monroe county.
9:29 pm
disallow flexible's funding for schools. voters have renewed this in the past come twice in fact, and they did it in this election, too. 72 percent. for a number you can get sults to for all of the races that matter to you, not only right here on local10, but also was a, you. >> that we are still waiting to hear from the gop big winner
9:30 pm
9:31 pm
he is a live look at the >> and what a big night for donald trump across the country. in his supporters, boy do they know. they're waiting for his news conference, as we are. as soon as he is live at the podiumumof course, we will listening. >> michael, his photos reflectetethe holes almost to a tee.
9:32 pm
>> i think it's these two that he is resonated and touching never the american electorate, and in florida with people who collective. they el that the politicians of both parties have neglected them. they have lost their jobs, their pay is low, and somehow, the answer is donald trump. >> and i think probably like the rest of the country, we saw how the gop establishment port tens of millions of dollars in for commercials, women using words that even for the entire commercialalthey had to believe that the words that b >> he can be blunt and coursese and vulgar, but not of it has worked so far. >> that's right. >> and no one seems to care very much. he has used language that if any other politician had used it, they would be simply out of politics. but, we have some numbers here from miami-dade and broward county. believe, they show you how they voted, people voted here. and here is the miami-dade county results.
9:33 pm
anywhere, he had to do well in miami-dade, and he did. marco rubio did pretty well, 63 percent,o donald trump 's 22 percent. in effect, rubio was hoping to get my 75 percent of the votes, but this is still a respectable number for rubio 's some county, the most he will get in florora. county. we have those numbers, too.o. these are the democrats in miami-dade, and this is not ally a surprise. three out of four voters voted for clinton, and she is a known brand, and no commodity. she is well respected, nono particularly well-liked, but well respected. so she is very popular here. in bernie sanders is moderately popular. the most democratic county in the state of florida, on the
9:34 pm
something like 350,000 registered republicans in broward, and donald trump got 49 percent of the vote. >> wow! next and that is just a study number. and marco rubio from neighboring miami-dade gets 29 percent. ted cruz is not doing very well there, 13 percent. but, what a margin of victory for donald trump in broward county. >> a and here are the democrats right here, hillary clinton once again as you talk about oward county being the most democratic counties of all of the counties, clinton with 73 percent, bernie sanders 26 percent. >> we don't have these figures appear, but i know in miami-dade county bi believe the turnout today was something like 28 percent in miami-dade. i'll bet it i isomething like that in broward, and all things considerededthat is an impressive turnout in a presidential primary election.
9:35 pm
>> yes. >> we do have a just and to check in on the palm beach numbers, leslie for the are pope the numbers, nald trump with 52 percent in palm beach county, and not a surprise. that is his own turf x he is, where he lives in the city of palm beach is his home territory when he's in the state of florida, and he just told that she just did extremely well. >> absolutely. and no commodity here in the state of florida, and also speaking of that, hillary clinton with 72 percent, bernie sanders not even close, 37 percent. >> we should say that we are waiting for donald trump to come out at momorrow lago.we do have a reporter there. i don't know if you'll get a chance to ask a question, but donald trump will come out. >> manual, arco rubio is
9:36 pm
home state. >> but trump's when means that his campaign will be over, or suspended right now. let's go back to southwest miami-dade on the campus of fiu. >> man: that is exactly the question i would've loved to ask marco rubio if he and i got rid out the door right out the car to go. what does suspended being? it seems like it is over, and certainly thcrowd, the crowd here at the arena, they felt that too. calls, please, let's go to the convention, but suspended sometimes can mean just for th moment. i do not think it rolls out that we may seem at the convention in some form or fashion, but at this point, he has no math and he has no path to get the nomination was ever. so, he stood up at this point in just a little while ago, what sounded like a concession speech and part campaign speech, because what he did was
9:37 pm
cannot afford haharder. we faced a significant way. so, he reassured the crowd of supporters, and then he got a little angry.. he said, what is the blame is the political establishment that has been looking down their noses as he said, at the conseruatives. in the, he broke into the sworn rhetoric that we know so well, that is riveted attention on him as a candidate since he had appeared. >> man: i ask of the american people tonight given to the fear. not given to the frustration. we can disagree about public policy, we can disagree about a vibrantly and passionately. but,t,e are a hopeful people and have every right to be helpful. because we in this nation are the descendents of -getters. in our veins runs the blood of people who gave it all up s/#we could have the chances they never did. we are all the descendents of someone who made our future the rpose of their lives.
9:38 pm
pilgrims and settlers, we are the descendents of men and women n o headed westward to the great plains, not knowing what awaited them. where the descendents of slaves who overcame the horrible institution to stake their claim)in the american dream. we are the descendents of immigrants and exiles, you knew and believed they were destined for more. and, that there is only one place on earth where that was possible. this is who we are, and let fight to ensure this is who we remain. for, if we lose that about our country, will still be rich, and we will still be powerful, only will no longer be special. >> and so, you ar very similar things that we for throughout this campaign. here is where we all come from. here is where we should be going. and he struck a very stern time by saying, somewhat of a warning going forward about the divisiononn this country y d the direction and he told the knowledge the campaign is taking, but where the country
9:39 pm
the candjdates hold. very interesting for marco rubio, we will see if we hear from him again before tonight. marco rubio is no longer a candidate for esident. i am glenna milberg, life it fiu arena tonight, local10. >> anchor: glenna milberg g the suspicion of the campaign of marco rubio. >> and there you look life and donald trump's podium awaiting the g winner of the night and the gop side. we are expecting to hear from
9:40 pm
minutes, and i think he w look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
9:41 pm
and welcome back. we want to head down to the trump campaign. we are live here in key largo, and they are expected to speak soon. carlos? >> reporter: .trump is said to take the stage behind me in about 10 minutes for the
9:42 pm
to get some last-minute guest into the ballroom here, and trump has plenty of reason to celebrate tonight. his win in florida gives him a 99 delegates, his largest share of delegates in the domination. trump campaiai has been looking for do this for several weeks. he held his campaign victor valley's here on super tuesday, and is at the trump national resort in jupiter. in every single one of those locations, trump millie rate a point of talking about how expected you extremely well in florida. it seems like the campaign was really setting their sights in ohio, and most polls here show him with a double-digit lead. as you guys are about earlier tonight, a lot of those holes held firm. one other interesting note i heard you guys talking about in regards to the clinton is it just as you pointed out, this ballroom here is quite bthe clintons know it a bit well, and that is because in 2005, hillary clinton and former
9:43 pm
attendance here when donald trump married to milani. in fact, this ballroom we are at really assembles the palace the 25,000 square foot baballroom here at mar-a-lago, and it was built specifically for milani and trump's wedding. i would say there would be about maybe hundred and 50 flight and guest. a lot of these people are club members, these are faces you will see at other rallies, back on super tuesday, there's another om across the hall, and those e were trump, as well as much of his campaign has gathered for the evening. but again, plenty of things to celebrate if you are a donald trump supporter tonight. and a nine delegates hopes to avoid. that is probably sothing that was touch on it every single one of the speeches. he would like to avoid that kind of a convention, because there are plenty of unknowns. for the campaign is whether or
9:44 pm
to win such a amazing amount of delegates that is able to cross the threshold and secu the nomination. as soon as he is underway, we will pass along to you guys. for now, live in palm beach, carlos suarez. >> thank you.. >> and at this late hour, you can add another win to the truck toy. it is official for illinois to go to trump today. percent to take response make 46 percent. john kasich even meeting up on rubio, >> anchor: this is a state where delegates are awarded proportionately, is@not winner take all. so, everybody but marco rubio, he failed to meet the threshold, i think. all get delegates out there. but don't have gets a majority. >> we will wait to hear from him any moment now. will take a quick break, and rejoin in ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will. i deserve this. i'm a bogo findin',
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and welcome back, everyone. it numbers matter in this race. it donald trump with a sizable lead a 568. 24 states tonight, it appears to be four out of five states, ted cruz his 370, marco rubio isisuspending his career tonight, 163. john kasich really with no path to actually win the race, but still in the race ter winning the how tonight. 63 delegates of our. >> and we will have to check the delegate count of the democratic side, the clinton with 1001 delegates, the clinton with 1001 delegates, 2382 need to win. bernie sanders with six, six, six, county magic number say. he did not take any state but will get plenty of delegates from tonight. heid not actually win any particular state. >> is a little too complex to get into, but on the democratic
9:48 pm
at least a third of the delegates at the convention are local and state democratic officials, elected leaders, and they're all voting for casey? it is important to note that by bcase it could be of x factor in either donald trump getting the nomination, or possibly not getting it in it being contested. >> well, c casey, i think, simply gets a lot of leverage. and, the ability to go forward. he h h not won one primary or caucus until today. but, ohio is big. ohio is a key state, one of the united states where tht experts say you cannot be elected president unless you win one of the nine. florida is one, and ohio is another. but, he won his state and one it handily been in place. i mean, a big one. trump, of course, one florida, north carolina, missouri, and illinois. and you know, for him, a tremendous night. but, not quite enough to put away.
9:49 pm
race tonight for the gop. >> it do look that way, and it not to be too precious about it, but i uld want to say that we heard our friend code carlos said that he is at my local. i've never been there, but it is a very grand place up there. the marjorie meriwether post home for many years in palm beach, and it donald trump boughthtit and converted it into a club. apparently, is very fancy-schmancy. our friend carlos said it was kind of like a palace e france, but does that make him like louis xiv? who ended his days at bursae? i don't ththink they had a lot in common, is that maybe decor. >> but, trump will have a plan in mind after winning from paul ryan, the speaker of the house. to it down just a bit mister sure. >> and that is really important, calvin and laura. when the house speaker who really is in a sentiment figure
9:50 pm
leading republican candidate aside and says, you have to be more presidential, you have to tone it down, you just cannot sound often say what is there is on your mind without a filter, i think donald trump is going to listen. will see and hear from trumpet just a minute or two. >> hopefully, he will not call for anyone to hit anyone else or knock anyone else or a. >> no he will not have steaks on display for trumpet vodka or many of the other things he had at mar-a-lago a week or so ago. >> we cannot forget about democrats. a big night for hillary rodham clinton. >> andrew perez is right there life with a raucous crowd. it? >> reporter: well, this has been a crazy night so far. crowd has certainly been volunteers. they got to limit first and hear from's hillary clinton rit on time at 9:00. take a listen that what she had to say. >> woman: thank you florida!
9:51 pm
thank you, ohio! [cheering] >> woman: you know, although we are waiting for final results in illinois and missouri, we know bwe know we will add to aidelegate lead to roughly 300 with over 2 million more votes nationwide. [cheering] we are moving closer to securing a democratic party nomination and winning this election in november! [cheering] twice and now, at the palm beach county convention center, you are looking at the calm after the storm right now. crews bresking down, clinton already remember had a sizable lead going into this, especially in florida. a crucial state to capture, which she did along with many others. a lot more to come from west palm beach,h,nd for now, am andrew perez, becky. >> enter, becky.
9:52 pm
that is also a big delegate say? >> it is. before we leave the hillary clinton event, i just want to say it the debate last week here at miami dade college, he said i'm not a natural politician like bill clinton or barack obama, but to hear the speech tonight, have to say, she was good. and when she gets rolling, she knows what she is doing. and she is a good politician. anan i think this will not the direct. >> y yes absolutely. and i want to say we are watching to see what will happen with donald trump, who was the last person it appears to be speaking tonight. he was supposed to speak at about 9:00, but as soon as he starts talking, we will tune in to see what he has to say. >> and weave not heard from ted cruz. >> yes. >> very strange and not heard from him tonight. >> yes, i would've thought so. i think they are doing a little mono on mono thing. and donald trump, to see who
9:53 pm
this is a gentleman at the podium, but we do not know what he is doing. that clearly is not donald trump. we do expect donald trump to appear momentarily. i guess mister trump bwell, my guess is that at some point, he will speak whateverere wants to speak. >> absolutete. often times, they just have people, to tune the crowd up and get them ready for donald trump, and that is clearly the case or not. so, ap soon as he steps to the podium, course we will tune into what happens with donald trump in terms of what he has to say. looming questions i have is about former governor jeb bush, and i nationally he did not do quite well and resonate with a lot of voters out there, but here in florida, he is legendary, especially in tallahassee and this party. with his endorsement have made a difference at all? >> i think soon after he left the race, bjeb bush said i will go ahead and support my former protc i think i would've made a difference, but i think he was
9:54 pm
was utter and complete, devastating, and he was deeply disappointed, that he did not he did not endorse anybody. >> right. >> so if you days sfter he got out of the race, w what he would've said would not have made a difference. >> we do have breaking news. it donald trump taking north carolina. that is decisive now, so he took four of the five states, a hugein for donald trump. and that is what he was waiting to hear before he decides to speak? we will get to him any moment now when he takes the stage. >> man: and these are the states that the candidates have one tonight. hillary clinton, sweeping florida, ohio, north carolina, big prizes for delegate rich states tonight. and trump one florida, illinois, and case it of course we need a big state of ohio,
9:55 pm
served as governor. michael, b >> f i could. >> sure. >> trump, it also appears, is going to in missouri. i know that because you are part of the country, and i was too. >> shelby state. >> the shelby state, exactly. it appears he will win for states. >> and i want to ask about marco rubio. possible vice presidentialal candidate now. >> no. >> or just to wounded after having lost florida to trump so badly, by more than 20 points? weeks and beside that, b >> and here we are back in mar-a-lago. >> it looks like he is entering right here. >> yes, trump is coming in the room. and donaldrump, his reference over the last couple of weeks was too little marco. he called them corrupt. there is nono way that donald trump, if he is the nominee, is ever going to invite marco rubio to be his running mate, and in no way, i think, that marco rubio would ever b@ his running mate. >> well, here is donald trump
9:56 pm
we have been waiting about an hour to hear from him, and here he is now. [cheering] >> man: thank you. thank you very much, everybody.y. this is an amazing evening, a great evening. they just annonounced north carolina. [cheering] >> man: i don't know if they have announced illinois yet, but we are leading by a lot. i think they wilannounce it. florida was so amazing, and i want to thank our friends, northern marianna silence, they have been so incredible. we picked up nine delegates this morning. i heard a very early in the morning, nindelegates. that is a lot. and i just wanted to thank the governor, ralph torres, a great guy, chairman attic, who is a fantastic man, and that was a very nice start to the day. that i can tell you. many things have been happening over the last a short period of time. cnn was very nice, they came up
9:57 pm
to 14 and 15. we just had one from the econonist who just came out, 53 percent, and it is interesting because i was watching the news a little while ago. one of the commentators, who are not particularly fond of, but these are minor details. said, but donald trump does not get over 50 percent. because i'm 43, 45, actually now according to the economist i am 53. but i had to explain to these people who do not understand the basic c ysics, basic mathematics, is it whatever you want to call it. i don't get over 50 bwe have four people, right? four people, do you understand that? so when i get 53 in this one, as an example, i had 53, and that is with four people. that is an amazing achievement juststathematically when you can get over 50 percent. so b [cheering]g] >> someday they will understand. someday wh we take it all,
9:58 pm
and it is really ridiculous. i want to thank my family, my boy eric and don, they have been working so hard. [cheering] >> man: e waka and jared have been amazing. she is home right now, and if you miss you will have a baby, so don't know. we have been thking about that now for a lilile while. but yvonke has been so amazing.
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
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