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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  March 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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her baby. spray the clerk feared for her life and handed the money. >> i think they're savages. you the do not do that top a child. a child that can in the walk, speak. the mother's uninstinct, her obvious instinct is to protect her child. >> janine: mom and baby not hurt. those thievessers still on the loose. and search on also on for two thieves caught on camera stealing worth of $10,000 worth of sunglasses. surveillance video from last thursday shows one of the men sitting near the entrance of the lens craft are shore in broward mall. the other iseeing ping up frames from the display. >> calvin: now to a story you saw first on 10. a home break-in ending with the suspect shot dead after he came face to face with a homeowner whw is also a police officer. this happened around 6:00 this morning along gauntlet hall lane in davey. the officer was inside with kids when he reportedly saw the alleged intruder forcing him to open fire. >> i'd say at least five or six shots.
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consecutive. y then i saw like a flashlight kind of going around and then less than five minutes later i saw police and emergency people show up. >> calvin: now, moments before, another attempted break-in was also reported in that neighborhood. lice now investigating if they are connected. local10's terrell forney will have much more on this story coming up in a life report at 6:00. >> janine: it was back to the campaign trail today for most of the presidential candidates except for florida senator mar rubio. he ended his campaign after losing the primary yesterday, and only local10 spoke with him as he arrived home this morning. >> i'm not doing any tv today. >> janine: local10 caaght up with marco rubio outside his west miami home after dropping his kids off at school. looking more look an ordinary dad rather than presidential candidate, he said little. >> thanks for coming out. >> janine: donald trump's win in the sunshine state last night was devastating enough for rubio to suspend his campaign. trump says his focus now is to unite the party.
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out there, and i think the publicans should grasp it. the third party guantees 100%. >> janine: john kasich pushing forward after taking all 66 delegates with a win in his home state of ohio. >> we are going to go all the way to clevela and secure the republican nomination. >> janine: to t democrats where hillary clinton swept four of the fife state up for grabs. >> when we care, a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, that doesn't mauk him strong, it makes him wrong. >> janine: as for bernie sanders, an overall disappointing night. the map for his path to the nomination looking extremely grim. a republic presideial debate next week on the fox but the network cancel afterward trump backed outed. >> calvin: now w@ want to get perspective on all of this.
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next for the candidates. >> janine: or senior political reporter michael putney is back with u on yesterday what was called mega tuesday. >> michael: it had many names. in t end it was a big day for hillary clinton and donald trump, and i think the big take way from yesterday's primary was pretty simple. the republican party is fractured and it doesn't look like donald trump can put it back together, not now anyway. he again last night called for party unity, but the gop establishment isn't buying it. they have spent millions of dollars through three political action committees to stop trump. that's the mantra, stop frump. but he is still winning and gaining delegates. he probably will not have enough delegates by the convention, however, to cinch the nomination. ted cruz won't of enough delegates either but he's got enough now to have leverage in the nominating process. the problem is the gop establishment hates ted cruz. he doesn't like them, either. john kasich picked up 66 delegates yesterday when he won
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but going forward it doesn't look like kasich will pick up many more delegates. still, he's got a little leverage, too, in the nominating process. over on the democratic side, not much drama. hillary clinton had a big night tuesday winning four of the five states voting. i ththk she's pretty much wrapped up the democratic nomination. bernie sanders, he had a dismal night but will keep on going because he has a big following, a fair number of delegates, and lots of money. the big question now is will there be a contested gop coention should trump get to philadelphia without the magic number of delegates, which is 1237. the answer is we simply won't know until the primaries are over. that will be in june. trump could do it but it is a long shot. he would need to win about 55% of the delegates in all the upcoming primaries, and that is a very high bar.
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particularly the word usage by trump dodd of it would be a right, although he was speaking metaphorically, i think, if he was denied the nomination. >> michael: and certainly there would be widespread anger. look at all the thousands of people who have voted for donald trump and who expect him to be the nominee of their party. if somehow he gets to philadelphia with 1150, i mean just short of the requisite number, and he doesn't get the nomination, there are going to be -- the angry people will be even angerrier. >> janine: absolutely. he says he would like to unify the party. >> michael: i don't think he's a unifying figure, though. thatat the problem. he's a polarizing figure. >>alvin: so the democrats in cleveland and republicans. >> michael: republicans in philadelphia. >> calvin: my old stomping ground. so the fight in philly, we can coin that for the gopy convention. >> michael: it is all yours, calvin. >> calvin: michael, thank you.
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results of alterations our on website >> calvin: now to the historic change happening between washington and havana with relations to restore the cuban government will likely open a consulate across the u.s. but miami city leaders have already made it had known they don't want. it but as local10's hatzel vela reports, tampa may be the next logical choice. >> hatzel: still no word on when a cuban consulate may open doors in south florida but opposition has already been clear. >> we're going to have daily protests in front of the consulate, and that is no good for the image of miami. >> there's going to be one in south florida. you can take that to the bank. i don't care what the mayor miami says. >> this is a point of pilgrimage for the cuban people. >> hatzel: quite a different reaction from our friends in tampa where leaders are lobbying to be the first, and it makes sense. before cubans became part of the miami fabric, there was tampa.
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historic neighborhood in tampa. spanish by birth, ebor was wealthy. at 14 he goes to cuba, then a spanish colony where he learns cigar making. later, by waive key west, ebor ends up in tampa. >> the year is 1885. nothing here but a swamp. >> hatzel: so at 68 years old, ebor sets out to build his own town, which he names after himself. he lures cigar manufacturers to move here from cuba. ebor dies in 1896 behind a fast-growing town. >> the first workers he brought here to the city were cubans. >> hatzel: don married into one of those cuban families. the five generations later he's still somewhat in the cigar business. >> it was means being a cuban place. >> hatzel: and cigar making was the driving force. 230 cigar factories producing 700 million cigars. >> that's more cigars than they
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was based. >> hatzel: ebor city becomes the cigar capital of the world. in tampa's early history. in tampa, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> calvin: tampa was not only settled boy cubans we'll be right back also became had a rallying center for cuba's independence from spainnater on in our newscast hats el shows you the historical sights that link tampa and cuba. and local10 will be in cuba for the president's historic visit. i'll be joined by microx victor oquendo and hatzel vela. a. we will also have live coverage of the president's arrival on cuba on sunday. >> janine: an person student has been sentenced to 15 years in prison in north korea. otto warmbier was arrested in january. he was visiting and admits to trying to steal a ban were a political slogan from his hotel. he was arrested at the airport while trying to head home. the pakistani prime minister is condemning a bomb attack to a bus that killed at least 15
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others. the explosive had been planted inside of the vehicle. that bus wasas carrying local government employees. >> calvin: and your time now is 5:10. let's get a check on the afternoon rush with traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: we do have a few things out there starting with i-95 northbound. here i the view from griffin road. you can see that accident is actually off to the shoulder which is good news but we are still seeing those delays just as we get in the thick of rush hour. again i-95 northbound right at griffin road with speeds there at 19 miles per hour. checking on dade county we do have an accident on the dolphin spray as you are heading east right or not lejeune road. off-ramp is closed as a result of that accident with speeds a 30 miles per hour. and a broken-down car in the palmetto expressway not really helping things. this is a your heang south right around northwest 25th street. the right lane and the off-ramp is blocked because eng broken-down car with speeds 30 miles per hour.
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looking good there at all, 10 miles per hour. >> janine: a longtime south florida attraction that you probably see every time you drive on 95 is actually being torn down. it is the final plunge for the hurricane roller coaster in dania beach. we'll tell you what's going to take its place all new at 6:00. >> calvin: seniors are often the target of scam artists but local10's consumer investigate reporter christina vazquez has a resource to help you protect you from those creditors. >> janine: but first, miami's metro rail system is finally going getting an long overdue upgrade. we'll show youhat's new in a live report. >> announcer: tonight at 11:00, the shocking life sentence that went viral. >> just unbelievable. 60 years for driving. >> announcer: now a second chance, and the stakes are high. in a local10 exclusive, bob norman talks one on one with a
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for freedom, tonight at 11:00. >> janine: miami's metro rail syst has transported hubs of thousands of passenger since it first went into operation in 1984. >> calvin: and those same train cars are still in use today butnot for much longer. local10's carlos suarez shows us how metro rail is moving into the future. [ applause ] >> carlos: under the veiling attracted an international crowd. our cameras got an early look at how the new fleet of metro rail cars will look once the county takes delelery them in 2017. the sleek design coupled withh
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change the riding experience. >> we're really happy about it. the new design, the new colors. it's bright. it's the future. and so i think it also has enhanced comfort fegtures for our riders. >> carlos: the county ask spend be close ting $366 million for the rail cars built by giant hitachii rail. the company will assemble the new fleet in pled say the sprawling 140,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. the assembly work is expected t t create 100 new jobs. >> did market in the usa asked us to have a facility, and it's important because you reduce the cost to assemble here, and also you have the opportunity to create jobs, and that for me is a very important value. >> carlos: the county ask using a half penny tax to update the dated fleet of metro rail cars that went into service in 1984.
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variety of amenities including wi-fi, tv and led lights and bike racks. >> this investment is very important for us, and i think such kind of new facility and new trains will attract some more investment. that would be a very big opportunity, good opportunity for us. >> carlos: the new fleet of cars is sure to turn heads but there e more serious issues face 10 decades old rail line infrastructure. had i teach hopes to remedy some of those problems with some of the technology inside the cars. sensors will be able to tell if something is wrong on the track ask, the county has made other upgrades including the new orange line from miami to miami international airport. this morning's unveiling drew coverage from reporting teams that came from italy where this design company is based as well as crews from many ja wher hitachi has its headquarters. the county hopes to have its first car later this fall, and
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entire fleet in service by fall of 2017. we're live tonight in medley, i'll carlos suarez, local10 news. >> janine: it's fitting. we're a global community. thank you. let's'salk weather right now. it's been steam. >> calvin: absolutely, yes, and it doesn't look like it's going to be going away any time soon. >> betty: we have another day of this on the way so get used to it.& 87, that was how hot it got this afternoon in miami. we hit tt number around 2:00. now, the temperatures were a little closer to where they should be for this time of the year in places like fort lauderdale where the high was 81. notice what's average for this time of the year around 80. key west, by the way, stepped it up to 82 this afternoon. looks good out there tonight. this is our miami as we are staring out at miami beach. you probably know someone out there soaking in the rays, taking advantage of what's left of what has been a mainly dry day even though it's been so very warm. pembroke pinis, hialeah, kendall, hope you've had a great wednesday.
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marathon checking in at 81 and already 79 near the water up around pompano beach. 82 for now in miami, around 7:00 tonight we may still be right around the low 80s and then around 9:00 we should start to see some upper 70s out there in a lot of places. winds will be light. rainfall not in the forecast for tonight. checking out the doppler radar right now, looking nice and dry from broward, miami-dade, the keys. scanning those skies heading over down toward the straights picking up on a few showers butthose will not be making a dance into anybody's neighborhood. high pressure has a good handle on our weather and with high pressure in control, that's going to pretty much shut down the opportunity for intelgent showers and storms out there for tonight. tracking a weak front, w wk cold front bearing down on the panhandle. we'll keep an eye on that but it's leal not goingo have enough strength to slip down the peninsula and change up our weather aot, at least not yet. there will eventually be a frontal system that get closer
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showers and storms to the area but at least for thursday we're talking mainly dry and more hot weather on the way. by friday we won't rule out a few showers but the rain chance not even looking huge on friday. in fact, this forecast model just updating and it has wiped away the balance of the rainfall that was even painting around lake okeechobee but at least the slight chance for a shower in the forecast on friday. the tomorrow mainly dry with morning fog. lots of sunshine in the afternoon. winds light. fridiy, saturday, sunday check it out, we'll see the rain hance creeping up, especially saturday and sunday. but once we push a front through next monday with tuesday, wednesday, drier and cooler. >> janine: we'll take it, betty. do you think you know college basketball? then enter the local10 bracket allenge and you could win a freet. log ton and enter the bracket challenge to wind a 64-inch tv. your local10 personality like
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so here is your chance to take us on. >> calvin: i hope you do a whole lot better than i do. >> janine: i'm terrible at it. >> calvin: virginia. >> janine: it's my fantasy bracket. not reality bracket. >> calvin: i do want to coin a new phrase. it should to be clash in cleveland for the republilins should donald trump not be an issue with his nomination. phph oh for the democrats. still to come a burglar got morning he bargained for when he picked the wrong house to target. the homeowner fought back shooting and killing the intrude but wait until you hear what that homeowner does for a living. >> janine: plus we are taking a closer look at the tewes between havana and -- the ties. >> clay: good evening. a hero's homecoming for nfl stars but they have an important message for those at herr their
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geico motorcycle,
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you of a bett chance of being hit by lightning than playing in the nfl. whatever your talents are, in our case it was football, so many guys is computer graphics or baseball or eye different avenue, use that to take you as far as you possibly can. >> just grind hard and just stay focused on your dream and it will come true, and pray. there addition to webster and rodriguez the school also honored morse and vandyke who played fororhe hurricanes as
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it was a great time out there. >> calvin: clay, thank you. >> janine: they said, two racing horses a in critical condition after a devastating fire. >> calvin: let's to go victor in our newsroom with what's happening at 5:30. >> victor: the poor horses were trapped if their stable when that fire broke out last night. the flames killed a dozen horses. we're hearing from the grieving owners coming up. we also have a new details on a a killing crime spreen north miami-dade. was a police officer's relative one of the t tgets? and all new at 6:00 cars keep getting broken into at a broward ymca but knowings being done to warn patrons.
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excl >> janine: right now 5:30 ke a look at the destruction caused by a stable inferno in lake worth. 23 ranges horses were in that barn when the fire broke out late last night. >> victor: but only 11 were rest exude two are in critical condition.
5:29 pm
now with more on this sad storyry >> todd: knew information this evening. this fire has now been deemed an accident, anan the investigation is closed, but the emotional scars for the peopl involved and the physical scars for those horses will likely live on for a lifetime. this 200-foot barn literally going up in flames. it's a total loss. and now 11 horses are being cared for trying to recuperate. >> i could see from up the road this place lit like a fourth of july. sirens, police, smoke, started breaking d down. >> todd: a midnight fire rat this barn in lake worth killed 12 racehorses and has devastated the owner o the farm. >> i want to absorb as much of the pain for people and the horsesi want to be as strong as -- my heart is broken. >> todd: the barn i run by the south florida training center, and all 23 horses were why you can standard bred trotters being groomed for harness racing. here are some photos of a few of the horses killed and safed from that fire.
5:30 pm
made it out alive but two of those are in critical condition at an equine clinic in loxahatchee. those 11 were saved by trainers and grooms returning from a race in pompa beach, and folks here are calling them heros. they literally ran into a burning barn to save the animals. >> the horses came out, and the horses ran back in, and these guys ran back in after them. >> todd: now the gruesome task of removing the charred carcasses has begun, and late this afternoon the fire marshal declared the two alarm fire a accident saying there was an electrical malfunction at the meter. the owner of this farm says that he plans to rebuild, and he hopes to rebuild that stable even safer so something like this couldn't@ happen in the future. in lake worth, todd tongen, >> janine: thank you. we are following tom some breaking track of muse on i-knife. take a look at these live pictures from sky 10. this is the northbound lanes at oakland park boulevard.
5:31 pm
fernandez is here with more on this and how to get around it. >> jenise: this is definitely what you don't want to see right in the middle of rush hour. this is i-95 nororbound at oak pash boulevard. reports are this is a car fire that is block p two lanes of traffic. just take a look at here as sky 10 pans out where you can just see the backup this is causing for people trying t get on i-95, and for people already on i-95. oh, look at that. that is just absolute mess. something you do not want to get stuck in. now, check out the view from our traffic cameras because you can see just how backed up this is as cars try to get april that car fire. again we've got t t lanes blocked. this is i-95 northbound a oaklan park boulevard. zooming in our maps so you can see exactly how slow track of is moving, hardly moving at all, 5 miles per hour speeds. those delays are starting from 595 so you my ma want to take 4 u-441. >> and of. >> victor: a police officer caught on camera slapping a
5:32 pm
>> janine: a bystander caught that slap on cell phone veo in february of last year. >> victor: officer victo ramirez is face can two charges of battery and one charge of falsifying records. shyann malone live in fort lauderdale with what he said in court today. shyann. >> shyann: day two iside that courtroom, this time the officer taking the stand, and he actually add notices slapping and pushing a homeless man. he says he was only doing his job. it happened more than a year ago. but for bruce leclair it still stings. fortrt lauderdale police officer vikram res in court admitting to pushing and slaing the homeless man. victor ramirez. >> i wanted him to stop. he just -- this is the second time he showed aggression towards me. he just tried to turn on me. i had to take action. >> shyann: leclair was trying to use the restroom at the bus terminal. ramirez explained the man was drunk, and as an officer he was only doing his job.
5:33 pm
he's not living to me. >> shyann: ramirez no longer with the department facing several charges including falsifying records. >> and what's the reason of shoving him? >> there's two reasons. one, i'm protecting my gunside. if you don't remember anything in the academy, it's always, always protect your gun. >> shyann: i'm getting some new information herere the jury is deliberating. i'm told that they have been requesting to watch all of the videos that were presented in court. hopefully we'll have a decision within the coming days. and we do know the victim did take thetand and moments ago we will hear more from him coming up on loc10 news a 11:00. reporting live in downtown fort lauderdale, shyann malone, local10 news. >> janine: we're learning more about a killer crimepree in northwest miami-dade that's been connected to the murder of a securiri guard who was shot and killed during a robbery on his way to work. we're now seeing so many exclusive video of one of those crimes.
5:34 pm
shore is live with what he's learned. derek. >> derek: and that video was captured here at this gas station in northwest miami-dade, and that case the victim would be here at a gas pump and he's actually make it away whout shirs juries but the other victims were not so luck at the the video shows a whi ford pickup roll into the u gas station on northwest7th avenue and 134th street early sunday morning. stopped next to a minivan. a suspect bursts out with a gun pointed before the driver of that van speeds off, likely saving his own life. now police say theame suspects in this white pickup a a likely sponsible for a rash of shootings and robberies, even a murder that too place in just a span of hours. >> i heard about five shots, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> derek: this man who wanted want to be identified lives aone of the shooting locations at northwest fifth street and little river drive. he says a woman if her car was shot.
5:35 pm
suspects were driving that same white truck. >> the front door windowown the driver's side was shot out. >> derek: detectors looking into four robberies robbers and two shootings ma that may be. >> liane: ed to the same face all in northwest miami-dade but nearby in miami gardens. >> you leave a mother hurting, a sister hurting. >> derek: the mother of milton morrison is mourning after her son was robbed a a coiled his way to his job as a security guard early sunday. miami gardens pd say it's likely the same guys in this truck. >> we need to get them off the streets bus because they may hurts somebody else. >> derek: tow w ami-dade police say at this point they actually have that truck or the truck they believe to be involved in those rabberies in custody, impounded, but they staih suspects may havelso been driving around in a silver nissan rogue. if you have any information, call miami-dade crimestoppers at mine tips.
5:36 pm
miami-dade, derek shore, local10 news. >> janine: local10 investigative christina vazquez work to keep yoyo safe from ripoffs and scams and she also brings you informion that you can use to defend yourself from con artists. >> victor: in today's "call christina" report she introduces to you a resource right near south florida that is backed by the power of florida attorney general's office to help you tackle scams and swindle. >> everybody just has to be safely care of. >> christina: we know scammers target seniors. the question is why. >> they feel that retirees have matureo money. >> christina: the fbi said con artists believe seniors have a sizableest egg 1 come from a generation where they were raised to be polite andnd trusting, and often don't know how to report fraud.this is where "call christina" comes in, helping to keat and identify resources. tonight meet al paine of the florida atrney general's senior versus crime program. >> senior versus crime is a
5:37 pm
>> christina: al paine tells us they help handle civil complaints, an alternative to paying ab tern which can sometimes be more comprehensive than the costs you are trying to recover. backed by the ag's office, they can refer cases for prosecution. and they'll help you on the front end, fo example, before handing your money over to a contractor. being we can do a background investigation into that particular contractor. i will not mauk the@ decision for -- make the decision bor that individual. i'll give them maybe three other options to choose from as a contractor. >> christina: they also h he retired attorneys that can review a contract for you, and, get this -- despite the name ab al paine said you don't need to be a senior to contact seniors versus crime. there are five locations. cooper city, coral springs, broward delrayeach, palm beach and palm beach county. we have posted the contact information for all five locations on the "call christina" page of
5:38 pm
vazquez, local10 news. >> janine: you are great. and this saturday you can catch christina at the home design and remodeling show in miami from noon-to-until 6:00 p.m. waste that's she's going toe running three "call christina" consumer protection seminars on what to know before hiring a contractor. >> victor: still ahead, people using the ymca in unbroward community are being targeted by aar crook. purses, cell phones and other valuables are being taken but moan is being warned of the danger. find out why in a all new exclusive report at 6:00. >> hatzel: aside from baseball we're going to so show you the three historical sites thaha link tampa and cuba. >> janane: and several police officers are facing charges after a raid on a medical marijuana dispense rew. surveillance vid a spears to be eating some of the edibles but we'll tell you what they say they really scarfed down coming up. >> victor: we're also following this breaking track of news on i-95. live porks from sky 10, this is in the announcedawns at
5:39 pm
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vermillion we're following so many breaking news in the ongoing renewed u.-cuba relations. >> janine: michael putney is back in the newsroom with the latest on this. >> michael: janine and victor, we have just gotten a list from the white house a number of
5:43 pm
from south florida who met today with president obama. the president, of course, is leaving sunday for cuba. and he consulted, according to the white house, with these cuban americans about his plans and especially about his concern for human rights. let me just tell you some of the people who are on the list of those who met with the president today emilio staph stand, the husband of gloria stand, music prucer mike hernandez a billionaire who find am health care concerns, gen yell t. general consul of the import export bank, carlos gutierrez thee commerce secretary under george w. bush, carlos rodriguez who is the chairman, founder of the cuba citigroup, very prominent cuban americans, and the president apparently, he said, according to this release will continue to consult closely with the cuban americans who represent our values and shared
5:44 pm
for the american and cuban people. the one thing you have to note is that as far as i can tell, virtually everyone on this list intorts the president's cuba initiative. there's nobody he met with today to tell him you're wrong, you shouldn't go to cuba. but perhaps he will hear those voices as well. that's the story from the newsroom, michael putney, local10 news news. >> victor: and thousands right re in south florida and really across the nation are getting ready for 11th annual jazz in gardens music festival. >> janine: some of the biggs names in music performing live right in our own backyard, and it's not just the concert that's drawing everybody in. local10's neki mohan reports. >> neki: in 11 years jazz in gardens has grown into one of the hottest music fesesvals in the country, bringing tens of thousands of people to therea who want to do more. so the day before thehow starts, the ladies lunch. >> it's really exciting. it's a time where we as women can come together and we
5:45 pm
other, we pump each otherp. >> neki: the annual women's impact luncheon brings hundreds of women together to socialize, motivate and educate each other. in between the socializing, financial workshops,, health seminars, and a little shopping gets done. great for entrepreneurs like ehloe;,na of coral springs whose exoticewelry has great stars like stinger erik a badu. >> i make crowns, necklaces, ear cuffs, septums, just 9 all types of whimsical futuristic, unique artistic pieces. >> neki: singer lauren hill is also a brand. the brand is for the person who really wants to stand out. >> i want them to feel special. i want them tow feel unique. i want them to know that nobody else will have what they have. >> neki: the high end music lovers coming to jazzed in gardens have come to suspect a whole lot more. now artists from local community have exhibits leading up into
5:46 pm
>> from haiti, cuba, we have african-american, costa reek answered with trin dateddans. >> neki: for the second year miami urban contemporary experience is doing a poppipi exhibit featuring miami as finest local artists. pout a show before the show and exposing the upscale crowd to the other talted artists south florida has to offer. in miami gardens with neki mohan, local10. >> jine: three police officers are now facing charges after they were caug on camera stealing during a raid on amedical marijuana disnsary in california. when surveillance video of the raid came out last year, it appeared that several of the santa police officers ate marijuana edibles during the raid about the this district attorney's office says that's not true. the officers ate some protein bars and cookies that were found in the office. but they say that's still stealing because the snacks didn't belong to officers. three of them are now face be petit theft charges.
5:47 pm
vandalism for breaking surveillance cameras during the raid. >> victor: protein bars. that's what they're calling it. >> janine: so, you know, neki's story made me think about jazz the in the gardens. is it t too early to start talking about the weekend? >> victor: nevev too early. >> betty: especially when it involves great music, and we know there's going to be a lot of tt out there. there's also the possibility for some rainfall so if you're planning to head out for that, i would take the umbrella along if i were you but definitely plan on going, should definitely be a great time. how many times can i say "definitely"? key west 79 we are staring out at the hollywood broadwalk and also the beach. we see some people sitting out there, soaking in the the sun and enjoying t t day. winds are light from the east-southeast about 5 to 10 miles an hour. later tonight the winds electric light andariable. this forecast model showing a few clouds across the skies but not necessarily painting rainfall. so mainly dry and warm is the theme for this evening.
5:48 pm
neighborhoods will be in the upper 70s. doppler radar be, tough to find showers out there. you have to look out over the atlantic, down near the straights, just off the keys i see a few showers and there may be a little shout starting to spsput up between that border of mainland ron monroe in miami-dade county way out over the everglades but rainfall not expected to be much of a concern for us. our focus is on the temperatures where today miami hit a high of 87 degrees. that is not the high you would expect for this time of the year. 80 is more like average. and it's not just here. orlando 87. jacksonville more than 10 degrees above normal with a high of 87. and then check out raleigh, north carolina. 23 degrees above their average high for this timef year. 86 was the high. so we are looking at cooler air that will finally infiltrate is southeast. it's not going to make it here for tomorrow. we are again poised to cruise up into the upper 80s but a city
5:49 pm
tomorrow around 75 and meres around the nation's capitol. eventually more comfortable air moves in here by early next week, but tomorrow you may as well make at a beach day. water temperature in the upper 70s. the rip current risk is low. miami we're forecasting thaha high of 87 degrees. morning fog and lots of sunshine during the afternoon. not much of a breeze out there stirring. and by jazz in the gardens time, there goes our 40 to 50 percent chance for rain and storms. we push a cold front through, and change is on the way for monday, tuesday, wednesday, morning lows in upper 60s. afternoon highs in the 70s. closer to normal. >> victor: a homeless man in san francisco is now getting a $100,000 reward after helpingng police recapture two escaped inmates mattttw chapman said that he saw the fugitives it's a whole foods parking lot. they were two of the three inmates who escaped president lrange county jail in january me. learned. manhunt from a newport local mcdonald's and called police.
5:50 pm
after his call. chapman has bea living in a publish park but he says he will start the money to start if a new lifif and help his grown children get through tough times. >> janine: a 27-year-old man in china is not letting his disability keep him from seeing all history countries has to offer. he uses a wheelchair to get around. lease summer he left for his journey across china p he's traveled more than 12,000 miles and he is documenting his journ oh social media. he has seen 27 cities and is more off half 1-800-on his dole goal of visiting -- and a hiker made a stunning discovery in israel finding this rare 2,000-year-old gold coin while hiking near the biblical site where jesus was believed to have walked on water. there's only one other like this coin in the world. it's currently sitting in a british museum. the county coin shows the face
5:51 pm
caesar's heir. >> victor: there is had a lot more news still to come. here are some of our top stories. cars keep getting broken into at a broward wipes but nothing is beingone to warnn patrons p we'll explain why. >> janine: and a burglar getting more than he barring arnd for when he is confronted with a homeowner with a handgun. >> victor: applause we're taking
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
and tampa as the h the cigar making capital of the world in the early 1900s. >> they came and sicily, italy spain is germany. >> hatzel: most of the immigrants came from cuba. this is the center of life for cubans during a crucial time in cuban history. jose marti is set to have visited in building 20 separate times between 1893 and 1895. eachch time hoe was here to seek help for cuba's independence marti, the george washington
5:56 pm
>> this is the most historic city. >> hatzel: this is the origina cigar company ybor built. >> this is it. >> hatzel: incredibly important to the cubub's cause and the island's history. >> did most important each speech that jose marti ever clifford was delelered from these steps. >> hatzel: he stayed at a home where this park is now, land that still pays homage to marti, may. pay a visit and they say you're on cuban soil. >> this is deed towed the country of cuba. >> and that's twaites legal necessity our hillsboro county records. this is a point of pilgrimage bor the cuban people. they'll come here to pay ohrn to him. >> you cannot write the history of cuba without talking about him. >> hatzel: and you can not talk about tampa without talking about cuba. in tampapahatzel vela, local10 news. >> victor: and local10 will be in cuba for the president's historic visit.
5:57 pm
reporting live from havana starting friday. we'll also have live coverage of the president's arrival to cuba on sunday at 5:00 p.m. we have you covered every step of the way. and that's going to do it for local10 news at 5:30. here are calvin and janine for the news attic 60s. >> janine: only on local10 a rash of breakends outside of the ymca. why weren't for example people being warned? >> calvin: why a spected burglar chose the wrong house. >> janine: and the robbebs were threating to kill a baby. >> calvin: local10 exclusive. marco rubio only talking to 10 the day after suspending his campaign. >> janine: and what will remace the roller-coaster off you of i-95. >> calvin: plus, tiki terrific. the wet tutued hut that's turning heads. the news at 6:00 starts now. and now to a story you will only see on local10, car burglars targeting the ymca in pembroke pines.
5:58 pm
why weren't people being warned? >> janine: local10 news reporter michael syped spoke with one of the victims. he's liven pembroke pines with the exclusive. >> michael: members of this ymca call at a ongoing problem. they say smash-and-grab burglars are smashing in their windows and stealing expensive items like an ipad. in fact, e elier this month a rolex was stolen. now, town a mother of three is share go her story hoping no one else becomes a victim. they're striking in broad daylight, smash-and-grab burglars who cruise through parking lots looking to cash in on your valuable, kevin items that away leaf behind in our cars. >> figured if i just had it in the back with, you know, no one can see it, that it's fine. >> michael: ast month codger became a victim. this mother of three was inside the ymca in pembroke pines working out with her children when someone broke into her suv.. >> the whole window was completely shattered, and i had my purse in the back seat under
5:59 pm
took it. >> michael: she had no idea until she and her son walked outside. a now days later -- >> i got a call from the bank saying that there was a girl that looked like me trying to withdraw money. he said my i.d. and my debit card. >> michael: since january plooks police have investigated nearly a half dozen smash-and-grabs in the parking lot of this y. today we walked the parking lot with police and it didn't take long before we found people who hd made the same mistake. i'm looking into this car and i see an ipod right there. that's a big no-no. >> that's a very soft target for a burglar. someone wants to have that ipad, all they have to do is break this window and it' theirs. >> michael: the first time she is these signs arepopping up all over the property, something members s is long overdue. >> it's very frustrating that this can happen here, and it's scary. >> michael: so here's another look at those signs. obviously the medical center is clear. we reached you the to the ymca to find out why they were just going up this morning.
6:00 pm
what has been going on. so far our calls haven't been returned. as far as the investigation, police tell us right now they don't have any suspects, so if asked to call police. we are live in pembroke pines, i'm michael signed, local10 news. >> janine: also on local10 news at 6:00 it's a story you saw first on local10, a suspect burglar shot and killed buy a homeowner hoe also happens to be a police officer. that officer was at home with his kids when he came face to face with that alleged intruder. >> calvin: local10 news reporter terrell forney live now in davie with the story you saw first on 10. terrell. >> terrell: that cop was off-duty. we leopard he's a ten-year veteran of miramar police department but he lives here in this home you see behind me here in davie, the scene of that fatal confrontation. >> i'd say at least five or six shots. they were very fast, very consecutive. >> terrell: that unusual sound shook steve katon out of his bed about 6:00 this morning and right to a window.


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