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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 530AM  ABC  March 20, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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72 degrees. a live look out ofour ft. lauderdale cam. wow, they really got rain down there yesterday. today they are hoping for a better day. we will see. but jennifer says don't hold your breath for that one. .> andrew: fingers crossed. >> jennifer: be prepared. someone wilget rain today and yesterday, yes, there was browardd but remember everything tracks to the south. way. that is the good news. i can't wait for that cold front to arrive because that will bring our temperatures down for early this week and for the start of spring. now temperatures have been in the upper 70s for the keys, low 70s across miami-dade and broward. 74 degrees, ft. lauderdale. miami at 72. now check out the radar. not much going on for us; however, some light drizzle and some moderate rainfall out west have been pushing in over weston and just the westernn edge of broward county. that's where we are seeing the rain this morning and where else are we seeing it? well, out west as i just mentioned over the gulf waters. stronger and heavier showersr
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of rain or that cluster of rain i should say. the cool front well to the north of us and that cold air still has some time to get herestill has some time to get here. it will, i promise. but before then, we will probably wake up to a lot of cloud cover out there. a few showers this morning cannot be ruled out. then with a bit of daytime heating i can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm. i will have more with the seveni will have more with the seven-day in a few minutes, neki. >> neki: thanks a lot, jennifer. out of plantation, officials say that multiple people have beenshot overnight. not clear exactly how many at this time but we are told all of those victims are in the hospital. lol 10's layron livingston is live at the scene an update. layron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, neki>> reporter: good morning, neki. we have a definitive figure how many people pacted in this shooting. you four people shot we are hearing from a detective on ene. one of these people are unfortunately dead after some sort of massive house party off of northwest 118th avenue.
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avenue and northwest 4th streetavenue and northwest 4th street, and this is just how far police have now blocked off this parrticular crime scene. apparently this home where this massive party was taking place& is on forest court roar a cul-de-sac a block up.the house is at the top of the cul-de-sacis at the top of the cul-de-sac. they have spoken with the owner and at this point we believe he is being cooperative with this investigation. we are not sure how many people were involved when looking for a shooter but there were hundreds of people in this home for this party. not sure when the party startednot sure when the party started, but police came after a disturbance call, and when they gotere, they, of course, came across the scene. like said four people taken to broward health. one person -- four people shot. one person found dead inside the home. three of the people who were shot were taken to broward health and authorities are right now on scene right now. there is a line of carsp going up northwest 118th avenue. they are now searching via flashlights going over each and ery one of those cars that
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in fact a lot of the young people wwsee standing here those cars belong to them, and basically their carars are now tide up in this investigation. as soon as we get more information abo this, we will definitely bring it to you here on local 10 and that is what we are investigating here deadly shooting following this massive house party. any updates to and local 10 news. reporting live, laylon livingston, local 10 news. turning to campaign 2016. the recent rash of violence at donald trump rallies continue with supporters and protesters clashing. trump is unphased by these violent confrontation and dead set of winning the nomination. his opponents are trying to close the gap as quickly as possible. local 10's reporter michael seiden is live in the court room with a the latest. >> reporter: another day, another assault. this one happening at a rally in arizona.
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out of the rally when a supporter started kicking and punching him. it was a caugught on camera. >> reporter: a protesters wearing a kkk hood sparked a fight during donald trump's rally in tucson, arizona. >> the other guy is wearing a klu klux klan outfit. he thinks it is wonderful. these are bad people. i am telling you. >> reporter: earlier saturday, protesters blocked the main road leading to the rally. some chaining themselves to cars. in new york, thousands of protesters clashed with trump supporters outside the trump tower. >> he literally represents the worst parts of america and bringing out all the garbage. >> reporter: but the front runner predicts he will win the presidential nomination. >> you know the expression, to be the future of the republican partyparty, you have to go through trump, right, right? >> reporter: ted cruz is trying to the brakes on the trump bandto the brakes on the trump bandwagon now that the republican establish suspect
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>> we shall appeal to the value that unify that bring us together what we believe in. >> reporter: john kasich still in the race disagrees. >> i don't care frankly folks about polls. >> reporter: bernie sanders toured the border area arizona dismissing any talks of the hillary clinton. >> some of the largest states in our country, california, or, washington state, them not yet st a vote. >> reporter: the vermont senator continuing his campaign in)phoenix saturday night. police arrested that man who assaulted the protesters. we know the 32-year-old is charged with a misdemeanor. reporting live in the newsroom. michael seiden, local 10 news. this year's healthed election has made a lasting impact on millions of americansimpact on millions of americans, so muchcho that some people are campaigning from beyond the grave. >> n lieu of flowers, the request is that you do not vote
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neki mohanneck schenectady yikes. the last wish this 86-year-old woman. she was always invested in politics and the addendum to her obituary was a way of honoring her memory. nothe first timing is like this has happened. just last year a north carolina man used his obit asking people not to vote for hillary clintonnot to vote for hillary inton. ier just hours away from president obama's historic visit to cuba the first of a sitting u.s.president in more than 90 years. >> neki: president obama will be heading to cuba to represent the american people. the tampa ray also be there to support major league baseball. `local 10's hatzel vela is live on the island and more on how the rays are preparing fcr their show down. >> hatzel: baseball bringing two old foes together >> the lo the game is at the core of what they have there. >> reporter: players from the tampa bay rays are thrilled the chance to see e legendary
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>> we feel lucky we got ppicked. >> but the union of two countries by baseball pains some. >> it hurt my feelings. >> reporter: now tackling a tough and personal subject. >> espn gave this show, me, my father the opportunity to go, and it was heartbreaking to mymother. i couldn't even talk to her about it, so i won't go. >> reporter: an espn proma to sparked lebetard to lash out. too much pain associated with this, he said, especially with a small pocket of older exiled cuban. >> we were chased by the street with chains by policewith chains by police for having different polital views. my mother's uncle was in jail for days. >> reporter: h hopes that it will help the cuban people. >> it will be hard to understand. >> reporter: the game goes on literally and figuratively and both sides of the florida
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[speaking foreign language] >> reporter: cuban pitcher says cuba has quality players, and he thinks they can put on a good show. >> neki: our team coverage continues throughout the day with live reports from havana starting in just a few minutes at 6:00, and later this afternoon, stay with local 10 we cover president obama's arrival in cuba beginning at 4:00. a very musical weekend in south florida that's for sure for some of the biggest names in the music business here for two major events. >> neki: that's right, the first zz in the gardens. the recap of day one and what a great surprise. kool and the gang, michael macdonald, charlie wilson shutting it down. >> the music festival taking over downtown of miami. thousands papack bayfront park. neki is face pumping. what to expect from the
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what a night last night at the sampling of what they heard. jazz and guns. the couple never sat downthe couple never sat down for the annual event in its 11th year continuing throughout ekend bringing out big names gardens. last night kool and the gang one of the acts that stirred
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charlie wilson i heard shut it down at the end. >> what is a great about this event, brings so many people together. like a family. everyone having a good time. eating great food and listening towonderful music. >> if you weren't able to meet it yesterday, a full day of musiced to. the festival wrapping up with music from janelle monet, baby face and usher. today is the third and final day of the ultra music festival in miami. tens of thousands of people have all around the world make their yearly pilgrimage to take over bayfront park for one final week yep. party people wear their brightest and quirkybrightest and quirkiest outfits and some of the best deejays in electronic dance music. >> all the people. everybody is out there acting crazy and so much fun to see, you know. .> andrew: big names are set to hit the stage. final festival from noon until 11 p.m.
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>> there is a ultra workout. it is called fist pumping. >> neki: your hand above the heart and get your heart rate up. .> andrew: the switch. >> jennifer: or start from the bottom. .> andrew: she knows how to do it. >> neki: they don't care, rainor shine, right, jen. >> jennifer: they won't care. other people do care. i definitely care. as far as rainfall this morningas far as rainfall this morning, just light showers that have entered broward county. we are going to zoom in on that area. we are seeing the heaviest at a moderate rainfall aroundmoderate rainfall around -- a rate i should say tampa.looks like it is spreading apart and starting to enter more east into the ft. lauderdale area and pompano beach, just a light drizzle. so this is just some light showers to begin with this morning. if you were not going to see the rain right now when you step out the window like, for example or step out the door, for example, in miami-dade.
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dark and early out thee. more cloudy skies. eventually we will see a few more scattered showers moving their way across south florida as we head into the early afternoon hours. allows a thunderstorm. still some tropical moisture fused into ahead of this front that will destabilize the atmosphere once again today. temperatus starting off in the 70s. winds out of the south and southwest. it is light breeze out there. key west, a stronger breeze at 18 miles per hour. inhouse model showing that batch of rain we see out in the west. but it looks like it starts to fall apart, and then again by 12 p.m., we could see a few thunderstorms developing in broward county. maybe northern miami-dade. this is just an in-house model an doesn' mean this is what is going to happen exactly but shows this trend for today that, yes, some of us will get the rain. some of us may just miss out.
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that front will arrive and will still be pretty cloudy for the very early part of tomorrow morning. today's high, 85 degrees. this is going to change completely. by tomorrow, we are waking up to the low 60s. inland temperatures in the upper 50s. much cooler weather. by the way, today is the first day of spring. below average with highs only getting to 70 degrees tomorrow. staying breezy through tuesday. we warm things up as we head toward the end of the week, and those rain chances start to go up again. well, a uge day in sports in south florida yesterday. lebron james bringing his talents back to south. but will it be enough to slow down the red-hot ast. your guy kevin spacey not in spacebut here in florida. the surprise cameo you got to
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good sunday morning, everybody i am clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wrap. always a big game when the heat take on lebron james and the cavaliers, but last night was even bigger. we needed to see how the heat would respond after that heartbreaking loss to charlotte on thursday. the answer, very well, thank you very much. dwyane wade and lebron saying hello before the game. lebron did his part for cleveland. takes in for 26 to lead t t cavs.
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wade lays that in to reach the 25-point mileste. he led miami with 24. and up ig. can dravoc. at least it went in. the heat win this one after a huge win that they badly neededhuge win that they badly needed. >> the way they beat us here is a little concerning. you know, we face them -- but i think we will be ready for it even more. >> for me the coolest thing is that we have bee wearing this one journey and 20000 of those and a miami uniform. it is always amazing to bpart of, you know, the history of the game. howabout the hurricanes looking to move into the sweet 16 taking on a tough wichita state team. rodriguezrobriguez to mcclellan. 'canes juvenile out to 21 'canes juvenile out to 21-point lead. they came all the way back but the play in changed the game. a long alley-oop from rodriguez
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he scores a career high 28. the 'canes dance on to the sweet 16, 65-57. >> i wasn't nervous in practice. they came back from 21, and they got the lead, but at the same time, i think it was great forour team to be tested in such a way at tis point in the season because from now on you know it will be a dog fight no matter who e play. and the panthers hosting the red wing on kevin spacey night. the cats honoring jaomir ja dpshtion r being the third top leading scorer. the rumor was that the actor himself was going to be somewhere in the building.. >> we have the mask going and then all of a susudden, peek-a-boo. >> i know, think of that. >> the unrwood! .> andrew: as for the game things didn't work out that well.
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roberto luongo. penguins win this 5-3. the sports wrap. >> neki: hohw cool that. definitely my favorite actor. .> andrew: have you seen "house of cards?" >> neki: yes. .> andrew: have you finished it? come on. >> neki: back off, andrew. my favorite was "american eauty." i promise i will do it live on television. .> andrew: no. today is your 12th annal seafood festival at the daring he is assassinate miami. a beautiful place. feature celebrity chefs and acvities for the kids that starts at 10:00 in the morning and ends at 6:00. tickets are $25 for adults and $5 for children. easter is next week. celebrate easter a little early
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they are hosting an event. can enjoy a egg hunt,can enjoy a egg hunt. the address is on your screen. the tickets are $15. and we have another fun family event to tell you about. zoo miami is hosting an event called amazing animals and we ll tell you more about that. there we go. you will hearn how animals are built to survive, move and discover. the zoo opensat 9:30 in the morning. it closes at 5:00 today. tickets are $15.95 for adults and $11.95 for kids. always a great day at the zoo. >coming up on local 10 news, we are just moments away from a live report out of havana where president obama will become the first sitting u.s. president to
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time now 5:56. ier just getting started here on local 10 news. .> andrr: a look at what we are working on for our next hour of news. continue to follow breaking news out of plantation. multiple peoplee shot overnight. details coming into our newsroom this morning. an president barack obama is expected to touch down in cuba for his historic visit. live team coverage from havana in just a few minutes. and wild weather waking havoc in ft. lauderdale yesterday. this morning, people are just now beginnin to pick up the pieces.
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early out of our tower cam. jennifer is ahead with a full forecast.
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breaking news off the top at 6:00.
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in plantation. a live reporter on the scene. .> andndw: also right now a historic visit to happen today. we are live in cuba ahead of president obama's trip to the island nation. cleup efforts under way after wild weather strikes south florida. mother nature's fury all caught on camera. how little the weather will hold up its first day of springhold up its first day of spring? your weather authority has your sunday forecast straight ahead. >> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. good sunday morning, everyone, i am neki mohan. .> andrew: and i am andrew perez in for todd tongen who is having a good little vacation. thanks for watching, keeping with us this sunday, march 20. >> neki: that's right. get through the stories in juct a moment. the first day of spring is the weather. >> jennifer: the first day of spring. we are cooling down. not just yet. neki and andrew, good morning to you. dark and early out there. the sunrise today at 7:24 a.m.
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before we see the sunrise, but it is still nicstart despite cloud cover. no rain for miami; however, we do expect a few showers to develop later on today. let's talk about the temperatures right now. 72 degrees in miami. 74 in ft. lauderdale. 78 in key west. yesterday. notice the winds are stillout of the south and southwest. that is exactly where the flow will be coming from today hopewill be coming from today moisture. the radar, tracking showers off of the gulf waters off the southwest coast of florida. meanwhile, a few showers are rolling away from the atlantic, away from the lauderdale of the sea. light to moderate rain fall this broward already saw earlier this morning but most of you are sleeping now. later on when you step out the door. take your umbrella and raintake your umbrella and raincoats with you just in caseraincoats with you just in case. similar to what happened yesterday when some of us go heavy downpours and some of us did not get rain. that iswhat is expected to happen again today. but the moisture still there.


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