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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  October 28, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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evidence of the type of training these dogs experienced. >> we find these, a lot of steroids, those dogs are trained like body builders. kept lean, kept in good shape, just like a boxer. >> one of the dogs recovered is missing an eye. all of them, even those puppies have, scars. >> the spca is now waiting for a judge to issue arrest warrant. >> hazing scandal, will be on the mine of many at tonight's scheduled school board meetings. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at the high school right now, with the latest on what could become a criminal investigation. jan? >> won't make any more public comments until tonight. meantime, police timing continue to investigate, now working with the district
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attorney's office. >> amid allegations every hazing, the jv and varsity football season's at cb west are done. the coaching staff, suspended. not only dis a appointment for this school, but for the entire community, even parents at rival cb east. >> so it is a shame what happened. >> now, a mission to find out exactly what happened. in a scandal that's grabbed national headlines. >> we just want to make sure we're thorough and do it properly. will take some time to get all of our information. >> central rubbings regional police working with the district attorney's offers in gathering the facts. investigators tell us they've yet to interview players on the cb west football team. today the d.a.'s office is expected to ask players who feel victimize today come forward. the superintendent of schools says the alleged hazing happened in pre-season. the most personally invasive activity, he sales, required a rookie to grab another players private parts, while fully clothed
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the ticket stick appreciate the gravity of the situation, and firmly believe that the action taken regarding the team and the coach staff were more than justified based on violation of the code of conduct and discipline. >> now, this school board meeting happens later on this evening, right around 7:30, here at the high school. reporting live in doylestown, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i jan, thank you. new this morning, an investigation is underway, to determine what sparked a fire at this duplex in northeast philadelphia, overnight. "eyewitness news", along the 100 block of man dina street in bustleton. that fire quickly placed under control. it is unclear how many people lived inside the property. fortunately, no one was injured. coming up on 8: 03, time to head out to the skydeck, katie more about the great forecast. >> oh, gosh, i have to tell you, erika, it is so-so
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comfortable out here. not a way to get away without the jacket just gel, but the story later on. so heads up to the kids going to school. if you wear a sweatshirt, you wear fleece when you go to school, and you leave it in your locker, be sure it comes home one later today, okay? let's take you taught storm scan3. no storms to track, we've got nothing more than couple of high clouds out, there more than anything, it is sunny and bright, with a beautiful blue sky, we have had a gorgeous sunrise this morning. actually tweeted out picture of one of the quad camera shots where you can see all of the beautiful colors at the light of day brought n look at the difference that just 24 hours can make. depending on your location, you evening out additional ten to 15 degrees here from yesterday standards. so it is warming up. it is cents already doing so here in a loft outlying suburbs, like the pinelands, like the shore towns, like the poconos, where we started off so chilly yesterday. now you're already flirting with 60 in atlantic city at this hour. 50 degrees with very calm wind. i can a test to that, so can my hair here in philadelphia. forty-seven currently up at
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mount pocono. and that's generally what you are finding around the region as a whole. what abut full day. make the most of this, guys. i'm telling you there is may be one of the last if not the last days like this for the entire year. so take things outside today. long dog walks, jog, whatever you got going. it is cents a really great forecast to enjoy any of t jess? >> good morning, just after 8:00. we go outside right now, we have some video, out in northeast philly of multi-vehicle accident involving a school bus, you can see, overturned car, another suv, actually, in the area as well. police activity trying to get that cleaned i am and out of the way at bustleton avenue southbound and princeton avenue, and we go over to the maps now, show you alternate here, we expect it to be out there for some clean up for quite some time. so take the roosevelt boulevard, to get on by. another rest of the majors still real slow, heavy morning, 59 southbound from woodhaven road into the vine st. expressway, it will be about 43 minute trip, p three minutes on the schuylkill expressway if you are headed
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eastbound from the blue route into the vine st. expressway. now, water main break, out in montgomery county, pennell and pike completely closed at brights lane. alternate to get around there just take plymouth road. >> now new this morning, one of the dallas nurses infectedded when ebola will be discharged from the hospital today. doctors say amber vincent has recovered from the virus, federal officials are inning hag the way we fight ebola here in the us. >> returning home from west africa. cbs news correspondent wendy gillette breakdown new rules. >> federal officials now calling for voluntary home quarantine only for people at the highest risk of contracting ebola. the new cdc guidelines define high risk, as someone who has known exposure to the virus, like family member who cared for ebola patient or someone who is stuck with a needle from infected patient. if that person has no symptoms, the cdc recommends daily monitoring by health official for 21 days, and
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restrictions, prohibit g travel by airplane, ship, long distance bus, train, and avoiding public gatherings. the white house says the mandatory quarantines imposed by some states are more about politics, than good medical sense. >> these kind of policies should be driven by science. >> nurse casey hickox back at home in maine machine where she will remain in isolation, hickox held in mandatory quarantine in newark after treating ebola patients in sierra re moan the car and tee debate escalated last week after doctor craig spencer was brought here to bellevue hospital where he tested positive for the virus. doctor spencer's condition remains serious. as the cdc, white house, and handful of states, continue to debate, and disagree on ebola quarantine policies. wendy gillette, "eyewitness news", on the "cw philly". >> accused medical center
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gunman richard plots face as judge in just a few hours for a preliminary hearing. the 49 year old is charged with murder in connection with a shooting inside a medical office on the campus of mercy fitzgerald hospital in lansdowne. plots is accused of killing his mental health case worker theresa hunt, and also injuring his doctor, lee silverman. silverman ended the rampage by using his own gun to shoot plots. also, happening today, penn state's trustees will re-examine the free report. it is in response to some alum my members who field the report from former fbi director louie freeh, used flimsy evidence. the two year old report concluded former football coach, joe paterno, and other administrators, can field key evidence about jerry sandusky's abuse of children. your time 8:07. septa riders should brace for possible strike. as union leaders and septa officials continue their negotiations today. the transit workers union could make its decision by
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friday. >> could walk off the job next week, if there is no deal over employee pensions. at the end of the week, after negotiating with septa for the rest of the week, i'm evaluate where we are. >> don't know who fault it is. i just hope who ever do decide to do there is i hope they think about others. >> now, septa believes its offers have been more than generous, but the transit agency will continue talks with union leaders. authorities hope that new tool on loan from ohio will help find suspected trooper kill killer eric frein. ohio department of transportation donated a large mylar balloon. it is equipped with camera, and similar to ones used to track leather. -- weather. balloon un tethered, unmanned, and silent. frein frein has been on the run for more than six weeks now, and he is accused of killing one pennsylvania state
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trooper and seriously injuring another. >> security scar for britain's prime minister. see what happens when jogger gets little too close to the politician. also, this: >> what happens next for hundreds every students. >> also, here's one to get you are your mouth watering this morning. we are taking you inside mark century's newest restauranant, why he insists the unusual location is not a bigotries being. that looks good! >> ♪ good day to have your lunch alfresco today. soak up that sun while you can, because it is definitely not going to feel like the last week of october, and katie is saying this might be the lasts time we see these temperatures all year. >> oh, my. >> uh-huh. heard it here. >> oh, my.
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two months into the new school year, philadelphia charter school suddenly shuts its doors, leaving hundreds every student in limbo. a meeting was held yesterday, at the walter d palmer high school in frankford, where parents lashed out at
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officials. that school was fors today close because so far over its cap of 675 students, and number that was set by the school district. officials tried having that cap raised, but lost their battle in court. >> i accept responsible, they have my apology. >> some 300 students are affected by this closure. the school will remain open throughout the week to help them with that transition. 8:13, our traffic and weather together. we were saying before the braining, today will just be beautiful? >> so nice outside. already got bright sunshine, beautiful blue skies, couple of clouds, even despite what looks like, you know, a lot of clouds rolling, in isn't necessarily going to skew the sunlight for us here today. rather, it is actually just advance of warmfront. couple of clouds here and, there outside middle township,
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cape may courthouse, starting to warm up here, bright hail low sort of view so pretty, 57 degrees, i remember when we showed this camera earlier in the morning, sun had barely come up yet. into the 40's, so we are starting to see the nice rebound. we do have rocket launch later this evening, 6:22, is about the time that you will get to start to be able to see the view of that. and i think we should keep it generally clear. if you want to peak out there, and take a look to the southwest, look at 20 degrees above the horizon here, further southeast you go, and then, maybe little closer to the horizon as go, so in toward philadelphia. so, it should and pretty decent view if you're into, that want to check it out. three day forecast, looking nice initially, starts to go downhill of the of the next five, six, seven days, fine -- fine of the milliard, so warm, by tomorrow, cold front crosses through bridges in nothing more than clouds and shower in some spots,
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temperatures take 8 degrees hit by thursday, and we seymour reinforcements move in, for the upcoming weekend. jess, over to you. good morning, 8:00 czars we go outside, video our chopper took of this multi-vehicle accident involving school bus and overturned truck another suv, bustleton avenue southbound, and princeton avenue. so this will be out there for quite some time. for that clean up as you can see, police activity on the scene trying to do that, we go over to our maps, so, again, bustleton avenue superintendent southbound at princeton, to get around that we expect it to be out there for quite some time. alternate take the roosevelt, rest of the majors really jammed this morning, so 95 southbound, pretty heavy wood half mean the vine st. expressway, that will take but 41 minute trip, and take you half hour on the schuylkill expressway if you're headed eastbound from the blue route into the vine st. vest way. now, pennell and pike closed at brights lane due to water main break, out there for clean up for quite some time. alternate there just take
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plymouth wrote. things in jersey looking pretty average this morning, 42 freeway, 55 northbound pretty slow and 295 looking great in both directions cents. ukee, back over to you. >> jess, thank you. still to come this morning, costume controversy, a major store's halloween trick that noun was cents is laughing about now. >> plus, car confusion on your side, secret code for car dealers before you head to the dealership. first though here's what's coming up tonight on the "cw philly". a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke.
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>> shakira branching out, pop star has cents new project, involves children, not music. we have the words on what she's to up right now. first, oh, happening today. new high end fashion retailer offering designer duds at discounted prices cents, opens up in center city philadelphia. mayor michael nutter will be on hand for a ribbon cutting at century 21 later this morning. the department store has taken over former strawbridges building at eighth and market. now, this is their first location, outside of the new york city metro area. >> gone are the days of the gray painted battle shims. they've given way to new life, and new business. >> and that includes the brand
8:20 am
new restaurant lospiedo. has little fire with his latest eatery. >> you get used to it. >> flaming heat of the kitchen is the fuel that inspires chef mark vetri. >> get used to the heat. this is nothing. >> specially here, the newest entry to his list of italian eateries. >> they'll make up all sorts of name. >> italian meaning the spit, nearly everything wood fired. >> weaver all sorts of needs, we have wings. but against backdrop of steel gray, has planted his seventh restaurant near the entrance to the navy yard. some ships are still in dock, but it is the largest ignored and hungry workers, who pop late the business campus giving the navy yards new
8:21 am
live. and vetri, new inspiration. >> no where to eat. no where to eat. >> in 1998, center city flag ship bearing his name built an eager follow erring, but north broad street, that raised hopes cents in 2007. wasn't that location too much of a racing? >> i'm not like oh, it is a huge risk, to go down to the, i analyze, do not risk. like this energy, like crazy, exciting. >> 130 seats inside, 100 more to come outside at la, first lunch custom they are opening day. >> it is a spit roasted meet, which are some of my favorite. i love to hang out at restaurants. >> pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> look at that.
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>> indeed. >> 8:21, if you are looking for reliable car, you may want to avoid the american automakers. consumer reports just released the new list of the most reliable vehicles followed by toyota, honda, buick the only in the top ten they rang at number six. well, now could be a good time to get a new car. dealerships try to clear out the last of this year's models, but, as "3 on your side" consumer reporter jim donovan finds, the terms used in automotive adds, and on the car lot, may be confusing. >> new car owner is relieved he doesn't have to figure out all of the jarring and of car ads any more. >> toyed really reserve watch a loft these terms meant. >> terms like all new, redesigned, and refreshed, are often used in advertising, but be aware. there are no federally regulated and no industry wide definitions.
8:23 am
what they mean, may depend on who you ask. the terms, they vary across automakers, it is really, really up to the marketing, not one uniform classification that everybody can slot into >> with some it can mean taking older model, making it pretty much all my. >> sometimes, in order to save money, automakers will basically change the sheet metal, the headlights, the taillights, and then kind of call that maybe an all new car, same engine, same transmission. >> everyone pretty much agrees on the term redesigned. >> existing model that they've had significant upgrades to, as far as it may actually even look completely different. >> another term you may have heard is next generation,
8:24 am
experts say you may not want to get caught up in the marking jargin, instead make a list of the features you need in a car, calculate the price that fits your budget, shop with that in mine. reporting for "3 on your side", i'm jim donovan. >> you're watching "eyewitness news" on cw fill i we'll take short breakment be back in 30 seconds or so. give or take.
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this is cbs "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm ukee washington, investigators un cover dog fighting fling south philadelphia. thirteen pitbulls, some of them puppies, were removed from a home on 29200 block of mifflin street overnight. one dog we're told is missing an eye. all of them are covered with scars. the spca is now waiting for a judge to issue an arrest warrant. >> katie is in the weather center good morning, everybody, what a nice day, coming up. we expect to see full sunshine, couple every clouds, bright blue skies and nice surge on that thermometer. >> does have little bit after green sheen to it here, in some locations, but really just ground clutter, no rain in this forecast here today. 75 degrees, with sunshine, nice and mild, might have you
8:26 am
scratching your head wondering what season we're in here. couple clouds, comfy 58 degrees, sleeping weather actually many tomorrow see few more clouds perhaps shower and few spots, not huge deal with wet weather, and actually still casino every mild. cold front. temperatures take a hit. we see reinforcements come in by the weekend to the point it is so chilly despite some rain, you might even see a few snowflakes mixing in. in a couple of locations, off to the north and west of philadelphia saturday morning. crazy stuff, but there it is, jess, over to you. >> thank you, looking forward to this afternoon, and good morning, everybody, we go outside, and we will see some maps now, an accident taking out northeast philly, bustleton avenue southbound at princeton. school bus involved, thankfully, no children on that school bus, and overturned vehicle, another suv, and police activity on the scene trying to get it cleaned up up and out of the wa, alternate meantime take the roosevelt boulevard. back over to you. >> next update at 8: 55, up next on cbs this morning from new kids on the block to new
8:27 am
cbs comedy. actor joey mcintyre on studio 57 with preview of the mccarthy's. for more local news weather traffic and sports we're on the "cw philly" on these channels. good morning.
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following all morning long, suspect the dog fighting ring, busted, in south philly. a tip led police and the spca officials to a home on the 2200 block of muff lynn street south philadelphia. when they arrived, authorities found five pitbulls, and eight pitbull puppies. not all.
8:30 am
they also recovered evidence like a treadmill, polls, masks, all pointing to dog fighting operation. we were able to retrieve, as you've seen, some treadmills, which is typically used in training, some spring polls, and some other fighting paraphernalia. >> there is cents a look at one of the treadmills that was made out of wood. the dogs are now being evaluated, one of them we're told is missing an eye. all of them, have scars. >> the spca now waiting for a judge to issue arrest warrant. also, breaking right now, this scene looks bad, but no children were hurt after this bus accident in northeast philadelphia. you can see right there, one car ended up on its roof after the crash at bustleton and princeton avenues. happened about an hour and a half ago. "eyewitness news" has learned, there were six students, on that bus, but once again, no injuries. jessica will have the detours for you around the scene coming up in just a now minutes. >> hazing scandal surrounding the football team at cb west high school will be on at jen
8:31 am
did a at district board meeting later tonight. january outside the high school in doylestown right now, with new information, about this investigation. jan, good morning >> police sill investigating, working with the district attorney's offers here in bucks county, and also happening today, expect to go hear from the d.a.'s office, a certain plea to the public, and plea to possible victims of this alleged, to comforted and speak with police. all comes after the allegations first a rose at central bucks west high school. first came to light last thursday, and the jv and varsity football seasons canceled, the coaches suspended, the superintendent of schools has already laid out much of internal investigation, in a letter to parents, superintendent david wetsell says the alleged hazing happened in pre-season, the most personally invasive
8:32 am
activity, he says, required a rookie to grab another players private parts, while fully clothed. now working to gather the fact, they tell us they have yet tonight view players here at cb west. >> if it is of a criminal nature, we will deal with it criminally. it will take some time to get our information together. school board president paul faulkner released this statement ahead of tonight's board meeting, august agreeing with the superintendent's actions. he writes, in part: all involved at the district appreciate the gravity of the situation and firmly believe that the action taken regarding the team and the coaching staff were more than just a -- justified based on violations of code of conduct. tonight's meeting happens here at the high school, at 7:30, reporting live in doylestown, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly".
8:33 am
all right, jan, thank you. >> good news keeps on coming with forecast, kate. >> i certainly does there is will be basically the nicest day that we experience of the next seven, if you're fan of sunshine and fan of mild air, this is the day that you want to take advantage of. and we go outside and show you just one of the more picturesque views that we've got in our live neighborhood network, beach patrol headquarters so quiet. i saw one person walking up and down the beach here enjoying going to get milder and milder from here. look and see why that's happening. storm scan3, granted, some clouds, beginning to roll in from west to east. but generally going to be finding more sunshine as the day progresses here
8:34 am
>> list goes on there is will be one of those days, like classic early fall forecast. right when we've turned the page on summer and started into the fall season, still gets pretty warm outside. so in philadelphia, 75 degrees, later today, 72, at the shore, what a great excuse if you're lucky enough to have the day off. take advantage, hit up the shore points. it is so quiet and so dead down there right now, that, you know, any of the send worse love to see you, and you've got great day to enjoy. 69 degrees, up in the poconos, i mean, this is just beautiful day unfolding here in our area, and again it, may be the last one like it, so, enjoy while you got t jess, over to you. >> thanks, katie. good morning everybody, just little bit after 8:00. little bit after 8:30, and outside right now to northeast philly. this is actually a video we caught earlier from the chon per, where you can see, school bus overturned vehicle, suv, police activity at bustleton and princeton avenue northeast
8:35 am
philadelphia, so alternate to get around that can be out there for quite some time for clean up, just to take the roosevelt boulevard, now we head on out to chester county which is route 100, southbound, just near the 30 bypass. so as everybody heads southbound toward 202, see disable vehicle over on the side, some police activity, few trucks involved with there is as well, as everybody squeezes on by to the left-hand side. and the rest of the majors really slam up this morning, 59 southbound, still real heavy shot from woodhaven roads into the vine st. expressway, will take you 35 minutes from the schuylkill expressway not doing too much better headed eastbound into the vine st. expressway, will also take you 33 minutes. out in montgomery count a crash did he l cab pike, bulled over into the shoulder, ukee, back over to you. >> jess, thank you. the security team responsible for of david cameron are will conduct a review after bumped on the street. captured on camera as well. twenty-eight year old man can be seen colliding with the prime minister did not fall over. authorities quickly took the man down, though, and he was questioned, but is not facing
8:36 am
charges. the scandal ridden rob ford area over in toronto have elected john torrey new mayor. >> ford withdrew from the mayoral race, battling cancer, his brother, doug, ran instead. rob ford though is promising a political come back. >> if four more years, you will see another example of the ford family never, ever, ever giving up. >> scandels marked rob ford areas term including illegal drug use, and public drunkenness. ford's not keep immediately out of politics it, win city council seat. >> 8:36. still ahead this morning, updating top's today stories before you head out the door. >> also, wal-mart gets caught up in a halloween costume controversy. see the outfits that caused uproar among some shoppers.
8:37 am
taylor swift's albumn shooting to the top of the charts on i tune. now the pop star has a new job, you can say, she's in a new york state of mind. other artists out there, don't be haters. just shake it off. girlfriends' on a role. >> we'll be back. good morning.
8:38 am
8:39 am
headlines, breaking news, authorities take more than dozen pitbulls from a south philly home, along with equipment and paraphernalia that is suggesting a dog fighting ring. the spca learned of the dog's through a tip.
8:40 am
also, hazing allegations against a central bucks west football team are the focus of tonight's school board meeting. the board has suspended two coaches, and canceled the rest of the football season. the bunks county d.a. says there could be more possible victims. , lune and leaders say decision on septa strike could come before friday. work verse been without a contract since the spring, one big issue is pensions. a strike would affect buses, subways, trolleys, but not, not the regional rails. residents in a small town on hawaii's big islands are on high alert, as is this lava from the volcano creeps closer to their homes. evacuation advisory is in place for 4,000 residents in the area near the lava flow ganse in june, but it is has gained speed over the past week. so far the lava has burned through fields anselm tears, but no injuries have been reported. police are is her clinic for a woman she is caught on
8:41 am
surveillance in quite a halloween grinch. see the suspect, thursday night, taking decorations off a home, this was on the 1100 block of fitzgerald street, in south philadelphia. the woman then ran, right in front, she has not been seen. if you have any information, you're asked to contact the police. but just walking up and swiping halloween decoration. >> not cool. >> wal-mart apologizing this morning, for something posted un the halloween section of their website. as you can see right there, right-hand corner, listed some of its plus size women's costumes, as quote fat girl costumes. they included clown and witch outfit. store later removed that category from the site, and apologized. >> good morning. >> good morning, erika, we do have a very nice day unfolding out there today. and we are also tracking series of disturbance also send the temperatures on slow decline, but a dramatic one,
8:42 am
so we walk you through this. here is the latest system, see the classic comma shape. the frontal boundary, colds front specifically, draped down here, back through the ohio river valley, back to the mid mississippi valley. the warmfront that has already basically lifted on through. that is why. we will heat up as easily as we're expecting here today. but then, the next disturbance comes along, and i got to tell you with every new model run this thing is looking more and more impressive. it is expected to rapidly intensify, but bring more than anything dramatic drop on the thermometer readings, looking at anything from ten to 15 degrees below average, in terms of our temperature readings by this upcoming weekend, but at this point, it looks like it may be some steadier rain on saturday, especially, perhaps for some of you even few wet snowflakes. ya, few wet snowflakes could even mix in. it will not stick or have chance to accumulate, though. just not cold enough for that yet. it is cold enough air masses to produce. that will meanwhile, we take you forward here in the eyewitness weather three day forecast, gorgeous day on tap. enjoy this while you can. we may not see another day
8:43 am
like it for the rest of the year. 68 degrees tomorrow. despite the passage of relatively weak looking cold front, so there will be shower around because of that. and we hit 06 degrees, with full sunshine behind that front, leading into thursday, specifically. meanwhile, guys, if you love watching the weather, we just launched a brand new exciting program that lets you actually become a part of the eyewitness weather team. it is called the weather watchers network. it is easy to help us out. take a look here. >> always tracking rains, miles, lows. latest technology to bring ac rays toy our forecast. now we're expanding our tools to share the conditions from your backyard to a backyard more than 100 miles away. the eyewitness weather watcher network. eyes on the ground reports from all across the region from the shore line to the mountains and every town inbetween. our weather watchers are report coming some gloomy conditions. >> hyper local observations in real time, from your neighborhood, whether you're
8:44 am
in warminster or williamstown, medford or montgomeryville, we have a weather watcher nearby keeping us informed, and making our forecast even better. and it is certainly is something that we rely on you for here to help us out. if you're interested in being a weather watcher, sign up right now by heading to our website for all of the info that you need, and the form, to sign up. we will show you an example whatever our current watchers have been brinking in for thus morning. few newer observations, here's one, 45 degrees, the temperature being reported by kevin wilson, in havertown, pa, a very light winds, but northerly component to the win flow. and he's actually got weather station reporting barometric pressure at 30.12. and falling. meanwhile, up in near the warminster area specifically in hatboro, pa, kyle higgins sent this in over the last few hours, 43 degrees, bright sunshine, beautiful there, in hatboro. we take you awe cross the delaware river here to mt. laurel, new jersey, where hal, apologies if i'm saying it wrong, let knee know the
8:45 am
pronunciation of your last name as we move forward here, 47 degrees, full sunshine in mt. laurel. we low love for you to be part of the program. for all of the information you need. >> 8:45, we go outside, show you video from incident that we recorded from chopper three, little earlier this morning, about hour and a half ago. out in northeast philadelphia, this is bustleton avenue in princeton avenue. where you can see school bus involved, with an s.u.v., overturned vehicle, there is police activity on the scene trying to get that cleaned up and out of the way. but will be out there for quite some time. so we give you an alternate, so far to get around that, the best bet to take the roosevelt boulevard. out in chester county route 100, just near the 30 bypass, there is a disable vehicle, police activity over on the scene, truck even pulled over into taking out part of the right hand shoulder. and right-hand lane. as everybody kind of squeezes on by headed southbound toward 202. otherwise the rest of the majors really still slammed up, real busy morning so far. ninety-five southbound still real heavy from the woodhaven road in to the vine st.
8:46 am
expressway, 39 minute trip. the schuylkill expressway not doing too much better headed eastbound from the blue route into the vine st. expressway will take but half hour to do. that will an accident out in montgomery county, dekalb pike, at bell run, look for local detours, police activity on the scene trying to get you out of the way over there. but don't forget when i'm not around still get updated information about traffic backups with the new your drive app. you can download the app for iphone and android devices by going to /your drive. erika? >> thank you, women, story they'll be telling for years, group of arizona firemen, responds to home not for a fire though but rather to rescue a horse from a swimming pool. >> what's more, the horse was snoring, sound asleep during the entire ordeal. jeannie most has the story. >> reporter: horses are known to snore. even ponies' in my lilly pony. but you don't expect to hear a horse snore as he's being
8:47 am
rescued from falling into a pool. one, two, three. >> storms an arabian stall yan, who is allowed to roam the backyard. >> come on, stormy, are you coming to play the game? >> it home in mess a, arizona no one saw him fall into the pool. but the grandson of stormy's owner heard the splash. and then the horse began to thrash. >> his head was banking against the deck, and i mean, we're talking hard. >> he's just completely freaking out. >> he's freaking out. >> mark says they called 911, and when the maces a fire department arrived? >> that was probably the most interesting horse call i've ever been on. >> they called a vet to tranquilize the horse. managed to get his head on to the deck. it was cents a close call for stormy. according to the vet. >> when he took his temperature, he said that is the coldest i've ever seen a living horse. >> 92 degrees. one hundred is normal.
8:48 am
>> now what? >> but the rescue was a snooze. at least for the horse. >> okay. >> he snored through the whole thing. even when they dragged him across the lawn. >> now essay sleep. >> like a puppy dog. >> despite his traumatic two-hour dip in the pool, stormy has recovered. >> the most sweet, most gentle horse. we're so glad he's all right. >> stormy. now known for snoring up a storm. jeannie moos. >> he says get my good side. >> new york. >> oh, between that ordeal and the sedation, i guess i would snore, too. >> hey, you know, vet comes and knocks you out. >> knocks you out. oh, my goodness. >> everybody's okay. >> and how about the first responders, now what? >> i know, what do we do? >> everything shall everybody's okay. that's cool.
8:49 am
good morning.
8:50 am
are you worried about ebola, or do you have another health related question? if so, three's on your side, we're hosting a docs on call phone bank, happening this afternoon. doctors cents from the pennsylvania medical society will be here in the cbs broadcast center, answering your questions about general health issues. the time for this, 5:00 to
8:51 am
6:30. go ahead, give us a call. ♪ >> welcome to new york isn't only just a song title. off of taylor swift's new albumn. >> the singer just named new york city's global women come ambassador for tourism. along with becoming the face of the big apple, steadily promoting her first pop albumn. just released 1989. it is called. you can catch taylor right after "eyewitness news" tonight on the late show with david letterman, on sister station, cbs-3, girlfriends' bus. >> i indeed. that's her birth year in 89? >> hey, new mom shakira, has new this morning, too. releasing new line of baby toys, just in time for the holidays. she is getting some help from fisher price, making things like bouncers, and also, blocks, all of the proceeds from these toys will benefit the barefoot foundation, it helps pay for education and food for children in her native country of columbia a
8:52 am
shakira herself also pregnant right now and has a one year old son. well, good news to passalong to fans of popular new cbs shows. the network just ordered more episodes for all four of the hits, score yo, secretary, ncis new orleans, stalker. sting around for the full season. catch all of the shows on sister station, cbs-3. they're all great. >> and never too late to catch up. >> that's right. never too late. >> here's kate. >> i i love madam secretary, just saying, that's an awesome show if you want to get into a real good one. 50 degrees currently at filled international. little cooler through the outlying suburbs, specially northern half of the delaware valley. so, what to wear? i would dress in layers, guys. you know, light jacket, a fleece, a sweatshirt, hitting the road this morning. you will be able to shed it later on today. because it is going to be so mild. 75 degrees, by the height of the afternoon, this might as well be early fall, where it is nice and warm in the afternoon, then just little
8:53 am
cool in the morning. that's exactly what we have going on, might be last day like this for the rest of the year. >> oh, i hate when you say. that will but i look forward to it, still going to be nice. good morning, guys. northeast philly video from chopper three recorded about an hour and a half or so earlier this morning. bustleton avenue southbound at princeton avenue. see school bus involved, overturned vehicle, another vehicle police activity on the scene g trying to get that clean up. we go over to the maps actually, show you the alternate. take the roosevelt boulevard, if you are want to get on and around that. that will be out there for quite some time for clean up. also chester county, rot with you hundred, southbound just near the 30 bypass, disabling vehicle, police activity pushed over to the right-hand side. headed southbound, toward 202, where you will see most of the problems. but travel times, the rest of the majors, still jammed, real heavy on 95 and the suing schuylkill predominant part of the morning. >> we've seen it before but haven't seen it like. >> this the morning commute moves to the beat after different drum nerve rockville, indianna. check out indianna state police trooper, he's in that
8:54 am
area known as the dancing trooper. you can see why, if you look at your television. presley says he learned the move as a members of the mark band, at jackson state, and he said it helps relax drivers. how can you not be relaxing? >> oh, come on. that's great. he says after 16 years doing this, directing traffic, his favorite job. >> how about that? jackson state has a great marching band, too. >> do the traffic? >> thanks for watching
8:55 am
good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. breaking news right now, northeast philadelphia. luckily, no children were hurt, in a early morning school bus accident. chopper three over bustleton and princeton avenues around 7:00 this morning. you can see one car there flipped right over, and another wedged against a front of the bus. "eyewitness news" has learned there were six students, on that bus, at the time, but once again, the good news here, there were no injuries. your forecast with kate, could be the last real toasty day all year? >> yes, and last real nice day that's toasty, too. you know, we are actually going to stay relatively mild into tomorrow. there is a difference, that changes with our pattern here, which we'll discuss. we start it off by showing you the good news here. storm scan3, granted, few
8:56 am
clouds rolling through, but we call this day mostly sunny day, because the warmfront that's responsible for the warming trend, on the thermometer, continues to lift through. that's where these clouds come from. but so beautiful outside. scratching your head like what season are we in? 57 degrees, comfortable sleeping weather tonight. if you do want to for go that heating, you can do so, here today, and tomorrow, also, relatively mild. but you can see that downhill slope here. with thermometer readings with time. two separate disturbances, cold front tomorrow, another rapidly intensifying system comes in, friday late night into saturday. so for the trick-or-treaters i think we're looking okay for now. >> good to know i won't be trick-or-treating this year, little over. that will thanks, good morning, everybody, we touch on this accident, actually out in northeast philly, bustleton at princeton avenue. take an alternate to get around there. your best bet so far this morning will be to take the roosevelt boulevard. and out on route 100 in chester county, you can see some disabled vehicles, police activity on the scene, some trucks pulled over into the right hand shoulder taking out part of the right hand lane near the 30 bypass, as they
8:57 am
head southbound toward 202, see slow going as they squeeze on by to the left hand side. erika, over to you. >> thank you, that's "eyewitness news" for now. talk philly coming up at noon. i'm erika von tiehl. hope you have a great day.
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