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tv   Action News 530 AM  ABC  August 23, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 5:30, saturday, august 23. a bizarre shooting in philadelphia leaves a man fighting for his life and his mother arrested for pulling the trigger. an elderly man walks out of a harrisburg prison free two decades after being convicted of killing his own daughter.
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labor dispute, mayor nutter signed off with the city's largest union. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. chris, no pressure. >> reporter: we only have two weekends left. >> exactly. >> reporter: it's a 50/50 weekend. it's not great, but it's not bad. it's defnltly dark out there, it's a sure sign of the seasons getting ready to change here and we are starting to move from summer to fall. there's the view. of the days are getting short and the nights getting longer. yesterday we were stuck in the 70s for the 5th time this month which is unusual, especially for august. most locations are in the 60s. we're not climbing very high today. we'll have cloud cover that will keep us in the mid 70s as well. majors creek 64. cinnaminson, same number,
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glassboro, 64. buena, 63 degrees. back door cold front stretches across central pennsylvania and that will allow for showers to erupt from time to time. we're not expecting anything too terribly heavy. there's a flood at advisory, thanks to that cell. as this is diving south and east, this will fall apart, we're looking at clouds, saturday, maybe a -- as a result, maybe a passing shower. we'll have a cooler high of 77 degrees, when i come back in a bit i'll have the warmer numbers in the 5 day at 5:00. the action cam was at the scene of 57 mcmap street. a are 45-year-old man opened fire on his mother and his
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mother picked up a gun and returned fire wounding the man in the stomach. so far no word on why the son tried to shoot his mother. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting in the juniata park section. it happened at o and east luzerne streets last night. a man in his 30s was hit twice in the head. he was pronounced at temple university hospital. police have no suspects or motives for that shooting. a bensalem teen could spend 80 years in prison after being convicted of the rape and sexual assault of ten girls over a two year period. the trial came to a quick close of all his ten victims testing. initially he was charged as a juvenile for assaulting five girls when he was a teenager, but charged as an adult as more victims stepped forward.
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the defendant tried to say these were consental facts. >> the jury believed the girls and called him what he called himself, a rapest. >> he never took the stand in his own defense, he'll be back in front of the court in 90 days for sentencing. a 79-year-old man walked out of the pennsylvania courtroom yesterday a free man after spending 24 years in prison. he was convicted in 1990 of starting a fire that killed his daughter, yesterday the judge ruled that the arson science that led to lee's conviction was flawed. many other people in prison may benefit from this ruling. >> this case is one of a handful so far and there will be
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an avalanche soon of cases where the same junk science was used to convict innocent people of arson. >> lee hassles maintained his innocence, saying the fire was an accident. prosecutors say other evidence points to a guilt. the city of philadelphia and blue collar workers reached a tentative agreement on a labor deal five years after the contract expired. >> the members will overwhelming vote for this contract. pete matthews and mayor nutter signed a 7 year tentative agreement that's retroactive july in 2009 and expires in 2016. it includes two wage increases and police will contribute more to the pension and the city will
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give a 20 million-dollar boost to healthcare. the union will agree to a temporary layoff in nick -- economic crisis. last january the city gave their final offer and threatened to sue the union if they did not comply. the battle began in 2009 when the recession hit. since then the largest municipal union had no contract and they you put up a very vocal fight. >> it was a battle our members stood up for, they have been working every day, not going on strike, through the blizzard through the snow. >> reporter: matthews confirms that the bid for the democratic national convention played a role, but in the coming months they can begin the new
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negotiations on a new contract with a new mayor. >> trains will shuttle back and forth on a single track so crews can work on the in order of the bridge. it wasn't scheduled until after labor day. it is expected to run until october 21. three men hailed heros after they jumped into a action a woman suffered a heart attack and drove into cobbs creek, dann cuellar has the story. >> you saved our sister, we appreciate it. and you can feel the love here in the room. >> reporter: it turns out 60-year-old shirley allison is the heart and soul of this line
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dancing community at a big part of this line dancing convention. allison suffered a massive heart ray tack and lost control of her suv which plunged into the murky waters of cobbs creek. the vehicle landed upside, three men who were passing by jumped into action pulling allison who was unconscious, out of the wreckage. >> i didn't know if she was alive or air pocket or what, i don't know, i flipped into rescue mode. >> reporter: they didn't know how to perform cpr, but to no avail. and gave up, and then they tried again. >> and she came to. >> we wanted to say thank you.
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>> reporter: although allison remains in stable, but critical condition at the hospital of university of pennsylvania, she is expected to pull through, and for the men who saved her life, that's wonderful news. >> i'm overwhelmed by the situation, i haven't eaten right, i'm happy we're here for the same calls. >> reporter: instead of mourning the loss of shirley allison at their annual line dancing gala, they are mourning the men who saved her -- they are honoring e men who saved her life. >> charles ramsey takes the ice bucket challenge with a cup. >> reporter: it's not going to feel like the end of august, not this weekend, highs stuck in the # 0s, we warning up nicely next week, i'll ha .
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>> more than 125 firefighters battled a brushfire in california. high flames and thick black smoke could be seen on burbank boulevard. no word on what started. between 8 and ten acres burned, but fortunately no structures were damaged. they are dealing with the drought out there, which is not
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helping that situation at all. >> reporter: they are moving into a wetter type of year. this is the dry season for them. hopefully they will get moisture soon. what we have around here is moisture which we don't need around here. storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see the greens pushing in upper montgomery and bucks county. every now and then we start to see that shade of yellow popping up. i don't want to say it's a steady downpour, it's not too heavy. it's a little heavier than out here, places like macungie, and bally, are reporting some heavier stuff. it should be over the delaware river in the next hour. because of a back door cold front that's setting across the is you say with susquehanna valley, and central
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portions of pennsylvania that will keep the clouds locked in place pretty good this afternoon of every now and then with that onshore breeze you'll pick up a scattered shower. we'll call it a 50/50 weekend with tomorrow brightening up a little bit. future tracker 6, we're locked in pretty good. every now and then you may see a glimpse or peek of sunshine we're expecting cloudy skies, a hit or miss shower, nothing too heavy, just enough to keep it gray and gloomy out there. first thing tomorrow morning it will look different, a lot more in the way of sunshine and comfortable day in the low 80s. reading, 64. millville, 63. trenton 66. 71 seems to be the popular number on the oceanfront. dew points even though temperatures are hanging out in the mid 70s, it will not feel that comfortable, because documents are high, they are running in the low to mid 60s.
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we'll call it slightly humid to occasionally moderately humid. lehigh valley, morning showers, otherwise it's a cloudy day, 77 degrees is the forecasted high up there. jersey shore, atlantic city, lots of clouds, easterly breezes developing that will keep the highs in the mid 70s, that will rough things up up on the surf. we'll see waves 3 to 5 feet. occasionally you'll see sunshine and you'll see a pop-up shower, philadelphia clouds and limited sun, if you see any consider yourself lucky. 77 degrees is the forecasted high, normally we should be around 85. wind out of the northeast at 10 to 15 miles per hour. we'll top out at 77 degrees by 3:00 p.m. keep in mind at any point in the afternoon there could be a hit or miss shower we're not anticipating anything too terribly heavy. overnight tonight, cool, 58 degrees in the outlying suburbs, 63 for center city with a diminishing wind.
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refill in many states that means only doctors can write the prescription. the new rules would classify the drug putting it in the same category as cocaine. healthy happy meals bill will call for kids meals to have no matter than 500 calories and 60 milligrams of sodium. running and weight loss, some thing it's the key to dropping pounds, but that's not
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the case. abbey budro has some important tips. >> reporter: some experts say you may thing running helps push away extra pounds, well it doesn't. former football player says you may have to mix up your running material. >> if you're doing the same thing 3 times a week, your body will adopt to that. you have to do hill it is and speeds. >> reporter: that happened for these women. >> when you started adding other thing to the workout, beyond the treadmill what did you see? >> i lost over 30 pounds. >> reporter: healthy eating and resistance training combined with running is key. if you're not losing weight,
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you're not running enough. >> i run 3 miles. >> i run 7. >> 7 everyday? >> three times a week. >> challenge yourself. >> reporter: pay attention to your heart rate. >> if you go above 84% of your max heart rate you'll continue to burn fat in the future. >> reporter: if you're anything like me after a long run, you've experienced the post workoutle pigout. >> it's not a pass to go eat a pizza. >> reporter: advice, i guess i'll take, not even a bite
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>> welcome back, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us this morning into wilmington, delaware, the sun is still not up yet, it's still dark outside,
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5:54, 69 degrees right now.not fannie mae is forecasting fewer home sales. harsh winter weather had hampered housing starts in the first half of this year. the mortgage giant predicts 955,000 housing starts this year. that number is down from its july forecast of over a million and up modestly from last year. taco bell features 11 new items priced at a dollar. there's mini chicken quesadilla. it comes when other fast food chains shift away from dollar menus. time for saving with 6abc, nydia han has a round up of some of the best places to get freebies and insiders tips for both of them. the folks at consumer
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reports shop smart checked out a number of lists. here's the insiders tip sign up for text alerts and be among the first to hear about new offers. text free flies alert 40404. last year they gave way macy gift cards. it's it's up to date freebies. click birthday freebies for an expensive frequently updated list. hunt for freebies is best for coupons. of follow them on twitter for the latest offers. if you're craving free beauty products, i crave
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check out pinch, choose a product from one of its leading brands and pinch me will deliver it to you for free. we put links on, again our thanks to the consumer reports smart shop folks for all the info. one warning before you go, you have to sign up and provide an e-mail for some of the free websites. i recommend you set up a separate e-mail for this type of thing and online shopping. that way your regular e-mail doesn't get flooded with junk mail. a new york woman finds what's buzzing in her walls. the cookie monster proposes to his gir
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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., saturday, august 23. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." quick verdict a bucks county jury finds a teenager guilty of sexually assaulting ten young girls. the streets of ferguson
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were quiet overnight, as the officer patrols making waves for his inadam tear comments. cool like fall, the question is will it last. we don't want it to last. i mean it's the last two weeks of summer. >> reporter: it's the time of year when the average highs do uncrease. eva makes a good point we're running out of weekends here, we only have two weekends left and the unofficial end of summer is here. we have to make them count. there's the view down in cape may. it's not going to be a bad day down the shore, but it's not going to be a great day on the beach. it will be hard to soak in the sun, there could be a passing shower from time to time. temperatures are in the 60s except for the oceanfront where you're hanging out around 71 degrees in sea isle city, as well as the boardwalk in atlantic city, poconos 60. him reading, 65. ph
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