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tv   Action News  ABC  October 2, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EDT

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that is when the unthinkable happened. the seven year-old boy was hit by a car, and then killed. it is wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is traffic tragedy in tioga nicetown in philadelphia. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live with the accident investigations division of philadelphia police and kenneth, you've got the the full story. >> reporter: jim, the five two-year old driver of that vehicle walked out of a id just a few hours ago. he and others on the street say they did what they could to try to save the little boy. the sound of anguish rippled through this tioga nicetown neighborhood the family of the seven year-old boy watched investigators examine the car that struck and kill him. >> i heard tires screech and then little girl scream, no. >> reporter: philadelphia police say around 4:00p m wednesday the boy was with his mother and sisters walking home from school on the 3600 block of north 15th street near erie avenue. when he walk between two
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parked cars in the street. this buick le saber ran over him, the driver stopped but witnesses say because he was unsure of what he hit man started to backup, and injuring the child even more. this neighbor who does not want to be identified said he and the driver used a carjack to try to lift the vehicle off the boy. >> i knew he was down. i didn't know whether he would be responsive or not but you someone was on the phone with 911. >> reporter: distraught five two-year old driver taken to accident investigations for questioning, spoke with "action news" off camera. he said he just didn't see the boy and didn't want to say anymore out of respect for young victim's family. >> there is no apparent motive. it was very unfortunate that the child wandered in the street. it is a bad situation all the way around. >> reporter: neighbors sidney richberg ran out of her home to console the boy's sister. >> there is in words to describe what i just experienced. i never experienced anything like that. i really feel sorry for the
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family. >> reporter: police say that this fatal accident is still under investigation. they have in the released the names of the the driver or the boy who was killed. reporting live from north philadelphia tonight, kenneth moton for channel six "action news". a canadian company is betting that it can turn the failed revel casino into a winner. it just bought the property at auction for 110 million-dollar. brookfield asset management, out bid florida real estate developer glenn straub, even at that price tag brookfield is getting atlantic city is most expensive and new resort for about 5 cents on the dollar. the company has a history of running casinos, the hard rock in las vegas and atlantic paradise island in the bohamas. there are some questions about the company's financial stability, and the final approval will have to come from a bankruptcy court judge next week but for revel's 3,000 laid off workers there is already enough cause for
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anticipation. >> we're assuming they will rehire all of the workers at revel and laid off when it closed. >> we're crossing our fingers and not banking on it yet but we're hopeful this is a good step forward. >> despite glimmer on have hope there remains another casino closure, trump taj mahal may close november 13th. investigators have come to the conclusion that the the fire that kill ceo of cooper health system and his wife was intentionally set. "action news" reporter sharrie williams is live from the satellite center, sharrie, despite this information, so many questions, yet to be answered. >> reporter: jim, investigators say they won't rest until they get all of the information and get it all right. a number of agencies now working this case, one official actually calling it april exhaustive investigation. then today this major development that someone intentionally set this fire, the lingering question is who set on purpose , that is the
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ruling of the fire that erupted at the the home of cooper health ceo john sheridan and his wife joyce. somerset county prosecutor's office made the announcement today. fire fighters responded to a 911 fire call, sunday morning, at their home on meadow run drive-in montgomery township. the the blaze was contained to their upstairs master bedroom but authorities haven't said whether the fire caused their deaths. and how the fire started has yet to be answered. but "action news" sources say that there is no evidence of an intruder. seven two-year old john sheridan died at the scene while his 69 year-old wife died at the hospital. before taking over cooper, john sheridan served as state transportation commish another in the kean administration and credited with helping revive camden. his wife was a retired schoolteacher. the arson ruling was released to day ape so was the statement by their four boys. it reads in part the the death of our parents has left a hole in our hearts and family that can never be filled.
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we cannot fathom much less explain the circumstances of their passing. the couple leaves behind those four boys and also, several grandchildren. we will likely learn more about how the sheridans died, jim, when autopsies are released. live from the satellite center, sharrie williams for chan will he will six "action news". thanks, sharrie. philadelphia police are probing a bizarre, and deadly hammer attack tonight. witnesses in kensington say that an older man and a younger female relative for the to the death at 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. when officers arrived on the 2800 block of east cambria they found a 60 year-old man lying dead and a 26 year-old woman with a fractured skull. the female victim is in stable condition at temple university hospital. it was september 19th, when a knife carrying man jump the fence at the white house, scampered across the lawn, got in through the front door and made it all the way to the east room. this and the subsequent
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revelation that president obama shared an elevator with an armed private guard who wasn't authorized to be there has cost the head of the secret service her job. director julia pierson resigned today, one day after her poorly received testimony yesterday on capitol hill. and the fact that lawmakers were losing confidence that the president and his family were being properly protected. the white house spokesmen explained pierson's departure this way. >> she believed it was in the best interest of the agency to which she has dedicatedded her career and the president conclude that had new leadership of that agency was required. >> the investigation continues into exactly how an experienced weapons instructor accidentally shot and killed a young pennsylvania state trooper yesterday. trooper david kedra had been in the state police for just a little bit more than two years. he was attending firearms training yesterday at the montgomery county public safety training campus, in conshohocken, and sources tell "action news" that the gun that the instructor was
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handling misfired. the bullet struck kedra in the chest. today his collogues recalled a young man filled with dedication to his job. >> he was extremely proud to be a pennsylvania state trooper and he showed it. no matter the severity of any type of call or whoever responded you could count on him being there even they he didn't have to be. >> trooper kedra was just 26 years old. two state troopers suffered minor injuries tonight while searching for suspect cop killer eric frein. ongoing manhunt has paralyzed an area in the poconos near frein's home in candances. today state gaming condition banned hunting and trapping in seven townships just as the deer archery season is about to begin. some business owners say they are worried that the search will hurt tourism but officials say all of the hotels and resorts are opened, that the search area is just five square miles out of 2400. no doubt those fallen
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troopers were on the mind of our region's top law enforcement officers as they gathered tonight for annual awards of valor ceremony. more than 40 police officers, fire fighters and corrections officers received awards for act of bravery in the line of duty. the event took place at the national liberty museum in center city philadelphia. still to come on "action news" tonight there is concern over how america's first ebola case was handled and why the the patient was sent home the first time, he went to the hospital. plus on this first day of breast cancer awareness month advice honorary duesing your risk, cecily. we have had a dry seasonal first day of august but this front slicing from the midwest will bring us a wet the start to the weekend and then a big cool down. i'll have have details in the the accu weather forecast. plus how a bucks county community stood autopsy begins gay bashing tonight and jeff skversky hear from his lesean mccoy about his slow and frustrating start to the season. that and much more when
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"action news" continues tonight.
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there are new questions tonight about why a man diagnosed with ebola in texas was initially sent home from the hospital. thomas duncan was visiting family when he became sick, he went right to the hospital but he was not admitted. his sister says he told a nurse he was visiting from liberia but that nurse never pass that had information along. three days later he was taken back to the hospital fighting for his life. investigators are now monitoring more than a dozen people that is containment or contact with including several children. health officials are trying to determine if the entero virus played a role in the deaths of four people. a a ten year-old girl in rhode island is the latest fatality. doctors say she also suffered from a bacterial infection.
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in new jersey, four more children have confirmed cases of entero virus, two in burlington county, the others are in camden and morris counties. possession of small amounts of marijuana will no longer send suspects to jail in philadelphia mayor michael nutter signed a land mark bill today allowing police to ticket offenders instead of arresting them. people caught with an ounce or less of the drug will to have pay a $25 fine. the violations won't be part of their criminal record. though this may free up burden of low level drug suspects in the court system, mayor nutter reiterated that mar juan ace still illegal and people who smoke in public will to have pay a hundred dollars fine or do community service, this law takes effect october 20th. three bucks county residents charged in that attack on a gay couple in philadelphia, dozens of bucks county citizens gathered tonight at the the courthouse to call for love, over hate. "action news" reporter walter perez has the story.
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>> reporter: more than a hundred people gathered in the name of peace, on the front lawn of the bucks county courthouse. but they came with a stern message as well, a message that attacking anyone because of their sexuality or gender identity is socially and morally reprehensible. karen, a close friend of the gays couple brutally beaten in philadelphia last month, read a statement from one of the victims, part of which directly addressed the alleged attackers. >> you butchered my boyfriend's beautiful face. you violated our rights. you jeopardized our health and safety. >> reporter: for people attending this rally will tell you the primary reason they are here is to push for passage of the senate bill 42 and house bill 177, which would expand pennsylvania's hate crime law to include the lgbt community. bucks county state senator chick mcill henie says he has a hard time believe that the 2002, pennsylvania hate crime law, which covered the lgbt community, was struck down, on a technicality.
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>> i think tragedy that is happening in philadelphia just a short while ago highlights the fact that we need to reauthority act 143 of 2002 bark in fat. >> he is also hopeful that lawmakers in harrisburg will get a bill to expand the hate crime law on the governor's desk by the end of the year. meantime while three people have been arrested in connection with the attack in center city, karen says that the victim's remain on liquid diets due to the severity of the beatings they took to the faces and jaws. despite that though they are in good spirits. >> they have just been overwhelmed, by the response of the community. they are so encourage. they are just really enthusiastic to see legislators stepping in and making these changes and it is huge. >> reporter: reporting from doylestown, walter perez for channel six "action news". a jury has found a florida man guilty of first degree murder for fatally shooting a teenager, after an argument over loud music. this case has been known to have racial over tones from
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the very outset. michael dunk who is white, fired ten shots into an suv park outside a jacksonville convenient store, in november of 2012. seventeen year-old jordan davis, who was african-american was killed. dunn testified he thought the his life was in danger. peaceful pro democracy demonstrations continue in hong kong, as protesters are opposing the decision by beijing government that candidates for hong kong's top political post must be approved by a committee in beijing. in washington secretary of state john kerry told china's foreign minister that the u.s. believes hong kong should have the highest degree of ought ton my. president obama hosted israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the the white house but it is what happened afterwards that is raising eyebrows tonight. in a blunt rebuck the obama administration warned that the plans to go ahead with a controversial housing development in east jerusalem would distance israel from
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even its closest allies and would raise questions about its commitment to seek peace. breast cancer awareness month began today. so for "action news" health check at 11:00 we have proven ways to reduce your risk. watch your weight. as waist line grow so does the chance for developing the diseases specially after menopause. eating well is key but exercise, as well. experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate activity, at least five days a week and strength training twice a week. of course, don't smoke. limit alcohol, to one drink a day. the cancer risk rises the the more you drink. harmone therapy after menopause should be avoided if possible. breast-feeding a child on the other hand may offer some protection. lastly, get screened. ask your doctor how often mammograms or other tests make sense for you. at early detection is vital to
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succeed full treatment. we're all good information for everybody. >> exactly. >> lets go to that accu weather forecast, meteorologist cecily tynan. >> we started october 1st, 4 days of october will be dry and comfortable but then things change as we head in the weekend. storm tracker six live double scan showing dry conditions tonight and the action cam is taking a look at love park where the fountain is pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month which began today. we are off to a comfortable start in october. sixty-five in philadelphia our high 73. that is 1 degree above average. so right around where we should be for this time of the year. allentown 60. trenton 60. millville has dropped down to 58 degrees. wilmington 64. sea isle city currently 63 degrees. satellite six with action radar is showing low pressure off the coast of new england. this tossed some clouds our way and isolated showers across berks county this evening but this low pressure is beginning to weaken and
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push out to sea. so tomorrow will be a pretty nice day. we will start the day with low clouds, perhaps a little bit of drizzle but by the afternoon this unshinies back and temperatures, just slightly above normal up to 47 degrees. that is 2 degrees above normal. friday a nice day wind shift out of the south. that will pull up warmer air, 75 degrees. partly sunny skies. but this cold front will bring rain late friday night, through the first half of the day on saturday and then behind that, a real chill for sunday. future tracker is showing sat date morning you will wake up and good amount of rain across the region with a few pockets of heavy rain. it looks like that would be out of here by mid afternoon. so, if you can shift your outdoor plans to the afternoon, the afternoon is looking brighter then saturday morning. tomorrow morning though we will see some clouds at 7:00. 58 degrees. by 10:00 o'clock 64, partly sunny skies. by 1:00, 70.
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by 4:00 mostly sunny skies with a high of 74. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast morning clouds, afternoon sunshine tomorrow, a high of 74 degrees. friday, nice partly sunny skies 75 degrees but that rain moves in late friday night after midnight, right through lunchtime on saturday so wet start to the day by the afternoon, we should see some sunshine west of philadelphia, 69 degrees. on sunday the rain is out of here we will see good amount of sunshine but the high only 64 degrees. that is more typical ovulate october, great weather for the football game and temperatures back in the lower 07's by next week. monday and tuesday a possibility of some showers. weekend will not be a wash out but saturday morning is looking very soggy. >> thanks, cecily. celebration of service took place at cathedral basilica have of saints peter and paul in center city philadelphia members of the philadelphia archdiocese said good bye this evening to bishop daniel thomas, he has been name the head of the
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diocese of toledo. bishop thomas is a graduate of row map catholic high school and serves several local parishes. he will formally take over his new post later this month. unique auction to raise machine toy combat homelessness kick off tonight at marketplace tea sign center in center city. it is called take a seat. local designers gave their time and talent to turn every day chairs into works of art. they will be on display at several locations until october 10th and funds raised will benefit project home. jimmy kimmel live coming up at 11:35 right here after "action news" and here's jim which a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks, jim, hello philadelphia here's what we have got on tap for tonight's, will you make it or buy the costume. >> i make the costumey don't know. >> making a costume for five years old, when is this over.
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the eagles are showing their support for breast cancer awareness month, the solar wings at the link which faces i-95 is lit up in pink tonight, instead of the normal, eagles green. one particular philadelphia eagle is had a frustrating start to his season. >> hopefully can getting sunday. rams allowed a hundred yard rush inner every game so far. hopefully he can run wild on sunday. he is frustratedded and rightfully so. eagles running back lesean mccoy is averaging 2.7 yards per carry, the worst mark of
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his career. but he is not blaming the the offensive line but putting it on himself. maybe new cleats will get him going. shady sporting pink spikes in honor of breast cancer awareness month. he plans to wear them sunday against st. louis. mccoy is coming off worse game ever as a starter in the nfl. take a lot his numbers compared to this time last year. only 192 yards rushing, less than half of the amount this time last year when he went on to win the rushing title. >> i feel confident in my game. i mean i know who i am, the teams that we play they know what type of player i am. that doesn't bother me. i can't answer the reason why we can't get the running game going. i'm not going to. i'm not going to fight that battle. it is what it is. hopefully it changes. i still prepare the same way. >> let's hope he is right. jeremy maclin returns to practice after sitting out yesterday. center jason kelce remains out as he works his way back from
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hernia surgery. it has been painful for kelce to miss this time. he is expect to be out two months. >> would i like to be back, you tenth want to be back when you are in the good enough to be out there helping the team. there is in risk of reinjury or anything lake that. >> we will see, as soon as it is safe and you know i'm ready to come back and help the team out i will get out there. >> how about darren sproles, first player in nfl history to window fence i have and special teams player of the week in the first month of the season. sprawls, honored for this week after that 82-yard punt return sunday in san francisco, we are when you find clothes you love, you want them to last. so, why risk ruining the way they fit? try woolite. woolite's not just for delicates... it's for your everyday clothes. this! because it has the right balance of cleaning and care. unlike other detergents, woolite with fiber-flex technology won't cause stretching, keeping that perfect fit,
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wash after wash. don't take a chance. trust woolite.
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former flyers first round pick scott lawton will not make their opening day roster. lawton with shane, are sent down to the minors today. nerlens noel and sixers back at stockton college for training camp today. joe he will embiid restricted just to that chair as he recovers from the foot injury. kj mcdaniels join the team for practice after that contract dispute kept him out of camp yesterday. >> you know, they asked me bit. we will go over it. and, it took a long time to get it taken care of but we came to an agreement and i hepp to be here longer. so i'm looking forward to everything. >> good news for phillies pitcher cliff lee he can begin a throwing program next month and he is expect to be ready for spring training. so is catcher carlos ruiz who had surgery on his left shoulder.
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jimmy rollins peers to be feeling just fine look at j rolling around the dance floor today. rollins and his wife at george child middle will school in south philadelphia to spread the importance of healthy eating. >> how about the national league wild car game tonight, one game playoff between san francisco and pittsburgh, san francisco brandon crawford, the grand slam, in the fourth, and that is that. take a look at this final, not enclose tonight, eight to nothing the giants, madison baumgartner a complete game shut out for san francisco and they will face the nationals and jason werth next, in the divisional series. >> jeff, thank you. wilt the the stilt is now wilt the the stamp. the postal service is immortal icing one of philadelphia's greatest athletes with limited addition forever stamps. appropriately for 7-foot one wilt chamberlain the stamps are extra long. one shows hall of fame inner a philadelphia warriors uniform and another one the in the lakers jersey.
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chamberlain also played for sixers for three years. >> and globetrotters. >> and the globeys. >> stamps will be formally dedicated at a sixers game on december 5th. jimmy kimmel live next followed by night line. jimmy's guest tim allen and anna gun and music from the adam brothers. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cyst lie tynan, jeff skversky, ducis rodgers and the up tire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪ "action news" is sponsored in part by elkins chevrolet, south jersey's premiere chevy dealership featuring 2014 silverado, visit elkins on route 37 in marlton
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he befriended her andictim gained her confidence and then it turned bad. the fear that the pimp puts in a trafficked kid is unbelievable. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage.


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