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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  October 8, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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announced they are stepping up their screening for the virus, duncan died in a hospital in dallas this morning, he came from liberia in late september and went to the hospital on september 25th, but he was not diagnosed until he went back with more severe symptoms on september 28th, a patient was taken today by ambulance to presbyterian hospital in dallas that may be exhibiting signs of ebola, and now they are take temperatures from passengers from west africa as they arrive from new york, washington, chicago and atlantic. all right switching not big board, ali gorman has more on the company that will start testing testing testing testing a vaccine on humans. >> they started working on an
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ebola vaccine from br the outbreak happened and now they are moving forward in the process. >> we are pushing thing as long as quickly as possible. joseph kim is president of anovia pharmaceuticals, they have developed a vaccine to protect against the deadly ebola virus, it was tested on animals showing it was safe. >> it can protect 100% from death and sickness, unlike other vaccines this does not use the virus. >> what folks have to do is get ahold of the ebola virus and use different parts to make it. >> they use a computer and take a genetic code of the virus and make a synthetic vaccine, kim says to manufacture it they use a fermentation process like
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beer. >> it could take about a month. >> to test the vaccine on humans they will not give them ebola, if it gets good results, kim says it's possible the government will speed up the approval process. >> all bets are off in an outbreak situation, other companies are testing similar vaccines but kim says that they can cover more strains of the ebola virus, and they are a for profit company but he feels a moral obligation to control the deadly outbreak in west africa. >> we should mention that even if the vaccine is showing great results and the fda clears it to be more widely used that will be nine months to a year from now but we'll continue to follow the story as the human trials for the vaccine get underway. >> thank you ali, stay with 6
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abc for the latest developments on the outbreak, the morning team will have more on the late breaking details starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. new details are emerging for the man wanted for killing apennsylvania state trooper and sketches of what eric frein may look like as he remains on the run. walter perez is here now with the full story. >> reporter: rick, lots of new information tonight including a draw dropping list of items recovered from frein's home and they released the contents of the letter or journal they found in the woods and the contents are nothing short of chilling. as officials released new images of what eric frein may look like now, they gave us a glimpse of what the fugitive allegedly wrote in it. >> friday, september 12th, got a
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shot around 11:00 p.m. and took it. he dropped. i was surprised at how quick. >> investigators believe that that excerpt refers to the murder of corporal bryan dixon. lieutenant colonel gibson says this gives people a clear picture of the kind of person they are dealing with. >> after reading this chilling account i can only describe the actions as pure evil and "action news" has obtained the copy from frein's home, the items taken there is breathtaking, dozens of guns to high powered rifles, ammunition and bomb making material and equipment for making bullets. and it's safe to say that the two pipe bombs recently recovered in the woods are not the only ones that frein constructed. >> this leads us to believe that
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frein built and provides explosive bombs, we believe that he had the materials necessary to build additional and perhaps more lethal bombs causing worse injury. >> and this could include additional charges against frein including weapons of mass destruction, despite the fact that the search began a month ago they are reslute to bring this man to justice. >> four new reported sightings of eric frein by police and civilians as well. the last sighting was yesterday afternoon, police feel they are confident that frein is surrounded at this time, investigators cannot give us an idea of how close they might be. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." i'm sharrie williams at the "action news" big board, a
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volunteer fire department is out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and police say it's an inside job, this is what they told us today, it's this man howard smith iii he is with the chester fire company for 40 years. only "action news" was there when smith turned himself in today. dressed casually in a jacket and pair of shades, he walked in to the office in coatesville and was arraigned on theft and forgery charges. is he accused of stealing $220,000. they say that myth paid for a trip to hawaii with the company's credit card and that is not all. and smith purchased phillies season tickets and clothes and meals and even rented cars with the stolen money, they say it's
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the ultimate betrayal of trust to the firefighters that risk their lives to the community. >> they rely on fundraising, they are a volunteer organization and this repeated theft by someone they trust puts them in a difficult position. >> although the fire department is out a significant amount of money, the services provided by westwood is not affected. some generous donors have stepped up to help out. smith is out on bond and his preliminary hearing is set for october 21st. >> thank you sharrie? from our delaware newsroom, a pizza shop in wilmington is robbed for the second time in eight days. party pizza was most relently robbed monday night and the sunday before. the description of the suspects is the same in both incidents, anybody with information is
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urged to call newcastle police. the two men running for pennsylvania governor are getting ready for their final debate. republican governor, tom corbett and challenger, tom wolf, wolf has a 17 point lead with just weeks to go before election day. john rawlins will have a live preview of the debate coming up tonight at 6:00. you can watch the debate in its entirety tonight at 7:00, we'll bring it to our digital channel 6.2, 790 on comcast and verizon 466. and we'll stream the debate live online at time now for a check of the traffic this evening. matt pellman is in the traffic center, they want it to happen on the way to school and not on the way home. a truck broken down by the betsy
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ross bridge but the kids got another bus. they are getting them loaded on to that and they are pulling away shortly but for drivers the right lane is blocked so extra slowing from cotman avenue. we are seeing it's delay on the schuylkill, speeds in the 20s and tacony a fire location closing princeton avenue. it's a bus accident in greenville, delaware, along kennett pike and sunnyside road and my twitter follower, david wondering about construction to mount laurel, happens only during the overnights from 7:30 until 6:00 the following morning and they will maintain one lane of traffic at all times. if you want to avoid it stick with mount laurel road, can you get by with a little bit of slowing. we'll check it again in the next half hour. more ahead on "action news," a
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nfl star heads to court on child abuse charges. we'll hear from his attorney next. and lisa thomas-laury is taking you into schools to show unique services. and cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo. >> i'm winging it here talking about birds and birds come in a lot of different colors and patterns and this is dela she is a ring neck dove, she is all white but has some pigment and her eyes are red and if she were albino, those eyes would be pink. really interesting we have a lot of interesting stuff going on behind the scenes as well. follow me on twitter at cecily tynan and we'll go inside of aviary center to meet some interesting birds. >> we are watching those stories
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and more when "action news" comes right back. are you busy?
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i'm just day-dreaming. about your dream trip to italy? yeah. with your sisters, to shop and see the sights.
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is it that obvious? you've been staring at that new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, it's the new frankenbucks. with 10 top prizes of $50,000. is that painting crooked, or is it just me? [announcer] want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. minnesota vikings star, adrian peterson walked into a
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courthouse with his wife at his side, he faces a felony charge for using a branch to discipline his child. peterson's attorney told the judge that his client will eventually plead not guilty to the charge. he faces up to two years in prison if convicted of felony child abuse, they made december 21st for the tentative start date for the trial. after the hearing peterson's attorney maintained the star's innocence. >> it's about parenting and when something unfortunate happened when a man who believes strongly and loves his children very much. >> this comes after commissioner roger goodell talked about a wide range of issues and we'll
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hear his comments about domestic violence and other topics coming up later. taxi drivers in philadelphia protested the popular company uber, they have a phone app that allows riders to request a car and pay for it and get a receipt. traditional taxi cab and operators object to that and say it's unfair and illegal competition. the first for philadelphia, universal companies implement new programs. lisa thomas-laury visits the charter school in pennsylvania. >> universal calls it the beginning of a holistic strategy to strengthen its neighborhoods. with education plus and nurses consortium to fully staff health
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centers in all eight of its schools. each center has a family nurse practiceticionner, and sees 28 children a day. >> she came down because she has an abscess on her cheek and we are going to assess here to make sure there reason any lumps inside of the abscess. >> if she needs a closer look she will see marie metz, as a nurse chiropractic -- there is a need for higher level of care or acute sickness and asthma is a huge issue, nurse practitioner can diagnose and
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treat the illness. >> we are keeping track of our asthma kids and unfortunately with the virus season coming up and the cold season coming up the kids get hit harder. >> in an efforts to keep their students healthier this their goal is to negate the issues that affect the academic success of their children. >> we believe if we remove some of the barriers to learning, ultimately we can reach the goal of all of our scholars achieving. >> lisa thomas-laury, channel 6 "action news." >> still ahead. at&t customers could get money back from the mobile carrier, we'll explain
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pennsylvania is one of 50 states that met a settlement with at&t that they placed unauthorized charges for third party services on consumer's bills, the practice is called cramping, they must provide the fcc with restitution that could pay back
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millions of consumers. next time you are at the wells fargo center there is new food to munch on, they unveil the the new menu today including lorenzo's cheese pizza, chicky's petes crab fries and soft pretzels and much more and new jerseys with all the players names to pick. >> more to come on "action news" tonight. outside looking live from sky 6 hd, meteorologist, adam joseph is standing by with the accuweather forecast for a wednesday when we come right back. >> and we want to remind you to go to facebook and like the 6 abc "action news" facebook page by checking the like box you'll have access to all the stories and the best and most current viral videos, go to fac
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time for accuweather now at the big board. adam is here to tell us when the rain starts and how long it will last. >> you have a couple of days
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before that happens. if you aren't following us on twitter, definitely get on there. and we'll see your photos and share them with you and retweet them and let you know about events like the full lunar eclipse that happened early this morning. it was called the blood moon sent in by cecily to tom. this was when it was in its totality in the blood red stage, the sun was bending around the earth and refracturing the sunlight and giving the moon the reddish color and val sent this to me on my twitter page showing the earth's shadow covering 98% of the moon. this is before totality around 6:15 in the morning. if you were up early and saw it. if you did it don't worry, april will be the next total lunar eclipse.
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a beautiful afternoon 74 in dover and 70 in the lehigh valley, and the battle of two seasons going on and fall to the north and sum tort south and in between these two seasons there is wet weather heading our way, across the lower 48, maybe we can cook things up here late friday and the weekend, as you head out to the pacific, we have super typhoon, vongfong is which is heading to the east and heading for southern japan for the enof week, winds are sustained at 180 miles per hour making this the strongest storm of all of 2014, on the planet. the most powerful storm of the entire year on the planet and you can see the classic eye in the middle of that typhoon. but it's expected to be a category 2 or 3 when it hits the
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southern island of japan. tonight moon lit sky and 53 degrees for philadelphia, chilly tonight compared to the last couple of nights, the five-day at 5:00, 68 tomorrow, beautiful day, before it turns cool with afternoon showers developing at 64, the weekend starts off wet and drys off saturday afternoon and sun good at 66 and a few showers come monday at 62 degrees, cecily tynan is at the philadelphia zoo, you have a few friends with you and one is a furry one. >> not furry but feathery. dewey is a speckled owl. it looks like he has glassed. most owls look like they can turn their heads so much 270 degrees the reason why their eyes are so long they can't turn them that is why they turn their head and they have remarkable
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eyesight. the usual?
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not tonight. introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99. smoky double bacon sirloin. parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. we are beginning this half hour where breaking news from
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atlantic city. chopper 6 hd is over a huge protest here, thousands of casino workers are protesting demands by management to do give backs to keep the taj mahal open. they have do give up their pension plan and health care benefits to keep it open. >> these union members and casino workers protesting give backs that management is requesting to keep the trump taj mahal open. we'll have more in a full report on "action news" at 6:00 and 11:00. a jetblue passenger trying to fly out of philadelphia claims to be kicked off the plane for tweeting. because of a passing comment by the pilot that held the gate for three hours. >> lisa carter knight