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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  October 9, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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jury panel with an alternate and then after that they went and deliberated and spend another 3.5 hours, and they came back an hour ago with a question for the judge and wanted to rehear the testimony from the pathologist. whether the murder of baby saanvi is first degree or second degree murder. raghunandan yandamuri could face the death penalty if he is convicted of first degree murder. if he killed the baby with malice and intent. the prosecutors says he killed the grandmother to eliminate the only witness, in a confession, he told police that baby saanvi was crying and covered her mouth and wrapped a towel around her head and put her in a suitcase
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leaving it partially unzipped. they read back testimony saying how long it took baby saanvi to suffocate. the question is does raghunandan yandamuri plan to kill baby saanvi right away or keep her alive while demanding ransom from her parents. they are asking the judge to reread the definitions of first degree and second degree murders. the jury is trying to decide whether or not raghunandan yandamuri intended to kill baby saanvi right away or an accidental product of this kidnap for ransom scheme. the jury is grappling with that and they will soon be back in the deliberation room and folks are expecting a rather speedy verdict after that. live in norristown, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> david thank you. four people were hurt
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including at least one child after a crash on the new jersey turnpike. it happened in west hamilton at exit 5, a suv lost control and went into a wooded area, a child and an adult were flown to the hospital and two other people when by ambulance, there is no word on how badly they were hurt or what caused the suv to lose control. a crash between a transport bus and a horse sent two people to the hospital this morning. chopper 6 hd was over the scene in doylestown, police say that the bus hit a horse just aft 7:00 a.m., the horse died and two students went to the hospital to get checked out. doctors in dallas are expected to get test results back on a second potential case of ebola today. it comes as officials start new screening procedures at airports across the country hoping to
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keep it out of america. marcy gonzales is in dallas with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon we are told that sheriff's deputy should know by the end of today if he has ebola. >> still hospitalized in isolation awaiting test results, now they say that deputy michael monic is showing no symptoms of ebola. he was concerned because he had a stomach ache, he was concerned because he was one of team that served a quarantine warrant to the home of thomas duncan but never came in contact with the man that died of ebola yesterday. growing concerns around the world over ebola. some employees at la guardia airport walking off the job in protest concerned about potentially being exposed to the virus when at the same airport,
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other workers learned about ebola and how to guard themselves against infectious diseases. meanwhile dozens of medical workers finished their training told planning to go to west africa where the disease has killed 3800 people. >> i am going there to help and give them the best shot possible. >> 3,000 soldiers are heading to liberia to build an ebola command center. the key to stopping ebola from becoming a global pandemic is stopping it at its epicenter. >> the only thing like this has been aids, and we have to work so it's not the world's next aids. >> none of the 48 people believed to have contact with thomas eric duncan while he was contagious are showing any symptoms, still they are being monitored. >> we have been following all
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the develops in the ebola outbreak all day at we'll continue to follow the story right there, and bring you any and all updates and find more resources and more information about the ebola virus. >> there was a solemn ceremony at the general william c. doyle cemetery in arnie town, that is where new jersey's mission of honor group held its 19th burial of the abandoned remains of veterans from the garaccident state. the ashes of more than 400 vets have been collected from the shelves of funeral homes where some sat unclaimed for decades. including the ashes of five veterans in south jersey one that was abandoned for 40 years. police say that the number of shootings in camden dropped to almost half in the first six months of the year. they use a microphone system to determine when a gun goes off
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and then the company tracks the gun fire, registered 99 shots down from 193 the year before and murders are down, 23 people have been killed in camden, down from 40 this time last year. time now for a check of accuweather forecast. the sun was shining when i walked in today. >> lets get to adam joseph and see if the sun is shining? >> nope. the clouds are here upstairs now, the sunshine faded, just a short time ago in philadelphia, we are seeing sunshine east of philadelphia through southern new jersey and delaware as we look at double scan live, we took the radar off and put the satellite on and the clouds are moving in from the west and this is a frontal boundary, a separation of cool air from the north and to the south and we are seeing out some precipitation in the western part of pennsylvania and a batch
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around st. louis and kansas city, and all of this will move in a west to east direction and it will be slow moving so now that the clouds are moving in they will be stubborn to break until the beginning of the weekend and even rain will be entering the forecast as well. as we look ahead in the accuweather forecast, rainy and dreary friday in saturday, a cool fall chill and then it turns nicer by sunday. we'll talk about how much rain to expect and when the sun can return in the accuweather forecast. >> hopefully soon adam. thank you. >> the flyers play their first home game and fans got all flyered up for the opening this afternoon. the action cam was in dillworth park where the orange and black held a pep rally today. the fans got to mingle, with bob the hound kelly and the team gave away t-shirts and other prizes. they play tonight against the
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devils after losing in boston last night to the bruins. we are more coming up on "action news" at 5:00. >> and what is the most valuable brand on the entire planet, some claim they found the answer. and another deadly shooting in missouri, another protest just miles from ferguson. >> we want to remind you that the latest tool here, chopper 6-360, can you use your phone, tablet or computer to take control of our free 360 camera to move it up and down, and around. and we have an app to download for your tablet and phone to make it work go to for the link to the app. chopper 6 hd is in the air now it will be working f
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here at the big board now with the latest on a police involved shooting in st. louis, missouri, police say that a 18-year-old african-american man fired shots at an off-duty police officer, that officer returned fire shooting and killing the young man. >> the suspect pointed the gun at the officer and fired at least three rounds at the police officer. >> the shooting happened last night in st. louis, he was working a patrol at a security job when he came upon three young men, the officer made a u turn and the men began to run and that is when they got into a physical fight and myers fired at least three initial shots at the officer. >> the officer returned fire, the suspect continued to pull the trigger on his gun.
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>> the officer shot at least 17 bullets at the suspect. the mother said he had a sandwich and not a gun. that shooting caused a protest. some compared it to the shooting of michael brown in august, the taillights of vehicles were quicked in and some windows were smashed and one person was arrested. >> there were obscenities yelled at police officers and the officers showed a tremendous amount of restraint in the scene of severe criticism, and they did an excellent job. >> the 32-year-old officer has not been identified. he has not been injured but he has been placed on administrative leave while this case is investigated. the u.s. military stepping up efforts to fight isis. the coalition launched a
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coalition of air strikes, including an attack on a police station there. isis captured it and the u.s. destroyed it. isis is said to control a third of the town now but the kurdish government denies that. officials on all sides say the air strikes were the biggest yet from the united states. to business now, you better brace yourself, today was a brutal day on wall street. the dow was down 335 points, the big of the drop all day long, and the s&p dropped almost 41, investors were reacting to the uncertainty of the global economy and the fed. carl icon is trying to get apple to buy more of its stock. he wrote a letter to tim cook asking the board to give them a plan to repurchase. he will not offer any of his 53
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million shares for the buy back, that would increase the val of the stock and they say that that stock is undervalued. that letter comes as a new study says that apple has the most valuable brand on the plan the. apple is worth about $119 billion. gaggle came in at number two as the only other brand to top $100 billion. and samsung is on the list and toyota and mercedes benz made the top ten. >> that say lot of loot. time for the traffic report. >> and the schuylkill expressway always provides a unique brand of slowing only it can. a crash on the westbound schuylkill, just making the slowing worse than normal. this is the scene close to the gladwyne interchange and you see
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the two vehicles involved taking out the left lane, this just happened no police or money crews are on the scene yet. it's pretty much a stand still coming away from montgomery drive through this point from gladwyne on the westbound side of schuylkill. on the eastbound side by montgomery look for a broken down vehicle, that one is off to the side, and issues this afternoon on 95 in the northeast, aside from the normal delays, we have a crash in the southbound direction by the cotman off ramp, and traffic is squeezes by the scene and the action associated with it. an issue in upper ukland, a water main break by the harley davidson dealership. one lane is getting by, by route 100 in either direction. the repairs continue until 11:00 tonight. lets grab the ipad and do
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the commuter report on this thursday, almost friday afternoon. several friends are using the waze app, along the work zone on 263, york road, people say it's a complete stand still through that area and you may be better off on 611 instead. >> thank you matt. students and parents at a newcastle school are challenging the recent punishment of a student that officials say violated the school's dress code. rick williams is live in the newsroom with a story that has people talking. >> hi there, this started when a high school senior was forced to go home for a dress code violation, because of leggings, that are popular with teenagers, they are at the center of this debate. the student feels she was unfairly sent home for wearing them and we'll show you the outfit that led to the punishment. one of stories we are working on
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for you when we see you tonight at 5:00. until then back to the studio, brian and shirleen. >> you are not wearing leggings in. >> it's not cold enough. up next adam is back with a look at the full accuweather forecast. >> plus, something breaks at home and you don't know how to fix it but you don't want to spend the money to hire a pro. 6 abc has a solution, the easy do it yourself tips for
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the building blocks are in motion for a community in delaware, jack markell and chris couns joined to break ground on the alder creek neighborhood. the neighborhood will include 56 apartments plus a care center where kids that live there can go after school and find plenty of activities and friendship too. lets get a check of the
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accuweather forecast, the clouds are rolling in and change is coming. adam joseph is live at the big board with the details. >> reporter: the clouds arrive and the rain comes in pretty much early tomorrow and lingers through saturday morning. we have a wet period ahead and temperatures are at normal for this time of year. 69 was the high and right now 68 and 70 in dover and 71 in reading. we have dropped some from yesterday's 75 degree temperature in philly and in fact across much of the area it was in the mid-70s and tomorrow highs will not get out of the 50s, so a very cool day on friday. as we look at satellite and radar, clouds have moved in and we have this frontal boundary that is through the mid-atlantic and the ohio and valley, and all the way back to the nation's heartland where low pressure is down near the central rockies thark will come here through monday and this batch of rain
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near st. louis will pass through during the day tomorrow and saturday morning. this ripple of energy is basically going to stick with us for the next several days. future tracker early tomorrow morning, there could be a couple of spotty showers or drizzle south of philadelphia, then the clouds are here and we get into the afternoon a period of steadier showers come in at 4:00, on future tracker, that continues all night on friday and early saturday morning at 6:00. but at that time we'll try to wedge dry air to the north and saturday afternoon into sunday before we get the clouds to come back in with a couple of showers on monday. here is your friday into saturday morning. rainfall totals, these are the four forecast models, a half inch to inch of rain friday into saturday. so it's a good thing that we have low fall foliage now from the lehigh valley to the mid-atlantic and also through the delaware valley and if are you heading to the poconos, it's
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near peak now and it should dry out late saturday and sunday, to look at leaf peaking that far to the north, maybe, sassafras and oak. as we look at your four day at 4:00, it's raw and chilly and wet on friday, early rain and drying saturday afternoon, at 62 and stays dry and clouds and sunday afternoon at 63 and clouds are back in on monday with 70 degrees, at least the weekend will be .75% dry brian. >> we'll take it. t least the >> thank you adam. we'll get the day's forecast and the conditions for the morning commute with the "action news" morning team. join matt, david and tam, starting at 4:30 a.m. people that have a handicap extending in their way of
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heading back to work may have new hope. governor jack markell paid a visit to go baby go, the harness this woman is wearing is new technology letting people with limited mobility to work. they show it how it works in a 50 square foot structure. >> that is pretty awesome. >> what are we buzzing about today? >> people lining up to get their chance to be the next millionaire. there is something strange in the neighborhood. who you going to call? ghost bufrters is back.
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time for the buzz, we have been buzzing about this one and it's confirmed. a new ghostbuster is in the works with all women. they tweeted it will star some
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pretty hilarious women. casting has yet to be announced. some swirling is melissa mccarthy in there. but we'll get to that when it's confirmed for you. >> who wants to be a millionaire apparently tons of p.m. in this area showing up for the auditions, today a search for new contestants is stilling go on at dave and busters in franklin mills. the show airs weekdays at 2:00 here on 6 abc, we would love to see you on the show, get out there, still a little bit of time. finally, fgit. thank goodness it's thursday. kicks off with "grey's anatomy" and "scandal" at 9:00 and the brand new show that you sent to the number one spot, "how to get away with murder" starring viola
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davis. and tweet with us, the stars are doing it too. use the #~ 6 abc tgit and even kerry washington is in on it. woo hoo it's "scandal" thursday, tgit. and last week we had a lot of conversations with a lot of our viewers, kim daly says she is so in love with thursday night. it's a big party. a three hour watchathon. see you then. >> thursdays have never been so exciting. >> thank you alicia. still ahead, no laughing matt of, the charges that two teens are facing because of a slap cam attack. >> and a man goes from sleeping soundly to fielding off a knife-wielding attacker. why police say it hit close to home quite literally. >> you have a broken appliance don't call in the experts just yet. amy buckman
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, shirleen allicot, alicia es with vitarelli and brian taff. >> hello again and "action news" continues now with a story that might take the political correctness cake. why one nebraska public school doesn't want teachers to call students boys or girls. >> plus, from health care to infrastructure our government
4:30 pm
has no shortage of ways to spend your money. that is why a new four year study has people baffled. find out what the government is spending a half million dollars on. and his life was brief but full of love. a drexel hill couple said hello to their new baby and good-bye. they lived a lifetime of adventures through his bucket list. we begin in south philadelphia with a story you saw first on "action news," this is mel born ferrier, one minute the 57-year-old was sleeping and the next he was being stabbed by the neighbor and then the neighbor headed outside where the children were starting out for school. chad pradelli is live at the scene with details how the violent morning ends. >> it ended with the suspect being captured and taken into custody. the suspect that lives there
4:31 pm
were you see the siding he attacked his neighbor and came out and threatened school children. >> scary morning, scary. i never thought it would happen. >> she watched the neighbor in horror as he ran and up done threatening school children waiting for the bus. >> he put a knife to the kid's neck saying he would do something to the kid. >> fortunately the children were not hurt but melbourne ferrier can't say the same. >> was in the bed sleeping and then i feel like someone is sticking me in the side, i thought it was my wife. >> ferrier suffered two puncture wounds to his back and then his neighbor ran out of the house and he was captured a short time later at a corner store and ferrier was treated at a local hospital and is expected to make
4:32 pm
a full recovery. >> strangest thing i have ever seen in my life. >> the suspect faces a slew of aggravated assault charges but his name has yet to be released. i'm live in west philadelphia, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> chad, thank you. two teenagers have been arrested for what police say is a smack cam attack. >> they dropped him and boom. >> that was the video posted on the facebook page of one of the two 16-year-old suspects. he walked up to a man wearing a michael vick jersey and smacked him in the face. it generated plenty of tips and they fear that the video might be part of so-called knock out game. >> one individual films it and they smack usually with an open hand an unsuspecting individual usually unprovoked. the two 16-year-olds are behind
4:33 pm
bars facing a list of charges. their identities have not yet been released. police in delaware county are investigating a tragedy, in upper chichester, a worker with lenny electric fell to his death at 7:30, sources tell "action news" that the bucket truck the man was in at the time had a mechanical failure before he fell, police have not released any other information. turning now to an update on a story that touched so many across the world. the drexel hill couple created a bucket list for their terminally ill son. shane michael haley was born at 2:25 this morning, jenna and dan healy posted pictures of his birth and death, on their facebook page, prayers for shane. it said at 6:13 a.m., after meeting his entire family and
4:34 pm
being baptised into the catholic faith, baby shane died peacefully in his mother's arms we are thankful for the time we had with our son. they learned shane had a brain defe defect. >> they made a bucket list for the time they had. the philadelphia school reform commission is facing criticism for the abrupt cancellation of teacher's contracts. they say they have violated the pennsylvania public school code, at his office in north philadelphia, he says it is time to give the control of the school district back to the city and called for the state auditor to move quickly in completing an audit of the district and the department of education. >> the pennsylvania's governor's race is coming down to the wire with less than a month to go to election day. they are getting big name support from two political heavy
4:35 pm
weights. sara bloomquist is live now with who is helping their campaign. >> that is right, today both campaigns are bringing in political star power with two possible if not probable presidential contenders, new jersey governor, chris christie, expected within the hour, is he campaigning for incumbent governor, tom corbett. hillary clinton headlines a gathering for democrat challenger, tom wolf at the constitutional center this evening. the debates are over and now the candidates will work to rally supporters ahead of election day. today they are bringing in two of their party's big of the names, both potential presidential candidates to help. at this hour governor chris christie is in wayne attending a rally for governor tom corbett at the valley forge military academy and christie chairs the governor's associations. earlier today christie told
4:36 pm
"action news" that he is confident in an election day victory despite the fact that corbett follows him in the polls. >> tom corbett has never lost a race, and has never been ahead in the polls except forever his last race near the end, i'm not ready to give up by a long shot. >> hillary clinton is headlining the women for wolf event at the national constitution centser, a high voter turnout in philadelphia would favor tom wolf almost 80% of the registered voters are democrats. the challenge is getting them to the polls, the hope is that a big name like hillary clinton will help. >> governor christie has been here three times since june either raising money or campaigning for corbett. the event in wayne featuring governor christie where he will be at the rally campaigning for
4:37 pm
governor corbett will start at any moment now and we'll stream it live on our website at i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. new jersey has earned some dubious titles off the years but today the garden state is crushing the competition on an impressive list. forbes just ranked the top 500 zip codes in the united states. 10 of them are in new jersey. and three of those are at the shore. avalon, stone harbor and spring lake all with median home prices about $1.5 million. to put this in perspective there are over 128,000 zip codes in the u.s. can you see the full list at >> all beautiful places to be. you can understand why. >> no question. meteorologist, adam joseph,
4:38 pm
joins us now with the look at the weekend forecast. >> not a beautiful look outside especially tomorrow into saturday morning, but we'll bright and it up for the second half of the weekend. the clouds moved in in wilmington at the christina river, 63 degrees, that is average, dew point 41, very dry and winds west southwesterly and the back bays of the atlantic city still blue, trying to hold on upstairs as the clouds filter in from the west to the east. 68 there with the wind from the south-southwest at 7 miles per hour. as we look at satellite and radar, we have a battle going on of cool air to the north and we have a front setting up from the nation's heartland all the way through the ohio valley and the mid-atlantic, it's moving to the west to the east and it will be around for a little bit of time. we'll talk about the timing of the rounds of rain coming up in the seven day. >> thank you adam.
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stay on top of the changing weather conditions with our free 6 abc storm tracker app the app gives you access to live radar and audio alerts on the go, download it free for your apple or android devices. there was a lot of pomp and circumstance for students that made it into an elite marching band. the spring court area school district celebrated the seniors accepted into the army all american marching band. they were selected from 47 states for music education. congrats to them. and still ahead, move over grumpy cat, there is a new mad cat in town. plus, home repair 101, from the kitchen sink to small applianc
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appliances, amy buckman shows us ways to save money. and what spending $40,000 on a plane ticket gets you. >> and adam joseph will be back with the full accuweather forecast.
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a wild fire is destroying homes as it spread as long the california highway, five houses have now been burned to the ground next to interstate 80 outside of sacramento, flames are only 20% contained and other homes are under threat and some people are ordered in shelters and they are looking into the possibilities that someone started the fire either accidentally or on purpose. >> stop what are you doing and check this out. flying first class never looked quite like this. airlines in abu dhabi is unveiling a three-room apartment
4:43 pm
in the skies. even a butler is available to attend to your need. no word on a ticket price probably for good reason. you can get a ticket on this singapore flight for $15,000, many what the three room suite costs. complete with five course meals and your own private bedroom with cozy pajamas, they will even tuck you in. >> it's the height of luxury at 37,000 feet. here at the big board with the big talkers, from education to health care people say our government has no shortage of important things to pay for, so why is the u.s. government spending a half million dollars to research this. why obese young women get fewer dates than their young friends, why overweight girls are less sexually active and the ones
4:44 pm
that are engaging are using less protection, this grant was awarded by the national institutes of health. on to this now, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen and guys and gals, a school in nebraska is the source of big talking after teachers were given training from how to refrain from referring to children by gender, the school says she are trying to be politically correct by stay ago way from stereo types. you want to be called male or female or purple penguin. they want the teachers to refer to them as things that are important to them like their favorite color or tv show. or call them as a group, calling all campers or can the athletes come here. and they ask teachers to create classroom nicknames, and refer to them that way like purple
4:45 pm
penguins. >> and finally, tie and all this cat means business, the furry feline makes the furious grumpy cat, meet garfy. even sticks his tongue at you. everybody likes dinner, this meany lives in turkey and his flicker picks and facebook page is going viral. look at that angry guy there. he makes the grinch that stole christmas look festive. even in a cute jean jumper and super cool floral head band, angry cat is not having it. everybody is not coming up roses. >> don't you wish now you posed with angry cat -- >> well, i have this fear that cats don't like me and this cat
4:46 pm
would feed into my -- >> you are right. lets get a check of the roads tonight. >> matt pellman is in the "action news" traffic center. >> no, no, no. anger problems are not sexy, you may have anger issues if you travel the schuylkill, big problems, westbound side at a stand still from bear avenue through this point at south street near 30th street station, some police activity taking out the right lane, and on the roosevelt boulevard extension past broad street, on down to the schuylkill. you are barely moving here as well. sizable delay, because of more delays on the schuylkill 76. here at gladwyne interchange that blocked the left lane for a half hour. and the good news is they got the crash out of the way a while
4:47 pm
ago but the traffic is barely moving through girard and belmont and then breaks up past gladwyne, here in the great northeast. here at the cotman avenue off ramp, the traffic is snaking around it and causing delays from the academy to the flyers game this evening. newspaperer ukland close to the pennsylvania turnpike, an accident near the water main break. a number of issues out there brian and shirleen. >> thank you. we know you'll be on top of them. and adam joseph is back with the
4:48 pm
with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on.
4:49 pm
three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years? all right now to meteorologist, adam joseph with the latest on the accuweather forecast.
4:50 pm
changes are coming first clouds and they be showers and we'll see sun out as well. not a horribly wet weekend from start to finish. as we take a look at the action cam at the river front down it wilmington, this a replica ship that brought europeans over in 1638, maybe if we jump on it we'll go back to the era that rick williams was on it. beautiful day there. as we look at the accuweather live lineup, live radar and some clouds that marched in. as we look at double scan around the region, we have precipitation, come on in, looking at the facebook picture, this picture is tweeting to me by sara in hats field, pennsylvania, as some of the warm clouds and now they are in
4:51 pm
place they will remain here until the early afternoons of saturday. 66 in wilmington only 57 in the poconos, a northerly win will drain in and that will push the 50s through the entire region by late tonight and tomorrow morning. satellite and radar, there are clouds marching in from the west love seeing the photos as we capture the weather phenomenon. as we look at future tracker early tomorrow morning a lot of clouds are around. in the afternoon showers around, especially to the south as this boundary is draped around this region, as we get into friday night and early saturday morning. even another round of steadier rain through 6:00 saturday morning, but by the afternoon hours of saturday we'll try to dry it north of city, and breaks
4:52 pm
of sun saturday afternoon the farther south you are it looks like the clouds will not budge here on saturday. how much rain to expect this period of friday to saturday, a half inch to inch of rain it's raw in the 50s and sun is returning again in the northwestern suburbs late saturday morning into saturday afternoon s it's cloudy and light wind developing as well. 22 to 50 for the overnight low, chilly and wet and only 59 for the high and morning rain and returning sun north to south on saturday afternoon with clouds being stubborn and clouds for the eagles and it remains dry and cool at 63, a cloudy and more showers coming in on monday as the boundary lifts to the north at 70 degrees and very warm with sun and tuesday is dry at 76 and rain moving back in on wednesday with temperatures in
4:53 pm
the upper 60s to low 70s. >> thank you mom says she's gonna at acme's stock up sale. well, if she can get whatever she wants, why can't i? hello, chocolate donuts with sprinkles. it's acme's stock up sale. get delicious deals on the things you love most. green giant frozen vegetables are .79 each. and general mills cereals are only $1.88 each. this is big, people. this is acme.
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time to save with 6 abc and when it comes to household projects you may be tempted to pick up the phone and dial the handyman, and amy buckman is here to make a dyi'er. >> that is allen of dyi of hip chicks saying you can fix your own garbage disposal with an allen wrench and try uging tongs. >> there say hole at the bottom of it if you can't get it from
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the top. you simply rotate the blades, disposals have a reset button underneath that you can push if it doesn't turn on. can you check the circuit breakers but don't just look at them. when they trip, they flip and bounce back partway sometimes, so visually, just push them all until you feel like they are on a locked position. check all the gfi switches in your house, even the ones that aren't near the nonworking outlet. >> what people don't understand that is the bedroom outlet that operates your lamp could be tied into this. >> and finally a $3 tool called a zip it stick can help you clear clogged drains without calling a plumber and pour baking soda and vinegar down the
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drain keeping it in there for 20 minutes and then pouring down boiling water. she has more tips on her dyi youtube channel. check it out before spending money you don't need to. >> that will do for "action news" at 4:00, for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli, and adam joseph, i'm brian taff, shirleen and i along with ducis rogers and adam joseph are back
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the cause of a deadly fire in delaware county remains a history tonight. the flames ripped through a residence at an assist the living facility and we have new information about the victim. it's thursday night and the big story on "action news" is a big fire that kill aid 63-year-old man, new details were released about the victim on elwin road housing that is specifically for people over the age of 60.
5:00 pm
vernon odom is live in middletown township tonight near the scene with the very latest. >> reporter: good evening, the pennsylvania state fire marshall remains on this campus tonight trying to determine the cause of last night's deadly blaze in a key residential hall here. smith hall, on elwin's 300 acre campus is where the fire broke out at 9:20, when firefighters arrived they found no flames but smoke coming outs of the residence hall, once they doused the flames they found one resident that had perished. he was the victim of smoke inhalation and burns. they evacuated the other 225 residents to safety. >> we had seven