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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  October 9, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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grandmother. raghunandan yandamuri could face the death penalty with this convince and we'll have the latest coming up on "action news" at 6:00. now to politics, new jersey governor chris christie is using his star power to help his fellow republicans in november. he threw his report behind pennsylvania governor, tom corbett, in valley forge a short time ago, the one place christie has not spent much time in his home state, earlier today in trenton he bought a powerful message about fighting trenton. nora muchanic is live now with that story. >> reporter: hi rick, the governor gets a lot of criticism for being away from new jersey while campaigning whether it's pennsylvania or across the country, when he is home the governor made it his mission to improving treatment and removing the stigma of addiction. >> i wouldn't be here today but in the ground with my husband. >> governor christie sat down to
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hear the stories of recovering women addicts as part of the campaign for people fighting addictions. >> no one is beyond redemption and everybody deserves a second chance. he is pushing compass nate and affective treatment for people in new jersey. >> being with the counselors and talking to them, they showed me that i could keep going on and life is worth living. i was in prison and when you come out it's not worse. >> as head of the governor's association, he spent half of his time crisscrossing the country campaigning for republicans. >> i don't know what it will mean for the party until you see the results, everybody get a report card and it's called
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election day. >> now kim gudano. the lieutenant governor is nursing a broken wrist. >> the kids are too young to contribute and they can't vote. the governor is in pennsylvania and just finished up a campaign event for pennsylvania governor, tom corbett. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. two soccer players and the team's coach in western pennsylvania are suspended after an alleged hazing incident. 17-year-old austin who has autism says he was duct taped to a soccer goal sunday night at the high school in allegheny county. they say that the duct taping is an annual ritual but austin and his mom did not think it was
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fun. >> they taped me around my waste around the whole pole. as tight as they could, and attempted to try to take a picture of it. >> he was freed by an off duty state police trooper who found him 15 minutes later, their investigation is ongoing. police in a north carolina community are in damage control tonight following a case of mistaken identity. officers subdued a black teenager inside of his own home thinking he was a burglar. >> this is the 911 call that sparked a major case of mistaken identity. >> i see a suspicious person walking around my neighbor's yard, a black kid with dread locks, looks like he may have walked in the house. >> all right we'll get someone to check it out. >> when three police officers arrived they found 18-year-old desean curry in the home.
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the officers began arguing with him and sprayed him with pepper stray. >> they said put your hands on the door, i was like for what? this is my house. >> curry say white -- is a foster son of the white parents. the family had moved from california three months ago. >> when they come in and then profound me and say i am not who i am and that i do not stay here, because there was white kids on the wall, that really made me mad. >> the police told abc that race was not a factor, they pepper sprayed him when the teen bec e became -- >> my 5-year-old last night said to me oh mama i don't understand
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why they hated our brother. >> police say there is an uptick in crime in the area, the neighbor that called 911 has apologized. karen travers, channel 6 "action news." at the big board, to a dangerous situation that is happening out west. authorities in northern california say that dry conditions are fueling more than five wild fires burning north of sacramento, that promised hundreds of evacuations and restrictions on a major highway. the apple fire is burning on interstate 90 and it has burned 120 acres and is only 20% contained. homes in applegate and surrounding communities have been evacuated. fire investigators into the possibility that human activity may have actually started the fire. overseas now to the continuing battle against isis,
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the u.s. military upped strikes against isis. fighter jets destroyed a police station that had fallen to isis, the terror group claims they control 30% of the town but the government denies that. these strikes are the most intense yet from u.s. forces. tonight on world news david muir will have the latest from isis including a passionate plea from a mother whose son is held by the terrorists. you can watch that at 6:00. teachers in buck county received a lesson in defending their classroom against a gunman today. martial arts expert david came to the high school in bensalem to train the staff for the worst case scenario, he showed them techniques to stop the attack. an important message by students in camden county,
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chopper 6 hd was over waterford elementary school lined up to spell out the word, respect. the state of new jersey designated this week as the week of respect to combat bullying and promote a positive climate in the classroom. matt pellman is in the traffic center with hopefully a respectful outlook for folks trying to get home. >> lots of respect there in camden county, we are not respecting this traffic situation here rick and monica, a crawl on the eastbound side of the admiral wilson boulevard coming off the ben franklin bridge, a vehicle broke down a bit ago and they have it pushed out of the way now and it's giving us extra heavy conditions, a sea of taillights coming away from the ben franklin bridge and crowds toward the bridge of course because of ongoing construction there and some issues on 38, a motorcycle wreck near kings
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highway and morristown a pole taking out the right lane and the water main break at delsy drive and dalton drive. and we have smashups on the schuylkill expressway they are out of the way now but heavy traffic in both directions, especially eastbound for those people heading to the flyers home opener tonight. >> still ahead on "action news" tonight, the flyers are back in south philadelphia for the first home game of the new season. >> jaime apody has more including a live report from the wells fargo center coming up. >> we are tracking showers that are pushing in from the west and the clouds are here now and how long will the wet weather last flew the weekend? >> adam it's tgit time and thinks are getting physical in prime time. it will all have a special ending and twist happening tonight. we'll give you a sneak peek of
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shakers are coming for the conference of women and they will hear inspirational tips and linda is one of them, the powerhouse principal of high school, the school is one of most dangerous in the city with abyssmal test scores, when they couldn't find a principal to turn things around, an administrator and principal, to try it. linda led the school to an incredible turn around and will explain how to engineer meaningful change. this year i'll talk about the power of us, it's a conference, it's power of us. what we can do collectively as an energized creative, smart intelligent group of women if all just work together. >> you can hear the full interests view i did at she is quite an inspiration. time for sports now flyers
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are hoping for a win tonight at home following last night's season opener loss in boston. jaime apody is live in the sports center with more. >> reporter: hey guys, they did not get the season off the way they like losing in boston last night but lets hope the home cooking serves up the flyers win tonight. jeff skversky is flyered up as they are set to host the devils in the home opener. >> hey jaime, flyers trying to avoid yet another slow start, trying to avoid losing three straight home openers for the first time ever in the rich history of this franchise, they want to see a w. when it's puck drops, and steve mason is in net as the flyers take on the new jersey devils, they are actually looking for the first win ever in new jersey, and the first win ever in, last night in boston,
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there is a short memory as they try to bounce back with their fans. >> especially at home in front of a lot of friends, and it was a tough game for us yesterday. boston is a good team. you know we didn't create much our power play wasn't good but a lot of room to work with and hopefully we'll get a win tonight. >> it will be a lot of emotion and excitement tonight, we'll be revved up to go and we need to you know get back at it and get a w tonight and rebound from last night. >> flyers, head coach, craig berube, expressings to players get the puck on net. >> we are live at the wells
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fargo center. >> thank you jeff. trash talking continues as the birds get ready to face the giant. they are 4-1 but could easily be 0-4, i think he needs to work on his math. the uniforms are so secret even the eagles have not got and a glimpse of them. nick foles knows he needs swagger back having a less than stellar season compared to last year, the quarterback knows they are lucky to be where they are at considering how is he playing. >> i know i have to be better and we have won those games as a team. i go out and play each and every down for these guys and they play for me and as a quarterback i try to improve each and every day. >> coach chip kelly with an interesting perspective today, don't call it practice, he sides
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with a famous former sixer when it comes to this controversial subject. >> we go out there to train than is our mentality, i call it everywhere i have been, i think military trains and boxers trains, i agree with allen iverson, i think he is 100% right, training is what we are all about. >> we'll see if all that training pays off. tune in for eagles game day kickoff with ducis rogers and mike quick. they will preview the battle here on channel 6. rick, monica did you hear that? don't call it practice. >> allen iverson would be proud. it's thursday and that means it's a nitd of all new shows in abc prime time. three straight hours of drama and suspense on "grey's anatomy," "scandal."
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>> tonight's lineup has the entire package and it kicks off with "grey's anatomy" at 8:00, owen and his buddy they butt heads over a trial that is aimed to help soldiers wounded on the battle front. >> i am about to go in there and crush his dreams because of you -- >> okay. these two are usually allies but it may create a rift between them. elsewhere, joe becomes jealous of meredith's friendship and they prepare to go in front of board. >> just a casual dinner -- >> be with my father and me. >> my dad jake. >> are you not my girlfriend. >> that left her speechless, you can tell that jake is not liking her current relationship status with olivia.
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her request to sit down with her father and melee is back after her courageous appearance at the state of union address and pope is back in business helping an old friend find her daughter. >> you two know each owner? >> we went to boarding school together. >> this is your fiance? >> yes. >> now, that is awkward, if you are watching the show you know why i am not watching it on tv. how to get away with murder, kayla introduces her fiance to the west of group, and conner has a history with the guy, and analise is asked to represent a star football player but she thinks her own husband may have been involved. there are so many twists and turns on thursdays. it all kicks off at 8:00 with an
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all new grays followed by 9:00 with scandal and at 9:00 how to get away with murder. rick and monica what is so great is that so many of the show's star live tweet during the shows, you can get in on the action, use the #~ tgit and also #~ 6 abc if you watch tonight. >> i'm so engrossed i forget to tweet. >> me too, you got to share it rick. >> so much drama, we want to you remind you to go to facebook and like the 6 abc "action news" facebook page, click the like box and have access to all the top stories as well as weather updates and news, and the best and most current viral videos. updates and news, and the best and most current viral videos. go to
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i guess we have to say good-bye to the sun for a couple of days. a day and a half. >> it's a dismal day like sitting next to rick. >> tell him again -- wait a minute! >> who doesn't like ricky. >> she complimented me and got me at the same time. it's all love around here.
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looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan the clouds have moved in and soon the showers will follow and temperature wise we are average for this time of your, upper 60s from the lee lie valley. 67 along the shore, it's uniform across the board as the clouds drape across the region, some areas a hint of sun filtering through the cloud cover and the rain is evaporating as it pushes through the west, and it will regenerate through the night, the clouds are thickest through the south with showers or sprinkles for the morning rush, south of philadelphia, thinning to the clouds to the north and throughout the day to the north, the clouds are dominate or a pattern developing through the region, on top of that it will be in the 50s for highs, and it's a raw day, and even friday night into saturday morning, the
5:54 pm
bulk of the stead yes rain comes in to begin your weekend, some pockets of heavy downpours as we get into saturday afternoon, it looks like there is some improvement by 5:00 in the afternoon on saturday and sun north and west and south and east of the shore, and the clouds really hold strong here saturday and even into part of sunday. what to expect friday into sunday, showers go into a steadier rain, a general half inch to inch of rain, chilly and raw with a northeasterly wind, and by sunday afternoon the sun is breaking up north and west of saturday but especially on sunday we'll see more in the way of sunshine. cloudy and cool tonight ain light wind, 42 to 50 for your overnight low. your exclusive accuweather forecast, 59 tomorrow with showers around and early rain saturday and then some drying from north to south on saturday afternoon of 62, looking good on
5:55 pm
sunday, a mixture of sun and clouds and cloud cover as we get into the afternoon on sunday and for the eagles it will be cloudy and it will be cool but it will be dry, kickoff at 8:30, 59 degrees. and as we get into monday we warm it back up as the front swings to the north and throws more clouds our way, and a shower at 70 and breezy and warm at 76 and another round of rain coming in on wednesday at 74 degrees and drier on thursday at 68, so we have the rounds of rain coming through, overall the majority of weekend will be dry. >> we'll get you back
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"action news" at 6:00 is next. for adam joseph and cecily tynan, and
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogerss, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. thursday night and jim is off and i'm monica malpass with the big story on "action news" is breaking news from norristown, a verdict is in in the trial of a man accused of murdering a little baby and her grandmother in montgomery county. lets go live to david henry with the latest. >> reporter: yes, the jury was very decisive in its verdict.
6:00 pm
raghunandan yandamuri guilty on all counts. he now faces the possibility of the death penalty. he is found guilty of killing 6-month-old saanvi venna and her grandmother. the police say it was a botched kidnapping attempt and he left a ransom note at the crime scene demanding $50,000 from saanvi's parent, he claims he was cohersed into helping two strangers commit the crime but the prosecutors showed a mountain of direct and circumstantial evidence. he had a lawyer assisting in his defense but raghunandan yandamuri did all the talking in court and now that could cost him his life. >> as a lawyer i would have gone in a different direction and would have