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tv   Action News  ABC  October 15, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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a middle-aged man gunned down late tonight, just a few doors away from where he lived. he was shot in the face, possibly at point blank range. philadelphia homicide investigators think a group of teenagers did it. but wednesday night, jim's
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off, i'm rick williams and the big story on "action news" is breaking news. vicious murder of a 50 year-old victim. "action news" reporter chad pradelli has details from the scene in north philadelphia along the 2500 block of 19th street. >> reporter: we're here at 19th and cumberland and shooting happened around 8:30 tonight. here's what police are telling me happened. victim was halfway down block when three men in their late teens, early 20's, walk up and fired at a man point blank range. that victim was hit multiple times including once in the head. he was transported to temple university hospital where he was later pronounced dead. motive is unclear at this point but police do not believe robbery was the the motive because the victim was fun to have over a thousand dollars on him. >> now, we have several witnesses that are in route to homicide. fortunately, we have found some businesses in the area where the shooting occurred that do have external surveillance camera. so, hopefully these cameras recorded something, that could help homicide with this
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investigation. >> reporter: police have very little to go on with these suspects. i'm told one was wearing a white hoodie, two others wearing black hoodies and name has in the been released n north philadelphia, chad pradelli for channel six, "action news". more breaking news tonight, drug bust has landed several people in handcuffs. the the action cam was in philadelphia's somerton section, as five men were taken into custody and put in the back of the philadelphia police van. the arrest came after officers raided a home here on the 600 block of avon street. police say narcotics were found inside the resident but few other details are being released. it has been pouring for much of the day and showers continued into the evening, making umbrellas a necessity or a shopping bag over the head to protect yourself. that will do in a pinch. tonight's rain led to minor street flooding like here on ford road in wynfield heights and there is more to come overnight. so lets head over to meteorologist cecily tynan with storm tracker six live, double scan radar, hi cecily.
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>> hi rick, day and night of tropical downpours. storm tracker six live double scan showing that we do have some scattered showers around but this was the lull i was talking about earlier this evening between about 8:00 and midnight where the heavier rain, but it would take a little break but look at hutch rain we have received today, it is all about the western suburbs is, lancaster close to three and a half inches of rain and reading, closing in on 3 inches of rain. philadelphia in the quite that much, .66, atlantic city airport barely anything. all of the heavy rain has been focused out to the west. but storm tracker six live double scan, much wider view showing there is heavier rain down to the south. it is moving in our direction. this is going to kind of flip where the focus of the heavy rain overnight will be east of philadelphia. so this is what to expect. the predawn hours will have another round of rain, again, the heavier rain not west of philadelphia but along the i-95 corridor and east. by thursday morning, the showers finally will be
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exiting, the clouds will be breaking out, we will have more details on the timing and the much cooler air to follow coming up in the full accu weather seven day forecast, rick. >> cecily, we will check back later, thank you you. remember to wake up with the "action news" morning team for how the the overnight rain could impact the morning commute. they are on from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. we're following new developments on several front tonight in the fight against ebola in america. second nurse infect in the dallas hospital was sent to a specialize lacing ward tonight, halfway across the the country. her case has heightened fears since she flew on a plane between the time that she got infect and the time that she got sick. it is also prompting questions about the cdc and whether the medical community is taking the right steps to contain the virus. "action news" reporter sharrie williams joins us now with the very latest video, sharrie. >> reporter: rick, this second nurse to contract the virus is amber vinson. here she is landing at the
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atlanta airport tonight after the decision was made to fly her out of have dallas for treatment. there are now two american nurses battling the virus and one official warning, more cases are likely in the united states. in a bright yellow protective suit ebola patient amber vinson walk on her own into emery university hospital in atlanta. the the 29 year-old is the second health care worker to contract the ebola virus while treating thomas duncan in dallas. >> this is a heroic person, a person who dedicated her life and is dedicating her life to helping others. >> reporter: the day before vinson started displaying symptoms she was on a frontier airlines flight from cleveland to dallas, 132 people were on the flight and each one will be interviewed and potentially monitored. the cdc's director said vinson should not have travel. >> because, at that point, she was in a group of individuals known to have exposure to
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ebola, she should not have traveled on a commercial airline. >> reporter: but tonight, a different twist to the story. a federal official says that vinson called the cdc before boarding the flight and told them that she had an elevated temperature of 99.5 but she was told dit not meet the 100.4-degree threshold. the federal source says that she was never instruct not to travel. meanwhile president obama canceled his travel today and called in an emergency meeting of agencies involved in the response. >> what we have been doing here today is reviewing exactly what we know about what has happened in dallas and how we're going to make sure something like this is not repeated. >> reporter: as for the nurse's health at this point vinsonnies said to be ill but in the seriously ill. nina pham is said to be in good condition at the hospital in dallas. tonight, experts from emery have flown into treat her,
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rick. all right sharrie, thank you for that report. locally people on the front line of first response are expressing concerns over a encountering of the ebola patients. philadelphia's department of health has issued an advisory but staffers at the 36 clinics in the city do not have full body protective gear. medic 19 serves one of the largest liberian communities in the country. they could be responsible for transporting a contagious patient too sick to get to a doctor of their own. off camera they also raised concerns over not having adequate protective gear. well, they are calling full tonight over allege trash talk on the soccer field involving ebola and a player from west africa. but two lehigh valley coaches that are out of the job. the "action news" reporter kenneth moton has the the details. >> reporter: it was a lack of sport man ship that has sparked an investigation in northampton county, nazareth area high school student and soccer player abraham takera satisfies players from northampton high chanted ebola
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at him. he fridays west africa. >> unaudible. >> all right. we will try to get that report back to you, in just a little bit but our coverage of the ebola out break continues on six we have very latest on the dallas health care workers and details on howie bowl a could effect pets. in other news a beating inside a philadelphia's largest prison is prompting an investigation tonight and talk of the lawsuit but suspect is not an inmate, the suspect is a prison guard. camera captured the incident inside curan fromhold correctional facility on september 20th. it shows the officer repeatedly punch the inn may jonathan akubo while he was cuffed. according to his attorney the initial guard report on this incident does not match the video. >> he also then goes on to say that he administered an open handed blow to mr. a kub u,
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one blow. looking at the video is there 15 closed fisted punches at short range while mr. wiseback has mr. akub u in a head lock. >> wiseback claims he spit at him, a prison report indicates that he was being taken to the infirmary after purposely blocking his toilet and being pepper sprayed. the prison say wiseback was suspended for using excessive force and then placed in another unit. akubu's attorney plans to file a federal civil rights violation lawsuit. thomas graham is overjoyed tonight. that is because he spent all of last night floating on his disable jet ski in the water off stone harbor. coastguard search was called after he never came home, it turns out his battery died and he could not walk through the black mud to get to shore. he waited for 13 hours trying to stay calm, until a helicopter spotted him this morning. >> try not to fall off the
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boat, but it is hard sitting on a wave rider and you start to dose off and you do worry, you know, you will go in the brink. >> i really thought he was a goner. i didn't think i would see him again. to me, this is a miracle. >> well that was graham's final ride of the season and probably his life time. he said he is thinking have of selling his jet ski now. well, you know, it is a dog gone shame a woman running an errand had her vehicle and pet taken from her. jj pierce of bell a vice taste doing everything she can to get her stolen dog back. louie the black lab mix, was in her suv last thursday night when someone stole the vehicle from the home depot parking lot, on columbus boulevard. days later the stolen suv was found in north philadelphia, but louie was gone. pierce has been pounding the pavement putting up flyers and setting up the search site on social media. so far no luck but some neighbors say that they have
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seen him. i don't care about the car, i don't care about, i'm not worried about pressing charges or anything i just want my dog back. >> philadelphia police are processing the stolen suv for fingerprints, of course, if you have any information, detective and pierce with like to know she's offering a reward. still to come on "action news" tonight the fashion make over, a new department store meant to revitalize market east reveals when doors will open. plus have you check your 401k lately it was one of the most volatile days on wall street in years. the pennsylvania governor's raspberries first lady michelle obama to philadelphia, cecily? storm tracker six live double scan is tracking batch of heavy rain off carolina coast moving in our direction. i will have the latest on the timing and when we will dry out in the full accu weather forecast. all right, cecily. we will have the rest of kenneth mote up's report on the northampton soccer coaches resigning and jeff skversky
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hears from the flyers on how to turn their slump around when "action news" at 11:00 comes right back.
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we want to go back to kenneth moton's report about two soccer coaches suspended because of trash tack having to do with ebola. here is his. >> reporter: report it was lack of sports man ship that has spark an investigation in northampton county. nazareth area high school student and soccer player abraham takera says players from northampton high chanted ebola at him. he is from west africa. >> unaudible. >> reporter: sixteen year-old junior was then out of the thursday night match for fighting. >> being from western africa, you know, and having family in that area, you know, didn't
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take too kindly to those remarks, and went after one of the players on the northampton team. >> reporter: nazareth soccer coach edward park shore happens to be a lehigh county police chief is the teen's legal guardian. he says three years ago the boy moved from west africa, country that border liberia, where the ebola out break rages on. >> there were tears coming down his eyes. he was visibly shaken by this. he was really upset that it got to that level. >> reporter: northampton said head soccer cold craig carbon and jason maylynn resigned but several student apartment let are facing difficulties plan nature i action. >> this is part of the educational process to make sure students understand sports man ship and really is what happening in the world. >> we are all the same and anything can happen. nothing can make up for this. >> reporter: abraham's parent are still in west africa and he war business them daily but getting support from fellow
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nazareth students who will rallied around him. kenneth moton for channel six, "action news". tom wolf is fining support from more political powerhouses. first lady michelle obama came to campaign for wolf in philadelphia's east mt. airy section. she follows on the heels of hillary clinton who was stumping for wolf here last week. sources tell "action news" that the president himself may rally here, for the midterm elections, home stretch. meanwhile vice-president joe biden will be visiting philadelphia tomorrow morning. it is not a political rally for tom wolf. mr. biden will join senator bob casey and congressman chaka fattah and bob brady at penns landing to talk about infrastructure investments. meanwhile the campaign trail took governor tom corbett to pittsburgh today. the republican incumbent visited site of the former steel mill million which is said to be developed as a commercial and residential district.
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the governor now announced ten million-dollar in state grants to aid in the redevelopment. from our delaware news room tonight, the candidates in november's u.s. senate race met in a televised debate. democratic incumbent chris coons is seeking a full six year term and he is opposed by republican businessman kevin wade. tonight's debate was held at the university of delaware in newark. well, roller coaster ride on wall street is making many investors nauseous. dow jones industrial average plumeted 460 points, and stocks swing uphill erasing much of the losses to close 173 points in the red. today was the most heavily traded day in more than three years. analyst say the big fear is not the effect of ebola but a slow down in economic growth in the rest of the world. gallery mall in market east in philadelphia is getting a make over and tonight we know priest sizely when the new anchor store will open. century 21 department stores says shopping begins at 11:00a
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in m on october 28th. but excited customers who register on line can get early access starting on the 23rd. the century 21 is a new york based chain known for discounts on designer clothes. it will move in the old strawbridges site with 95,000 square fees of retail space. this is their first store outside of new york. emergency responders put fire safety in the hands of neighbors tonight in bensalem. corn wells fire company station 16 welcomes families for fire prevention week. fire fighters demonstrated how they rescued people trapped have after a car wreck. police officers introduced kids to their k-9 partners as well, and there were gains testing kid knowledge or fire safety and prevention tips. well there is a wintry new attraction coming to dilworth park outside philadelphia city hall. this is a rendering of the new rothman institute ice rink that is big enough for hundreds of skate tours hit the ice and have fun once it is up and running in a month. admission will be reasonable $4 for adults, $3 for
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children. six abc president and general manager bernie prazenica was on hand for today's announcement because channel six is a media sponsor of the rink. officials hope it will provide one more reason to come into center city during the busy holiday season. holidays are close, look at the calendars. >> it will be here before you know it. >> you need to stop shopping. >> yes, going from ice, talking about ice to rain out there tonight. it is not quite over just yet. storm tracker six live double scan showing philadelphia is still in a dry slot but we have some showers at the jersey shore, cape may, sea isle city, atlantic city and they are all really running from the south to the north, due north across the the parkway and there is a cluster of some heavier downpours right now working through chester county just to the east of oxford. it is heading towards chadds ford and moving through newark delaware and there is more on the waste and as you step outside it certainly is a warm day.
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big problems though regarding how much rain we have gotten in lancaster. close to three and a half inches of rain, so flood advisory now extended for lancaster county until 4:00 in the morning. it also extend into western berks county. redding about 3 inches, already and it is not over quite yet. stepping outside though it is tropical. philadelphia 71 degrees. down from our high of 77. allentown 70. wilmington 70. millville 69. sea isle city 69 degrees. dew points right around there air is really saturated. is there plenty of moisture to pull from the atmosphere and satellite six with action radar is really showing focus of all of this tropical air this low pressure spinning over the the ohio valley. this is what is really helping pull up that moisture. a cold front will be sliding through tomorrow morning but ahead of it we have another round of heavy rain. so future tracker is showing 6:30 in the morning heavy rain especially along the i-95 corridor in south jersey, the good news ills, it will be out of here by about 10:00 o'clock
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with the peak sunshine, as that front sweeps off the coast but that upper level low close enough that in the afternoon, we will have sunshine, cloud will pop up with a few spotty showers, won't be anything like today, generally we will be drying up and it will be brighter. planning your day tomorrow 6:00 in the morning still some showers, and then by 7:00 o'clock 64 degrees. by 10:00 o'clock droughts breaking, 67 degrees and then in the afternoon we will see some sunshine drying out. 1:00 o'clock 71. by 4:00, 72 degrees with a possibility of the spotty shower. so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, morning showers, afternoon forecast, 27 degrees. won't be nearly as humid as today. friday a beautiful waste to even the workweek. partly sunny, breezy, pleasant with a high of 07 degrees. saturday finally we will have a dry saturday morning. nice change. sun mixing with clouds. 70 degrees. cold front will move through on saturday. it will come through try but big change is what is lurking
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behind this. chilly, breeze on sunday. the high only 58 degrees, monday 59, and then tuesday a possibility of a shower, and 58 degrees and then wednesday, it is staying chilly with a high of 58 degrees and david murphy will have the latest on storm tracker six live beginning at 4:30 and tweet go through part of the night as heavier rain begins to move in. >> just part of the nighty need to get some sleep. >> yes. >> i know what you are talking about. all right, thank you. oscar hosting job goes to, neil patrick harris. he will lead at contacted my award broadcast here on abc february between the second. successful actor made a name for himself with helps continuing gigs as well, having hosted tony's four time and emmys twice. did he a video post tonight scrolling down his bucket list of accomplishment is announcing that he got the job.
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with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
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sports, jeff's here and flyers are hoping it is not today a view all over again. >> they are certainly hoping so. flyers fans might be a little bit worried but actual team is staying even kiehl. it is a long season. the flyers off to their worst start in six years, so how did they getting here defenseman brayden coburn says they need to have more killer instinct. coburn by the way back at practice today. he hopes to play saturday in dallas. is what wrong with the flyers right now? i don't know. you are the captain. claude giroux and company trying to turn things around after yet another slow start, now last year, they started losing, seven of their first eight games, worse starred in team history and still make the the playoffs. thankfully it is not that bad. >> unaudible. >> is there nothing we can do about it now. we have to focus on than is what in front of us. >> it is magnified more in the start of the season. it is mentally draining for them a bit. >> we are still better then it was last year.
11:29 pm
we're in the as bad as last year. >> not as bad, all right. last two teams that knocked phillies out of the playoffs new trying to knock each other out. st. louis and san francisco in game four right new san francisco has a six-four lead in the seventh. in the american league, we have a royal flush. the kansas city royals sweep the baltimore orioles winning game four tonight two to one. they are going to the world series for the first time in 29 years. the the run is remarkable. they have won eight straight playoff games, george brett going nuts tonight. it is longest streak in baseball history. royals are are king of the american league. the birds are in the bye week and while some have said bye-bye to work and football, for at least a few days chip kelly a football fanatic new has time to scout college players if he wishes to do so. he may not have to go very far. eagles coach visited temple football practice and even watched some games at the link this year. kelly is friendly with matt rule and perhaps kelly's
11:30 pm
winning ways has worn off like the eagles. so far temple has won four of their first five to start the season. >> it has been fantastic. we try to mirror the things that they to just from a there's if i standpoint. he has been an ear i can text, call and ask questions, hoy can get down to watch. i learn present any own mistaken and i can learn from the guy did it at the highest level in college. >> temple plays friday in houston. we have a big one saturday here on six abc, at 8:00, notre dame, florida state both undefeated at six-zero. you will want to this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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the eagles were so eager to getaway for a few days, if you remember, on monday, chip kelly said, they shot their team photo in just four minutes and 40 seconds. chip, who does everything fast, wanted even their picture done fast. >> lets get this thing taken and let's go you know what i mean. it is not like it is hanging in the philadelphia museum of arthur anything. >> oh, really. chip you will in the believe it but team portrait is on
11:34 pm
display, at the museum of art, in philadelphia, the eagles, a work of art. >> they are five and one, why not. >> why not. >> thanks, jeff. finally tonight, six abc marked end of hispanic heritage month in hunting park. leaders within the mexican american community were honored, from the restaurant and dann cuellar provided keynote dress. they is. he was not the only members of the "action news" family to taught contributions of this community. news director tom davis, 6a abc president and general men bernie prazenica and public affairs manager niki hawkins were all there tonight, as well. jimmy kimmel live is next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest are selena gomez, chris dowd and, "action news" continues tomorrow at 4:30. for all of us here at "action news", i'm rick williams. have a night evening, see you tomorrow.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!""[ tonight -- selena gomez. chris o'dowd. ansel elgort. and music from kasabian. with cleto and the cletones. and now, with all due respect, here here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi there. welcome. gracias. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching at home. thank you for coming, for leaving your homes. well, that's ver