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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  October 17, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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america. the white house now has an ebola czar to lead the response as containment efforts expand to include a cruise ship and multiple airline flights. "action news" crews have the story covered from philadelphia to texas. david henry at city hall with local preparations, ali gorman at c.d.c. headquarters in atlanta, georgia. first, to dann cuellar in dallas, texas ground zero for the ebola investigation. dann? >> monica, it is certainly contrary to what federal health officials are advising, but it got a lot of attention here today. texas governor rick perry calling for a ban on air travellers from country with ebola except for the aide workers fighting the disease. >> based on recent and ongoing developments, i believe it is the right policy to ban air travel from countries that have been hit hardest by the ebola outbreak. >> texas governor rick perry concedes that mistakes were made after ebola was first discovered in his state. specifically pointing to the air travel of the dallas nurse,
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amber vinson. he says from the c.d.c. to the hospital it was indefensible that she flew from ohio to dallas after she said she had a low-great fever. and a carnival cruise with a health care worker on board who cared for duncan in isolation. they same the worker was put in isolation after contacted by the c.d.c. officials. and ordering health care workers treating thomas duncan before he died were told to avoid the public for 21 days until the danger for developing ebola passed. the ambulance that carried nurse nina pham to the airport to the trip to maryland one made by medical response to carry ebola patients. the ambulance wrapped in plastic floor-to-ceiling and aren't
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equipment. and nina pham arrived last night at the national institutes of health in maryland. the doctors say she is very fatigued but in good spirits. >> she is not deteriorating. i cannot tell you at this time why we said "fair" because of patient confidentiality, but quite stable now and resting comfortab comfortably. >> late today encouraging news. dallas mayor announcing that one of the first 48 people who came in contact with thomas duncan here in dallas has been cleared. that he has shown no signs of the virus for 21 days and is no longer under quarantine. we are live here in dallas, texas, dann cuellar for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, dann. governor tom corbett of pennsylvania disclosed today three pennsylvanians were on the flight from cleveland to dallas with the nurse who tested positive for ebola. they are being monitored in texas. corbett says they are not showing symptoms and the c.d.c. cleared them to return to the state. the governor tried to relieve fears about that happening.
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>> you need to have more than just a presence in the same airplane. you need some type of transference. touching and bodily fluids. we're trying to calm everybody down. >> and today president barack obama named ron klain to the government's response as the ebola czar. he will report to the national security advisor and homeland security and counterterror advisor. and going to health reporter and registers nurse, ali gorman picking it up live from atlanta, georgia. ali? >> monica, the c.d.c. did face criticism as to how it handles ebola cases in the united states. today president obama appointed someone outside of the agency to now lead the effort. ron klain has been appointed by the president to be the nation's ebola czar. he doesn't have a medical background, but serves as chief of staff to both the
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vice-president, joe biden and al gore. and also tackles the financial crisis. this next challenge may be his toughest. in leading the nation's response it is vital. health care workers who treat the ebola patients are properly trained and protected. and the overall goal, so prevent the spread of the virus in the u.s. and control the outbreak in west africa. i spoke with a medical officer with the c.d.c. and they say will continue to do their work and do what is necessary to prevent ebola cases here. but he says any help is welcome. >> anything that can be done to facilitate the interagency cooperation and work with our partners internationally in west africa should be a win-win. and any help is welcome. >> and the president and health
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officials here say in order to prevent more cases here in the united states they have to help stop the outbreak in west africa. unfortunately, there's no telling how long that will take. that's the latest live in atlanta, ali gorman channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. and live outside of philadelphia city hall. and mayor nutter and city officials discussed some of their preparation to deal with ebola today, right? >> yeah, monica, the city's emergency response team was shoulder-to-shoulder with mayor nutter to reassure the public saying that the city is ready and the local hospitals are ready. >> i want to reassure all of our philadelphians and folks in our area that they are working very, very hard and know what we are doing. >> the city health commissioner says all city hospitals are prepared to evaluate and treat anyone who shows up infected with ebola. there are no cases of ebola in philadelphia, but if one does emerge here, it's likely to show up first at the hospital of the
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university of pennsylvania. the hospital says it has agreed to treat health care workers who get infected while working in africa. as for the general population the city is urging anyone who has search -- symptoms to call for an ambulance or go to an emergency room. but if someone shows up at the city health colin be -- clinic workers are protected. >> we have gloves, masks and facials. >> they may have gowns but not full body suits. and the people who staff the ambulances say they are not protected. the head of the firefighters union says they have class b body suits but be told to use a lower-grade suit. >> if you have a couple of first responders that are contaminated and wind out contracting the disease you can't then say oh, yeah, we made a mistake, now we will up it to this. >> the city says it will adjust
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the personal protection policies based on whatever upgraded recommendations come out of the c.d.c. the fire commissioners says the suits the firefighters are using now are more than adequate. >> no case saying that the suits don't work. every instance of conshohocktam is it putting it on incorrectly or taking it off incorrectly. >> and despite that agreement, the city of philadelphia is ready to handle an ebola outbreak and you can find the latest information on the city department website and on live at city hall, david henry, channel 6 "action news." monica? >> thank you, david. we know you folks have a lot of questions about ebola, we are hosting a facebook chat this afternoon. the director of infectious diseases at penn presbyterian hospital took your questions and that chat is it on the facebook page to read.
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and more on the ebola cases neck on "world news with david muir." and breaking news just into our news room stemming from yesterday's road rage attack on a school bus. "action news" just learned two women described as persons of interest are now being questioned. we first told you on "action news at 5:00" the police found the chevy suburban believed to be involved in the attack yesterday afternoon. now two women linked to the vehicle are detained, and a search of the vehicle uncovered a baseball bat. the police believe it was used to smash the school bus window injuring a child. a trucker hospitalized tonight after police shot him during a chase through north town, montgomery county. officers say the driver led them on a wild chase after crashing into cars on swede street. and john rawlins live at the mri police headquarters with the latest. >> looking at charges, among them aggravated assault,
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possibly dui, perhaps receiving stolen property. working for a truck company now saying they were absent without leave. and they described how things came to an end last night with gunfire. >> the operator initially raises his hand as if he's going to surrender, but then puts his hand back on the steering wheel and drives the vehicle forward. at that point one of the officers fires three shots. >> the three shots hit the windshield. one wounds the driver in the arm. the incident began at basin and swede when the truck driver backed into and damaged one parked cars. neighbors including thomas approached the truck driver surveying the damage. >> i will give you my insurance, to get around stop blocking traffic. >> and he hit a second car, a black sedan.
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>> and we told him to stop again and he floored it, popped the car in the air, busted out the window. the whole back window. and he tapes off. no top sign, red light, kept going. >> the police chased the fast-moving 18-wheeler down the street until it turned at lafayette. facing a deadend it drove over and crushed this guard rail and stopped whp -- when confronted by the three armed officers. and saying the sedan belong to her son's girlfriend, saying it is the third car belonging to family and friends hit while parked on the street in just 11 months. >> that same car. and then my daughter's car and now katie's car. so it's like -- >> it's not a good place for cars. >> i am ready to move from here. it's the truth. >> well, that driver in this particular case remains hospitalized at this point and time. we tried to reach out to his employer, the trucking company in north jersey. every time we managed to get
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someone on the phone they would just hang up. live in norristown. >> thank you. coming up, a montgomery county fire company, the police are searching for eric frein. and chip kelly visiting an injured player in the hospital. and bermuda in the eyewall of hurricane gonzalo. and a cool down in the accuweather forecast. and those stories and more when "action news" continues in a moment.
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>> late this afternoon a federal bankruptcy judge sided with the taj mahal casino and voided the union's contract. it gives the taj relieve from costly pension and health care obligations, and raising the chance of the casino staying open. trump entertainment has threatened to close the troubled gambling hall for good if it were forced to honor that agreement. the candidate for the senate race joined us and they discussed national issues ranging from how the u.s. deals with the ebola outbreak to isis. and views on domestic issues. and see this special forum this sunday at 10:00 a.m. on channel 6. lehigh university a new president after a 10-month search. john simon named the 14th
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present. the internationally renown chemist the former vice-president and provost of the university of virginia. and the former president took the position as president of imperial college-london. the pennsylvania state trooper seriously hurt in the ambush they blooming grove barracks has left the hospital. they say that alex douglass is improving but still face as long recovery. in the meantime, a truck full of food and supplies from collegeville, pennsylvania headed to monroe county to help in the search for eric frein. the state police sent work they need non-parishable food, paper products and personal compare items as they search for the convicted cop killer. volunteers fixing 300 feels a deal as it entered another
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>> jeff here with sports.
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an unusual hospital visit bureaucrat a nice gesture by chip kelly. >> eagles' fans sunday when victor cruz was hurt, they gave him a round of applause when he was charted off. chip kelly taking it to the neck step. as much as the eagles and giants hate each other, how about this? chip kelly actually visited the giants anticipate receiver, cruz, at the hospital after his devastating knee injury. wishing him the best of luck after he went down with the devastating injury. a classy move by kelly. when kelly and company resume play after the bye week the schedule is extremely difficult the rest of the way. only two. remain ten games are against losing teams. espn's ron jaworski has more. ♪ >> number one, arizona. terrific defensive team. second game, houston texans. all i have to say is j.j. watts. up know they can play some defense. and carolina in philadelphia on
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a monday night. by the way, cam newton playing good football. and green bay, say aaron rodgers and you know that's a battle. the next four games, they are tough, but i think we will find out a lot about this erica gr grow -- about this eagle team. >> and tonight at nine, visiting houston the first time since the late 1980s. big game on 6abc tomorrow. 6-0 north against 6-0 florida state. kickoff set for 8:00. the sixers first pick, embiid is flying home to cameroon after his younger brother, arthur, tragically died yesterday. no word on when he will return to philadelphia. and brown returns to practice along with the general m manager who missed last night's game with the celtics to be with
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him during this time. >> it is trying to help him during a terrible time. to see a young man and be with him when he goes through the initial moves. there are no words that you can choose to describe that. so we are just trying to do the right thing. the world series starts between san fran and kansas city tuesday. when it concludes players can file for free agency and the phillies can soon after rework the roster. it needs a major overhaul. among those that can happen this off-season, how about don brown the former all-star can be moved. he said he will work his butt off after having the second worst batting age in baseball and they need to work on the chemistry. >> the team bond and gel, i don't think the chemistry went the way we wanted it to this year. i think with time, i think with
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the guys and the names that we have, i think we're going to be back to playing grade a baseball soon. >> and catching up with brown at the ballpark where he was with his mom hosting a food drive for needy families in the delaware valley. philly fighter cunningham back in the ring tomorrow night. he continues to box so he can help to pay for the heart transplant his daughter desperately needs. >> i am ready to fight, you know much i called my promoter and they are we'll give you a break because of the situation. well it's cool, but i am a fighter. i have been doing this for nine years with my daughter. i need to take care of them. >> and kennedy, his daughter, is in pittsburgh right now where she awaits a heart transplant. so far steve raised $25,000 to hopefully pay for the medical bills. >> i hope so. and cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast next. this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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>> cecily tynan here with the all-important weekend weather. we're cooling off, bit by bit. >> and showing dry conditions tonight. live on sky 6 looking at a gorgeous sunset in atlantic city. a few folks in my twitter count were tweeting these photos of them on the beach today. just kind of rubbing it in. it was a beautiful day. philadelphia currently 70 degrees, down from the high of 73. allentown 68. wilmington 68. millville 66. sea isle city 67 degrees.
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satellite 6 and radar showing good amount of sunshine today. clouds building across western pennsylvania. this is a cold front that is sneaking through overnight. and a trough, a dip in the atmosphere will follow through in the afternoon. we start the day with sunshine, but with the trough the clouds roll in in the afternoon and winds kick up. wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. the high still seasonable, 68 degrees. things really change on sunday. high pressure begins to build in. the high 56 degrees, but you factor in the gusty winds, feeling closer to 50 degrees. and monday morning some folks could even wake up with some frost. the really big story though in the weather is hurricane gonzalo. a powerful category three hurricane, maximum sustained winds 115 miles per hour. you can see how it is right now baring down on the i would have bermutte -- on the island of bermuda.
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and it is right over bermuda, and bermuda feeling the worst of the effects of the storm system for about the next three hours. all the wind out of the east really converging on the island right now. we have winds 59 miles per hour in hammington, gusting to 79 miles per hour. but st. george just reported a wind gust of 121 miles per hour. and bermuda is only one mile wild and 22 miles long. so this is going to have a devastating effect. we're looking at the potential for a 10-foot storm surge in bermuda. 10 to 20-foot waves. wind gusts at the surface 100 miles per hour. the higher elevations 125 miles per hour with heavy rain, 3-6 inches. i have been in contact with a lot of residents from bermuda on my facebook page and they are hunkering down. a lot of them are at an amtitheater trying to right out the storm. more at 11:00. and the seven-day forecast, winds of change tomorrow.
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68 degrees. clouding up, the winds pick up. windy and chilly sunday. 56 degrees. monday, after a frosty morning in the northwest suburbs and pine barons of new jersey seeing sunshine by the afternoon, 60 degrees. don't get used to it, tuesday through thursday damp and dreary and lots of clouds. and clearing out in time for next weekend with a high of 63 degrees. they do have very strict building codes in bermuda, but this is a devastating storm. an update at 11:00. >> thank you. and "world news with david muir" next here on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, shirleen allicot, adam joseph and ducis rodgers. and join us for "action news at 11:00" here on channel 6. for jim gardner, cecily tynan, jeff skversky, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. good night, and we'll see you at 11:00. ♪
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welcome to "world news tonight." and the breaking news, the monster hurricane making landfall tonight. winds, more than 100 miles per hour. and the cruise ship nightmare. under an ebola scare. and the vice president's son in trouble, testing positive for cocaine. discharged from the u.s. navy. and the red lights, how a tenth of a second allows them to ticket you.