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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  October 20, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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them' concentrated their search for frein as he allegedly killed a trooper. a woman that lives in swift water thinks that she saw frein on friday night. they are taking that report seriously. walter perez is live near the high school tonight. walter what happened today? >>reporter:all in the area surrounding the pocono high school where the most recent sighting of eric frein took place. zones of rifle-touting personnel swarmed a home in this community of swift water. she spoke with vernon odom on the condition that we not reveal her identity. >> he was stand everything by an
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abandoned truck. >>reporter:she found herself standing near the person that she thought was eric frein. >> he turned towards me. that is where you could see his mud on his face and tell what height he was based on the truck he was standing next to. >>reporter:did he have a gun? >> yes. >>reporter:a rifle. >> a rifle with a scope attached to it. >>reporter:the result was a small memorial of fbi and state police officers moving in on swift water. this is video from a documentary about vietnam war h re-enactmen. >>reporter:and the fears of carnies he's a phobia of crowds. >>reporter:he seems detached from her close encounter.
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>> it looked as if he was looking for something or avoid something. it was kind of confusion. this guy was not startled by me. >> they decided to open the schools today. the schools were surrounded by security as you imagine all day. lots of police activity in swift water today. as of right now eric frein remains on the loose. reporting live from swift water, walter perez. >> thank you. they are trying to identity this adult. there are young children fighting while the adults are laughing and taking pictures. a viewer asked us to follow up on this. they are tracking down the adults and hope that the public can help i in the investigation.
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this was a violent day at new castle, delaware. there were a fair of fight as newark high school. chad pradelli is live outside of the high school tonight. chad. >>reporter:the police got the call there were reports that hundreds of students were fighting inside the newark high school. when the police realized here that was not the case. they deployed in great numbers. it was all over. a dozen people were under arrest. the newark police kept a close eye after a couple of fights leading arrests. after the police got that fight under control another fight broke out. >> there was a crowd of several hundred people in the haulway a. it prevented the officers from getting to the fight. >> the kids were fighting for two minutes.
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i didn't see any teachers respond. >> the next thing i am on the ground getting stomped on. >>reporter:many students questioned why the police deployed so many officers to the school. they took a dozen students in custody. they were later released to their parent. of the dismissal was incident-free. >> 11 are going to face charges. >>reporter:i am live in newark, chad pradelli "channel~6 action news." thank you, chad. an armed robbery occurred in the logan section of philadelphia. they there was a robbery at 18 and belfield at sunoco. they rammed the police cruiser. when the officers tried to stop them, the second took off i in
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kemble. they got an education last nit inightin an armed robbery. sarah, what is the latest here? >> jim, the philadelphia police want to talk to the victims again. they are also out in the neighborhood checking for any surveillance video in the off campus neighborhood where it happened last evening. we talked to two students that live in the home that was targeted last evening. they knew who and what they were looking for. >> take all my stuff, can be replaced but i don't want to be shot there were temple student asked not to show his face. he was inside of that row home at the 1900 block of north 18 street. they forced him into the home.
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alt first the sophomore thought it was a joke. >> once they hit my friend he fell bloody to the ground it was not a joke any more. >>reporter:the masked bandits zip-tied their hands behind their backs. >> they were yelling at everyone if you get up or try anything -- >>reporter:they took cell phones and wallets, laptops and gaming systems an speakers. the roommates told him that the suspects were interested in the roommate that were smoking outside. they kept asking him about his safe. >> they were asking where his money was at and knocked him unconscious. >>reporter:it does not appear to be a random attack. the students are wondering how safe they really are. >> i do see them around here a
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lot. they expanded. that helps. it didn't help last night obviously. >>reporter:the suspects were wearing bandanas over their face. one was wearing a bucks county community college sweatshirt. they are looking for surveillance video in that neighborhood. i am sarah bloomquist, "channel~6 action news." jim. thank you, sarah. the red cross is helping four families forced from their homes by fire this morning in atlantic city. the flames erupted at 5:00 at the somers point apartments on mays landing road. part of the roof collapsed in one of the buildings. a firewall prevented the blaze from spreading further. the federation of teachers won a small victory in court. the judge ordered a preliminary injunction to halt the plans to propose a change to the
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teacher's health care benefits. they voted earlier to cancel the contract and to contribute to the premium that starts in december. they are to halt that decision whether the s.r.c. has the legal authority to do that. >> they are breathing new life in a landmark. mayor nutter around charles ramsey and other officials broke ground on $250 million public safety services campus. police headquarters move into the old life insurance building at 46 and market. and nutter thanked the residents in supporting the plan and what it means to this community. >> you called out to us on many occasions about this site and building. what it was and i would suggest what it can be. >> the building will house
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philadelphia's medical examiner's office the morgue and the department of public health. news on ebola have forced two students that spent time in africa now to spend time away from school. jamie apody with an injury update as the eagles come off of their bye week. cecily. once the unsettled weather moves it moves out. those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight. ♪ there it is...
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word has come from atlanta that man treated for ebola from emory hospital has been released. he was working in a treatment center in sierra leone is now free of the virus. 51 people that were closest to thomas duncan have passed the incubation, and now taken off the watch list. is the ebola scare prompting an overly cautious reaction. if so, is this a case in point? ali gorman explains. >>reporter:parents with students at howard yokum elementary will have two students that will not start today. they were supposed to start school. despite the fact that the
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students are symptom-free the parents elected to keep them home past the 21 waiting period. they are not sure who made the decision the parents or family. it gives peace of mind. >> it will not hurt. in the lon long run it will back that family for 21 days. >> others disagree. it was made out of free and lack of education. >> the family is not from the portion of africa that is being affected. i feel bad. >>reporter:she is right. the students are said to be from rwanda. many decisions regarding ebola are made out of fear not fact. >> i think that the spread of disease is under control. what i worry about the spread of
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fear of the disease is not under control. >>reporter:also what could help to alleviate fears the majority of people that duncan had contact with before hospitalized is out of the 21 day waiting period. so far no, one has gotten second. reporting from maple shade, new jersey. ali gorman. and world news with david muir, coverage of ebola in nuclear. that is next on "channel~6 action news." there was a stabbing death of a prison guard. a body was discovered inside of a home in southwest philadelphia. they caught up with her boyfriend ronald jones on saturday. he has not been charged with murder. jones is held on a parole violation and considered a violent offender. the hunt is on for the person that killed a man in
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kensington overnight. they responded to the 1800 block of east ontario street at 2:00 a.m. that is where a 27-year-old man had been shot in the back. victim's girlfriend told the police that she fond him there after not returning from a quick trip to 7-eleven. there is no word on a motivate. after the funds came up short the sidewalk in delran is unfinished for years. it forced people with strollers and people with wheelchairs to move onto the pavement. now council approved the use of 36,000
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back to work for the philadelphia eagles. was the bye week feeling long? >> it felt long to me. i was away. i was not.
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i had no football to watch. the birds are back on field tomorrow. michael kendricks will be back with them. he will return to practice. he missed the last four games with a calf square. injury. more good news. and mathas is clear to return to practice. you have to wonder if they were watching the dallas game yesterday. it was windy. and a match up. they tell jeff skversky that is not where their minds are. >> we take care of our business we will be fine. we are not worried what is going on around the league. it's what we do and prepared that week. >> we have done a great job up to this point. now you have to put the stuff up to the past and move forward. >> the giants and royals are
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ready to go game one in kansas city. the teams are working out and getting ready for the world series. san francisco had a pattern going. they won for the past four years. imagine that. >> it's a huge accomplishment. it's something that you think more about when you are tired and sitting at home and looking back on a career. it's a special thing to be a part of. you know, you know, i think that it has been, you know, no matter what happens, it's a special run that we have been on. >> the phillies fans don't want to see that one. >> meantime the flyers took to the ice at the center. in anticipation of the game tomorrow with the blackhawks. and dick says that they can't play like that if they want to make it two in a row.
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>> sometimes, those things are going to happen shotgun hockey. you know we don't want to play that kind of game against chicago. we are going to get killed. >> sidney crosby whose halloween costume is rocky balboa. might crosby be mocking philly? another reason to boo sid the kid. and 900 touchdown pass in his career passing brett favre. he had to easter to earn a it. he is a better passer than a receiver. they orchestrated the entire thing. >> that was funny. i enjoyed that. i will remember a lot of things and the guts that they had to go
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through it. >> payton said wouldn't it be funny if i break the record and you guys don't give me the ball. cecily tynan has the this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work.
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and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. we are not going love the next two days weather-wise. here is cecily tynan. the next three days. it clears out in time for the welcome back. two and a half. get a little unsettled. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we are dry here right now. there are showers out in harrisburg. we are dealing with increasing clouds and the cirrus clouds.
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this is a photo sent by carrie of a sun dog. you see the rainbow to the right of the sun. cirrus clouds are made of ice crystals. what they are doing is acting like a prism and reflecting and refracting the light. you see the sun dogs in the sky. it's a nice photo sent in by carrie on my facebook page. it's a frosty start. 39. the coolest morning in six months. 8 is below normal. temperature 32. millville 31. the airport all the way down to the 30. not a record. the record for atlantic city 24 degrees. now we got rid of the cool air it's unsettled. we have a chance of showers. the best chance, a 80% chance on
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wednesday. tuesday and thursday a 60% chance. we are not talking about three days of heavy rain but days to keep the umbrellas on hand with a chance of scattered showers. it's 60 in philadelphia. 59 in allentown. 60 in millville. 61 in wilmington. the clouds acting like a atmospheric blanket. and we are showing that we are dealing with scattered showers. of the western half pennsylvania. there is low pressure over the great lakes. what it does it kits off from thcuts off fromthe jetstream. it will be cool. we are looking about a quarter of an inch to three-quarter was an inch of rain. the best chance of this is on wednesday. wednesday morning at 7:30 scattered showers. to get most moisture as we head
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in the atmosphere at 4:00. we are not look at widespread heavy rain but a good chance of showers on thursday an into the afternoon. the clouds continue to thicken. a spotty shower after midnight. 53 for center city. it's not as chilly as last night. peaks of sunshine at 7:30. by 1:00, 65. by 4:00, a chance of showers 67 degrees. the exclusive seven-day forecast mostly cloudy a few showers tomorrow afternoon. 67. on wednesday more periods of rain breezy and cool. 59. thursday is still lingering shower. 58. look at this timing by friday, sunshine is breaking through the clouds. it looks to be another bountiful fall weekend. 68 degrees. sunshine continues into next
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week on monday with a high of 65. i'll have an update on the timing of the showers tonight on "action news" at 1:00. than11:00. and independence blue cross foundation program to curb childhood obesity. ali gorman moderated one of the discussions among the childcare experts and local hospital leaders. "world news with david muir" is next. for ducis rodgers and adam jeans cecily tynan -- for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers the entire "action news" team i am jim gardner. we hope you will join us at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." and the urgent warning right now. is the air bag in your car at risk of exploding? tonight, the recall widening. millions of cars in america. we have the makes and models. brian ross reporting. the major turn tonight in the ebola crisis. what we've learned about that first group being monitored. as that helicopter hovering over the cruise ship. and the key date to watch now. whose telling the truth? the hunt for a russian nuclear submarine tonight. the biggest military operation of its kind since the cold war. the mystery unfolding right now. monica lewinsky in her own words tonight. what she said today in front of a crowd we have never heard before. and the peyton manning moment. was it more than meets the eye? the blig reveaig reveal, right .