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tv   Action News  ABC  October 29, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EDT

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this is the way it looked tonight when an unmanned rocket blasted off for the international space station. but six seconds after lift off something went terribly wrong
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and the anteras rocket the blew up. it was the first catastrophic launch, since nasa started paying commercial companies to pony express supplies to the international space station. it is tuesday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is the big question at nasa, what went wrong? the the commercial rocket was supposed to carry 5,000 pounds of supplies, and experiments to the space station, for nasa, spectators have gathered near launch site in virginia but this is what they saw. >> "action news" reporter sharrie williams is live from the satellite center.
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sharrie, we should emphasize this was not a manned flight and mercifully nobody was killed or hurt. >> reporter: abs absolutely the case in this case there was in loss of life this 14 story rocket is completely automated. no one was on board. there were no injuries on the ground. late tonight, nasa officials along with space officials held a press conference and while they are collecting a lot of data, there is still no clear answer as to why this mission failed all eyes were on a rocket controlled by nasa as it blasted off from the launch pad in virginia but just six seconds after lift off, flames suddenly engulfed the rocket quickly moving from the bottom to the top, causing it to plunge back downward, and then into an enormous ball of fire. >> something went wrong and we will find out what that is. we will determine the root cause. >> reporter: launch was from wallups flight facility along the atlantic ocean. the rocket was set to carry 5,000-pound of supplies to the
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international space station. >> it is not as tragic as losing a life associated with it so we are very happy to report that there were no injuries. >> reporter: cell phone video posted on instagram captured the loud boom as a crowd looks on. >> wow. >> no, no. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: among those watching in virginia was a group of students from ocean city high in new jersey. the unmanned rocket was carrying a science experiment designed by the team. their project was one of 19 selected to be on board and what is to test the rate of bacteria growth on food in the absence of gravity. one of the student who work on the project and witnessed the explosion posted the message on her face book page. all from oc are okay and not injured. very traumatized for many reasons but please keep everyone in your prayers, especially the the nasa people who worked endlessly on this rocket. a review is already underway
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as efforts also turn to the clean up process. >> this is an accident site and it is a rocket. it had a lot of hazardous equipment or hazardous materials on board that people should not be looking for. >> reporter: emergency responders are on the site and this launch area is on lock down. for students from ocean city we are told they are on their way back home tonight, jim. live from the satellite center, sharrie williams for channel six "action news". >> thanks, sharrie. this has been the the most huge story on our web site at six tonight where we have posted raw video from the incident as well as photographs of the explosion and the aftermath, you can view it all right now on six new at 11:00 tonight, the hunt is on for a hit and run driver. a car struck a pedestrian in boothwyn, delaware county at 7:00 o'clock tonight along the 500 block of connchester high waste and then the driver took off. upper chichester police have
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not released victim's condition or identity. everybody got their chance to speak out tonight about the hazing scandal that scrubbed the last two football games at central bucks west and led to the sus pension of all of the schools football coaches. "action news" reporter kenneth moton was at the meeting of the board of education tonight. kenneth, what happened there. >> reporter: well, jim, board members reaffirmed tonight hazing, bullying and intimidation of any kind won't be tolerated but parents toll the board it overreacted, as they defended the football program and its coaching staff. >> this is a -- >> reporter: football players and supporters listened, and disagreed as their board gave details student accounts, learned so far in the district's hazing investigation. >> the misconduct including inappropriate physical contact, in an intimidating humiliating nature, that led to the suspension was in the trivial, as some have suggested, and was certainly not harmless. >> reporter: last week district canceled rest of the season when it town out
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seniors gave freshman and sophomore rookies initiations during their preseason parent sponsored picnic in august. haircuts, powdered thrown on wet players in the locker room. another act, students called water boarding. >> rookies had a towel placed over their head and water was poured over them in the shower. all this occurred with players fully clothed. the last activity was called quote slap it, lick it, grab it, or fond will it. >> reporter: coaching staff was suspended, head coach brian hensell and rest of his coaches stood as one of their own deeven ifed him. >> these are times we live n we do in the conn down this behavior. we teach them respect and teamwork. >> that aggressive action had a ripple effect on the reputation of these coaches and these men. >> you hear the ad minute straightors saying they are developing a plan now. it ties late now. this happened. it should have happened and it happened but the punishment far out weighed the crime. >> reporter: the coach called the incident isolated and says his staff never fostered a culture of hazing. >> i love my players. i love the parents.
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i love my coaches. i'm grateful for them. >> reporter: the school board says that it will turn over the the fine goes of its on going internal investigation to the bucks county district attorney who has asked players to also come forward. the advertise trickles says that its code of conduct will be reviewed with all teams, and locker room supervision will be discussed with all head coaches. reporting live from doylestown tonight kenneth moton for channel six "action news", jim. >> thanks, kenneth. tonight the cheltenham school district is also confirming a hazing incident involving student athletes. it happened september 23rd at the high school, school officials say players on the boy's soccer team forcefully pulled the victim's underwear until it ripped. the district reported it to police and is restraining students, make that retraining students, and coaches on all school teams about the zero tolerance policy. in the poconos today state police converged on the area around route 390 in barrett
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township after a resident thought he saw suspected cop killer eric frein. the search for frein is in the seventh week since's ledgely shot two state troopers, killing one of them in blooming grove. crews digging a hole for a swimming pool in the backyard in burlington county got much more then they bargained for today. a skeleton was found here on the 600 block of bank avenue in riverton. today officials removed the remains. state police forensic expert will determine the age of the bones. they could be well over 100 years old. there is controversy tonight, surrounding the the reward money in the case of cristina regusters. the the individual who provided police with crucial information says that she has only been paid a fraction on of the reward money. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has the exclusive story. >> reporter: it was one of the most heinous crimes in the city's recent history. a five-year old little girl kidnaped from her school and sexually assaulted. over a hundred thousand
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dollars in reward money was being offered in the case by different groups and individuals. ultimately this confidential informant who spoke exclusively with "action news" gave police crucial information that would lead to the arrest and conviction of cristina regusters. >> i would have done the same thing if it didn't involve a penny, and i'll do it again and again. >> reporter: case stirred such and's cross the city that state senator anthony hardy williams pledged to raise $30,000 for at rest and conviction of those responsible. >> i will work nights and day from now until the time this person is condemned to hell. >> reporter: jerry mondesire who headed city chapter of the naacp pledged another ten grand and fop lodge number five another $5,000. but the informant said she has had a hard time collecting money. >> senator williams office was very arrogant. >> reporter: really. >> very arrogant. very arrogant. very nasty. unbelievable. >> reporter: to be clear,
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$20,770 in reward money that has been pledged through citizens crime commission was paid through the informant but money was not pledged through the commission. >> what you have is people come to the news conferences, they volunteer specific amount of money. when people come forward that they are supposed to, they don't get paid. >> all of your money has been paid but unfortunately there are other folks that stepped up initially in terms of offering a reward but have yet to pay that. >> reporter: spokesmen for senator williams tonight says somebody in the office made a mistake, that the senator stands by his commitment to raise the the $30,000 he will honor it. he has raised most of it and expects he will have it all shortly and will be in touch with the crime commission. we never heard back from jerry mondesire but john mcnesby says in one contacted them to make a claim but if their records show they owe money, they will pay it. meanwhile source worried that her experience may cause some people to hesitate coming forward with information. >> if they are doing it for the the reward money, a lot of people may not do it, again.
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>> reporter: crime commission says it cannot hold individuals accountable for what they pledge on their own. but the agency does believe for sake have the of the system if you make a pledge, you should honor it. police headquarters i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". and still to come on "action news" tonight new images as hawaii lava flow creeps closer to homes. we will hear from the nurse who survived ebola and is now out of the hospital. plus what the president has to say about the new jersey quarantine controversy. also, the difference between how men and women handle symptoms of a heart attack, cecily. storm tracker six live double scan showing a front bringing scattered showers behind that system cooler air and then temperatures really tumble for the weekend, i'll have these somewhat wintry accu weather forecast coming up. huge night for philadelphia flyers, ducis rodgers with that story when "action news" continues tonight. this cold and flu season,
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a second american nurse can call herself an ebola survivor. amber vinson return home to dallas tonight after receiving a clean bill of health from doctors in atlanta. speaking today she asked the public to remember the thousands of patients in west africa still suffering. >> while this is a day for celebration and gratitude i ask we not lose focus on the thousands of families who continue to labor under the burden of this disease in west have africa. >> meanwhile the nurse put into a mandatory quarantine in newark, new jersey has been moved to an undisclosed location in maine. casey hickcox tested negative for ebola after returning from sierra leone as her lawyers are fighting state quarantines. today president obama spoke out references the controversy over new jersey quarantine restrictions.
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he a said guidelines need to be based on science and should not discourage health care workers from treating patients in west africa. the river of lava on hawaii's big island has reached the village of podua. this picture shows just how many homes are in the lava flow in the path have of destruction. natural disaster began spewing from the kilauea volcano in june. lava has torched 13 miles of land, since then, and hawaii officials are making arrangements so residents forced from their homes can actually watch the lava hit them and destroyed them. federal government is suing at&t claiming the the phone company mislead consumers about so-called unlimited data plans. ftc says at&t slowed internet speeds to a crawl once users hit a certain amount, for example, five gigabytes a month. the government claims it has happened three and a half million customers since 2011. at&t denies it mid led anyone
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arguing it informed customers about the quote unquote clotteling policies. on health check tonight a new study reveals dangerous tenenscy among women. they ignore symptoms of the heart attack. researchers at harvard university found women are much more likely than men to wait for symptoms to be more severe or more frequent before they seek medical attention. the study's authors believe it is partly due to the perception that heart disease is a man's disease. but in reality, coronary artery disease is a leading cause of death for women as well. well, tomorrow marks the two years since super storm sandy slammed a shore in new jersey bringing flooding and misery in its wake. even as many communities bounced back from the initial devastate, some are still rebuilding on this second anniversary. one such place is mystic island ocean county. the bay front section of the little egg harbor township was swamped under 7 feet of water,
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more than 4,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. there has been a lasting emotional toll as well. many residents say that the stress of being out of their homes or having to fight with insurance companies or for federal aid has taken its toll but others say that the daily buzz of hammering, sawing and construction is a welcome sign of progress. >> well over 50 percent of the rebuilding of the substantially damaged homes so we are doing pretty well. >> everybody is talking about how good things looked because we have homes going up and that is really great but the reality is, that you look around and is there more homes that still are in the done. >> statewide new jersey's government aims to buy out 1300 homes so they can be -- cannot be threatened by future flooding. 315 owners have accepted that deal. others prefer to raise their homes. the costly expense on the order of $30,000 which many cannot afford without qualifying for state grants.
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our coverage of the hurricane sandy anniversary continues at six we have a future showing areas hit by sandy before and after the storm. we have a collection of photographs from the destruction left in the storm's wake. you can find it all at six the exclusive accu weather forecast, here's meteorologist cecily tynan. >> compared to that our weather forecast is looking really nice. storm tracker six live double scan showing dry conditions tonight. lets go live to sky six taking a look at the center city sky line. we have a lot of cloud cover upstairs and that is keeping temperatures very mild and we are coming off a five day stretch of very warm air. temperatures averaging 25 degrees above normal for five days but today's high of 76 is 13 degrees above normal and with the cloud cover ape wind out of the southwest, 66 degrees in philadelphia right now, that is still 3 degrees above our normal
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high for this time of the year. it is very mild. reading 68 degrees. now from a high of 79 today. trenton 62. the boardwalk in atlantic city 65. millville currently a mild 65 degrees. the satellite six with action radar is showing first in the series of front is beginning to push into western pennsylvania. plenty of cloud cover ahead of it but if you look at the radar echoes it is really a very narrow band of some showers, that will be moving through, during the the day tomorrow but not everyone will see a shower. future tracker is showing 10:00 o'clock in the morning, some sunshine south and east of philadelphia, more cloud, north and west, a few scattered showers in the far northern and western suburbs. it looks like this will be moving through the i-95 corridor around 4:30, we're expecting about a tenth of an inch to a quarter inch of rain. this is not a substance amount of rain, it moves off very quickly wednesday night, cooler air will arrive behind this system. but during the the day tomorrow it will still be mild
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despite cloud cover and scattered showers, 69 degrees. not quite as warm as today but still, that is 6 degrees above normal. on thursday our air mass begins to change, wind northwest will pull down, cooler temperatures the the high, 60 degrees, partly sunny skies but that 60 will feel warm in comparison to what is heading our way for the weekend. bus stop forecast for tomorrow with cloud cover it is not that cold. 6:00 o'clock 61 degrees. by 8:63. a spotty shower possible and best chance in the far north and western suburbs. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast plenty of clouds tomorrow, the scattered showers, 69 degrees. the thursday partly sunny, brighter but cooler with a high of 6o friday, halloween not too scary, increasing clouds. it will be chilly. 58 degrees. trick or treat forecast about 50 degrees but look at what happens over the weekend. saturday cold with showers perhaps even some wet snow flakes mixed in the
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northwestern suburbs. it will be windy. the high only 48 degrees. we fall back one hour on saturday night as we end daylight savings time. stays windy and chilly on sunday. we will see some sunshine. 48 degrees. this cold blast do you not stick around very long. by monday up to 55 degrees. and tuesday back to normal with a high of 60 degrees. this weekend you may want to make a fire, find a winter coat and your snuggie because it will be chilly. >> thanks, cecily. police got to know the people they served over candy and games tonight in camden. county police hosted a halloween bash for families in york-ship square. guests built relationship with neighbors and officers by way of face painting. mayor dana redd handed out some sweets and tips for safe trick or treating this friday. temple university mark start of the mission to become a more cohesive campus tonight in north philadelphia student
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government hosted a kick off and sign up for the schools new unity statement. students pledged allowed to embrace diversity and treat others with respect, in and out of the classroom. people improving the odds begins skin cancer were applauded for their work tonight at the national constitution center. the wings of hope gala raised money for the the melanoma research foundation. and brian taff mced the event as patients, doctors and advocates were all honored tonight in center city.
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worried about this team. wayne simmonds admits this is a good measuring stick for his flyers a game against stanley cup champion l.a. kings. flyers get off to a good start, let's check out michael raffle, his fifth goal of the young season. an old familiar face haunts flares in the third period. mike richards his first gola begins his former team. we are tied at two, heading to overtime. midway through brayden schenn gets lose and skates in on jonathan quick. puck and quickened up in the net. it is initially ruled no goal. refs get on the horn with the league office in toronto. that is a goal. the flyers take it three-two in overtime. easy there, fellow. >> it is always nice to score gold and makes it a little extra special. i didn't spend a lot of time there. but, it is a big win for our team. we got to keep this going. we have not had an easy schedule to start the year. another big two points for us.
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>> hockey legend gordie how is in bad shape, he suffered a serious stroke early sunday morning. he lost function on one side of his body. the 86 year-old won six heart trophies as league mvp and played on four stanley cup winning teams with detroit. to football time forbidder to get back on the horse. the eagles have put sunday's heart wrenching loss to the card behind them. they are squarely focused on sunday's game at houston. potential problem on the injury front. according to multiple reports guard todd herremans has torn biceps although he was at practice today. nick foles knows he needs to play better than sunday. after the defense, they will have to have deal with air yan foster. he is second in the nfl in rushing. he has gone for at least 100 yards in all but one game for this defense. >> it is running game. air yan foster is one of the best in the league. he is playing in a high level. what he need to contain him. >> i necessity air yan. it will be cool to you know
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tackle him. i haven't been able to to that since college. it would be cool. >> still to come we will check in on game six of the world series, plus there is no quit in bernard hopkins, we will hear from the champ as he gets set to take on and fact. every time you take advil liqui gels you're taking the pain reliever that works faster on tough pain than extra strength tylenol. and not only faster. stronger too. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil
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kansas city. bernard hopkins is back at it fighting sergei november 8th in atlantic city. hopkins knows he had has detractors but cannot argue what this man is able to do as he a approaches 50. >> whether i'm born and i'm respected, not fighting i'm respected or whether i'm respected now, i believe i'm respected but i believe that it is just a thing where boxing is not looked upon among the top american sports. >> let's kick i high school style, archbishop wood battling for catholic like soccer title in double overtime. matt milk williams end it for wood. woodies catholic league champion, on this one to nothing victory. they are still running around there. >> thanks ducis. drexel students with the holiday meal classic tonight, end home less necessary. a "action news" went inside the kitchen of the free library where drexel culinary
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students teamed up with former project home residents to can homemade cranberry sauce for market. fundraiser creates jobs and food happened letter training opportunities for people, battling poverty. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest nicole kidman, dylan mcdermott and music from blood orange. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> "action news" is sponsored in part by elkins chevrolet, south injuries ace premiere chevy dealership featuring 2014 silverado. visit elkins on route 73 in 2014 silverado. visit elkins on route 73 in marlton or on line
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