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tv   Action News  ABC  October 29, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. edwards, karen rogers and >> good morning, everyone. it is 5 o'clock on this wednesday october 29th and here's what's happening. >> a bucks county community comes together to talk about the hazing scandal that wiped out their football season. >> today marks two years since superstorm sandy devastated parts of the jersey coastline. >> local students experiments went up in flames. >> also weather and traffic right now with david and karen. good morning. >> if you were watching "action news" last night the dinner hour jim gardner had that video on about six minutes after it happened. it was pretty impressive. i was telling all you guys to go out and look for it as it
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went up into the southern skies but of course it never made it very far off the ground as it turns out. we have a cold front out to our west. there are some sprinkles and showers along the face of this but these are slowly pushing toward the east. by the time they get here they'll largely fall apart. we're looking for a fair amount of clouds around dan we're still mild ahead of that approaching front. can't degrees. winds aren't all that strong. 53 in allentown and 64 in sea isle city. as we take a look at winds, well, they're out of the southwest for now ahead of that front but look at how they're starting to turn out of the west out to our west. that's an indication of that frontal boundary beginning to get a little bit closer to us and we're going to see those winds shift out of the northwest and pick up a little bit as we go into the afternoon. for this morning winds not too bad, lots of clouds out there. temperatures not too bad, either. low 60's between six and 8 o'clock, not as chilly as it was yesterday and as we roll through the day we are going for a fairly mild high temperature. looks like by about 3 o'clock we'll be at 67 but with that
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front coming through fairly quickly today today's high of 69 is actually going to be right in there around would clock, a little early for your high and then by the dinner hour probably back into the upper 50's in philadelphia. much cooler air for tomorrow. karen i'll have details on that coming up. >> all right dave. let's hit those roads and get this day started. looking live in delaware county, this is i-95 southbound at the commodore barry bridge. traffic here moving nicely southbound at 322 the construction there is cleared so no problems coming down from the airport or the blue route. looking good right now on i-95. in northeast philadelphia southampton road is reopened near the boulevard, the water main break from yesterday has been patched and things moving better right now. the burlington bristol bridge scheduled to go up at 5:20. might want to stick to the turnpike connector instead. in burlington county on the turnpike northbound between five and six exits we've got the left and center lane blocked for about another couple hours at this point so should be through your morning rush as well as the turnpike southbound past exit 5 lanes blocked there as well.
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and one more construction note here in camden county in a busy spot. 168 the black horse pike southbound at nicholson road left lane blocked until 6 o'clock. >> parents students and administrators met for the first time since word of a hazing scandal broke. it led to the cancellation of the last two football games and the suspension of all of the football coaches. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside the school in doylestown with more on what happened at the meeting. katherine. >> reporter: matt, football players parents coaches administrators, it was a crowded meeting there last night. some say the school district overreacted canceling the last two games of the season and suspending all of the coaches on the football staff. but the school district stands by its decision saying that the actions were tough but necessary. last week central bucks west high school saw the last two football games of their season canceled amid hazing allegations. last night a school board meeting was held and passions ran high.
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the superintendent went over accounts of freshmen and sophomore rookie initiations at the end of a preseason picnic in august which followed a scrimmage. no adults were with the players when the alleged hazing took placement the superintendent says powder was thrown on wet players in the locker room. there was another act students called waterboarding. >> rookies had a towel placed over their heads and water was poured over them in the shower. all this occurred with players fully clothed. the last activity was called "slap it lick it grab it or fondle it." >> reporter: all of the football coaches were suspended. at the meeting brian hensel was shown support as some expressed that the punishment didn't fit the crime. >> these are the times we live in. we do not condone this behavior. we teach them respect and teamwork. >> that aggressive action had a ripple effect on the reputation of these coaches and these men. >> reporter: coach hensel called this incidents isolated and said his staff never foster add culture of hazing. >> i love my players. i love the parents and i love
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my coaches and i'm grateful for them. >> reporter: and the district says its code of conduct will be reviewed with all teams and locker room supervision will be discussed with all coaches. we are live in doylestown, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> okay, katherine, thanks. the hunt is on for a hit and run driver in delaware county. the car struck a pedestrian along the 500 block of conchester highway in boothwyn at 7:00 last night. then the driver took off. upper chichester police have not released the victim's condition or identity. >> and today marks two years since superstorm sandy slammed into new jersey bringing flooding and a lot of misery in its wake. many communities have bounced back from the initial devastation but some are still rebuilding on this second anniversary. erin o'hearn is live for us now in the satellite center. good morning, erin inch good morning, tam. hard to believe it has been two years and a long and exhausting two years at that for families and communities ravaged by superstorm sandy.
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in particular, the bay front section of little egg harbor township called mystic islands. when sandy hit two years ago it was 7 feet under water and more than 4,000 homes were damaged. now, on any given day in this community you can still hear hammering which is progress and progress is occurring more than 50 percent of the most substantially damaged homes have been rebuilt but of course there are still plenty of empty lots and abandoned homes and many people in this town like single mom valerie who has a 14 mold son lost everything and says two years of battling with fema and insurance companies has certainly taken its toll. >> i've had to get three jobs and support him and i'm on my own and my mom has been staying with me 'cause her house got destroyed, too, so the emotional distress is just hard like on the whole family getting back to normalcy is hard. we're working on it daily and we're getting there but it's
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going to take some more time. >> and it will take time. clear allot of progress in that area but so much work to do two years later. i'm erin o'hearn live in the sat center. back to you. >> all right erin. our thoughts go out to everybody in that situation and our coverage of the hurricane sandy anniversary continues on we have a feature showing areas hit by sandy both before and after the storm and photos of the destruction that were left behind in the storm's wake. >> crews digging a hole for a swimming pool in a burlington county backyard made a gruesome discovery. they found a skeleton in the ground behind the home on the 600 block of bank avenue in riverton. officials carefully removed the remains. a state police forensic expert will determine the age of the bones. some believe they could be more than a century old. >> it is 5:07. and investigators hope to soon know what caused an unmanned rocket to explode seconds after launch. it happened from wallops elfland virginia shortly after 6 o'clock last night.
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the antares rocket was unmanned none one was injured. it was supposed to deliver supplies to the international space station. it was also carrying science experiments from ocean city high school students. we'll have much more on what was on those destroyed experiments coming up at 5:30. >> all right, in terms of accuweather and temperatures, it's almost like we're going to be on a treadmill, not really going very far. >> yeah, not very far. temperatures are mild this morning, though and staying fairly mild before they start to turn a little bit later in the afternoon. storm tracker 6 live double scan right now shows you that there is some rain out to the north and west. but that's kind of shooting up towards new york state right now and only slightly pushing toward the east so not really expecting an impact from that for awhile. as we take a look outside, we are looking at mainly cloudy skies overhead. we might see some early sunshine certainly. but there is going to be more cloud cover out there today than there was yesterday generally through the afternoon as a cold front is getting a little bit closer to us. 61 degrees right now as you step outside of philadelphia and 63 in wilmington. these aren't bad numbers and
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for now the winds are fairly light, too. so, fairly comfortable as you step outside. allentown is the cool spot at 53 we're in the mid 60's in sea isle city and along the boardwalk in atlantic city. future tracker 6 shows you that rain out to the west and notice how it really kind of falls apart. some of it might pop through the poconos but we're thinking most of our area stays dry through the noon hour. might be some sunshine during the morning and then the clouds probably get a little thicker as the afternoon goes on and with that frontal boundary closer by and actually starting to push through the region a little trailing sprinkle or shower is possible. now, through the afternoon future tracker isn't selling a lot of this and into this evening we're looking at just a spotty sprinkle or shower so not a lot of rain today. as we take a look at allentown's call, we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. there could be that spotty shower around. the high of 65 probably fairly early in the day, say, around lunchtime or a little after before temperatures are going to start to fall with that cold front coming in from the west. down in atlantic city a high of 68 that. will probably be later in the
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afternoon, about 3 o'clock, mostly cloudy, a spotty sprinkle or shower into the evening hours can't be ruled out n philadelphia we're going to go for a high of 69. again, this will be fairly early in the afternoon, maybe about 1:30 or 2 o'clock before you'll start to feel those numbers go down again. a spotty shower is possible but we're mainly dry. here are those numbers. 61 by 8 o'clock, 65 by 11 o'clock. by 2 o'clock, 69. that's your high. and then we're all the way down to 61 degrees by 5 o'clock. and the little indication of how that's going to go and how that frontal passage is going to go is in the winds. this morning we have them out of the southwest but as that front goes by, look at how they turn out of the northwest and by 2 o'clock we'll start to see those winds pick up a little bit. tomorrow we've got a cold front that's going to be off the coast, cooler air coming in from the northwest around a high pressure center and you'll see that now in your accuweather 7-day. we are getting cooler. 69 is today's high, mostly cloudy, a spotty shower but dry most of the way. tomorrow more sun and cooler a-high of just 60 and then friday, halloween, 58 degrees is your high.
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looks like we'll be dry until very late at night so no problem for the trick or treaters. little bit cool, though, temperatures falling in through the 50's. 54 saturday with temperatures dipping into the 40's in the afternoon. it will be windy and brisk both saturday and sunday but at least we get an extra hour to sleep on saturday night. >> something. >> yeah it. >> the 5:11 and next up, a slow motion minute fills the streets and closes in on homes in hawaii. >> flyers look to keep their winning streak alive as they take another stanley cup champions. karen. >> 202 approaching the schuylkill. traffic moving very clearly with no problems on the roads right there but lots of construction around the area. comes right
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>> ♪ >> good morning, everyone. philadelphia international airport on sky 6. it is a comfortable 63 degrees on city avenue. >> let's head on over to karen rogers, see how things are looking if you're trying to get in from the suburbs. >> we know you have to make up earlier sometimes in the suburbs to get out and get going. looking live in morrisville bucks county, roads clear and dry. no overnight construction pennsylvania avenue with traffic moving. lots of construction elsewhere. crux blocks the right lane on the northeast extension northbound between lansdale and quakertown. so, watch for lane restrictions there. in upper merion the road collapse from late last week still causing problems here. dee haven street closed near balligomingo road and expected to remain closed through the week. stick to matsonford road or 320 as your alternate. also construction in moorestown in new jersey spruce avenue will close at magnolia court. reconstruction scheduled to begin today. this is going to last from 7:00 until 3 o'clock so
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through much of the daytime hours. use maple avenue instead. time for your commuter traffic report and we're looking over here on the maps. i've got the waze app on the ipad. upper providence township no reports of problems. newtown square west chester pike up towards radnor township, devon, lancaster avenue 202, the construction there is clear and things are looking pretty good right now. no one reporting any problems and that's the way we like it. how about the temperatures much certainly no complaints here. it's 61 degrees already in quakertown, 60 in warrington, 62 in center city. our average high for this date, 62, 63 degrees so you can see right now in the overnight low we're staying very mild. 52 in browns mills, 61 in hammonton. it's 67 in dover right now so starting off on the mild side. a spotty shower around. other than that, no weather related problems and that's sure not a big one, a high of 69 today, tam. >> okay, thank you karen. happening today, delaware governor jack markell and state health officials will outline what steps delaware is
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taking to responds to any sort of ebola virus. the state hasn't had an ebola case but delaware hospitals and healthcare organizations are ramping up plans for how to handle any suspected cases that arrive in the first state. as with other states in our area several delaware hospitals are conducting training programs for their staff to help get them ready in case they see any ebola patients. a friend of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was convicted of lying to federal agents during the investigation. the jury found he lied about going to tsarnaev's college dorm room with two other friends who removed evidence after the 2013 bombing. his attorney argued he was high on marijuana and confused. he faces up to 16 years in federal prison when he's sentence in there january. >> the sixers opened the regular season tonight against the pacers in indiana. nerlens noel is expected to play. the rookie center led the league in blocked shots during the preseason. the flyers picked up a big win at the wells fargo center over
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the stanley cup champion l.a. kings. former king brayden schenn scored the game winner overtime. you see the puck went in and so good did the goalie jonathan quick. at first the refs ruled no goal and then reversed the ruling. that made him upset. the flyers win three to two. kansas city royals forced a game seven in the world series. they trounced the giants last night 10 to nothing in front of a deafening hometown crowd. seven of those runs came in an explosive second inning. the win sets the stage for one of the great events in professional sports, game seven is tonight in kansas city. >> five:17. doctors have a new tool to help keep the blood flowing in cardiac patients. >> the river of molten lava creeps closer to homes in hawaii burning everything in its path. david. >> temperatures are not nearly as cool this morning but a jacket is probably still not a bad idea. shorts and t's again this afternoon, yeah, maybe. we're going to be up close to 70. daypart forecast, let you know
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when that high temperature is going the hit. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪
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♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. >> the river of lava on hawaii's big island could
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begin consuming a seconds structure, a two story house begin consuming a seconds lava already has burned down an empty shed. officials say at least 50 or 60 homes and businesses are in danger of the lava stream. the natural disaster is from the kilauea volcano which began spewing in june. the lava has torched land 13 miles across. >> hm. >> we've got a new problem that just popped up in the city on our cameras. a disabled vehicle, poor guy stuck out there blocking the left lane. this is the vine street expressway eastbound at eighth street. watch for that 'cause he's just kind of standing there near his vehicle around curve. looks dangerous. no police on the scene. so, vine street expressway eastbound and that left lane right now blocked at the moment. so, be careful. let's switch over to the ben franklin bridge. no problems between the tolls and eighth and vine but don't forget for pedestrians the north walkway is opened through friday. south walkway is closed and it will switch on saturday, dave. >> nice and mild yesterday and we're still holding onto some of that mild air this morning, karen.
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a the love us stepping outside to the low 60's and we'll still be at 62 by 9 o'clock. going to be on the mild side this afternoon, too. although a high of just 69 degrees so not quite as high as yesterday and we were in the 70's and that high is actually going hit at around 2 o'clock this evening in philadelphia so a little earlier than usual. by 3 o'clock when the kids are coming home from school, still 67 degrees and then 59 by 6 o'clock. there is a slight chance of a little spotty sprinkle or shower today but most of the time we'll be dry. and at the airport looks like all green aircraft. once again this morning orlando creating -- reporting a little bit of fog and so you might want to just check with your airline to make sure your flight o central florida is on time today, tam. >> thank you david. going on to health check doctors have a new tool to help preventer leg amputations in cardiac patients. if the superficial femoral artery becomes blocked it can lead to amputation of the foot or leg. but now a new drug coated balloon catheter is providing longer lasting results. doctors place the balloon in the artery which allows the
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drug to absorb into the artery wall. a growing need for services to help people with substance abuse problems. the changes include a new treatment center in sussex county and a new web site help is here which is specifically designed to help connect people to drug treatment services. >> the most watched stock index is back above a psychological level. sometimes watching zeros roll over makes investors feel better. abc's reena ninan has america's money. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money the bull is running on walk streets. stocks trading above 17,000. it hit a monthly low on october 16. macy's department store going abroad. first nonu.s. store will open in 2018. that center will include the ua's seconds blooming days. mcdonald's priced out of the
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super bowl for years. remember this ad from 1993? jordan and bird fight over big mac. reports are the fast food giant will launch a brand new ad campaign at the big game in 2015 and finally starbucks offering its new halloween themed franken frappuccino. a green tea peppermint. good deal today. that's america's money. i'm reena ninan. >> if that's your thing. it's 5:23. why researchers say gamblers should avoid eat brag they sit down to gamble. >> plus an unmanned rocket explodes right after launch. hear why some local high school students are devastated ♪
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5:25 am we go. eggo? one berry, two berry mixed berry, blueberry peanut butter, nothing's better gimmie jam to make it redder
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cream cheese, cherry please score some honey from the bees stack it up, it's what you do mix it up, it's up to you. enter your eggo recipe on facebook, you could win $10,000. jim's hair is perfect. so's his serve. but like up to 90% of us, jim falls short in getting important nutrients from food alone. jim, here's $2 off one a day multivitamins to get key nutrients you may need. go to for savings. >> a data breach at the cape may llewes ferry put passengers' credit and debit card information at risk and the breach extends nearly a full year from september 20th the breach extends nearly a someone installed malware on the payment system for both the terminals and its boats. customers are urged to check their statements. ferry officials say they have since updated and enhanced their security systems. >> in the morning buzz, we're talking about winning. if you like to gamble and many casinos often offer free food,
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free drink and don't take it. researchers say that hungry people faced with complex choices tend to make better choices. they had a group of people and they told some of them not to eat or drink the morning before the experiment. half of the people got breakfast the other half didn't. the other... the people who didn't get any food they went to a computerized version of the gambling game and they faired a lot better than the people who had had a full breakfast. for whatever reasons it seemed to slow up their responses. >> when we were cave men we were out there looking, hunting and gathering and there was more, you know, incentive when you're hungry, right. >> that might be part of your strategy. >> 5:27. following the fallout from the rocket launch that went terribly wrong. find out why it was particularly devastating to students at a south jersey high school. >> also a woman provided police with key information in a child kidnapping case but claims she never received a that she was promised. "action news" continues. >> "action news" is brought to
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>> ♪ >> an unmanned rocket blows up >> ♪ new video is just coming in from the launch side while a second supply ship takes flight overnight. >> sounding off on high school hazing. parents weigh in on the scandal that cost a bucks county football team the rest of their season. >> only on "action news," a tipster who helped police track down a convicted kidnapper and sex offender says the people who promised her cash rewards aren't paying up. >> good morning, it's 5:30. let's go right on over to meteorologist, david murphy and to karen rogers, take a look at your weather and traffic. good morning. >> well, it's a day of changes. we're starting outer mild with a fair amount of cloud cover out there. we have a cold front that's going to come through perhaps bringing a couple can of sprinkles and showers mainly this afternoon and then behind it the winds are going to turn out of the northwest and temperatures during the afternoon will be will begin to slide a little bit especially after about 2 o'clock in philadehi