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tv   Action News  ABC  October 30, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EDT

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>> what are you doing this for. >> don't stop me. >> i will not stop you. >> those are not your signs, budd.
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>> politics are hot in middletown, delaware, g.o.p. says that this is video of a democratic party activist, stealing roadside campaign signs, at 4:00 a.m. police say that the alleged sign theft is husband of the state senator, as we said, politics are heating up. it is wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a sign of the times in new castle county. republicans say thinks the fourth time that the signs have been installed and the fourth time that they have been stolen. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live in middletown tonight, dann. >> reporter: jim, police say someone had been stealing these signs the last few days so campaign work are stake out the area to see who was doing it. it appears to be husband of the democratic state senator bethenny hall long behind this and it was all captured on videotape. >> yo, man what are you doing this for? what are you doing this for? >> don't stop me. >> i can stop you.
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>> those aren't your signs budd. >> reporter: police say it was 4:00 o'clock this morning as campaign worker confronted a a man removing their political signs on delaware 299 near route one intersection. >> there is no name on these signs. >> yes, they are, right here property of the republican party. >> we got you brother. we have your license plate, your face and everything. >> reporter: police identified the man as 54 year-old dana long, husband of the delaware state senator bethenny hall long. a warrant has been issued for his arrest. we caught up with him tonight. mr. long, any charges on the charges filed begins you. >> on the advice of counsel i cannot make any comment at this time. >> reporter: what were you doing in the video with those signs. >> on the advice of counsel i cannot make any comment at this time. >> reporter: head of the republican party in delaware is outrage. >> absolutely shouldn't happen in the campaign when we're talking about a sitting elect official who knows the campaign law. she's run for office before. there is absolutely should not have happen. she owes the voters of delaware an apology.
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>> reporter: in a statement tonight senator hall long says that in part, my husband is my high school sweetheart and he loves me very much. i was not aware that he had allowed his frustration over the the campaign attacks to get the the better on have him. of curse i'm difficulties a pint 30ed and wish it had not happen. police expect him to turn himself in tomorrow morning to face theft and related offenses charges. we are live in middletown, delaware i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". philadelphia police say they have arrested a suspect in the kidnapping case after a chase tonight, that saw officers fire shots at a fleeing vehicle. it all ended here at torresdale and bleigh in northeast philadelphia when the the suspect crashed. police say the man attempted to run into officers causing them to fire their weapons. nobody was hit. suspect bass allegedly involved in an abduction earlier this week. camden county police officer ash liz bailey is behind bars tonight. she was one of 40 people
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arrested in a major drug bust. authorities say the drug ring made more than a million-dollar a year by selling heroin and crack and in camden and communities all the way to the jersey shore. bailey's husband, edwin ingram was also rested as was his brother nathan, an alleged ring leader of the operation. philadelphia police officer ronald tomorrow on has been suspended and is set to be fired after allegedly trying to solicit a prostitute. it turned out to be a sting operation from the department's own vice unit. thompson was arrested october 16th and formally processed today by internal affairs. the five five-year old officer had work for the airport unit. this is surveillance video of an assault four days ago, in the 100 block of carpenter street in south philadelphia a. a man and woman attack a pedestrian at 2:40 in the morning. police need your help tracking down the suspects. live at second and washington just a block away "action
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news" reporter kenneth moton, kenneth. >> jim, police are hoping that video will generate some tips but so far, nothing and new tonight sources say victim has in the been cooperating with investigators. >> reporter: whack with the baseball bat and the shot police release disturbing surveillance video of the incident that had people in the south philadelphia neighborhood, on edge. >> i just wanted to make sure, walking down the street with my dog, somebody will not come up to me, so i want to feel safe. >> reporter: investigators say around 3:00 a.m. saturday a 36 year-old kensington man was walking on the the 100 block of carpenter street toward second where he was stalk and ambush by an older man who had a gun and young with man arm with the baseball bat. police sources say gunman yelled you know what you did you son of the expletive before the woman hit the victim across the chest with the bat. man tried to get away but shooter fired twice, striking him in the leg. south detectives say that the man and with man took off toward front while victim was
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left mountain street but he survived. police sources say man had drugs in his system and initially he claim he didn't necessity his attackers. now he is not cooperating. >> i get the sense there is a connection there whether it is more domestic or a premeditated act. >> reporter: residents told us there had been recent car break ins but police haven't confirmed if the crimes have anything to to with this violent attack. >> it doesn't look like, they just stumbled upon them in that fashion. it looks like it is more of they are staking him out and waiting to come along. >> that baseball bat was recovered from the scene just down the street here, it was broken, police say the gun man was white, 45 to 50 years old, stocky and bald, woman also white, brown, shoulder length curly hair, both were wearing blue jackets, jim. reporting live from south philadelphia tonight, kenneth moton for channel six "action news". >> thanks, kenneth. we have an update on the hit and run crash in boothwyn, delaware county, that we first
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told but last night. police have arrested javier cruz alvarez of west chester. he is locked up tonight because he could in the post bond at his arraignment today, the pedestrian who was struck on route 322 is still in the hospital. "action news" was in clayton, new jersey tonight as the community came together to remember autumn pasquale. the the dedicated a new gazebo in the autumn pasquale memorial park. it was october 20th of 2012 when the the 12 year-old girl was killed by 15 year-old justin robinson at his home. the pasquale body was found in the trash bin behind the home two days later. there was a major move to take in the region's health care industry. two of the best known health systems are merging and they signed the letter of intent today. "action news" reporter sharrie williams is live outside thomas jefferson university hospital, sharrie, a sign of times in health care where bigger is often better.
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>> reporter: you are right, jim, it business leverage and positioning for the long term, in the face of health care reform. abington and jefferson health system say they are linking up because they are like mined. they want to create a new model with health care one with great services and lower cost. >> two leading hospitals now have plans for becoming one, historic announce. , abington health and jefferson health systems are merging, to create the largest health care system in the region. the two signed a letter of intent today. >> this is all about creating a reimagined health care system. >> reporter: doctor steven glass co has been named president and ceo of the new organization. he is currently ceo of thomas jefferson university, jefferson health systems. >> we believe that we will increase patient quality and access, we will decrease cost, and we will have significantly improved patient satisfaction. >> reporter: over the last 30 days the two studied each other inside and out to see if
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it was a good fit. the combined partnership would have five hospitals, three in philadelphia, and two in montgomery county. >> they are coming together we will bring our collective strength and abilities that will allow each organization to focus on delivering the right care at the right time at the right location and at the most efficient course for our patient. >> reporter: last year five health systems handled 84,000 hospital admissions and over 1 million outpatient visits. financially, both systems are sound. jefferson cleared over 100 million for the 2014 fiscal year while abington memorial posted a profit of more than 17 million. the two insist they are merging in the because they need to but because communities in the delaware valley deserve the best. >> health care in the united states and in this region is transformed from a volume in sickness mod toll one based on value and wellness. >> reporter: another interesting tid bid, jefferson brings in a significant higher
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amount of revenue than abington but despite that the plan is to have equal say on a shared board. at this point there are 13,000 employees between the two health systems, in word on any staffing change is his and this merger is expect to be completed next year, jim. live from center city, sharrie williams for channel six "action news". >> thanks, sharrie. septa's largest union wrapped up a third day of talks with the transit agency tonight in center city philadelphia there is still no contract agreement although source is telling "action news" that the negotiators are getting close. twu local 234 main concern is with the pension plan, union says it will reassess on friday whether to call a strike, but it pledges to give 24 hour warning to riders, if it does. while buses, subways and trolleys are still running, a "action news" morning team is keeping track of any mass transit troubles. just join them for traffic updates beginning at 4:30 a.m.
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a nurse who has been under a voluntary quarantine inside of her home in the state of of maine emerged tonight. casey hickcox voiced concerns about the state's quarantine guidelines. maine health officials want to keep her inside the home but they say they legally can't, until a judge signs off on it. hickcox has shown no symptoms of the virus. meanwhile president obama said today that america is a big part of the battle against the disease. >> we may continue to see individual cases in america in the weeks and months ahead. that is the nature of today's world. we cannot seal off an hour selves. >> the president appeared alongside ebola survivor doctor kent brantly, said more health care workers are desperately needed in west africa. pennsylvania and delaware have a 21 day monitoring program in place for travelers returning from west africa.
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pennsylvania's health department, says it is checking in dale which more than 100 such people, none of tested positive fore bowl, delaware health officials are monitoring 11 individuals who are considered to be low risk. aably in new castle county, the the other three in kent county. still to come on "action news" tonight we are assessing the situation down at the shore two years after hurricane sandy. it is not just the the space program that suffered a looks in last night's rocket explosion, we will hear from local students whose scientific work was blown up. plus getting closer, she vanish in 1937, all these years later experts think they have found a part of the amelia earhardt's plane, cecily. temperatures right now ten to 20 degrees cooler then this time last night and real cold air will be arriving over the weekend. i'm tracking a december like chill and weekend rain in the accu weather forecast. plus sixers season starts on the road, jeff skversky tells us how they did when
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this video capture the world's attention when a rocket exploded just after lifting off, toward the international space station. tonight we're getting a view of the scorched, and wreckage left behind, the launch site of the wallops island, virginia. some debris was swung miles away. nasa says flight controllers hit the self-destruct button intentionally blowing up the 140-foot tall anteras rocket so it would not fly off in the wrong direction and reap more destruction. 200 million-dollar mission was a total loss. on board, classified equipment, supplies for the the astronauts on the space station but also science experiments from school students, including a group from ocean city high school. they watched, the the failed
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launch in horror. >> it was their jaws that dropped and it is just so scary. >> i was terrified. i was so scared. i didn't know what i thought. i was in shock. >> district superintendent says the good news here is that nobody was injured, and that it is a teachable moment that scientific endeavors are never predictable and sometimes require great risk. is there atent lysing piece of evidence tonight in the decade old disappearance of amelia earhardt. researchers are convinced that this metal fragment came from her vanished plane. the piece of aluminum less than 2 feet wide was discovered on a uni been happen ted island in the south pacific. international team trying to solve the mystery will return to that location next june with divers and mini subs. they are hoping to determine what the strange object is jutting out from a nearby reeve from a photo taken in 1937.
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it is the anomaly and has potential to be the lost aircraft. it was two years ago today that hurricane sandy slammed in the eastern seaboard and devastated many towns along the jersey shore and while progress has been made there are still many signs that the devastation, that area endured. new jersey governor chris christie toured toms river today, many homeowners showed up to protest the long delays and red tape, that has left some victims waiting for grants. >> when you lose 355,000 homes, significantly damage or destroyed in one day, you know, it is a long time and for anybody in the back in their home yet they will be incredibly frustrated. >> democratic senator robert menendez toured at area today and met with community members to learn what resources they still need. sandy was responsible for at least 182 deaths in new york and new jersey, and caused about $65 billion in damage.
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they are coming down to the home stretch, in the race for governor of pennsylvania, democrat tom wolf bus tour brought him to coatsville to talk to voters tonight, asking them for their support on tuesday. governor, corbett was on the other side of the state in erie, he has got less than a week to make his case for reelection and our exclusive six abc/franklin and marshall college poll shows one in three voters feels he has performed well enough to deserve a second term. our polling shows governor corbett trailing democratic challenger tom wolf by a significant margin. wolf lead corbett by 13 points, 53-40 percent. lets get the exclusive accu weather forecast from meteorologist cecily tynan. >> we are clearing out clouds and cooling things off. storm tracker six live double scan showing that the showers from earlier this evening have moved off the coast, and the cloud cleared out, enough especially in the western
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suburbs. we have had spectacular sunsets, but i'd like to thank james from bensalem bucks county for posting this on my facebook account, a gorgeous shot, i keep them coming now that the sunnies setting earlier, i cannot get to see these. this is nice that people tweet them and post them on my facebook page. temperatures are cooling off especially in the far north and western suburbs. allentown down to 46. reading 48 degrees. philadelphia 53. trenton and wilmington 50 degrees. where temperatures are dropping down close to the dew point and clouds are clearing we do have some patchy dense fog. pottstown and allentown visibility now down to a third of a mile, in the poconos, a half mile. we could have patchy fog for the the morning commute especially in western suburbs. satellite six with action radar is showing a cold front that brought us lots of cloud and narrow band has pushed off shore and behind it we will have more seasonable temperatures tomorrow. we had two days in the 70's.
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tomorrow's high 60 degrees. it will feel chilly. it is just two below normal. we will see sun and clouds, pretty nice day. on friday, halloween, looking more in the form of clouds but generally a cool treat. 58 degrees. it will stay dry. these two low pressure will merge off eastern seaboard and pull down cold air for weekend and also some showers on saturday. but your trick or treat forecast, well, i think more treats than tricks. the mostly cloudy but dry, temperature at 5:00, 57, dropping down to 50 degrees at 9:00. good idea for a few extra layers under the halloween costume. tomorrow morning bus stop forecast past two mornings is mild, grab a jacket, i suggest that you wear long pants tomorrow, probably won't do it 6:00 o'clock 45 degrees. by 8:00 o'clock 48. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast nice fall day partly sunny skies with a high of 60 degrees. on friday we will drop to 58 degrees but real cold air arrives over the weekend,
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saturday, windy, clouds with some showers, 52 degrees. we will fall back saturday night at daylight savings time end, and sunday, sunny and windy, the high stuck in the 40's. 49 degrees. and, then we are down nicely on monday. 55 degrees. tuesday election day, looking good, even milder, 62 degrees and wednesday, temperatures are finally above normal with a high of 64 degrees. all and all halloween is looking nice but weekend windy and cold. >> thanks, cecily, or maybe not. >> there was an early halloween celebration tonight in montgomery county. a marching ban kicked off festivity at collegeville rotary halloween parade tonight, this was filled by costume contest where even smallest kids got in on the the action. little ones were followed by the older ones and line of zombies holding hands.
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>> third annual garsis gala took place tonight in the kimmel center and, alycia vitarelli mced the event. it brought together some of the top chefs to help raise money for philadelphia immigrant communities.
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♪ >> in university city tonight, a once in a life time, opportunity for some members
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of drexel university's orchestra. they received a master class from philadelphia orchestra violin player david ken. the student received personalized feedback from ken who just happens to be one of the top violin players in the world. he is conn earth master for philadelphia orchestra. happens to be a really nice guy. they had a great time tonight. sixers. >> sixers have game one in the books. >> yes and it will be another season of tanking by your basketball team. only thing sixers expected to compete for this season is number one overall draft pick. they have have the lowest payroll in the nba and expectations lower as sixers open up the season tonight and not everyone on board with what this team is doing, tanking two years in a row, as you can see this former sixth are coach larry brown rips sam hinkie tonight saying quote i hate what's going on in philadelphia. it makes me sick to my stomach.
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wow. inner len necessity well may change his opinion. big man makes his debut tonight. noel misses nine of 11. nice throw down in the second. he had six points and ten board. not everyone believes this team is a team full of push overs. how about malcolm thomas pushing roy hibbard who pushes back. things getting heated at the end of the half. sixth are make a push for a win. fourth quarter down six with five to go that is tony wroten with the slam. sixers within four. but pacers just too tough, hibbard the basket and foul, 22 for him tonight. sixers lose their first of many, 103-91. this team will be making baby steps. if the eagles defense didn't get beat up enough on sunday in air zone at final two minutes, new they are really hurting. safety nate allen and brandon boykin both missing practice today because of hamstring issues. eagles guard todd herremans plans to stand and guard nick foles sunday against texans even though he has torn biceps
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generally a season ending injury. herremans plan to tough it out against sack machine jj watts and company. >> it will be todd's determination what he can and cannot do. we will visit with him at the end of the week and make a determination of what he can and can't do. from a guy like him veteran lake that understands himself that has been through a lot of battles. >> it will not be ease bye if in anyone can do it, todd herremans can do it. he is smart enough to be able to adjust his technique. >> eagles are going to houston on sunday, where rookie receiver josh huff grew up. this is not something you see every day but huff has a texan tattoo on his leg. that is right. he grew up a huge texans fan. he needs to get a eagles logo on the other side what do you think. still to come in sports we have phillies news, plus some sad news to pass along legendary chester high school
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basketball coach fred picket died after losing his battle with cancer. he won three state titles and 300 games. he won three state titles and 300 games. we will be right party on people! blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale continues celebrating with 20% off the entire store. you heard right, 20% off the entire store. we're talking employee pricing baby! hey, you need 'em, you want 'em, and now there's no better time to get 'em. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale continues! woo-hoo! as our gift to you, take 20% off the entire store. twenty percent! the entire store! hey, with savings like that, you could redo your entire house. just sayin'! blinds to go. blinds for life. well, six years ago tonight the phillies won the world series, tonight though it is either kansas city or san francisco, in a winner take all game seven. and there it is, game has just gone final your san francisco giants have won the world series. in a game 73-two over kansas
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city royals. mad sop bumgarner on two days rest pitches final five innings. they have won three of the last five world series. as far as phillies their rebuilding project beck to begin. one piece of news, reuben amaro said they will bring back ryne sand bergen tire coaching staff including bench coach larry bowa. starting tomorrow players can file for free agency and in five days phillies and or teams can start signing free agents. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest will arenet, and music from lady antbellam and halloween dogs. for a "action news" i'm's jim gardner, good night. >> "action news" is sponsored in part by elkins chevrolet south jersey's premiere chevy dealer ship featuring 2014 silverado. visit elkins on route 73 in marlton or on line at
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