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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  October 31, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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and now the details. residents forced out into the chilly night air while watching belongings burn. the 911 call from the apartment along south 62nd street before midnight. and "action news" reporter katherine scott tells us many of the residents found the only way out of the fire was by using a backdoor. >> the flames were ferocious, the smoke thick. around 60 units evacuated at the chestnut park apartments after a fire broke out around 11:45 tonight. >> went to approach the front door and smoke everywhere. we had to go out the back window out the fire escape. >> within three minutes companies on location and they struck the second alarm. >> the crews blasted water at the fire. 75 firefighters with 22 pieces of apparatus responded to the scene in the 100 block. one resident and one firefighter
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taken to the hospital in stable conditions. neighbors heard the commotion and came running. >> and i heard something, pow, pow, pow. i looked and the flames coming off and i never seen anything like that. >> it took the firefighters just over an hour and 20 minutes to place the fire under control. this morning lni and the fire marshal on the scene. and the red cross set up a shelter and around 70 people checked in. this resident had not been home when it happened and arrived to the building today stunned at what transpired. >> and he said it is probably flooded. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. in west pennsylvania, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." a college student from westchester, chester county fighting for his life after allegedly beaten by five football players at his school in western pennsylvania. it all may have started over a girl. it happened near the campus of the california university of pennsylvania early yesterday morning. detectives say 30-year-old lewis
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campbell trying to stop an argument between his girlfriend and a player at an off-campus eatery. according to witnesses the five suspects stomped and kicked campbell yelling "football strong." campbell suffered severe brain trauma now in intensive care. the five suspects are behind bars on $500,000 bail apiece. they also have been suspended from school and the football team. a note scribbled on a bathroom law allegedly saving the life of the woman kidnapped and killed by her he is strained husband. brandon turner is the suspect and his estranged wife used make up to write she was held against her will in the bathroom of a mcdonald's on north dupont highway in dover. somebody saw it and notified the police and they used the surveillance video to track down the couple at the dover mall on friday. they say the dover took the victim back on october 23 and kept her duct taped to a bed the
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past week. also from our delaware news room, new castle county police investigating a suspected hate crime in new castle. a home owner in the unit block of alec road contacted the police after finding a racial slur and offensive drawing spray painted on the driveway. investigators are asking anyone with information to contact them. the number 302-573-2800. well, as expected, unemployment in atlantic county rose last month. mostly to the closings of several atlantic city casinos. up 1.3 percentage points. 8,000 people lost jobs due to the closures of the showboat, revel, the trump plaza and atlanta club. a number of them come from the leisure and hospitality industry. after two weeks on the run a wilmington family rare cat back home. boo, finally captured last
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night. the neighbored spotted the exotic-looking cat several times since october 17 when he took off after a rabbit, but nobody able to catch him until now. finally treated to a cup much whipped cream when he returned home and promptly fell asleep. despite a few ticks on his adventure, otherwise healthy. the upcoming midterm elects candidates in the final weekend of campaigning before voters head to the polls on tuesday. one of the biggest races is that for pennsylvania fwocgovernor. the current governor, tom corbett at appear event with ron paul. and then will rally with governor chris christie. governor corbett's opponent, tom wolf meanwhile has the lead in the polls since the primary. matt o'donnell has more on the man hoping to become the next governor of pennsylvania. >> am i wrong? >> democrat tom wolf, who never
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held elective office has turned in an impressive performance in his very first political campaign. and wolf tells me he is having the time of his life on the trail talking to voters about what he would do differently in harrisburg. >> there is a sense of crisis and a shared sense of crisis transcending the party identification in harrisburg. i think right now people are looking for change much they are looking for something a little mover transformational. >> planning to raise money for he did indicating increasing the income tax for wealthier citizens with the cut off between $70 and $90,000 worth of income but he could not tell us how much more. >> things are not working. i don't know what the -- i am going to be confronting when i get to harrisburg and certainly don't want to mislead people by being dishonest. >> that, plus 5% for gas companies allows him to lower the property taxes and even up
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funding of school districts across the state. wolf would also eliminate the philadelphia school reform commission. >> i believe in local control. we have local control in every other school district in pennsylvania but philadelphia. and this is not a knock on the good people in the src, i think they are trying to do the best they can in a stuff situation. >> if wolf wins on election day he would be the first person to deny a pennsylvania governor a second term since the state allowed governors to run for a second term in 1968. wolf tells me he is not taking anything for granted. matt o'donnell, channel 6 "action news." and remember election day is next tuesday, november 4. in new jersey the polls open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. and in pennsylvania the polls open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. and in delaware, the polls will also open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. hilton hotel helping veterans seeking to re-enter the
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work force in pennsylvania today. labor secretary visited the national guard base to april nouns a -- announce a partnership. and beginning next week they can spend a free day in hotels when traveling to try to get a new job. and safer for cyclist, cutting a ribbon on a two-mile mutually-use trail along 273 providing plenty of space for bike riders and pedestrians to get to delaware without sharing the road with cars. speaking of cars, an update on the commute home on a friday night. >> matt pellman has all the ins and outs. >> may want to grab a couple extra handfuls of halloween candy as you head home -- i know rick does it every night.
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and getting better with speeds in the 30s, an earlier crash getting off to a bad start this afternoon. a crash on the vine street expressway eastbound off the schuylkill, everything off to the side now as you see, that is not impacting traffic a whole lot. the eastbound vine heavy as you head towards 95. a crash there on the northbound side gone, but locked up from the vine up to the work zone at cottman avenue. and watching a wresh in gladwin. and the roosevelt boolevard the northbound locked up and southbound past broad a crash in the right lane. and in buena or should we say boona, a gas main break. and the right lane blocked in both directions. happy halloween. >> as to you. >> that scared me. the whole traffic report scared me. the eagles fired up for sunday's showdown against the texans. and jeff skversky has a preview coming up. and young moms hoping to continue their education now
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have the tools to do it thanks to the generosity of others. we'll show you. and the little ones know how to dress for the big halloween celebration. and taking up to delaware county. can you see the little adam joseph? right there. >> the man with the -- >> the block head. >> i would never ruin this hair with something like that. and looking at the wind chills, it may be a little scary as it drops into the 20s in chicago, indianapolis. and talking about winter winds over the upcoming weekend in accuweather. and what would halloween be without pumpkins? engineer students grabbed gourds of all sizes for an event. have i that information when "action news" comes right back. this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars... it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while... who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy. tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania. >> today in delaware access to computers to help them continue education. united health care donating 10 laptops to the adolescent care, and it is part of their effort to increase computer and internet access to people in underserved communities. 2,000 commuters have been donated since the program began two years ago. turning to sports the eagles
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continue getting ready for sunday's showdown in houston. >> and jeff skversky live in the sports center tonight with more. >> hey guys. eagles safety nate allen missed a big place last week and now may miss sunday's game in houston all together. he is questionable on the injury report with a hamstring injury. if he can't go expect earl wolf to make the start. and the eagles fans seem to be running out of patience with nick foles and the interceptions. chip kelly and the coaching staff have been working with foles to cut down on his nfc high nine picks. of course he made a lot of mistakes inside of the 20. the eagles are the worst red zone team in the nfl. >> what i am finding about nick, when he sets his feet and steps into the throw he is awesome. we are also finding there are times when he gets flushed or flushes himself and he doesn't have his feet underneath him and he's not as good as he could be if they were. >> my words don't mean anything, i have to go out and prove it.
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i have to go out and work towards it. i have to keep studying film and making sure the fundamental things. a couple of place i have to make sure my body is in the right position, because whether it is i can deliver any pass. >> foles may have center kelsey back. they don't care if the all maigt mighty is on the other side they are just running the offense. and ron jaworski with more. >> the guy in the best player in the league right now is j.j. watt. anyone who watches that game on sund sunday, watch number 99 for houston, texas. a beast, 6'5", 295 pounds. quick as a cat, strong as an ox he can do anything. he will create a lot of problems for the offensive line and the backs and tight ends and pass protection. number one, the eagles must be aware of where he is and get two
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hats on him. >> and the match-up with the texan s sunday morning. and recapping it with highlights and interviews. the sixers trying to pick up the first win in milwaukee. before the game the sixers taking up next year's contract options from william, noel and rfs rotten. and on the ice today, he is not expected to play tomorrow. first getting in shape, the 12-year vet a much-needed addition. >> and they called the name, not taking much to think about it. a great team to come to. a lot of good players and good aspiration. and a team that competes for the stanley cup every year, that's what you play hockey for.
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go figure on whom we know the flyers send down the ghost, the rookie defenseman. the old man out sent back to lehigh valley. speaking of halloween, even tough hockey players are scared of certain things. >> ahhh! [laughter] >> that is the flyers freaked out by the big snake in the gatorade cooler. the trainer having fun with guys in the locker room. who needs a costume, the flyers are freaked out. guys, please don't get any ideas, i am easily scared. thank you. >> we would never do such a thing. >> i put something in his car, don't tell him. it wasn't witches or ghosts today in south jersey, something smaller that comes in all shapes and covered. >> engineer students using skills to create the ultimate
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pumpkin catapult.nts using and sharrie williams joining us with more on the annual event. >> it is fun. halloween not halloween without a little pumpkin throwing i would say. in this case they are gourds and they are all in the same family, the pumpkins and gourds. just some beautiful fun with a little bit of science built in. take a look for yourself. >> three, two, one -- >> they get the idea. >> the program set up for a friendly competition. the goal to see whose catapults machine could launch a pumpkin or gourd the farthest. they worked as teams to out do the others. not just about distance, teams got points for hitting targets such as the man-made hospital and of course the most points awarded when a gourd hit a zombie. just a lot of fun out there.
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>> let's talk about cute halloween costumes, look at this, mom posted her photo decked out in her "action news" live van. how about that? there goes the "action news" van complete with the logo and the satellite dish. we love it. the family transformed her wheelchair into a pretty impressive positive -- costume. and good for you, hannah. you have your hearts, good girl. >> i wonder if she should have a license. >> she should go to adam's house, giving out lots of candy. >> we are giving out the real size bars. >> what time do you get off?
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>> in about three minutes. trying to rush home and help them out there. all is quiet out there for this halloween evening that is. some clouds that are pushing in, but overall it will be dry for the trick-or-treat. and as we take a live look on city ave you can see our pumpkins as well. that is bob, one of all right editors carved. and he is really good at that. they are flickering there and hopefully you were able to display some of your spectacular decoration this is halloween. looking at the trick-or-treat forecast. dropping to 51 degrees. by 9:00, 49. a little below average but at least not dealing with wet weather. 50 in trenton, 52 in millville, 54 in reading. wilmington right now 52 degrees. everyone pretty uniform. energy to the west we are watching, you see breakout of showers and even snow showers
5:53 pm
around lake superior and michigan. and the two eventually merge creating one massive storm over the open waters of the atlantic. we are not go -- really getting the effects of the wind. tonight at 11:00, some showers move in from the oceanside and push westbound. and you can see widespread showers. that continues in the afternoon, especially south and east by the afternoon, drying it out to the north and west. and as we get into saturday night and into sunday, the clouds start to depart. the sunshine returns. but as the sun returns the winds really whip up as the low bombs out. deepens rapidly east of boston near halifax, nova scotia. and that is where the precipitation will be and the wind chills with the winds out of the north a good 40 miles an
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hour sunday, feeling between 32 and 42 degrees during the day. le and late showers pushing in, 40 to 48 for the overnight low. the seven-day forecast the weekend starts wet and ends dry with sunshine on sunday. and again we turn the clocks back an hour before you head to bed on saturday night. sunday again with the whipping winds out of the north feeling winter-like but only for one day. we move the temperatures back up on monday at 57. a good amount of sunshine. for voters, no complaints here, 65 degrees with sunshine and clouds. a couple of showers late wednesday early thursday. mild in the mid 60s and dropping to the 50s on friday. and you get to pick your favorite candy. >> butterfinger. >> all of it. >> we have to run, thank you. we take a break and
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>> not long before trick-or-treat time in
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haverford, delaware county. students parading class by class showing off the colorful cost assumes. parents lined the sidewalks to check out the princesses and superheros. and an extra treat, only a half day of classes as well. >> and no frights, but plenty of love and care at this party. the intensive care nursery celebrating the first halloween for these little ones. along with the baby parents, encouraged to dress in their halloween best, too. party made possible for families celebrating hospitals for the children in the nic-u. septa union members update their progress. and eric frein appears in court this morning. and speaking exclusively to the marshals capturing america's most wanted fugitive. those stories up next.
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for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a good night and a great
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♪ "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. it is friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news on the transit front. septa and the transit workers union are still talking. indications are they could reach some kind of agreement tonight and that would avert a strike. live outside of the hotel is
6:00 pm
"action news" reporter eva pilgrim. >> definitely it has come down to the wire, but it appears that septa and union workers will be able to make some sort of a deal. they are still inside talking at the table right now. we were just told by those inside that the deal is about 85% done. right now they're working on tweaking the language, specifically about pensions. and they are hopeful they will be able to come down in the next hour or so and announce that the deal is done. it appears that a strike will be avoided and service will continue as normal. riders can hopefully breathe a sigh of relief now. it appears that union workers and septa will be able to make some sort of a deal and a strike will be avoided. we will, of course, continue to follow the story and bring you the information as soon as it becomes available as soon as they come down to announce that deal. live here in old city, eva pilgrim channel 6