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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 5, 2014 11:35pm-12:38am EST

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silverado, visit elkins on route 37 in marlton or on line at elkins brad paisley. and now, out of thin air, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. that's very nice. hello, citizens of earth. thank you very much.
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[ cheers and applause ] my name is jimmy kimmel, i come from the future. we have an unprecedented program for you tonight. tonight, we're making television history, not only am i hosting this show here in hollywood, we will also be beamed -- we are being beamed right now to nashville via hologram, a live hologram from hollywood to nashville and from nashville back to hollywood. this has never been done before and we go live now to the cma theater at the country music hall of fame and museum. hello, nashville. can you guys hear me? [ cheers and applause ] okay, so -- right now, in nashville, they can see me on the old fashioned video screen, but in a moment, using technology that is far too complicated to even begin to try to comprehend, i am going to appear before you in nashville, as a hologram. are you ready? okay. here we go.
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count it down. three, two, one -- here i am. wow. weird, right? hello, everyone. amazing. [ cheers and applause ] wow. i can't believe it, either. hey, who got caught in traffic trying to get here tonight? not me, because i'm a hologram! that's a nashville joke. it's for the locals there. i'm either a hologram or i died and i'm haunting this theater right now. if you have never been to nashville, it is a great town. my hologram's been having a blast. they found my hologram passed out in an alley. oh, there's somebody i'd like you to say hello to, nashville.
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here is my little guillermo! [ cheers and applause ] is there anything -- anything you would like to say to the folks there in nashville, guillermo? >> help me, jimmy. you're my only hope. >> jimmy: i don't remember princess leia having a mustache. say hello, to everybody. >> hi, everybody! >> jimmy: he's from mexico! >> that's right. >> jimmy: hold on a second. i want to do something here. this is amazing. now, we have a green screen a and -- green screen is pretty incredible. okay. all right. look what i got! [ laughter ]
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look what i have. your slip is showing. somebody set up some bowling pins. i want to throw a few. all right, i'm going to now toss you back over to your post, okay? >> okay. >> jimmy: one, two, tres. there you go. okay. wow. it's fun. we have a lot going on tonight. from "modern family," julie bowen is here with us tonight. later on tonight, we will be joined via hologram by cma winner kacey musgraves. she will appear as a hologram here in l.a. while i'm a hologram in nashville. and then another hologram, from florida georgia line. so, two cities, two theaters, multiple holograms. if you are watching this show high right now, forget it. it's unexplainable. [ laughter ] yesterday was, of course, election day. there were a number of
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pot-related items on state ballots. alaska, oregon and washington, d.c. voted to legalize recreational marijuana. vice president joe biden celebrated quietly at home, contemplating the infinite nature of the universe. imagine washington, d.c. -- if you thought congress didn't get a lot of work done before. just wait until they get legal pot. in florida, a measure to legalize medical marijuana did not pass. which, that's probably for the best, right? people in florida are weird enough already. [ laughter ] remarkably, the very liberal state of california still has not legalized marijuana for recreational use. though due to the drought we are having here, we are considering making it legal to drink bong water, so -- [ laughter ] yesterday, voters in nashville went to the polls to weigh in on one of the most difficult and troubling issues of our generation, and that is making wine available in grocery stores. also known as the kathie lee and hoda referendum. it passed with 79% of the vote.
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what's up with the other 21%? who voted against that? the only people who voted against that are liquor store owners and the kids who have to carry your shopping bags to the car. but it passed so finally ba voe will be able to greenlight the real housewives of nashville. congratulations, everybody there. [ cheers and applause ] it's crazy that you guys couldn't buy one at the supermarket before. in l.a., we would buy it at toys r us. as you probably know, republicans picked up a lot of seats and won control of both chambers of congress yesterday, which is key, because whoever controls congress controls the lunch menu at the cafeteria. republicans have a majority in the senate and house of representatives for the first time in eight years. i guess when it was all said and done, the republicans just had the better lawn signs. [ laughter ] that wasn't controversial. thanksgiving is coming. if you don't have anyone to celebrate with, there's an
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interesting website that wants to help. it's called this is the second year they've been doing this. the way the site works, it connects people who are going to be alone for thanksgiving with other people who are willing to host them, which makes sense. it's kind of sad to spend thanksgiving by yourself. the only thing sadder is spending it with family. and there's another service now -- [ applause ] that you can sign up for that claims they can help you with that. >> this thanksgiving, be thankful for a brand new way to enjoy your holiday meal. relative share. the first service that sends your worst relatives to eat with another family. imagine, an entire meal without your vegan cousin. your creepy uncle. or your sister's boyfriend with the ear lobe expanders. relative share is easy, convenient and affordable. for just $29.99, we'll send you
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a shipping crate with a randomly selected address on it. simply lure your relative in it and be on your way to your first pleasant holiday in years. relative share. because you can't pick your family. but you can ship them away from you in a crate. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hold on. hello, people of nashville, i am your leader. does this look weird? everybody get into my mouth. all right, let me get my body back. guillermo and i were in nashville a couple weeks ago. we had a lot of fun, right? >> yes, we did. >> jimmy: you look ridiculous. >> i know. >> jimmy: we had a great time. earlier tonight on abc, the 48th annual cma awards were held in nashville. the show is hosted by brad paisley and carrie underwood. we have something from brad paisley later in the show tonight. they call it country music's
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biggest night. and for good reason. blake shelton, miranda lambert, keith urban, faith hill, tim mcgram mcgraw were all apart of it. tim and faith are the beyonce and jay-z of country music. they are very nice. i've known tim for quite awhile. they are very welcoming people. that's why i knew i wouldn't have to get a hotel in nashville. they would want me to stay with them. it's called southern hospitality. and so when i got to the airport, as soon as my plane touched down, i jump into a cab, i said, take me to faith and tim's place. ♪ >> hey! jimmy. >> jimmy: how are you? >> what's going on? >> jimmy: i'm here. >> yeah? >> jimmy: you said if i was ever in nashville i should look you
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up, so, i did. >> honey, were we expecting jimmy? >> oh, hi. >> jimmy: how are you doing? >> mow are yhow are you? >> jimmy: i'm good. >> should i bring my stuff in, or? >> did you -- >> did you know anything about this? hey, man, come on in. >> jimmy: great. guillermo, we can come in. >> oh, okay. >> jimmy: i brought guillermo, too. >> nice. >> nice. >> jimmy: we're really excited to be here. >> hi, guillermo. >> nice to have you. come on in. >> jimmy: oh, wow. what a place. >> great. you guys must be rich, huh? >> yeah. >> welcome. >> jimmy: this is nice. what room is this? >> um -- this is the kitchen. >> jimmy: oh, right. because that's where -- yeah, the stove is. this is great. i should mention -- i don't eat gluten, i have to eat between 7:00 and 11:00, small meals a
11:46 pm
day. no nuts unless they are unless they're in a banana bread, then i can eat them. >> anybody want some mustard. >> jimmy: did you just go through their refrigerator? >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's not polite. put it back in the refrigerator. thank you. sorry, so sorry. he's a foreigner. >> i like it. i love it. i want some more of it. >> jimmy: yeah. wow. >> i'll drive, jimmy. >> jimmy: i'll get in the back then. >> i think it's better that he drives. >> jimmy: you do, huh? >> thank you, guillermo. here's the pond. >> jimmy: you got a pond and everything. >> yeah. we should stop by and say hi to the jackass. >> jimmy: hi, jackass. what do you call these in your country? >> burros.
11:47 pm
hey, tom. can i have a horse? >> jimmy: tom. >> this is nice, jimmy. i don't want to leave. >> jimmy: we're not going to leave. we're going to stay. >> yeah? >> can we stay here? >> jimmy: forever. >> this is so great. a scrapbook. you guys have a scrapbook, just like regular people. i love it. so great. >> i'm glad you're here to look through it. >> jimmy: i love looking through this. i want to go do everything. like, all of it, you know? >> nice, okay. >> jimmy: love to go in your closets, also. that's cute. look at this. >> hey, guys. faith. what shampoo should i use? >> um -- the one in your right hand. >> oh, okay. also, i hope you don't mind, i used your lady bic. >> jimmy: he's using your lady bic. >> that's -- that's okay. >> yeah? >> that's okay. >> sorry to bother you. >> jimmy: it's okay, guillermo.
11:48 pm
get good and clean. >> okay. >> jimmy: i'd love to use the shower in your guys bedroom because i don't like to get -- >> it's broken. >> jimmy: oh, it is? >> yeah. look at you without a shirt on. yowza. >> yowza. >> jimmy: really great. >> guys -- there's no hot water! >> jimmy: there's no hot water. >> i'll check the heater. >> jimmy: thank you so much. >> okay. >> jimmy: tim has some body, huh? great pictures. you all right? >> it's been kind of a long day. i think i'm going to head on to bed. >> jimmy: you're going to go to sleep? >> yeah, i think it's time. >> jimmy: it's 6:15. >> yeah, we go to bed that time here. so -- >> jimmy: all right. you mind if i -- >> just, yeah, hang out. stay up late.
11:49 pm
leave. >> jimmy: i guess we'll go to bed, too, then. we'll be right up. >> come on, let's go. >> shh. >> jimmy: what are you guys doing? >> oh, we were just doing a fire drill. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i couldn't sleep. i don't know, can you guys, like, sing us a lullaby or something? >> sure, yeah. >> jimmy: maybe give us a kiss. >> all right. >> jimmy: thanks, guys. that would really help us. >> let's go. okay. you have cookies and milk? ♪ go to sleep ♪ go to sleep ♪ go to sleep little -- >> jimmy: faith, it's kind of too loud and it's not helping me to go sleep. >> okay.
11:50 pm
one more time. ready? ♪ go to sleep ♪ go to sleep ♪ go to sleep little babies ♪ momma loves you ♪ daddies loves you ♪ lay down your sweet head ♪ go to sleep sthz ♪ ♪ go to sleep ♪ go to sleep little baby >> wait. what about kissing? what about good night kiss? >> good night. >> jimmy: thank you. >> wait, hold on. justin would like to get a kiss, too. >> no. >> no? >> jimmy: stop that. just go to sleep, little baby.
11:51 pm
>> jimmy. jimmy, wake up. >> jimmy: what? >> wake up. should we go down and get some breakfast? >> no, they will probably bring us breakfast in bed. some people do that with guests, you know, they bring them breakfast in their rooms. >> okay. >> jimmy: i am hungry, though. >> me, too. >> jimmy: tim and faith, will you bring us our breakfast? >> i want some bacon. >> jimmy: yeah, maybe some scrambled eggs. >> with toast. >> jimmy: what? >> wheat toast. >> jimmy: oh, with toast or wheat toast? >> wheat toast. >> jimmy: with wheat toast. >> wheat toast, yeah. >> jimmy: guys? >> hey, come on.
11:52 pm
>> jimmy: guys? we need somebody to make this bed. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks, tim and faith. tonight on the show, live, via hologram, we have music from florida georgia line. cma winner kacey musgraves will be with us. and we'll be right back with julie bowen, so stick around. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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>> jimmy: welcome back. tonight, cma winner kasey musgraves will join us in hologram form. this should be interesting and fun. and then later on in the show, their new album is called "anything goes." that's it right there. florida georgia line from the cma theater in nashville beamed live via hologram to us here on the at&t outdoor stage. that should be fun. there's a company called hologram usa that did this for us. it's really incredible, thanks to them.
11:58 pm
and if you want to have hologram in your home, um -- [ laughter ] get your hologram on grandpa to come by, give them a call. tomorrow night, gina davis will be here, nelly will join us and we'll have music from cobra starship featuring icona pop. our first guest is a very lovely and talented two-time emmy-winner. she plays claire dunphy on "modern family" which you can see wednesday nights at 9:00 here on abc. please say hello to julie bowen. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. how are you doing? [ cheers and applause ] >> i love your audience. your audience is always, like, 5% drunker than your average
11:59 pm
audience and i love that. it makes me feel so much better. >> jimmy: well, when you come out dressed like this, you can expect some excitement. [ cheers and applause ] >> apparently we were going to do a different bit this season that made reference to your child, i was told -- i was going to be diapered. >> jimmy: i tricked you into wearing short shorts. you look fantastic. it's going to take all of my concentration. i'm going to try to pretend to be a gentleman tonight. >> be a gentleman. >> jimmy: no, i'm not going to be. >> just imagine this birthed three and you'll go -- >> jimmy: you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i saw the commercial during the cmas. >> really? it's happening tonight, right? >> jimmy: we're on after the cmas, so, yes, technically -- >> it happened. >> jimmy: yes. confusing night. >> oak ridge boys, are they up for anything? >> jimmy: no, no. they are -- >> because that was -- i have,
12:00 am
like, a full-on tin ear don't know anything about music, all diamonds of music but my dad in the pinto with his cigar would pop in the 8-track of "elvira." over and over. and that was -- i loved that. >> jimmy: oak ridge boys were huge. >> they were huge, right? >> jimmy: they were the taylor swe swift of their day. >> they dated a lot? >> jimmy: i bet they did. >> i like her. if i was here, i would date everything. i think she's a little slow. [ laughter ] i wouldn't have enough time in my life to date everyone. >> jimmy: how is your family doing, speaking of dating everyone. >> they slow you down. >> jimmy: they do. >> those people slow you down. >> jimmy: they won't let you download tinder to your phone. >> is it tinder, there's the grinder, there's the tumblr. >> jimmy: the letter e has been cast aside. >> it's all dirty. all i know that one of them is
12:01 am
good and the other ones are bad. >> jimmy: grinder is the good one. yeah. that's the one i like. [ laughter ] >> i have no idea. all i know is everybody is like a -- nobody likes a vowel. and everybody's just -- there's -- oh, there's j-swipe for my friends of the tribe. jewish -- >> jimmy: there's j-swipe? i think all those names are taken and trademarked so you can't get tumbler so, let's cult the e out of it. >> i think it's from when you first texted and it was like, a, b, c. let's make this faster, knock out the vowel. >> jimmy: you might be right. you know, we really don't need the vowels. except in hawaii. thait they'd be left with the letter h and w. some ks. >> they only have 16 letters. >> jimmy: it's already hard
12:02 am
enough to find your way around hawaii. >> thank you for asking about my family. they're good. you know, they're kids. they're obsessed with candy and halloween which i don't get. don't get it. >> jimmy: you brought your halloween costume. >> my children are very upset at me about this, because it's not sexy. >> jimmy: oh. >> even my kids -- >> jimmy: the kids wanted you to be sexy? [ cheers and applause ] >> captain underpants. >> jimmy: captain underpants. >> okay, so, that's captain underpants and they said, mom, momma, they're barely, they talk, but like, monkeys, like, momma, i can see your nipples. can you? can you really? or can you just see the little sha sharpie marks? it's embarrassing. but they would have been okay if i had been, like, sacexy captai underpants. that's the actual --
12:03 am
>> jimmy: that's captain underpants, the guy. there's lady captain underpants. looks good. >> really good. i don't understand the blood and the gore. >> jimmy: i don't like it. >> one of my kids wanted to go to school with a knife in his head and they wanted to carry a held. it just -- any excuse for blood and i was like, no, it's too scary, no gun us, no blood. i convinced him he could go in his dad's gilly suit. does anybody -- that's a suit you wear, like, to make you look like a bush. >> jimmy: right. not a president bush. but rather, an actual bush. [ laughter ] >> and he was so excited that he got to wear it. only gets to wear it to scare the babysitter like once in awhile. he hides in the front yard for a half an hour and he's like, ahh!
12:04 am
so -- and i said, aren't you happy, i'm putting in, there were tears that he couldn't be bloo bloody. he liked being in the suit. i strapped him into his safety seat in the car, i said, you're going to have a great halloween in school. now what are you going to tell people you are? he goes -- sniper. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> it's a sniper suit. i didn't put it together. >> jimmy: little boys like that stuff. you can't do anything about it. they love that kind of thing. >> they love that. and there it is. that is the pinnacle of my existence. >> jimmy: that's a great carving job. you did this? >> hell no. that was -- that was at this big giant thing called rise of the jack-o-lanterns. ill thought, this is crazy. i'm not going to go to this. of course i went. >> jimmy: you have to go they carved your head into a pumpkin. >> they have tupac. >> jimmy: he was there? he's back?
12:05 am
wow, this hologram thing is getting crazy. >> as a pumpkin. >> jimmy: we're going to take a break. we'll continue with this. julie bowen is here. we'll be right back. my pasta is served! it looks so good... no flavor. when it's time to eat together... sooorry. do everyone a favor, serve a drink that has real flavor. lipton fresh brewed iced tea is the naturally refreshing way to enjoy your meals. it's the flavor we all savor, does any food a favor. you gotta be (ah) more (ah) tea! tea-riffic! lipton. be more tea. muppets most wanted, now on blu-ray and digital. ♪ ♪ when the snow comes to cover the ground ♪
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this is a real problem. when i left for work this morning, she was sitting on the couch flipping through magazines. >> she's 20. she's finding herself. >> how hard can it be? >> what were you doing at 20? >> me, i was working 25 hours a week. i was volunteering at a suicide hotline. get off the couch. do something with your life! >> was it an assisted suicide hotline? >> your father's home. from work. >> already?
12:10 am
must be nice. >> jimmy: that's requested mott earn family," julie bowen. the show is still so funny consistently. it's unbelievable. >> we're really lucky. we're really lucky. our writers keep working really hard. >> jimmy: i don't think it's luck. the show is just really, really good all the time. >> that's very nice. >> jimmy: almost depressing. >> it depresses you -- >> jimmy: no, it makes me go, like, wow, this is -- they're operating on a level so far beyond what i could operate at. >> some of us are starting to o poop out. >> jimmy: who? >> they look at me, you have so much energy, but you've got a baby now. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and you get tired. >> jimmy: you do get tired. >> you get a little tired. and they're like, are you still doing that 5:00 a.m. run, and i'm like -- not so often. but i am terrified to fall asleep, i'm terrified to nap. i also -- i can show you my hands.
12:11 am
i can't go get a manicure. i fall asleep in the chair when they are doing the thing and i start talking and i'm like -- who -- >> jimmy: oh, you have the -- >> right in the middle of the nail salon, the airplanes. >> jimmy: you'll say things? >> oh, hells yes. yes. and i never knew this until i began the bed sharing process that all good people go through somewhere in their 20s. >> jimmy: right, i see. oh, and you were scaring your various boyfriends. was waking up to people going, the fish bar? or, where's the baby's head, where's the baby's head? >> jimmy: what? >> i say crazy things. >> jimmy: does your husband get scared or is it annoying or what? >> okay. yes, he's scared. used to be scared and he got annoyed. but this is the same guy who, went we started the bed sharing process -- >> jimmy: right. >> past our 20s.
12:12 am
>> jimmy: yes. >> and he was trying to get the shirt off for the first time, said to me, hockey fight! [ laughter ] he can handle -- >> jimmy: we'll be okay. >> he can handle somebody yelling. >> jimmy: your husband ruin intimate moments with jokes? >> isn't that what they -- intimate moments are jokes. nothing but a big, long joke. if anybody saw a picture of it, you'd be horrified. though, i do think -- >> jimmy: i do that, too. >> you have a daughter. >> jimmy: yeah, two. >> if she goes in -- you have an older daughter and a baby. if either one of them goes into porn, now, just think on this. stay with me. this has a happy ending. i've been thinking about this. [ laughter ] there are no guest stars in porn. >> jimmy: what? >> there are no extras or walk-on or, i got a five-line.
12:13 am
everyone's a star. [ laughter ] porn star, you're like, wow, everyone's a star. you know, like, mom, i got a guest star on "here comes the pizza boy." i come in and i am driving the car for the pizza guy. they don't exist. it's just the pizza guy. >> jimmy: you said many unusual things on your appearances on this show, that's the worst one yet. [ applause ] it did not have a happy ending. >> i was trying to find a -- >> jimmy: that's really -- sometimes the silver lining, you can go too deep for it. >> you think so? >> jimmy: i think so, yeah. yeah. i think you and your husband are wef5z suited for each other. >> yes. definitely. >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. "modern family" wednesday nights, 9:00 on abc. julie bowen, everybody. we'll be right back.
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hi. sorry, we're closed. what? i need help with my deposit. the bank has rules. it's really quick. i can't hear you. i promise, i'm gonna be really quick. i don't under...i can't hear you through the glass. i'! you'll be quick. that's what you just said? yes. i'm sorry, i can't hear you. we're closed. you know what? okay, that's... hey...sir? i just...okay. [ male announcer ] it's time to bank human again. that's why td bank has the longest hours and even stays open an extra ten minutes for when you run late. td bank. america's most convenient bank. >> jimmy: still to come, kacey musgraves and florida georgia line. we're featuring some amazing new technology on the show tonight, which is why this is the perfect time to tell you about the truly incredible new sprout by hp. this thing is amazing. it combines a scanner, depth sensor, hi-res camera and a projector in a single computer which allows you to combine your physical world with your digital
12:19 am
workspace. i know that makes no sense at all. i know it's confusing, but just watch proud by hp in the hands of designer adam selman and our very own guillermo as they make a special project for our special cma awards show. >> hey, guillermo. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> what do we have here? >> we have the new sprout by hp. >> can you turn me into a piece of art? >> we can. a camera here and a scanner, which you can capture 3 d images. put your hands on there. >> i didn't do my manicure. >> they look good. >> take your hands away. >> what about your face? >> sure. >> look pretty for the camera. okay, lean back up. >> oh, man. i look bad. cma awards were earlier tonight. >> did you watch? >> yeah. can you turn me country? >> oh, sure, definitely. guillermo, we are each on our own sprouts that way you can scan some things in and i can
12:20 am
see it on this side. >> i like it. >> a horse. oh, my god. >> perfect. >> yeah. >> doing a miracle right there with me. >> yeah. >> guillermo, is that spaghetti? >> yeah. i want to save it for later. if i can learn how to use this, anybody can learn. >> it's easy. >> i'm not so smart. >> just putting on the final touches, guillermo. >> i want to show this to the people. >> yeah, let's print it out. >> let's do that. we did it! >> go to to learn more and see how you can reimagine your creativity. >> jimmy: we'll be right back with kacey musgraves.
12:21 am
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>> jimmy: hello there. we are in hollywood and nashville. joining us live from the cma theater, please welcome cma award winner tonight,ñ kacey musgraves. kacey, you've magically appeared. >> hello, jimmy. >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm feeling very futuristic right now. this is crazy. >> jimmy: i'm reaching out, can
12:26 am
you see me? yes, yes. well -- hello. can we high five? >> jimmy: yeah, sure. >> yay! >> jimmy: we can do more than just high five, by the way. >> can i pick your nose. >> jimmy: yeah, touch men. whatever you want to do. >> i can't find it. >> jimmy: my nose is plenty big. there it is. now you're in my brain. yes. well, thank you for the examination. this has been quite a night for you so far already. i know you won song of the year. we're in the middle of the show right now. you won best new artist last year. right now on twitter, but your hair is trending. >> well -- ah, it is pretty big, i guess. >> jimmy: can i touch it? >> touch it. >> jimmy: very, very soft. you can get an endorsement deal. >> it's full of secrets. >> jimmy: you got to sing with
12:27 am
loretta lynn tonight. >> you know, it was crazy. my panties fell off right before. literally, i'm not even kidding. they were the stick on kind. they fell off, they were dangling. i have to rip them off. i had to throw them to the side and out she comes and i'm here now. >> jimmy: they didn't hit anyone, did they? >> i don't know where they are. >> jimmy: i know where they are stephen tyler has them. >> oh, god. >> jimmy: i guarantee you stephen tyler has your stick-on panties right now. >> this is not something i want to be reality. >> jimmy: well, whatever you want. >> it was so much fun, though. >> jimmy: it was a lot of fun, yeah. have you met people there tonight that you have not met before and that you were excited to meet? >> everyone's been such a blur. i'm sure i have. i don't know if i'd remember it. but my grand parents are there. they are sitting in the audience, probably freaking out. >> jimmy: that's exciting. so, they are seated somewhere in the audience and -- >> jimmy: they are. >> could you see them while you were singing? >> no, they were off to the
12:28 am
side. i kept the performance the secret. nana kept trying to get the information out of everyone i work with. just calm down, you're going to find out. >> jimmy: was loretta lynn one of their favorites? >> absolutely. she's so cute. >> jimmy: we're going to do something. speaking of being this tall. we are going to shrink you to a size even smaller than your grandmother using my magic powers. ready? >> is it going to hurt? don't mess my hair up. >> jimmy: i will not mess your hair up. nothing is happening. but i'm going to have to concentrate harder and -- there we go! >> jimmy! no! >> jimmy: it's just like willy wonka. thank you, kacey. you're adorable. all right. and from one cma award winner to another, brad paisley and i recently had a chance to saddle up to a bar where i served up another round of three ridiculous questions. ♪
12:29 am
>> jimmy: if you could have one wish, what would you name it? >> harvey. >> jimmy: harvey. >> yeah. >> jimmy: like the imaginary rabbit? >> yeah. >> jimmy: is that what you were thinking? >> i really wanted an imaginary rabbit. >> jimmy: here's one. it's for you. >> i didn't want a gray one. >> jimmy: which of your household appliances would you be most afraid of if it came to life? >> without a doubt, i would say the, probably say the washing machine. that's scary, anyway, don't you think? >> jimmy: if you're in it, yeah. >> they sort of already want to walk. >> jimmy: yeah, they do. >> they're trying to leave. they're the one thing you buy that's trying to leave the minute you turn it on. >> jimmy: what is your wifi
12:30 am
password? >> um -- we -- i don't know if we have one. we're out on a farm, so -- >> jimmy: free access? >> yeah, we're on a farm. this isn't hollywood. >> jimmy: what if one of the goats wants to see your pictures or something like that? >> all right. >> jimmy: you have a really close relationship with your goats. >> you have no idea. >> jimmy: to your goats. >> dicky: crown royal regal apple whiskey. the answer to all of life's ridiculous questions. >> jimmy: we'll be right back with florida georgia line. party on people! blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale continues celebrating with 20% off the entire store. you heard right, 20% off the entire store.
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12:33 am
flip-cup and ♪ ♪ rock a little bit of hip-hop and haggard and jagger ♪ ♪ and throw a 20 on the corn hole game if i'm lucky yeah i might get paid ♪ ♪ the way that it's going the keg gon' be floating ♪ ♪ all i wanna do today is wear my favorite shades and stay home ♪ ♪ work a little less play a little more that's what this day is for ♪ ♪ and all i wanna do is lace my j's and lace some jack in my coke ♪ ♪ work on my laid back ain't nothin' wrong with gettin' my sun daze on gettin' my sun daze on ♪ ♪ girl you know you're the life of my party you can stay and keep sippin' bacardi ♪ ♪ stir it up as we
12:34 am
turn on some marley if you want you can get on my harley ♪ ♪ i sit you up on a kitchen sink stick the pink umbrella in your drink ♪ ♪ the way that we're feeling we gone by this evening ♪ ♪ all i wanna do today is wear my favorite shades and stay home ♪ ♪ work a little less play a little more that's what this day is for ♪ ♪ and all i wanna do is lace my j's and lace some jack in my coke ♪ ♪ work on my laid back ain't nothin' wrong with gettin' my sun daze on gettin' my sun daze on ♪ ♪
12:35 am
♪ all i wanna do today is wear my favorite shades and stay home ♪ ♪ work a little less play a little more that's what this day is for ♪ ♪ and all i wanna do is lace my j's and lace some jack in my coke ♪ ♪ work on my laid back ain't nothin' wrong with gettin' my sun daze on gettin' my sun daze on ♪ ♪ gettin' my sun daze on ♪ gettin' my sun daze on thank y'all so much. >> jimmy: oh, here i am.
12:36 am
look, hey, guys. >> hey, jimmy. >> jimmy: what's happening? >> good to see you. >> jimmy: i don't see myself. oh. here we go. why don't we just chest bump. oh, all right, now i see -- >> did that work? wok. i feel very overdressed. look, now i'm in the middle of you. >> you are the florida georgia line, jimmy. >> jimmy: look at that. isn't that something. hello. hello, banjo player. may i pat you on the head? i'm a giant here. well, thank you guys. appreciate that. that was awesome, huh? i mean, you should see out here in hollywood. it's like we're haunted. i want to thank florida georgia line. julie bowen, kacey musgraves, tim mcgraw, faith hill, brad paisley and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next. good night!
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, it is an all too common online dating disaster. when unrequited attraction on dating websites goes horribly wrong. >> i decided to publicly shame them. >> reporter: tonight, the women striking back against harassment with a new weapon of their own. plus, kitty craze. men, women and children turning out for the first hello kitty convention. by the tens of thousands. how did this little cartoon character become a full-fledged empire? and, digital heartthrob. how alex from target went viral. was it all just a marketing stunt? but first, the "nightline" five. >> take zzzquil and sleep like the kids went to


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