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tv   Action News  ABC  November 6, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EST

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once there was a girl who even in her laundry room. with downy unstopables for long-lasting scent. and infusions for softness. she created her own mix, match, magic. downy, wash in the wow. you know your dentures can unlike natural teeth. try new fixodent plus truefeel. this smooth formula helps keep dentures in place. it's free of flavors and colorants for a closer feeling to natural teeth. fixodent. and forget it. >> sam: obviously, i always thought that something was off
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with nina, but nothing like this. she actually hit you? >> silas: yeah. i was trying to help her, you know? she waited for me to turn around. she hit me in the head with something -- knocked me unconscious. >> sam: oh, my god. are you okay? >> silas: yeah, i'm okay. i got a pretty thick head, or so i've been told. >> sam: and so you haven't seen her since? >> silas: the cops are out looking for her right now. i don't know if they've gone as far as an a.p.b., but there's no denying how dangerous nina really is. >> sam: wait. you told me she actually had a revenge list? >> silas: mm-hmm. in her mind, nina was trying to get back at everyone who wronged her, and not just you and me -- kiki and ava, too. >> madeline: think about this. ava was head over heels for silas. he dumped her. she was devastated. she would have done anything to get him back. do you think it's a coincidence that they both ended up here in port charles? >> nina: silas said that ava
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pursued him relentlessly when he got here. >> madeline: yes. if i had hired ava to seduce silas, how would you explain her devotion to him? >> nina: hey. hey, you. your grandmother is making a point. you have three seconds to plead your case. [ cellphone rings ] >> morgan: kiki, yeah? >> kiki: morgan, thank god you picked up! are you with michael? >> morgan: whoa, whoa, whoa. i thought he was with you at mom's wedding. >> kiki: no. something happened. um, okay. i need to see you. are you at the brownstone? >> morgan: no, i'm at the hospital. >> kiki: the hospital? is it my mom? >> morgan: no, it has nothing to do with your mom. just meet me here. i'm in the waiting area. i'll fill you in on everything. >> kiki: i'm on my way. >> morgan: hey. how's max? >> sonny: diane's with him. uh, he's still out, but the doctors have stabilized him. guess what.
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>> morgan: what? >> sonny: he's gonna make it. >> morgan: thank god, dad. oh, man. >> dante: we didn't see a gun when we came in. did you? >> michael: no. all i saw was the blood. didn't know what to think. >> dante: you didn't touch anything, right? >> michael: no. i, uh, was just focused on finding dad. >> dante: all right. well, it's got to be here somewhere. maybe it's outside. we'll figure it out. >> michael: yeah, sure. >> dante: hey, you all right? >> michael: yeah. i'm fine. >> dante: what are you doing here if you weren't here for the shooting? i thought you were at your mom's wedding. >> michael: yeah, i was, but, uh [inhales deeply] something happened there. >> dante: what do you mean? what happened? >> carly: you had your moment, franco. you punished me for what -- you called it, um, "for being a lying, cheating whore." >> franco: well, if the insult fits... >> carly: oh, yeah. i definitely cheated on you.
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and i lied. but you have no power now -- no deep, dark secret to dangle over me. i never have to lay eyes on you again. >> franco: carly. >> bobbie: you are done. >> franco: carly, wait. >> bobbie: you are done! you hear me? thank god my daughter is finally free of you. >> carly: okay. count to 10, carly. count to 10. take a deep breath and count to 10. [ breathing deeply ] god. [ breathing deeply ] god. >> heather: goin' fishin'? it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg. my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem.
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>> carly: how do you know about that? >> heather: franco told me everything. that's right. he came to visit me at ferncliff. he needed his mother. he needed to tell me that i was right from the get-go. you were never good enough for him. and then my son offered me an olive branch -- the chance to take a shot at you, literally. >> dante: franco pulled something at the wedding? >> michael: right before he was supposed to say his vows, he, uh -- he went off on mom -- accused her of having an affair with dad. >> dante: the dude's paranoid. i mean, carly and sonny have been over for years. >> michael: no, they haven't. he set up a video screen, and he played a recording of [coughs] dad and my mom having sex in my apartment. >> dante: he did this in the middle of the ceremony? >> michael: yeah. luckily, lucas got josslyn and spencer out of there before he could begin the playback.
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>> dante: so, he ambushed your mom? i'm -- i'm sorry, man. i mean, i'm sorry for you and your mom. that couldn't have been fun to sit through that. >> michael: no. no. it wasn't fun. but i'd rather have the truth right in front of me. it, uh, clears up a lot. >> dante: how so? >> michael: i always saw the best in dad. you know, i always wanted to give him the benefit of every doubt. i just need to -- i need to see this. i need to -- i need to know how low he could sink. >> dante: you know, not to pile this on or anything, but, uh... there's something else you should know. i know you told anna your theory about how ava jerome was the one who killed a.j., but we've been investigating, and we have a new suspect. look, there's no easy way to tell you this, but it's, uh -- >> michael: it's sonny. >> sonny: diane's gonna stay with max until he goes into surgery. >> morgan: all right.
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so, the doctors think he's gonna be okay? >> sonny: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> morgan: okay. phew! >> sonny: so, listen, uh, back at the house, i told you to stay out of the line of fire just in case there was, you know, a shooter or whatever, and you didn't do that. why didn't -- you know, i told you -- >> morgan: i'm not gonna leave you out there alone. >> sonny: well, i appreciate that... but... don't ever put yourself out there for me again. >> morgan: i can't make any promises, dad. >> alexis: we looked everywhere to find a donor for danny. there wasn't anyone. you're it. if something happens to you, danny doesn't have a donor. and you refused to participate in silas' research, where he was trying to bank bone marrow. >> julian: i know, alexis. it wasn't my best decision, but at the time, i thought that if silas was successful and he was able to store my bone marrow in the event of my death, sonny would just put a bullet in me. and, yes, he might still do that.
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but everything's different now. >> alexis: what do you mean? >> julian: i'd be happy to let silas store my bone marrow. >> alexis: if you do that, it makes you vulnerable to sonny. i know him, and he will kill you. >> julian: that's okay... as long as danny has a chance to live. >> sonny: now we know max is gonna make it, uh, i got to go pick up ava before she gets away from me. >> morgan: dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, hey, listen to me. okay, it's not that i don't understand, because i do. she killed connie. that's terrible. but all i'm saying -- all i'm saying is that ava's the mother of my child or your child, so are you sure you have to kill her? >> ava: when i first went after silas, i did it for the money.
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the last thing i expected was that i would fall in love with him. how's that for irony? i fought it with everything in me, but, in the end, my heart won. i suddenly realized that i would do anything -- anything at all -- for silas. you know that feeling, don't you, nina? >> silas: i'm worried about ava. she's pregnant and vulnerable, and there's no telling what nina's thinking. >> sam: ohh. you know, after all the plotting and scheming that nina did to break us up, there is no telling what that woman is capable of. >> ava: i fell hard for silas, and that never would have happened if your mother hadn't made the arrangements. >> madeline: either this woman is delusional from the shock of giving birth or she's flat-out manipulating you. >> ava: our mother is the one doing the manipulating.
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she's always pulling the strings. she -- she lives her life to take things away from you. think about it, nina -- silas, your baby, 20 years of your life. she doesn't want you to be happy. she never has. who's to say she won't take that she never has. who's to say she won't take that baby away from you, too? [ woman ] i will embrace change... everything life throws my way. except for frown lines. those i'm throwing back. [ female announcer ] olay total effects. nourishing vitamins, and seven beautiful benefits in one. for younger-looking skin. so while your life may be ever-changing... ♪ ...your beautiful skin will stay beautiful. total effects from olay. your best beautiful.
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>> dante: you think sonny shot a.j.? >> michael: that's what you were gonna tell me, wasn't it? >> dante: yeah, but how did you know that? >> michael: dad despised a.j. it wasn't much of a leap to suspect him when a.j. was shot. but, uh, he promised me he wouldn't hurt a.j., and i-i wanted to believe him. >> dante: well, look -- there's no hard evidence yet, but sonny's name does keep coming up in the conversation. i thought you had a right to
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know. >> michael: thanks. >> dante: you know, before word got out, i thought it'd be better that you hear it from your brother than someone else. >> morgan: i'm just asking you to maybe reconsider, you know, and just go easy on ava. just go easy on her, you know? >> sonny: that woman left connie to die choking on her own blood. she shot olivia, and, for all i know, she shot max. i can't make you any promises, either. >> ava: she won't let you keep the baby. deep down, nina, you know she won't. >> nina: what if she takes you away from me, along with everything else? >> madeline: don't listen to her, nina. >> ava: she's not on your side. she's always working against you. >> nina: you're just pretending to help me, aren't you? you're pretending because you want the money. i can't trust you.
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>> silas: you know, nina did what she did to break us up, but a lot of it was my fault, and i need to take responsibility for that. i was wondering if maybe someday we could sit down and talk about it when this is all over. >> dr. clay? >> silas: yeah. >> i have the results of daniel morgan's labs. we ran it twice, just like you asked. >> silas: thank you. >> yeah. >> silas: the tests are negative. danny's fine. danny's absolutely fine. >> madeline: i'm your mother. haven't i been helping you every step of the way? i was the one who figured out how to get silas out of here. >> ava: maybe it was part of her plan. maybe she's been setting you up. what if she's trapping you right now? >> madeline: that's preposterous. >> ava: what if she's got police
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outside that door right now, just waiting for you to leave this house with my baby? what if she's working with that detective brother of yours? what if she's arranged for you to be arrested and put away for kidnapping? nina, if you're locked up... she'll have control of the money. leave the baby, nina. leave her, or you will lose everything. >> kiki: morgan. >> morgan: kiki, hey. >> kiki: what happened? what -- what are you doing in the e.r.? >> morgan: someone shot max. >> carly: this is what franco meant when he said it wasn't over. he's so far gone, he recruited you, even though he hates you. >> heather: you cheated on him. it brought him to his senses. he knows i'm the only one he can trust. he is a devoted son now.
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>> carly: after you framed him for murder and then tried to kill him yourself? my god, he really is crazy. >> franco: yes, carly. i really am. >> scott: well, one good thing came out of today -- i've got a recording of corinthos admitting that he murdered a.j. do you have any idea how long i've waited to nail him? finally -- finally -- i have him right where i want him, and he is gonna go to prison! >> bobbie: wait a minute. what are you doing? >> scott: calling detective falconeri. i can't wait to break the news to him. >> bobbie: no, wait! scott, no, no, no. wait. you can't do that. carly's on that recording, admitting that she covered for sonny. >> scott: yeah, and that would be accessory after the fact. >> bobbie: well, don't turn her in, scott. come on. don't do that to my daughter. please. don't do this to me. >> dante: look, it must be tough to wrap your head around this whole thing, especially after all the promises he made you.
1:59 am
>> michael: well, there's no point in hiding from it, is there? >> dante: you can't go off on sonny, okay? you cannot take this into your own hands. >> michael: what do you think i'm gonna do? >> dante: i don't know. but i haven't even questioned him yet. you can't go tipping him off. >> michael: i understand. >> dante: look, i can't even imagine what it is you're going through right now. but know that i will help you if i -- [ cellphone rings ] if i can. it's baldwin. it's probably about max's shooting. >> michael: you should go -- find who's responsible. >> dante: you will get justice for a.j., okay? >> michael: i know i will.
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2:04 am
come back! come back with my baby! nina! >> kiki: your dad thinks that my mom shot max? that's impossible. >> morgan: what's going on with michael? because you sounded really freaked out on the phone. >> kiki: michael knows. michael knows everything. he knows that sonny shot a.j. >> morgan: what? where is michael right now? >> kiki: i don't know. and i don't know what he's gonna do. >> let's go. we got everything falconeri wanted, except for the vic's gun. [ door closes ] >> bobbie: hey. so, what is this, scott -- payback because i
2:05 am
didn't tell you that carly was cheating on your son? so, what -- you're gonna have carly arrested? >> scott: no. i'm doing my job as district attorney. i am putting sonny corinthos in prison. >> dante: what's going on, baldwin? i heard your son called off the wedding -- showed some video of, uh, sonny and carly having sex. >> scott: well, i guess you didn't hear the rest. i got a recording here of sonny admitting that he murdered michael's father. >> franco: hello, mom. >> heather: how was your wedding, honey? i'm sorry i had to miss it. but, as you know, i had other business to attend to. but i did manage to corral your guest of honor for the afterparty. >> carly: you know, the only difference between you and your mother... is that heather is truly insane and you're just plain evil. >> heather: it's your party, son. what can i do -- finally kill carly?
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>> ava: don't worry, baby. i'll find you. [ crying ]
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is a student who's been risking it all to get to a million dollars. she's only one question away from classic millionaire. from brooklyn, new york, please welcome back tiffany joseph! [cheers and applause] how you doing? oh. wow. you have been playing amazing. now, what would you do with $1 million? >> well, the very first thing i want to do, if i win the million, is put an extra sink in my bathroom so that my husband can have his and i can have mine. [laughs] >> let me tell you something, girl, you get $1 million, you get double everything. >> yes. >> that's how you do it. look, just to recap, you are still battling your way through round one. so far you've banked $65,500, and are five questions away from the million dollars with no lifelines remaining. if at any time in this round you decided to walk,


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