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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  November 11, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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this is a parent's worst nightmare. a school bus turned over on its side and another damaged vehicle nearby but today in princeton it could have been ever so much worse. the big story tonight is the grinding crash in princeton, four people hurt but mercifully the injuries are not serious. nora muchanic is live at the scene tonight. >> reporter: it was a horribly scary afternoon as the school bus and car collided on 206, lets go to the video, it's really something, this is what the rick school bus looked like when it flipped over on its side after colliding with a bmw, the bus was heavily damaged as was
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the sedan. so far it looks like no life-threatening injuries and police are investigating how this crash occurred, one vehicle when over the double yellow line on this curved road. >> the bus was traveling south on 206 and the bmw was traveling north on state highway 206, we don't have an exact location of impact that is still being determined. one vehicle crossed over the center line to determine the impact. >> we don't know which vehicle let crossed the center line, there was no forcible extraction, the medical personnel were able to maneuver them out of the bus. >> now three people were on that bus, one a 16-year-old juvenile that was being driven by the
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rockrook school to a home in ewing, the bus driver and a 71-year-old aide. contrary to initial reports there was no entrapment. something of a miracle that is when you look at the condition of the vehicles involved. the mercer county prosecutors office crash investigation team is working on this and measuring out the site this afternoon and no word on the speed of the vehicles and both drivers will be interviewed and if they figure out who was in the wrong here, one of them could face motorcycle charges. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. lets switch live to princeton health system in plainsboro. what are officials saying there. >> three of the individuals were brought here and one has been
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treated and released and two others are still being evaluated and a fourth person is being treated in trenton. the bus driver veronica mckinney was alert and conscious, and was transported here and has non-life-threatening injuries, the bus passenger, a 16-year-old student and a bus aide, geneva smith are said to be alert and conscious. their injuries are also said to be minor. and the driver of the bmw, 26-year-old justin thomas, was transported to capital health system s division, his injuries said to be minor, that is the from news, all the injuries are minor and one patient is already treated and released. back to you. >> thank you. kidnapping suspect, delvin
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barnes is back in philadelphia tonight, barnes arrived at the federal detention center in center city just after noon today. he was captured a week ago in jessup, maryland. he was caught with missing woman, carlesha freeland-gaither, she is back with letter family. police hope that an autopsy scheduled for tomorrow will help identify a body found in eden park, they found the man on newcastle avenue just before 9:00, the victim is believed to be 40 to 50 years old and police are calling his death suspicious. on this veterans day, police have arrested one individual in connection with the desecration of veteran's gravesites in two cemeteries in bensalem, sara
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bloomquist is live with all the details. >> reporter: well, this is a gratifying arrest for bensalem police given the timing here, this young man is accused of vandalizing graves, some of them veterans graves. and he is taken into custody on this veterans day and police say they have dna evidence that links him to the gravesites. >> anthony carter denied the charges. >> did you vandalize the graver sites? >> no. >> do you feel bad about it? >> i don't feel bad. >> the 29-year-old said he did not feel bad. bensalem police say they have solid evidence that the feasterville man vandalized graver sites three times, memorial park on rosedale and memorial park on richdale road.
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markers were removed and set on fire and flags were burned and gravestones were burned. >> why this knuckle head would damage graves and burn american flags i have no idea. >> police collected dna on the wooden handle of a flag burned and left behind and then in early september, an officer spotted carter walking through a cemetery one night and he agreed to give a dna sample. police say that carter's dna matched that on the flag, he was arrested today appropriately on veterans day. >> it was by accident that he was arrested on veterans day and the dna came back and it's a good ending to this sad case. >> reporter: police say that at this point there doesn't appear to be a real motive, just a
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young man making mischief. bail was set at $10,000 and he is on his way to the buck county jail. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. an early morning fire at the abington ymca, shut down child care services for the day. investigators say that the blaze started in a heating and air conditioning unit. firefighters were able to contain the flames to one room and the smoke and water damage affected the facility and the y said the contingency plans are in place. mark sanchez enjoyed his first game as the eagles quartz back, leading the team to a victory over the carolina panthers, and racked up error free statistics in the process and today he rite-aid serious wrong by traveling to a
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philadelphia and eating cheesesteaks for the first time since coming to philadelphia. ducis rogers has game highlights. >> he is quickly becoming or already is, a fan favorite. the birds did not miss a beat with sanchez at the helm and they absolutely dominated the panthers last night. they were on the wrong side of the turnover battle and the defense came up with five turnovers and bradley fletcher returned the interception for a td and it was his ninth touch down of the season, mark sanchez looked very capable of filling in for the injured nick foles, today chip kelly explained why this team is so successful. >> for us each week, a goal to go into it and go out and win and we win as a team and lose as
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a team and we have a bunch of guys that buy into that and that is why we are successful right now. >> the victory is short lived, the eagles visit the green bay packers, they are 6-3. and looked good against the bears. it was disclosed that sanchez never had a pat's or geno's cheesesteak since coming to philadelphia. lets go to walter perez, what have you got? >> reporter: he is a california kid that played in new york and last night mark sanchez got a taste of philadelphia first at the linc and then in a bun. it began with a promise to espn's john gruden. >> i got gino's and pat's. >> i'll go to both if we win. >> after the convincing victory
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over the panthers -- >> now you are a philly guy, your first cheesesteak tonight? >> whichever one is open i'm getting all of them. >> but the eagles fans would not believe it until they saw it, sure enough true to his word, mark sanchez showed up fresh off his first victory as a starter for the eagles. >> a cheesesteak and i'm going across the street too. >> mark sanchez enjoyed sweet success after monday night football, and it was tastier for sanchez because he was not paying for his meal. >> mark i want you to have my cheese fries. yes! yes! all members of eagles nation pull the their hopes and dreams for the season on number 3's shoulders. >> they will get it this year, trust me, they will fly into the
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super bowl. >> earlier today head coach, chip kelly said that mark's late night trip into philadelphia is part of his blue collar background. >> that is the type of guy he is, a regular guy. >> and when asked which one he liked better he was diplomatic? >> i don't want to pick. they both treated me great and the food was awesome. >> he could have put the whole controversy to bed right there. we asked if this has the makings of a quarterback controversy. one eagles fan says it doesn't matter as long as they keep winning. >> thank you walter. our story about mark sanchez's trip for cheesesteaks on a roll, the most popular post on see the raw video from the action cam, of the quarterback
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greeting very stunned fans. coming up on "action news," a bucks county veterans day ceremony causeded a special surprise for one-fifth grader. we have windchills in the plains and some of this is heading our way. >> and we'll have the full accuweather forecast.
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they continue the 55-year-old tradition on the streets of media. the veterans day parade rode
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down state street to the sound of marching bans but the real stars here were the 85 world war ii veterans they honored today each rode in his own car and introduced while passing the reviewing stand. this is the day we take time to thank all veterans that served in the military. councilmen spoke at the service at the wall at penn's landing today. the v.a.'s national committee selected this ceremony as one across the country to set as a regional examine poll for others to follow. none of the veterans day services were as bitter sweet as this one in buck county today. [ applause ] fifth grader william mccauley got quite the surprise when his
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lots of positive energy for the eagles tonight. >> it still tastes good a day later, don't blame the eagles if they are still basking in the glory. the 45 points marks the highest of the season. darren sproleses is making his case for mvp of the eagles, check out this punt return, no one even laid a hand on him, you can't touch what you can't catch. the route was on and it made cam newton look like a nobody. mark sanchez and berwin hooked
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up twice and he appreciates the long road he took to get back to this point. >> it was a great night, it was so fun to get back on the field, and very blessed and thank god for the opportunity and it was cool. it's been a while and i have been out of it for a bit, away from the game, it's good to get back in an environment like this, in front of this crowd in front of all those guys that work hard during the week and watch it pay off. >> it feels good, we have a tough game next week in green bay. i hear the weather may be an issue but we have played in a lot of snow last year so hopefully we'll be all right. >> cecily says mid-20s so it shouldn't be too bad. >> mike quick and i will break down the victory and green bay, this friday following "action news" at 11:00. the flyers last played a
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game on saturday and they don't play until friday night until they host mike hartnell's blue jackets. they are on a three game win streak and they are not worried about rust setting in. this group is confident and we played good hockey games the last three games and obviously there were mistakes we can clear up, but we do that at practice and we have a lot of time to look at videos. a special treat for a huge flyers fan, jackie lithgow got to watch practice and chill in the dressing room. the bloomsberg student is recovering after being attacked by kutztown football players, he is recovering and hanging out with the guys. >> is the is the has the seven day, accuweather forecast, when we continue in just a moment.
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here is the late word from accuweather. >> we have one more warm day before the bottom drops out with the temperatures. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have rain free conditions, we have drizzle and fog developing in the overnight hours, what a day for the veterans today, it's mild and our high 70 degrees, 12 degrees above normal. only 4 degrees below the record high for this date. but don't get used to it. this is 25 degrees higher than the temperatures i am expecting on friday. just one more day, and then dramatic changes, philadelphia
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still warm and 64 degrees, millville 62 and wilmington 60 and trenton 59 and allentown 53 and reading 56 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing the system that is bringing us a huge change in our temperatures is across the midwest and not a lot of moisture with this and that is a cold front and weak low pressure off the eastern seaboard, that is throwing clouds inland and it will help us to develop fog and drizzle overnight and it will keep the temperatures mild, the next 12 hours mostly cloudy and fog and drizzle developing overnight and it could slow down the morning commute, lows of 52 in the suburbs and 58 for center city and tomorrow ahead of this cold front, temperatures in the 60s and 70s, it will probably be in the upper 60s, the front moves through late in the day and it will clear out clouds and we'll see the sunshine and behind it, the cold air is lagging and it arrives by
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thursday and friday. we are looking at highs along the i-95 corridor, our area in the 40s in the murder west and afternoon highs in the 30s. it's time to find the winter coats and we are in a blocking pattern and when the cold air arrives it's going nowhere fast. tomorrow, morning drizzle and fog and afternoon sunshine and allow extra time for the commute. our afternoon high though, soaring up to 68 degrees, then we drop to 49 degrees, brisk and chilly and friday temperatures drop even more, mostly sunny and the high only 45 degrees, breezy and cold and saturday, a nice day as far as looking at it, when are you inside looking out, plenty of sunshine and a dry day, bitter cold and the afternoon high is only 44 degrees, sunday things get more interesting and the possibility
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of a coastal storm and that brings us evening rain and wet snow north and west of i-95, the high of only 47 degrees, monday gradual clearing and the high 46 and tuesday the temperature drops even more and the coldest so far the afternoon high struggling to hit 40, and temperatures on in the 30s. this is great timing for the winter weather outlook on thursday on "action news" at 11:00 we'll see how much snow we can expect this winter. >> finally tonight family pride on display at the philadelphia zoo, mckeeny the african lion joined his four cubs and their mom, they were born in late june but it took dad a while to get acclimated to his new clan. they are hanging out at the philadelphia zoo. world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at
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sock on phl 17 with brian taff, shirleen allicot, adam joseph and ducis rogers. and please join us at 11:00 for a special "action news" veterans day troubleshooter's report. >> reporter: tonight the "action news" troubleshooters are helping to honor the final wish of a local veteran. before he passed he told his children he wanted to be buried in a veteran as cemetery in new jersey, and why they needed our help. tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." the deep freeze sweeping in. tonight, the weather deadly. more than 500 accidents, an officer helping another driver when suddenly this tractor trailer comes straight toward them. breaking his silence. what really happened? tonight, the navy s.e.a.l. who says he was the one who fired the deadly shot. what we never knew about that night, killing bin laden. the office workers held hostage in the middle of this country. the hero worker, a mother. and what she said to that gunman. the new headline. the new clues about robin williams in his final hours. tonight, what his family is now saying. good evening on this veterans day.


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