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tv   Action News  ABC  November 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this friday are november 14. here's what's happening. >> we're waking up to temperatures near the freezing mark. there could slick spots to slow down the commute this morning. >> a date is set to close the atlantic city taj mahal casino. >> brand new, a jewelry heist in center city. we have more of the video and police are hoping it will catch the people who did it. >> let's get weather and traffic with david and karen, good morning. >> reporter: a first for the
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first time, i've got the winter coat on for the first time this year and i have on gloves because it's cold. this is pipersville, pennsylvania, bucks county, dawn marie my twitter follower there's snow on the pumpkins and the lawn. a little snowy this morning. there goes the snow and the rain that came through overnight. some of it is off the coast. up in the lehigh valley and north and west of philadelphia, there were spots that did better than an inch. 36 degrees in philadelphia. all that stuff is gone. 34 in wilmington, 32 the freezing mark in allentown. with winds rolling down out of the northwest in a lot of spots in the single digits and double digits we're forcing windchills in the 20s in a lot of area. 29 degrees is what it feels like in the city. bundle up a bit. as you catch the school bus, mid 30s between 7:00, 8:00 partly cloudy and breezy. as we roll through the day we're
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looking at a high of 45 degrees. we're looking at that at 2:00 him we'll be in the 40s, but there's enough of a breeze to make it feel like the 0s. karen what are the roads looking like this morning? >> reporter: south jersey, turnpike, a vehicle ran off the way. traffic is getting by. you want to slow down the speeds. burlington bristol bridge scheduled to go up at 6:30. outside of morrisville bucks county, the roads are okay, you might have seen a patch or two on the shoulder. you want to watch for that off to the sides. for the most part the main roads are looking good right now. overall blue route, schuylkill expressway i-95 are in good
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shape. but slow the speeds a little bit, tam. >> the first snowflakes of the season gave us a taste of winter last night. katherine scott is live at dilworth park where an icy treat is about to open soon. she's got a smile on her face, i think that's because it's a little snow not too bad. >> reporter: exactly, too much snow is an entirely different story. last night the taste of winter and today is the grand opening of the new ice rink at dilworth park and the lights are on and the ice is cold. so is the air for that matter, it feels like the 20s. last night was proof that winter is on its way. >> i'm not ready for it. >> reporter: ready he had or not, here it comes. whether you were in morgantown or downingtown for some it was too early. >> tercht dentally too --
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definitely too early. >> reporter: while the snowflakes fell in spots, it was time to lace up your skates in center city. dilworth park hosted a soft opening for invited guests before today's grand opening. the $55 million park is replacing the 1970s vintage dilworth plaza. >> it's fun to have a rink downtown to be able to come out on a night like tonight and enjoy the rink. >> reporter: an back here live it's quiet here now, but they are preception the ice for later. later the grand opening. we'll see performances on the ice, the philadelphia boys choir and karen rogers will bring you the festivities, don't forget your coat later on, it's cold out here, whether or not you're going to an ice skating rink when you walk out the door, you'll want to bundle up. >> looks like fun, thank you. head to for the latest
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on the changing weather situation while you're there access storm tracker 6 live and both the hourly and seven-day forecast. >> happening today, philadelphia's most notorious kidnapping suspect will be back in the federal courtroom for a bail hearing. delvin barns was officially indicted on a federal kidnapping charge accused of abducting carlesha freeland-gaither off a sidewalk earlier this month. >> mast transit in berks and lancaster county will merge in the next two years. they voted to approve plans for the south central transportation authority. it is expected to save 4.$7 million over the next five years. fares will not change saturday of the merger and it will become more efficient. the driver and members of congress positions will not be eliminated. the owner of the taj mahal
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is threatening to close the casino on december 12th. it will terminate the union contract and cancel health insures and pension. 3,000 people will lose its jobs. another company in atlantic city plans to layoff its workers. maribel has another low blow to ac. >> reporter: caesar is laying off 700 workers naition wide this is another -- nationwide. it's an attempt to improve it's financial situation. it's unclear how many at caesar atlantic city will actually be affected. u.s. government may be spying on your cell phone calls. the wall street report the government is flying small
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planes to gather data that mimic cell phone towers. the natural gas industry has spent 49 million to fliewns influence politics since 2007. 8 million in donations and 40 million for lobbying. stocks pushed back into positive territory thursday as the do you managed it's 25th record close, right now futures are pointing to are a higher open. that's the latest in business news, back to you. >> making coin on wall street. how about that, stocks are going up. >> reporter: and the temperatures are down, the precip is gone, as you march outside gets the coat going, there's the airport. kind of looks cold.
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here the temperatures, 36 degrees in philadelphia right now. we are close to the freezing mark. 34 in trenton, as well. allentown has slipped below the freezing mark to 31. 36 in millville. there's a bits of a breeze this morning and that's driving the windchills in the upper 20s across the region. for many of you there was precipitation, we did get snow mixing in. in some cases we went over an inch, but in others it was lighter than that. most of the temperatures have been above freezing overnight. allentown, 41 degrees is the high, partly sunny. similar story counts shore, 45. -- down the shore, 45, partly sunny skies, a chilly wind blowing keeping the windchills in the 030s. in philadelphia, partly sunny,
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45 degrees. that winds will make it feel like the 20s and 30s afternoon. we're going for partly sunny skies. 45 is the high at 2:00. by 5:00 we're back down to 40. that means by dinnertime back into the upper 30s. if you're heading out to check out a playoff game, bundle up. 37 degrees by 7:00. 34 degrees by 10:00. winds running northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. the windchills will make it feel worse than the temperatures otherwise indicate. tomorrow, more of the same, really, lots of sunshine, breezy and windchills in the 30s and highs in the mid 40s to start out the weekend. milder on sunday, you'll see right now. today's high, 45 degrees. tomorrow, sunny and chilly, another high of 45.
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sunday, we'll get up to 50 for the high and we'll have rain that will arrive overnight and spill into monday. i would like to mention, you might not like the cold air, but if you were eagles playing in green bay you would be dealing with 26 and 21 degrees. tomorrow we'll have a rainy day with clouds and periods of rain some of which could steady. that gets out of here and another shot of cooler air, winds and cold on wednesday, and tuesday, above the those highs, 38 degrees and back into the mid 40s by thursday. >> it's mid november. 6:10. brand new at 6:00 a jewelry heist in center city the. they have surveillance video that police want you to take a look at. >> an attack at a u.s. submarine base. hear what we learn about the incident overnight. >> facebook has announced a big
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change to it's privacy setting. >> reporter: we're drying out at markley street at main street. we have a couple of accidents to talk about, i'll get the latest details and head to the big board and be back with with that. >> a tiger is loose in one of europe's biggest cities, nobody knows where it is and where it came from. we'll have the mystery when we come right back what's possible today?
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>> 6:13 giving you a live look of the schuylkill expressway. we are perched on top of the strawberry mansion bridge. the highway is dry this morning. >> let's go over to karen rogers and see what's going on around the region. >> reporter: good morning, we're looking live outside at new britain township in bucks county. the roads are dry, but the snow is on the roads. you may see a slick spot or two, while we're seeing the snow. we have an accident. police are telling me to look for it at route 13 at green lane it's involving two vehicles. they called for a tow truck, they think it will clear soon. let's take a look right now out on the ben franklin bridge we have no problems right now looking pretty good as you head toward center city. westbound traffic showing no delays through the area.
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in camden county we have an accident here the shops cross keys road near the atlantic city expressway. watch for an accident here. we have an accident involving a vehicle that ran off the roadway, the roads are damp through the area, new jersey turnpike, southbound past exit 2 for 322 look for emergency vehicles, traffic is getting by on the turnpike. something to watch. we are below freezing in spots. 30 degrees in manners -- martins creek. 31 in ken net square and saint davids. center city, 36 degrees. feels cold with the windchills. 36 in hammonton, 38 in dover, delaware. >> police have released video of suspects, surveillance video
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capture two men and two women casing the jewelry store. they cut open a security gate and smashed the window to get inside. they stole rings. the infared camera makes their jackets look blue, but they are black. the getaway is a white infinity, g25 or q60. developing overnight police are investigating an attack of a navel submarine base in connecticut. the man with the knife tried to get through a pedestrian gate. an officer was treated for minor stab wound. police captured the knife-wielding man he is fine and will undergo an psychiatric valuation. >> facebook is getting more private. >> reporter: facebook is helping you protect your privacy. it will show users how to take
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control of what they share on the site. google is taking on the iphone 6-plus and note 4. next nexus6 has a 13 pixel camera. >> it's fast and fluid and has improved cameras and lollipop upgrade which makes android feel modern and fresh. >> reporter: it will $660 for the unlocked version. sonny is working on its tv service, play station view will get 75 channels through their play station console the subscription service is expected to launch next year. >> a tiger is lurking near paris. it's still is a mystery how a wild animal got loose near one of the world's biggest season. >> even in a season where they
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haven't hit -- win a game yet, the sixers hit a new low. >> reporter: we had a half an inch of snow yesterday. looks like there was more than that on sues is an's lawn in the lehigh valley. i'm dressing the kids in winter gear [prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it. but the more you learn about your coverage, the more gaps you might find. like how you thought you were covered for this.
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it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home and here's the best part... you still own your home. take control of your retirement today! ♪ >> yeah this is a problem, a massive search continues this morning for a tiger on the loose in a town west of paris. a witness snapped this picture yesterday. crews scoured the town torched the animal. -- to find the animal. a nearby big cat preserve said all our tigers are here. police officers are standing guard at school today. >> can we have a recount? i would like to check the fence on that place. >> reporter: that's scary, man. let's look outside and check
6:21 am
i-95 at girard. maybe your eyes are blurry, but the shot is good. southbound is heavy to cottman and allegheny to girl'd girard. the ramp northbound to to girard will close tonight. cynwood line running normally. new jersey transit river line is running on a saturday schedule david. >> reporter: karen we're in the 30s, and windchills in the upper 20s. by 9:00 we'll be at 37 degrees, so bundle up this morning. if you're heading to the el station or the bus stop 41 degrees by noon, 4:00 temperatures, 44 we'll get a high a little before that of 45 around 2:00. back in the 30s by 6:00. a little bit breezy today so windchills making it feel worse. on the big board we're looking at all green aircraft. no major delays, we have seen snow in places like boston and
6:22 am
hartford an porve dense rhode island. you want to check ahead to make sure there aren't any problems. >> tonight on "action news" at 11:00 it's a dream come true for a philadelphia mother and grandmother she has become a medical pioneer, the first of what could be miracle for a number of people. brian taff has that. >> reporter: we can replace warn out knees, but we haven't been able to make the blind see again until right now. >> julie. >> reporter: join me tonight to learn how it happened for this woman and the unexpected changes its made in her life. we'll watch, thank you are brian. the surging flyers face the columbus blue jackets tonight the puck drops at 7:00. scott hartnell is playing well for columbus, but the blue jackets ta whole have lost -- as
6:23 am
a whole have lost 9 straits. the eagles travel to green bay to take on the packers, they are flying high after the blowout win over carolina. this will be tougher. the mavericks steam rolled the sixers in dallas by winning by 53 points. it was the sixers worse in 21 years. >> reporter: they face the 7-1 houston rockets tonight. best of luck with that one. >> up next and brand new at 6:00. a car accident leads to a robbery. we got video of the damage that's left behind. >> katherine scott is in place, where she can lace them up for the first time. she may do that herself, right, katherine? >> reporter: well, you never know. we're getting a taste of winter in the area, we're live at
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dilworth park ♪
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(man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. acidity was in my diet...much that it was damaging the enamel. i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said pronamel can make my teeth stronger. pronamel is helping me lead the life that i want to live. >> 6:26, hello to the people in the first state. that's a live picture of the river front in wilmington, delaware. 45 degrees sunny, cold, and windy. it's a little taste of winter in the fall you. low temperature, 29 degrees i didn't hear anyone fire up the snowplows, but the first
6:27 am
snowfall did produce wet roads. the snow covered cars in the allentown area. the official start of winter is a month away. >> would-be robbers are on the run after smashing a truck into the dry clearance in newark, new jersey. their truck got stuck in the front of the clearance. the suspects ended fleeing on foot and police are looking for them. they are looking into the possibility that they are linked to similar crime at a convenience store in newark. >> 6:27 is the time. pennsylvania could be running out of the cash and soon and has the incoming governor declaring a crisis. a man gunned down in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. we have details and the rest of the morning top stories, that's up next.
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this morning on "action news," a taste of winter, tempts near freezing and our first flakes of the season combine for a chilly morning as you go out the door. >> fire inside a philadelphia horizon, the apartment building was evacuated overnight. >> a scathing new report about the secret service, what the government review found out about the man who was able to get inside the white house. >> david and karen are here with weather and traffic. >> reporter: good morning, we had our first season snowflakes in parts of the region. havertown got a dusting on grassy surfaces and cars. i'll bet most of that is meted at this point. there you can see the precip off the coast and there's sunshine that will break up later on. west of philadelphia we're seeing holes in the clouds.
6:31 am
36 degrees in philadelphia. behind the snow it's cold. 34 in wilmington, the freezing mark in allentown and 31 in reading. there's a bit of a breeze blowing. it's not real strong, but in a lot of cases and single digits, temperatures in the 0s and light wind and windchills in the 20s, feels like 29 as you step outside in the city. as we roll through the day, 8:00, 35. noon, 41. a high of 45 at 2:00. anne 6:00 p.m., 38 that sets us up for a cool evening out. i'll have the dinner and movie call and the weekend call from accuweather just lady. >> reporter: i'm trying to get to work. looking live at i-95 approaching girard. penndot with the flashing lights. disabled vehicle northbound on i-95 as you approach girard we have a tow truck on the scene. it's blocking the right lane. southbound you have the heavy volume on i-95. this is is a new accidents on
6:32 am
the pennsylvania turnpike westbound approaching valley forge, an accident blocking two left lanes, slowing westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike. i talked to police in berks county they are responding to an accident i-78 westbound past franz road. this is up to the west where you had more snow. a new accident involving a pick up truck that hit a tree. hill top township bucks county 113 past keystone drive. another accident in bucks county, this is bristol route 13 at green lane, two vehicle accident the tow truck on the way. a few accidents to avoid. matt an tam. >> it was hardly a blizzard, and most of it is meted, but the snowfall was with a warning that the seasons are about to change. >> after last winter there are not many of us who look forward to freezing temperatures and snowy weather ahead, but that's
6:33 am
what we'll be getting. katherine scott is outside city hall with more on the taste of winter. good morning katherine. >> reporter: good morning matt an tam, a taste of winter, a little snow and skating, seems like winter is on the way. with the temperatures feeling like they feel this morning, the temperatures and the winds is making it feel like the 20s, you want to bundle up if you're coming out to the new dilworth park. this is the grand opening of the rink the ceremony tames at noon. -- takes place at noon. with the sprinkling of snow it's the requirement of year for it. this is the kind of ice you want to see in winter. the new ice rink hosted a soft opening for the sponsor and invited guests before the grand opening. the space in front of city hall has been under construction for two years. the 55 million-dollar park is replacing the 1970s dilworth
6:34 am
plaza. >> it's historic something for tourists to come in and enjoy. >> reporter: while some were lacing up their skates, the snowflakes were falling. in morgantown, berks county, the snow didn't stick, but it made for slippery conditions in time for rush hour. this annual powered puff football game pressed on even when the flakes turned to sleet. whether throwing a football or performing a half-time dance these students were not a little daunted by the weather. >> we have 9:00 a.m. practices we were going to be on the field tonight. >> reporter: and back here live at the new dilworth pike you can see they are getting the rink ready for later, the rink will be open everyday through february 22 and today from noon to 3:00, skating is free. after that they charge admission, the grand opening is
6:35 am
happening during "action news" at noon. karen rogers will be here, there will be a lot of fun and festivities, you want to bring your layers. >> expecting a triple so sow c. looks like the dead of winter in south bend where cars spun out. plenty of people across the country are sharing our woes in the dip of temperatures. even people along the gulf coast are experience going freezing temperatures. go to and take a look at the winter weather outlook and viewer pictures from the first snowfall of the season. >> new this morning, firefighters were busy overnights with a highrise fire on broad street in north philadelphia. it started at 10:30 in an apartment buildings on the 1200
6:36 am
block of north broad. crews say the fire started on the 7th floor. they had to evacuate the building while they got out the flames. nobody was hurt. a man is dead after a shooting in a kentucky fried chicken parking lot. police say they showed up you to find a 20-year-old money on the ground shot multiple -- 20 mrld man lying on the ground shot multiple cars. police say witnesses saw two cars leaving the scene. eric frein is facing new charges in part because of a letter police say he wrote to his parents. police say they found a letter on his computer intended for his mom and dad. in the note he said he shot the troopers in the hope of starting a revolution and begged his parents to forgive him.
6:37 am
prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty for the man charged in killing a state trooper and wounding another. >> mayor nutter is expected to testify on the hearing of the future gas works. he supports the sale to a private company based in connecticut. the mayor and business leaders are scrambling to revive the deal. part of the money will help to boost the pension fund. but opponents say it could lead to a rate hike. >> incoming governor tom wolf is higg the grounds running he named drexel chairman john fry as the chairman of his transition team. numbers for pennsylvania have a deficit of $2 billion in the next year and a half. harrisburg needs to borrow more money to operate, but pennsylvania is maxed out on its
6:38 am
credit cards. wolf is calling it a financial crisis. >> david this was not too bad, it was a little snow to make it pretty, but not a big mess. >> reporter: you were in places in delaware county and got home early and watched tv and went to bed this morning you wouldn't know it snowed because it came down and stuck to the grass and melt the in the wind overnight. precipitation is done, we have snow on the ground in parts of the area north and west of philadelphia. but it's all on grassy surfaces. for the most part we're not expecting problems with roads. as we look outside we have sky 6, cloudy over philadelphia. although we're looking at sunshine breaking through the clouds fairly quickly this morning. that's going to feel good, because the temperatures are up in the south. 36 degrees. about the northwest winds at 9 miles per hour. we have a windchill around 29 right now. then you see how we'll get clearing out to the west of us, we'll wind up you with overall
6:39 am
partly sunny skies with parts of the day full blue sky and other parts of the day clouds and sun mix. snowfall totals were not embryosive in ewing and mercer county and chadds ford. half an inch. allentown got half an inch and trained spotsers got an inch. graterford a half inch. as we take a look at temperatures through the day, it stays chilly, 35 degrees by 8:00. 40 by 11. there's the high 45 degrees by 2:00. however it won't feel that good, because there's a 12 to 25-mile an hour breeze that will keep the windchills in the 30s. 45 is the high in allentown. mid 40s in reading. all the way to the shore, partly sun overall. the big story today is the breeze. a cold wind blowing 12 to 25 miles per hour. the highs in the 40s and windchills in the 20s and
6:40 am
30s this afternoon. dinner and movie fans a lot of good movies coming out about now. 40 degrees by 5:00. 7:00, 35 and 1135. if you're heading out, coats and gloves as you hustle to and from the car. 45 degrees is the high, windy and cold. tomorrow, sunshine, 45, still breezy. increasing clouds on sunday, high of 50, rain arriving late sunday night. by the way if you're cold consider the eagles who will be playing in green bay, 26 degrees at kickoff and 21 degrees in the 4th quarter. monday, cloudy and rainy. one model has it cooler where we might get wet snow mixed in. i'm thinking it's mainly a rain
6:41 am
event. and then the colder air comes in tuesday and wednesday before we start to dig out from that. >> a new report on a security breach at the white house. the stunning new details the man was able to get past the secret service, find out how much went wrong. >> days after curing the last case of ebola on u.s. soil another patient with the infection is heading here. find out whoaz and where's he is going. >> reporter: you can see the snow on the grass. him we'll have an update on the accidents and disabled vehicles all when "action news" comes right back
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> well, it must be 6:44 on a weekday morning, because the schuylkill expressway is starting to back up. we're seeing a live look from the action cam. >> let's go over to karen rogers she's got good ideas on how to get around backups like that, good morning. >> reporter: let's go outside and talk about the snow we see on the grassy surfaces. 422 approaching oaks that's eastbound traffic, you can watch for a slick spot or two, not seeing too many issues with that. it's off on grassy surfaces as expected. pennsylvania turnpike westbound approaching valley forge we have an accident blocking the two left lanes, they have pushed it off to the shoulder. but since it was blocking a couple of lanes expect slowing
6:45 am
on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound. i-95 13 miles per hour southbound near girard. we had a disabled vehicle northbound approaching girard that cleared. that's a little bit better. you talked built slowness on the schuylkill expressway. 27 miles per hour as you approach westbound from the boulevard to past belmont. 37 miles per hour eastbound near girard and 30 as you approach the vine right now. the flyers play tonight at 7:00 you'll see extra congestion in south philadelphia. we have an accident @ cross keys road at the shops at cross keys. quakertown 29. martins creek 30. freezing mark in pottstown, below that in coatsville and kennett square. 36 degrees if center city. some of the suburbs in the new jersey, the low to mid 30s, tam. >> a civil court jury in philadelphia has awarded $45 million to a mentally
6:46 am
disabled woman held captive for ten years. linda weston kidnapped and receipt beat and starved her. three other mentally disabled is victims were held in the basement while weston and accomplices stole their disability checks. >> she got the verdict she had deserved. she suffered through ten years of horrible abuse at the hands of linda anne west ton. >> authorities say she should feeled the captives to other -- shuffled the captives to other states. the woman will never get a penny of the 45 million-dollar reward it was a default judgment because the defendants never responded to the lawsuit. a slew of claims of failure
6:47 am
for the secret service that allowed to a man to climb the fence and breach the white house. others thought the intruder was trapped at a lock door, it turned out that door was open. the secret service director resign over the breach. no one else face discipline. dr. martin selia is a surgeon from sierra leone and is heading to the united states to be treated for ebola at nebraska medical center. >> 6:47 up next we'll check in with amy robach for a preview of "g.m.a." >> reporter: my twitter follower, kathleen tweets in snow on the trees, mainly on grassy surfaces, but a couple of
6:48 am
inches out there. it's chilly this morning i'm dressing the kids in winter gear on the way to school and the way home, i'll show you why coming up next.
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>> it's time to check in with "g.m.a." and see what's coming up on this friday. >> amy robach is
6:51 am
done making snow angels and catching snowflakes on her tongue. >> reporter: it's still fall, coming up on "g.m.a.," that's what we were talking about, the breaking cold being felt across the county. look at the snow, many areas 30 to 40 degrees colder than they are supposed to be. we're talking about the controversial case that's playing out in court, a 31-year-old student suing her parents to pay thousand of dollars to pay for her college tuition. shark tank is here, we have empire state lady liberty hat two entrepreneurs taking on you are the shark tank competition. and we have game of thrones all next on "g.m.a." >> thank you, amy.
6:52 am
>> reporter: big show coming up. let's take you to work right now and help you avoid problems septa regional rails ten to 15 minutes delays because of slippery tracks. cynwood line running. >> reporter: 44 by noon, the high is 45 at 2:00. the winds will make it feel like the 30 throughout the afternoon. we'll be right back with the top stories [prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it. but the more you learn about your coverage, the more gaps you might find. like how you thought you were covered for this. [boy] check it out,mom! [prof. burke]when you're really only covered for this.
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>> top stories kidnapping suspect delvin barns returns to a federal courtroom for a federal hearing today after snatching carlesha freeland-gaither off the streets in germantown. two men and two women broke into a july i didn't store on sansom street and took off with rings. dilworth park rink will open at noon today, karen rogers will be there. a soft open opening was held last night. >> reporter: i can't wait a to be there, and cut the ribbon and skate in the fall.
6:56 am
>> reporter: westbound traffic coming toward center city on the ben franklin bridge. we had a handful of accidents a lot of of them north ran west where you got more snow. lehigh valley the ramp southbound to the service and he thinks is blocked. we have a pick up truck that ran into a tree at 113 blocked at keystone drive and stick to bethlehem pike. >> reporter: can i get a ho ho ho from everybody. this is the season in macungie pennsylvania covers the grass, my twitter follow tweeted that. 45 degrees is the high today. we'll have a bluster day with winds going 12 to 25 miles per hour. that will give you windchills in the 30s this afternoon. bundle up kids. >> you guys have good weekends coming up? >> do i? >> do you want to hear about it? >> no, we'll see you in 30 minutes, we'll have the update on the traffic and accuweather
6:57 am
for any breaking news for karen, matt o'donnell, and david murphy, you have a wonderful weekend we'll see you back here on monday morning! ♪
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good morning, america. winter blast. nearly every state below freezing this morning. that polar air driving temperatures 40 degrees below normal. record snow from michigan to new york. white out conditions in ohio and pennsylvania. the winter wallop paralyzing roads down south and a big new storm on the way. breaking overnight, a man at a marine base brought down in a hail of gunfire. two guards injured. was this terror or something else? on alert, the hunt for tiger on the loose. searching for the big cat. terrorized residents inside their homes, where did it come from? and oh, behave.


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