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tv   Action News  ABC  November 27, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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♪ ♪ ♪ frosty the snowman >> the sights and sounds of the 95th annual 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. dozens of bands, singers and celebrities and more entertain you for the last three hours while the turkey is baked in the oven on this thanksgiving, 2014. good afternoon i'm matt o'donnell and sara is off and we'll hear from rick in a moment. the big story is the annual thanksgiving day parade. it kicked off with a huge production number, the marching bear from dupont, delaware was there on the parkway. there were plenty of balloons including the grinch and mistletoe the snowman, and singers such as sheena easton and charlie mcdermott from abc's
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"the middle" and the 95th annual 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade wrapped up with the arrival of santa claus, he was joined by mrs. claus as they are rived on their slay -- and took their place on the steps. marks the start of the christmas season, the live team coverage of the parade on the parkway and rick williams and cecily tynan has a wrap up and meteorologist, david murphy tells us what to expect when you try to walk off your thanksgiving dinner. lets begin with rick and cecily from the parkway. i give you six drum sticks for your performance today. >> i'll take it, i'm kind of hungry, i looked away and i look back and cecily is holding a baby. >> this is my niece by the way. what a great morning, i think the performances this year were
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better than ever. >> it turned out to be a mild morning, a chill in the air but it was very clear and a perfect day for a parade. >> we had amazing performances and singers and dancers and we used the most confetti we ever used. >> we were xroin joined by such wonderful guests, mayor nutter and his wife, wonderful performances from motown. >> that was great. >> the dancers and singers, making us proud to see so many philadelphians participate in this show every year. >> and the balloon handlers did a fantastic job guiding the balloons down the parkway, we had a lot of new balloons and floats this year, and i thought we had great guests as well. >> again, ginger zee from gma,
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charlie mcdermott from the middle here on the ben franklin parkway. >> i can smell the turkey cooking already, i smell eggs, that is humpty dumpty making his way down the parkway. >> hopefully everybody had as much fun as we did, clifford the big red dog was walked down the street by his handlers and he is house broken and we had a special performance of frozen by rick williams. >> i sang let it go. >> and cecily told me to let it go and i stopped. but mr. potato head was a big. >> hopefully you had as much fun as we did. happy thanksgiving. >> matt, thanks for holding down the fort, happy thanksgiving to you and your family as well.
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>> thanks so much. great job guys. lets switch live to "action news" reporter, john rawlins, near the museum of art. hello john. >> reporter: hi there matt, one of pleasures of covering this parade, is to walk down the parade route who came down here to watch it. you learn that it's part of many, many traditions here in the delaware valley. >> it's madeline birthday, she is 3. >> wonder if she will remember it? >> i think she will now. >> this spans generations. >> my dad, my boyfriend, my daughter and brother. >> family all around. how long have you been coming? >> 23 years. >> for roy stewart years of parade watching taking in the
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sights and sound. >> we love the parade and music. >> with the age of computers, it's this time of year people see what they want to see, big balloons and floats and high school marching bands, it's all real stuff, the parade is part of family tradition and it starts the night before with his grandchildren visiting. >> the night before we build gingerbread houses and write the letters to santa claus and it starts off the season. >> the party is over this year, and folks are heading home, folks in the parade and folks watching the festivities, this is the 95th thanksgiving day parade in philadelphia. they are already working on the 96th and all the marching bands we are told are booked for next year. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the boy scouts were walking along the parade route this
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morning collecting canned goods for philabundance to help those in need this season. meteorologist, david murphy, joins us outside with a look at accuweather. >> it was a cool start and we are dealing with a fair amount of clouds and the sun is breaking through and we start you with satellite and we have predawn snow showers coming through the region, it was the after affects of what we had yesterday. we have a lot of clouds out there and some cloud breaks and a flurry now and then through the afternoon but nothing big, 39 in philadelphia, we are still waiting for 40 and we have hit 40 in wilmington, still in the 30s in allentown and trenton and there is not much wind, 6 to 12 miles per hour on average. enough to give you a windchill, if you are getting ready to go outside bundle up. here is what are you looking at as we head towards the steaming
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turkey. 42 at 2:00, that is your high, 5:00 we are back down into the 30s and by 9:00 tonight, hopefully your belly is full of turkey and good feelings from a good eagles win. >> matt it gets colder for shoppers tomorrow and we bounce back a bit through the weekend. >> see you in a bit. >> we bring you live coverage of the parade all morning long, at now, we can take a look at the dozens of photos from the festivities, and a video recap of today's show, at the cooking started bright and early in the kitchens of the lehigh valley and the bakeries. the action cam was at kasha bakery. people came to pick up their holiday meals. volunteers were in center city, and they helped mana prepare meals for those that are
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critically ill on this holiday. over 1300 meals were created packaged and delivered off the region today. people across the delaware and lehigh valley, have a slight problem, they have to plan the thanksgiving feast and make sure everything is done in time to see the eagles take on the cowboys unless you plan to eat in front of the tv, ducis rogers is live in arlington, texas, one of these teams will emerge number one in the nfc east. >> both are 7-3. and they will meet in two weeks begun at the linc. but back to this game, could you have a better day, thanksgiving day and the cowboys. and mark sanchez knows how important these games really are. >> it's really exciting and it's huge, you hear fans talk about
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it all the time on the street and coming back in june, it's like hey man, got to get dallas. we haven't even played a game yet. >> i'm excited, i'm definitely excited and that is one thing i can vouch for, it's really still another game, and as big as the game we played this year because it's the game we played this week and we are tied with them in division. that is what makes such a big game. it's a race for that playoff spot. >> the two teams jockeying we'll talk about it all night, and at eagles game day final. after "action news" at 11:00. mike quick will have the exclusive one and one interview with chip kelly. reporting live from the house that jerry built, by the way this place is pretty impressive. back to you. >> still to come on "action
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news," at noon national guard troops standing guard as residents hope it's peaceful thanksgiving in ferguson, missouri, and if you plan on shopping for black thursday, you will not be the first. david murphy returns with the seven-day forecast, that might stop the major drum stick from shivering. ♪ [instrumental music] ♪
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♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪ ♪
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flames poured out of a home in delaware late last night. firefighters rushed to mill creek at old town road after 10:00 p.m., this farm house was already fully engulfed in flames and the home was vacant at the time of the blaze. and nobody was hurt at the time of the fire. police in montgomery county are investigating a single vehicle crash that happened early this morning. along the 1200 block of industrial highway in pottstown. the driver lost control and smashed into the side of a water treatment facility and they have not updated us on the driver's condition. >> there were scattered demonstrations overnight and no reports of major confrontations or property.
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national guard troop stood watch at ferguson police headquarters, demonstrators marched downtown st. louis to city hall and other protests, one in los angeles where 130 people were arrested. and the red cross is asking donations for those caught up n in -- across the world. the big of the request ever and 25% larger than the current budget. the president says that new kinds of crises are i creasing the costs and needs across the world.
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the cost of the thanksgiving dinner has not increased much over the last year. $59.49 on average, a 37 cent increase from last year and a bit lower than 2012. and the price of the turkey has seen a decrease despite increases in meat and other poultry. a discount airline is acting a little less line a discount airline, low cost spirit airline is adding $2 for checked bag
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fees between december 5th and january 5th, it costses between $21 and is $100 depending on when you pay the fee. they looked at 100 americans and gave them a test for dementia, there are other things that can keep it at a milder stage, that means less time in long time care facilities. it's the sixth leading cause of death in the united states. we saw a taste of winter like weather in the united states this week. and there could be slippery sidewalks and in this week as art of aging, lisa thomas-laury has more on keeping those bones from breaking during slip and
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falls. >> they are a leading cause of injury and death for adults. >> take a step and that is right. at fox rehabilitation center, philadelphia therapist performed baseline tests, with their balance and strength and gait. >> you don't have to wait for something dysfunctional to occur, like bathing and dressing and grooming we can treat those conditions and treat them well. >> dr. tim fox says anyone over the age of 65 should see a specialist that specializes in geriatrics once a year and more if you have a problem. there are clear warning signs if you do. one is cruising. >> you may be holding on to a chair and the next thing before you take the n step, you hold on to the dining room table and you depend on railings.
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>> seniors should be proactive on protecting themselves against falls. >> one primary thing is environmental factors like lighting and throw rugs and clutter in the house, have you to reduce clutter and increase lighting to see our way around and not trip. you can see more on our website of aging, lisa thomas-laury, channel 6 "action news." david murphy is up next with the accuweather forecast. sky 6 is taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge, hopefully that gravy is nice and warm because it's cold outside.
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so all in all it was great weather for a parade. you expected it to be cold but
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the winds were not bad. >> the winds weren't bad so they flew the balloons, it's coat weather and it still is. we are looking at dry conditions right now, might be a flurry here and there later. outside we have sky 6 hd, down the shore, that is one of the spots where the sun has occasionally managed to break through. in this live picture we see a little bit of sunshine out there. that is nice. temperature is 39 degrees in philadelphia, most of the region still under mainly cloudy skies and the dew point is nice and low and the wind northwest at 10 miles per hour. and that is about as high as they will go. 35 degrees in allentown right now, chilly in the lehigh valley, 37 in reading and 35 in trenton and 40 in wilmington and upper 30s in wildwood and 42 in atlantic city. winds now, some of you have them in the single digits, i think a
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16 miles per hour wind profile is a good estimate. had snow yesterday of course, lets see how much we got on the ground, at philadelphia international airport only a trace, but there were areas close to the airport where we got up to an inch or more. wyomissing 3 inches and out in wayne, not far from the airport over 3 inches and greaterford 2.3 inches of snow and areas to the south-southeast, we weren't expecting as much. hockessin just over 1.3 inches and haddon heights .2 of an inch. satellite shows you there is rain to the south and a flurry wrapping through and earlier morning showers, and as we go through the rest of afternoon, we call it mostly cloudy with
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the understanding that sun is breaking through and 39 is the forecast high, a flurry and more likely than up north and down south. 44 in atlantic city, and cloudy and cool there, we'll go for a high this afternoon of 42 degrees, below average temperatures certainly and a flurry not out of the question, winds not bad at 6 miles per hour. tonight patchy clouds and brisk and cold, we'll go down to 28 in philadelphia, suburbs in the low to mid-20s, the winds are not all that bad. the cold overnight low, is with you at 5:00 in the morning. if are you among those planning to go out and get your shopping go, 32 by 11:00, we are looking at a cool shopper forecast for tomorrow morning. lots of layers and gloves and scarves and all of that. sunny breaks and cold, and 39 in the afternoon, we start out the
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weekend chilly, 43 on saturday, sunday afternoon a bit milder, 53, a spot of rain at night, clouds and sun and 56, then we are back to the 40s on tuesday and back to the 50s on wednesday. shots of precipitation coming and it's all rain. >> thanks david. >> that is good. if you are a turkey and don't want to be carved up. take a page out of the book called "giblet s " the best way is to hang out with a family. john says that wherever he is working on cars outside of his home giblets fines a warm spot under the hood. more stories on stand by for the next half hour at noon. >> a thanksgiving tradition continues in delaware, we take you to the turkey bowl, a man is
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"action news" at 12:30 continues, here are the stories we are following for "action news" at 12:30, and the turkey is not out of the off and yet and black thursday is underway. we are live with the average shus shoppers, they came and
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they saw and they partied. the thanksgiving day parade. protests in ferguson have calmed but unrest sparked elsewhere. >> and for those that want to keep the shopping season after thanksgiving has been lost. black friday is replaced by black thursday, with retailers hoping to get an early jump on sales. we are live at a kmart in east philadelphia. happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving matt, a lot of people are at home preparing their thanksgiving feast, but some people are here feasting on the big blowout sales, kmart actually opened their doors at 6:00 a.m. this morning. you can call it a new form of prethanksgiving exercise and people take runs, people are here shopping until they drop,
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cashing in on bargains before their dinner and kmart will be open for 41 hours straight until 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. what is on everyone's wish list? >> xbox 1 for my oldest and the little ones want sports stuff and my daughter is all frozen, that is why we are standing and froeds frozen right now. >> i love to shop, for the grandchildren and everybody else. >> toys for the kids and clothes and keeping them warm, and hopefully they have fun with it. >> they have a lot of stuff on sale, and i need to get stuff ready. >> it was electronics and toys and anything frozen is super hot this year, we had a frozen elsa doll on sale for $29.99 and that
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blew out. >> radio shack opened at 8:00 this morning and there are a bunch of other shops opening tonight and the king of prussia mall and target opening and best buy making deals possible for people that come in early this evening to start their holiday shopping. everybody here is in the holiday spirit and they have smiles on their faces and getting ready for christmas and if you want to get a jump start on your list, go to our website at, where we posted the times the local stores are opening. i'm wendy saltzman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you wendy. as you hit the stores on black friday, check out the black friday play book at you'll find dozens of deals at local stores and many deals are exclusive to 6 abc viewers, the black friday play book on the home page of a holiday tradition took over the ben franklin parkway this morning and the 6 abc
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dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade celebrated its 95th year, it featured bands and floats and performances making its way past crowds of excited parade watchers, "action news" found one family that maintained this tradition for 50 years. >> it's a tradition you can't give up. love the parade and the music. >> it could mot be cleat without the guest of honor, santa claus joined by mrs. claus. you can watch the parade highlights at >> boy scouts brought the giving spirit, they collected canned goods and it will be donated to philabundance. you can continue to donate food at participating acme markets until december 31st. some of us saw brief snow showers but the accuweather story is the cold.
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sky 6 hd is looking at penn's landing and the river rink. i guess it's good to have cold weather when people are skating on ice. david murphy has the bundle up accuweather forecast. >> just days before the river rink opened we were at 73 and cooler air is moving in is good for the outdoor rinks in our reaction. there is a lot of cloud cover out there and every now and then a little thinning of clouds and there is a chance for a sunny back. i saw one for 15 or 20 seconds and then it when away. we had snow showers in the morning, and there might be something else swinging down north of philadelphia, but i don't think it will be a snow shower as much as a flurry. we'll look for breaks of clouds and sunshine here and there. as we go into the afternoon, an improvement of 3 more degrees from your thermometer, a high of 42, that is a full 10 degrees
12:35 pm
above the average high, that was set in the 1890s, oh my. and the low is below average and that gives an indication of what we are facing tomorrow, tomorrow is the day where a lot of you get out and go shopping, that is about where you'll be at at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning, and the freezing mark at 5:00 or 6:00 or so. as we look at what we are looking at for the rest of the afternoon and evening, those of you traveling to families and celebrations, 42 by 2:00 and by 5:00, 38 degrees and 9:00, 32 degrees, and you only likely to see a flurry for precipitation and that won't affect the roads. taking a look at temperatures to the west, can you kind of get the picture there is a trough of cold air to the west and we stay
12:36 pm
chilly today, tomorrow and saturday before we tap into the milder stuff. i'll have the milder rebound coming up in the accuweather seven day. turkey reign supreme for the thanksgiving dinner, but bread is important. people were coming in to get rolls to sop up all the gravy. plenty of people walked out with those goodies. >> and before they ate people went to rittenhouse square, people reflected on what they were thankful for at a special thanksgiving mass. it wouldn't be thanksgiving without the football. this is the annual turkey football game, there is the cup, the owner of bb salon response evered the game and they wore
12:37 pm
the colors of the eagles and the patriots. reliving the 2005 super bowl. some of you are eating your meal in front of tv so you won't miss any of the game in dallas. the huge game against the cowboys, both teams are 8-3 and their eyes are on first place in the nfc east. ducis rogers has live reports starting at "action news" at 4:00 p.m. we'll have a full recap and interviews as part of game day final tonight. join ducis rogers and mike quick after "action news" at 11:00. police in new jersey say that a lehigh valley woman tried to hire a hitman to kill three people including her daughter's ex-boyfriend. she is accused of trying to pay someone to kill her daughter's ex, and the sister and sister's boyfriend. all of these people live in new jersey. she set up a meeting at the
12:38 pm
phillipsburg mall with someone she thought was a killer. but was an undercover officer. she claimed her daughter's ex was abusive and forced her to have an abortion when she was pregnant with twins. demonstrations over the ferguson decision led to arrests in new york city this morning as demonstrators tried to march toward the parade route there and there were protests in california overnight while the robust protests in missouri dwindled in size this follows tonights of unrest to not indict a police officer for the shooting of an unarmed teen. >> an intense calm in ferguson bringing a much needed quiet. the demonstrators stayed home and no major clashes or violence. and on this thanksgiving holiday, many ferguson residents
12:39 pm
said they were grateful to their community for providing support for a difficult week and now they want to get back to normal and move their city forward. >> all the business owners, said we aren't going anywhere and we are leer for the long haul and we'll fight back. >> this was painted on store fronts near the ferguson police department, and everyone has come together and i want to get that idea across. >> but in los angeles, 130 people were arrested during demonstrations that went violence and in oakland there was looting. michael brown's family is reacting to abc's exclusive interview with officer darren wilson. his parents say they don't believe wilson's account. >> why do you think the officer is saying this? >> because it makes him look good. >> ferguson residents are cautiously optimistic and hope the calm lasts through the
12:40 pm
weekend. karen travers, channel 6 "action news." >> much more ahead on "action news." pennsylvania state police track down a man they say has been impersonating a doctor and that is not all. plus, a group of robbers burst into a philadelphia home on thanksgiving morning, meteorologist, david murphy, has the exclusive accuweather forecast with a little warmth on the tail end. but first a greeting from one of our service men and women stations overseas. >> wishing our family in philadelphia, my mother and grandmother and loved ones and cousins and everybody in my high school, happy thanksgiving, be home soon.
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philadelphia police are looking for the robbers that broke into a home on thanksgiving morning armed with a rifle. it happened in roxborough after midnight. the man made off with $800 and
12:43 pm
cell phones and fled in a gray colored older model chevy impala. and a michigan man was arrested on charges after pretending to be a doctor to stay in a swanky resort in western pennsylvania and took off without paying the bill. lindsay davis has the details. >> you might call him dr. doop. jeffrey cochran is behind bars accused of staying in a posh hotel and not paying for it, by pretending to be a doctor. it's like he got the idea from a movie, "catch me if you can" played by leonardo dicaprio. he stayed here at the woodlands resort for two weeks in may and ran up a tab of $16,000 and left after not paying. police arrested him at a traffic
12:44 pm
stop in michigan six months later. cochran initially called the hotel posing as another doctor and telling him to set up a house account for an out of town doctor, and then he did the same thing in michigan, telling a hotel he was doing work for a local hospital and the hospital would pick up the tab, that stay lasted 47 days, apparently the idea is not so far fetched. 20-year-old matthew shite was imprisoned for impersonating a doctor in 2011. and he took the charade further. he was interviewed in sports fox
12:45 pm
in las vegas and proclaimed to be a professional golfer. >> that was lindsay davis reporting. cochran was unable to post the bond yesterday. and remains in jail. up next on "action news" giving your brain a break on thanksgiving, the affects that the school has seen from taking brain breaks. but first we take a break.
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this is what i want you to do, get up out of your seat and take 20 steps around the room and explain what you know about these different types of plane crashes. it's a brain brake, principal matt polk's children sit for two
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hours each day to slow down their thinking, and this keeps them active and perks up their mental skills, half the student body is overweight and now they are offering a healthier menu and gym class for everyone. out in the poconos you see picturesque scenes like this. this is lake aerial in wayne county. brr, so confusing, it's a stark contrast from treacherous roads that drivers face as they try to get to their destinations. it doesn't snow often this early. >> if you get it, the poconos might expect it. we got to get up early and do and early show before thanksgiving. it was fun actually. stormtracker 6 live double scan
12:49 pm
we are showing you there is no snow out there. there are clouds around and we are seeing breaks, a good patch of blue north of atlantic city, things are looking brighter at the shore, the highlighted include the word clouds because we are looking at a fair amount of them. not that we don't see breaks of blue, but then we get more sun on friday, few clouds but it's a little bit colder on friday, and a big morning for those of you heading to shopping malls for deals. 39 right now in philadelphia, the winds west northwest at 10 miles per hour. not all that strong and some of you dealing with single digit winds so that is not bad. up in the poconos, we thought that we could get 9 inches and lake harmony is what we got.
12:50 pm
albertson 7 inches and chads for 2.5, and gilbertsville, 2.5 and philadelphia closer to an inch and less than that in spots. now on satellite you see additional snow creeping down from lake eerie, there is that break in the clouds we are seeing on sky 6 by the shore, most of us are under cloud cover right now. temperatures on the cool side, 40 in reading and up to 44 in spots in south jersey, and chilly obviously and not a whole lot of wind, you dress appropriately you should be fine with the car and the relative's house and taking a nice brisk walk, 42 is your high and we hit that as 2:00 and close to it at 3:00. by 7:00, 35 degrees and i need a brain break i think, we'll see
12:51 pm
clouds, and the overnight low down to 28 degrees, that sets us up for a chilly start tomorrow. at 5:00 in the morning, future tracker has us at 31 and i think the upper 20s in spots and later on in the morning and afternoon, we are likely staying in the 30s, lots of sunshine but chilly for those of you getting up early. mainly cloudy and sunny breaking today, a high of 42 and not a lot of wind. and tomorrow more sunshine but still cold with a high of 39 degrees and the overnight low is 29 that means within you wake up on saturday some of you will be in the 20s and an afternoon of 43. and on sunday things get better, you get up on the morning on sunday and we are at about 40, a high of 53 and it will feel better but not until night.
12:52 pm
clouds and sun and 56 and clouds and sun on monday night. we are cooler and clouded developing on tuesday and a high of 45 degrees. and another warm front on wednesday mid-50s, clouds and sun and showers on wednesday. chilly today and tomorrow and saturday for the most part but milder air as we head into december. >> good to hear that, is always updated from the latest from accuweather, check the live radar any time and get the latest updates from our team of "action news" meteorologists. robin roberts travels coast-to-coast in search of heroes on 6 abc tonight. robin finds men and women that represent the best of the american spirit. they spend their lives improving the world around them. a family in st. cloud,
12:53 pm
minnesota, fostered 92 degree, i profiled them and came to their home and they were like who wouldn't do this. >> and we talked about the title, thank you america. and ask if she was the one giving thanks? >> you get me, everyone in philly, you totally get me, i have been brought to tears by the number of people have that said, have you lifted us up by your example and the things i have gone through and how i live my life, and i am so thankful for the prayers and well wishes and this is my way of saying thank you, for all of that you have done. >> one of the most kind hearted people in the business. thank you america, with robin roberts ton at 8:00 on 6 abc.
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if are you looking for distraction from setting the dinner table or doing the dishes, 6 abc is the place for you, the online trend of pets dressed up as turkeys, hopefully nobody mistakes them from the real thing and you can meet the two birds that went to the presidential white house for a pardon. two of us have not pardoned our turkeys. bad news for them. >> any way stormtracker 6 live double scan is showing you are dry today, on the northern half of the western suburbs, flurries out west on the i-95 corridor, the winds are light and at the shore milder, 44 in sea isle city. >> thank you david.
12:57 pm
that is it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. we'll have ducis rogers live from dallas with the big eagles game at 6:00 with first place on the line. now for ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, we want to wish you happy thanksgiving. >> thank you for watching. hi,
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>> announcer: today on a special episode of "the chew," we're giving back in a very big way with our thanksgiving back celebration, and the crew is cooking for a cause with a low-cost meal that's huge on flavor. plus, see how this inspiring group is banding together to make sure no kid goes hungry. >> hunger is a problem that we can solve. >> announcer: then, giving back to their communities is a year-round job for these three cooks. now they're here with three delicious holiday dishes. and before the hour's up, a huge announcement that'll give you a million reasons to smile. and it all starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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