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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 27, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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holiday and all the people are sitting down for a thanksgiving feast and to remember all the blessings we enjoyed this year. weeks of planning and preparation all came down to today. it's all hands on deck and kitchens large and small and dishes that make thanksgiving so very special. and a philadelphia tradition 95 years in the making, thousands turned out for the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. ♪ ♪ and the parade route was jumping with excitement with all the center stage performers, guests and families all along the ben franklin parkway this morning. mayor michael nutter arrived in grand style as you can see and "good morning america," ginger zee spent her first thanksgiving day parade on the float. they led a special sing along and one the biggest attractions
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was the frozen float, elsa and anna on the float from disney's frozen were on the float, and what would be cleat without the big man himself, santa claus and his wife, they took time time-out of their busy schedule to say hello to the lehigh valley. and the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade is a big part of so many family traditions in our area, john rawlins spent time camped out on the parade route. >> the thanksgiving day parade. >> hope she remembers. >> she will now. >> coming to the parade is a distinctly family affair that can span decades and generations. >> my dad and boyfriend and daughter and brother. >> family all around. >> how long have you been coming here? >> 23 years. >> for roy stewart and his family 50 years of parade
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watching and taking in the sights and sounds. >> love the parade and music. ♪ ♪ >> in this 21st century world with slick computer graphics and smart phone, once a year people decide what they want to see, floats with silly crack terz and big balloons and high school marching bands. it's all real stuff, the parade is part of real tradition, for pat leahy, it starts with grandchildren visiting. >> the night before we build gingerbread houses and write their letters to santa claus and it starts out the season. >> planning for the 96th parade is already underway and we are told that almost all the marching bands are booked for next year. >> we brought you live coverage of the parade all morning long at and right now you can check out
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dozens of photos from all the festivities, we have a video recap of today's show find it all right there right now on meanwhile, people are gathered in center city today in philadelphia to reflect on the many blessings in our lives think st. patrick's held their annual thanksgiving mass, and they say that thanksgiving is much more than parades, and dozens of people that struggle with addictions, and turn things around in north philadelphia, this is the annual thanksgiving holiday feast for a group called one day at a time. they shared what they were thankful for and vowed to move forward and then a home cooked meal complete with turkey and collard greens and eva pilgram, hanging with them for their
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holiday feast. >> hey walter we are here with the cunningham family in northeast philadelphia. they are just now sitting down for dinner, this is the turkey line and it's pretty much clear, there is strategy and they put the turkey here and everybody sits in the middle and on the other side of the room is where all the side dishes are. we have stuffing and mashed potatoes and green been casserole. someone has a turkey leg there. >> big leg man, my name is don. >> you are making that joke all night. >> you got that right. >> everybody is having a good time, and taking a break from the tv watching to enjoy a good meal and they are getting through dinner because they can't wait for desert. is that what are you waiting on? >> yes. >> what are you waiting for the most? >> pumpkin rolls.
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>> i heard a lot of you talking about the pumpkin roll, i want to see it, i'm starving smelling all of this good food. >> thank you eva. another big tradition for folks in south philadelphia is picking up some home baked goods from valeri brothers, those we spoke with said their thanksgiving meal is not complete without perfectly baked bread, no kidding. with your stomachs full you think it's time to nap? no. it's time to embark on another thanksgiving tradition, we are talking about black friday that moved back to include thursday and plenty of stores are opening up shop today, we were inside with kmart along with shoppers today and kmart opened its doors with holiday shopping, there are 27 shopping days left before
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christmas and target devotees didn't leave it up to fate either, they grabbed their chairs and coffee and lined up in winfield heights this afternoonp they opened up their doors at 6:00 tonight to the delight of bargain hunters across the region, chad pradelli is live at the best buy in king of prussia they are open for a quite a while now. >> the shopping is in full affect and not long ago you had to wait until friday, and soon it will be wednesday and it was 5:00 p.m. at best buy and people began waiting at 5:00 p.m. and the line went around the building and people were ready to shop. when the doors opened, the buying began and people had their targets. >> ipad air 2, a smart tv, the discounts are steep, $100 off an ipad and hundreds of cameras and a samsung galaxy phone is just a buck. and the lines are long but not
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as long as others in the area. and some bided their time looking at the brochure looking for a deal. the hottest is this 32 inch tv for $99. >> best buy handed out tickets for the tv on a first come first serve basis and they went quick. but samantha's wish list is small, the $1 phone. >> it's pretty, and i haven't upgraded my phone in three years and i'm poor. >> a $1 phone, you can't beat that. the doors close at 1:00 p.m. and reopen at 8:00 a.m. king of prussia mall the doors open in 45 minutes. i'm live in king of prussia, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you chad. as you hit the stores on black friday, remember to check out our black friday play book on
6:08 pm, you'll find dozens of deals at local stores and many of those deals are exclusive to abc viewers, it can be found on the home page of coming up on "action news" tonight, they fired up the stove tops and ovens today to find a meal fit for a king. in south jersey not only were they cooking for their loved ones they were making meals for those that are struggling. >> and we have the chill across the mid-atlantic region, temperatures coming in at 33, and teens and 20s and we'll tap into a piece of colder air tonight. >> thank you melissa. and jeff skversky has a big day in high school sports when "action news" comes right back. a secure retirement.
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u.s. senator tom carpenter helped serves meals and he chatted with those in attendance. a 31 year tradition was observed in chester county, the tables were filled as always at the westchester senior center for a wonderful holiday meal, this family style meal is welcome to anyone, it includes appetizers and variety show. it's all about breaking bread and the spirit of friendship and gratitude, nora muchanic reports. >> volunteers at st. paul's
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methodist church in williamsboro were serving up meals from chapter 26 of the purple heart. they served up a meal to anyone that needed it. >> i came out to enjoy it. >> in the tough economic times, the idea is that no family and no one should go without a hot turkey dinner on the holiday. >> come and break bread today for the fellowship on the day all of us giving thanks. >> some of it was given to the homeless and without cooking facilities so they could have a hot meal too. >> they might not be able to afford one or get one. when my husband was sick people came in to help us and gave us the service and love and we want to give back to the community. >> people may arrive late tonight because they have to work, gas station and supermarket workers come to
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mind. >> work is better than being home? >> this year. >> this year they were open at the grocery in levittown, melissa was picking up yams. >> we are going to pick it up and then watch the games. >> you better hurry up. >> we ran out of twine for the turkey. >> we are doing it on the rotisserie, smoked honey turkey. >> that sounds wonderful. >> when does the turkey go on? >> when we come back. >> good look and bon appetit. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news."
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the less fortunate in the area were treated to a holiday meal. volunteers served more than 100 meals today. time for a check of sports, jeff skversky is here and the rumor is that the eagles have a game today. they are looking good, the eagles have been perfect on thanksgiving, 5-0 and trying to keep it that way. the eagles are in dallas for the first time since thanksgiving in 1989, who can forget that game with the famous bouncy ball. and the birds and cowboys fighting for first place. now the eagles have a 23-7 lead at the half and sanchez and the eagles scored for five of their seven possessions but only one for four in the red zone. a complete recap and interviews
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on a special edition of eagles game day after "action news" at 11:00. >> sandwiched in between the defending super bowl champs, seattle comes to the linc and they play san francisco at 8:30, detroit fighting for the playoffs as well. all bears early, jay cutler hooks up withalshawn jeffrey and the lions roar back and out score them the rest of the way. matthew stafford to calvin johnson between two guys for the touch down, lions win 34-17, they are 8 and 4. today is just the sixth time the eagles have played on thanksgiving, for the high school teams playing on this game is a tradition for high school and stuffing and all the trimmings.
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>> we start with central and eastern playing for the 126 blg time. northeast shuts out central 41-0. and now gabe vasela to nate, sun valley wins the turkey bowl 27-0 and upper darby trying to beat haverford for the first time but haverford getting it done on offense, defense and special teams. a 28-12 w for haverford. frankford's enthusiasm doesn't last long, if may fair father judge honoring the 1964 city champs and this year's verse of the crusaders against
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lincoln, how about the defense, they hold them to just a touch down. across the bridge in new jersey, one of the oldest turkey day rivalry, millville and vineland, playing since 1894, the vineland band fired up as they try to beat millville for the first time since 2009. running back kareem hartman, millville wins by the skin of their teeth, their sixth straight win. mainlan's ryan mack, he leaps over the defender right here, woop. but he could not leap nootd end zone, they fall short. palmyra and burlington city have been going head to head since the 1930s, they are fighting on a holiday and this is not the only thing they are fighting
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over, they are fighting over football, palmyra wins this one 43-0. west and steinart, hamilton west wins 31-0. lots of football. >> blowouts. >> lots of football and eating all over the place. >> your accuweather forecast is coming up. hey! it's mister monopoly.
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one again this year the boy scouts are pushing their cart as long the root at the 6 abc thanksgiving day parade, parade goers were asking to bring
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thanksgiving donations for their holiday food drive, the food drive is now a 28 year tradition. you can do your part to help with help, share give, log on to for more information on how to support philabundance. meteorologist, melissa magee is here and it's not too bad today. there was a chill in the air that is for sure. we didn't have the snow or rain to deal with. can you imagine if that was today it would have been horrible. >> but if you were inside it's not so bad. showing you it's dry for the most part in philadelphia, you'll notice a bit of sprinklingy activity in wilmington and most of the that not making it down to the surface and there is precipitation to the north and west of our region and that is where it will stay for most of the night, the action cam was
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outside and a nice shot of 30th street station, if you look at the clouds and the sky and breaks of sunshine and everybody is bundled up on this thanksgiving holiday. some highlights to go for you, the shoppers forecast for all the shoppers on black friday come tomorrow, the high today in the city, below average, coming in at 42 degrees, mostly cloudy and 10 degrees below where we should be this time of your. hopefully the turkey you are consuming is warm and tasty. for all the black friday shoppers, 29 degrees at 5:00 a.m. and looking at your forecast and going out to grab the bargains, bright sunshine at 9:00 a.m. and 33. and the chill is sticking around tonight in the 30s and north and west to the poconos, 29 degrees and the coast 38 degrees and the
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winds from the northwest feeling colder like 33, in philadelphia current windchill of 21 and along the coast in sea isle city 31 and the windchill in dover in at 30, here is satellite 6 along with action radar it's mostly cloudy and the short wave i'm telling you about, energy moving across central pennsylvania and a lot of this sliding down to the south and west. and moving out to sea as we get into the overnight hours, we'll reinforce a shot of that, a reenforcing shot of cold air i should say. high temperature is coming in at 39 degrees and a chilly breeze, we'll stay dry as least as we get into the start of our weekend, 43 degrees and rather cloudy and 8 degrees below average, we are tracking a warm front to the south and as we get into sunday, the warm front lifts to the north and those temperatures climb nicely.
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here is the call from accuweath accuweather, 28 in the city and day planner for friday, 31 at 7:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. 34 degrees and 36 tomorrow at 4:00. the accuweather forecast showing you 39 for the high and windchills in the 20s for most of the day and saturday mostly cloudy and 43 and milder as we get into sunday and 53 degrees, check out this jump for the first day of december, on monday that is warm a high temperature of 63 degrees, not lasting long and a high temperature of 43, wednesday, clouds and sunshine and a high of 54 and 48 with seasonable conditions as we get into thursday, so the chill sticks around tomorrow walter and gradually rebounds as we get into the weekend. >> thank you melissa. some volunteers offered their
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services during dinner in the wilmington section, it took place at the gospel mission, the ladles and spoons never seemed to stop, the mission was founded in 1892 and has helped more than 17,000 people over the years. abc's world news tonight is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, shirleen allicot, ducis rogers and adam joseph. and join us here tonight at 11:00 for "action news." and for the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez, we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." cold turkey. the deep freeze after the big getaway. hundreds of thousands waking up without power. americans digging out before they dig into a day of feasts, parades and a search for those holiday deals. >> shop and shop again. out of the ashes. new protests coast to coast over the decision in ferguson. but amid the tension, one store owner whose shop was destroyed still filling her holiday orders and rebuilding with the help of thousands. close encounters. the soaring number of drones flying too close to planes, and hos bly helicopters in the president's fleet. and turkey 911. inside the emergency call center talking you through those disasters. the undercooked, the


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