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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 5, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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the snow that is hitting new jersey delaware and pennsylvania. >> this is the largest snowfall thus far this winter in spots. a band of snow is centered over our area leaving a winter mess behind on the roads. meanwhile delaware was hit hard, the action cam was in wilmington where plows were hard at work keeping streets clear and all state offices are close and city offices in wilmington are closed as well. a live look at center city on sky 6 hd a snow emergency is in effect for the city, the weather is making it a tough go for anyone that has to be out and about today. the live coverage for this storm continues at this hour. we have live reporters across the area and karen rogers and adam joseph both our meteorologists are tracking the snow in the studio lets start with you karen at the big board. >> we are inside and glad about that too. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing a couple of things, first off can you see the drier
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air in the lehigh valley and north of allentown you get the drier air work its way in and the heavier bands are shifting to the south and watch this area of pink we are seeing this right now in salem county and moving into parts of gloucester and near hammonton near the atlantic city expressway as well. you have pretty intense snow with the double scan we have show you exactly what is happening. malaga, along route 55 an inch an hour, salem an inch an hour a half inch an hour in the surrounding area where the lighter pinks. we are continuing to see the snowfall rates an inch an hour, hopefully are you not outside in this are you inside watching us pulling in stormtracker 6 live double scan look at the side of this system and how many people are being effected by this frontal boundary, they are
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getting the snow in new england and philadelphia over 1500 miles, richmond and charlotte they are getting the ice and jackson and even houston, they are getting the rainfall. we have moisture yet pulling into the region the winter storm warning in effect until 7:00 we are dealing with this for quite sometime it started at 11:00 and we are not wrapping up until the evening hour, we are now down to the teens in the allentown and 27 in philadelphia below freezing or at the freezing mark everywhere, even below freezing in atlantic city. the visibility we are tracking this as well. about .8 mile in philadelphia but look at trenton and reading, .3 and .5 in millville new jersey. hopefully people are not driving around in it. >> it's piling up quickly and new snowfall totals just came in, ewing 4 inches and cherry
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hill closing in on 4 inches of snow and pennington 3.5 inches stratford near 3 inches and princeton and mercer county 3 inches of snow so far the heavy wet consistency pasting on to everything and turning lighter and fluffier as the cold air comes in. king of prussia 6 inches of snow drexel hill 4.5 and greaterford montgomery county so far 4 inches of snow and in the state of delaware 4.1 in wilmington and the last hour in greenville, close to 4 inches and 3 inches in hockessin 3.2 and the fun side of this, look at this picture just sent in to my twitter page, i call it oh deer, even the deer are not liking the snow, they are huddling under the porch a very
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friendly deer, there you can see the pasty snow sticking to everything. thank you stacey for this. some of that snow will turn much fluffier as the cold air moves in teens elsewhere and record lows tomorrow morning, with windchills as you step out tomorrow below zero in many spots, so some brutal cold coming in record cold and anything slushy is rock solid for tomorrow. >> sounds like a day for the flower show tomorrow. >> thanks adam. we have a team of reporters in the region lets start with chad pradelli live in newcastle delaware. >> reporter: about an hour ago you saw how bad it was, the winds were so brutal, and they have died down and now picking up again it hits you in the face i would like to stand over here but you couldn't see the live shot, but these are heavy
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flakes beginning to fall and the snow started at 10:30 this morning if you take a look it looks like 3 inches at this point in newcastle delaware that is north dupont highway, i am surprised by how many cars are on the roadways i think people are deciding to put a half day in in delaware and cars like four-wheel-drive are getting decent traction. >> and governor jack markell held a press conference, many state and county offices are closed. he has a message for people in delaware stay off the roads so del/dot can do the work and plow the major thoroughfares and get the snow off. it appears to be slush and traffic moving okay. stay home and tomorrow maybe you'll hit the flower show. stay inside and watch a movie and enjoy the warmth of your
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home. it's nasty out here and you have strong winds and heavy flakes and this could hit hardest by this storm and get upwards of 8 inches according to our meteorologists. we are live in newcastle, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you chad. in hatboro, montgomery county, you can barely see the road because of the falling snow. you can see a little pavement coming through but snow made for a slippery morning, you can tell how much has fall and by how much is stacked up on the cars. in south philadelphia towing crews were out clearing snow emergency routes this morning the action cam found at least two cars getting towed away and looking at the street can you see it's fairly clear with just a minimal amount of slush on the city roads at that point. >> let's look at the garden state now nora muchanic is live in trenton with the latest on
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conditions there. hi again nora. >> reporter: hi rick and sara, we are at the trenton transit center the snow is falling and has been falling all morning, i want to zoom in here and give you an idea how much snow we are getting as the folks come off the light rail, the machines there we have at least 3 or 4 inches piling up there now, we see more people coming on the light rail but it was been deserted here throughout the morning, this is normally a very busy area of town, this is where people come in and off all the commuting to go to work and state offices are closed and that kept so many people away from here. this morning we talked to folk ss who did show up. >> i'm headed to work i work in new york city and the roads aren't too bad but i would like to be home it's true. >> it's going to be bad later
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i'll just have to take my chances and see. >> i'm trying to get back home, my job did not let me know she were closing until i got to the job. >> it's miserable no sidewalks shoveled or anything. >> where do you have to go? >> to camden, i run the farmers market there. >> it's a hike. >> yes it is. >> are you running the farmers market in this weather? >> yes we are open today. >> you have to be careful and keep your head and wits about yourself and watch where you walk. >> that is good advice we are back at the transit center we heard o'hearn, she is getting takeout. this is a day that you don't want to cook, i don't want to do anything it's miserable out, we
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are talking all morning about join the action i want to give you a tip if you are a viewer that wants to join us on that, hold your camera like that as opposed to this make it fill the screen that way, we love that and love to see your pictures and maybe you'll show up on "action news." i'm nora muchanic back to you guys. >> yes. sara is repeating your advice. >> smile, smile good. >> you got my best side? thank you nora. the action cam meantime was in camden county overnight as the snowplows went out and the snow didn't start to fall until 3 hours ago creating a slush on the roadways all across south jersey. nydia han is out and about in camden county and she is live in cherry hill with the conditions there. >> reporter: hey sara, hey guys, the snow continues to fall at a
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steady clip, this is morale crest road, we have seen a steady stream of cars come through and no traffic trouble that we have seen. we crossed the ben franklin bridge to get here this morning and at that time the action news van was slipping and sliding and you do have to be careful. these are our good friendses at wawa nice enough to let us headquarter here for the day this is their gas station and a guy has been here shoveling for the last half hour and he will continue to do that, keeping things clean for the customers we see a lot of people come through and we ask every single one how do they feel about another winter storm. >> i'll be glad when it's done. >> i'm ready for spring. >> do you think it's the last snow storm of the season? >> i am keeping my fingers crossed. >> where are you coming from? >> on my way home from work. >> how are the roads? >> terrible. >> what is your advice for
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people that haven't left the house? >> stay home and if you have to go out take your time, the roads are slippery, people are going too fast as it is on the roads. >> we are plowing local businesses. >> so it's green? >> yes it's white gold, love me some snow. >> where have you been today what is it like out there? >> we came from berlin, new jersey the roads were bad the whole time. >> i love the snow but tired of this weather. >> you think it's the last one? >> no. >> you are predicting more? >> i think we'll have at least one more little one. >> don't like the sleet and ice that is dangerous but this is great, that is why i live in new jersey, i like the seasons. >> all right we also talked to two guys from haddonfield, high schoolers, they had swim practice and they were dressed what looks like in pajamas,
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we'll show you that next in our next live shot. >> thank you nydia. when you see severe weather out there or breaking news we want to you join in on the action these are some of the photos dozens of you have sent in so far, send in your emails and photos to join the or use the #~ 6 abc action on social media.
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we'll have updates on emergency operations have been underway in delaware since 4:00 this morning delaware governor jack markell spoke 90 minutes ago we brought it live to you here on 6 abc he says a state of emergency has not been declared right now because crews are keeping up with conditions and people are voluntarily staying off the roads the del/dot officials say it's important if are you out and about especially as this day goes on. as the temperatures get lower the salt is less effective, it's more difficult for us to clean up, even if you are out on the road we are plowing, they are more susceptible to be icy people need to be careful people shouldn't be out if they don't need to be out. >> and governor markell says it's the 37th and 38th night this winter alone that a code purple alert has been in effect.
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and if you are a kid off from school today what would you do on a snow day? of course go sledding why not? this is what this group did all morning long, it has not been great for sledding this for is thattier but today was perfect. we are getting a look at the storm from you our viewers, alicia vitarelli is looking at them as they come in she is at the "action news" big board. >> all of our viewers out on the streets, look agent shot, hundreds of photos from facebook and twitter and instagram. this one from theresa her dog tucker loves everything about the snow and elsa and ava, dad carl sent this picture of his kids next to their march
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snowman. who knew the birds love the snow. michelle from conshohocken snapped great shots of her them playing in the winter wonder land and nicky would rather check out the snowy scene from his house. and pamela sent us a few photos of her bull masstive zoe and if she could speak she would say, make it stop mom. keep the photos coming we'll show more on air there is your hashtag, #6abcaction. as you go live on sky 6 hd showing you atlantic citycks new jersey, snow is falling right now, we are tracking it all for you when we come right back. o, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪
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see the roadway here on city avenue by honey grove approaching the station, they heard there was pizza in the newsroom, the roadway is snow covered and the good news is there is light traffic and people are taking our advice and staying home. >> pizza in the newsroom and a lot of folks are hungry and it's not getting to crusty because -- it's been a long day but folks are staying off the roads. we sent alicia to bring the pizza to the newsroom we are spreading the love. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan we can see what is happening and with double scan we get a close up view, some areas you see gray, not getting down quite as heavily, through philadelphia, through wilmington and look at some of the areas in pink right now we are getting in parts of south jersey we see the heavier bands shift to the south, hammonton and south of
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speedwell and even off the coastline near the garden state parkway earlier this was rain there and now you are getting the snow and even the heavier snow as we look through the region now. we are looking outside at sky 6 and it's hard to see the visibility is way down right now, that is an issue as you head out and about, you see it coming down steadily through the region, lets look at the facebook photos we see through the area now i love this one tonya sent it of keith helping her do some shoveling on the driveway putting the little ones to work i hope when i come home i'm not shoveling the driveway. vincent sent this and i like this picture, he did not want to go outside, you can see here in south philly the cars were
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swerving 15 now in mt. pocono and allentown teens and 27 in the city midnight we were at 40, the temperatures are dropping and 32 in the city and 32 in wildwood. look at future tracker 6 at 3:00 this afternoon we see snow in the region but look at the areas of dark purple they are far and few in between not showing the heavier snow, it's 6:00 the areas off the coastline that are the heavier snow and evening and nighttime hours we are dry and the temperatures really tumble. here is a look at the timeline the lehigh valley 2:00 and 5:00 and coastline we see the storm exit between 6:00 and 8:00. when all is said and done up to 8 inches of snow in the area, a significant storm. at midnight tonight we are looking at 21 dprgs watch the temperatures plummet, the windchill will feel like 1 tomorrow when you wake up at 7:00, you'll see the slick spots all over the place.
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here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, the temperatures are dropping and the snow is wrapping up in the evening hours with 8 inches in most of the area and 12 for the overnight low, it's frigid with slick spots everywhere, 26 is your high and normally in the upper 40s, this weekend we are not talking about storms like we have the past few weekends partly sunny on sunday as you spring forward as daylight savings time begins 43 is the high not bad and monday clouds and sun and 45 degrees. temperatures really starting to moderate, through the region tuesday it's nice and sunny and 40 and wednesday 50 degrees, it's going to feel spring like, normally we would be in the mid-50s but after the week we have had i think 50 is cause to celebrate. better weather is coming your way a stretch of dry weather, and snow is still heavy in spots. >> the average temperatures are in the 40s. >> normally the upper 40s but
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not today. >> thank you karen. if you are looking for something to keep everyone occupied. the philadelphia flower show is open. you can see a floral interpretation of frozen not what is outside. and it's inside the comfortable pennsylvania convention center disney is the parent company of 6 abc. the action cam is live from the jersey shore and this is atlantic city, check out the wet roads there things are icy and on the sleet side before the change over to snow, but as you can tell it's more wet than white here at the jersey shore in atlantic city, be careful if you head out visibility is always a problem. and a reminder you are an important part of our coverage join in on the action send your pictures and videos of today's snow to #6abcaction or
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we'll be right back.
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karen has a final quick look at accuweather forecast stormtracker 6 live double scan shows that the areas of gray are not as heavy as earlier, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing there is more where this came from, we won't be entirely wrapping up until later on and 4 to 8 inches expected in most of the area. that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm sara bloomquist as we look live outside have a great afternoon, keep in touch with us at send us your photos and videos using #6abcaction.
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