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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  March 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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warmest day of the year but the temperatures come with a tradeoff we are dealing with gray skies and soggy weather, making it hard to get outside and enjoy the fact that it is finally spring. i'm shirleen allicot. >> and i'm rick williams, and brian taff is off today. it's a mixed bag for anyone heading outdoors adam joseph is live now with the first look at the accuweather forecast. >> it feels like spring today. every now and then we get a pop of sun and we are dealing with on and off and downpours and right now rather quiet on double scan live radar we are catching a break prior to a cold front that arrives later on. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan there is the void we see right now and a cold front to the west near pittsburgh and charleston, west virginia, and you see downpours and some thunderstorms, and no
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severe weather with this front as it pushed over to the east over the next few hours, but there say surge of warmth ahead of the front can you see where it is pittsburgh 52. and ahead of it you get temperatures that are warmer washington 75 degrees and philadelphia 65 and many of our areas and region and communities will see communities flirting with 70s before the front pushes through, the severe weather threat there is a small threat that there could be 60 miles per hour winds in the western and north areas. what to expect here over the next few hours, more showers with the front and brief downpours and wind gusts are 35 and 45 miles per hour and it will happen generally before 11:00 p.m., we'll talk about a big drop in temperature for the end of week and rick it feels
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like winter this coming weekend. get all this have winter gear ready. >> i didn't put it away yet thank you adam. before you head out check can you find live storm tracker 6 radar. the copilot at the controls of germanwings flight that went down in the alps, crashed that plane on purpose. that is the word from investigators today who say they are trying to figure out why he did it. marcy gonzales has the latest on the tragedy. >> reporter: in the chilling final moments when germanwings 9525 slammed into the alps, the voice recorder picked up the screams of passengers and the pilot pounding on the cockpit door locked out intentionally by the copilot as he locked him
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out and brought the plane into a 10 minute long deadly decent. >> the willingness to destroy the aircraft -- >> the cockpit voice recorder revealed that the flight started out normally once at cruising altitude, he asked the copilot to take control presumably to use the restroom when he tried to return the 28-year-old copilot did not respond and he kept the door locked. he is heard breathing normally until the moment of impact. the pattern is consistent with someone conscious and alert and doing something they intend to do. a horrifying realization for the families of the other 149 people on board among them three americans, 37-year-old robert
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oliver as well as yvonne and emily selke a mother and daughter from virginia. >> they are trying to figure out the copilots motive, saying that he passed a psychological exam and had to links to terrorism. >> here is more on the three americans, emily selke has a local connection, she graduated from drexel university in 2013 as a music industry major. her mother yvonne was also on the flight and they both lived in virginia the third american robert oliver was a 37-year-old living in barcelona spain. david henry talked to a local aviation expert and will have a live report at 5:00, can you read the very latest on that investigation including more on the final minutes of the germanwings flitd as well as pictures and video from the crash scene it's all there on
4:05 pm we want to go back to the breaking news story out of lower new york city where the apartment building fire we reported moments ago, we are getting the latest and we are told that part of the building has collapsed. this is the east village section of new york city second avenue at east 7th street and this fire has climbed to seven alarms no word of injuries but there is thought that the fire started at a restaurant below the apartment building and the flames are raging out of control and part of the building has collapsed and fire crews are on the scene we are continuing to monitor the situation from the east village section of new york city. back here police are going over a servers video showing the shooting of a 17-year-old boy in broad daylight. it happened at the corner store in east cambria the suspect
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rode up on a bike and fired one shot and falling before he pedals away. the gunman is still on the loose the victim was transported to the hospital in critical condition. police have not mentioned motives as of yet. >> more than 1000 families are getting phone calls from leaders in the camden school district. the transformation of five struggling schools a hybrid of public and charter schools as part of trying to fix poor performance and fix rundown schools, parents that want to learn more can go to the center on front street. >> today we are going out and notifying all the families we have a whole team here and we are doing individualized outreach. we are going out to their homes and knocking on doors and spending time with families it's important to communicate the changes so families are fully
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aware what is happening. it affects east camden andwity your most students will continue to attend class in the same building but students that go to wittier will be moved elsewhere. in parts of tornado alley they are picking up the pieces seven tornadoes touched down in oklahoma and arkansas at least one person killed and several injured. thousands are still without power, the roof was torn off this elementary school in the oklahoma city suburb of moore the children made it out okay and many cars were overturned and this woman was inside of her truck as it flipped. i heard glass breaking and i was on the top sliding across i am fortunate, i hung upside down until someone got here. >> we have been down this road before, we know what to do and i'm very grateful that we have so many people that worked hard over the night to make sure
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people were safe. >> reporter: and governor fallin there declared a state of emergency in 26 counties in oklahoma. >> well, that same system is moving through our area right now, but fortunately we are not seeing weather that severe. nora muchanic is live in lawrence township with the mixed bag we are dealing with. nora you found some pretty pictures. >> reporter: i did indeed. it has been raining off and on all day but thank goodness it's not snowing, we have had that before. the temperature is rising but it's still a gray day, that is why we came to a garden senter, seems the perfect place to brighten up this gloomy thursday. >> 70 is okay, but the weekend is where we are the busiest and we'll get cold again we'll be
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moving stuff in and out constantly. >> they are busy at oasis garden center trying to stock the shelves with easter flowers but the cold delay has stopped them from starting their spring season. they want to put this wacky weather behind them. >> we have not got and our flowers out yet because of the cold we are getting our easter flowers ready to go. >> people come to buy stuff because the weather is changing. >> nice i like this. >> we have a lot of snow. >> with today's rain there is almost no snow yet but the richter kids managed to find one of the last little piles to play with. >> oh my goodness, almost 70 today and obviously suppose to rain, but come saturday it's suppose to be cold again. >> know possibly. >> i know. when will winter be over? >> that is what carol is saying.
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her tulips and marigolds are barely visible. and one day of warm temperatures will not change that. >> my tulips not coming up they are not coming up like they usually do i just want it to be over with and have my flowers come up. >> as they put up the displays at oasis the manager hopes that these vibrant blooms and colors reminds people that there is light at the end of the tunnel. >> hopefully people will be ready to go and start planting stuff. >> if only mother nature would cooperate. >> if the temperatures really dip this weekend, garden centers will have to bring these back inside because they can't handle the cold. live in lawrence township i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> thank you nora.
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today is really just a tease, if you will of spring because you know those temperatures are going to dip as soon as we are over with. it's time for your "action news" traffic report and cars are dealing with slick conditions out there as well. >> folks are trying to get home and matt pellman in the traffic center with the low down on the slow down. >> wish i was talking about dips of ice-cream but it's dips in the speed rick and shirleen. as we look live at the schuylkill westbound side, there is a disabilityled truck that is pushing it to the side. eastbound up top extra slow as well a crash that blocked the off ramp to montgomery drive that just reopened. in norristown a wreck along juniper street and one in warminster close to the diner along madison avenue and street road and upper moreland a wreck.
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and a wreck westbound by ben salem and bristol township traffic lights are out along durham road. and in newark an accident near main street and capital trail. >> okay thank you matt. much more ahead on "action news" at 4:00, we are following a pair of breaking stories including an abduction in fairmount park and breaking news of an explosion in new york. >> also, new details about the pope's visit to america, we found out about another major stop he'll make.
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another update now on our breaking story in lower manhattan, an explosion causing a fire and a collapse on a building right here on 2nd
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avenue on east 7th street in the east village section. firefighters are working on this collapse and trying to get that fire under control, it is now a seven alarm fire, at least six people have been injured. what is that other update. and one of those six people that are injured is in critical condition. we are learning these details right now, that fire started in a restaurant located the basement of that building. all right and closer to home now here near fairmount park, police are investigating an abduction that happened this afternoon, on the 3200 block a female was forced into the trunk
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of a blue pontiac vehicle according to police. the vehicle had a partial pennsylvania tag and was last seen heading on kelly drive toward girard avenue, dann cuellar is on the scene and will have a live update coming up later on "action news" at 4:30. voters believe that more people are voting than the past five yours but there is still a long way to go. that is up 47% feel it's going it's wrong way. when it comes to the job governor tom wolf is doing they believe he is doing an excellent or good job. and a majority of the people polled support his budget plan
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59%, both personal income taxes and sales taxes and increase funding for public schools, and when it comes to privatizing the schools, 39% support and 37% are against it. shirleen? today finally feels like spring has sprung even if it's just temporary, so to celebrate franklin square hosted its season kickoff and no batter way to welcome spring than its first carousel ride, than with ben franklin a cake shake the ninth season of the square, promises to bring families fun, free events including the great annual egg hunt on april 5th. >> that looks good.
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it's a little on the soggy side, temperatures finally way above normal it comes with a tradeoff, and the dampness to the atmosphere and rain passed through at times and catching a break now and we are awaiting a cold front from the west and the possibility of rain and the possible of thunder. south and east of philadelphia lingering showers from fortescue and mays landing. towards atlantic city away from hammonton to long beach island. dealing with generally light showers at the present time. take a look at temperatures. nearing 65 in dover and mid-60s around philadelphia, at the
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shore temperatures only in the low to mid-50s and it's all because of the wind direction the wind is coming in off the atlantic and the atlantic temperature is still in the 40s, so that is why it's much cooler along the shore with strong southerly winds as we puncture the winds off the land out of the south here from wilmington to philadelphia, the winds start to increase the temperatures jump ahead of the front the front starts to arrive mt. pocono and reading and lancaster between 7:00 and 8:00, a line of downpours here and it could be gusty winds with it. 30 to 40 miles per hour and again the clap of thunder or two we are not looking at a solid line of storms with this and it approaches philadelphia around 9:00 tonight, heavy downpours and it weakens to the shore with lingering downpours and notice the showers hang around during the morning rush as the front slows as low
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pressure develops. unfortunately, we won't quickly clear even after the front pulls through this evening, we'll watch for the gusty downpours and temperatures dropping behind the front to the upper 30s and low to mid-40s and the day planner for friday wet and damp through noon time tomorrow temperatures of 40 and 45 at times and the clouds look to linger and not much in the way of sun and upper 40s with some thermometers hitting 50 tomorrow. the four day at 4:00, another dark and dreary day here for friday and cooler it's winter like with flurries at times and a high of just 40 brilliant sunshine and chilly at 48 degrees. and milder come monday and more clouds and a shower with the warmer air at 56 we haven't
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linked the sunshine with the warm air just yet. one day we are positive it will happen. >> thank you adam, the governor of indiana has signed a controversial law that allows businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers. the governor made the bill legal today, making religion the reason to refuse service to the lbgt community and the groups say they discriminate against the groups and dozens of companies said they would move out of the state of indiana if he signs the bill. some high school chefs had a cooking competition they had two hours to prepare a french meal from memory a savory
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chicken dish and they were vying for scholarships and their work was judged by philadelphia's top chefs. >> still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, the major stop for the pope's tour, another place he will visit when he comes to the u.s. in september. new developments in the search for a local woman that is missing since last year. they finally know what happened to her. plus, coffee for a good cause cause.
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a new wegmans is getting ready to open in delaware county, and that means hundreds. new jobs, the supermarket is opening a new location in concordville they are looking to hire 175 people for full-time positions and this will employee 2500 people and 500 of those will be hired locally.
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it's set to open in november. >> pope francis will meet with the president and first lady when he visits in september. the white house says they will host the pontiff on september 23rd he will address a joint meeting of congress the first pope to ever do that. and he'll be right here in philadelphia for the world meeting of families that is just 183 days from now. >> as we head to break we head to wall street another down day for the dow.
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4:30 now and "action news" continues with breaking news out of new york city, where officials are dealing with a building collapse and a seven alarm fire that injured at least six people lets take a live look at east seventh street, right there. the fdny, the fire department of new york city says they arrived on the scene at 3:15 this afternoon to find a restaurant on the lower level collapsed following some type of blast moments later the flames were shooting through the roof and the fire quickly spread to neighboring buildings evacuations are underway but officials are not sure if anyone is trapped here. we are following this story through our newscast and we'll bring you an update here from lower manhattan. and breaking news in fairmount park, police are
4:30 pm
investigating a possible abduction dann cuellar is live on the scene with the very latest. >> reporter: rick, police holding the scene here on sledgely to figure out what is going on. at 2:45 this afternoon a male was observed forcing a woman into a car and speeding away on girard towards kelly drive no word on who the woman is and what she was doing out here, or if she knows her abductor. he is said to be a light skinned black male wearing a scully cap and a pontiac grant prix. this is the 2200 block of sledgely, a witness reports he saw a man forcing a woman into a
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blue 2004 grand prix, and was only able to get the first two letters of tag number those numbers are jt. if you see the car or know it's whereabouts are you asked to call 911. we'll have more on this developing story later here on "action news." for now live at fairmount park, channel 6 "action news." >> now, to a desperate plea for help from a delaware family amanda degwas seen walking out of her home last june but the trouble did not begin the day she disappeared. it started following the birth of her first child. chad pradelli is live in upper darby to explain. >> reporter: shirleen she was a popular student at haverford high school but soon after graduation and having her first child she fell into addiction she is missing now close tie
4:32 pm
year and police and the family want the public's help. she walked out of her mother's drexel hillhouse and vanished. and no contact and no cell phone use. >> we have no answers for her children. >> amanda is probably the victim of some type of foul play. >> because her life spiralled into a dark place before her disappearance, after a medical procedure, the now 25-year-old became addicted to pain killers and soon turned to heroin and prostitution. >> he is entered into the national crime information center and we have a dna swab we were able to send to a nationwide data base. the measures turned up nothing she has several tattoos that could identify if i her one of italy and the name tommy on her
4:33 pm
torso. >> we know she is in a bad way, in a bad place if she is out there she needs to know it's safe to come home. >> her holder sister nicole keep a sister prayer card with her at all times. it provides strength and mope that she will one day see amanda again. >> i asked for happiness in all things great and small but for his love and care i prayed for most of all. >> there was a report that she was seen in kensington but detectives were never able to confirm that. i'm live in upper darby channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. bucks county officials say that a mother faked cancer when they investigated her for child abuse. this is ashley reichart. she brought her 11-month-old daughter to the hospital with two skull fractures and broken jaw and burns and more, she
4:34 pm
initially blamed the girls father but that was not possible. reichard had no hair or eyebrows, she told police she had stage two ovarian cancer officials learned she was lying in an attempt to gain sympathy she is facing perjury and aggravated assault. the women victimized in a naked post scandal in penn state have come to owe police, they were photographed without their knowledge, it was posted to a facebook page. the chapter has been suspended for a year and members are cooperating with the criminal investigation penn state is also reviewing the university's entire greek system. turning to the wet but warm accuweather forecast, showers ushered in a front that sent our temperatures soaring into the upper 60s, before you get too excited, we should tell you the warm air won't last and adam
4:35 pm
joseph will do a very good job of reminding us of that. >> it's for one day and looking at the sky 6, a breaking up of the cloud cover and spiking the temperatures to 70 before a cold front pushes through this evening, if we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we are catching a break after on and off showers pushing off the coast that are around most of the day. along the front you can see 17 or so lightning strikes, 20 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes those are way to the south in west virginia in the northern part of that line and you can see not all that impressive. fog and visibility is an issue this morning in many locations better for philadelphia and wilmington and millville, we are between the showers moving away and the next round from the west where reading and allentown your visibility between 2.5 miles, delays at times and philadelphia right now delays of close to an hour and a half, the same for orlando a half hour delay and
4:36 pm
newark and new york city and jfk healthy delays with the low clouds and the on and off rain we'll chat about the big drop in temperature and it's a shock to the system when you see the numbers for saturday and we'll see if it warms up next weekend. >> july or august. >> we'll do it. >> thank you adam. if you severe weather or breaking news we want you to join the action send them to or use #6abcaction on social media. here at the big board now today philadelphia mayor michael nutter cut the ribbon on a new cafe in brewery town, the monkey and elephant on west girard avenue only hires young adults that are transitioning out of the foster care system where support and a sandwich and a cup of joe go a long way. >> the monkey and the elephant on girard avenue is a coffee
4:37 pm
shop and we exist to employee and work with foster youth. >> they hire former foster kids for jobs and trains them as well. remy aged out of foster care four years ago. >> is this the kind of place you saw yourself working? >> five years from now. i kind of want to see myself as owning a restaurant. pastries made in house and brews locate coffee. >> at the counter lisa leaves literature so customers can see the overwhelming odds that foster kids must overcome when they turn 18 and lose their support system one in four are incarcerated, in three years and less than 3% get their college degree. >> the idea adds the shops name inspired by a friend that has
4:38 pm
been in foster care. >> mine is the elephants and mine is the monkeys. >> they are enjoying a nice cup of coffee. >> and according to lisa 95% of kids will age out of foster care system and this store is giving these kid a fighting chance and we'll have more coming up this weekend on fyi philly. >> thank you alicia. more "action news" when we come back, but the latest on the breaking news out of new york city we have just learned that 12 people in total are injured and three critical after an explosion in the east village section of 2nd avenue at east 7th street. >> 12 injured, three critically. we are told we are looking to
4:39 pm
see if there are evacuations as well as injures. the scene here is from lower manhattan and the latest.
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? the sight of a wild lynx in a shopping center would inspire people to run but one woman did the opposite. >> what is up buddy come here. come here. >> beth ann col burg followed it and documented it on her cell phone at one point the big cat turned and stared directly at beth the bold approach ended when the animal wandered into the woods and no one was hurt. >> that happened in canada and it would not happen here. health check at 4:00, simple patience could mean getting fewer calories when eating rice,
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they found that adding a tea spoon of coconut oil and refrigerating it for 12 hours cuts the calories and starch in half and the calories don't increase if you reheat it. >> i will be trying that, here at the big board a big round of applause is heard for one proud mama who is keeping it real. rachel holis postd this picture of herself wearing a two piece swimsuit, she knows people could see her stretch marks. so posted this for moms, i wear a bikini because i'm proud of this body and everything on it it has more than 350,000 likes and inspired moms to post the
4:43 pm
real pictures of their real bodies. good are you going to write a bad review on yelp, know you might get fact checked. this is dan w. he wrote a scathing review of a chinese restaurant in california saying that the waiting asked how many in his party but watch the restaurants drop cam again dan w. looks around and at the waiting list and turns around and walks right out the door, he doesn't talk to anyone busted. dan w. by the way took down to mean review. >> and finally with zane malik leaving one direction it's like one depression, teenage girls are sobbing globally and as these super fans seriously mourn the loss of one of the boy bands
4:44 pm
beloved members so is steve dent the teacher at concord high school in delaware wrote on his facebook page it feels like a death in the family. the guy could barely get out of bed, he said write a 14000 word piece on what zane meant to you and the direction that you are taking in your life and then he broke out in song. like major song. >> zane is gone, i tried playing it cool -- i can never be -- cause you make my heart race -- >> this guy has got it down. he knew every word and new each part zane sang in the song. >> he is a teacher? >> don't play it off. the students there love this guy, you have to see his facebook page.
4:45 pm
>> a little sad, i'm not going to post anything that is for sure. >> rick is sad too for the record lets get another check of the roads. speaks of directions, one direction two direction cl way are the cars going. >> steve might be zany. >> he is zany for zane. >> lets move it along northbound side this evening, doing okay off the city avenue bridge getting word of a crash up ahead near gypsy lane and rittenhouse blocking the roadway, the delay has not spilled back to this point yet but if you use the northbound side of the lincoln drive to get home don't do that head for the roosevelt or east falls instead. here in oaks with see sunshine and heavy traffic from 422 westbound to egypt road to 429 if are you traveling in norristown look for a crash at
4:46 pm
the dannehower bridge and a wreck near skippack pike and one in warminster has cleared but one in willow grove now. and one in hammonton a waymuth road. we'll check it again rick and shirleen in the next half hour. >> sounds good. now to a nifty way to down size your closet without sacrificing style, check out the world's first smart shoe, the color and pattern can be transformed in an instant by hitting a button on your phone the e ink displays are built into the sides of high heel switch from polka-dots to prints and more, it's tuck into
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4:50 pm
downpours developing to the south and west we close in to mays landing and egg harbor it's light as showers drift from the south to the north and sometimes you get a pop of yellow with a burst of rain that just passed over the atlantic city expressway in little egg harbor and the lower bank, as this lifts to the north there are a few hours in new jersey where you see drying before more rain comes in this evening, and temperatures warm to the upper 60s and mid-60s for chester and center city many and as you go to the north it's still damp and chilly and 46 degrees, to the south we go we are near 70 for smyrna and dover and much cooler at 60 with winds coming in off the bay and upper 40s at the shore because of those southerly winds coming off the atlantic. satellite and radar we have on and off showers, the front is to
4:51 pm
the west and not a definitive line here with the storms and this front we'll see on future tracker downpours approaching i-95, around 9:00 and between these downpours, and gusty showers there could be a rumble of thunder in a couple of spots and it hits southern new jersey at 8:00 tomorrow morning still lingering showers, winds switch out of the north and it's much cooler here come friday and then by the weekend, this trough is developing from atlanta, this is tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. and it pushes to the south and this is the setup we have had the entire winter with the cold air locked from canada straight down the eastern seaboard and temperatures 15 to 20 degrees below average, as we get into the beginning of the weekend, the exclusive accuweather
4:52 pm
seven-day forecast, after the quick gusty downpours this weekend, morning showers tomorrow and a cloudy day. and on saturday it's winter like and clouds and the chance of flurries here on saturday, a high of 40 windchills near freezing north and west and 30s only south and east of philadelphia then we get a little bit of recovery here and a lot of sun and 48 degrees, still 10 degrees below normal. milder monday with clouds coming in at 56 and a late day shower of 56 and on either side of 60 here wednesday and thursday with sunshine and a few peeks of sun and a decent amount of cloud cover, after this warm spell get ready for the winter coats especially on saturday guys. >> oh boy oh boy. thank you adam. before we go to break are you looking live at 2nd avenue and east 7th street in new york
4:53 pm
city's east village section, an active scene as we speak that is where 12 people four of them critically injured during a building explosion and fire. >> they looking into if this is a gas explosion but the fire is not under control and 12 people hurt and four of them critically. we'll bring you the latest as this comes in.
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stretches vicky puts on a show every morning and it's about 15 hours for a chipmunk, vicky are you not getting sympathy from us. don't you want his life? >> i'm jealous actually. >> don't blame you. >> nice sheets too. that is it for "action news" at 4:00, for rick williams brian taff alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm shirleen allicot, join me along with brian adam and ducis rogers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the big story on "action news," big news out of new york city, the fire reached five alarms continues to burn in manhattan, it's happening at a five story building at second avenue in the east village section, a restaurant at the bottom of building and apartments above it the large portion of building has
5:00 pm
collapsed. there are at least 12 people hurt four of them critically and witnesses heard the explosion before the fire erupts, and the area is evacuated. and we'll bring you more information when it becomes available. this is unfolding in lower manhattan, at east 7th street in the east village section of manhattan. we are following developing news in philadelphia police are investigating a possible abduction in fairmount park this afternoon along sledgely drive authorities say that a woman was forced in the trunk of a 2004 blue pontiac about to hours ago. all we know is that the car had pennsylvania plates containing the letters jt it was last seen turning on girard avenue to kelly drive. dann cuellar is


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