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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  April 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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fishing and then the unthinkable happens a giant ship heading directly at them. this is home video of the scene at 2:00 on the delaware when a ship was out of control and heading straight for the shore just north of the burlington bristol bridge. that ship is a bulk carrier, or freighter registered in liberia, it's 623 feet long and when it ran ashore just feet away from the river front walkway, the waves kicked up on the side of the ship and the water kicked up on the promenade here. imagine what that must have been like see that boat several stories high and two football fields long coming ashore. some said it looked like the titanic coming at them. it lost pro -- they pulled it
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out to the channel pointing it in the right direction south, that was no easy task because of mud here, the ship is on administrative hold anchored or docked as they figure out why it lost pro pulsepulsion i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." thank you nora, we want to thank our "action news" viewers for sending in that video and remember whenever you see breaking news join the action email pictures and videos to
4:02 pm or just use #6abcaction on social media. and more breaking news right now, new jersey senator bob menendez was just indicted on federal corruption charges the democrat is accused of using his office for business interests as a donor in exchange for gifts he said he did nothing wrong here senator menendez formerly indicted on the charges, we'll bring you an update as soon as we know more. >> chopper 6 hd -- well now this 24 hours ago it was the scene of a horrible tragedy, today we look inside of the firehouse where a man took his former coworkers hostage in montgomery county. we heard from the men that were held captive today chad pradelli is live in elkins park, this was an emotional day for everyone there. >> yes it was shirleen it was a tense ordeal when the hostage
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standoff developed just before 11:00 a.m. but talking to two of the hostages they describe an ordeal of crime compassion and ultimately forgiveness. >> police and firefighters say that this is where paul jordan fired a single shot into the basement wall of the lamott firehouse and told his fellow firefighters next one i won't miss. >> he pulled his gun out and when he pulled his gun out, a few of us got away. the ones that didn't he made us sitnst the wall. the standoff lasted an hour and may have been longer if several firefighters ran when jordan pulled the .9 millimeter and
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said this is not a game. >> someone got to safety and called the cops. >> he was dealing with issues in life and you are dealing with issues and you don't know how to reach out and ask for help. and they can be overwhelming. >> other officers tried to calm jordan and others called over the phone and told him they loved him finally he gave up the gun and surprisingly they all hugged. s.w.a.t. was entering the building upstairs but the thoughts downstairs were with their friend paul jordan. >> we walked in front of him and one behind so he wouldn't get hurt. >> police say he will be formerly charged once released. the chief tells me it will be back in service tomorrow. i'm live in elkins park chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." >> thank you chad. now to chopper 6 hd live
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over a gas leak in camden county a work crew struck the main on the 400 block of north walnut avenue in magnolia at 2:45, part of the area has been evacuated. we are not sure how many people this is affecting. the gas company is trying to make repairs and we'll bring you an update as soon as we know more. police in philadelphia hunting park section is looking for the man that attacked a woman on the street it happened sunday morning just after 2:00 a.m., a 21-year-old woman was walking on the 3800 block of north fifth street when a man got out of a car and started following her. he caught up to her and grabbed her by the throat and she tried to get free and he used pepper spray and punched herself times in the face and took her purse and i.d. and cash and ran off. >> it's time for a check of the
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accuweather forecast a nice mild day out there. >> it's stunning out there hardly a cloud in the sky, adam joseph standing beneath all the sunshine. >> a pretty decent day and lots of sunshine and if are you in the sun, it felt warm, from you in the shade it feels chilly out. number in the mid-atlantic in the 50s 56 in philadelphia a few degrees below average for this time of year. but again when are you in the sun, it makes you realize how warm it feels from where we are have been. as we head to the west, the warmth is building 70s in chicago and 80 in sioux falls and 80 in north platt and 80 in wichita, kansas the wind will start to relax. 52 at 7:00 but we falled into the low 40s at okay tonight and as we look to the accuweather forecast we'll see the nicest
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day tomorrow and 70 on friday but a wet day and cooler air for easter. >> all right thank you adam. and anti-muslim advertisement ghana appearing on dozens of septa buses it's adolf hitler talking to a muslim leader, they tried to ban the ads but septa lost they are asking those that oppose the message to control their anger in a civil and constructive way, here at the big board with big news from atlantic city today where plans were unveiled for a $50 million playground at the pier at caesars, what is now the upscale but struggling pier shops, it will be a mecca of shopping music venue and bars and even a bowling alley and it
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will all spill on to the beach and all by summer it's the brain child of philadelphia developer bart blatstein, with a.c. losing four casinos and 8,000 people losing jobs, it's time to bring business and big time tourism back to the beach there and today he promised his plan will not fail. >> all year they visit caesars and we hope to bring people here to atlantic city and to caesars, in fact i commit and i promise you this will become the number one tourist attraction in atlantic city. >> now the concept is modeled after biel street in memphis and 6th street in austin texas and burban street in new orleans. a beach club and pool is on the
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horizon big news and a big investment there in atlantic city. pennsylvania government tom wolf, is looking in our area to fill a statewide position he slated josh shapiro to head a crime commission, he has close political ties with the governor, helped on his campaign and that deals with community safety shapiro is the chairman of the montgomery county commissioners. time for a look at the "action news" traffic report on a wednesday afternoon. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> well, we have some sun glare but just a couple of complications for the ride home, nora told us about the barge that ran aground near the burlington bristol bridge. it's on the move again and
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heading to the tacony palmyra, hopefully no mishaps but we'll have an opening. head for the betsy ross if you are heading out rights now. we have issues this afternoon including a crash that blocked the southbound off ramp to cotman avenue maybe they just reopened. but the southbound traffic is still quite busy, it's busy in both directions on 95 through the work zones as it is most afternoons a crash along bristol oxford valley road and one in cheltenham at mott way, a crash to avoid in skippack montgomery county at skippack pike and delaware, a crash at lime road at route 4 main street. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. we have reports on 561, speeds
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of just miles per hour as you get on on route 73 in mount laurel. we'll check it again in the next half hour. still ahead here, another state passes a bill like the controversial one in indiana, but rather than assigning it or vetoing t. the governor took an unusual step today. and a massive fire ripped through the high school, what neighbors noticed just before it started. and you have heard of pop-up beer gardebs and restaurants what about a museum. they are putting rare items on display. most vision plans, including eye med. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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their own law, critics of that one and the one in indiana says it's a green light to discriminate against gays and lesbians, he says the issue is divisive even in his own family. >> it divided families and there is a generational gap. my son seth, signed the petition asking me the governor to veto the bill. >> he changed the language to be more inclusive and is facing pressure from the top employers in the state including wal-mart who urged hutchinson to veto the bill. >> it's striking a cord there even in his own house. >> talks aimed at taming iran's
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nuclear ambitions appears to be a sizable obstacle he did not remember rate on where the talks are taking down but it appear they are not likely to end any time soon. iran and six other world powers are meeting in switzerland in the hopes of hammering out the beginning of a deal and failed to meet yesterday's deadline to do so. the iraqi government says they have liberated the city of tikrit, there is intense fighting for a month now but they say that troops finally regained control from isis, the united states is lending air support in that battle. closing arguments in the boston marathon bombing trial are scheduled for monday. attorneys for dzhokhar tsarnaev rested their case yesterday they admitted he was involved in the terror attack but is trying to save him from the death
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penalty saying he was influenced by his brother. a massive fire ripped through a high school in oregon starting at 4:00 a.m. in albany, south of portland, it took 60 firefighters are tote got flames under control and neighbors heard a loud explosion, and investigators are looking into that and no one was hurt. >> to business now stocks began the second quarter on the wrong foot april fools day, no fooling here the dow losing 78 points and s&p dropping 8 points on the day and to other business news, american businesses slowed their pace of hiring in march that is according to the monthly report released today by the processer adp it shows that companies added 800,000 jobs last month, the first time gains are lower
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than 13000 in months. it only accounts for the private sector and the labor department is more comprehensive jobs report coming out on friday we are hoping for a glimpser of hope there. speaking of good news if are you hungry fans of one iconic cheesesteak shop don't have to hike to the northeast anymore, they cut the ribbon for joe's steaks in fishtown, it's one of the hottest corners owned by the family that runs the original joe's steaks on torresdale avenue. little smiles were shining bright at u penn school of dental medicine they were invited to get their teeth cleaned for free and is in support of the american dental association's 10th annual give kid a smile program. 4,000 children will be seen by a
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dentist this week. >> lots of smiling as a result of today's weather. >> that is when people want to smile. as soon as it's a nice day. lets go to adam. >> it's extra big. that is all. especially within you take a look at this behind me on sky 6 hd live in cape may the sky is as blue as the ocean and the perfect day to take a walk on your favorite sand, across the region, 56 in philadelphia, and the normal is 59 for this time of year, we are shy of norm, and 50 in allentown and 55 in atlantic city. and wilmington right now coming in at 56 degrees, as we look at the calendar for the 30 days of april, we begin today on the first our average high 59 degrees so many areas are still below that but it does feel incredible when are you in the sunshine, but by the end of the month, our average high jumped
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10 degrees to 69 so a big jump from the beginning to the end of the month. however for the month of april we do average a half inch of snow and then rainfall wise it's a wet month as well. above 3.5 inches of liquid precipitation, satellite and radar is just to the west with high pressure some clouds from the west but overall the picture looks good crystal clear and tonight moon lit sky and temperatures 30s to the north and west and philadelphia 38 degrees and dropping below freezing for millville and at the shore the mid and upper 30s. future track at 10:00 tomorrow morning, already everyone into the lower 50s and by tomorrow afternoon, 60s across the board with the exception of the shore the sea breeze kicks in and holds the numbers in the 50s, we are looking at 61 in the levi
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valley and 63 in philadelphia. your four day at 4:00 is where we top it off at 55 degrees and warmer on friday and periods of rain from the beginning of the day until night fall and friday windy and cooler and 55 and easter sunday right now looking egg-cellent. sorry for the pun. 58 and sun and clouds. and the seven day, possible big snow storm next week. >> where? >> alaska. >> would i joke. >> i'm getting rid of my joke now. >> keep in mine the date. visitors to the eastern state penitentiary, they are not usually shown in public, but they are going on display as part of a pop-up museum an escape tunnel map and mugshots
4:22 pm
of escaped inmates and weapons that were confiscated. the museum opens up to the public tomorrow and that should be a cool show. >> i checked it out and it was very, very cool. up next, police in one community are warning drivers about a new rash of thefts. just how he got discovered. coming up in big talkers. m. with lookout decks for star gazing? yeah. cool! wait. how...? you've got the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. oh yeah! the wizard of oz with top prizes of $300,000. there's a full moon tonight! [male announcer] want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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from our delaware newsroom police are warning about a new crime trend criminals are stealing the tailgate off pickup trucks through delaware county. other agencies through the county say they have seen similar crimes as well.
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they are warning drivers to lock their tailgates and asking anyone with information to come forward. a house in north philadelphia is badly damaged today in a fire early this morning, chopper 6 hd was over the 30 hundred block of north 5th street. a fire broke out at 7:00 a.m., can you see the heavy smoke coming from the row home there and the good news is no one was hurt. there is more to come on "action news" at 4:00, developing now official word from the coroner after a husband and wife were found dead and mutilated in their montgomery county home. >> plus, you text and drive you pay. the warning for drivers across the garden state when "action news" continues today.
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"action news" continues. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with the man wanted by philadelphia police after he used a note to scare cash out of unsuspecting employees. and the ordinance that lawmakers are considering that would legally take cigarettes out of teen's hands. and one lucky lottery player is sitting on $600,000. but we begin now with developing news, we have new information on yesterday's horrifying discovery in montgomery county. a husband and wife were found
4:29 pm
dead in their home by their son it's bodies had been mutilated by a chainsaw the officials ruled the death a gruesome murder-suicide. david henry is live now. >> reporter: yes it's coroner's autopsy report paints a grim picture of how nicole died at the hands of her husband. a grim scene discovered by their son. >> investigator say it appears they had been mutilated by a chain saw, they said that nicole was murdered and chris committed suicide. she died of a gaping wound to the abdomen and christopher died of a self-inflicted gaping wound
4:30 pm
to the abdomen and left side, the end of a contendtious relationship that rockd this community. >> how do you make sense of something so different than what you would want. >> they have three sons, the 14-year-old who discovered their bodies and a third and sixth grader that attended the church school. nicole had been separated with her husband and was living with the children at her parent's house in jenkintown. it's unknown why she met her estranged husband at their home. they say that they were active members of the commune. both members cared for their kids in so many ways and were so involved and it was a connection through sports that so many knew them and it's just a huge sadness at the loss. >> the boys are surrounded by
4:31 pm
family at their grandparent's home in jenkintown as they and the entire commune find ways to deal with this unthinkable tragedy. david henry channel 6 "action news." >> thank you david. philadelphia police want your help finding a robbery suspect that they say struck twice on the same day video from a family dollar on german town avenue shows a man giving a piece of paper to a woman and he hands over a hand written note demanding money and then the same man used the same tactic on poppy deli, and he made off with an undetermined amount of money that time around. if have you any information call philadelphia police controversy continues to swirl over a video showing final moments of germanwings 9525 before it crashed in the alps, officials
4:32 pm
are unaware of such video and if it does exist it needs to be handed over to officials immediately, this as another european journalist came forward and described the 30 second clip. >> it was of people screaming and screaming again and saying oh my god in different language. >> lufthansa that owned germanwings, the copilot accused of crashing the plane disclosed his battle with depression. the copilot was misdemeanorcly cleared the day of the crash. and heading our way in time for passover and easter going outside looking live at city hall, from our new sky 6 hd at temple university. mother nature spared us an april fools joke here and above average temperatures coming
4:33 pm
soon. meteorologist, adam joseph joining us now. >> they will be here for a couple of days and slip through our hands through the weekend enjoy it while it is here. looking live at the temperatures 56 right now in philadelphia 65 in cincinnati raleigh 65 degrees but notice the warmth a bell curve there from omaha 83 and chicago 71 and down to atlanta, near the verge of 80 degrees. philadelphia international airport all aglow with the sunshine and 56 is your temperature there, the winds out of the north-northwest at 10 and your windchill is the same as the air temperature as we look at the atlantic city sky camera looking good there as well. a good day to take a stroll on your favorite boardwalk or promenade, not bad with the northwesterly winds at 15 not much of a sea breeze kicking in we'll talk about the beautiful thursday on tap the
4:34 pm
temperatures stay that way for friday but it's wet we'll let you know about easter weekend there is a change compared to thursday and friday. from our knowledge newsroom another community is considering a law banning the sale of tobacco and cigarettes to anyone under 21 years of age, princeton would be the third town to accept such a law. that fine goes up to $500 and then $1000 for multiple violations it is projected hundreds of thousands of premature deaths for teens if such a measure was passed. starting today police in new jersey will be targeting distracted drivers across the state, it's part a crack down, you drive you text you pay. 38 police departments across the garden state received $5000 to beef up distracted driving
4:35 pm
patrols and many other agencies are expected to participate unfunded. meanwhile, people in delaware are pledging to pay attention on the roads today they signed a writ and promise not to use the cell phone behind the wheel and they can try a simulate ar at dupont hospital in wilmington. >> in a matter of seconds everything can change if you look down at your cell phone to text or to make that phone call, you are traveling the length of a football field so you are driving blind for the 3 or 4 seconds and nobody wants to do that. >> the herd family is on a mission across the country so no other parents will feel the pain of losing someone in a distracted driving crash. more on the plane crash in the alps, more than a week now
4:36 pm
since it happened. and much of the focus is on the mental health of the copilot. rick williams is live with more. >> reporter: thank you that is right, the tragic accident has people weighing in one doctor at belmont behavioral health says that what happened on that germanwings flight the doctor almost never sees that kind of violence when he treats depression and ali gorman has more aboutmentsal health and suicide. while people that suffer often hide their illness. that and more when we see you in a bid. >> see you shortly. thank you. the camden county prosecutors office has a new chief of detectives but you may know him from when he wore a different uniform. ron moton most recently served
4:37 pm
as deputy chief and was drafted by the eagles in 1977 and was quickly sidelined with injuries the prosecutors office gave him a second chance in life. and there were lots of job prospects today at temple they hosted their media and career fair, there were tons of media to choose from, including 6 abc, where our own head of public affairs, nicky hawkins talked about opportunities at our station. the fair was held today at mit enhall. one pennsylvania lottery ticket holder is sitting on $600,000. it was sold at this wawa on horsham road in horsham county. 1, 9, 14, 37 41 but the clock
4:38 pm
is ticking, the winner has one year to step forward and claim the prize hopefully it's not lost or stuck in the trash can. >> hurry up and get over there. a new study sparked the debate with kids and alcohol, what researches say parents are doing that could lead to teen drinking. and why a michigan woman's ban basement the subject of a nasty internet joke. and a stranger came in to help her.
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win person was air lifted to a hop after he hit his head and everybody else made it off the
4:41 pm
ship safely. nascar penallized one of their top drivers for cheating ryan newman lost sprint cup points and lost $9 million, it's called tire bleeding and it gives them more grip on the track, and nascar is calling it routine inspections all other tires came back clean. singer song writer joanie mitchell, is in the hospital after she was found unconscious she woke up on the way to a los angeles area hospital she is in intensive care but aware and awake. mitchell is 71 years old. health check at 4:00, new fuel for a parental debate saying that kids that sip alcohol at home are more likely
4:42 pm
to become teen drinkers they are more likely to drink in high school and binge drink and get drunk. they say that sipping from mom or dad's glass could send the wrong message. they need to know when it's acceptable and when it's not. for many people acetaminophen, tylenol, is what people use for pain, but it doesn't work for back pain or knee pain or arm rights. the makers of tylenol says if works, some medical experts say what relieves pain for one person doesn't work for everyone. a 911 call from a brave boy in boston. he was home hiding from an alleged intruder when he made the call, he was on the line
4:43 pm
with a dispatcher that proved to be his life line, the dispatcher coming up with a code, you don't have to talk, one for yes or two for no. you are home alone? in a room? in a bathroom? >> police arrived but the suspect suspect was gone. it was the michigan mini than that became a mean mime. it's a missing door, amanda max field, people have been taking pictures and making fun of her, the truth is she couldn't afford the repairs. >> enter james barber who wrote a nicer post. he offered to help.
4:44 pm
>> a co-worker said get a hold of her and what he offered i just cried. >> he got her a new door and for max field says that because of all the cruelty she is blown away with the kindness. from social media to super model you can get discovered anywhere. as for matthew knox, this construction worker from pittsburgh, a talent scout from willamina, saw his picture and thought he looked like the american dream nine months ago he was working a construction job with his family in pennsylvania and now he is modeling for big designers and instagram star is born, to which we say you never know who might be following you. it could be your ticket guys. >> paying attention the next
4:45 pm
construction site i pass. >> i'm kidding. just kidding. >> thank you alicia. lets get another check of the roads right now. >> matt pellman in the traffic center with an update for you. anyone of you guys could be discovered. >> i'll be waiting too. good afternoon. first jams on the vine street express way this afternoon jammed in both directions a lot of people must want to get on the schuylkill we are jammed on the other end too. this is the ramp from 222, stacked up and lined up on the eastbound side, no accidents just a lot of volume out there. like most afternoons in buckingham township we are watching a crash at swamp road by barry auto repair but from buck county.
4:46 pm
are we open at the tacony palmyra bridge traffic started moving again and the ship that ran aground by the burlington bristol bridge. made it past the tacony palmyra bridge no issues. down here in pleasantville, delayilah road is closed for the next week and a half, stick with leads to get around the construction. and a super soda center is now out of the way. we'll check it again brian and shirleen i'm going back there and waiting to be discovered. >> how much time have we got? it won't take long. easter is just days away and in weekend's festivities add up fast, we are showing you how to cut costs without cutting the fun.
4:47 pm
stepping outside sky 6 hd is looking live at a beautiful cape may new jersey. meteorologist, adam joseph, has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
meteorologist adam joseph along with the accuweather forecast, a busy weekend for folks wanting to spend some of it outside, it's looking nice here, especially saturday to sunday and friday is just a little lets just say outside so to speak for the weekend, feeling on the damp side, it's beautiful today midweek on this weekday, on the action cam on boathouse row just above the flags getting quite the workout with a breeze out of the northwest, if you are on the shady side of a building today it did feel chilly but in the sun felt nice. no clouds in the sky no precipitation to track this
4:50 pm
midweek, temperatures are still below average, but again if are you in the sun it feels really warm 50 in quakertown and 52 in warrington and 50 in kennett square and slatington and they are trying to melt the snow they accumulated yesterday evening, south and east, 52 in hammonton and at the shore temperatures are uniform, because of northwestern wind, if we tapped into a sea breeze temperatures would only be in the 40s. again, from you in the shade can you feel the cold breeze the high is slipping to the south overnight tonight and throughout the day tomorrow so it means we continue to have a clear sky here overnight, seasonable and 30 in the suburbs and 38 in center city, and the high settles to the south and spreads out those winds away
4:51 pm
from it the sinking air so we have the void of a lot of cloud cover and in the afternoon you get high clouds coming in ahead of a warm front we go up to 65 degrees the nice of the day so far this year, with the warm breeze, the front kind of drapes over the region here, with waves of energy developing along this front. a pretty strong southwesterly wind and the first round of rain coming in in the morning and 6:00 to 8:00 it's spotty when you get into the afternoon hours, spotty showers and you may catch a break in the early afternoon hours another round of rain comes in through the evening and overnight hours 11:30 friday night it could turn heavy as a cold front pushes through, that cold front will wipe the rain and clouds away in time for the weekend. tomorrow it's a warm breeze a butte having day of 65 and periods of rain on good friday
4:52 pm
passover at sun down, windy and cooler on saturday despite the sun and it may feel like the upper 40s with the strong wind. partly sunny and 58 for the holiday. and 37 a cool start with lots of sun and clouds start to build in the afternoon and temperatures go into the mid to upper 50s and then near 60 monday, tuesday and wednesday, and monday a big day with the home opener. and clouds and sun and unsettled wednesday and a few showers with a normal high of 60 degrees sunny over the weekend but a little on the coolish side. >> thank you adam.
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not on the fritz anymore. the treats keep on coming. a smart dog. that is it for "action news" at 4:00. for alicia vitarelli, brian and i along with ducis rogers will be back for an hour of "action news" at 10:00. in the meantime, here are rick williams and monica malpass for what is up next at 5:00. thank you coming up n on "action news" at 5:00, the four firefighters held hostage at their elkins firehouse they speak out about what happens, their fellow firefighters take and into custody is not a bad guy and a high school in oregon suffers damage after a four alarm fire burns through the cafeteria and they planted pinwheels in the cafeteria for those that are victims of abuse.
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moment a cargo ship went aground near the burlington bristol bridge. and then just as it nears the shore, the ship hits the bottom and quickly comes to a halt. now lets switch to the scene, the cargo ship is 600 feet long and was carrying steel from liberia to florida, and there were no injuries tugboats worked to get that pointed in the right direction again the coast guard was notified as well address the new jersey state marine police unit. and in the last hour, criminal charges are filed against new jersey senator, robert menendez he was charged on conspiracy to commit wire fraud and to use his officer to improperly help


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