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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  April 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the moment a cargo ship went aground near the burlington bristol bridge. and then just as it nears the shore, the ship hits the bottom and quickly comes to a halt. now lets switch to the scene, the cargo ship is 600 feet long and was carrying steel from liberia to florida, and there were no injuries tugboats worked to get that pointed in the right direction again the coast guard was notified as well address the new jersey state marine police unit. and in the last hour, criminal charges are filed against new jersey senator, robert menendez he was charged on conspiracy to commit wire fraud and to use his officer to improperly help melgan's office
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a doctor in florida. a 32-year-old man died in the custody of vie license police and now the cumberland county prosecutors office and the new jersey state police are investigating. john rawlins live now on state street with a memorial is growing. john? >> even the police chief here in vineland is calling what happened here a tragedy they are trying to figure out what happened when officers including a k-9 unit confronted a man here yesterday the man is now dead. the reports were a man screaming and yelling on the 100 block of grape street. >> two minutes pass and then -- >> send more units -- >> seconds later a reported
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escalation about a minute later. >> subject down, under. the man taken into custody, 32-year-old phillip white of vineland a father of three prosecutor, jennifer webb mccray said that white was handcuffed and restrained and was placed in an emergency vehicle to be brought to the hospital, and during the transfer white became unresponsive, despite the use of cpr white was pronounced dead at the hospital we were unable to reach white's family today and lisa knew white for years. >> he was a good dude. i mean, people say wrong things we all have a story to tell, but at the end of the day he was a human being. >> he had some problems? >> trying to get out the hood and struggling, but he was a human being no need to lose a
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life. >> in a statement, a prosecutors office says there may be video recordings of the incident here at grape street anybody with that video is urged to contact the prosecutors office. live in vineland, channel 6 "action news." the death of a montgomery county couple is ruled a murder-suicide. they are identified as nicole and chris pepleman they were found by their 14-year-old son in their upper moreland home. nicole had been stabbed and choked and both had complain saw wounds. a fellow firefighter in elkins park says that he is a great guy that snapped. paul jordan is in the hospital tonight they say he threatened
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firefighters and took them hostage, and then jordan released the hostages one by one and surrendered without incident. >> he was pacing back and forth and he wasn't himself and he is not that type of person he gives the shirt off his back to anybody. i new things weren't right in his mind. jordan has not yet been charged. the nuclear talks with iran stumbled after reaching the deadline it's continuing at a switzerland hotel and there are sticking points including how fast economic sanctions on iran would be lifted. karen travers is live in washington, d.c. senator kerry is extending his trip and will stay in switzerland until thursday morning, the talks and
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negotiations nearly reached the end of road and it's time for iran to show it can make the commitments. talks in switzerland. the talks continue to be productive and the progress is being made. u.s. and its allies are working franticly to come up with an agreement. they are trying to stop iran from making nuclear weapons iran wants to see the end of economic sanctions that are crippling their economy. >> it's time for iran to demonstrate if they are ready to make the commitments. how fast should sanctions be lifted and if there is a deal could they advance the infrastructure benjamin netanyahu opens up a clear panel for iran to get a bomb.
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the path would open up a bad deal that would endanger israel and the middle east and the peace of the world. >> a new "washington post" found that by a 2-1 margin, the u.s. supports the agreement they are pushing for but there is a healthy dose of skepticism, 59% of americans say they are not confident that this would prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. the white house said today that the u.s. and its allies are prepared to walk away from the negotiations if they are stalled but if there is progress they'll keep working. >> okay karen thank you. the iraqi prime minister arrived triumphant today in the city of tikrit iraqi forces were able to take back control of the northern city, one year after it was attacked by the isis terrorist group. the iraqi troops achieved their
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goal of driving them out of saddam hussein's home town. march is now a memory and april has started not with showers but plenty of sunshine. how about that? the action cam was out in center city as people took in the sunny weather by eating lunch alfresco, cecily tynan is here now with the forecast. >> i did not have lunch outside today. what a nice start to april little bit cool, little bit breezy but if you find a place in the sun, sheltered from the wind it feels pretty nice 56 in philadelphia, average high for this time of year is 59 and 61 in washington, d.c., and 50 degrees in new york city. but there are some very warm out to the west, des moines 82 degrees and the same in minneapolis, wichita, 86 degrees and i'm tranging warmer air on the way and it won't make its way into the 80s but the 60s
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tomorrow and maybe even 70 on friday. satellite 6 along with action radar showing this high pressure up to the north that is what brought us the sunshine the clear conditions today and with clear skies temperatures will be dropping off pretty quickly this evening, you definitely need a light jacket. at 7:00, 52 degrees and 9:00 47 and by 10:00 the evening planner showing it drops down to 44 degrees, what is ahead? tomorrow not only the nicest day of the week, tomorrow will be the nice of the day of the year so far with temperatures up into the 60s, lots of sunshine and it gets warmer on friday, up to 70 degrees, that will come with showers and i'll have details on the timing and track the cooler holiday weekend coming up in the full accuweather forecast. rick and sharrie, no fooling on that one. >> that was an april fools joke. >> thank you emily. time for the "action news" traffic report.
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matt pellman is in the traffic center. no joke getting home tonight though. >> i'm a fool the rest of the year, looking live at the 30 bypass in downingtown not a nice situation we are barely moving from 202 westbound to business 30 where a crash just cleared at the shoulder both lanes are just reopened and the westbound delay issizable and business 30 or the turnpike may be better bets. a tree came down along 401, at hill brook circle and the fire and police are helping you through the intersection, with speeds like 11 miles per hour in delco to providence look for a crash along providence road at 252, i hope you are enjoying road construction season it's underway now here is a project going through friday closing lenape road, the bridge over brandywine creek, staying on 926
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street road instead. they closed old barley mill road. we'll check it again rick and monica, whatever your names are in the next half hour. >> we have been called much worse. well, a new pinwheel garden was planted in west norristown, it represents kids that go through missent, a children's abuse group it helped 500 kids in the last year alone the pinwheel garden was planted to mark child abuse prevention month. coming up tonight, a high school goes up in flames after a four alarm fire that starts in the cafeteria. details are next. lets look live at sky 6 hd at the beach in cape may new jersey, it won't be long until you sun yourself there we are happy with the sunshine is cecily tynan returns with the
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full forecast ahead.
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a four alarm fire damaged
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parts of a high school, happening in south albany high school, in south albany the flames were spotted coming from the cafeteria neighbors heard a loud explosion before the fire, along with the cafeteria, the band and choir rooms were also destroyed. the building that caught fire is separate from others on campus the school has 1300 students no one was hurt. breaking news now from trenton, new jersey, an apartment fire that just broke out at 4:30 this morning on the 500 block of bellevue fire was shown from the three story apartment in the rear of the building, it has heavy smoke pouring from the rooftop, good news no reports of injuries, at the apartment building in trenton new jersey firefighters are on the rooftop, can you see active flames the white smoke just churns it's continuing to billow out of control and nobody is injured at this moment.
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turning to health check the world's attention is focused on the plane crash and the mental health of the copilot. >> important lessons and concerns. >> ali? >> we don't know why andreas lubitz may have flown the plane into the mountains but the focus on his depression has professionals concerned. >> it's an unimaginable act, deliberately crashing a plane but dr. meta from behavioral health says we shouldn't think that others with depression would commit similar acts. >> this is unusual, we almost never see any kind of significant violence when we are treating people with depression. >> the doctor says the 1 million americans that attempt suicide every year, usually do it alone and out of public view, he says however, the copilot's efforts
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to hide his illness and even throw away medications are more common and are driven by the stigma surrounded by mental illness the doctor fears that more people will try to keep their illness secret at a time within the atmosphere yz just opening up. >> it increasing the stigma around mental illness. >> he hopes the crash will increase discussion particularly among men who account for 80% of suicides. >> it's like the breast cancer with him have it the most, a depression with men. >> we have more resources regarding depression on >> some eye opening information ali, thank you. "action news" was on hand for a brand new partnership with valley form casino resort and the alzheimer's association they will share information
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time or accuweather at the "action news" big board, cecily tynan is here and we turn the calendar page to april it's feeling good. >> lots of sunshine and it's like we finally got winter away from us. the lake in the poconos loads of sunshine and blue skies but notice the lake is still frozen and there is a fresh coating of snow on it and the boats are still covered up it's going to be a while before spring is sprung up in the poconos, but locally not bad out there. 56 in philadelphia and 59 is the normal high.
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allentown 50 and reading 53 and millville 54 and trenton 52 degrees. the april preview shows you we warm up as we head through the month, today's average high, 59 degrees getting slightly below average and feeling cooler with the winds and then as we flash forward to the end of month the average high up to 69 degrees. typically in april we do see a little bit of snow, we can handle that, april showers it's a fairly wet month average rainfall a little more than three and a half inches no rain out there today high pressure is up to the north and this is what brought us loads of sunshine, with the high pressure settling over us tonight clear skies and a cool night overnight low dropping down to 38 degrees, 30 in allentown and 34 in wilmington and 30 in
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millville and 36 in atlantic city, with moon lit skies tomorrow future tracker showing winds out of the south will bring you us a mild morning, 54 degrees in philadelphia and a good amount of sunshine tomorrow and high thin clouds late in the day by 5:00, into the 60s inland however within you get winds off the ocean the ocean temperature this time of year is really cold, it's in the 40s, that makes a big difference along the coast and millville temperatures will generally be stuck in the 50s. the five-day at 5:00, tomorrow the nicest day of the year so far. fileters sunshine and a breeze with a high of 65 degrees friday we bump it up to 70 but it comes with a cost, periods of rain and one area of rain in the morning and another late in the day and friday night good friday and passover begins at sun down and behind the system for the holiday weekend we clear things outs for saturday it's
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windy and cool and 55 degrees, easter sunday looking nice and partly sunny and 58 and the phillies home opener a decent day, clouds and sunshine and a high of 60 degrees, after monday we'll need the umbrellas. adam will have that in the accuweather forecast. >> we should go for a run tomorrow cecily. >> i can't run yet i'll walk with you. >> she planned it that way. first time i ever invited her. next to come at 5:00. the tragic death of a couple. and the governor of arkansas is backing away from his promise to sign a controversial religion bill. and a symbol of fear was found on a prestigious universe in north carolina today.
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"action news" continues with jaime apody monica malpass and rick williams. details of a montgomery county couple mutilated in their home. who officials believe is
5:30 pm
responsible for the brutal crime and students found a noose hanging from a tree on the duke university campus. and they are warning drivers that tailgate theft is surging. but first breaking news out of trenton, new jersey the latest on the fire at the apartment building chopper 6 hd is over the fire there it started on the third floor of this building located in the 500 block of bellevue it started at 4:30 this afternoon. the white smoke there is taken way down, we see churning white smoke across half of the roof now and firefighters have the up of hand now, crews are working on it for an hour. serious damage from the apartment building in trenton, new jersey, tonight. in other news, new and tragic gruesome developments in the killing of a minneapolis county couple the deaths of
5:31 pm
nicole and chris pepleman is room ruled a murder-suicide. david henry is here with the details. this is a tough one. >> reporter: this is a horrible way to die and all three boys left without their parents and their mother killed at the hands of their father armed with a chainsaw. >> just really trying to take care of everybody the best we can, in a very very sad setting. >> two of the couple's children were in the cla classrooms when they got word that their parents were dead. they were found by their 14-year-old son it appeared that the two were mutilated by a chainsaw, nicole was murdered and her 48-year-old husband, christopher killed himself.
5:32 pm
she died of a gaping cutting wound to the abdomen and was choked and stabbed in the neck and christopher died of gaping wounds to his right side and neck. >> according to friends and neighbors, nicole was living with her parents with the boys. it's unknown why she met her husband yesterday. they may never understand the depth of the rage that led to such a horrendous crime. >> how do you help them make sense of something that is just so different from what we would want? >> he did not leave behind a suicide note but a hand written list of grievances. the boys are surrounded by
5:33 pm
family in their grandparent's home. campus leaders are calling it hateful and stupid, a noose was discovered hanging on a tree outside of duke university's student center early this morning the noose was removed this morning but photos taken like this one prompted an outrage on social media. right now police are trying to figure out who hung the noose on the north carolina campus. our sister station in raleigh sent us this video of the moment they discovered the hanging rope in the middle of the night. this morning in an email to students school officials called it disgusting and that it would have the opposite affect if it was intended to install fear. this after a black female student said that a group of white males taunted her with a
5:34 pm
racist song. >> it will take time that they will require that of their peers our peers do not feel pressure to accept us they tolerate us but they don't feel like they have to accept us. >> university and student leaders are holding a forum at duke chapel the president of the university says whoever is responsible will be punished. >> thank you. controversial ads showing a picture of adolf hitler with a picture of an arab leader is showing up on septa buses septa was forced to accept the ad and it says jews hatred it's in the quran. it says that it will run its own ad campaign that promotes mutual understanding and tolerance. >> in the wake of the uproar in indiana, the governor of arkansas doesn't plan to sign
5:35 pm
the religious freedom bill sitting on tis desk. critics of the measure says it could be used by businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians. this has now become die vicive. >> it has divided families and there is clearly a generational gap on this issue, my son seth signed the petition asking me dad, the governor to veto this bill. >> hutchinson was also facing pressure from the top employer wal-mart, that would stifle economic development. we are learning new details of the video that shows the moments before the plane in the alps crash aid week ago today. paris match describes it has the worst he has seen. he says it's shaky video and screaming passengers and the
5:36 pm
wing is scraping a mountain before the 15 second clip ends, one french official is calling it a fake and another one says if it does exist it needs to be handed over to investigators to analyze the sounds and images. they believe that andreas lubitz deliberately crashed the plane killing 150 people on board. there is more on the religious freedom law and the deadly plane crash coming up later tonight on world news with david muir. that is at 6:30 after "action news" at 6:00. a brazen bandit attacked a woman and he began following a 21-year-old woman down the street and later grabbed her by the throat and she was sprayed with pepper spray and punched. it happened in hunting park, and the suspect took the woman's bag only containing $10 and some debit cards anybody that recognizes him contact
5:37 pm
philadelphia police. philadelphia police searching for a man accused of robbing two stores monday morning, investigators say that the spree started at 7:30 a.m. and his mo was the same in both stores he handed them a note and demanded money. and an hour later robbing pappy deli on 9th street. kids getting a jump start on their careers in media got to talk to people from the "action news" team. there were representatives from tv, print and radio and other forms of media to talk to these future stars. >> terrific lets get a check of traffic this evening. matt pellman how do we look? >> fair to less than fair as we look live in downingtown, the crash at business 30 is out of
5:38 pm
the way and still very heavy as you come away from 100 to this point and toward 282 out in chester, we have the downed tree giving us problems and conestoga road and a crash in concard township along 322 at smith bridge road near phillips nurseries and the church of the nazarene, a crash at 252, and tacony palmyra bridge up again the second time this afternoon head for the betsy ross bridge. as the ship heads northbound at the burlington bristol bridge that will likely open in 45 minutes or so. south jersey accidents one at lambs road in washington township and one at cross keys road in gloucester township. >> back over to you. >> much more ahead on "action news," they are warning pickup drivers to be careful of thieves stealing tailgates off the truck. and details of a bizarre attack
5:39 pm
in kentucky a woman fends off a strangler with a chicken. >> we had sunshine today and temperatures below average, but it felt nice however warmth is building in the midwest, and a piece of this is moving in our direction. numbers tomorrow in accuweather. a look at sports coming up next on "action news."
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from our delaware newsroom right now it's a trend from delaware and sparked by thieves and if you drive a ford you may want to listen up. entire back doors of pickup trucks are being swiped and sold on the black market. newcastle police say that 12 tailgates were stolen from pickup trucks in march and now other surrounding counties are reporting the same time of crime, police say it take a matter of minutes to unhinge the latches and take off the door, thieves are mostly targeting ford f 250's and 350's. >> it's terrible that people
5:43 pm
steal property from people that work hard for it. >> people with pickup trucks need to lock them. >> newcastle county police say that the thefts are happening in the overnight hours and these back tailgate doors are worth $400 to $500 when they are bought new. if you know anything about the stolen truck tailgates, give police a call. over to rick and monica. >> thank you sharrie. time for sports flyers are back on the ice tonight and we'll check it out. jeff skversky is live now in the sport centers with more. >> hey guys, monica and rick too bad the flyers can't play every game against the pittsburgh penguins they have not lost to the penguins in more than a year and a half. it should be a physical game, they are going for the second
5:44 pm
straight w against sydney crosby. even though the flyers are out of playoff contention, they have no issue taking down pittsburgh. >> it's easy for us no matter what. those games are nice to watch a lot of emotions and physicality i think it will be hard. it's the fun of the game to play whether it's pittsburgh or here, it's good intensity. >> steve mason in net an offseason ankle injury slowing down chase utley scoring 44 88 chase utley on fire. how about today again the braves, the first at bat gone nobody has more runs batted in than utley.
5:45 pm
cole hamels goes six and allows one earned run. hamels walks off with plenty of run support in the third this is utley again his fourth homer in his last five at-bats, the phillies win easily 9-2. it makes you feel confident moving forward and that is what we'll do put good at-bats together and especially in spring training to take them to the regular season. ken guiles appears to be dodging the disabled list, jyles and gm ruben amaro downplayed the severity of the injury. hopefully good news there. >> if he told you that the eagles traded away lesean mccoy and let jeremy maclin go you would think it's an april fools joke.
5:46 pm
but no that is reality. >> when i came back last time there is nothing but good things to say about him. coach kelly has a vision and brought in other great guys. >> hopefully it works out and only seven games to go in the season nerlins noel and the guys only two teams in the league have a worst record than your sixers. the trip to the white house is usually for champs but the sixers getting a tour on their off day hopefully they will be back and honored by the president in the future. watch out all of this goofing around and some sixers freaked out by this blowup of their new mascot franklin brett brown honor lynns noel, the most freaked out by franklin. lots of fun down there even though they are struggling.
5:47 pm
thanks jeff. still to come on "action news" we'll have details on another incident that raises safety concerns regarding the ride sharing app uber. meteorologist, adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather forecast when we come right back.
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one uber driver tried to break into her house after he dropped her off. he gave her a ride home from the denver airport and he came later and attempted to get in the back door and her roommate was there and scared him away, uber says his access is revoked pending an investigation, a woman in kentucky is bruises and still alive after he attacked a woman after strangling her with a bra, elease opened door instead ashley stepped inside and wrapped her bra around lisa's neck and she picked up an iron chick and and bashed her in the head and then called police. >> can't make that one up. >> no april fools nude calendar
5:51 pm
day was a success around here. a lot of sunshine and temperatures were below average but it felt good in the sun, shows you how cold we have been. we'll take april not picky we look at double scan live radar not a cloud in the sky, we have a clean double scan live radar a beautiful shot at the fairmount water works and the schuylkill river earlier today with the sunshine upstairs, there it is you can see also, if you look at the canopy there flapping in the wind, we have a northerly wind on the shady side of the building, it felt on the cool side, speaking of cool or cold we are ranking the cold, for march of this year for trenton last month. it's the coldest march of its history. the fifth coldest allentown and atlantic city in the top ten of the coldest march's on record after a very cold january and
5:52 pm
february. but for philadelphia nowhere near the rest of the region the 35th coldest march in its history which records have been kept since the late 1800s, as we continue into april 56 in wilmington and 52 in trenton and 55 for atlantic city. and high pressure is just to the west, it is providing a lot of sunshine and the high pressure is all the way through eastern canada and down through the mid-atlantic, through the tennessee and ohio valley, for tonight the high as it slips through the region it brings a moon lit sky and no clouds whatsoever seasonable and 38 degrees for center city. and a high settles to the south and east on thursday winds around the high are clockwise and pumps it's winds and it's breezy inland and cooler at the shore, we are looking at a good 65 degrees in philadelphia a front passes through tomorrow night, and waves of energy
5:53 pm
develop through the boundary that is just to the north on friday, it means it's warm, and rounds of rain on friday and it looks like early in the morning and then other round in the evening. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 65 tomorrow and warm and breezy and good friday, 70 degrees and periods of rain through the day, could be a break early in the afternoon just some clouds and windy and cooler on saturday 55 degrees with the wind on saturday, it feels cooler than the 55 and right now easter partly sunny fort sunrise services, a cool start and monday is a big day for the phillies home opener clouds and sunshine and normal of 60 degrees and tuesday, wednesday, right now models are in disagreement some say cloudy and some say it could be wet but temperatures look to be
5:54 pm
around average of 60 degrees. and a step down in temperatures and your easter looking pretty good. so folk singer joanie mitchell is in a los angeles area hospital but she is said to be awake and in good spirits and she was found unconscious in her home and it's not clear what illness she had she suffers from a rare skin condition and she is undergoing tests. jim kenney. son of a firefighter.
5:55 pm
first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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close to 100 kids got healthier smiles thanks to the pennsylvania dental school part of the 10th annual give kids a smile. 4,000 local children were selected to get dental exams and care. now the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00, robert
5:57 pm
menendez is being indicted by a grand jury. also, hear from the man that shot this incredible video as the freighter ship ran aground at the burlington bristol bridge. that and much more at 6:00. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, jeff skversky and monica malpass, and the "action news" team, i'm rick williams "action news" at 6:00 is next.
5:58 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program.
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wednesday night and jim is off and i'm rick williams and the big story on "action news" is breaking news from the united states justice department, u.s. senator robert menendez is indicted by a federal grand jury, he faces several counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. and if he properly advocated for the business interest of a florida eye doctor by intervening on the doctor's behave. he admitted to flying on his plane without paying and menendez is going to speak about this later tonight and you can hear the comments on "action news" at 11:00 and online at in other news, four hostages are telling their story tonight of the dramatic situation insides of a firehouse
6:00 pm
yesterday. a former firefighter identified now as paul jordan was dismissed from the firehouse and he returned with a gun the next day igniting a tense filled standoff that ended peacefully. but the men held gun point have quite a story to tell. chad pradelli is live with more. >> reporter: hey rick, the alleged hostages describe a tense but frightening ordeal insides of the lamot firehouse yesterday morning, you hear an amazing story of forgiveness, here is their story and they ask us not to show their faces. lamott firefighters say that paul jordan was not himself when he walked in and fired a shot into the wall and said the next one i will not miss. >> fired a shot in the wall about six inches from one of the guys.


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